A complete walkthrough

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Mojo definition: a magic spell, hex or charm; broadly; magical powers.

"An old, brick building in San Francisco is the site of Eddy's Bar on the Waterfront, which was once a popular tavern.  Above the bar lives Roger Simms, an entomologist who is conducting mysterious research.  At the onset of the game, Roger is transformed into a cockroach by a strange object of antiquity (a huge, silver locket).  You assume the role of Roger after his bizarre metamorphosis.

Controlling Roger the Roach, you begin the game under the building.  You must explore rooms and observe objects while searching for clues and answers.  The building is dark and dangerous.  And, there are many obstacles to overcome before you can find your way back to your human form.  There are animals, insects and people who live here as well.  Some may harm you, others may help you.  But, solving the mystery beneath the surface of the game is up to you alone.

Crawl around and investigate everything.  If you can't get out of a room, then perhaps you have not seen all there is to see.  You must uncover the rest of the story yourself by roaming the floors and walls of Eddie's Bar.  Listen to all that you hear, read what you can and try to piece together the story as you explore your true identity".

 Helpful Tips:

1. Save often!
2. Investigate every room; floors, walls, furniture, accessories (under and on
    top), everything!
3. Keep notes of correct entry/exit routes to get from one room to
    another. You may need them.
4. Carefully watch and listen to the clues in the cutscenes.  You can use
     your Escape key to bypass am accidental repeat.


You start out your sojourn, to find your way back to human form, in the basement.  You are in the sewer pipe.  Keep going up screen until you come to a black matchbook from Eddie's Bar. Turn left.  Avoid the sticky goo and go into the rusty pipe.  Go straight up the blue leg of the water heater onto the pipe where a number of your disgusting peer group are gathered. Watch the cutscene where one of the roaches talks to you.  Turn right on this small pipe and keep going forward, across to the right on the pipe, under the burning gas jets.  Go down the opposite blue leg of the water heater, to the floor.  Go down screen to see an overhead view of yourself.  Now, go up screen and carefully maneuver your way between the roach traps.

Keep moving up screen.  Crawl over the dead rat.  (Be careful not to crawl over his mouth!  And avoid the blood trail.)  On the next screen, turn extreme right and go over the center of the rat's tail. (Avoid the end of the rat's tail, or you will be knocked back a few pegs.)

On the next screen, save your game.  And, avoiding the roach traps, go right to the lighted cigarette butt and quickly push it so the lighted end is pointed at the spider.  You need to move fast here, before the spider gets you.  When you are successful, the nasty spider is toast!

Go down two screens from the dead spider.  On the second screen, crawl down the full length of the rat skeleton to get to the third screen, the infamous Cockroach Corral.  Turn and go forward into the Cockroach Corral.  You need to get across the maze.

Cockroach Corral Solution - The green liquid in the wells is NOT poison to you.  The pink walkways around the wells ARE poison.  Walk over the top of the first dead roach into the well of liquid.  Turn left and go up to the next dead roach laying across the walkway.  Walk over him into the next well of liquid.  Go left again and walk over the accumulated dead bodies in the corner, to the last well of liquid.  Staying in the well, push the little purple-white larva up to the dead roach at the top and climb over them both to exit the Cockroach Corral.

When you exit, you will see the leg of a workbench directly ahead of you.  Climb up the leg onto the top of the workbench. Watch the cutscene.

Go to the right, across the table, going up and avoiding the green paint, until you see a plug for a vacuum cleaner.  Crawl across the cord.  The vacuum will turn itself on.  Go down one screen and return left, across to the edge of the workbench.  Go up to the corner and crawl down the leg of the workbench to the horizontal brace.  Turn right and travel right, over the brace, until you come to two black wires hanging over a yellow can labeled  roach killer.  Yikes!  Crawl down the wire until you are able to drag the exposed wire into the paint, now in the can, and short out the vacuum cleaner.

Go back up the leg to the top of the workbench.  Go down two screens and turn right at the bottom of the brace and bit.  Continue to the right until you see the green paint and go up screen until you see the vacuum cleaner plug again.  Go under the plug next to the wall, over to the right, past the sticky brown stuff.  Climb up on the gray vacuum attachment and crawl down screen to the multicolored hose.  Follow along it until you see a gray coil leading off to the right.  Turn and travel along the gray electrical conduit into the top left of the trash can.  This is a maze.  Work your way down into the trash can, back up and over to the top right of the trash can, all the while staying on the electrical conduit.  Get off on the table, top right of the trash can, where you see red spilled paint.

