Ben Jordan, Paranormal Investigator

Case #6 : Scourge of the Sea People



A game by Francisco Gonzalez

A walkthrough by Chief

September 2007.


You can click on top of the play screen to find Inventory, Save, Load and Quit.

Have a look at the Read me file.

Use the right mouse button to change all the icons needed to play the game.




After watching the Intro and talking to your friends at the Airport, it is decided that you must find some transportation to go to Athens.

You can have a look at the cabinet, the sign and the door.


The large woman is not in the mood to talk when you use the “Talking Icon” with the “!” but if you use the “Talking Icon” with the “?”,  she will say more.


Go left past the sign and talk to the man. See also another official-looking white door and a restricted area on the floor.


Walk in the Kalimera Café and at the booth, talk to the Tourist. Nothing special, but remember him.  Leave the Café.


Walk to the left of the white door and be in front of the Exit doors. Nothing from the woman that is there.


Exit the building: see a taxi and the taxi driver. He is not very receptive, but talk to him anyway: he will not go to Athens.


Go back to the large woman and talk to her about going to Athens. She will help you if you get her soul back: someone took her picture.


Back to the Café and the tourist in the booth. Talk to him. He took the picture of the lady.

He agrees that you take his picture.

You are now out of the Café with his camera: make him move to be in the restricted area: forward a few times, right a few times and back a few times also.  You get what you want: he is arrested and you can keep the camera.


Back to the large woman and give her the camera so she can get her soul back.

She talks about the Sea People because she heard that Ben is a paranormal investigator.

Ben must go to Agia Anna and the taxi driver will take them there.


Go left twice to be at the Exit doors and talk to the taxi driver: he will take you to Agia Anna.




After the cut scene, time to look around and find out about the Sea People.

From outside your bungalow, see and read the plaque.


Go right screen to see signs, a payphone, a building and a plant. Take the pink flower.


Back pass the bungalow and forward to the beach.


At the beach, go right screen to be at a village. Read the sign on the building with the blue roof: Tom’s Pizza. Go in and talk to the woman Cassandra. Talk about the Sea People: bad omen. She offers a lump of dough. You now have dough  in your inventory.

Walk out going down screen.


Enter the next yellow building: a bar. Talk to the old man. He is Professor Sanbourne, a paranormal investigator. He is there for the Sea People. He had a talk with a fisherman.

Ben and him will meet at Tom’s Pizza at height.


So, go back to the beach and walk left to see a house and a boat.

Pick up the metal bar  as you walk to the house.  Have a look at the blue box with a mesh. Remember that.


Knock on the door.  Talk to the fisherman and he asks you to come in. Talk to him completely. In exchange for a bottle of Ouzo, he will talk about hiring the boat.

Use the hand icon on the door to exit.


Go down screen twice, past the entry to go to the bungalow and right to the village.

Go to the bar and talk to the two guys. See the bottle on the table.


To get a bottle for yourself, go to Tom’s Pizza and talk to the woman: she sold the last bottle to the two guys.


Back to the bar and the two guys to talk about the bottle of Ouzo. For the bottle, they offer a drinking contest.


Go back to the bungalow and pick up a mirror in the bathroom. Open the dresser to find a bottle of Suntan Lotion.  Do not talk to Simon now.


Back to the bar and see a nail on the wall beside the flag: hang up the mirror.

Now go back to talk to Simon and about the contest and meet the two guys at the bar: they explain the contest. You must guess correctly six time the number of finger(s) he will hide behind his friend’s head. Look in the mirror to see how many finger(s) he holds.


And get the bottle of Ouzo.


Time to go back to the fisherman and to give him the bottle. Ask him if you can take the red cup. Talk to him about hiring the boat.  Read about the Sea People.





You are now on the boat. Take the hook and the chain.  Go down the hatch using the hand icon. See a sawfish snout. Use the metal bar on it to get the sawfish snout.

Have a look around and come back up the ladder.


“Talk to the Doorway” using the Talk (!) icon and the fisherman will come out. Talk to him and set a course for  Oracle Island.




In the next scene, you are on the shore of the island. Go right and see a device: a crank is missing. See also some flowers: pick one up.  See a big boulder.


Try to slide the metal bar in the hole of the device: the bar is too long. In inventory, cut the metal bar with the sawfish snout to get a cut bar. Use the cut bar on the device: you have a crank but it is missing something when you turn it. Use the chain on the device.

Use the crank again: the chain rolls up but not much else happens. Now use the hook on the chain. Click on the chain to pick up the hook and attach it to the gap in the rock: turn the crank: the boulder falls down on the device.


Walk into the cave and forward to a statue depicting three women. See a small inscription in Greek at the base of the statue: click your note pad from inventory on it to get a note.




Go back to the boat with the dinghy and ask the fisherman what the inscription means by clicking the note  on him:

“And those who can quench the thirst for knowledge may summon the Oracle”


Now use the red cup on the sea to get some water. Go down the hatch and to the still. Use the salt water (red cup) on the still to get distilled fresh water.


Back up to ask the fisherman to go back to the island.




