Blue Madonna: Carol Reed Mystery 7

by MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2010


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. Before the game starts, see the game settings: a display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound has a choice of sound device.

The main menu has continue, new game, load, save, options and quit selections.

The options menu has speech, music, effects and subtitles adjustments.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

There is a very good hint system in the game. The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay.

The main menu is accessed by the ESC key.

Carol says that this is the warmest summer she experienced here in Sweden. Crime rate rises with the heat so Carol kept her ad in the papers.

New case:

Home:    The cell phone rings. Click on the cell phone.

Christina Falk wants to talk to Carol about a person she thinks is following her. She also thinks that someone has been in her house. Cristina wants to meet tomorrow at the Art museum. She is an artist and has an exhibition there. The Art Museum is now in the map.

Look around the kitchen.

Check the letter to Lovisa on the kitchen table. Click on the orange paper behind the letter. It is an ad for Stina's Smoke Shack's new location. Stina's is now in the map.

Look around the apartment; then exit through the door with a young boy's picture by clicking on the door handle.

Stina's:    See the map. Click on Stina's shop.

Enter and talk to Stina by selecting the dialogue on the paper.

Exit at night time and go home.

Bedtime:    Turn right and enter the WC.

Turn right to the sink and look close. Take the toothbrush and it will be used.

Exit the WC. Turn right to living room and right to bedroom. Sleep.

Christina Falk:

Art Museum:    Go to Art Museum and talk to the man. Learn that Christina was found dead.

Stina's Shop:    Talk to Stina. Read the newspaper to learn what happened last night. Christina's house is now in the map.

Enter Christina's house:

Go to Christina's house. Check the mailbox left of the gate. It is empty.

Go through the gate and try the front door. It is locked.

Go back down and left to the front of the garage. Take the folding wooden chair.

Turn around and go forward to the window facing the street. Check the slightly open window. Carol can't reach it.

Place the wooden chair on the ground below the window. Climb on the chair and enter through the window.

Check Christina's house:

Foyer:    Look around the house. Go forward to the foyer from the dining area. Turn left and check the table under the mirror.

Examine the homemade postcard of a monastery ruin sent by Gerard. It mentions a red stone in the abbot's room.

A sample of Christina's calling card is seen. Christina's studio is now on the map.

Living room:    Go forward and look around the living room.

Check the dark green cabinet at the corner. It is locked.

Den:    Go to other room right of the cabinet. Look around.

Take the miniature cue stick from the small pool table on the bar left side of room.

Basement:    Go back to the foyer. Turn left and see the front door.

Go towards the front door and turn right to see door to basement and stairs to go upstairs.

Open the door to the basement at left. Go down.

Disk cabinet:    At the bottom of stairs, turn left twice and check the disk cabinet.

Read the black folder on the left and learn that Christina went through the 9 Step program for Alcoholics.

See a picture of a chessboard. There are 2 black pawns on the F1 square. Interesting. See another drawing of chess pieces by Sahar.

Turn around. Check the door with a heart and see the sauna. Nice!

Enter the bedroom and turn left. See a small rectangular wood protruding from the wall. We need a tool here.

Go back upstairs. Turn around and climb to top level.

Bedroom:    Go forward to bedroom. Look around.

Turn left and see a blue trunk left of entryway. Look close.

Read Christina's note about her studio door. It seems that kicking the lower right corner of the door opens it.

Dressing room:    Go to next room and look around.

(Factory) Diamond box - Open the closet at right. See a box with an intricate puzzle on the cover. If the diamonds are clicked on; colors appear and certain numbers of knocks are heard. Hmm...

Exit the room and bedroom.

Locked door:    On the landing on top of the stairs, turn right and check the locked door.

Attic:    Climb the stairs to the attic. Turn left and look up. See a trap door on the ceiling.

Go down the steps to the main floor and turn right. Exit through the front door.

Check Christina's Art Studio:

Enter the studio:    Go to Christina's studio. Turn left to see Christina's studio door.

Now that the note from Christina's bedroom is read, use the foot icon to kick the bottom part of the door to be inside the studio.

Studio:    Turn right and forward to the main studio area. Look around.

Curved lines box - Chest:    Turn right and see an intricately carved chest. Look close and see 4 curved lines that changes color when clicked. Another Hmm...

Alvastra painting:     Look left and close at the painting of the monastery ruins on an easel. It is the same as in the postcard.

