Walkthrough by Witchen =O)
April 2001


Important Notes:

This walkthrough is for the PC version released in 2001.

This game will run with on either Windows 95 or Windows 98.

Use both right and left click buttons on the mouse to gain the full benefits of both conversation and game play.

Conversation occurs in the lower bar under the game screen. Inventory is held and manipulated/combined in the upper bar above the game screen.

The game can be successfully played taking different geographical routes. However, critical items and actions must be accomplished at each stop along the way.

If you get stuck, call Nico on the nearest available telephone.

Enjoy this outstanding classic animated adventure game!



As the game opens, you witness the remarkable circumstances which will transform young Californian, George Stobbart, from a regular nice guy on vacation into the main protagonist in the mystery of The Shadow of the Templars.

Sipping his coffee, George blithely sits outside a small Parisian cafe.  He is disgruntled.  He feels the French are treating him with a certain amount of distain.  He considers trying to prove himself by approaching the attractive waitress nearby.  But,  an ensuing tragic explosion suddenly changes his plans, and his life, forever!



Chapter One - Paris

1. Cafe de la Chandelle verte
2.  Rue Jarry
3.  La Risee de Monde
4.  Hotel Ubu
5.  Crune Museum

Chapter Two - Ireland

1.  The Pub
2.  Lochmarne Castle

Chapter Three - Paris Return

1.  Police Station
2.  Hagenmeyer Hospital
3.  Crune Museum

Chapter Four - Montfaucon

1.  The Plaza
2.  The Caverns

Chapter Five - Marib, Syria

1.  Marketplace
2.  Bull's Head
3.  Paris

Chapter Six - Spain

1.  The Villa
2.  The Mausoleum

Chapter Seven - Montfaucon Return

1. The Plaza
2.  Crune Museum
3.  Site de Baphomet

Chapter Eight - Spain Return

1.  The Villa
2.  The Mausoleum

Chapter Nine - Bannockburn

1.  On the Train
2.  The Castle



Part 1: Cafe' de la Chandelle verte

During the opening cut scene, you'll see our hero, George Stobbart, nonchalantly picking his teeth outside a small Parisian sidewalk cafe.  You are an eye witness as an old man appears, carrying a briefcase, and enters the cafe in the company of an attractive, red-clad waitress.  Momentarily, a bunch of colored balloons with leering, painted faces, appears to accost George.  And, from behind them, arrives an even more ominous, leering clown face which silently grins and nods.

Carrying a small accordian, the clown disappears into the cafe.  Inside, he places the accordian on one of the bar stools and beats a hasty exit.  Immediately, the bomb hidden inside the accordian explodes!  The blast kills the old man with the briefcase, stuns the waitress, and knocks George to the pavement.

George recovers quickly and rushes into the cafe to help in whatever way he can.

Assuming George's identity, examine the body of the old man.  Pick up the confused waitress and talk to her. When she asks for a drink, give it to her.  Talk to her about everything.  She'll tell you the clown laughed at the old man and grabbed his briefcase as he ran out the door.  The old man appeared to have been waiting for someone.

Leave the cafe and walk over to the street lamp.  Pick up the NEWSPAPER laying on the sidewalk in front of the lamp, under a chair.  Someone has written a note on the newspaper "Salah Dinn, thirteen forty-five."

Turn around and go back screen to where the man is digging. You'll be stopped by a policeman, Officer Moue, and will be subsequently questioned in the cafe by Inspector Rosso.

After the cutscene and Rosso's questioning (answer truthfully) he lets you go to enjoy the rest of your vacation.  But , not before he gives you his CARD.

Outside the cafe, turn around and talk to Officer Moue.  Go through all conversation choices.  After talking to Moue, go talk to the pretty girl, Nico, with the camera.  She is a photo journalist from La Liberte, a Paris newspaper.  Talk to Nico about all conversation choices.  She tells you she was the one that was supposed to meet with the old man, Plantard, at the cafe.  She gives you her telephone number and leaves to develop the pictures she has taken.

Go back to the man who is digging in the street and continue the conversation interrupted earlier by the police.  Talk to him about everything.  When you have finished the conversation, give the workman the newspaper. He learns about a great horse race and abruptly leaves.

After he's gone, take the T-SHAPED TOOL from the tool box in the little construction tent.  Check out the other tool box sitting to the right of the dirt pile.  You'll access your notes, written on an envelope.

NOTE:  Walk screen right to see a display of the game map.  You'll want to stay in this area for now, however.  Click on Cafe' de la Chandelle verte, to exit the map.

Walk back toward the cafe and then go screen right into an alley.  Try using your T-shaped tool on the barred window. No dice, huh?  Check the garbage can on the left rear wall for a surprise!  Probably the T-shaped tool would work on that manhole cover behind you, though.  Try it.  (Really cool how George can stuff something of this size and discomfort level down his pants!)

Enter the smelly sewer.  At the bottom, go screen right and pick up the red thing on the walkway.  Its a plastic ball which served as a red CLOWN NOSE.  Go further into the sewer screen right and find a SODDEN TISSUE. And, on the fence by the ladder, a SCRAP OF MATERIAL.  Go ahead, climb up the ladder to meet a guy with a big white moustache and short pants who happens to have chased an intruder some time earlier.  Exhaust all conversation options.

