Black Circle: Carol Reed Mystery 6

by MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2009


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. Before the game starts, see a display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound has a choice of sound device.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

There is a very good hint system in the game. The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay.

It is the rainiest summer in 26 years. Now the sun has appeared.

Carol's home:    Look around the kitchen.

Exit the kitchen and go to the hallway.

The phone rings. Take the mobile phone lying on the old fashioned phone. Press the button to answer the phone.

Talk to Oscar, the neighbor from the apartment below. He wants Carol to come and talk to him.

Visit Oscar:

Turn around and exit the apartment. Go down the stairs and knock on the blue double doors.

Talk to Oscar completely. Learn that he found a dead man in a ramshackle building during his walk to the jetty. Oscar is a retired doctor blind in one eye. The man had a non-working mobile phone with him. Oscar left to call the police. The man disappeared when the police arrived. The police didn't believe him.

Visit Stina:    Select Stina's Bakery on the map. Have a nice chat with Stina about doll houses.

Check out the allotment:    Select the allotment on the map.

Go forward, left and right in Carol's allotment.

Shed:    Turn right by the fence and enter the shed.

Turn right inside and take the file from the shelf.

Exit the shed and the allotment.

Explore the railway bridge area:    Select the Railway Bridge on the map.

Look around. Go over the bridge. Turn left at base of bridge.

Shack:    Go forward until the red shack. Face the building and look around.

Look close at the ground where the man should have sat.

Take the piece of paper with a picture of a bicycle and an address - 27 Cotton Road.

Turn the paper over and get a phone number 011-23 80 70.

Phone number:    Right click the mobile phone in inventory to get a close up.

Click on the phone number and it gets automatically dialed. No one is answering the phone.

Click on the operator icon at top left and learn that the phone number is not listed.

Jetty:    Turn left from the shack and continue to take a stroll in the woods.

Go forward to the water. At the jetty, look around.

Turn to the left to look down at the water. Take the cigarette case.

Examine the cigarette case and see that 'Milly' and a heart are etched on the top of the empty cigarette case.

Turn around, walk back to the bridge and exit.

Visit 27 Cotton Road:    Select 27 Cotton Road on the map.

Enter the building and talk to the man. He mistakes Carol as the cleaning lady.

He wants Carol to bring her stuff and then come back.

Home:    Select Home on the map.

Go forward to the living room and look around.

Check the picture on the armoire. Check the pink envelope. It has a note by Jonas and invitation to an Adventure Game Convention in Stockholm.

Go back to the hallway and left to the WC. Enter the WC and turn left. Take mop and bucket.

Exit the apartment and go back to 27 Cotton Road, the bike shop.

Do some sleuthing at 27 Cotton Road:

Bike Shop:    The man leaves.

Face the hallway to the offices. Go forward and enter the first door at right. Take the blue pencil from the table. Exit the room. Feel free to look around.

Enter the kitchen at end of the hallway. Turn left and go right to the lounge.

Go to the desk with computer by the window at end of the room.

Check the trash can under the desk.

Put together the pieces of paper.

Left click to move the pieces and right click to rotate them.

When the paper is in correct place, it changes color to purple.

Learn the address of Milly - Vivace Road 35.

Exit the bike shop. Check the painting left of the door. Exit the building by going down the stairs.

Visit Milly's apartment:    Select Milly's apartment on the map.

Talk to Milly. Learn that she's a part time secretary at the bike shop.

The cigarette case was a gift to a former boyfriend. Edvin Vergerus has been imprisoned for drug related crimes. She points Edvin's parents apartment in the map.

Visit Edvin Vergerus' parent:    Select Edvin parents apartment on the map.

Talk to Edvin's father. Learn that Edvin did not come home last night and was arrested a week ago.

Explore Edvin's parents apartment:    

Computer room:    Go forward to the kitchen, right to the laundry room and right to the computer room.

Check the paper on the bed. See Edvin's semicircle building sketch and a letter asking for the spare key of the apartment he was evicted from.

Turn around and check the note pad on the shelf. Read Edvin's To Do list.

Get notes from old apartment.

Search the foundry.

Find out more about the message to Abel from Joss.

Guest room:    Go back to the laundry room at left. Turn right and go through the door to the guest room.

Look around and see nice quilts and paintings.

