By Double Fine

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   March 2014


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

Main Menu has continue, new game, load game and options selections.

Options have selections for controls (key remapping, interaction style and mouse sensitivity), volume adjustments (for music, voice and effects) and subtitles (on and languages).

Choice of fullscreen, letterbox mode and telemetry are also seen. Credits are at bottom right.

The default game keys are left mouse button for interact, ESC key for pause, right mouse button for inventory and space bar for skip cutscene.

Interaction style can be drag or click.


ESC key during gameplay will also show the in game menu at top of the page.

In game menu has resume game, subtitles, volume, controls, manual save and save and exit.

To change character, open inventory using the right mouse button or move the cursor to bottom right. Select or click on the character icon at bottom right of the frame.

In Win7 the saved game folder is in C:\Users\computer name\Documents \BrokenAge\saves folder.

There are 7 manual saved game slots and one autosave slot. Saves can be overwritten.

To start a new game, click on any frame in the load page.


You can start the game playing either Vella or Shay.



Go home:

Select Vella on the left. Wake Vella up by clicking anywhere.

Hear Vella's sister call her. Go down to talk to sister.

Follow her home by clicking on the house with the smoking chimney.

Enter the dark house. Walk to the right to be in the surprise party prepared for Vella. Mother lost the special knife.

Maiden's Feast party:

Talk to father, sister and Levina Clench by the cake.

Learn from Levina about the Maiden's Feast and Mog Chothra. Learn that Mog Chothra has already eaten a girl in Meriloft.

Levina thinks it's an honor to be chosen and does not want to hear about killing Mog Chothra.

Talk to Grandpa Brommel Beastender. He wants to fight Mog Chothra. They were once a town of warriors.

Talk to mother who is looking for the knife.

Find the knife:

Take the purple towel at bottom of screen. Take a cupcake.

Give the cupcake to Grandpa Beastender. If drag gameplay is selected; open inventory at bottom left. Click-hold-drag the cupcake to Grandpa.

Split it with you? Grandpa uses the missing knife and throws it on the table. Take the knife from the table.

Give the knife to mother.

Sacrificial maidens:

See the 5 sacrificial maidens facing the water. Vella is at the center wearing her Up for Grabs pink cake outfit.

Talk to the other maidens. From left to right: talk to green Delish girl with flower, yellow Fun Size girl with drumstick, purple Drink Me girl with water bottle and red Hot Stuff girl with lit candles.

See a bird that hovers above Fun Size wanting her drumstick.

After talking to the other girls that wants to be the meal of the day, Levina toots her horn to call Mog Chothra.

Escape being a sacrifice:

Mog Chotra rises from the water and eats red Hot Stuff girl with lit candles.

Ask purple Drink Me girl for a drink from her water bottle. She wants Vella's corset in trade. Vella gives the corset but purple girl returns it because it is too big for her. She gets her water bottle back.

The green Delish girl is now eaten by Mog Chothra.

Ask purple Drink Me girl again for her water bottle. Vella gets the water bottle but purple girl is now eaten.

Ask yellow Fun Size girl to a trade for a bite of her drumstick. Whaddya got? How about something bubbly to wash it down?

Yellow Fun Size girl with drumstick sprays herself with the water bottle. Wanna trade something for a bite of that drumstick?

Need a towel? Vella gives her the towel.

Yellow Fun Size girl throws the drumstick to Vella. The drumstick gets stuck in Vella's cake skirt. 

Yellow Fun Size girl gets eaten.

The hovering bird tries to get the drumstick from Vella's skirt.

Use the corset on the bird to catch it.

Vella is stuck in the cake stand. Use the knife to cut herself free from the cake skirt.

Vella flies away, kicks free of Mog Chothra and escapes being eaten.


Vella climbs on top of the bird and flies up in the clouds. They are met by other birds. See a town in the clouds.

Vella falls and loses the knife.