Go straight down one screen until you see a paint brush.  Crawl across the length of the paint brush and into the black crack in the table just back of and above the paint brush bristles.   Go down one screen, avoiding the blue paint.  Move left to where you see yellow light shining through a crack.  Turn left and go down one screen.  Go right when you get to the chain. Now, climb across the brown paint stick to the electrical meters. (It will be rough going, but you will make it.)  When you get up there, crawl across to the meter on the right side.  Go up screen on the glass globe to look at the four measuring dials.  The first one is stationary at the number 7.  You need to short out the fuses by establishing the other three dial settings at 6- 5- 8.  Go back down to the three red and blue fuses and run back and forth across them one at a time, until the dial settings above read 7- 6- 5- 8.  At that time, the fuse box will short out...just the left one sparks.

See the red mop handle on your right?  Go down the handle to the floor.  Go to the left under the mop for several screens until you come to two silver metal braces sitting vertically on the screen.  Climb up on the first, darker, one and you will find yourself on the leg of a metal cot.  You are under the mattress, if you are seeing blue striped ticking.  Go to the edge of the cot and climb to the upper, stained white, side of the mattress.  Find the TV dinner.

Crawl across the TV dinner, using the center divider, to the base of the old wooden radio.  Go around the side and into the back of the radio.  Climb up the bright silver cathode ray tube on the left and touch the wires at the top of the tube.  The radio will fire up.  Watch the following cutscene.

Go down off the tube and turn right above the fuse to exit to the outside of the radio.  Climb up on top of the radio.  Bump the bottom of the sleeping pill bottle on the lower left side.  A blue pill will fall out of the bottle.  Go up screen and maneuver the sleeping pill over to the side, so that it drops into the can of beer.  Watch the cutscene.

Get off the radio and exit the table, going back across the TV dinner.  Crawl down the length of the bed and down the leg to the floor.  Travel the floor until you find the suitcase.  Go up left of it until you find the Viceroy mouse trap.  Stand on the footprint on the floor to open the trap and free the mother mouse. Watch the cutscene.  Go up the huge stack of newspapers, beside the mouse trap, and around behind it to the floor against the wall.  See that little hole there?  Go in the hole slightly, to see the mother mouse's babies.  Then, turn around and go up the wall.  Get on the window.  Go up and crawl over the eye drawing on the window.  The yellow slug will come to greet and talk to you.  Watch the cutscene.

Go down to the floor again and find the open cigar box under the cot.  (Watch other cockroaches if you get lost...they try to help you.)  Crawl across the lid of the cigar box to leave the basement through the electrical outlet with exposed wires.  Watch the cutscene.


You are on the paper towel dispenser.  Go into the circular hole at the bottom.  Go to the right and get behind the vertical silver lever.  Push it to the left to roll out a bunch of paper towels.  Go out the bottom screen to crawl down the paper to the floor.  Continue down two screens.  Then, go left one screen, where you will encounter a red-eyed, hissing rat varmit.  Crawl over to the left of the rat hole and up the wall where the paint has worn off.

When you reach the upper side of the sink, turn left one screen and then turn and go up over the sink's backsplash to the broken mirror on the wall.  You will see an area to the left bottom of the mirror, where the glass is missing.  Crawl in that hole.

You are inside the medicine cabinet.  Now, continue up screen until you come to the slot marked "For Used Razors."  Crawl into the slot.  Crawl down the back wall to find a metal screw on the 2X4 just below the slot.  Push the screw to dislodge it and all the collected razor blades.  Go back out the way you came in.  Go back down to the rat hole. (You will see a cutscene on your way.)

Enter the rat hole.  Hello!  Looks like you made short work of old red eyes!  Exit between razor blades up screen to the left.  Hmm, nice collection of jewelry.  Continue left through the hole. Watch another cutscene.  Is that lighted cigarette worrying you a bit?


You are in the cooler.  Follow the copper pipes down until you are able to exit down screen out the front vent of the cooler.  Go down all the way to the floor.  Go forward one screen, where you can, and then go left until you find a sudsy mop.  Go to the left side of the standing mop and crawl up the handle to the counter.

