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Walkthrough by Chrissie  October 2008


This is a full free download made by fans for fans of the first two Broken Sword games. It is however at the moment only available in German with English subtitles so on the initial game screen you may need to click on the ‘Optionen’ setting to alter the language & check subtitles are on. You can here also adjust music, sound & voice volume.


If you are familiar with the earlier games you will know that they are third person perspective with a fairly simple interface.


Moving the cursor up to the bar above the game screen brings up icons on the left to EXIT GAME (red cross), SAVE (floppy disc with arrow pointing down), LOAD (floppy disc with arrow pointing up) & OPTIONS (green control panel). N.B. There are 18 save slots which capture the exact scene at the time of saving & are automatically labelled with the date & time. Option settings can be altered at any time during the game.


Moving the cursor to the bar below the game screen shows the inventory. Left click on it to use an item in the game screen or with another inventory item, & right-click to sometimes reveal more about it.


In-game icons include, by left-clicking on them, mouth cursor to talk, magnifying glass to examine, cog wheels to perform an action/use inventory item, pointing hand to exit to another scene & gesturing hands to move further to the right or left of a wider game screen. Right-clicking on all of these can prompt comments and/or more description.  


Story:  This is set sometime after Broken Sword 2. George has been away for some time & immediately flies back to Paris after receiving some disturbing news about Nico. He arrives at her apartment….



Rue Jarry - Nico’s Apartment (1st visit)

After cut scene exit to street & talk to Flower Seller.

Exhaust all topics to add Park Rouge to map & a newspaper to inventory.

Examine newspaper (right click) to add Café de la Chandelle Verte to map.


Park Rouge

Click on van window & talk to Vendor.

Examine newspaper in inventory again.

Examine envelope.

Click euros on Vendor to get ice-cream.


Café de la Chandelle Verte (1st visit)

Talk to Waitress, exhaust all topics.

Click on chair to sit down, this prompts a visitor.

Exhaust all topics to add France Nationale to map.


France Nationale (1st visit)

After exploring the building there is nothing that can be done here yet.


Rue Jarry - Nico’s Apartment (2nd visit)

Search apartment & pick up sweater. screwdriver & 2 notes.

Examine handbag three times to pick-up scissors, hairpin & slip.

Examine answer machine & click on it to hear message.  

Examine computer – combine the 2 notes in inventory to get password & use on computer.

Montfaucon is added to the map.


Montfaucon (1st visit)

Go up steps to the left of the gallows.

Talk to Tramp.

Give him the slip to get a flashlight.


Go back down steps.

Click screwdriver on fuse box.

Click sweater on fuse box to get batteries

In inventory combine batteries with flashlight.


France Nationale (2nd visit)

In inventory right-click on hairpin to get lock pick

Use lock pick on side door.

Use flashlight to enter building.




Examine shelves to read a newspaper report.

Quickly use screwdriver on fire extinguisher.

Click fire extinguisher on fire.


Rue Jarry - Nico’s Apartment (3rd visit)

Click on computer again. A name catches your attention & also Hotel Ubu is added to the map.


Hotel Ubu

Try to enter.

Exhaust all topics with Men outside.

Click to enter hotel when guests start to come out.


Talk to Boy about all topics.

Talk to Receptionist.

Go upstairs & pick up paper from bottom of right middle door.


Go downstairs & click hotel reservation on Boy to trigger cut scene to get room key.


Go back upstairs & use room key on right middle door & enter.


Examine briefcase on bed.

Exit room & hotel.


Rue Jarry

The way is blocked.

Use scissors on blue balloon & enter passage.


Use ice-cream on dog.


Rue Jarry – Nico’s Apartment (4th visit)

After cut scene, exit to map & go to Airport.




Pick up red ball

Talk to Librarian.

Go the right of library & talk to Student.


Go down to the basement (entrance next to librarian’s desk).

Pick up football shirt.

Examine note that was underneath it to see instructions re fuse box.


Use screwdriver on fuse box & examine.

Press buttons according to the instructions on the note.


The only combination that meets the criteria is 1, 2 & 5.


After the librarian has left, examine the card index box on her desk to add Rangersfield Hall to the map.


Rangersfield Hall (1st visit)

Click on doorbell.

Once inside click on door to the right to eavesdrop on conversation.

After cut scene exit house & after another cut scene automatically find yourself in the basement.

Talk to Prisoner.


York Airport

Click on telephone.

Try to go through ‘staff only’ door & talk to Policeman.

When he’s gone try to go through door again.


Go to the right of the airport & talk to Couple.

When you get the chance go through ‘staff only’ door.


Pick up towel & key from bench & Employee ID from table.


Use key on door & exit.


Use ID on Watchman at main entrance.


History Museum

Go down side alley.

Click towel on mud & enter building through window.

Talk to Woman.


Rangersfield Hall (2nd  visit)

Pick up hosepipe & screwdriver (from block at corner of house)

Examine basement window.