Jessie the blue bird lands and sees the golden egg in her nest. Vella drops in Jessie's nest.

Get cloud shoes:

Jessie the blue bird throws Vella out of her nest.

Walt'r and Ch't:    Talk to Walt'r and Ch't. Learn that they are preeners; those that takes care of the nests.

Learn that the next sacrifice is in Shellmound. Meriloft had their sacrifice yesterday.

Learn that Jessie the blue oligull lost one of her eggs. Gus took Jessie's eggs. Brother Lightbeard is the guru.

They float in the clouds because of area/buoyancy - pounds per square inch.

Get the knife:

Car'l at Cloud Shoes:    Go right to the hut. Talk to Car'l. Surprised, Car'l drops her knife through the clouds.

Walt'r and Ch't are her husband and son. Learn how they got here. M'ggie is her daughter.

Learn that cloud shoes keeps them from sinking through the clouds. Choose Area.

M'ggie:    Go down from hut. Take the path to the right screen.

Be sure to stay on the path. If you fall off you get rescued by purple bird and brought back where you fell off.

Talk to the girl in feathers cleaning eggs. She is C'rol and Walt'r's daughter.

Borrow her ladder. Learn about the feathrvator and the golden eggs (egg substitutes).

Knife:    See the knife on the big nest at top right of the screen See a golden egg at a far nest in the middle.

Go right to the nest with the knife.

Use the borrowed ladder on the nest. Take mom's ceremonial knife.

Car'l:    Go down and go left back to the left screen.

Go to to Car'l at Cloud shoes. Give the knife to Car'l.

Car'l gives big cloud shoes. They are too big.

Maiden Feast sacrifice:    Go down from Car'l and take the ladder going down at center of the clouds.

Talk to the rejected maiden feast sacrifice sitting on a swing.

Get cloud shoes that fits. Talk to her completely.

Click the bird cloud shoes on Vella. Now she's wearing cloud shoes.

Climb back up to the clouds above.

Recover Jessie's egg:   

Jessie:    Go to Jessie's nest. Use the ladder on her nest. Climb up. Click twice on Jessie.

Small tree:    Go to the path behind Jessie. Read the sign to the small tree.

Get a fruit:    Continue to the left. See a large tree laden with fruit.

Go left of the tree trunk and see a low lying branch.

Click on branch to get Vella shake a fruit off the branch. The fruit drops through the cloud.

Go down the hole (green arrow - light passing through) in the clouds and be brought back by purple bird.

Walk close to the tree trunk to fall down into the lower level.

Hear someone screaming. Go left of the tree trunk and see a nest. Take the fallen fruit from nest.

Gus:    Go right and see Gus screaming and hanging from a branch. See Jessie's blue egg on branch at right.

Talk to Gus. Try to go pass Gus and he grabs Vella. Vella falls again and is returned to the clouds above Gus.

Get Jessie's egg:    Go to the hole in the cloud with light shining through right of the screen.

Vella falls on top of Gus. Both of them fall off and are caught by purple bird.

Vella is returned to the tree. Go down the tree by walking close to the tree trunk.

Walk the right branch and take Jessie's blue egg.

Enter the hole in the trunk to get back to the main cloud level.

Return the egg to Jessie:    Take the wooden path and go right to Jessie.

Give the blue egg to Jessie and get a hug. Take the golden egg.

Get another golden egg:

Go down to the center platform. Take the path to the right and go to the right screen where M'ggie is located.

Take the path going to the center back. See a nest with a gold egg.

Use the ladder on the nest. The bird in the nest removes the hook of the ladder.

In inventory click-hold-drop the ladder on the large cloud shoes to combine them.

Use the ladder with cloud shoes on the nest. Climb up. The bird removes the hook again but ladder floats.

Take the second golden egg.

See the guru Harm'ny Lightbeard.

Go back to M'ggie and then left to go to the main cloud area.

Take the left wooden path. Read the sign - way to Harm'ny and his beard.