Cube decorated box:    Check the closets by other door to the hallway. Inside the leftmost closet is a cube decorated box on the middle shelf. The color of some squares on the lid changes when clicked on.

Exit through the door at left and be at the hallway. The door opposite the guest room is locked.

Living room:    Go forward at the hallway, go left and look around in the living room.

The balcony door needs a key.

Exit the apartment through the alcove at end of the hallway at left. It has a brightly colored quilt that looks like stained glass hanging on the wall. The exit door is at right.

Search for Edvin's old apartment:    Let's follow Edvin's to do list.  Select Milly's apartment on the map.

Talk to Milly. She mentions Edvin's probation officer is Ben Dorner. He is also the owner of the bike shop. Milly gave the probation officer's phone number.

She mentions that Edvin hides things behind pictures, especially women's pictures.

Edvin's parole officer:   

Contact parole officer:    Use the mobile phone and click on Ben Dorner's name. Talk to Ben. He is at the Riverside Cafe.

Talk to probation officer:     Select Riverside Cafe on the map.

Talk to Ben Dorner. He gives Ben's old apartment address.

Edvin's old apartment:

Edvin's parents apartment:    Based on what Milly stated, go to the guest room.

Go forward through the hallway until the end. Enter the door at left.

Check the paintings of women on the wall. Look behind the one with big bluish hat at the middle.

Take Edvin's old apartment key. Place the painting back on the wall.

Exit the apartment.

Enter Edvin's old apartment:    Select Edvin's old apartment on the map.

Enter through door and check the nameplate on first door at left. Use the key from the painting on the door lock.

Search the apartment:

Kitchen:    Turn left to the kitchen. Check the cabinet under the sink.   

Look through the magazines and see a court summons about his trespassing at the Berling Foundry (that is in Edvin's to do list).

Empty living room:    Go across the hallway and exit to outside. Check the shed. Go back inside the apartment.

Empty bedroom:    Enter the door on the left. Take the stepladder.

Utility room:    Exit at right and then go left.

See a metal box at top of shelf. Place the stepladder on the floor.

Climb the stepladder and look close at the metal box. It is closed by a screw.

Bathroom:    Go to hallway and turn right. Go to end of the hallway and enter the bathroom at end of the hall.

Take the roll of toilet paper.

Go down the hallway, right and then left to leave the apartment.

Do research on the Berling Foundry:

Stina's Bakery:    Go to Stina and talk to her about the Berling Foundry. She refers you to the library.

Library:    Turn right and see 2 monitors. Go close to the right one. Click on the mouse.

Berling Foundry:    Read about the Berling Foundry.

It was founded by Otto Berling and later run by his son, Hugo Berling.

Abel Kant was murdered there. The murder is linked to the Madonna cult headed by Hugo Berling.

Madonna Cult:    Click on the Madonna Cult link.

Learn about the dangerous rite of passage of the cult.

The members were baptized at the water tunnel at Hammer Hill.

Abel Kant's hands were cut off during an overtime shift.

Abel's brother was killed the day after in his home.

There are 3 members of the cult alive at that time: Max Vogler, Emil Vogler and an unknown third person.

Water Tunnel at Hammer Hill:    Click on the Water Tunnel at Hammer Hill link. Learn where it is located.

Discovering the Berling Foundry:    Select Berling Foundry on the map.

Go through the hole on the wire gate.

Go forward 3 times and turn right. See a ladder sticking out inside the building. We cannot enter through there yet.

Continue forward to the end of the road.

Turn right and go forward. Turn right and see a broken wall with metal door.

Continue to the left. Turn right and see a metal double door full of graffiti.

Enter through the metal double door.

Go forward to end of the hall and look left. See a yellow room on the left and a room on the right with red metal rafters.

Red rafter room:    Enter the red rafter room on the right.

Look left and see fuse boxes. The big one on the right has a broken wire.

Continue to back part of room and see a bag of cement on the bench.

Upper floor:    Turn right, forward and enter the room on the left, pass one room and to another.

Turn left and climb the stairs (not ladder) to the upper floor.

Turn left, forward and left again to a parts room. Take the hook from one pigeon hole on the shelving at right. Go back out, right and right down the stairs.

Go right at bottom of stairs and forward to hallway. Turn right pass the cement bag to the yellow room.

Yellow room:    Turn right and see a dark room (no light). Turn around and exit out of this room.

Columned hall:     Go forward twice and turn left. See a barred office.

