Before trying to enter the castle grounds examine the other gate to the right, noting that it opens with a remote control. Return to the main door and press the button on the wall. The guard opens, but won't want to help you. Talk to Nico about the button to suggest that she distract the guard and allow you to sneak in.
Hide behind the wall on the left before the guard opens the door. While the guard is talking to Nico, sneak past him. Note that you must crouch (press the <CTRL> key down) while doing this.



As a general hint always keep to the shadows or behind an object to avoid being spotted by the guards or their dogs. Watch the movement of the guards carefully - they repeat their same patrols.
After entering the main door, keep to the shadows along the left wall. Take note of the two guards patrolling the castle entrance. You cannot get past them by going straight so you climb over the left wall to a small enclosed area. From this area again climb over the left wall.
You should now be to the left of the castle entrance. From here steps leading up to a courtyard are visible, and you can monitor the movement of the guard patrolling the left side of the entrance. When the guard and his dog are at the entrance you can get to the steps and into the courtyard.

Turn to the left in the courtyard and make your way around the side wall to avoid the large spotlight beam. Look inside the trash cans and take the piece of string (not needed in the game), a half-eaten burger and aluminium foil (also not needed in the game). Continue along the edge of the courtyard until you get to a smaller courtyard with a number of crates. Arrange the crates so that you can climb over the wall to the right.

On the other side turn right and walk to the wall at the end. Climb the wall and make your way along the ledge. You pass over the castle entrance to the opposite side. Drop down into a small area behind the guard. Crouch to avoid being detected by the dog and go down a few small steps to the left.
From here you must cross an open area patrolled by a guard to get to another area filled with crates. This must be done in crouch mode, so your timing needs to be perfect. Wait at the archway until the guard starts walking from left to right. Immediately cross the open area - being in crouch mode you should remain behind him all the way and avoid being detected.

Once again your 'crate re-arranging' skills come into play. Manipulate the crates so that one of them is against the left wall. Climb onto that crate and over the wall.

Yet another guard! Fortunately there's a large metal container that prevents him from seeing you. Before you can get past this guard you have to distract the dog in the fenced area. Approach the dog slowly until a hotspot is visible, then give the half-eaten burger to the dog. Your next step is to get the guard to face toward the dog, if he's not already doing so. Again walk slowly towards him (without letting him see you) until he's facing the right way. Now walk (in crouch mode) behind the metal container toward the top of the screen. Continue beyond the container, turn right and sneak across to the car park. Note that you must remain in crouch mode all the way.


On entering the car park turn to the right and make your way around the perimeter, staying close to the wall to avoid being seen by the guards. Nico is waiting at the gate and tells you that it opens with a remote control.
Continue (past the gate) to the small tin shed with two gates. Through the gates you see a door at the opposite end, which has been jammed shut with a handle. The gates can be opened by pressing the button on the side, but they close as soon as the button is released.
Keep going along the perimeter wall until you get to a jeep. Take the remote control from the jeep's cubby hole. Take note that the jeep has been jacked up, but the release handle for the car jack is missing. Go back to the main gate, open it with the remote control and let Nico inside.
Return to the small tin shed. Select the Nico Collard icon (in your inventory) to get her to press the button while you enter and remove the car jack handle from the door at the opposite end. There's also a piece of coal lying on the ground, but it's not needed in the game. Listen carefully to George's thoughts when examining the piece of coal - shades of Broken Sword II, The Smoking Mirror.
Go back to the jeep, insert the handle into the car jack and lower the jeep. You need to push the jeep closer to the wall, but it won't budge. Have you ever tried pushing a vehicle while the handbrake is on? Examine the jeep again to find the handbrake and release it. Now push the jeep towards the wall, climb onto the bonnet and then up onto the lower part of the roof.
Take note of the drainpipe going up to the main part of the roof. Climb up the drainpipe and onto the roof.

At this point the game switches to control of Nico...

Pick up the drainpipe bracket that fell to the ground. George used the jeep's bonnet to reach the top of the wall, so perhaps you can use the same tactic. Go to the sedan parked around the corner from the jeep and climb up onto it's bonnet. Use the drainpipe bracket to force the window open and enter a storage room inside castle.


You overhear the guards talking about Petra and learn that they know she has short blonde hair, but have never actually met her. She impersonated you in Paris, so perhaps you can turn the tables on her in Prague!

Click the icon below to view a map of the castle.