When you are shown out of the garden, you are back in the street in the workman's area.  Turn around and knock on the court yard door again.  When the old gentleman appears, show him Inspector Rosso's card.  Talk to him about everything and find he has more than a passing interest in the waitress at the cafe.  You also find out that the clown had the briefcase when the old man saw him.

Show the old gentleman the scrap of material. Aha! It's the same material as the clown's jacket.  The old man no longer has the jacket he nabbed off the clown.  Finish the conversation.  Then go over to the tool box by the dirt pile and check your notes to see that the words B. Todryk and the telephone number 74-98-08-59 has been added to your notes. Todryk is the clown's tailor, as you learned from the old gentleman.

Use the pointing finger icon to select Nico's telephone number, at the top of the envelope.  You call Nico and talk things over with her.  (36 Rue Jarry is Nico's address.)  Go screen right , after the phone conversation, and select Rue Jarry on the map.

Part 2:  Rue Jarry

Talk to the old lady who is knitting beside the flower cart.  Ask about the flowers, Nico and fortune telling.  When the conversation is over, cross the street and enter the apartment house and Nico's apartment.  After the cutscene, show the scrap of material to Nico.  You discover that the clown bomber has a horse shoe shaped scar on his face.  Nico will give you the
PHOTOGRAPH she's taken.

Show Nico the sodden tissue. She thinks its disgusting, but you learn its covered with theatrical makeup.  Show Nico the nose.  Find out what costume rental agency the nose came from.  After showing Nico the inventory, ask her about Plantard, the clown and herself.  Then use the telephone to call the tailor, Todryk.  Ask about tracing a customer.  Talk to him about the picture, Plantard, and the clown.   After a seemingly unproductive conversation with Todryk, tell Nico you are going to the costume shop.  In the street, go screen left to access the map.  Select La rise'e de monde.

Part 3:  La Risee de Monde

Enter the shop and speak to the proprietor.  Ask  him about the clown nose, the photo and the soiled tissue.  Show him the picture of the scar faced man. Then talk to him again about Plantard and the clown.  You will be rewarded with a PALM BUZZER and a good laugh.

Note: By clicking on the soiled tissue and the photo, make sure that the proprietor has told you about Monsieur Kahn and the pixie costume before you leave the shop.

You can click on the clown costume by the door, the Victorian lady costume, and you can play the phonograph, if you want to take the time to check out the entire shop.

Part 4:  Hotel Ubu

Notice the two seedy looking characters hanging out by the front entrance of the hotel as you climb the stairs.  Inside, stop and talk with Lady Piermont. Ask her about herself. When she stops filling you in, show her the picture of the scar faced man. She says its "Moerlin."  He's a fellow guest at the hotel.  Great, you are on the right track, George!  Ask Lady Piermont about the clown nose.  Then, below, ask about the scar faced man until the icon disappears.  Then, ask about Lady Piermont again.  She'll tell you she's found the man she's been waiting for all her life, only to be bitterly disappointed.

When she has finished trying to talk a hole in you, excuse yourself and go to the front desk.  You can't speak with the gentleman reading the newspaper quite yet.  You need to get access to that safe and those mysterious documents.  When you get to the front desk, look to rear screen and check out the blue key hanging on the board.  That looks like a likely target for George.

Try to get the key off the board.  The desk clerk will stop you.  Chat with him about the safe, key, Plantard and the clown.  You will find out that the key is for room 21.  Its now empty, though reserved.  Hmmm, interesting.

On your way back over to Lady Piermont for a continuing conference, stop and talk to the gentleman with the newspaper.  He's a Nobel Prize winner.  Might he be in the same danger at the Hotel Ubu as Plantard faced at the cafe?

Afterward, talk to Lady Piermont.  Ask her about the key.  You make an agreement with her to distract the desk clerk.  When Piermont does her thing with the desk clerk, take that KEY.  Go directly up the stairs.  You know that the scar faced assassin, Moerlin, is staying in the second room on the right side, according to Todryk the tailor. So, going into the first room on the right side just may help you gain access to the next room.  Check the sign on the door by attempting to enter. Yup, its Room 21 all right. Use the key to enter.

You can spend some time snooping around in the amoire and checking out the bedside table. But, you really just need to go right on out the bedroom window. Oh gad! One false move and you are sky diving toast!  Creep along the ledge screen right until you can climb in the assassin's window.

Go over and open the door to the hallway only to see the scar faced assassin arriving.  You're automatically hiding in the amoire while the assassin changes his clothes and leaves the room again. Whew!

Check out the room. The bed side table is the only item that is accessible other than, well, maybe those ridiculous clown pants on the bed.  Search them to find Moerlin's PASS CARD and an interesting looking MATCHBOOK.

You can safely leave the room via the door now, so go down to the lobby and ask the desk clerk about that safe in the back room.  If the desk clerk isn't  there, click on the back room and he'll come out.  Show him Moerlin's pass card and he'll talk to you but still won't let you see the contents of the safe.

Go back to Lady Piermont again.  Show her Moerlin's pass card. She's pretty ticked off at Moerlin's rejection of her anyway, so she intercedes with the clerk on your behalf.  The desk clerk obliges by getting the manuscript from the safe.

