Study the scaffolding very closely to see a length of rope tied to it.

Climb onto the lower level of the scaffolding at the far end. Use the ladder to get to the top level and make your way all the way round. Before you can get to the opposite end the toilet attendant chases you off.
Talk to the toilet attendant about the urinals, telling her that from above you saw that they weren't clean. When she goes to inspect the urinals, climb the scaffolding again. Without her watching, you can get to the opposite end. From there drop down to the lower level and retrieve the length of rope. Return to the opposite end to climb back up to the top level. The attendant again chases you - but you have the rope!


There's a sewer key in the bag next to the manhole. Switch off the compressor to distract Flobbage, then take the sewer key while he's not looking. Attach the length of rope to the sewer key (in your inventory) - then insert the key in the manhole and tie the rope to the truck. When you talk to Flobbage about Alphonse you learn that he (Alphonse) has a fear of earthquakes. Speak to Alphonse and he drives off, pulling off the manhole cover.


Go down the manhole to the catacombs. Walk across the plank and look for the recess in the wall with a skull. Examine the skull to see that its mouth is out of proportion. Insert the stone symbol (that you grabbed from the assailant outside the theatre) into the skull to open the recess.
Continue along the passage to where it branches off to the right. Take the right branch and you come to a pool of dry blood. At the point where the passage splits, go left. This eventually leads to the kitchen. Before you get to the kitchen there are entrances left, to a locker room and right, to the guard room.
Although you cannot enter the kitchen, you must go there to see the guard inside. After seeing him go into the guard room. Search the dead body behind the door to get the old iron key. Examine the door to learn it's strong enough to withstand a wild bull and if you try the iron key you know it fits the lock. The 10 second timer is the only thing that still works on the broken microwave.


Setting off the microwave's timer is an ideal way to get the guard into the room. All you then have to do is lock the door. Easier said than done! After setting the timer you must immediately run into the locker room opposite the guard room to hide. This is one of the more difficult timed sequences in the game. First make sure that the 'iron key' icon is ready to use when you open your inventory. After setting the timer immediately press and hold the <SHIFT> and ↑ keys so George starts running towards the door as soon as possible. It may be necessary to touch the ← key once during his run to ensure he goes through. The moment he's through the door, release the ↑ key and hold down the ← key to get George into the locker room. Again it might be necessary to slightly alter his course by touching the ↓ key.
When the guard is inside, head straight for the door and close it. Immediately open your inventory and use the iron key to lock the door. Note that you don't need to use the <SHIFT> key when doing this.


The tunnel from the kitchen leads to the wine cellar. Follow the trail of blood to a wine rack at the far end of the cellar. Each of the 5 bottles of wine can be partially pulled out. To access the secret passage behind the wine rack the bottles must be pulled out in a fixed order. Examine the bottles noting the type and place of origin. Do these names sound familiar? Where have you heard them mentioned previously?

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You find the assailant (from outside the theatre) in the secret passage. In his dying breath he tells you that the Key of Solomon must be found and that you must 'look for the statue'.
 The door inside the robe room leads into the Church.


Pay close attention during the opening cut scene - it shows the door you need to get to on the other side of the Church. Also note the pulpit near to where you entered.
To get to the other door you have to avoid being spotted by the guard. You must try stay in the shadows, keep behind objects and only move when he's faces (or walks) in the opposite direction. Take note of his patrol route as he repeats it the whole time. There are three separate stages to getting to the door.


01) Stand close to the wall as far forward as possible (see GEORGE in DIAGRAM 1)
02) Wait for the guard to face away from you (see GUARD in DIAGRAM 1)
03) Move in the direction of the arrow (past the pulpit) and hide behind the pillar
04) Now wait, standing right up against the pillar and not too far forward (see DIAGRAM 2)


05) Stand right up against the pillar and not too far forward (see DIAGRAM 2)
06) Wait for the guard to move in the direction of the arrow
07) Your next move is to run and hide behind the screen at the back of the coffin
      Note: Ensure that the guard remains ahead of you the whole way
08) Now wait behind the screen (see DIAGRAM 3)
Before going behind the screen you can check out the pulpit. Slowly move back around the pillar until the pulpit is visible, then step inside. Note that you cannot be seen by the guard when inside the pulpit.


09) Wait for the guard to start moving in the direction of the arrow
10) Walk to the rear wall and then move along the wall (in the shadows) to point A
      Note: Try ensure that the screen is always between you and the guard
11) From point A run in the direction of the arrow (always staying in the shadows)
12) When the other door is visible, head straight towards it
13) As long as this is done while the guard is at the opposite end, he cannot see you
Inside the room through the door are three statues and a broken clock. Examine the middle statue and find the brass plaque on its plinth. Read the plaque to learn that the statue depicts St. Stefan and contains a reference to the Book of Revelations in the bible. If you checked out the pulpit before coming here then you'll know where to find a bible! Unfortunately the reference needed in the bible is only activated after reading the plaque, so you have to go back to the pulpit to read the bible.
Although the time on the broken clock can be changed, both options presently available are incorrect.

How to get to the pulpit:



01) Stand close to the wall as far forward as possible (see GEORGE in DIAGRAM 4)
02) While the guard is facing away walk to the area indicated by the arrow (see DIAGRAM 4)
03) Wait for the guard to move in the direction of the arrow
04) Run to the rear wall, then behind the screen, staying in the shadows (see DIAGRAM 3)
05) Wait for the guard to be in the same place as in DIAGRAM 2
06) When the guard moves in the direction of the arrow get ready to move (see DIAGRAM 2)
07) Go straight to the pillar and hide behind it (see GEORGE in DIAGRAM 2)
08) Slowly move back around the pillar until the pulpit is visible, then step inside
      Note: You cannot be seen by the guard when inside the pulpit
When inside the pulpit, read the relevant bible quotation in Revelations, i.e. Chapter 1 verse 3.
To get back to the room through the door use the same movements as detailed above.
Set the time on the broken clock to the numbers in the bible (Chapter 1, verse 3) and the middle statue swivels open, revealing an entrance into the secret Templar base. The Preceptor of the Temple gives you the Psi Stone and, for good measure, a knighthood. You go to Vernon's apartment.


When in Vernon's apartment, talk to Nico about Egypt and she shows you the satellite map of Egypt. The Nile Delta resembles the symbol on the Psi Stone, so select the stone from your inventory. Similarly, the river bend resembles the symbol on the Omega Stone, so that stone is next. Finally, the arrangement of the ruins almost looks like the Alpha Stone's symbol, so select that stone to find the exact location.

At this point George and Nico head off to Egypt


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