Take the nail file on the easel shelf.

Tin can:    Go forward and look down on the square paintings on the floor by the corner.

Look close at the tin can cover and see similar curved lines as in the chest hidden under drops of paints. We need to remove that paint.

Box announcement paper:    Turn around and go to the other side; by the table under the windows.

Pick up the paper on the table and see the magnetic stripe card in front of it. Click to take the card.

Read about 4 boxes that Christina presented. These boxes contain aspects of her life she wants to hide. We have seen one already.

Archimedes screw:    Turn right and check the drawing of Archimedes screw from the wooden chair.

Storage:    Go to the other room. An MDNA box is here. See a locked door with keycard lock at right side of the room.

Use the magnetic stripe card taken from the other room on the card slider.

Take the lock oil can from right side and behind the painting.

Exit and get a call from Jonas. He's working at the recording studio now.

Find the Alvastra Monastery ruins:

Christina's house:    Go to Christina's house. Use the front door and turn to the basement door.

Wood on wall panel:    Go down to the bedroom in the basement.

Turn left and look close at the protruding wood on the wall panel.

Use the nail file taken from the easel in the studio on the wood. Take the key.

Green cabinet:    Go upstairs to the living room.

Look close at the dark green wood cabinet at the corner. Use the key taken from the basement bedroom wall on the lock.

Take the envelope on the right side and read the note behind the envelope. It states the address of the Alvastra Monastery. The Alvastra monastery ruin is now in the map.

See another puzzle box here.

Alvastra Monastery Ruin:   

Exit the house and go to the monastery ruin. Look around.

St. Lydia:    Turn left and read the information tablet on the ground to learn about St. Lydia.

Dark room:   Face the stairs again. Enter the room left of the stairs. See holes on the right wall. Exit the room.

Climb the stairs and look around from the balcony. See an herb garden at right and another information tablet on the ground.

Ulf's grave:    Exit, forward twice and turn left to the ruined side altar. Go forward twice and turn right to another enclosure.

Read the information tablet. This is Ulf, St. Lydia's husband's grave.

Herb garden:    Turn right, forward once and turn right.

Go through the opening on the wall. See the herb garden on the right.

Enter the herb garden and see that information table with plastic sheet is covered by a GameBoomers sign. <grin>

Lost icons information:    Turn around from the herb garden and enter the enclosure on the other side of the path.

Read the information table and learn about the rauks (stone columns caused by natural erosion) and the lost icons hidden by St. Lydia.

The abbot's house mentioned in the homemade postcard is at rear of the monastery.

Abbot's house:    Exit the enclosure and turn left. Go forward to the center of the field.

Turn left and forward behind the monastery wall. Enter the open doorway.

See a pink rock on the wall. Look close at rock and read the note. It shows pictures of the holes on the wall we saw earlier.

Dark room:   Go back to the main chapel ruin. Exit; turn right, right, forward until the end of path and right to main area.

Face the stairs again. Enter the room left of the stairs.

Turn right and check the holes on the wall. The note pointed to the one on the top. Look close and take the note.

Get Christina's cell phone and learn about Christina's summer house. The key is under the doormat. Christina's summer house is now on the map.

Christina's Summer House:

Go between the 2 houses. Turn twice to face Christina's summer house.

Check the door mat. Take the painted key and use it on the door.

Kitchen and nook:    Go right and look around the kitchen.

Go to dining table. Look close and take the straw from the carton drink.

Turn around and see a fireplace. Check behind the throw pillow on the sofa and see a journal.

Read the journal and learn Christina's thoughts about St. Lydia. She wants to check the church.

Note the 3412 at bottom of right page.

Bathroom:    Exit the kitchen to the foyer. Turn right to be in bathroom.

Turn right and check the medicine cabinet. Take the scissors from bottom shelf.

Locked door:    Check the door at right before the stairs. It is locked.

Loft:    Go upstairs and check the loft bedroom.

Note about box:    Check the note on the window shelf.

It states to check the green stone in the pink water for the code to the box.

Look for pink water:    Exit the house.

Go forward pass the gate to the meadow outside the wall.

Turn left and go through the small gate.

Go forward until the water area. Turn right and go forward on stone path on the breakwater.

This is pink water. 3 steps on, see a green stone on the stone path.

Take green stone. Turn it to see the back. Note the red - white - yellow/orange - black paint.

