There is no direct access to the Theatre so an alternate means of entry must be found. Go around the block to the rear of the Theatre. Note the scaffolding in front of the building across the road. Look inside the E-Type Jag (at the end of the road) to see the theatrical mask on the seat - an indication that you're on the right track.


At the section where the scaffolding has no cage wire climb up to the first level.
Climb up the red ladder to the second level
Go left at the top of the ladder, round the corner and then climb up to the third level
Don't walk along the scaffolding - just climb up to the fourth level
Go round the corner (to the main part of the scaffolding) and drop down to the third level
Continue to the right to another ladder and climb up two levels to the fifth level
Climb up to the sixth level
Untie the top of the billboard (it's loosely tied with a piece of string)
Retrace your steps to return to the top of the red ladder on the second level
Jump across the 'missing' piece (just past the red ladder)
Continue all the way to the right, then turn around and climb up to the third level
Go left to the wooden crate
Pull the crate three times to the right
Get onto the crate, face to the right and climb up to the fourth level
The bottom of the billboard is secured with metal clips
Loosen the clips and the billboard topples over - forming a bridge across to the Theatre


To get into the theatre climb up the ladder, go left along the ledge, climb down the next ladder and then through the door. Make your way down the stairwell and to the foyer. Although you manage to hide behind the popcorn counter when Susarro enters, you'll be caught thanks to that darn paper cup!

At this point the game switches to George arriving outside the Theatre...



Walk across the road and enter the yard next to the book repository through the large open archway. There are two recycling dumpsters In the far right corner. Note that the lid of the larger one is open, but cannot be closed from the ground. Move the crate (left of the dumpsters) into the extreme right corner, climb on it and then close the lid. You can now climb onto the large dumpster, unlatch the window and enter the book repository.


The window leads to a smallish room with boxes of books. Exit through the door to a larger room with books on shelves. Another door leads into a store room. Move the crate on the opposite side of the store room (crate 1 in the graphic below) into the gap between crates 3 and 4. You can now move crate 2 (previously on top of 3) onto crate 1. Switch on the light and note the scratches on the floor below crate 1.
To access the scratches move crate 3 to the left of crate 4, pull crate 2 onto crate 4 and then pull crate 1 out of the way. This reveals a trapdoor which leads down to an underground passage.

At the end of the passage climb up two ladders to enter the theatre. Take your seat in the audience and watch.


To get backstage without being seen by Flap, move forward along the extreme right wall. Climb up the ladder to get to the gangways above. Pull the rope to lower the lighting rig to within reach. Grab the lighting rig and make your way across to the left. This had me stumped for a while as you must actually use the ↑ arrow to move left.
Push one of the sandbags down onto the stage. When Flap turns round to look, knock him out by immediately pushing the second sandbag down.

Click the icon below to view the theatre map.




After untying Nico touch any of the three stage lights, noting how hot it is. Also note the trapdoor in the middle of the stage.
Exit the stage at the rear left and go down the stairs to the first level below. Inside the room with the wire mesh (the cage room on the map) is a lift which leads up through the trapdoor to the stage. It's not necessary to use the lift at this time, just remember it for later in the game. Take a stick of theatrical grease paint from the top of the crate near the second entrance.
Go to the dressing room and examine the safe under the table. You'll see that the rotting floor is buckling under the weight of the safe.
Make your way through the door down to the next (second) level and enter the store room. The support strut is wedged between the floor and ceiling and seems to be holding up the safe in the dressing room above. It's not possible to move the strut because of the friction from the floor. The grease paint is too old and hard to use and you need a liquid lubricant.
Return to the stage and try melting the stick of theatrical grease paint on one of the stage lights. Unfortunately you need a container of sorts to do this. Do you recall seeing a container somewhere in the theatre? The paper cup on the floor behind the popcorn counter would make an ideal container. Fetch the paper cup, put the stick of theatrical grease paint into it (in your inventory) and then use one of the stage lights to melt the grease paint.
Go to the store room and apply the melted grease paint to the support strut. Although it's now loose enough to move, you can't do it on your own. Select 'Nico Collard' from your inventory to get her help to move the support strut. Now that the safe is open, take the crystal covered artefact and security swipe card.


Make your way to the sealed door next to the dead body. Use the swipe card on the card reader (to the right of the door) to open the elevator. Continue along the underground passage to the cavern. Take note of the elevator shaft on the left side of the bridge. Go to the column of energy in the centre and take the Omega Stone.
When you make your way back to the underground passage Susarro and Petra come up in the elevator. There are two timed sequences to avoid being killed by Petra. 
First, you need to hide (by hanging on the near side ledge of the bridge) when they arrive in the elevator. This is done by moving to the near side quickly (press the <SHIFT> and ↓ keys simultaneously) and then the 'A' key to climb down as soon as it appears. I suggest that you start pressing the <SHIFT> and ↓ keys before George can actually move and then concentrate on watching for the 'A' key to appear.
Now move to the left while holding on to the ledge until you're next to Nico. This part is not timed, so there's no rush. When you get next to Nico stop and prepare for your next move. You must climb back up onto the bridge (using the 'W' key) and then run all the way along the underground passage to the elevator - not easy to do!
Press the 'W' key to climb up onto the bridge. After Petra's gun misfires, start holding the <SHIFT> and ↓ keys down simultaneously. While running along the passage, touch the ← or → keys to avoid bumping into the side walls. Note that you must keep the <SHIFT> and ↓ keys pressed the whole time.
After having successfully escaped being shot by Petra, you need to find a way to jam the elevator door. It's not logical, but the bottle opener must be used to do this.


The stairs leading up to the stage are being guarded, so you must find an alternate route. Go back to the cage room and get into the elevator. Press the button on the left and the elevator takes you through the trapdoor and onto the stage. Climb down the front of the stage and go to the ladder that leads to outside the theatre.
Getting attacked brings good news and bad news. The good news is that you grab the stone cylinder from your assailant - the bad news is that he gets away with the crystal covered artefact.
You eventually come round in Nico's apartment. Select all the dialog topics, after which George and Nico go to the Congo together.

At this point in the game George and Nico head off to the Congo


Click the icon to follow the game sequence






After escaping from the Congo and returning to Nico's apartment, Nico goes back to the Theatre to try and find a clue (inside the office) to the location in Prague.
The office is through the door you heard screams and gunshots coming from. Unfortunately the door leading to the second (lower) level is now locked, so you need to find an alternate way of getting down to this level. Go to the dressing room and climb down the hole where the safe was. This gets you into the store room, from where you can make your way to the office.
Take note of the hotspot on the vase (on the left pedestal) at the doorway leading from the reception area to the actual office. When Flap attacks you, press the 'S' key as soon as it becomes visible. After knocking out Flap enter the office and examine the security report on the desk to find a photo of a castle in Prague.

At this point the game switches to George and Nico arriving in Prague


Click the icon to follow the game sequence