The Blackwell Convergence Walkthrough, by Old Mariner

The third in Wadjet Eye's series of Joey the ghost and his medium partner Rosangela. The second game featured Rosangela's aunt to connect the series and illustrate its origins. The creator, Dave Gilbert continues with his sharp wit in the engaging story. The independent producer has brought a rather short but very entertaining game. Like the others this is point and click in third person view in 2d graphics. You can switch between Joey and Rosa by clicking on the J&R tab on top of screen or using the tab key. The puzzles in general are solved by using the appropriate statement or question in the conversation tree. There are few inventory item puzzles such as the paper clip used in the opening scene. You look at things and interact with them by a mouse click. Right and left clicks often brings different reactions. Saves appear to be unlimited. When you exit any location you will see a screen featuring a city skyline with small pictures of locations you can access. This is your map and new locations will be added as you discover them through character interaction. When using the Rosa's computer you can actually enter the author's name into Oogle and come up with a response. Means nothing in regard to game play but it is a neat twist. There is also a directors comments feature but it should be used on a second play through as the pop up screen tend to hinder game play. Listening to Dave's thoughts are interesting and a nice touch.

Intro: New York City, West Side

Watch the cut scene. You see an empty room, right click on objects to identify them and left click to interact. After you looked around click on the door. Rosa says, "it is locked". Switch to Joey using Tab key or clicking the J button in the dropdown menu top of screen. Click on initials J or R to switch between Joey and Rosa. As Joey examine as many things as you can, he offers some humorous comments. Right click the shiny object near the door to discover a paper clip. Left click to blow it under the door to Rosangela. Switch to Rosa. Click the paper clip in your inventory, then the door. Again look at everything to draw comments then click the desk to find an obituary. The information will be stored in your notes, accessed by the top menu. Click the sheet from the middle window to pull it down.

Switch to Joey. Click the ghostly hand on the left side of the center window. After a conversation with Rosa, click the hand again to go outside and talk to the ghost. Consult your notebook to confirm that he is the man from the obituary. Convince him to come inside and talk to Rosa by pretending his wife or a potential business partner is inside. As Rosa, select a conversation option that insults him. He will get defensive and pull himself together. If you pick the wrong option he will go back out to the ledge. Joey goes back out to get him. As Rosa insult him again then watch the cut scene.


After the cut scene you see the game intro credits and then you are taken to Rosa's apartment. Rosa tells Joey she is forgetting something. Check your notebook and speak with Joey. Examine the calendar to discover you are late for an art opening. Click the computer and do a web search for "Park Gallery" to find the address of the art opening. Click the elevator then the Park Gallery location. Talk with Ms. Park then talk to Nisha until she introduces you to Monique. Talk to Monique and get her business card. Agree to meet tomorrow to hear her ghost story. You hear the name Frank Lyons which will lead to more investigations. Look around and speak again with Ms. Park. It is just small talk for now. Try to leave the opening by clicking on the stairs, Nisha will ask you to stay. Select stay, and you will get drunk and have a strange cutscene at the portal. Wake up the next morning at your apartment. Examine Monique's card in your inventory, right click to get her address. Go to Cube Star Films. Talk to Monique about Lyons, exhaust all conversation until you get a new location, Gothic Bridge, Central Park. Then talk about the cat and go to Gothic Bridge.

Switch to Joey and talk to the ghost to confirm his identity as Frank Lyons. Continue talking until he mentions another new location, "The Minetta". You can talk to him as Rosa for a few funny lines then return to your residence and do an internet search for Minetta. It turns out to be a bar near your place. Go to the pub and question the bar tender but he has never heard of Frank. Return to Cube Star and talk to Monique until she tells you about Frank's apartment.

Back To The Bridge

Return to Frank and talk to him as Joey. Talk about the Minetta until he mentions the Joe Gould fund. Go to your residence and do a web search for Joe Gould fund. Return to the Minetta and question the bartender about Joe Gould. Examine the big portrait of Joe Gould on the wall behind you. Return to Cube Star. At this point it should be raining, and the cat, Isla, will come inside. Talk to Monique about Isla. As Joey, play with Ilsa. Then switch to Rosa while the cat is playing, and examine the cat to find Frank's address on its ID tag. Go to Frank's apartment. As Joey, enter the apartment. Examine the papers on the table to see the script for the film. Now you know how to finish the lines with Frank. Go back to Frank and talk to him as Rosa. These are the correct responses in order. Clicking the script in your inventory will do no good. I tried it before figuring out the correct conversation sequence. It got quite frustrating.

1. Ask him how he knew.

2. Tell him he's dead.

3. You aren't going.

4. Repeat yourself

5. Tom.

Once you've gone through the lines, Frank will ramble, you need to click on him as Rosa to get him to realize he is dead. During another cut scene at the Portal you discover that Frank was murdered. He was strangled. After the cut scene you are brought back to Joey and into another cut scene with the Countess ghost. You regain control back at apartment. You can ask Joey about the Countess choosing either a long version or a short one. The long version is but a moment or so and discusses the countess from the second game. Rosa has a dream where she is in the bar on the floor. Click on the flashing painting and listen to the ghost. Then wake up in the apartment.