Enjoy the view. Go forward and exit the area through the path left of Christina's summer house.

Christina's father's nylon factory:

Christina's house:    Go living room and open the dark green cabinet at the corner.

Chessbox:    See a locked box that has chess squares on the cover.

Remember the picture seen in the disk cabinet at the basement. There are 2 pawns on the F1 square.

Click twice on the white square on the first (bottom) row third from right.

Read Christina's note about something she wants to hide. When she was a child, her father locked her in a room at her father's factory. It has green roof.

Find the father's nylon factory:

Stina's Shop:    Go to Stina's and talk to her about the green roof mentioned on the note in the chess box.

Stina advised to check the Industrial Museum. The museum is now on the map.

Industrial Museum:    Look around the museum. See the machineries and the textiles displayed here and the other room next door.

Climb the stairs to top floor. Look around at the history of the nylon stocking industry.

See a picture of Sten Falk, Christina's father at bottom right of the nylon stocking display.

Check the industrial miniature landscape across the stocking display.

Look close at right side of the display and see a green roof. Click on the green roof and Carol will talk about it. The factory is now in the map.

Exit the museum by going down the stairs and entering the display room at right. The door is at far end of room.

Enter the nylon factory:   

Go to the nylon factory. Climb over the green fence.

Go forward to the orange building and check the door. It is locked.

Turn around, forward to and over the green fence again. Exit.

Christina's house:    Go to Christina's house.

(Factory) Diamond box:    Go upstairs to the room left of the bedroom.

Open the closet and look close at the box with diamonds on the cover.

Click on each diamond and hear the different number of knocks each produces.

Top makes one knock and changes to green.

Left makes 2 knocks and changes to blue.

Bottom makes 3 knocks and changes to purple.

Right makes 4 knocks and changes to red.

Using the clue 3412 seen in the notebook at the summer house, press the diamond that produces those knocks in that order.

Click on bottom, right, top and then left. (This will open only after checking the factory door.)

Take the handle.

Attic:    Go to the attic. Look up and close at the hatch on the ceiling.

Use the handle on the hatch. Take the letter from Christina's lawyer.

Take the factory key. Exit the house.

Search the Nylon Factory:

Enter the factory:    Go to the nylon factory. Climb over the green fence.

Go forward to the orange building. Use the key taken from the envelope in the attic.

The lock is rusty. Use the lock oil taken from the locked room at the studio on the keyhole.

Er... Use the straw taken from the kitchen table at the summer house on the lock oil.

Er again... Use the scissors taken from the bathroom of the summer house on the straw to get cut straw.

Use cut straw on lock oil. Use lock oil with straw on the keyhole. Now - use the key on the keyhole.

Room 25:    Look around the factory.

Go forward and see another room under the stairs. There's a room number - 25 left of door.

Trap door:    Inside room 25, Carol says there's a trap door in the ceiling. Look up and see the trap door.

Locked red metal door:    Check the red locked metal door on the left wall.

Machinery with screw:    Check the metal machinery at right side of the room.

Climb the steps and go forward to the end of the ramp. Look right and see a large screw inside the machine. Looks familiar - like the Archimedes screw drawing.

Exit the room and climb the stairs.

Top floor:    See a locked blue metal floor at left on top of the stairs. Look around the top floor.

Go right to the farthest room. Turn left and see a cubby hole shelving by the wall. Take the rope on one of the top shelves.

Exit this room and turn left to see another entryway to a room. Before entering the room, check the open lockers on the right. Pick up the brown case from the left locker. Take a razor blade. Check the time card on the right locker.

Exit top floor, down the stairs and forward to exit door. Go forward outside and over the fence to exit right or left.

Christina's activities:

Christina's Art Studio:   

Curved lined box-chest code:   

Go to the top right side of the room. Look close at the lid of the biscuit tin on the floor with paint splattered curved lines.

Use the razor blade on the splattered paint. Note down the curved lines.

Curved lined box-chest:     Go right to the ornately carved chest.

Look close at chest. Enter the code seen on the cleaned lid of the biscuit tin.

From left to right - numbered 1-4: Click on positions 1, 4, 2 and 4.

Read the letter about staying on the loft of the Tived barn. Tived barn is now on the map.

Read Christina's note about where she thinks the icons are located. She notes that the number of stars surrounding the Blue Madonna indicates the distance in meters from Ulf's grave to where the icons are hidden. The drawing indicates the compass direction.

