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The is made by Wadjet eye games http://www.wadjeteyegames.com

The story as described on wadjeteyegames.com:

创The Blackwell Legacy is the first case in a miniseries of games that stars a medium named Rosangela Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone. Their mission, it seems, is to assist tormented spirits and investigate supernatural goings on. They don't understand why they are thrown together, but they do the best they can.

The duo's first case will involve a series of suicides at a local university. Something unnatural has forced these students to kill themselves, and nobody knows why. Rosangela, who is just coming to terms with her new status as a medium, finds herself cast as the unwilling detective in this gruesome mystery.创

The game:

A simple yet fun game, it has the looks of an old dos game even though it was released in 2006. But that doesn't drag the game down one bit, it just adds nostalgia.

The controls:

Point and click it can't be more simple.

The inventory is accessed by panning the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, here you can also access options and your notebook.



Day 1

So let's get started. In the first cutscene Rosa (Rosangela) spreads the ashes of her aunt from the queens bridge (I think, but that's is not important), when she walks away from the bridge you can see her spirit raise and disappear in the air. When you磖e in control you find yourself in front of your apartment building go and talk to the teenager in front of the door, Jim Bundo (I think), he won't let you in because her doesn't believe that you live in the building, you find out that he's standing in for the regular doorman because of a strike that has something to do with the union. It doesn磘 really matter  what you say to him to proof that live in the building because he thinks he knows everybody that live there, he also thinks your apartment is empty. Talk to him until he tells you that Nishanthi Sharma your neighbor (which you have never seen or spoken to) can vouch for you, she is use surely in Washington park. Now we gotta find her exit the scene by walking to the left or right, go to Washington park. Go to the left (to the fountain) and get a headache right before you leave the scene (what a great day we are having). Go a little to the right and see Nishanthi playing some kind of flute, don't bother talking to her because you can't muster up the courage to do it, instead lure the dog around the lamp so he gets stuck and begins to bark now you learn that it's Nishanthi's dog Moti, she frees him and and you talk to her. Talk about what ever until you go back to the little runt in front of the door and Nishanthi vouches for you, and you are free to choose who to response to Jim before you enter (I like to give him the angry one, That little brat!!!). In the hallway you talk to Nishanthi about stuff and she says that you are free to visit her any time, after the talk you enter your apartment after asking her to call you a shorter name.

After complaining for a while the phone rings, it's doctor Donald Quentin the M.D. for your aunt until she died, talk to him and he invites you to his office (p.s. you have a letter from him in you inventory read it if you want), exit your apartment and go to the Bellevue hospital, go to the right and talk to the guard and say that you want to see doctor Quentin and the guard asks if he is expecting you, and you show the letter and get to enter the office of doctor Quentin. Talk to him about your aunt, Joey, the future and links, to be short just talk about everything. Then leave and return to you apartment pick up the envelope on the floor and read or skip your way through it to get some pictures. Now the phone rings again and this time it's your boss bob from the paper you work for as a book reviewer, he tells you to look in to a suicide at the NYU dorm, after complaining about it and getting nowhere Rosa takes her notebook, exit the apartment and go to the dorm.

At the dorm your headache starts to get bigger, go the far left and knock (click) on Kelly and Joann's door, Kelly opens, talk to her until the notebook shows up with the 创Joann slept all night创 and 创Joann studied all day创 added at the bottom. Click the red X to finish the conversation and go to the far right and talk to The R.A. (he's in his room). And click the 创Joann slept all night创 to get 创Kelly slept elsewhere创 open your notebook and click on 创Joann slept all night创 and 创Kelly slept elsewhere?创 to get 创Did Kelly lie to me?创. Go back to Kelly and talk to her and ask if she lied, know just talk about all the other things on your notebook.

After that exit and go to your apartment, use the computer to write your article. When Rosa's done she'll get a gruesome headache and wants some fresh air, exit and go across the hall to Nishanthi's apartment go inside and talk to her about all that you can. You learn why the dog park has been closed, the officials say that it has something to do with high pitch sounds that causes the dogs pain, but the dogs wasn't in pain they were sacred of something and you will soon learn of what, offer to feed the dog and you will get a biscuit, just hold on to it for now and exit and go back to your apartment. When you get back your headache will explode and then go away, you see that the picture on the TV glows, Rosa looks at it and see the picture of her aunt and herself and then a third person appears in the picture and blue man, Rosa is shocked and begins to walk around the room and tries to calm herself when Joey appears and she collapses. Talk to Joey and when he asks about when your headache started answer Washington park, you talk about the dog run, response in anyway and accept, you go to the in front of the dog run and Joey tells Rosa to look at the dog run and she sees a ghost. Joey goes to talk to the ghost, ask any thing you want but she just babbles about HIM, whoever he is, and poison, so Joey goes back to Rosa and talks to her but she doesn't want to accept that she just saw and talked to a ghost so she heads home and goes to bed.