Go left and see 3 empty bowls of Enlightenment.

Talk to F'ther (Feather). He's Harm'ny Lightbeard's heavy. One can only see Harm'ny if one places an offering on one of the bowls.

Place a golden egg in a bowl. The gate opens up to allow access to the ladder. Climb up.

Harm'ny:    See Lightbeard snoring in his cushion cup.

Talk to the guru. Ask for help kill Mog Chothra. Lightbeard is so shocked that an egg fell from his stash.

Vella asks for the golden egg. Lightbeard pushes it off and the egg drops on F'ther.

Leave Meriloft:

Vella climbs down. Pick up the third golden egg.

Place the other 2 golden egg in the bowls.

Climb the ladder and Vella wonders what would happen if the weight is too much for the platform. Vella shakes the ladder.

The ladder falls down to earth.


Vella drops in a house and walks to the balcony of the house.

Meriloft:    Go left back to the room and Vella climbs up the ladder to see the destroyed platform at Meriloft. Hear Lightbeard calling F'ther to fix the ladder. If you missed getting something from Meriloft; you can always come back.

Go back down to the house in Shellmound. See the ladder that went through the roof.

Stained glass window:    Check the stained glass window and get a piece of glass.

Curtis the woodworker:    Go down and talk to Curtis. Learn that the trees have been talking to him. The trees do not want to be cut down.

Curtis allows Vella to take his axe. Get the axe from right wall.

Check the fireplace, the ripped painting above fireplace and Kokopelli artwork.

Talk to Curtis about his art. After the strange talk, take the Kokopelli art.

Warning:    Exit the room at right. Curtis warns Vella to not go east of the main road. There's a snake there so go at the other direction.

Road:    Check the mailbox. Go to bottom of screen to be at main road. Go left.

Snake:    Go left until the snake and French horn. The snake squeezes Vella.

Click on the French horn and Vella blows on it. The snake wraps itself on the horn.

Tree:   Go right until a tree. See a tree that is trying to talk. Click on tree twice to learn it doesn't have a mouth.

Use axe on tree to give it a mouth. Learn about the spruce that Curtis changed to a stool.

The tree has sap at corner of his mouth. He would not give up his sap.

Offering arena of Shellmound:

Continue to the right and cross the bridge to the city. It looks like Mog Chothra has not been here yet.

Seagulls:    Pick up the driftwood at the shore close to the seagulls that are eating fish guts.

Check the fishing poles. All the hooks have been stolen.

Maiden Feast Marshal Dune:    Talk to the man at top of stairs.

Vella doesn't smell right. She needs to get a fragrance recipe.

The Marshal is trying to build the offering arena but the waves are washing the sand structures away.

About the bucket hat - looks good on you! Very fancy. He gives the bucket to Vella.

Talk to him again and ask about the construction. The sands are falling apart.

Maidens:    Go right and check the ribbon by the arena area at middle of screen.

Check the perfume bottle beside the left maiden. It is her grandmother's recipe of musk, pheromones and animal sweat.

Talk to the sacrificial maidens. Learn about the Beast Hooker perfume that is irresistible to Mog.

Dead Eye pyramid:

Blind guards:    Climb the stairs right of the sacrificial maidens.

Look at the beach and see the whole Maiden's Feast area from up here. Check the pyramid that has an unusual top.

Talk to the 2 guards. Dead Eye Dawn at right run out of holy tear gas on her weapon. The Dead Eye God sees no one. Learn that they are blind.

Vella can enter if she solves the Riddle of Yorn.

Learn about Dead Eye God. The God brought miracle objects. Learn about the Battle of Vulgentoll; the final battle between humans and Mogs.

Ask about bringing them something - like more tear gas. Dead Eye Dawn gives Vella her weapon.

Solve the construction problem of the offering arena:

Get stool:    Go back to the left and enter Curtis' house.

Give Curtis the deadwood taken from Shellmound shoreline. Get a stool made by Curtis,

Get sap:    Remember that the talking tree was upset about the spruce made into stool by Curtis.