Click in order 1-4.

Tived Barn:      

Look around. Go forward twice and then left to the house. Turn left and read the note to Christina tacked on the barn door.

Loft:    Enter the barn. Go up the stairs.

Enter the loft and look around. Open the side table right of the bed.

Examine the drawing Christina drew of the rauks and the church ruins. These must be the places she visited when she's here.

Read the Rauk leaflet behind the drawing. Rauks and church ruins are now in the map.

Barn:    Let's look around to see what we can pick up since Carol was given permission to take anything in the barn.

Go down the stairs, turn around, forward, left to be under the stairs and enter through the door. Turn left and open the door. See that it is dark inside. Something is in the trash can.

Turn left to exit this room. Go right, left and forward to another door. Go through the door left of the white cabinet.

See a yellow bucket on the floor. Take the sponge.

Turn left to back end of room. Enter through door at left.

See an old tractor. Turn right and take the pitchfork leaning on the front of the tractor.

Turn right to go back to next room, right to other end of room, right through door and forward to the stairs.

Turn left to exit the barn. Exit the area.


Go to the Rauks.

Go forward until the path is blocked by a rauk. Go left on the path across the fire pit picnic benches.

Go forward twice and look left. Take the hook-grappling iron from the ground.

Turn around go forward until the exit.

Church ruins:   

Go to the church ruins. Enter the ruined church. Look around.

Climb the steps at the back of the church. Look down while in the balcony.

Turn around and take the compass lying on the window sill. Exit the area.

St. Lydia's Clues:

Check the trap door at the factory:

Factory:    Go back to the nylon factory. Enter the factory and enter room 25. Look up at the ceiling.

Use pitchfork taken from Tived barn to open the trap door.

In inventory combine the rope taken from one of the rooms here at the factory and the hook-grappling iron taken from the beach that has the rauks to get grappling iron attached to rope.

Use the grappling iron attached to rope on opened trap door. Climb up.

Open Christina's room at the factory:

4 keyholes door:    Go forward and see a door with 4 keyholes.

Use the key used to open the factory door (taken from the hatch at the attic).

Each keyhole makes a certain number of clicks - just like the diamond box in Christina's house: top left -1, top right - 2, bottom left - 3 and bottom right - 4.

You can try to use the code for that box on this lock but it will not work.

Turn right and take the box of matches from the floor.

Turn around and go forward to the door. Exit through the door and immediately turn right to the stairs.

This is the locked door seen earlier. Go down and exit the area.

Tived barn:    Go forward to the house and left to the barn.

Go forward and be under the stairs. Go left and through the door to the workshop.

Turn left and open the door. Remember that this is a dark room. Use the match and check the trash can.

Boxes:    Read the leaflet of the showing of Christina's boxes at the Qwarn's Art Museum.

Learn about the 4 boxes with unique locks. We already opened the Chessbox and the Factory box.

Note that the code to open the Factory box is the reverse of what she heard unlock the door at the factory.

There are 2 more boxes to find and solve.

Exit the area - turn left and through door; turn right and through the other door.

Factory:    Go back to the factory and climb the stairs.

Enter the blue door at left on top of the stairs. Go to the door with 4 keyholes.

Now that we read the clue from the leaflet from the barn; use the factory key on the 4 keyholes.

Use the key on: top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left - the reverse of the code used on the factory-diamond box.

The door opens. Look around.

Go forward to the white paper towel dispensers under the table at corner of room.

Take the paper from one of the dispenser boxes. See that it is the numerical code of a set of symbols.

Exit the factory. Outside, Christina's phone rings. Read the text message. It states information about St. Lydia's Church. The church is now on the map.

Find St. Lydia's clues:

St. Lydia's Church:    Go to the church. Look around this beautiful church.

St. Lydia information:    Go forward and check the middle free standing bulletin board on the left by the wall.

Read all 4 information papers. St. Lydia's Old Church in Gann is now in the map.

The Blue Madonna is here in the church behind the baptismal font.

Learn about Eva, last living relative of St. Lydia. Her home is now a museum in West Elodia. Displayed there also are 2 sketches that has been in their family.

Blue Madonna:    Go forward to the front of the church. Check the main altar and then go right.

Go down on the right side aisle until the Blue Madonna altar with the baptismal font in front of it.

