Brain  Hotel


Len Green     24th  January  2005




Brain Hotel is a freeware game, developed by “Pinhead Games” … it can be played directly online, or downloaded (31½+ MB) from their Site.

NOTE :-  The game has only one save/load slot.  )


This walkthrough describes the absolute MINIMUM actions only which you must take in order to succeed.  Occasionally you are instructed to double-back, or pick up an item ‘before its useful time’.  This may slightly spoil the absolute ‘efficiency’, but it has been done in order to make the logic of the narrative more comprehensible.

No mention is made in this abbreviated & spoiler-type walkthrough as to show or describe WHY to perform any action, or what leads up to or prompts you to do so … merely WHAT  to perform !

 Many actions, and conversation topics which are not absolutely essential have been omitted.  A lot of these are important &/or interesting, and provide much of the background story to the game.

If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand and follow exactly what to do & not to do, you can probably finish the game EXTREMELY quickly … but this would defeat its purpose!


There is an EXCELLENT Hint Guide on the game’s Site.  As opposed to this walkthrough, it deals with many difficulties and their ‘explanations’ using a series of incremental Hints.




++++  Read through the 4 comic-strip pages.

++++  The interactive game starts here.

++++  You (Ed Arnold) are standing next to your ‘Stuff Bringers’ van outside the entrance to the “Brain Hotel”.  You have a package to deliver to “The Botsmith”.


*** Get the (intermittently glittering) Canadian coin from the fountain outside the front door of the hotel.

*** Get the sticky pennies from the same fountain.

*** Enter the hotel.

*** Talk to the desk clerk until he refuses to allow you to go beyond the lobby area.

*** Exit the hotel.

*** Use the outside white courtesy phone “Help, I’m stuck on the thirteenth floor !” … (The desk clerk leaves his counter).

*** Enter the hotel and use the reception’s computer … find the number of The Botsmith’s room … number 616 … Book yourself (Ed Arnold) into an adjoining room (number 618).

*** Walk to the left.

*** Talk to Impo, the elevator operator … “6th floor please”.

*** Get a can of ammonia from the maid-cart.

*** Knock on the door and enter room number 616.

*** Give The Botsmith his package … notice a label detaching and floating to the floor.

*** Get kicked out of the room by ‘Robot 6’.

*** Enter your room … number 618.

*** Try to enter room number 616 through the inter-communicating door … listen to The Botsmith’s plan to take over this city.

*** Hear the sound of sobbing from room number 616 … so enter.

*** Get the label which fell from the package delivered to The Botsmith … ‘Danger Radioactive’.

*** Talk to the sobbing Robot 6 and hear its plan for you (Ed) to thwart the evil plan.

*** Receive a list of five essential items in and around the hotel to obtain, and bring to Robot 6 …

A 9-volt battery ~~~~ A cellular phone ~~~~ Some plutonium ~~~~ A Quad-C computer chip ~~~~ An airtight insulated rubber vessel in which to assemble the device.

The acquisition of this somewhat bizarre collection of items (in whatever order) constitutes the bulk of this game !

*** Leave the room and walk left to the elevator which takes you down to the ground floor.

*** (The next 2 lines are not  essential for finishing the game … but add ‘credence’ to the proceedings).

*** Walk to the left.  View a maintenance clone attending to items in a closet.

*** Try to grab something, talk to the clone, look around at &/or use anything … nothing ‘works’.

*** Walk right, and continue past the elevator, reception area, and the bar, to the lobby with the large dispensing machine.

*** Get the pail.

*** Use the stuck together pennies with the dispenser (soda machine).  This jams the machine, and causes the maintenance clone to come running to repair it

*** Return left to where the maintenance clone was working on the closet … which is now left open and unattended.

*** Get the green bottle of deodorant.

*** Look at the deodorant … “Caution: highly flammable”.

*** Walk right to the elevator.

*** Talk to Impo … “Take me to the pool”.

*** Fill the bucket with pool water.

*** Return to the ground floor.

*** Walk right … to the very end.

*** Talk to Judge Mental (This is not  essential for finishing the game).   

*** Look around, and especially at the hi-tech wares.

*** Notice the Quad-C computer chip on the table.

*** Take it … You can’t !

*** Use the gas mask.

*** In your inventory, use the ammonia on the pool water. … Sweet dreams Judge Mental.

*** Get the Quad-C computer chip.

*** Return left twice, to the bar.

*** Look at the drinks standing on the bar.

*** Try to get the green bottle of plutonium … “I think I’d better ask that guy behind the bar”!

*** Ask the bartending clone :- but he can’t oblige.

*** Show him your ‘radioactive label’.

*** He gives you a new bottle of liquid plutonium.

*** Talk again to the bartending clone.

*** The guy is only allowed to hand you one specific bottle of drink … it’s a horrible chocolate smoothie.  Take a swig and gag … but keep the bottle just the same.

*** Walk left to the reception area and then out of the hotel.

*** Open the rear door of the van (if it’s not already open).

*** Get the undeliverable package.  It apparently contains some sort of adult rubber toy … presumably the required airtight insulated rubber vessel in which to assemble the device.

*** Reenter the hotel and walk left to the elevator operator.

*** Talk to Impo … “You haven’t seen a cell phone around here, have ya?”

*** He won’t help you until you prove to him that you have a sense of humor.

*** Try any of the listed jokes … none amuse him.

*** Use the chocolate smoothie on Impo … a lot of spluttering and gagging back and forth takes place (slapstick humor ?).

 *** OK !  You can have his cell phone !

*** “So where is the cell phone?” … You have to get it from his pants.

*** But how ?  “They don’t call me ‘magic pants for nothing!”

*** Use your Canadian coin on Impo … he eventually gives you a cellular phone.

*** Talk to Impo … go up to 6th floor and enter your (Ed Arnold’s) room, number 618.

*** look at bearskin rug and notice the static electricity sparks when you walk on it.

*** In Inventory, open the bottle of deodorant.

*** Walk on your rug …the highly flammable open deodorant is ignited by the sparks.

*** Notice the red warning light which is blinking behind Chuck the Plant in the corner of the room.

*** Move Chuck.

*** Look at the smoke detector which was hidden behind the plant.

*** From inside the smoke detector, take the 9-volt battery.

*** Enter room 616.

*** The undeliverable parcel needs a LOT of force t open it :-  give  it to Robot 6 … it provides a large inflated rubber doll.

*** Talk to Robot 6 and tell him you have all five items to stop The Botman from carrying out his evil plan.

This is the interactive conclusion of Brain Hotel.

Watch the final cut scenes and read the comic-page wrap-up.



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