Ben Jordan Case 8: Relics of the Past



A game by  Francisco Gonzalez


A walkthrough by Chief


August 2012




-The main menu has New Game, Load Game, Settings and Quit.


-While playing the game, drag your cursor to the top of the screen to see on the left the five icons that you will use to play the game.


  You can also right click on the screen to see them one by one.


  The icon in the middle at the top of the screen is the Inventory.


  Next to it is the Notepad, and then the Save the game icon, the Load the game and the Settings.


  The last icon on the left is for the Hot Keys if you prefer them.


 -Save often.


 -Read carefully all the dialogs: they can be helpful.


-Use the eye icon often to be sure to get all the information you need to play the game.


 -100 points must be gather and each of them will be indicated in the text.  Hear a sound when you get those points during the game.



Have a close look at the presentation of the game.   Back to London….


In Inventory, you have a Notepad and European Money.






See Percival Quentin Jones standing in front of a window.  He is looking out to check if some Knights of St-Anthony are watching.

Look at the diploma on the wall: the ink on the date seems to have been smudged.

Talk to him completely using the ? icon.


You will get some good explanation on Cardinal Genovese who wants to unify all religions and about relics and a ritual on New Year’s Eve (1pt), on the British Museum where Ben should do a research on Cardinal Genovese (1pt) and on relics again that caused paranormal activities (1pt).


Percival is protecting Ben and also talks about Ben’s Cases.


Go outside and walk left or right to get the Map.





Talk to the librarian using the ? icon.    Ben wants to use the computer for some research (1pt).


Use the computer on the left: write the word genovese and click ENTER on your computer.  Read the article on “London clergyman makes good”.  Notice the St. Thomas Seminary.  Then write down St. Thomas  (see the space between the dot and the T). Read the third article and get an address. (1pt)


Log Out.


Walk back down screen and go to the Seminary on the Map.





Talk to the old priest.  He has been there for 67 years.  He knows about Cardinal Genovese but not where he is.  (1pt)


When Ben leaves, the old priest talks to is secretary that they may have some problems. Does Ben know about the Knights?  Must have Ben followed.





Ben is back and talks with Percival.


The AUTOSAVE is on: if are not quick enough, just load to start again this small action sequence.


A knock at the door.


The man at the door is looking for Ben.


What to do: the good answer does not matter.  Some people wants to see Ben dead.  The man pulls out a gun.


Click on Percival with the ! icon and then pick up the statuette on the table that Ben throws at the man.  (2pts)


The man is Donavan, an enforcers from the Knights.


Ben should go at the Pub “Coach & Horses” to keep a low profile.


But where is the Pub?     Exit and go right screen to the Map.





Sit at the computer and write down coach and horses and click on the third link, the Hay’s Mews. (1pt)


Walk out to the Map.





As Ben is outside, look at the window of the second floor and go inside.  Walk to the left and up the stairs to knock on the door.


Come back to Seamus the Bartender.  The room upstairs is not available.  The tenant of the room did order some food all starting with his initials: PQJ  (Percival…...) (1pt)


So, if Percival asked for food starting with his initial, Ben should do the same: place an order of Blood Sausage and Jaffa cakes.  No dessert.


Look in Inventory to see that the plate is there. Take it and click it on the dumb waiter. (3pts).      When it comes back down, Ben will get  a Silver Key. 

Go left and up the stairs and use the silver key on the door.  Klick the door to enter.  (1pt)


Percival is there. Nice food code.  Notice that the plate above the door is the same Percy had in his flat.   Talk to him about the plate and Romania (1pt) and about Ben’s grand father Arthur.


Percy is not as young as he looks.


Hear a story about them.





NOTE: in this section of the game, Arthur can ask Percy for advise on what to do.


You are in a town square.  Look at and remove a bit of the dried brambles on the door on the right. (1 pt)

Go right passing under the street light and see the hotel.


Read the plaque under the bust:  Vlad Tepes  November 1436-December 1476.


Open the door of the Hotel Dracula.   Arthur talks to the Innkeeper.

Talk to him again. 