Exit house and go back to talking tree at right.

Use the Marshal's bucket on the limb of the tree.

Show the stool made by Curtis to the tree. The tree throws up sap. Get a bucket full of sap.

Sand solution:    Go right to Shellmound.

Give the bucket of sap to Feast Marshal. It will get the sand to stick together and construction will progress.

Get perfume:

Go down to the seagulls eating fish guts at bottom left.

Use the tear gas weapon on the liquid fish guts. Vella fills the weapon.

Use the tear gas weapon on the sacrificial maidens. The seagulls attack the maidens with the fish guts smell.

Take the perfume bottle.

Enter the Dead Eye pyramid:

Climb the stairs at right to the 2 guards of the pyramid. Talk to them again about the Riddle of Yorn.

Give the peach fruit taken from the tree at Meriloft to the guards. If you ate it, go back to Meriloft using the ladder in Curtis' house and get another one.

Enter the pyramid.

Awaken the Dead Eye God:

Turn on the chamber:    Look around. See a recurring symbols on the stands and hanging objects.

Check the symbol on the stand at right. It is recessed like a socket. The symbol looks familiar.

Use the Kokopelli art from Curtis on the stand. It fits.

Space traveler:    A man comes out of the Dead Eye cryochamber. He sees the stand that rose from the floor. Alex fiddles with the circuit control router to get back to Loruna.

Learn that Sugar Bunting where Vella came from was called Steel Bunting before he went to sleep. The other towns are afraid of Steel Bunting.

Talk to Alex the space traveler. His ship crashed here 300 years ago. He's been in cryogenic suspension because he got tired of the natives.

The ship does not have any weapons but he will try to help kill Mog Chothra. His home planet of Loruna is dying. His mission - Mission Dandelion is to look for any help for his planet.

Mess with the coils:  Go to the tubes at center. Vella takes the top drive coil.  Click on bottom amplifying quartz and Vella breaks the glass.

Place the coil at top. The space traveler said to put them in correct place or else it will overheat. Place the stained glass at bottom. The space traveler said that it is correctly placed.

Make a death ray:    Take the drive coil and the stained glass off again.

This time - place the coil at bottom and the stained glass from Curtis' house at top.

Vella and the traveler come out of the pyramid and the guards faint.

The traveler gives Vella a remote to trigger the death ray when Mog Chothra is in position.

Join the Sacrificial Maidens:

Go down the stairs.

Use the perfume on Vella.

Talk to the Feast Marshal. Vella is now a sacrifice.

Mog Chothra:

Marshal Dune blows his whistle - Showtime. The 2 maidens sing to call the monster.

Disable Mog Chothra:    The monster's tentacles grabs Vella.

Go a bit inland. Take the remote from inventory and see a triangle target. Place the triangle on one of the tentacles and fire.

Remove 3 tentacles.

Kill Mog:    Get caught by the monster and realize that the mouth is closed so the death ray will not enter the monster.

Use the ladder on Mog's mouth. Vella extends the ladder to get more opening.

Fire the death ray inside Mog's mouth.

The monster is dead. Vella loses consciousness on the beach.



Space ship:

Shay is awakened by Dad the night computer. Day computer - Mom arrives and tries to wake up Shay.

Click anywhere to wake up. Shay is given his bath and transferred to the dining table.

Choose your breakfast. Take the spoon and scoop up breakfast. The spoon talks.

Flashing red light alerts that there is an emergency.

Emergencies:    At the control center, computer says there are 4 emergencies to be taken care of.

- Avalanche victims on Galarctica.

- Runaway train in System 7.

- Defend the vessel Friendship Circle from attack.

- Foreign body on the hull of the ship.

Select the emergency that Shay should address.

Help the avalanche victim on Galarctica:

See 2 victims stuck in an ice cream avalanche. See a mountain of ice cream at the back of the avalanche.