Discovering the Countess

The next morning Joey tells Rosa a portrait of the Countess was at the gallery. Return to gallery and look at the painting. Talk to Claudia about the portrait until she tells you about the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse adding it to your map. Also discuss the investors to learn about the Meltzer Foundation. Explore the conversation tree, though the important elements to discover are the Lighthouse and the Meltzer Foundation. Go to the lighthouse but you find nothing there. Look at the lighthouse and talk to Joey about your plans then leave. Head to Minetta to find Claude. He's not quite drunk enough to talk about his art yet. Discuss Joe Gould to discover a connection between Joe Gould and Joseph Mitchell, the reporter linked to the Countess. Return to Cube Star and talk to Monique about Joe's death and the Meltzer Foundation. Discover they invested in her and she was very defensive about Joe's death. Return to your residence and do a web search for the Meltzer Foundation to find their address.

With the location added to your map go to Meltzer Foundation. Exhaust all conversation options with Paul Meltzer at the conclusion he will give you a business card with their Bmail address. B-Mail seems to be some cheap version of E-mail based upon the way the brothers talk about it. When you exit you are asked if Joey should stay behind to spy, chose yes. He needs to discover the B-mail password. It is (TENNIS53) Joey does not hear the login but somehow you know it is is (PAULM). At home there is no conversation between Rosa and Joey about the login and password. You see no indication of how she learned it, but she did. Log out of Rosa's

B-mail account then log into Meltzer's using the login and password, yes typing in all caps works. Read all of his B-mail, when finished Joey will suggest you go to the gallery for the opening.

Talk to Claude. He won't talk to you unless you understand art. He'll stand in front of a painting and ask you what you think then move on to another painting for yet another question. Select the responses as follows,

1 The Countess

2 The Dark Lady

3 Understanding Art

4 The hard lines in this painting are really provocative

5 Does this painting represent darkness and shadow?

6 Why is one side so colorful and the other so dark?

If you choose correctly, he'll ask you to step outside with him. Explore all conversation options, and warn him about Countess. You have no options as the countess appears tossing Claude off the fire escape killing him. A cut scene portrays another dream before waking in Rosa's apartment. Talk to Joey then go to the lighthouse.


The next morning, return to the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse. Talk to the man standing there. As Joey, examine the coffee mug the man is holding to learn about Gold Tech. Return home and do a web search on Gold Tech to find out about John Goldwater, who died at the lighthouse. The man was probably his father. Return to the lighthouse and talk to Martin Goldwater again. He'll now talk to you. Talk about Joe Gould, and his son John until he tells you about Lazarus Technology. Return home and look up Lazarus on the internet to get their phone number. Click the phone next to the computer to call the company. Choose all three options. Go to Park Gallery and talk to Claudia. Learn about her windfall. Go to Meltzer explore all conversation options especially discussing how they have profited from each death. Include the notebook items as triggering the correct dialogue line for Joey to hear the password is essential. If you miss the profiting line the following conversation mentioning the password will not occur. Leave the room and have Joey eavesdrop. Overhear Paul call Charlie "Scooter", recall from emails that Charlie sent an email to Paul reminding him that his email password is his childhood nickname. If the password is not a part of the conversation between the brothers go back and question again. Return to home. As with the first e-mail puzzle you will not hear any exchange where Joey informs Rosa of the password. This should have been included. Log into Charlie Meltzer's Bmail account with login, (CHARLESM) and password, (SCOOTER). Large caps. His Bmail account contains the names of all the people who have died. While you talk to Joey about what to do next, your name appears in his inbox. Rosa is startled she is next. The Countess suddenly appears in the room. While Joey struggles with her, leave the apartment and enter the trash room down the hall. When the Countess and Joey go into Nisha's room, return to your residence. Examine the picture of your aunt which is shaking on the wall, take it. When the Countess and Joey return to the apartment, use the picture of Rosa's aunt on the Countess. You have to walk close to her for this to work.

After the cut scene, you will be at portal with Joey, Countess and Madeline. Explore the entire tree with Madeline. The important piece is you agree to help. Madeline takes you to a floating island diner which is the link between the Countess and her victims. Inside are Joe Gould and Joseph Mitchell. Talk to Joe Gould until you get his essays. In the close up scene of the essay take the paper clip off the essay. Upon exit of the close up, the essay goes back to Joe and you keep the paper clip. Talk to Joseph, he will give a cigarette to Joe if they don't have to be around each other. Use the paper clip on the kitchen door left corner of screen. You hear sounds like the voices heard in your dreams. Click on the center oven to see a strange glow inside. Click on the oven again to talk to the glow. It is a part of the Countess. She doesn't want to move out into the cold. Try to take the light, but your hand goes through it. Joe enters the room auto speaking. Return to the main room to talk to Joseph Mitchell. Inform him Joe is in the kitchen, and he will give you the pack of cigarettes. Return to the kitchen and give the pack to Joe. Talk to him about the cigarettes, and he will give you one. Use the lit cigarette on the light in the stove and the glow will come with you. Leave the diner and talk to Madeline.

The Countess was pretty upset at Charles and you guess he is her next victim. Go to the Meltzer Foundation to check on him. Talk to Paul asking all you can, then go to roof. While the Countess is attacking Charles, use the cigarette on the Countess. When Countess and Joey are fighting, have Rosa pick up Joey's tie. A few times while they are fighting the Countess brings her hand back to cast a spell. She brings her hand back several times. Don't worry if you miss it at first. When her hand is back, have Rosa use the tie on her hand. While Rosa has the Countess's hand, switch to Joey and click the Countess to strike her. Watch the final cutscene. The End. Another very well done independent effort by Dave Gilbert.

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