Crawl to the right, under the mop handle, above the sticky spot.  Keep going right, past some really ugly sights, until you reach the handle of the butcher knife.  Cross the butcher knife and use the raw bacon strip to crawl down on the counter.  Turn around and go up screen, along the back of the pot on the stove.  Turn right and go down between the two pots.  Push the beer cap down.  Cross it and go down into the hole where the stove knob is missing.  Go right and up, along the pipes, until you see the opening with the movable disc for the pilot light.  Push the disc to close the opening. The pilot light is off.

Leave the way you came in.  When you come back out through the hole where the knob is missing, go straight down.  Travel to the left across the black oven handle.  Go down the outer left side of the oven to the little cockroach who is trapped in the middle of the sticky mess.  Wanna' rescue the little critter?  Go all the way down to the bottom of the stove, turn right, and come up between the sticky stains.  When you get to the little cul de sac, just below the struggling baby roach, turn and back up to him with your wings extending over the strip of goo.  The little guy will hop on your back.  You are a cockroach hero!

Go back up to the top of the stove using the handle to go to the left of the hole where the knob is missing.  Use the bottle cap bridge.  Above the bottle cap bridge, on the right, you will see a clear area, where you can go across an unlit burner (this must be the one you turned off the pilot light for).  Go across the unlit burner to the other side of the stove.

Go up screen to the back of the stove top.  And, go left to the other side of the stove.  Go down screen.  Use the bacon bridge to get onto the butcher knife.  Keep going left, avoiding disgusting obstacles, to get to the sink.  Go upscreen to get into the sink and go down into the garbage disposal.  Whoops, its running full tilt.  Got to do something to stop it.

Come up out of the disposal, and the sink, and go right to the still breathing cat fish.  Talk to him by stopping just above and to the left of the cat fish's snout, where you see a footprint.  Watch the cutscene.

Go back into the sink.  Run across the spoon and up the knife handle.  Your weight, plus that of your new best friend, will lift the knife and knock the spoon into the disposal, stopping it.  Get off the back of the knife, go right, down, and reenter the garbage disposal. Go out through the bottom. Watch the cutscene.

     THE BAR:

You are just below the business end of a blue, mounted swordfish.  Travel right across the bulletin board toward the tail of the swordfish, over the taxidermy business card and onto the back of the swordfish.  Go left up the full length of the fish and into its eye.  Travel up screen until you see another footprint icon in the wood.  Go up near it to trigger a message concerning the Bad Mojo cocktail recipe.  Watch the cutscene.  Leave the swordfish at the tail again.

Travel back to the left, just under the swordfish's sword.  From here, travel down and around the bulletin board, triggering all the picture and document cutscenes.  Make your way to the lower right corner of the bulletin board, where you will find the handle of a baseball bat.  Go down under the handle of the bat.  And, with the next screen, get up on the handle and travel the length of the bat.

Get off the bat on the right, and continue crawling to the right.  When you come to the screen with two electrical conduits dangling down, go to the right side of the screen and travel down.  Go to the right of the glass holding the green swizzle sticks and continue down screen.  At the end of the bar, turn right.  Go forward to a position just before the spilled liquid and go upscreen.  Get inside the upturned peanut shell and ride it across the liquid.  Ahoy, matey!

Continue to the right and push the arrow where the drink glasses show on top of the Bartender's Companion guide, until the recipe for Bad Mojo is displayed.  Its the last  one on the right side.

Go back to the left, recrossing the liquid via the peanut shell boat, and crossing over strewn swizzle sticks, dominoes, etc., until you see a green bottle.  Go upscreen and access the bat again, crossing over to the area where liquor bottles are stored on the lighted shelf to the right. (You can go downscreen to get a front view of the bottles.  But, don't go too!)

Continue right, climbing each bottle in the following order.  Watch the cutscene at the top of each bottle:

Grenadine - red
Curacao - blue
Brandy - dark orange
Vodka - clear

Watch the cut scene.


Go up screen and watch the cutscene of the cat.  Then, keep going upscreen on top of the desk.  That dark gray piece of office equipment is a telephone, fax, answering machine.  Crawl down and walk over the PLAY button to hear two messages.  Then, walk on the REV button to go back to the first message.  Walk on the PLAY button for a second time.  Listen to your fellow worker tell you what big trouble you are in.