Use the spoon to eat the ice cream and free the victims.

Shay eats lunch.

Save the runaway train in System 7:

See that the mountain has closed its mouth and the train will crash in Spike Canyon.

Click on the mountain to wake up the bridgeman. The tongue comes out to make a path for the train.

The train safely goes to the station and stops.

Shay has his dinner.

Defend the Friendship Circle:

Shay goes to the teleporter and arrive at the vessel.

Talk to one of crew. They were attacked - a Hug attack.

Shay goes to bed to sleep.

Next day:    Have breakfast and choose the next emergency to face.

Investigate the foreign body on hull of ship:

Better suit up and investigate that foreign body.

Shay exits in his space outfit. Go right and see a mass with swaying ribbonlike plant on it.

The ribbon thing wraps itself on Shay. Shay pulls it out and see a boxed present.

Shay eats lunch.

Fake train wreck:

Go to System 7 again for the runaway train.

While on top of the hill, click on the mountain so that the tongue-bridge is withdrawn.

The train crashes in Spike Canyon. The passengers and Shay drop down the canyon. At the bottom are spikes. The spikes cushion their fall.

Meet a talking wolf. He tells Shay that when he tires of child's play to go and see him. He gives Shay a screwdriver. He also warns not tell anyone about this.

Good night:

The computer mom has regimented Shay's schedule and he has no time for himself except for the made for kiddie emergencies.

Mom cancels all mission so that Shay can rest.

Fake Shay:

Click anywhere to stand up.

Open the present in inventory to see a Grabbin Gary robot.

Air vent:     Go right to the console that shows Mission Cancelled.

Check the humidifier with the yellow oxygen tank. Take the oxygen tank.

Go right and to the door with a smiley face. Mom catches Shay and puts him back to bed.

Wake up again and go right of the console with Mission Cancelled.

See a air vent at right base of the console.

Use the screwdriver taken from wolf on the air vent.

Take the inflatable raft inside the vent.

Make a fake Shay:   Combine the inflatable raft and the oxygen tank to get a blow up doll that looks like Shay.

Use the blow up doll on the bed.

Meet Marek:

Enter the open air vent. See Computer - Mom check on Shay.

Shay enters a room he hasn't seen before. He sees the wolf.

Talk to Marek. Marek says that Shay is done with children's games. There is war raging in the galaxy.

Marek shows the prisoners at Talon Nebula. They are to be executed. Shay says they have to save them.

The ship is programmed to keep Shay safe. The rescues will place Shay at risk.

Shay is given the Talon Nebula chart. He has to program the navigation panel.

Marek gives an ear piece so that they be in communication.

Talon Nebula:

Go to Talon Nebula:    Enter the ventilation shaft at left. Exit at Navigation room.

Talk to Space Weaver. Give Space Weaver the star chart. They arrive at Talon Nebula.

Go back to Marek by entering the ventilation shaft at right wall.

They are late. The captors left the victims unguarded.

Learn how to use the boom arm:    Marek shows the controls to Shay.

Press the green button to lower the shields so that the boom arm can be extended.

Watch the red boom arm at right frame until it is positioned above the subject, then press the red button to use the grapple and rescue the victim.

The boom arm will place the victim in the auxiliary cargo hold. They have to be quarantined.

Rescue the victims:    See victims on the radar at left frame. Move the ship close to the victim.

Use the right arrow and top arrow on left frame to be in position over the next victim.

Press red button when the boom arm is over the victim. Shay got another victim.

Marek sees the hostile forces have returned. They have to retreat and leave the one remaining victim.

Shay gets upset because he has to choose which one lives or dies.

Danger System 5:

Another mission:    Another emergency is seen on the console. Another rescue is needed at Danger System 5.

Shay has to control his emotions to proceed to another rescue.

Shay asks for the star chart.

Star Weaver:    Enter the ventilation shaft at left wall and give the new star chart to Star Weaver.