When you have the MANUSCRIPT in your inventory, go up the stairs.  Enter the first room again and climb out on the ledge.  Use the magnifying glass icon to throw the manuscript out into the alley.

Go back inside, down to the lobby and out the front entry.  On your way, you'll be stopped by the two thugs, Guido and Flap, who were obviously stationed there by Moerlin.  Flap will search you. Aren't you glad I told you to dump that manuscript out the window?

Go back in the alley and collect the manuscript. You will appear in Nico's apartment. You learn from Nico that the medieval manuscript is connected somehow with the ancient order of the Templars.

After learning about the Templars, view the manuscript at screen bottom and review the meaning of each of the icons.  You may do this periodically as you develop additional information.  But, it is not necessary to repeat this frequently to successfully finish the game.

Leave the apartment for,

Part 5:  Crune Museum

Enter the museum and talk to the guard.  Ask for Andre Lobineau.  Also ask him about the Knights of the Templars and the manuscript.  Lobineau is not at the museum and the guard knows a grand total of zero!

Check out the exhibits in the display area, eventually making your way to the strange triangular object in the center glass case.  Wow!  It looks like the tripod depicted on the Templar manuscript. Could it be?

Go back to Nico's apartment.  Talk to Nico about Professor Peagram and Lochmarne. And, go through the icons on the manuscript again, if you need further familiarization.  Then leave Nico and head for the Aeroport on the map.  When the Europe map pops up, click on Lochmarne.


Part 1:  The Pub

Go talk to the young man leaning against the building.  Liam McGuire is a virtual stranger to the truth, as it turns out!  But, ask him about Peagram, the dig, Lochmarne, the clown and the ghost.  After the discussion with McGuire, go into the pub.

Go screen right and talk to the old man who appears to have a bad cold.  Ask him about Sean Fitzgerald, the ghost and the beer. Afterward notice that the old man leaves a PIECE OF WIRE on the table.  When he puts it on the table and then next sneezes, quickly take the wire. Be sure you talk to him about everything.

Talk to Sean Fitzgerald at the center table, about beer, the dig, the gem, Peagram and Lochmarne.  Go talk to Pat, the man in the lighter gray shirt sitting at the bar.  Ask him about Peagram, the dig, the gem, Fitzgerald (buy  him a beer) and Lochmarne.  Finish talking to Pat Doyle. And, when he is taking a sip o' the ale you just bought him, take that green bar towel under his right elbow.  You have to do this while George is standing directly in front of Michael, the bartender/owner. You can just see a corner of the green towel on the bar between George and Pat, when Pat lifts his elbow.

Go back and talk to Fitzgerald again about the dig.  He denies ever working there.  He says that ol' Pat Doyle is a liar.

Go to rear screen and talk to O'Brien who is sitting on the end bar stool by the window.  Ask him about Peagram, Michael, Peagram, the gem, Lochmarne, the tripod, and the ghost.  Then, go back outside and talk to McGuire again about the dig, Fitzgerald, and the gem.  Looks like Peagram gave old Fizzy a package that he is very nervous about.

Go back inside and approach Fitzgerald again.  Ask him about the dig, Peagram, the package, and Jacques Marquet.  Fitzgerald jumps up and runs out of the pub.  You hear brakes squealing.  McGuire runs into the pub to tell everyone that Fitzgerald haas been run down by a red sports car.

Go outside and talk to McGuire. He tells you Fitzgerald was hit and then pulled into the car before it drove off, by "a bloody pixie."  Ask him about the pixie, and Fitzgerald.

Now, remember in the cutscene where you saw the pixie's red sports car bump the pub wall and knock the hatch off a small compartment mounted there?  Look at it now, to the left of the pub entry.  The workings are exposed.  What do you think these switches are for?  One of the handles comes off when George touches it. Uh oh!

Go back inside and ask Michael for a beer. You need one here.  You won't get one if you ordered one earlier, however.  Finish it off first if that is the case.  Michael discovers, then, that the beer taps aren't operating.  Oh, so that's what you broke.  He mentions the glass washer. You can see it vibrating as it runs behind the bar.

At this point show Michael your electrician's ID card.  The glass washer has stopped.  So, he wants you to take a look at it first, to prove yourself before you are allowed to try to fix the beer pumps.  Walk around to the back of the bar and use the piece of wire from your inventory on the electrical outlet for the glass washer.  This won't work unless you have talked to the sneezing old man specifically about this wire and what it is used for.  (Ugh, poor little animals.)  So, if you didn't get that information out of him the first time, go talk to him about it now.

When you are able to use the wire as a replacment for the fuse, you'll have a conversation with Michael about fixing the beer pumps in the cellar. He will step back to the bar, so you can enter the doorway to the cellar.  Go to the lever on the cellar wall to screen right and pull it.  Then go back up to the bar and out onto the street.  Open the grate on the sidewalk.  Kahn will approach you inquiring about a small package.  When he leaves, go back to the pub's cellar.  You will automatically pick up the FLASHLIGHT,  the GEM and exchange words with McGuire, above, about free beer and his reconaissance on the bad guys.  Take the green bar towel out of your inventory and get it wet under the utility sink's faucet.

Leave the pub.  Walk screen right, past the corner of the pub, and up the hill through the gate posts.

