Unfortunately the road at the end of the town leading to the Tor has been closed off. However, out the corner of your eye you spot some crates through the gate to the building on the right. Take note of the crevice in the wall on the extreme left. Your final crate puzzle is arranging them so you can get to the crevice!

01) Move crate 3 to position D
02) Move crate 2 to position A
03) Move crate 4 to position B
04) Pull crate 1 on top of crate 2 (position A)
05) Move crate 4 from position B to position C
06) Move crate 5 next to crate 3, i.e. to the left of position D
07) Move crate 1 from the top of position A to the top of crate 5 (left of position D)
08) Move crate 3 from position D to where crate 5 was initially
09) Move crate 2 out of the way, i.e. to the right of position A
10) Move crate 4 from position C to position E
11) Push crate 1 on top of crate 4 (at position E)
12) Push crate 1 from the top of crate 4 to the top of crate 3 (crate 5 was initially)
13) Push crate 6 on top of crate 1, i.e. next to the wall below the crevice


Insert the Key of Solomon into the impression on the stone plinth, remove the sword and prepare to do battle!
From the edge of the crevice your very first move should be to behind the broken wall on the far right. However, if you do absolutely nothing you die a good few times, but eventually get there automatically. Although this is probably the most difficult timed sequence in the game, it does seem to get slightly easier each time you fail. So don't give up too quickly, keep trying!
Getting to the dragon (and slaying it) should be done in two stages, starting from behind the right wall. Also, all your movements must be done with the <SHIFT> key held down.


01) From behind the wall (position 1) run towards the dragon
02) When you get to approximately position 2 the dragon releases a fireball
03) As soon as the fireball is released immediately run to the right (position 3)
04) Note that most times the dragon releases two fireballs in quick succession
05) As soon as the second fireball whizzes past you, run straight to the left (position 4)
06) From position 4 head directly to behind the left wall
07) Stop to take a breather!


01) From behind the wall (position 1) run straight towards the dragon
02) If the dragon releases a fireball, immediately run to the left (position 2)
03) From position 2 run along the left edge of the ravine towards the dragon
04) When you get close enough a hotspot on the dragon is activated
05) Hit the 'S' key for the very last time in the game!
06) Note that if the dragon does not release a fireball run straight at it from position 1