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Walkthrough by Callista   March 2015


Gameplay:    This is a third-person point-and-click game.

The game plays to whatever screen resolution your computer is set to. You cannot change the resolution within the game.

On starting the game, a Main Menu appears comprising of: Load Game, New Game and Exit Game selections.

The Load Game option takes you back to where you last exited the game. There are no save slots available to save where you want to.

Hitting the Esc key during the game will exit the game stating that the Game is paused. It then prompts you if you want to:



Clicking on Exit takes you back to the Main Menu.

Clicking on New game from the Main Menu begins a short cinematic cut scene. You see a “monster” created on a stretcher in a laboratory. You have no recollection of who you are (or once were). You are actually playing as Klara, a former employee at the castle owned by Dr Wolfram von Trauerschloss.

There are no options for speech, music, effects or subtitles.

There are no changing icons such as hand to pick up objects, ear to listen, mouth to speak, etc.

There is no Tutorial available on gameplay or how to use the Inventory.

Some hints are triggered when you try and do something, prompting you to try something else.

The game is relatively non-linear in that most objects can be gathered from various rooms in any order. Some objects however, only become available after something is done or required from another room.

The Inventory is located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Objects obtained throughout the game can be used singularly or combined within the Inventory to make new items for practical use.

Throughout the game, numerous journal pages are scattered throughout the various locations. These journals tell the story of what has occurred from accounts by the principal players. They also give some hints. Read them all.

The game can be played through STEAM.




Go to the small table with a lit lamp, beneath the switch on the wall and take the journal page to read it. Look inside the toolbox beside the small table and take the screwdriver. Go left to the main workbench below the shelves on the wall and take the magnet. Look on the lower shelf above and take the phial of oil. Turn around and go to the bench directly above the inventory and take the bone saw. Go left to the exit door and learn that the rusty screws need to be removed. Use the phial of oil on the rusty screws and then use the screwdriver on the oiled screws. Exit the laboratory doorway to the basement.


Take the journal page from the foot of the stairs to read it. Climb the stairs to the bed and take the long stick. Turn around and climb the stairs to the next landing, take the journal page at the top to read it. Turn around and climb the stairs to the top where there is a locked door. Automatically peek through the door and notice a key on a ring on the wall behind the door. In inventory, combine the long stick with the magnet to get a magnet on a stick.  Click on the door and then use the magnet on a stick on the key to get the basement key. Use the basement key on the door to open it and then enter a small square grey room.

Square Grey Room (Upper Basement Entry/Exit)

Take the journal page from the floor and read it. Notice two gears and a cogwheel on the floor. Take the three gears. Notice the large gear has a rectangular slot in its centre, the medium gear has a square slot in the centre and the small cogwheel has a triangular slot in the middle. Place the three gears in the correct order on the corresponding shapes on the wall beside the door. Place the big gear on the top rectangle on the wall, then place the medium gear on the bottom square on the wall. Finally, place the small cogwheel on the middle triangle on the wall. Turn the valve on the wall beneath the gears. Enter the dinner room.

Dinner Room

Turn to right of screen and take the journal page from the bench to read it. Turn around and go past the fireplace and take the journal page on the bench to read it, also take the china bowl adjacent to the journal page. Exit to the left of screen to enter the hall.


Notice the dead body of Dr Wolfram von Trauerschloss on the floor. Examine the body. Pull on the strings beneath his right arm and take a small key from his pocket. Take the journal page from his hand to read it. Take the candlestick from the floor beside the body. Go to the base of the left staircase and take the journal page to read it. Exit the hall to the backyard (the door between the two stairways).


Take the frozen milk from the veranda. Take the journal page near the veranda to read it. Go right of screen to Klara’s empty grave and take the journal page to read it. Go to right of screen and exit to the greenhouse.


Take the journal note from the table to read it. Take the lantern from the floor beside the table. Turn around and take the atropa belladonna plant on the floor. Take the journal page that was hidden behind the plant. Exit the greenhouse and go back to the hall.


Enter the living room (the door nearest the left staircase).

Living Room

Take the bloodied journal page from the floor to read it. Exit the living room to the hall.


Enter the study (the door nearest the bottom of the screen on the left).


Take the journal page from the table and read it. Go left until a ferocious black cat blocks your way. You must get rid of it. Go back to the dinner room.

Dinner Room

Use the frozen milk from inventory by the fireplace to get thawed milk. Use the thawed milk on the bowl to get a milk bowl. Use the atropa belladonna from inventory on the mortar and pestle on the right hand table to get belladonna powder. In inventory, combine the milk bowl with the belladonna powder to get poisoned milk bowl. Go back to the study.


Give the poisoned milk bowl to the cat. Take the mysterious item (tassel key) from beside the dead cat. Take the journal page beside the door and read it. Use the tassel key on the door and then proceed to the next room (bare room with sheet covered furniture).

Bare Room with Sheet Covered Furniture

Take the journal page from the table to read it. Go left to proceed to the next room (Belladonna’s room).

Belladonna’s Room

Go to the locker under the broken mirror. Click on the locker to reveal a tiny keyhole. Use the tiny key from inventory on the tiny keyhole to open it. Take the big key. Take the rope from the bottom of the open locker. Go left of screen to find Belladonna sitting on her bed. Take the journal page on the bed to read it. The journal entry written by Belladonna informs you that there is no one to turn my key. Use the big key from inventory on the keyhole on the back of belladonna.

A cinematic cut scene plays out so listen to what Belladonna has to say. You must find three things for her:

A new brain

Clockwork parts

New head

Learn where to enter the crypt beneath the mausoleum where Franzeska is buried.

Exhaust all dialogs with Belladonna. Exit Belladonna’s bedroom and exit to the hall.


Climb the stairs and go to the grandfather clock. Use the screwdriver from inventory on the clock to get a clockwork part. Exit the hall and go to the basement where the statue is standing.


Click on the suit of armour to reveal a secret entrance (to a crypt). In inventory, combine the rope with the lantern to get a lantern on rope. Use the lantern on rope on the secret entrance. Click on the secret entrance to climb down to the crypt.


Notice the sarcophagus of Franziska to right of screen. Use the candlestick from inventory on the sarcophagus to break it open. Use the bone saw from inventory on the head of Franzeska to get a severed head. Exit the crypt and go to the laboratory.


Go to the workbench with wall shelves. Take the brain of Lucas from the jar on the top shelf. Go to the right of screen where Belladonna is awaiting you. Give her the brain of Lucas, the severed head and the clockwork from inventory. Belladonna then asks you to pull the switch on the wall. End of game.


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