Part 2:  Lochmarne Castle

Talk to the farmer lounging on the hay wagon.  Ask him about Peagram.  Everyone seems to think that Peagram ran off with the gem.  But, we know better, don't we?  Ask the farmer about the red sports car and Fitzgerald.

After he's gone off to search for poor Fizzy, who is his nephew, climb up on the stacked hay bales.  You will not be able to reach the top of the stone wall.  Find a crack down next to George's left hand.  Use the manhole key in the hole.  Voila!  A new step.  Then use your forward cursor on top of the wall to get over and down into the court yard on the other side.  Uh oh! That is a very nasty looking white goat.  I wonder if he was put here to prevent anyone from entering the excavation area where that ladder is, back and left of the stairs?  Probably.  Never heard of a guard goat before.

Save your game!  Talk to Billy the goat.

Don't approach the hay rake to screen left of the goat.  Or, Billy will put your lights out!  Go toward the ladder that leads down into the excavation.  Billy will knock you on your posterior immediately.  Very quickly, get up and click on the hay rake over to the left.  George will run over there and move the hay rake so that Billy get his rope caught and can't reach George anymore. He's one angry, but harmless Billy.

Go over to the excavation ladder.  The archaeological dig awaits!

Enter the excavation.  In the chamber beneath the court yard, check out the big door at rear screen.  Look to the left of the door at a strange set of indentations in the niche in the wall.  Go to the side table and look at the little sack.  Take some PLASTER OF PARIS from the sack.

There is a small idol standing to the left of the steps in front of the door. (You can barely see it.)  Walk over and knock it down.  Then, pick it up and notice those little holes in the sand.  Pour some plaster of paris in the holes and wring out the green bar towel full of water to wet the plaster. If the towel has dried out too much, take yourself back to the pub's cellar and wet it again, a time or two.

Note: If you didn't turn the faucet off after you wet the bar towel the first time, when you got the gem and the flashlight, you will never be able to get the towel wet enough to dampen the plaster in the excavation. You will be going back and forth to the excavation trying to get the towel wet enough until the cows come home.  So, be sure to turn off the water after you use it. :)

After you successfully wet the plaster of paris in the holes in the sand, pick up the PLASTER CAST From the sand.  Use the plaster cast on the left wall beside the door, where you found the little holes.  When the door opens, enter the cavern.

When you return to Nico's, talk to her about the Templar's gem and then adjourn for the police station


Part 1: Police Station

Talk to Moue, the gendarme you met earlier at the bombed cafe.  Talk to him about Marquet, the thugs at the Ubu, Khan, the scar faced man.  And then leave for the Hagenmeyer Hospital.

Part 2: Hagenmeyer Hospital

Go into the hospital lobby through the glass doors.  Talk to the receptionist about the clown, Guido and Flap, then Jacques Marquet.  Tell her, "No," when she asks if you are related to Marquet.  Show her your ID. Marquet is in the J-Two Ward.  Nurse Grendel's ward.  You'll have to get past her and that is reported not to be easily done.

When you've finished asking about Nurse Grendel, go down the left hallway.  Talk to the old janitor, Sam, about Grendel, Guido and Flap, and the floor polisher, Mr. Shiny.  When you have exhausted all conversation, go over in front, to left screen,  past the water cooler.  See the plug for Mr. Shiny down in the outlet there on George's right?  Unplug it.

When Sam goes back around behind and plugs Mr. Shiny back in, you will have plenty of time to slip into the closet (red door beside Mr. Shiny) and change into a doctor's white coat.

You can't go anywhere back here in the wards yet, so use the uppermost  right screen exit, behind Sam, to get back to the hospital lobby.  Go to the old man with the white moustache, Dr. Hagenmeyer.  Afterward, go back down to the wards where you found Sam.  Benoir, the nephew, will follow you and you will end up in Grendel's ward, J-Two, where Marquet is supposedly recovering.  The very stern Nurse Grendel gives you instructions and a BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF.

Talk to the patients.  The man in the middle bed tells you that Marquet's room is around the corner in solitary.  After all conversation, try to go front screen and right to Marquet's room.  The patient in the first bed stops you.  After your unsatisfactory encounter with him, speak to Benoir at the foot of the bed.  As him about Marquet and Grendel.  Give Benoir the blood pressure cuff and tell him to use it on the man pictured in the center icon at the bottom of your screen, Eric Sopmarch.  Benoir will then take Eric's blood pressure.

Go extreme screen right and into Marquet's room, where the guard is sitting.  Marquet desperately wants you to deliver the gem to the Grand Master.  Flap and Guido are working for him.  The assassin is trying to stop the reforging of the Templar sword and is likely in Syria right now, looking for Klausner.

Leave the room.  Outside, Benoir gives you the pressure cuff.  After the cut scene and Marquet's death at the hands of a fake doctor, you will reappear in Nico's apartment.

Talk to Nico about the Hashshashin and the murder of Marquet at the Hagenmeyer hospital.

Part 3:  Crune Museum

Inside the museum, talk to the guard about the tripod, the alarm, the Templars, the coin collection and Philip le Bel.