Look close and study the icon. There are 8 stars surrounding the Blue Madonna.

St. Lydia's Old Church Ruins:    Go to the ruins at top right of the map. Look around.

Check the back room of the ruin. Take the measuring tape from the left recess on the wall.

Seamstress Eva's Home:    Go to Eva's home that is now a museum. Look around.

Work shed:    Go forward to the brown work shed ahead. Enter and see tools. There's an axe here. It cannot be taken away.

Carriage house:    Exit the work shed and turn right. Enter the barn ahead. Look around.

Main house:    Go forward to the main house.

As soon as you enter or open the door; turn either right or left for side rooms. The kitchen is ahead.

If you turned left, be at the living room.

If you turned right, be at the bedroom. At the bedroom, check the enclosed bed.

On the left part of the enclosure, see one of the drawings mentioned at the church.

It shows a compass pointing SW, the Blue Madonna with the stars and a cross.

Be sure to click on the picture for Carol to comment about it.

Now, we have the number of stars from the Madonna at the church and the compass direction from this drawing mentioned by Christina in the note inside the chest in her studio.

Alvastra Monastery Ruins:    Go to the monastery ruins.

Remember that Christina thinks the starting point of St. Lydia's hiding place is Ulf's grave.

Ulf's grave:    Turn right, forward twice and right to Ulf's grave.

Place the compass on the grave.

Then click the measuring tape on the grave-compass and Carol will automatically pace 8 meters.

Dark room:    Carol ended up in the room left of the stairs.

Look down on the ground. The floor is impenetrable. So this might not be the place.

Exit the room and get a text message on Christina's phone. Ralph mailed an extra key to Christina. Let's check that key.

Locked doors:

Christina's Home:    Go to Christina's home.

Mailbox:    Check the mailbox left of the front gate.

Take the letter and the key. So this key is the same for this house and the summer house. Good. There are several locked doors to check.

Locked door:    Enter Christina's house and climb upstairs.

On the second floor landing, turn left. Use the key on the locked door.

As soon as you enter, see another door to an unfinished room. Turn left either to the lounge chair or right to toilet.

Diary:    Turn right to see the toilet. Check the black diary on the floor. Christina followed the suspicious man to a house by the Methodist Parish house. It is now in the map.

Also see a room number (#17) in a hotel note. Take the note.

Turn the page and she mentioned losing her camera at The Eye. Click on that sentence so that Carol will note The Eye.

Turn the page again and see the note and a bank transfer written for a M. Lombard for 5000 Swedish Crowns.

Stina's Store:    Go to Stina's.

She shows the latest news about Christina's autopsy. Christina died of Digitalis overdose. Also noted is the location of The Eye.

The Eye:    Go to The Eye.

Go through the gate. Turn right and forward. Turn right and take the camera on top of the big rock.

Go back in front of the gate and this time take the other path at right. Go towards the Eye.

After passing under the Eye, turn right and forward. Turn left and pick up the bag from the ground. Open the bag and have sunglasses.

Turn around, forward, take left path and go to the other gate to exit.

Christina's Summer House:    Go to the summer house. Go forward and then left. Enter the house.

Go to the locked door just before the stairs. Use the key on the locked door.

Read the lawyer's letter on the table. Christina's brother's apartment is now in the map.

Golden Box:    See the puzzle box. It has the symbols seen in the paper from the factory. This is the one mentioned on the leaflet that has 2 keys: coded numerical system and the code that is made up of the number on the Archimedes Screw followed by the room number.

Black notebook:    Turn right and check the black notebook.

Read to learn that Christina also found the same room at the ruins we did during her search for the icons. Also she buried the 4th box - the Unopenable box same distance as the treasure but opposite direction.

Loft:    Go upstairs and look around. Check the basket on top of the cabinets across the bed. Take the battery.

The Men:

Christina's stalker:

Mysterious White House:    Go to the house mentioned in the notebook in Christina's locked room.

Try the door. Then the doorbell. Hear screaming coming from inside the house. Enter the house.

It's Bigge, the janitor singing. The house was rented. Bigge wants to be a singer.

Outside, use the cell phone and call Jonas. Jonas is at Oscar's Water Library.

Oscar Water Library:    Talk to Jonas about his recording studio, the CD Sanitarium.

Mysterious White House:    Go back to talk to Bigge. He wants a picture of the logo - name of Rawhypnols in front of the drum.