When you talk to him about the brambles (1pt), he hesitates and then talks about the headless vampire. It is the head that flies around and bite the victim. It is a plague in this town. (1pt)


Then go talk to Dragomir the farmer sitting under the painting. He does not like to talk about the vampire.  But he needs help about the clock noise at the tower. A spirit? (1pt)

If they solve his problem, he will then answer their questions.


Talk to the other man also.


Go outside the hotel and left to be back at the town square.   Go up the alley between the buildings.


See the clock tower.  Hear a voice.  Go to the entrance and up.

Click the beam on the left but it is stuck.


Talk to Percy.  

And the both of them will pull the beam. (1pt)

Pick up a piece of wood (stick) from the floor. (1pt)


In Inventory, combine the stick and the brambles to get a crude weapon. (1pt)


Go back down and to the hotel.   Talk again to Dragomir about the tower and the clock. It was not haunted.  His sister was bitten by the headless vampire (1pt)

And he gives more information on the vampire. (1pt)


Talk also to Florian about the headless vampire (1pt)and about  placing sharp objects on the neck.

And about a woman. (1pt)

They should consult the town records.


Exit the hotel and go left to the town square.  Go further left and see a big tree: look at the carvings and in close up (using the hand icon) see this:    (click the eye icon on all the carvings)

A dog’s head with  #2 - SENO


R.K. and S.T. 1850




D.F. 1903Flavia & Florian 1917


Exit by clicking outside the carvings.


Talk to Percy: let’s go see the town record keeper.   Go back right and go to the Town Hall as indicated by the sign above the big brown door. Enter.

Talk to the record keeper:

Castle Dracula

D.F. 1903 : nothing

Flavia & Florian: marriage

RK & ST 1850: RK died in 1850 but it is a name to find. (1pt)

Headless vampire bit a woman that is now a vampire. (1pt)


So, let’s find who RK is.


Walk to the alley between the two building and walk past the tower to the cemetery.  Look around and check the gravestones: look at the one in the middle: Radu Korzha 1799-1862.  (1pt)

The year of the date he died does not match the year the record keeper gave.

So, back to him: Radu had a daughter born in 1912 who died in….

They have a house pass the hotel. (1pt)


Let’s go toward the hotel, up the stairs and along the path to be at the house.   In the distance, see a castle.




Knock on the door with the stick.   The lady opens the door but does not want to answer questions.


Before she closes the door, be fast to click on it with the hand icon:

You will see the scene from inside the room.  As she talks, place the cursor on the door and when she stop talking, scroll fast to the “hand icon” with the right mouse and click the door with the left mouse.

Good luck.


They just want to ask a few questions.

She will talk to them.  (1pt)

Talk about Ruxandra, her sister.

Her husband, Sorin Treller, killed her. (1pt)

She also talks about the headless vampire. (1pt)

Something about a barrel….


Exit the house.


Is the headless vampire a big misunderstanding?


From the comment of Arthur, go to the cemetery.


At the cemetery, they are attacked by the vampire: use the stick on it. (3 pts)

So, it is real.





Percival stops his story for now.  He will continue later.


Where did Cardinal Genovese has gone?


Go down to the bar and talk to the man in red sweater.  He talks about a weird location: a psychic shop. (1pt)

Where is it?   He will tell where it is if you find him a weird place. (1pt)

Leave the Pub.   As Ben gets outside, a lady must talk to Ben about the children.

Take the informative magazine for a donation. (1pt)


Go left to the Map.





See a soggy paper at the base of the street lamp. Take the soggy paper.  (1pt)

It is a travel brochure as you can see in Inventory with the eye icon.     Walk back to the Pub.





Try to give the travel brochure to the man in red.  He does not want it.


Go back to Percy’s room up the stairs and use the brochure on the lamp to dry it. (1pt)

Back down and give the brochure to the man in red and get a business card for the Psychic Shop, The Third Eye. (1pt)

And get an address by looking at the business card in Inventory. (1pt)


Go outside and left to the Map.





Click on the new location.   There is a man leaning against the entrance that looks familiar: Otto Schneider.


Walk in.  Madame Rosenquist remembers Ben.   Talk to her giving the honest response.

Simon is asking for help.

Then Simon appears: Ben asks him some questions: Cardinal Genovese: final relic in Paris. (1pt)


Ben goes outside and a man moves to him but Otto puts him down.


