To get to Shambhala you need all six triangular stones (got by completing the road to Ireland, the Mayan Lands and China) and undertaken all four crystal journeys, changing the crystal into a solid hexagonal.
At this point the three stones used to go to Ireland, the Mayan Lands and China are on the circle. Now put the other three stones onto the circle, again the order in which you do this is important. I suggest that the following order be used:
1) First place the stone you got in Ireland onto the top point on the circle
2) Next place the stone from China onto the point to the right of the very first stone
3) Lastly, place the stone from the Mayan Lands between the ones from Ireland and China
When all six stones are in place click the hexagonal crystal on the centre of the circle. This should lower you through the grate on the floor to an area surrounded by six red curtains. The symbols on the curtains are the same as those on the stones. You have to click the corresponding curtains in the same order as the stones were placed onto the circle.
If the walkthrough sequence is followed precisely then the curtains can be clicked in rotation. Begin with the curtain bearing the same symbol (three leaf clover) as the stone used to go to Ireland. The curtain to the immediate right is next, and so on. After clicking the six curtains in rotation you arrive in Shambhala.
If a different sequence was used, click the stone icon below for a detailed graphic solutions.

Talk to Rhea, the Lost Queen of Atlantis, to learn about what's happened and what still needs to be done.


Walk round the water's edge and over the hill just right of the tree with purple leaves to tackle the Final Screen of Protection puzzle. You'll re-visit sixteen locations from your travels. Each location has at least two exits. Using the exits in the correct order takes you to all the locations in rotation. If a particular exit takes you back to where you came from you know the other exit must be used. Each location also has one of your previous inventory items in it. To solve the puzzle one of the inventory items must be used in a specific location. The seven characters you encounter give you clues as to which item and location to use.
After 'eliminating' items and locations from the clues, the only remaining items are the stick and star, and only remaining locations are the Book Room (Ireland) and Tezcatlipoca's Pyramid (Mayan Lands). By using simple trial and error you exit through the large window in the Book Room while holding the star.
 Click the icon below for the detailed solution.



You have to find the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis. First move just right of the long rounded wall. Next move away from the tall sea grass. Look carefully for a tall white pillar in the distance and go towards it. There should now be two tall white pillars visible in the distance. Heading towards them twice brings you to a large black pillar inside the ruins. Go left of this pillar and then to the right of the building ahead of you. You should find the light crystal here.
Take the crystal and now look for the octopus. Head left of the building, right of the pillar and then left of the short pillar. Look carefully for the building with round mosaics on the wall and then move towards it twice. The octopus should be to your right.
To defeat the octopus use the light crystal to sever it's tentacles. Position the crystal on the base of each tentacle and while the crystal glows, click repeatedly. When the crystal recharges every few seconds (it stops glowing) keep moving it to another tentacle until it glows again, then click again.
Note that if the octopus defeats you, simply go back and resume the battle.


After defeating the octopus (Light overcoming Dark) you'll be back on the ship. The Guardian again gives you the hexagonal crystal which must be placed onto the centre of the stones circle.
Head out into deep space (in the direction of the shining star). This time you can go even farther out than before. . .


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