Go talk to Andre Lobineau over by the windows.  Ask him about Hashshasin, Montfaucon, Peagram, Philip le Bel, the manuscript, the Templars, Nico, and the tripod.  Lobineau is not loaning you the Lochmarne tripod. No way!

After your long talk with Lobineau and a complete rundown on Philip le Bel and the apparent erradication of the Templars, show him the matchbook and hear about Alamut and Persia.  Ask him about the gem, of which he appears to know absolutely nothing.

Save your game!

When the guard isn't looking, (he must up by the front entrance) open the top left window (cursor in the upper left corner of the window) of the bank of windows above Lobineau.  When the guard goes to close it again,  hide in the sarcophagus back and to the right of the tripod's glass case.  Watch as Lobineau and the guard close up the museum for the day.  Watch  the cutscene where Flap and Guido come in to steal the tripod.

 When your cursor is active again, immediately click on the totem pole to the right of where George is standing.  George won't fare too well, and neither will Flap and Guido.  But, Nico will come to the rescue and grab the tripod.

Back at Nico's apartment George and Nico talk over Lobineau, the TRIPOD and the gem. Also, the  events that took place at the museum.  Talk over the Templars again and maybe have another look at that manuscript before George excuses himself and leaves for,


Part 1:  The Plaza

Talk to the police officer at the sidewalk table.  Ask him about the Templars, and his duties directing traffic.  Talk to the juggler.  Ask him about the Templars and juggling.  Try it.  Go back to the policeman and show him the red nose from the clown assassin.  Talk to him about the juggler.  When you are finished, go back and try to juggle again.  George will wear the red nose, the juggler is thoroughly humiliated, the crowd roars, and both the juggler and the police officer leave the plaza.

As soon as they are gone, use the T- shaped tool on the manhole cover in front of the tourists.  Wow!  An underground river with caverns or something, apparently.

Part 2:  The Caverns

Click on the right hand archway and walk across the bridge.  Use the T-shaped manhole key to break through the center of the archway.  Click twice to pull the lever you find inside.  Go to the boat.  Unwind the chain.  Pick up the hook on the chain and go over and attach it to the wheel mechanism in the archway.  Go back to the boat and rewind the chain.  Go through the archway, behind the machinery you have exposed.  You are in the caverns.

Go back screen and look through the hole in the rock to witness the Templar's latest secret meeting.  They definitely are trying to reforge the broken sword of Baphomet and resurrect the Templar's; at least this peculiar fringe group of the ancient Templars.  You will finally get a look at the Grand Master.

Look through the hole again to hear the Grand Master's plan to become Prince of the World. Then the ominous little group sails away in a small boat.

Go down the long series of steps.  Hmmm, interesting looking ceremonial circle here.  Put the tripod on the center post. Put the gem on the tripod.  The letters M A R I B will be revealed.

Back in Nico's apartment, talk over the events of your trip to Montfaucon with Nico.  She will keep the gem for you and anonymously return the tripod to Andre Lobineau as the museum.  Leave the apartment and go to


Part 1:  Marketplace

Talk to the kid standing to George's right. Nejo is his name.  Ask him about the Templars, the knights, and his stand.  Ask him about himself, and the stand again.

When the conversation icons are completed, show Nejo the red ball you got as a souvenier from the juggler at Montfaucon.  Nejo loves it!  I mean he really loves that red ball!  He wants it desperately.  He offers a service in trade for the red ball.  Remember this offer.

Go talk to the fat man in the green and yellow outfit.  That's American tourist par excellence, Duane Henderson.  Ask him about Nejo, Templars, medieval weaving, knight, the bull, and Duane himself last.  On the second pass talk to him about his wife, Pearl, and then himself again.

Go talk to Pearl at the nearby antique shop.  Ask her about medieval weaving, herself, Duane, the Templars and Nejo.   She will ask you if you want to listen to one of her poems.  Here's some good news: you don't have to.  Listening to Pearl's poetry is not mandatory to successfully completing the game!

Go screen extreme right after talking to Pearl, to the darkened stairway in the arch.  Go up the stairs.  Look at the carpet seller and note the pattern on the red rug behind him with the diamond pattern.   Something is very familiar about that pattern.  Aha!  It's the same pattern as the matchbook in your inventory.  The carpet seller mentions Alamut.  Didn't Marquet talk about Alamut at the hospital?  The carpet seller pulls the carpet back to display another set of steps.  Go on up.  Its the Club Alamut.

Talk to Ultar, the taxi driver.  Next, ask him about the bartender, Nejo, Templars and the American tourists. Try talking to the bartender. You'll find him fairly unresponsive, as his tongue has been removed, poor man.

Try the door over screen right.  It's locked.  The taxi driver tells you that it's the bathroom.  Move George out of the way and use the magnifying glass to try to read the note on the door.  Go back to Ultar, the taxi driver, and talk to him about the sign.  Something about a stolen toilet brush?  Fairly heavy retribution for a stolen toilet brush.  Afterward, show him the picture of Khan.  He's been in Marib!  And, he's been asking around about George.  The ultimate destination appears to be Bull's Head.  Ask him about Bull's Head, when the icon appears.  When you are asked, you definitely want to go up there!  Maybe if you find that brush, the bathroom will become  accessible and Ultar will be more agreeable about the $50.00 taxi ride.