Office:    Enter the office with blue walls and broken glass windows by its right side.

See a paper tacked on the board. Read the paper written by Max Vogler, Head of the Train Depot. Max is one of the surviving cult members.

Turn right and see a first aid cabinet. Exit the office.

Oven:    Turn right and forward to the room with an open window.

See a metal shed-oven in that room. Look inside the large oven and take screwdriver.

Ladder:    Turn to the right and see the ladder we saw outside. Exit the building up that ladder. We can now use this ladder to enter the foundry.

Exit the foundry area.

Uncovering Edvin's secrets:    Go to Edvin's old apartment.

Turn right, forward and right to step ladder. Climb the ladder and use the screwdriver on the panel.

The edge is not thin enough. Click the file on the screwdriver. Use the sharp edged screwdriver on the screw.

Read the paper behind the cord. What's in the dark room? Is this the dark room at the foundry? Search Milly's apartment more thoroughly?

Jonas:    Exit the apartment

Get a call from Jonas. Meet him at Leonardo Diner. He asks for the invitation to the Adventure Game Convention.

Home:    Enter the living room and take the pink envelope on the armoire to get the blue invitation.

Jonas:    Go back to Leonardo Diner. Give the invitation.

Train Repair Depot:    Go to the Train Repair Depot where Max Vogler once worked.

Go forward to the building that Edvin drew.

Turn left at the end, forward, left and right. See the janitor.

Talk to the janitor. Harrump! He lost his mobile phone at the Tower Remains and he has Max' number in it.

Tower Remains:    Go left, forward, right and forward to the Tower.

Look through the grilled wall and see the mobile phone.

Turn around and get a call from Edvin's father. They left the apartment opened for Carol to check.

Revisit Edvin's parent apartment:   

Read the note on the table.

Living room:    Enter the living room.

Open the cupboard on the wall right of the balcony door.

Take the balcony door key. Want a glass of wine?

Balcony:    Use the balcony key on the balcony door lock. Look around the balcony.

Cubes painting:    Be sure to look close-click on the cubes painting.

Take note of the cube's wall colors and location of the padlock.

Guest room:    Go back to the guest room.

Cube decorated box:    Open the left closet. Take the cube decorated box.

Now that you looked close on the cube painting at the balcony, click the sides of the cubes to make it similar to the painting. Then click on the green wall with the padlock.

Take the magnetic stripe card. Read the letter from Joss to Abel - the brothers that were murdered. Both are related to the Madonna cult.

They hid the 'stuff' in the foundry and there's a map behind the first aid cabinet.

Master bedroom:    Exit the guest room to the hallway. Enter the room opposite the guest room door.

Look around. Take the sewing thread beside the sewing machine. Exit the apartment.

Train Repair Depot:    Go back to Train repair depot.

Recover the janitor's phone:     Walk to the Tower.

In inventory, combine the thread and hook from the foundry.

Use the sewing thread with hook on the mobile phone to get the janitor's mobile phone.

Go back to the train depot. Talk to the janitor to give him the janitor's mobile phone.

The janitor lost his notebook at the Silo. It has the code to unlock his phone.

Investigate Milly's Apartment:    Go to Milly's Apartment.

See the note on the door. Milly is gone but the apartment is open.

Bedroom:    Enter the bedroom at left.

Look at what is peeking under the bed. The painting is weird.

Open the box. Take the sharp knife.

Find the janitor's notebook:

Berling Foundry:    Before going to the Silo, go to the foundry.

Go forward around the back of the building. Enter through the double doors at the end of the path.

Go forward to end of hallway. Turn left and enter the red rafters room.

Use the sharp knife on cement bag on the bench at back of room. Take cement.

Exit the building and the foundry area.

The Silos:    Go forward to the grey silos at the back.

Turn left by the green door. Go forward and turn around to the ladder.

Rectangular silo:    Climb up. Turn right and climb up again. But the rungs are slippery.

Use cement on the rungs of the ladder. Climb up to top.

See a notebook on the hatch cover straight ahead. Use the sewing thread with hook on the notebook.

The notebook was knocked off the hatch. It fell somewhere.

Climb down to ground level.

Recover the notebook:    Turn left at ground level.

Turn right between the silos. Go forward towards the light at far silos.

At the exit sign, turn left and take the stepladder.

Turn left again and go forward to the end.