Go to the kitchen. Take note of the bottle of industrial bleach on a shelf on the wall. Examine the vegetables on the counter to learn that they've been badly sliced - this activates the vegetables dialog topic with the chef. Talk to the chef about the vegetables and he tells you his knives are blunt, but he has nothing to sharpen them with.
Make your way up the rear staircase to Petra's room. For the moment all you need do is open the trunk behind the screen. After taking the brown wig from the trunk examine the trunk again to learn that it seems smaller on the inside. When you try opening the secret compartment in the trunk the button will be too small to press with your fingers. Use the pencil to press the button and open the hidden compartment. Take the grind stone out of the hidden compartment.
Return to the kitchen and give the grind stone to the chef. While he's sharpening his knives you can remove the bottle of industrial bleach from the shelf.
Once again go to Petra's room. Open the luggage case in front of the bed and take the hairdryer. Did you note that the room has a bathroom en-suite? Put the brown wig in the basin and then pour the industrial bleach over it to remove the brown colouring. Use the hairdryer to dry the wig and your Petra disguise is ready to wear.

At this point the game switches to George on the roof...



There are two sets of stairs leading up from the narrow alley. Although you can reach the one set, you need to get to the others. Fortunately there's a crate nearby that can be moved to below the stairs. Climb up the stairs to a locked door. From here a wide ledge is accessible to the left and right. Both ledges have a stone gargoyle that prevents you getting round to the rear of the building. However, if you examine the one to the right you see that it's damaged and unstable, so it can be pushed out of the way. Make your way along the ledge to the rear of the building. Where the ledge narrows you need to hug the wall in order to continue. While walking along the ledge a lit up balcony will be visible below. When directly above the balcony, climb down and drop onto another ledge on top of the balcony. Grab the metal beam and climb across to another building on the right.
Climb through the open window into a tiny store room. Take note of the oil lamp hanging on the wall. If you turn the knob oil drips out from the lamp. You have to turn the knob again to stop the oil dripping. Another window is barely visible behind the crates on the raised platform.

To get through the second window the crates in front of it must be moved.

Push 1 on top of 3

Move 2 to the right of 4

Pull 1 on top of 4

Pull 3 out of the way

Climb through the window onto a walkway.
The walkway eventually leads to an open area. As you enter the narrow alley directly ahead, a rusted drainpipe is visible. Examine the drainpipe and take the tin cup. In the open area you also find an iron grate covering a pit leading into the castle. Try lifting the grate to learn that the hinges are badly rusted. Nothing that a few drops of oil couldn't fix!
Return to the tiny store room where the oil lamp is. Turn the knob and fill the tin cup with oil. After turning off the oil head back to the grate in the open area. Pour the oil onto the rusted hinges and then lift the grate.

At this point the game again switches to Nico, disguised as Petra...



Try using the card reader (by pressing the 'S' key) on the security door next to the security desk. Note that the hotspot must be on the blinking red light. This activates the security door dialog topic with the guard sitting at the desk. Talk to the guard about the security door to learn that the security sergeant (patrolling the perimeter) has a security card for you.
Leave through the front door, turn to your left and enter the open area. Go past the stone structure (either left or right of it) to find the security sergeant. Talk to him and get an un-validated security card.
Go back inside the castle and into the computer room. Ask the technician to validate your card, pick it up from the desk and then use it on the card reader to open the security door.
Make your way along the underground corridors and pick up the fire extinguisher as a weapon...

At this point the game switches to George in the laundry room...



You need to find a way through the blue door. The old trolley is not heavy enough to have an effect on the door. If you do try pushing it through the blue door you must return it to where it originally was. Move the old washing machine in the corner onto the trolley and then push the loaded trolley through the door.



Click the icon below to view a map of the underground corridors.


Make your way through the underground corridors to where you get whacked by a fire extinguisher...
Select the Nico Collard icon from your inventory to get her to unlock the door to the change room. Take a guard uniform from the cupboard. One of the guards will now open the guarded door to let you through. The office door is locked, but you can get into the cell next to it.
Take note of the air vent grille high up on the wall. No prizes for guessing how to reach the grille!


Bring 3, 4 and 5 from the opposite end of the cell

Move 1 on top of 4

Move 3 between 5 and the wall

Push 1 on top of 3

Climb up to the grille to hear (and see) what's going on in the office. You learn that the St. Stefan chapter of the Knights Templar have the Key of Solomon. After everyone leaves the office, you need to unscrew the grille and gain access into the office. Have you ever needed to unscrew something and been without a screwdriver? If the grooves are wide enough a coin works perfectly! You unscrew the grille with the coin, but cannot fit through the hole. Select the Nico Collard icon to get her to climb through and open the door from the inside.
Examine Susarro's desk inside his office to activate a hidden button under the edge. Press this button to reveal a secret exit in the bookcase.


From Prague you first go to Nico's apartment in Paris. Listen very carefully when André relates the story about the knight, St. Stefan. The details of the story are required later in the game and a paraphrased version can be found in the notebook (in your inventory) for reference.

At this point in the game George goes to Montfaucon


Click the icon below to follow the game sequence