Go back downstairs and out into the marketplace again.  Go to the kebab stall.  Use the magnifying glass to check the kebabs very carefully.  See the toilet brush there to the left on top, under the roasting kebabs? (It looks like a baby bottle brush.)  He's using the toilet brush from the Alamut to baste his kebabs! Oh, gad!

Go extreme screen left and talk to Nejo about the Americans, Ultar, and the kebab salesman, Arto.  Then, show Neho the ball again.  He'll say,  "You know I do, sir."  Click the ball on him again and talk to him about the toilet brush.  Maybe Nejo can help with a trade or something. He wants that red ball desperately.  When Nejo says, "Can I have the ball back, mister?"  Answer, yes/thumbs up.  Give him the ball.  He mentions an Arabic phrase, "il ak kl' klab," that he says you should go use on Arto.

Note:  Giving the ball to Nejo will not happen unless you have right clicked  on Arto at the kebab stand and have heard from George all about ".......the horrific truth.  The guy was basting the kebabs with the toilet brush!"

When you have the Arabic phrase from Nejo, go talk to Arto and left click on him. Use the Arabic phrase icon.  Wow, what a reaction!  Yikes!  But, the ploy was effective.  It got Arto away from the kebab stand so Nejo could pop over they and pick up that toilet brush.  He has, indeed, performed "a service" for you.

Go back down to the marketplace and talk to Nejo.  Arto will not bother you again.   Nejo gives you the TOILET BRUSH.   Go back up the stairs to the Alamut and give the toilet brush to Ultar.  Then, give it to the Alamut's owner.  He'lll take the brush and give you a set of KEYS to the bathroom door.

Go use the keys on the door. Inside, take the CHAIN from the toilet stall and use the keys on the drying towel machine at left,  to remove the ROLLER TOWEL.

Go back to Ultar.  Ask him about Bull's Head and the meaning of the phrase you used on Arto.  Oh!  No wonder Arto went ballistic!  Guess you still need to figure out some way to scrape up $50.00 for that taxi ride to Bull's Head.

Go back to the now deliriously happy, ball-playing Nejo.  Talk to him about the smelly cat.  Pet the smelly cat and then immediately ring that silver bell sitting on the left of the table.  The cat will knock off a small, gray statue that was on the top shelf behind the table.  A man in a red shirt will briefly make an appearance from the stall door.  Pick up the little STATUE which fell off the table to George's right.

In inventory, clean up the little statue with the dirty tissue you've been carrying around for ages. Now it appears you have done a fairly effective job of making the statue look old...perhaps ancient?  How about selling it to someone who likes ancient stuff?  Like maybe Duane and his wife, Pearl?  Go talk to Duane.  Click on the statue to offer it to him for $50.00.  He gives you the MONEY. Hooray!  You have your taxi fare to Bull's Head to check out what's up there that Kahn was so interested in.  But first, ask Duane about Bull's Head, Ultar, and Arto.  Leave Duane and go back to the Alamut to find Ultar.  Show him the money.:)  Answer, "Yes,"  to his question, "Are you adventurous?"  Ultar leaves ahead of you and you leave the bathroom keys on the bar.

At the truck, talk to Ultar about the taxi.  He's got a problem.  The fan belt is broken.  Give Ultar the roller towel you took from the Alamut bathroom.  You now have HALF A ROLLER TOWEL.  Off you go to Bull's Head.

Part 2:  Bull's Head

At the top of Bull's Head, save your game!  Walk to the little tree at the edge of the cliff.  See that darker area to screen right of the tree?  Its a deep hole.  Use the hand icon on the tree to get a STICK.  Combine it in inventory with the half a roller towel.  Walk over to the deep hole and use the towel and stick apparatus on the big crack at the side of the hole.  Climb into the hole, using the gears icon.

Over toward the rear of the screen, under the rock where the little tree is just above you, you will see a hole in the rock.  It's to the left of the corner area.  Use the magnifying glass icon to look in there. You'll discover a wide metal ring.  Pull the ring and enter the new doorway that appears on George's right.

Uh oh! Klausner's body.  And double Uh Oh, the door closes!  You're locked in.  Might as well check Klausner's body.  You will find a hard LENS.  Save your game.  Examine the Baphomet image and try to memorize the inscription,  which means, "to the west, to the edge of the world"  (you don't need to memorize it, really). You are interrupted by Kahn.  After the preliminaries, follow him outside.

If you have a clue as to what might be good for you, use the angel icon to answer all of his questions truthfully.  Then, offer to "die like a man."  When it is time to shake hands with Kahn, quickly get your palm buzzer out from the costume shop, and use it on Kahn to shake hands.  Then, very quickly, run to the edge of the cliff and jump right off!  If you're fast enough, you'll land on Ultar's truck and off you go back to Paris.

Part 3:  Paris

Back in Nico's apartment, you'll talk over all the events in Marib and proceed to the Crune Museum.

Talk to Lobineau about the Baphomet inscription.  Ask him about Philip le Bel and Pope Clement, including the plot to get the Templar's treasure.  Ask him about the manuscript.  You learn that the knight is Spanish.  Maybe the manuscript is a map to the hidden Templar treasure.  Maybe it's buried in Spain.  Go to the airport and select Villa De Vasconcellos.