See a broken ladder. Place the step ladder right of the broken ladder.

Climb up. Turn right, climb up the next ladder and turn right on the ramp.

Take the notebook on the ramp floor. Go down to ground level.

Train depot:    Find the janitor and talk to him. He finds Emil Vogler's address.

Visit Emil Vogler:    Go to Emil Vogler's house.

Wow! Talk to Emil. Learn about the shrine close to the mine owned by Hugo Bering.

Get a newspaper article about crushing mill used for rites of passage. She gave directions to the mine.

Gather more information:

Stina's Bakery:    Talk to Stina. Read the newspaper article about Edvin's mutilated body.

Oscar's apartment:     Talk to Oscar. Learn where they found the body - by the Opera House.

Where the body was found:     Go to where they found the body.

Go forward until the river. Turn left at riverbank.

Take the gloves left by police.

Find and explore the mine:   

Shrine:    Go to the shrine.

Go forward twice, turn right and go forward to the building.

Turn left and pick up the chisel from the fire pit. Look around as you will.

Foundry:    Go to the Berling foundry.

Enter the foundry through the open window with ladder.

Go to the office outside this room.

Look right to the band aid thing that is mentioned by Joss. Use chisel to remove the cabinet.

Take and read the letter. Learn that merchandise is on the floor of Abel's cubicle. Abel also got an impression of Ben Dorner's house key.

Study the map of the dressing plant and mine. Exit the foundry area.

The mine:    See 2 paths as you arrive at the mine - one on the left and one to the right.

Take the right path. Just before the overhang-tunnel, turn left and pick up a brick.

Go forward until the end (behind a big boulder at center of screen). Turn left and see a mine entrance. Take the crowbar from the floor.

Go back out and turn right. Forward once and turn right. Another tunnel is seen.

Enter this tunnel which is the one on the left path at start of this area.

Midway inside the tunnel or 3 clicks in, turn right and see a door with 3 keyholes.

Turn left and forward to exit.

Check the Train Repair Depot again:    Go to the depot.

Go to door close to where we found the janitor. Use the magnetic strip card on the slot left of door.

Enter the office. Look close at left side of the blue file folders. Take the insulating tape.

Look close at machine at right. Take Ben's letter on the shelf above the machine.

Read that he feeds Edvin's habit and uses him as courier. His office is beside the Restaurang China and the code to enter is 1024.

Exit the building.

Electrical box of the foundry:    Go to the foundry.

Find the electrical box:    Enter through the far metal double doors behind the building.

Go forward to the end of hallway. Turn left and enter the red rafters room.

Fix the electrical box:    Turn left inside the room and look close at the electrical box at right.

Use the gloves from the riverbank on the loose wire. It is placed in position.

Use the insulating tape on the wire. Pull the lever up.

Go even further in the foundry:   

Turn right, forward to cement bag and left to the yellow room.

Turn right and see that the dark room is now lit. Enter that room.

Abel's cubicle:     Turn left and go forward until the end.

Turn left and enter the cubicle.

Look close at the metal plates on the floor. Use the crowbar taken from the mine on the metal plates.

Take the cocaine and the key impression.

Exit the area by turning around, go right, forward twice, right at yellow room and right at hallway off the yellow room to outside the building.

Leave the drugs with the police:    Go to police station. Click on police station to leave the drugs.

Ben Dorner's office:    Go to Dorner's office.

Keypad:    Look close at keypad left of door. Enter 1024.

Elevator:    Enter, turn left and enter the elevator. See that the elevator is under maintenance.

Check the floor buttons and see Braille under each number of the floor buttons. Exit the elevator.

Go to Dorner's office:     Climb the stairs. Turn left at top of stairs.

Go forward and left. Go through the open double doors.

Turn left, forward and enter the office at left.

Search Dorner's office:    Turn left and take the post-it on the book.

Look close at post-it and see some indentations on the paper.

Use the blue pencil from bike shop on paper. It looks like Braille.

Elevator:    Go back out the office area and down to elevator.

Look close at the floor buttons and identify the Braille numbers on the post-it: 40 70 60.

Go back to the office area. Turn right as soon as you enter the office area.

Another office:    Enter the door at right.

Check the trash can. Take the note from Veronica. Ben is on vacation.

Safe:    Exit this office. See a door. Enter through this door and see a safe.

Enter the code seen on the post it: left to 40, right to 70 and left to 60.