After talking, they are in a car followed by a blue one.




Search the car with the hand icon on the front window and find an oil can.


Use the magazine on the car and then the oil can on the road.  The blue car spins of the road. (4pts)


After the car chase, Ben is at the Waterloo Train Station and meets Percy again.  Enter the train station and then go in the train itself.

Percy talks to him.  Time to finish the story about Romania.





Arthur and Percy are in front of the Trelle’s house.  But there is no handle on the door.  See and pick up a brick on the ground. (1pt)

Use the brick on the side window (1pt) and pick up some pieces of broken glass.  (1pt)

Arthur goes inside as Percy stays outside.


Once inside, notice the helmet on the left: click the hand icon on it: there is a small latch inside it.

The fire place is bricked.  See and take the poker on the right. (1pt)


The door on the right is locked.


Use the poker on the helmet: a secret opening was hidden. (1pt)

Go through the opening.

See a portrait and a lit candle: someone was in here.


Take of the lid of the barrel with the poker. (1pt)

Find in it a body of a woman with no head: the remains of the Headless Vampire.

Place the pieces of glass on the neck of the dead body. (2pts)


And then a man dress in a black cloak appears: it is Zortherus, the Vampire-Worlack.   Listen to what he says.  He is responsible for the Headless Vampire.


They fight. Use the poker on him. (3pts)





Back in real time.   Ben wants to go to the bathroom.  Go left and enter the left door.

As he comes out, a man talks to Ben: he will kill him.

They go to the train compartment and Jennings meets Percival.

Percival hits  Jennings.


Hear what Percy as to say about the Knights. (1pt)

Percy is a guardian angel protecting Ben from Cardinal Genovese (1pt)

Percy helps Ben in different situations of life. (1pt)


Reservations are made at Hotel Commines.





See the hotel sign. Note the drain. Go in.  Enter the door of the office and get your room at the end of the hallway.


Then see a cutscene: a dream.





In the room, open the dresser door and take the hanger.  (1pt)


Go out of your room and to the office: ask some questions to the owner.   She is a religious woman and knows about church. (1pt)

Relics in Sacre Coeur of Jesus church. (1pt)


Exit twice down screen to be outside.


Go left to the drain on the side of the street.   In Inventory, use the hand icon on the hanger to get a hook.

Use the hook on the drain to get a dog  key.   Where did we see a dog?  On the carvings of the tree in Romania….What is the key for????


Go left to the Map.





Once in the church, see the sign that says that these stairs lead down to the crypt.

Talk to the priest: relics in the crypt (1pt) and the Sacred Heart.(1pt)


Go down to the crypt.  Look at the statue above the stairs: it appears to be a separate piece.

Look at the three statues and the base: on the left=Cardinal Amette and then St-Denis and last Cardinal Guibert.

There is a recessed area in the floor. Use the hand icon on it: no clues to its purpose.

On the left, see four bricks: use the hand icon on them: they feel slightly loose.  How to possibly push or pull them?  Could the plates at the bottom of the three statues be of help?


Look at the first brick (on top): the first letters of the phrases are A-D-G.


(A for Amette-D for St-Denis-G for Guibert)


So, press #1 statue plate, then #2 and #3. The brick slides in and take the tiles from the hole. (1pt)



Look at the second brick: G-D-A

Press #3 plate, #2 and #1.  Take the tiles.  (1pt)



Look at the third brick: A-G-D

Press #1, then #3 and #2.  Take the tiles.  (1pt)



Look at the fourth brick: D-A-G

Press #2, #1 and #3.  Take the tiles.  (1pt)


And for taking all the tiles: (4pts)



Now what? Use the tiles on the recess: a puzzle: follow the instructions.

Place the tiles at their proper square to form a heart with a cross on top.   Hear a sliding noise.  (3pts)

Look at the statue above the stairs: of course the relic can’t be reach: use the hook on it and get the relic. (1pt)


The priest comes down the stairs.  Give him the relic to keep it safe.


Ben comes up and meets the real priest…………


Go to….





Enter the hotel and go read the note on your room’s door: meet me at Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  (1pt)


Walk to go outside and left or right  to the Map.





