Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life

by City Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   January 2010


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The DVD disk is needed to be in the drive to play.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, cutscenes, credits and quit. Resume and save game appear later.

The options menu has sound and graphics selections. The sound options have adjustments for music, effects, dialogs and master volumes. The graphics option has selections for shadows & special effects, background animations, subtitles save the screen ration, gamma correction and level of detail selections.

The in game menu is located at top of the screen. It has selection for main menu, save game, load game, options (volume) and notes. The notes feature has dialogues, journal and documents.

The inventory-pocket is at bottom of the screen. The items collected can be seen in large item panel by right clicking an inventory. Items in inventory can be combined. The name of items or action in inventory is seen at top of screen.

The question mark at bottom right shows all active or important items in the screen.

Double click makes Sylvie run.

A group of carnival masked people meet. Something that they work to preserved is under a threat. Omega is the cause. They voted - candles are snuffed.

A man checks a watch and gives it to another carnival masked man.

A robed man sees the transfer of the watch from the carnival masked man and Sylvie. A poisoned dart brings the masked man down.



A few days earlier... Sylvie takes over Marcel's work. Talk to Mr. Guillaume, the museum director completely. Learn that Sylvie is to check a 15th century chest. It was owned by Ponce de Leon, the discoverer of Florida and was in search of the Fountain of Youth. Marcel fell off the cliff. Only the director, the janitor and Claire the restorer are here.

Look around:   

Move the cursor to top of screen and see the in game menu: menu, save game, Load game, options and notebook.

Check the notebook frequently for: Dialogs, journal and documents.

Dialogs have important comments for clues and the game's dialogs.

Journal has Sylvie's notes.

Documents have papers collected by Sylvie. Right now, only Sylvie's passport is there.

Click on the ? at bottom right and see the active spots in the room.

Check the dirty photocopier at right, the locked secretary, the bulletin board, armor and the 3D printer at left.

Office at Bay window:    Go left and check Marcel's work bench.

Check the paper on the desk. It has the list of items in the chest.

Check the chest. Turn the dials. Sylvie needs the code.

Exhibition hall:    Exit the room and the workshop to be at the Exhibition hall.

Claire, the restorer:     Go to the nave at right and talk to Claire who is working on a painting. Meow!

Learn the relationship of Claire with Marcel. She warns about the deaths associated with the chest.

Claire clues Sylvie about Marcel's Dictaphone.

Museum director:    Talk to the director about combination and 3D printer.

Find the Dictaphone:    Go back to workshop.

Now that Claire mentioned about the Dictaphone, search Marcel's desk at the workshop.

Open the drawer and take the Dictaphone and tweezers.

Right click on the inventory items to have a closer look. See that the Dictaphone has no memory card.

Go down to Claire and ask about the card. Claire gives the memory card.

Find the code to chest:    Go back to workshop.

In inventory, combine the memory card and Dictaphone.

Hear Marcel and learn that he has an appointment at the inn. The chest clues are: gale, Jupiter and last digit that Claire knows.

Gale:    Look at the pictures on the bulletin board. Click on the pictures and Sylvie will talk about the wind activity of some of the pictures. The gale is 8 on the Beaufort scale.

Jupiter:    Go down to Exhibition hall. Look up at the ceiling-vault.

Click on vault and see the planets. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.

Digit Claire knows:    See that Claire is not here. Exit to courtyard via the bottom screen.

Talk to Claire by the well. Learn that the second of March is their day.

Open the chest:     Go back to the workbench by the bay window. Look close at chest.

Combination:    After getting the clues and the numbers associated with the clues, enter from left to right: 8 5 2. Click on empty space on the dial to allow the arrow to move to the correct number.

Place the correct number inside the square. Hear a click. Click on chest while in close up.

Take the pistol with ramrod and the pistol spanner.

Based on the list (see documents), the ancient pottery fragment is not here.

Secret compartment:     Look close at chest side.

See a hole at bottom center of chest front. Use the pistol spanner on the hole. The base popped out a bit. Click on it and Sylvie says something blocking it.

See a hole at bottom left corner of the left side of the chest.

In inventory, look close at pistol with ramrod. Click on the pistol at close up and see that the ramrod separates from pistol.

Use ramrod on the hole at left corner of the left side of chest.

Pull the front secret compartment and take the old manuscript.

Old Manuscript:    Look close at the manuscript in inventory.

See that pieces of map were sewn in between the pages.

Read the manuscript. Learn that he sailed to an unidentified island off Florida for water and then to Bimini. There they were brought to a gigantic tree at center of volcano crater. Learn about the potion and subsequent disaster that happened to the ships.

Combine the map pieces:    Combine the tweezers and the manuscript. Open the manuscript and click on a map. Sylvie separates the map pieces from manuscript.

Look close at the map pieces. Each piece has a picture on the front and the back.

Put together one side and the other side will automatically be arranged.

Left click-hold-drop to move the pieces. Right click to turn the pieces. The arrow at bottom right exits out of the puzzle.