Once on the island, go to the statue in the cave and use the fresh water on the statue.


Meet the Oracle and talk to her: what about that Vanishing Island? You will know about the location of the Sea People. Things have been taken.




Back to the boat to talk with the fisherman about the Vanishing Island and the Minotaur.

Ask him to go to the Island of the Minotaur.




Walk first to the left and be at an intersection. See a Dais on the left on the ground.

Take the left path and see an opening on the rock and a bush.


Pick up a yellow flower  from the bush.


Try to go through the opening, but it is too narrow.  Use the suntan lotion on the edges of the cave opening and enter.


You are now in a cave. See two fresco, a box and a hole.

On the fresco on the right, see a glint and find a key using the hand icon.


Now examine the open box: nothing.


Go back outside using the hand icon. At the intersection, continue to walk the path and see doors with a padlock. Let’s try the key on the doors: the doors open. Walk in.


You are now in the Minotaur Labyrinth:


*go forward 2x

*go right and see some rubble on the ground in the right corner: using the hand icon, find a small cog

*go through the opening in the center of the screen and forward to be in a room with a skeleton, a horn and a skull. Pick up the horn

*back down screen

*go to the left opening and go forward 3x passing some frescos on the way

*go to the opening in center screen and see a mechanism and a stone plate. Take the cog from inventory and place it on the mechanism and use the horn on the stone plate: hear a sound

*back down screen 2x

*go right screen and see a small opening at the bottom of the wall. But the opening is too small. You need help: use the horn on the opening and a door opens.  Walk in the opening and see a mosaic in the alcove: the location of the Sea People Underwater Lair. Use your note pad on the mosaic to get a map

*go out going left and then right

*go down screen 3x to be outside.


Go back to the boat by going down the path at the intersection.




Show the map to the fisherman and talk to him again so he can take you to the Lair of the Sea People.


You are now in the middle of the sea.

How can you dive without equipment?


Go back to…..




Talk with Simon at the beach.  See some campers.

Go and meet Professor Sanbourne. First sit down at the table and talk with him.

After dinner, walk back to the bungalow and see Alice talking with the Greek guy and going to the dance.

Go to the bungalow and go to bed. See a cut scene. A dream.


In the morning, talk to Alice. Simon comes in and ask to follow him to the beach to see the Professor and some traces on the sand.


Still needing a diving equipment to go to the Lair of the Sea People.


Go to the bar and meet an old woman with a basket of flowers. Talk to her and show her the flowers you have. The pink one is an Iris.


Go to Tom’s Pizza and talk about the missing campers.

Talk to your friends again at the beach.


Go to the fisherman’s house. Pick up the mesh from the blue box.

Go in and talk to him: maybe you could ask the Oracle about the underwater diving.


So, let’s go to……




Enter the cave, use the water on the statue and talk to the Oracle about the Sea People’s Lair. She talks about a potion to breathe under water.

But you must bring an Iris flower and a scale of Siren to get the potion.


Back to the boat to talk about the Siren and to go to…..




When you get there, you hear some singing.


It is a good time to put the pieces of dough into your ears, after using the hand on the dough in inventory to get two pieces.  ( To separate the dough, use the hand icon found at the bottom of the inventory and then the white arrow to take the two pieces)


Walk the path and see a stick on the right side of the path in front of a big dark branch.

Pick up the stick.


Walk more and see the siren. In the pond, you see scales. Try to take a scale, but the water is deep.


In inventory, combine the stick and the mesh to get a net and use it in the pond to get a scale.


Back down screen and then the path to go back to the boat: ask to go to….




Summon the Oracle.

Give the Iris flower (the pink flower) and Siren scale to the Oracle. The potion will be ready tomorrow.





Go to the bungalow and talk with your friends. Both will go with you.


See a cut scene with Ben and Alice. A dream.


They are now on the boat. Talk to your friends again and go to Oracle Island to get the potion.


And go to……..




Take the potion by clicking it on Ben and in the water he goes.


See a bright sea plant on the right. Take the glowing weed.


Swim to the right and see an octopus at your left on the rock.  Take the octopus  with the net.


Then swim down screen to a cavern with paintings on the walls. Look at them.


Look at the rock and the strange circle. Put the octopus on it and see an opening.


Go in to another cavern. See rocks. Pick up a small rock.


Swim left and see the City: it feels….dead.


Go to the large structure and see a skeleton sitting on a throne. See a seal on the floor. Study the painting on the wall.


In inventory, wrap the glowing piece of seaweed around the rock and get a glowing rock.

Put that in the skeleton’s mouth. It wakes up and talks to you about history.


***Save before taking the trident***


Take the trident that will be useful tonight when the monster comes.


Go back to the boat and more talking.  Go to……




Back at the beach with your friends.


The monster comes up from the sea and attacks Simon. Ask Alice to distract the monster.


You have a short time after Alice walks behind Ben to pick up the trident and to click it on the monster. See Ben throwing the trident at the monster.


(Put the cursor often to inventory when Alice walks behind Ben and pick the trident as soon as you can to be fast enough)


More talking to end the game.


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