Byzantine: The Betrayal - Game Boomers Hints

Byzantine: The Betrayal - Hints

1.   The object of the game is to uncover a smuggling ring.  The ring is stealing treasures from the excavations of Topkapi and other locations in Istanbul.  Most early clues are found in Emre's apartment.  Pick up any objects and photos you may find.   Look in the books on the shelves, paying special attention to the design of the Roman winch in one of the books; that design  will be used later in virtual reality scenario of the cistern.

2.  A description of the scanner is in a locked box in the trunk in front of Emre's desk.  You can open the locked box by following the sequence of colored plungers illustrated on the Polaroid photo on Emre's desk. The scanner is essential to solving the game, but the illustrated design does not seem to be necessary to solving the game.

3.  Be sure to get the key from behind a book on the shelf in Emre's apartment.  It is used to unlock his uncle's carpet shop.

4.  After scrounging around in Emre's apartment, go to Topkapi and show a Polaroid photograph to the research assistant near the front door.  She has some information for you.

5.  Talk to Emre's uncle in his shop.   Leave, but  return later, unlock the door, and snoop around.  Take the scissors and pencil.  Look behind the rolled rug for a travel bag full of items.

6.  In the uncle's rug shop, use the scissors to cut out the tag on Emre's rug, in order to obtain  a Greek temple offering that is hidden behind the tag.

7.  Use the pencil to darken the message in the notebook.

8.  Go to the Suleyman Mosque and talk with the young man there.  You will find Emre's shoes on the rack, take the shoes and look inside the shoes for an important clue.  You will return to the mosque later to use the scanner on several items to obtain information for repairing the computer program, Klio.

9.  Go to the hotel and present the claim check.  You will receive the most important piece of equipment in the game, the scanner.  Take it back to Emre's apartment and power it up using the cord and converter on his desk.

10.  Not much to be found in the park, but it is worthwhile to listen to the conversation involving the detective.

11.  Go to the cistern and use the ticket to enter.  You will find Emre dead in the cistern.  Carlo will attack you, but you can blind him with the flash from the Polaroid camera and make your escape.

12.  Sharife, the researcher at the university, will take the scanner from you and enter the data into Klio.    At that point you will learn that you have to scan several Byzantine objects around Istanbul in order to gather enough information to reconstruct virtual reality worlds that are stored within Klio. 

13.  The bad guys in the game are using Klio to locate the treasures, in order to steal and sell them abroad.  They apparently threatened Emre, forcing him to use Klio to help them, in order to protect his uncle.  His uncle had run up some gambling debts and was not able to pay the debts. The virtual reality worlds provide guidance as to which treasures are to be found and where they are located.

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