Click hosepipe on truck, then screwdriver on truck.

Click on truck door.



Pick up dog-tag from floor.

Talk to Girl.

Examine train door & notice a rift.

Go to the left end of the carriage.

Examine dog twice to get whistle.

Click whistle on dog several times to lure it back to the girl.


Go back to the left end of the carriage & examine suspicious object under the seat.

Examine it again in close-up & click dog-tag on it to get time-bomb in inventory.


Talk to Man lying on floor about all topics.

Examine ‘man’ on floor twice to get ‘more info’ & a roll of duct tape.

In inventory combine duct tape with bomb.

Go back to train door & click bomb on rift.


Talk to Girl again to get whistle.

Click whistle on dog.



Enter pub on right.

Talk to Barkeeper until you get a room key.


Go upstairs & click room key on only accessible door.

Go downstairs & pick up needle & soap from bar.


Talk to Mike & Steven until you are challenged to a match. Afterwards ask Mike about his drink by clicking on glass in conversation bar then exit from it.


Exit pub & go to Pharmacy. Right-click on phials on counter to get a description.

Talk to Pharmacist about phial.

Right-click on newspaper in inventory to read it.

Click newspaper on Pharmacist to get phial.


Exit Pharmacy & return to pub.

Click phial on Mike & Steven.


Pick up glass from table then use glass on table.

In inventory use dog-tag on soap then click soap cubes onto table.

Examine table, exit pub then re-enter.


Talk to Mike & Steven again about room door.


Go upstairs & click room key on door.



Rue Jarry – Nico’s Apartment (5th visit)

Exit to map & click on Musee Crune.

After talking to a ‘bound man’ exit to map & click on Musee Crune again.


Café de la Chandelle Verte (2nd  visit)

After listening to the Passersby, examine poster on lamp post.


Montfaucon (2nd  visit)

Go up the right steps to enter the church.

After talking to the Priest examine the window pane. The info is too small to read.


Exit to Montfaucon square & see a magnifying glass on the ground by some tourists.


Click on the café to the left & order coffee etc until the tourists have disappeared. Click on Euros in toolbar to pay bill.

Pick up magnifying glass & go back to the church.

Click magnifying glass on window pane.

Exit to map & go back to Café de la Chandelle Verte.


Café de la Chandelle Verte (3rd visit)

Click on Passersby a few times until they will talk to you. After getting the info you need exit to map.


Musee Natres

Talk to Cashiers first then walk into the Museum while their backs are turned.

Talk to Watchman, exhaust the football topic then talk to him again.


Enter gallery. Pick up magazine.  

Examine Info Plate.

Exit to map & go to Airport.



Pick up broomstick by the souvenir stall.

Pick up wrist watch from the well rim & try to pick up Archaeologist’s bag to get thread in inventory.


Talk to Archaeologist & exhaust all topics.


Talk to Gamin.


Talk to Souvenir Seller then click wrist watch on him to get key ring.

Talk to Souvenir Seller again about newspaper then click magazine on him.


In inventory combine the key ring, thread & broomstick to get a makeshift ‘fishing rod’ & use this to pick up the chocolate from the souvenir stall.


Click the chocolate on Gamin.


Enter the well.


Examine the heap of debris to pick up a key part.


Use screwdriver on brick in wall & pick up a second key part.


In inventory, right-click the ‘fishing rod’ to dismantle it.

In inventory combine thread with key parts & click key on slot to the right of the statue.




Pick up seal & after the cut scene quickly click it onto the cross-shaped deepening to the right of the screen.



Rue Jarry - Nico’s Apartment (6th visit)

Examine letter on table.

Exit to map & go to airport.




You can’t search the plane as the aisle is blocked.


Pick up coke can from beverages trolley. Right-click on it in inventory to get coke can & ring pull.


Talk to Passenger on right.

Talk to Passenger on right again as a ‘steward’ (Click on ‘icon’ dressed in blue in inventory bar first).


Right-click on beverages trolley & then try clicking ring pull on it.


Talk to Muscular Man on left. Click ring pull on him. Then use coke can on him to get bent ring pull.


Use bent ring pull on beverages trolley. Examine the trolley four times, each time click on a drink to add to your inventory. You should now have what roughly looks like a bottle each of beer, spirit, wine & fruit juice.


Use the fruit juice on Passenger. Your inventory now has an empty juice bottle.


Talk to Passenger again as a ‘steward‘.


In inventory combine any one of the other drinks with the empty juice bottle & use on Passenger then repeat with one of the remaining two drinks.


The aisle is clear now.


Talk to the Passenger sitting further back in the plane & after exhausting all topics click on your seat at the front to return to it.


Pick up wallet & coins from floor.

In inventory right-click on wallet to add photo.




Right-click  on wallet again.


After cut scene exhaust all conversation.



After cut scene enter doorway at bottom of stairs.


Pick up rock.

In inventory use rock on seal.





Talk to Arruda.


After short cut scene click seal on Arruda.







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