Day 2

When Rosa leaves her bedroom she is sorry to see that Joey is still there, they start to talk. When you talk to Joey he tells you about the powers you have, he then asks you to pull his tie (it's not a metaphor). You now get rammed inside your own head, you get thrown on the floor next to the portal. This room in your head is the gateway to the other world, or to be more specific they have to walk through the light (classic). After you talk to Joey about the Portal and learn that it was because of this room entering your head, that you had headaches.

Once outside of your head you'll talk to Joey about how to get the ghost to accept death and he tells you that you have to make them snap it of the madness they are trapped in, use surely something that reminds them who they are. Remember to (talk about Joey) and talk about ghostly powers (you'll need it later). Exit and go to the dorm.

Go to Kelly磗 room, this time you're allowed inside. Talk to her about girls in the photograph and get Alli and Susan on your notebook, end conversation and look at the pictures on the right wall, click on the left picture and get davenport added to the notebook. Click on the mobile phone on the table to the right to ask to borrow it for a couple of minutes, then talk to Joey while Rosa has the phone to her ear and you're able to talk to him, request a performance and Joey will blow Kelly's papers on the floor and allow you to pick up the notebook on the table, after you pick it up right click on it. You now have to pages from Joann's notebook, look at them (it's only the doodles that are important) Open your notebook an see that Alexander and Davenport has been added combine them now to get Alexander Davenport, now combine this with Adirian and finally you have Alex Davenport. Exit the dorm and go to the park.

Enter the dog run and talk to Alli磗 ghost talk about Susan And Alli, you now have their surnames (not on the notebook), she also talks about the Deacon but not much else, go back to your apartment.

Do research on your pc, use Alli to get ouijaboard, Susan to get to know that she is in the hospital, combine ouijaboard with deacon to get ouijaboard and deacon, go to the hospital.

Talk to the guard about Susan and ask to see her, you find out that you're not on the list (surprised?). Ask again at blame whatever you want and click on Alex Davenport and the guard let磗 you in, you automatically talk to Susan, just tell the truth all the way, once the notebook is up click ouijaboard and deacon and Rosa says that Susan isn't crazy and that the deacon exist. Talk to Sudan about Alli and find out that she likes dogs, talk about Susan to learn that to deacon enters her head while she sleep to ask for help with something. Exit Susan's room and then enter it again right away, you automatically talk to Susan and she says that she's tired of peeing (I am too, think of the time you would save on not having to), she will give her medicine to you, exit and go to Nishanthi磗 apartment.

Moti starts barking at Joey when you enter, but Joey puts the little bastard in his place. Put the pill in the dog biscuit and talk (click on) to Moti offer to give a treat, he has to pee and you offer to take him outside, you automatically go to the dog park and talk to Alli. She regain her mentality (or something like that), you pull her inside your head and send her to the other side. Go back to the hospital.

Walk over to the guard and wait for Joey to walk (hover) next to the desk, this will interfere with the radio. When the guard fiddles with the radio trying to get it to work you can grab one of the keys, Rosa takes the fuse box key, go to the far left and open the fuse box and use it to turn off the lights, once they are out hide in the corner with the phone. When the guard is past you, go to Susan's room and the deacon appears (he's one whimpy ghost). Interrupt his little plead ceremony and just let Joey handle it all the way, you can handle it your way by talking, but I like to see the bastard get his ass kicked. When Joey finally gets through to the deacon you pull him in, on the inside you talk to the deacon and suddenly a demon appears talk to the demon and ask about his reasons, then talk to the deacon and ask about the flak. Open your notebook and combine the two only things in there and tell the deacon to drop the flask, smash it with the stone and it's done (cheesy ending). now the deacon can go through the light.



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The walkthrough on random gnomes lair: Good walkthrough I just thought the game need a little more explaining that磗 why I wrote this.


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