Talk to the Guardian of the Crystal to get the crystal and an explanation of what to do in the game. There are three triangular stones scattered about on the ship:
1) under the desk
2) on top of the barrel (next to the stairs leading into the hold)
3) under the hammock
The stones are parts of a road to be travelled. Each of the stones takes you along a different part of the road. This is done by placing a stone on the strange looking circle in the wall recess. After completing the part of the road you are given another stone in the land you travelled to. The stones you get in the various lands are only needed near the end of the game.

Although each stone has a specific position on the stone circle, there is no fixed order in which they must be used. However, the order (or sequence) used is required in a puzzle later in the game and by using the same order as the walkthrough solving the later puzzle will be easier. The stones all have symbols on them but only the 'three leaf clover' on the under the desk (Ireland) is clearly distinguishable.

1) Begin with the stone from under the desk (Ireland) which is placed onto the bottom point of the circle
2) The stone from the top of the barrel (Mayan Lands) goes onto the next point to the left
3) The stone found under the hammock (China) is placed on the next point to the left
The extra stones received in these lands should only be placed onto the circle when you're ready to go to Shambhala. The order of these stones is dealt with in the Shambhala section of the walkthrough.

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