Oscar Water Library:    Talk to Jonas about access to the recording studio.

Music Studio:    Go to Music Studio.

Turn left to the door to the recording booth. There is a lock made up of colored dots which when pressed produce musical scale sounds.

Find the notes played by the lock:    Turn right and open the cabinet on far wall.

Look at the yellow paper at bottom shelf. See 4 notes.

Look at the keyboard on the left. See that the ?synthesizer at left is of a quality brand - Kavan. :)

Decode the notes:    Turn left to the sound systems table.

Check the paper on top of the ?receiver at left recess. Turn it over and see a torn music sheet with the notes labelled.

Decode the 4 notes on the yellow paper using the notes from the torn music sheet.

The notes on the yellow paper from left to right: A E G D.


Digifork:    Check the blue item on the shelf behind the monitors. It is a Digifork.

Turn on the on/off button. See the musical note to be played on the left.

Press the "sound note" button to hear what that note sounds like.

Use the up-down arrow to hear A, E, G and D.

Open the locked door:    Go to the lock of the door.

Press each colored button to hear the notes. Then deduce which notes those button represent.

Use the digifork to replay those notes for review.

Now that you know what notes the colored buttons represent; press the buttons in order to hear A, E, G and D

From left to right: Press green (3), yellow (2), purple ((5) and pink (1).

Door opens.

Picture:    Turn right and see the logo on the drum.

In inventory, see that the camera picked up from The Eye needs a battery.

Combine the camera and the battery taken from the summer house to get camera with battery.

Use the camera with battery on the logo of the drum.

Turn right and exit the booth.

Mysterious White House:    Go back to talk to the janitor. Show him the picture of the logo on the drum.

Look around the house. Go forward and enter the room at far left of the hallway.

Check the drawer of the side table left of the bed. Read the paper and learn that the hotel mentioned on Christina's note is the Sylvia Hotel. The hotel is now in the map.

Pick up the luggage tag under the side table - see M. Lombard. Click on the tag for Carol to mention the bank draft form.

Go down the hallway and the open room at left. Go down the stairs to exit.

Christina's lover:   

Sylvia Hotel:    As mentioned by the note, Christina's lover is in Sylvia Hotel. The note in the diary at Christina's house mentioned room 17, first floor.

Go down the hallway until the lounge area. Turn right and forward to a hallway.

Supplies closet:    Turn left and open the door. See that this is the supplies closet.

Take the very strong blue cleaning agent and the hotel keys from the cart. Exit.

Room 17:    Go forward and face Room 17 at end of the hallway.

Knock on the door. Check the door handle. Use the hotel keys on the lock. Enter and look around.

Check the side table beside the bed. Open the top drawer and see the Norrköping brochure and the J.U.L.I.A. postcard. <grin>

Open the bottom drawer and take the box. Carol says she needs something sharp to open the box. The box is taken. Close the drawer.

Hear someone opening the door. Turn around and go through the open window.

Christina's brother:

Christina's brother's apartment:

Go to brother's apartment.

Turn left and click the directory. He doesn't seem to live here.

Open the Golden Box:

Nylon factory:    Go to the factory.

Sylvia Hotel:    Carol wants to return the keys first. Go to Hotel. Automatically return the key to supply closet.

Go to the factory again. Go forward to room 25. We already know one clue - the room number.

Enter the room. Go forward and then right twice to face the machine with the steps at right side of the room. This is the machine that has the Archimedes screw.

Check the panel right of the steps and see that the sign is dirty.

In inventory combine the cleaning agent taken from hotel and the dry sponge taken from Tived barn.

Use the prepared kitchen sponge on the dirty orange sign on the panel. The number is 67.

Christina's Summer House:    Go to the summer house and enter the room before the steps.

Golden box:    Look close at golden box on the table.

The notebook at the summer house states:  2 keys - coded numerical system and the code that is made up by the number on the Archimedes Screw followed by the room number.

The number of the Archimedes screws is 67. The room number is 25. Enter 6725 on the box.

The box is labeled with the symbols made by Christina when she was locked in the factory room.

Study the symbol paper found in the factory's locked room and decode the 4 symbols on the box. Decoded from left to right: 7652.

We need to press 6725 - so from left to right, numbered 1-4: press symbols in positions 2, 1, 4 and 3.