Move to outside of the map pieces and see a turn arrow. A single left click with turn arrow flips the piece to the back side.

Use the edges, lines in the map and the color of the pieces as aids to see which side you are working on.

Once the pieces are in correctly attached they cannot be detached from the rest of the pieces.

Sylvie decides to make a copy.

Copy the map:   

Copier:    Go to the photocopier left of door.

Open the lid and see that the glass is dirty.

Open the front cover and see an empty toner cartridge. Take the empty toner cartridge.

Tools:    Go down to the Exhibition Hall and check the table with the metal box. Click on metal box and Sylvie wants to get permission.

Talk to Claire about the toner and tools. She says to see Antoine.

Take the rope on the boat left of Claire.

Open the metal box and take cloth, hardening varnish and brush. Close lid.

Toner cartridge:    Go to bottom screen. Go to janitor's lodge at right of the archway at the courtyard.

Ring the bell right of door of the janitor's lodge. Talk to Antoine. He gives the toner cartridge.

Copier:    Go back to workshop and copier.

Open the lid and use the cloth on the dirty glass.

Open the cover at front of copier. Insert the toner cartridge.

Place map on glass. Sylvie turns the map automatically to not copy the map of India.

Close the lid. Press the green 'copy' button. Take the map copy.

Look at the map copy and Sylvie says there is an important part missing and there are no coordinates.

Automatically take the original map.

Artifact fragment missing from chest:   

3D printer:    Check the 3D printer left of the bay window entryway.

Look at the panel and see the artifact fragment.

Open the left glass panel with a red light on. Take the empty container.

Open the right glass panel with one red light on. See that there is an ink cartridge missing on third slot.

Open the bottom panel with red light and Sylvie states there is a resin shortage.

Director:    Go down to Exhibition Hall and talk to the director.

Sylvie gives the original map to the museum director. Antoine knows about the resin.

Get resin:    Go to the courtyard and the janitor's lodge. Ring bell and talk to Antoine. He leaves to get resin.

Check the well at center of courtyard. It has a lid.

Exit through the archway (Entrance Hall) at left and be at the cliff.

Inn:    Talk to the innkeeper standing by door. The director has the largest stock at the museum now that Marcel is dead.

Look at fence in front of innkeeper and take the wire hanging on the fence.

Go back to Antoine. He gives the resin-container with binder.

Acrylic dye container:    Ask Antoine about powder. Antoine recommends potato flour.

Go back to the inn and talk to innkeeper about flour. He wants water from the well.

Learn about Antoine. He and Antoine were once friends. The innkeeper gives the bucket to use.

Get water:    Go back to the well at the courtyard.

In inventory combine the bucket with the rope.

Raise the grill covering the well. Use the bucket with the rope with well to get bucket full of crystal clear water.

Ring the bell of Antoine's door and talk to Antoine about sitting on the Inn's bench.

Go back to the inn and talk to give the water to the innkeeper. Get the flour. Talk about the bench.

In inventory combine the flour with the empty acrylic dye container to get container with powder.

Ink cartridge:     Go back to Exhibition Hall and talk to Claire completely.

She gives the key to Marcel's secretary. Learn that Antoine and the innkeeper were best friends before and they quarreled about a woman.

Go up to workshop. Use the key on the secretary.

Read Marcel's blue journal. Learn about the antiquity lover.

Read the letter from the Count Saint-Germain that is on the top shelf at middle.

Take the container with dye from top shelf at right

3D printer:    Look close at 3D printer.

Open the left panel. Insert the container with powder (flour). See the green light.

Open the right panel. Insert the container with dye on third slot. See the green light.

Open the bottom panel. Insert the container with binder (resin). See the green light.

Press print button. Sylvie takes the copy of the jug spout. She says it needs to be hardened.

Harden the copy of jug spout:     In inventory combine the brush and varnish taken from Claire, metal box.

Use the brush with varnish on the copy of the jug spout to get varnished copy of the jug spout.

Appointment in Venice:   

Try to go to Exhibition and hear a phone call. Sylvie overhears the director make an appointment for her in Venice with someone that lost the bidding for the chest.

Go downstairs. Talk with the Claire.

Find out about Marcel's appointment at the inn:

Inn:    Go to the inn. Talk to the Innkeeper about Marcel. Learn about the strange man.

Sylvie tries once again to get Antoine and innkeeper together.

If you haven't taken the wire from the fence yet - do so.

Look close at the rock wall at bottom of cliff (side of inn).

Try to take a coin in between the rocks. Use the wire from the fence on the coin.

The coin has a tree of life emblem. The other side has script.

Go back to the castle-museum.

Talk to the director now that you are finished here. Learn about Saint-Germain and that the chest was stored at the Scuola.

The three that wear carnival mask find Sylvie interesting.



Talk to lecture organizer. He brings to Sylvie's attention an inscription in a recess close to the lecture hall.

Learn about the chest, the map and the Confraternity of the True Cross.

Check the inscription:

Meeting Hall:    Enter the meeting hall through the curtains at left.