Part 1: The Villa

Talk to Lopez, the gardener watering the lawn.  Speak to him about the Templars and the Countess de Vasconcellos.  It doesn't matter how you approach this guy.  As far as he is concerned, you aren't seeing the Countess. Its not going to happen.

Walk over to the side of the villa.  You should get a gears icon on the hose just below the spot where it goes through the window.  Use the blood pressure cuff on the hose.

When the gardener discovers your trick and goes into the villa's laundry room, follow him inside and go quickly down the corridor to the right of the suit of armor.  When the dogs discover you and start yapping their heads off, you will automatically come back out into the corridor.  As soon as you have an active cursor, click on the suit of armor.  George will duck behind it.  Stay there.  When the old gardener challenges you and then goes on down the corridor to calm the dogs, make a hasty track up the stairs.

Talk to the reluctant Countess about the Templars.  She is the last of the Vasconcellos line.  Learn about the replacement piece for the chess set that is 600 years old.

Part 2: The Mausoleum

Go left screen and examine the Bible.  Under it is a checker board pattern. Talk to the Countess about your discovery.  The chess pieces must fit in the altar's chess board.

She orders old Lopez to get the chess set from her quarters.  While George is waiting, the Countess offers the sad local legend of the children's disappearance and Don Carlos' sojourn to find them.

Note: When the so-called Chess Puzzle appears on your screen, here's the methodology:
1. It doesn't play at all like chess.
2. You deal only with the three white pieces in the center, vertical column; the Bishop, the Knight, and the King.  No other pieces can be moved.
3. You move the three white pieces by clicking on the square base, not on the figure itself.


There are five vertical squares in the center column. Number them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from the top to the bottom.

The Bishop (with cross) goes in square #1.
The Knight (with hood) goes in square #3.
The King (with crown) goes in square #4

Once the puzzle is solved, a niche in the wall will open revealing a very meaningful ancient chalice.

You return to Nico's apartment for another round of conversation about your trip to Spain.  Afterward, leave for,


Part 1: The Plaza

Talk to the policeman again.  He is undercover on the Sewer Jacques case.

Go up the stairs and enter the church.  Show the chalice you got from the Countess to the priest.  Let him clean it off.  While he's rubbing the years away, go screen right and look at the floor tombs, under the windows. Look at the wall tombs also. And then go look at the scroll or manuscript in the left hand of the standing statue over by the priest.

Right click on the cross symbol on the statue's chest.  George should say something about the statue ..."holding a staff and a scroll."
Note: If you don't right click, you will be in the church for a long, long time.:)
Then, right click on the manuscript.  You will get a gears icon and will see a close up of one area of the big stained glass windows.

Use the lens on the scroll.  Look at the windows again.  You see a knight burning alive!  A Templar, no doubt.  There's also an important date to be seen:  MCCCXIV, or 1314.

Talk to the priest again and he'll tell you that the cleaned up chalice revealed a winged horse, a Pegasus coat of arms that is identical to one on a tomb in the sanctuary.  Go on to ask the priest about the new window, the Templars, and the priest himself.  Go back screen, look at the wall tomb that is closest to the new window.  You have identified the Pegasus symbol that denotes the final resting place of Don Carlos Vasconcellos.

Part 2: Crune Museum

Go back to talk to Andre Lobineau about the 14th century communion chalice.  Ask about the Baphomet statue.  Andre doesn't think the Templars worshipped such idols, however.  When you've finished talking about the Baphomet idol, leave to access the map and go to,

Part 3: Site de Baphomet

At the excavation site, talk to the lazy workman having a smoke break.  Ask  him about the Templars and himself.  Ask him about the excavation.  He's puzzled by the general appearance of the people who have access to the excavation.  Leave him and go through the gate screen right and down the steps into the cellar.  Talk to the guard.  Ask him about the Templars and his responsibilities.

Look around and find the locked bathroom door. (What is it with these locked bathrooms?) Talk to the guard again and ask him to open the bathroom.  He gives you his KEYS.  Open the bathroom door and step inside.  Check out the boiler, toilet, garbage, etc.  Get the BAR OF SOAP from the sink. (The icon to pick up the soap is a bit tricky here...a pixel hunt.)

How about using that bar of soap to make an impression of the keys? Combine them in inventory.  Now you have a good impression of the key to that mysterious locked door.  Now, use the soap on the plaster to get the plaster into the impression.  Then, hold the soap bar under the water to make a PLASTER KEY.  Take it to the hand dryer, dry it, and replace the soap.  Now, you need to make the plaster key look real so you can fool the guard and use the real key to access the excavation site.

Go back to the guard and give him the real key.  Go up the stairs and try to get some gray paint on the key from the paint can hanging on the yellow and black barricade.  Whoops!  The workman gets cranky.  Go down to the cellar, to the phone. Call Nico.  Have her stay on the line so you can set up the painter to get him away from the paint can.  Go up and tell him he's got a phone call.  He can't pass it up. When he is gone, get that key and dip it in the paint.

Go back down to the cellar and get the bathroom key from the guard again. Go into the bathroom.  Swap the fake key for the real thing.  Don't give it back to the guard yet.  Go out to the thermostat on the wall to the left of the radiator.  Right click on it for an explanation. Then, go talk to the guard about the thermostat.  Go turn the thermostat off. Right click on the thermostat again to hear that its getting "chilly." The guard will put on his gloves.  Now, give him the fake key.  He can't feel that it is fake with his gloves on. Voila! !