Go down the ladder and see that Space weaver weaves the destination pattern into his NavScarf.

Go back up and enter the ventilation shaft at right wall.

Rescue 1:    Go back to Marek's control room.

Use the green button to lower shield.

Press the red button when the boom arm is over the victim.

Rescue 2:    Use the arrows on left frame to position over another victim.

Press the top and left arrow to move to the next victim.

Press the red button to grab it when the boom arm is in position.

Rescue 3:    Press the top arrow twice to be by the next victim.

Press the red button to grab it when the boom arm is in position.

Rescue 4:    Press the right arrow once and the down arrow twice.

Press the red button to grab it when the boom arm is in position.

Marek wants to stop but Shay wants to save another one.

Rescue 5:    Press top arrow twice.

Press the red button to grab it when the boom arm is in position.

Something is wrong with this one. Release the victim.

Attacked:    The ship came under attack. Now the ship is on high alert.

The controls are now overridden by Mom - computer.

Shay rushed to get back to bed before Mom finds out that he's not there.

Mom checks on Shay, her brave boy.

Stand up and see what is written on the console.

Program the ship for manual control:

Go back to Marek via the air vent right of the console.

Check the windows and see that there are security cameras everywhere. Marek says it is for Shay's protection.

Talk to Marek. A new emergency is called by Prima Doom.

Control of cargo boom arms:     They have to do a manual override of the controls. Marek hacked the location and Shay can go there without alerting the Overmother.

Take down shields:    Place the omicron inhibitor given by Marek over the fusion orb and they will turn it on-off when time is right.

Get to Prima Doom:     A star chart is given by Marek.

Marek:    Learn that Marek is a recent stowaway. He sensed that Shay is now ready. Marek is in disguise as a wolf so he can blend with other stuffed animals of Shay. Marek is a rescuer of creatures in need.

Look around the ship:

Marek's bedroom:    Go left through the door. Check the bed and see that there are wolf hairs.

Check the rescued victims in quarantine.

There is a ventilation shaft on the floor at left that will end up in Shay's toy room but best to go back up to Marek's control room for now.

Marek's control room:    Exit through the ventilation shaft at right to be in Shay's bedroom.

Shay's bedroom:    Exit through the smiley door at right.

Door with hexagon:     At the hallway, try to enter the next door with hexagon and see that mom is making a surprise for Shay.

Kitchen-Galley:    Enter the kitchen through the door with spoon. Check the sign, table and mom's face.

Take the knife on the table at bottom left. Exit.

Main computer room:    Enter the door right of kitchen.

Learn about the sacrifice girl story.

Go up to the bridge. Talk to mom. Learn that they are looking for a new world because their home planet Loruna is doomed. Ah...

Learn that Dad does all the maintenance during the day.

Emergency world scenarios:

Enter the blue door at right of back wall. See 3 doors with drawings.

Ice Cream avalanche world:    Enter the ice cream world. Talk to the knitted companions.

Take the whipped cream gun at right. Exit through the painted door at left.

Click on mom's face again.

Friendship Circle world:    Enter the door with stars.

See one of the knitted companion in pain. Fix her back and get a hook.

See fake controls in the room. Exit through door upstairs.

Train ride room:    Enter the door at right and then through the door with train drawing.

Shay is banned from the train for life. Exit.

Do manual control of cargo boom arms:    

Airlock:    Go through the door at right (not the teleporter door with inverted triangle). It has a smiley planet on the double door.

Read the warning airlock ahead sign. Go through the hallway.

In space:    Shay comes out wearing the spacesuit tethered by air tube.

Use the oxygen tank on Shay's helmet for air.

Use the whipped cream gun on Shay's space suit for propulsion.

Use the knife to cut off the air tube and be free.

Cargo boom control:    Go up. The ship tube tries to catch Shay.

Go up again pass the radio tower of the ship and then up again to see the huge cargo boom.

Go left to be close to the cargo boom arms manual control.