See and talk to the shady man.  Talk to him.  He sells map of the cemetery. (1pt)

Give him some money to get the map.  (1pt)


Walk in.  A mysterious cloaked figure is standing at the door of the second crypt


*******Now you have an uneasy feeling about the cloaked figure. You’re not sure whether it’s a good idea to investigate it further, or just get out of here*******


NOTE:  the following text is based on PATH #1: go in the

              Crypt and the points in parenthesis are also based on

              PATH #1.   Near the end of the game, you will

              have to choose to kill or not Cardinal Genovese, thus

              giving ending 1 and 2.



NOTE #2: The text for PATH #2 is the same but    

                  you do not go in the crypt.    It will be

                  indicated when there is something special to do for

                  PATH #2.   You will also have to decide to kill

                  or not Cardinal Genovese, thus giving ending 3 and 4.



NOTE #3: this means that you will have to play PATH #2

                  from HERE  and exit the cemetery and thus not

                  go in the crypt.



GOOD LUCK and on with the game.


SO, let’s go in the crypt.   Meet Alice and listen to her story.

A ritual will be going on at the Tower of Notre-Dame.

Ben needs to find Percy. (1pt)


Pick up the bone  on the ground. (1pt)


Exit the crypt and the cemetery.  Go left or right to the Map.





Go to your room and see Percy.  Talk to him: use the Catacombs to get in Notre Dame. (1pt)

There is a Map of the Catacombs. The urban explorer were of help.


Exit and go to the Map.





Look at the large lock door that leads down to the Catacombs.  Go talk to the man: ask about the Catacombs and tell him you are an urban explorer. (1pt)

For a small fee, he will tell where to go down and offers a few tools. (1pt)

Give him some money and get a sewer key and a lighter.  


To go down to the Catacombs, look for a sewer.  Beware of the cataflics. (Special police)(2pts)


Go to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.


*******For path #2, you will need to go in the crypt of the cemetery to get the bone.   *******


There is an entry to the sewer in front of the crypt.   Use the sewer key on the manhole. (1pt)


In Inventory, combine the motor oil with the cemetery map. (1pt)

Then combine the oily map with the bone (1pt)

and  the lighter on the bone with oily map to get a torch. (1pt)


Go through the hole and see the ladder you came down on.




Use the torch on the darkness.  Look at the drawing on the left of the ladder; seems to be the drawing of Notre Dame Cathedral. Underneath, it says:

                                  NOOSES       (N for North, O for……)



Go to the room on the left and start from there following NOOSES.  And be in another room.  Find and pick up a pile of pebbles.  (1pt)


There is another drawing on the wall above the pile of pebbles:





So, from the next room on the left, BUT wait…..remember the carving on the tree: a dog head #2 SENO.       SO, before doing the second sequence of going around in the Catacombs, do this:




From the next room, do SENO and be in a room with a  door and a plaque above the door that you will open with the dog key from Inventory.  Go in and see a dog in front of screens.   A special ending…………..



OK, let’s get serious now and indeed go to the next room on the left and do NOSESOON.

Arrive in a room where you see a man: a cataflic.

Ben needs to distract him: take the pebbles and click them on the doorway. (1pt)

Walk across the room not before looking at the message:


                                       NO ONE SEES


From the room on the left, do NO ONE SEES and be in a room with a ladder. (3pts)


Go up and be at Notre Dame Cathedral.





Go up the stairs and see Max from the Knights.


Choose the offer “to reason” and then the offer of “Cardinal is insane” and then “Walk away”. (1pt)  (100pts)


Max goes away.


Enter the Cathedral and meet Alice and Percy.



*******In Solution #2, Ben will meet only Percy.*******



Cardinal Genovese is in the tower.  Walk to go up the stairs on the right and meet the Cardinal. See the relics on the table.

 Talk to him.  It is a long conversation.


At midnight, nothing happens.




The Cardinal asks to kill him.


What ever PATH you are playing, you can kill him using the hand icon on him OR turn around to go down the stairs. Thus the two endings for each path.


If you are following PATH #1, when you come down the tower, whether you killed the Cardinal or not, you will meet Alice and Percy.


If you are following PATH #2, you will only meet Percy.




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