Take and read the blue folder. Find out Ben Dorner's address -13 Rovner Drive.

Exit the office. Turn around, forward through double doors; turn right before lounge area and down the stairs.

Dorner's house:

Water tunnel:    Go to water tunnel. Go forward and read the info about Hammer Hills.

Turn right while facing the info stand. Go forward twice and look right.

See trash pile. Take superglue from the trash.

Continue forward and see the water tunnel. Go back to the exit.

Gain entrance to Ben Dorner's house:    Go to Dorner's house.

In inventory combine the key impression and glue. Take the key made of glue.

Click on the handle of the door and Carol makes a comment about hoping he hasn't changed his lock in 15 years.

Use the key made of glue on the lock. Enter the house.

Snoop around Dorner's house:   

Go forward and look left at linens on table. Take cellar and cinema keys.

Turn around and climb the stairs.

Enter the computer room and look at diamonds and dots drawing on middle file tray.

Go downstairs. Go forward to kitchen.

Read the note on the counter. Ben lost his mobile phone while at the cellar.

Go through to other room and outside to patio.

Cellar:    Continue to the backyard. Go right and see the cinema building. You can check it later if you want.

Turn right and see the stairs to the cellar. Go down and use the cellar key on lock.

Look around. Go forward and left to next room.

Find Ben's mobile phone:     Using your mobile phone, call the number found on the back of the paper by the jetty.

Follow the ringing sound. Turn left to the sink and look down to the plastic tub.

Look close and pick up the mobile phone.

Press the button to listen to Edvin's last voice message. He's in bad shape after taking speedball.

Pick up the button.

Find secrets in Dorner's cellar:    Go back to next room.

Go towards the exit door. Turn right and enter another room.

Open the blue cabinet on the wall right of the door.

Gold box:    Take the gold box on top shelf.  Place the button on the hole.

Using the numbers on the diamond-dots drawing; press top, bottom, second from top and middle right buttons.

Read the letter of Hugo Bering to Ben Dorner. Ben killed Abel Kant.

Read the 3 obligatory stages of the 'rite of passage'.

1. The concrete labyrinth. See the map on the left.

2. The water tunnel.

3. Entrance to the inner rooms of the mine.

Take 3 colored keys: red, green and blue keys.

Exit Dorner's house by going through the house and out the front door.

Find out more about the cult trials:

The concrete labyrinth:     Go to the shrine.

Go forward twice and right to the shrine. Turn left and forward to the end.

Turn left and walk the concrete labyrinth. Check the X mark in the map. Go there.

Go forward, left, forward, right, forward, left, forward, right.

Look down. Use chisel on the moss covered metal beam.

Look close and see that the plate is unreadable. Use toilet paper on the plate.

The key to the keys is at the turn of the tunnel.

Pull back and click the exit text at bottom right. Exit this place.

The water tunnel:    Go to the water tunnel.

Go pass the red marker stand. Go left and forward to the water tunnel.

Go down to the water and enter the water tunnel.

Go forward until the end. Look up at the ceiling. See red 3, blue 1 and green 2.

Turn around and exit this area.

Mine:    Go to the mine. Take the left path.

Walk midway the tunnel and then turn left. See the door with 3 keyholes.

Use the keys taken from the gold box.

Insert blue key at middle keyhole first. Hear a click. Right click to release key.

Insert green key at bottom keyhole second. Hear a click. Right click to release key.

Insert red key at top keyhole last. Hear a click. Right click to release key.

Explore the inner sanctum of the mine:

Go down the stairs. Look around.

Look left and see the painting seen under the bed in Milly's apartment.

Turn around and click on the bricks of the altar. Carol makes a comment.

Use the brick taken from the other path in the mine on each of the bricks. There's nothing there.

Go back to Milly's apartment.

Milly's apartment:     Talk to Milly.

Learn that the painting seen in the mine is one of 2 paintings Ben Dorner commissioned.

The other is the brick altar with 3 bricks gone.

Milly is Abel Kant's daughter.

Altar:    Go back to the mine and down to the inner sanctum.

Using the brick, hit the 3 darkened bricks on the altar as shown by the sketch.

Chalice:    Look in the chalice. Move the contents of the chalice.

Talk to Ben Dorner. Use cement on Ben. Go behind Ben and automatically be out of the mine.


13 year old murder case near solution

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