Enter the Cosmic Faerie store. Ask Tristram Hillage, the proprietor, about the Glastonbury postcard to activate the Bruno dialog topic. Discuss the Bruno and sounds topics with him to discover that someone's upstairs. The doorway in the left corner (marked 'Private') leads upstairs - but Tristram won't let you go there.
Talk to Eamon O'Mara (outside The Yeoman's Arms pub) to learn he's researching for a BBC program and that he's a poet. Take note of the door in the alley next to the pub.
Make your way across the road to Zazies Kiosk. When you ask Madam Zazie about the Glastonbury postcard, she first wants you to 'cross her palm with silver'. Note that you must have spoken to Tristram Hillage about the postcard to get this response.
The guy pounding the pavements is Colonel Butley. Although not really necessary, talk to him about himself to learn he's in Glastonbury to look for his daughter, Melissa.
Return to the Cosmic Faerie. Look at the book on the counter to learn that it's a collection of poems 'written' by Tristram. Note the three silver coins embedded in the cover. After reading one of the poems (use the 'S' key on the hotspot) the poetry book dialog topic will be activated with Tristram. Discuss the book with him to suggest that Eamon O'Mara may be able to promote it on his TV program. He agrees and gives you a copy of the book.

Use the metal rod to remove the silver coins from the book (in your inventory) and return to Zazies Kiosk.
Give Madam Zazie one of the silver coins (select the appropriate dialog topic) to re-activate the postcard topic. Ask her about the postcard again. She tells you Bruno is in danger, but she needs something more personal to get a better reading.
Go to Eamon O'Mara and talk to him about Tristram. Repeat the Tristram dialog topic until O'Mara tells you the poetry is all plagiarized. He dashes off to confront Tristram, with you in close tow.
While O'Mara is venting his anger, you get an opportunity to sneak through the open doorway leading upstairs. Talk to Melissa about Colonel Butley (her father) to activate the Tristram topic. Select the Tristram topic to find out Melissa is not a dumb blonde - she wrote her thesis on Irish poets and knew the poems were plagiarized.
Talk to Tristram and offer to trade your 'silence' about Melissa for Bruno's boxer shorts.
Again return to Madam Zazie. When you ask her about the boxer shorts (and hand over another silver coin) she has a vision of Bruno being killed in a fire.
To get to the fire first try opening the door in the alley next to The Yeoman's Arms by yourself, then ask O'Mara for his help. Note the opening high up in the barn where the fire is. Once again you need to manipulate crates to reach the opening.




Move 1 to behind 4

Push 2 on top of 1

Move 3 to behind 1

Climb onto 4

Push 2 on top of 3

Climb onto the top crate (2 in the graphic) and then through the opening. Untie Bruno and he'll follow you back out the opening to safety.
Speak to Bruno and get some detailed background information and storyline.

At this point the game switches to Nico in her apartment in Paris


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