Call Nico again.  Ask her to distract the guard.  Wait till he goes up to get the painter.  George watches the guard and painter argue and then goes back to the cellar.

Go use the real key on the excavation door.  Look at the Baphomet idol.  Use the chalice on the design on the floor in front of the idol.  You'll see an image of a church with a square tower.

Back at Nico's apartment, you talk it all over with her.  Maybe you'd better make a trip to,


Part 1: The Villa

Go back to the villa. Talk to Lopez.  He's much more cooperative.  Talk to him a second time about the chalice and the Countess.  Go into the house.  Stop off in the laundry room and check it out.  When you get the hand icon, pick up that white patch on the laundry room wall.  It's a MIRROR. You just might need it.

Go on upstairs and talk to the old Countess.  Ask her about the missing chess piece, herself, the Bible references, and the chalice.  There's a Bible in the mausoleum, remember?  Go down to the mausoleum.  The icon is just to the right of the palm tree, in front of Lopez.

Part 2: The Mausoleum

Go open the mausoleum door.  Take the BIBLE from the altar.  Go back to the Countess and give her the Bible.  She will look up references to:
- the hiding place
- the well
- the hidden things
- lions, horn of unicorns

Maybe there's a hidden, ancient well on the villa's property?

Go down and talk to Lopez.  Ask him about a well.  He will think about how to find the old well that used to be in the court yard.

Leave him to think things over and go back to the mausoleum.  Use the long pole on the right of the altar to close the upper window.  Have a look at the huge candle in the candelabra hanging from the ceiling.  Put your greasepainted tissue on the end of the long window pole and light the tissue with the burning candles on the altar.  Light the big candle above.  The candle burns down very quickly, like magic, and reveals a STRANGE KEY.

Go back to Lopez and ask him about the well again.  This time he mentions water dowsing.  Aha!  We need a hazel divining rod.  Go to the hazel tree beside the laundry room window and get the forked HAZEL STICK.  Go back out to the front yard and take the stick to Lopez for instructions.  MUCH LATER, you find a tin can full of water.  The discarded tin can, however, accidentally finds the ancient well.

Save your game.

Inside the well, look at the lion's head.  Move the fang in the lion's jaw.  Jump back immediately or George is toast; smashed toast.  Pick yourself up and enter the exposed doorway.  You'll find a stone wall.  Use the mirror on the back wall of the well beside the rope.  Return to the now illuminated wall to find a socket.  Use the strange key in the socket.  Inside the second secret door you find the secret hiding place of the Templars, the lost little children, and the missing chess piece. How sad.

Back at Nico's apartment, find her with Andre Lobineau.  Clues gathered so far, lead to a lengthy conversation after which we leave for,


Part 1: On the Train

Talk to Nico.  Try to leave. The conductor will come for tickets.

Go out and go screen left down the aisle.  Keep going until you run into Guido.  After you hear that Eklund and the conductor are the same guy, you'd better get back to Nico.  Go back to her (the compartment is just before a locked door between cars).  When you find your compartment you see that Nico and the strange woman are both gone.  Go the compartment where you see a man with a black and white cap.

Talk to the guy in the hat about Nico, Guido, and the stong ale he's drinking.  Open the window behind George and climb up on the top of the train.  Save your game. Go right along the train and into the baggage car, just one car over.

As soon as Guido gets tossed out the door and the strange "woman" is shot and ends up in the corner, move quickly to pull the emergency cord on the screen left wall in a small wooden frame.

You learn more about the Templars from a long time secret friend, Kahn, before he goes on to paradise.  Try to leave.  Then talk to Nico and untie her.  Get off the train on the screen left side.

Part 2:  The Castle

Go inside and check out the door on the right.  Check out the demon statue,  next to the door, with no eyes.  Try to turn the handle on the winch.  The winch HANDLE comes off.  Take it and also take a COG AND SPINDLE from the winch.  Look in the dirt pile next to the winch and find a BROKEN CLAY PIPE. Find a METAL COIN too, another small COG AND SPINDLE, and a PLASTIC PEN TOP.  Use the cog and spindles on the demon's eyes. Use the winch handle on his right side.

Go inside the open door and check out the ceremony, including Eklund and Inspector Rosso, of all people!  You are witnessing the reforging of the broken sword and the Grand Master regaining full power.  Eklund grabs George and forcefully tried to strangle him.  A misguided Inspector Rosso saves the hapless George with a well-placed knife.  Rosso is then killed with a shot from from the Grand Master.  George and Nico take off for the exit post haste!

When confronted by Guido at the entrance of the cave: GRAB THE TORCH ON THE WALL TO GEORGE'S RIGHT AND THROW IT INTO THE OLD SPILLED DYNAMITE.  It will fizzle and spark, but it won't explode and, luckily, it won't die out either.  Watch as Nico expertly tosses a handbag full of C4 into the flames!

Congratulations!  Thanks to your singular heroism, George and Nico will live happily ever after!  Well, at least long enough to complete two more great Broken Sword adventures.


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