Read the note inside. Olof, Christina's brother stated that his apartment is still under Lola Engstrom's name.

Click the symbols in the order 1-4 as shown in the picture.

Christina's brother's apartment:    Go to Christina's brother's apartment.

After entering turn around and look at his mail on the floor in front of the door. One of the mails mentions where Olof's parking slots are in the garage.

Turn left to the room with computer. Check the note under the mouse pad on the desk. Learn the location of Olof's parking slots.

Look around the apartment and then exit.

Christina's brother's garage:    Go to the garage.

Open the garage door #38 at right. Look around inside.

Take the gray and red tanks - cutting blowpipe from far left wall beside the shelves.

Open Christina's lover's box:

Nylon factory:    Go to factory.

Enter the factory and go to room 25. Remember the red locked door in there.

Now that you have picked up the sunglasses from The Eye - use the cutting blowpipe on the red door.

Enter and see that it is dark in here. Use the matches on the dark room.

Look around. See something on the top shelf. Use the miniature cue stick to reach that item.

Look down and pick it up. Read the note inside the wallet. It is the obituary of Christina's mother.

Take the pencil from the wallet. Exit the room.

Gerard's hotel box:   

In inventory combine the pencil and the box taken from the hotel.

Use the pencil on each of the holes and see that they change color. From left to right: white, black, yellow and red.

Remember the note at the summer house about a box made for Christina by Gerard. The clue was on the green stone found on the pink water. The stone has from left to right:  red - white - yellow - black paint.

Use pencil on: red, white, yellow, black or from left to right numbered 1-4, click on positions 4, 1, 3 and 2.

Read Gerard's note inside the box. Learn where he is working now. The Roma Theatre Ruins is in the map.

Click in order 1-4.

Roma ruins:    Go to Roma ruins. Look around.

Turn around and see a shovel propped on the left. Click on the shovel and Gerard will appear.

Talk to Gerard. Take the shovel.

Find the Stalker:

Open the unopenable box:

Alvastra Monastery Ruins:    Go to the monastery ruins.

Remember Christina wrote on the notebook at summer house that she buried the box in opposite direction from the possible location of St. Sylvia's icons.

Ulf's grave:    Turn right, forward twice and right to Ulf's grave.

Click on the grave and Carol will automatically pace to the location.

Box:    By the tree, look down. Use shovel on the ground 3 times.

Take the unopenable box.

Seamstress Eva's Home:    Go to Eva's home-museum.

Go straight and enter the work shed. Take the axe.

In inventory, combine the unopenable box and axe. Return the axe to the table.

Christina's secret:    Read the newspaper article. Learn about her connection to M. Lombard.

Michael got a good look at the woman. He lives in Avon.


Home:    Go home. Go to bedroom, turn right and pick up the suitcase by the entryway to the kitchen.

Exit and click on the plane to Avon on the map.

Enter the apartment:   

Enter through the covered walkway. Turn right and try the door. See that there's a code lock - lockboomer.

Continue to the left and look around.

See a garbage pile by the wall. Take the white paper at the middle of the pile.

Read the paper - 2668.

Turn around and go back to the covered walkway the code lock. Press 2668.

Read the note on the door.

Studio:    Turn around and enter the studio. Go left to the next room. Michael is also an artist.

Search the first room. On the small table left of the window, check the prescription for Digitalis.

Turn around and take the can of black paint above of the shelf with the coffee maker.

Go to the main studio room. Look around.

Take the screwdriver from the yellow cubby hole shelving by left wall. Read the newspaper article about Michael.

Michael:    Michael arrives. Talk to Michael.

In inventory combine the paint can and the screwdriver to get opened paint can.

Use the opened paint can on Michael.

Learn what happened to Michael.

Find the treasure:

Alvastra Monastery Ruins:    Go to the herb garden of the ruins via right, forward, left and forward to herb garden at right.

Information sign:    Let's study this information about the herb garden.

The GameBoomers sign is "stuck".

Use the screwdriver on the screws holding the plastic over the paper.

Read the information. Click on it for Carol to note that it is not in meters but in yards.

Ulf's grave:    Go back to Ulf's grave.

Click on the measuring tape on grave and Carol will automatically pace to the location.

Icons:    Look down and use the shovel on the ground.

Check the 2 icons.

Carol summarizes the case.

She will take her ad off the newspaper for a week because of the heat.

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