Crawl over to the bottom right and look at the START, STOP and COPY buttons on the fax module.  Crawl over the buttons and you will find you are out of paper.  Sheeesh!  Now how is a cockroach going to manage that?  How about blowing papers around a bit, to see if that will do the trick?

Crawl to the upper left corner of the desk, above the telephone, to the base of the bookshelf, sitting on the desk.  Climb up the leg/base of the bookshelf to the top.

Go right on top of the bookshelf.  Climb across all that nice, clean paper.  Looks like that broken fan might be handy to rearrange the paper.  Go down to the broken red and white wires.  Climb on the broken wires to close the circuit and start the fan.  It blows papers all over the place.

Now, climb back down off the bookcase, across the telephone (see the newly added paper?) and sit on the COPY button.  Watch the cutscene.  It looks like clear sailing right on down to the floor.

Before you climb down the paper, go back across to the right of the desk and climb up the right leg/base of the bookcase.  A butterfly will greet you with another message.  Watch the cutscene.  Go across the top of the bookcase, down the left leg.  Go across the fax and down the copies you generated, until you reach the place where you see a newspaper with the column  title "Three South Beach Bars Raided".  Go over the side, right, and down into the trunk lock hole.  Activate the notebook paper picture to the right.  Crawl up the necktie to watch a cutscene featuring the stuffed musical  monkey.  Continue on up to the top of the necktie to complete this sequence.

Leave the trunk the way you came in. Climb down/across left on the paper and find the remote control.  Go right across the remote control, where you see a cigarette butt.  Push it out of the way so it is no longer blocking the sensor on the remote control.  Get up on the remote control and push the POWER button.  Watch the cutscene.

Get off the remote control and go directly down screen past the blue passport, to the butterfly sitting on the end of a pencil.  Ride the butterfly across the room.  When you land, go left to the glass insect case sitting on a heating pad.  Then, go down the white cord of the heating pad, at the front left corner of the cage.  The cat will attack.  But, wait, watch the cut scene.  The cat gets frightened away.

Visit your human body on the floor.  Check out your fellow roaches at the locket and watch the cutscene.  Go upscreen, choosing a path through the water, until you see a pale, vertical  2X4.  Climb it.  At the top, go left and enter the vent.  Crawl along the shower rod, down the shower head, and into the tub.  Carefully examine everything in the tub. Watch the cutscene.  Return the way you came, out through the vent and keep going right, across all the eye pictures and litter, until you find a place above, with no cobwebs.  Another cockroach shows you the way.  You will see a metal vent. (That's the fan you luckily turned off.)  Enter the vent.  Watch the cutscene.

Now you are in the sewer pipe again. Save your game.

NOTE: You have to find your way all the way back to the bathroom.  The situation varies here, according to what you have accomplished previously. But, you will be racing against time.  If you don't get the end sequence actions accomplished in time, you will witness the first, sad ending to the game.


Find the gold coin on the floor just in front of the urinal.  Its also to the right from the overturned green paint can and brush.  Crawl up on the coin.  A silverfish will appear with a message.  Watch the cutscene.  Then, climb back up to the top of the urinal.  Go up the wall.  Then, go right and up to the top of the bulletin board frame.  Find the unpainted area.  Follow it up to the smoke detector.  Crawl over and sit on the test button.  Then, return down the wall to the lighted cigarette.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the cigarette is still placed in the ash tray, you will not be able to move it.  You have missed something along the way.  And, you will have to explore to find and complete any action you have missed.

If you find that the cigarette has burned down and has fallen out of the ash tray onto the surface of the urinal, you haven' t missed anything and you can push it off onto the floor.  Do it!

Then, climb down to the floor and push the cigarette butt so it touches the paper towels.  Watch the end game cut scene.  You have saved the old landlord!  That's the good ending.

But wait, what about you?  There's an even better ending:

Quickly, because this is also a timed sequence, go back down the drain in the bathroom and make your way back to your room, where you are that pathetic human being, unconscious on the floor.  Run over and climb up on the locket beside your outstretched hand, before time runs out!   You might have to do this several times before you figure out the route and perfect the timing. Then watch the best ending!

Good going!  End game. Congratulations!


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