Use the knife to open the glass cover of the panel. The knife floats free in space.

Use the present - Grabbin Gary robot on the panel. Shay has the remote.

Go back to the ship by going above and right pass the radio tower and then down.

Get a helmet that fits:

Go back to mother's main control room by going left past the fake emergency scenario rooms and as far as you can go.

Teleporter nexus:    Enter the green inverted triangle room on back wall. See 3 teleporter doors with inverted triangles.

The left red teleporter goes to the toy - junk room.

The yellow middle teleporter goes to the fusion orb containment facility.

The right gray teleporter goes to the starboard passageway that leads to the air lock.

Fusion Orb containment facility:    Enter the yellow middle teleporter. Shay's head shrunk.

Go left and get suited to protect from omicron radiation. There's no helmet.

Go back to the right to have the suit remove.

Exit through the teleporter.

Shay's head returns to normal size. It is because Shay returned through the same teleporter.

Hall of heroes - junk room:    Enter the left red teleporter door. Shay's head shrunk again.

This is the room that is adjacent to Marek's room that can be accessed via the ventilation shaft at bottom of right wall.

Look around at Shay's toys. Take small hazard suit. It separates into suit and helmet. It keeps out omicron radiation.

Make head smaller to fit the helmet:    Try the diamond shaped helmet on (click it on Shay) and see that it doesn't fit even though the head shrunk.

Going through a teleporter and not using it to return makes the head smaller.

Exit through the ventilation shaft at right wall to be in Marek's bedroom and right to Marek's control room.

Shay reports to Marek. Exit at right to ventilation shaft to be at Shay's bedroom.

At Shay's bedroom, exit right and walk the passage to the right to enter the main control room.

Enter through the green door to be at the teleporter room again.

Enter the right gray teleporter and exit. Try the helmet again and see that it still does not fit.

Go left and walk the hallway to the end and be at the main control room again.

Enter through the green door again.

Take down shields:  

The 2 side teleporter doors would not let Shay go through again. Their inverted triangle light are now off.

Go through the middle yellow door. Shay's head shrunk for the third time.

Use the diamond shape helmet on Shay now. It is a little snug.

Go left to wear the suit. Enter the glass door. Go down to bottom screen.

Place the omicron inhibitor on the orb - fusion sphere floating in the contained room.

Exit the room, remove the suit and exit through the teleporter. Shay's head returns to normal size.

Exit to the left to be at the main control room.

Get to Prima Doom:    

Enter the red door under the central platform and be at Space Weaver domain.

Stand right of Space Weaver. Talk to Space Weaver.

Ask it to bring you to Cozy Cluster. SW weaves the pattern to Cozy Cluster. It is the closest pattern to Prima Doom.

Go down the ladder immediately.


Look at the Prima Doom star map given by Marek.

Use the hook taken from the hugging companion and copy the pattern on the panel. If you run out of time, talk to Space Weaver again to start the puzzle.

Click on blank space at top left, second from right middle and left bottom to copy Prima Doom chart.

Arrive at Prima Doom. Space Weaver realizes the error and wants to correct the problem. He has run out of thread and suffers a meltdown.

Do the mission:

Go back to Marek using the shaft at right. Marek brings him to the control.

Rescue 1:    Open the shield by pressing the green button.

Grab the victim using the red button.

Rescue 2:    Press up arrow twice. Get the second victim.

Marek says they are attacking us and they will pull out. Shay refuses and tries for the third victim.

Rescue 3:    Go right 2-3 times. Pick up the third victim.

The third rescued victim looks strange.

Save the ship:

Marek tries to take Shay to a safe place but a falling ceiling drops on Marek.

Shay runs to save the ship. Shay runs past mom who says that dad is taking care of things.

Shay goes to the airlock and is out of the ship. Shay faces the monster and is hit. He loses consciousness.

Mog Chothra:

Watch the blending of the 2 stories.

ACT 2 is coming.

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