Blue Room

Walkthrough by Chief     

December ‏‏ 2006


When found, an object goes to inventory by clicking on it.

To use an object from inventory, the circle in which  the object is must be white.

Some objects are difficult to be seen or pick up or to be click on.


The game starts in a room. You are in front of a computer and a bookcase.

Click on the cushion on the floor and it will move to the right. Take the cutter: click on it in inventory to see the circle change to white and click the cushion again to tear it: find a blue key that will go in inventory.

Click on the picture with the red and yellow flower: the picture will go up: take the screw-driver (not easy to see at the bottom of the box).

Click on the left drawer under the book shelf to see that you can’t open it: use the screw-driver on it: take the light bulb.

Over the computer on the ceiling, click on the black hole: click the bulb in inventory and then the black hole to put in place the light bulb.

Click the screen of the computer to see it bend backward. You can now see more easily the light switch on the right of the door: click on it and get some light in the room.

Go to the computer and the white keyboard (no keys) and click on it: at the bottom of the screen, you must enter the password????

On top of the bookcase, click on the round object to see a projection of a cube.

Close the light and open it again: see a W on the wall beside the cube. Open and close the light until you get the complete password:

Back  to enter the password: click on the right of the word “password” to get the small vertical line and type in the letters.

After you click on “enter”, an object appears on the keyboard: click on the pink key to see it go in inventory.

Now look at the two symbols on some kind of a box on the left of the computer: they match the ones on the keys: click the pink key on the right symbol and the blue on the left symbol (the circle around the key in inventory will disappear): a small door will open and a key will drop on the floor.

Where is it: it’s a small white dot just under the computer: pick it up: You found the room key: click on it and again in inventory. Click on the knob of the door to open it. Click on the opening.

End of the game.


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