Note that Nico runs past the left side of Temple, so you need to follow her. Compared to what you had to do in the Church, this one should be a piece of cake!

01) Getting from A to B can be done while the guard and his dog are at either end of their patrol
02) Before going to C wait for the guard and the dog to move from the left end towards the right
03) Only start running when both the guard and the dog are past point D
04) Run to point C and continue straight ahead round the left of the Temple
Look for an exposed area of stonework behind the Temple, near where Nico is waiting. You no longer have your trusty metal rod, but the car jack handle serves as an adequate replacement tool to prise open the blocks.


The first test set by Anubis, guardian of the Temple, is extremely easy - simply insert the alphabet stones into the circular door and it opens.
Your second test is nothing more than a spruced up version of the old 'Fox - Duck - Corn' riddle. You must get Horus to ferry the Killer, the Brother and the Witness across the river without leaving either the Brother and the Killer, or the Killer and the Witness, alone out of his presence. This must be done in seven crossings. Listen to what Anubis says at the end, he gives you a vital clue needed later.


01) Horus takes the KILLER across (The BROTHER and the WITNESS are left behind)
02) Horus returns empty-handed
03) Horus takes the BROTHER across (The WITNESS and the KILLER are at opposite ends)
04) Horus brings the KILLER back (The WITNESS and the BROTHER are at opposite ends)
05) Horus takes the WITNESS across (The KILLER and the BROTHER are at opposite ends)
06) Horus returns empty handed (The BROTHER and the WITNESS are both across)
07) Horus takes the KILLER across


During the cut scene (after being seen by Susarro) you must press the 'S' key to overpower Flap and to disarm Susarro. I suggest keeping the 'S' key down to avoid having to act quickly when the hotspots are activated.
After the Grand Master and Petra leave, you need to find a way out. Go up the stairs and turn to George's right to find the bomb. Again, keep the 'S' key down when approaching the bomb to avoid having to act quickly when the hotspot is activated.
You should've taken the Key of Solomon out of the control unit. Fortunately, if you forgot to take it earlier, this happens automatically as soon as you start moving.
Just in case you were suffering 'crate' withdrawal symptoms you find two more crates to move around. The only way out the Armillary chamber is over the wall in the corner behind the control unit. To reach the top of the wall you have to move a crate next to it.

01) Move the bottom crate to position 1
02) Fetch the top crate (from the direction indicated by the arrow) and move it to position 2
03) Push the top crate (over the bottom one) to position 3
04) Move the top crate, around the right side of the control unit, to position 4
05) Move the bottom crate to position 5
06) Push the top crate (over the bottom one) to position 6
07) Move the top crate to position 7 (next to the wall)


Do you remember Anubis' final words?

"...deceit, improbity or malfeasance are prohibited...
...They will be punishable by death.
...And his associates shall be ejected from this place..."

The good news is that cheating is obviously the way out, but the bad news is that whoever cheats must die. All you must do is figure out how to cheat. ...and don't claim that cheating is beneath you - why else would you be using a walkthrough!
The control panel you used to send Horus back and forth across the river will have a hotspot on the button near the bottom of the base. Pressing this button is tantamount to cheating!
To view one of the best visual effects in the game walk through the Anubis hologram.

At this point George and Nico go to Glastonbury


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