Check the 2 showcases at left and see that they are locked. They contain archeological tools.

Niche:    Go to the niche at top right of the hall.

Take the ladder.

Look at bottom part of bas relief at right and then the top part of the bas relief.

Place the ladder below the bas relief. Look close at top part to climb the ladder.

Top part of the bas relief slider:   

Take the bottom right tile to start the slider puzzle.

This is a long way around but it arranges the tiles row by row.

Move the tiles that are in the mentioned numbers below.

First row arrangement, move tile in position:

8 7 11 12 8 4 3 7 11 10 9 5 6 2 3 7 6 5 9 10 11 12 8 7 6 5 1 2 3 7 6 5 9 10 11 12 8 4 3 7.

Second row arrangement, move tile in position:

6 5 9 10 11 7 6 10 9 5 6 10 9 5 6 7 11 10 9 5 6 10 11 7 6 10 11 7 6 5 9.

Third row arrangement, move tile in position:

5 6 7 8 12 11 10 9

Again - 5 6 7 8 12 11 10 9

5 6 7 11 10 9

Again - 5 6 7 11 10 9

Once more - 5 6 7 11 10 9

5 6 7 11

12 8 7 6 5 9 10 11 12.

Place the tile back at bottom right. Sylvie hears a grind.

Bottom part of the bas relief:

Go down and see that bottom of the columns turned. They can be rotated.

Click on the base of the column and see that the bottom bas relief's middle panel turns to a block or a grill.

The aim is to get the grill part centered.

When the original symbol of the Confraternity of the True Cross is centered; turn the base of the left column once, base of the right column 4 times and then base of the left column once.

The grill is centered.  You opened it!

Look close at the cache. Click on grill and take the dry seeds.


Sylvie talks to the gondolier about Saint-Germain. He gives a chronometer.

See the murder of the gondolier.

Sylvie talks to the lecture organizer.

Clean the chronometer:

Look close at the chronometer in inventory. Open the chronometer and see that there are illegible inscriptions.

Enter the taped meeting hall:   

Go to the table at left. Take Sylvie's book, pen, nail polish, nail polish remover and swab from table and bag.

Go to the police taped door of the meeting hall.

Use the nail polish remover on the police tape. Enter the meeting hall.

Go to showcase area. Take the documents from one of the front row seats.

Take the gold coin with tree emblem from the floor beside the front row seats.

Exit and talk to the lecture organizer. Ask about the keys. He gives the keys.

Clean the chronometer:

Go back to the showcase in the meeting hall. Use the keys on the right showcase.

Take the archeological tools: brush, cloth, silver cleaning substance, silver patinating substance, spatula and magnifying glass.

In inventory, combine the swab with the silver cleaning substance.

Use the swab dipped in cleaning substance on chronometer. The inscription is still unreadable.

In inventory, combine the brush with the silver patinating substance.

Use the brush dipped in patinating substance on chronometer.

Use the cloth on the patinated watch-chronometer.

Use the magnifying glass with the chronometer to read the inscription: Mary Celeste 1872; Benjamin S. Briggs

Put the police tape back:

Exit the hall and look close at tape on meeting hall door. Use nail polish on police tape.

Talk to the lecture organizer. Sylvie gives him the keys. Learn about Captain Briggs and Mary Celeste.

He gives the chest description. Learn that the jug was intact then.

Sylvie receives a call from Count Saint-Germain. He wants an expert analysis of a painted plank.

The address of Saint-Germain is in the chronometer.

Find out the address of Saint-Germain:

Exit the building through the bottom screen.

Carnivallers:    Talk to the masked man and woman by the fountain completely.

Learn how to get to Palazzo Celeste. They want an autograph from the lecturer.

Sylvie walks to the hooded man with green eyes on the bridge. He is the murderer.

Go close to the building door. In inventory, combine the pen with Sylvie's book to get book with dedication.

Give the book with dedication to the carnivallers. Arni gives a mask and then a flare.

Get to the gondola:

Go to canal right of the steps to the building. Sylvie sees the empty gondola.

Go to the trash can by the building and at left of the bench.

Take the empty champagne bottle and police tape from the trash can.

Open the toolbox. Take scissors and pliers.

Enter the building. Climb the stairs.

Look close at nailed trap door on the floor under the paintings.

Use the pliers on the trap door. Open the trap door and it closes.

Pull back. Look close at table. Take the tablecloth. Take the curtain and the curtain's tieback.

Use the tieback on the trapdoor. The cover is now tied.

Look down the trap door. Sylvie refuses to jump down.

In inventory combine the curtain and the tablecloth to make rope.

Use rope on trapdoor handle. Climb down to platform.

Sylvie doesn't want to be seen by the man on the bridge.

Distract the man on the bridge:

Take the stick by the platform.

Enter the gondola. Take the door key, broken oar and matches.

Use the key on the locked door. Enter the building.

Sylvie says something about a smoke bomb.

Make a smoke bomb:

In inventory combine the scissors and the flare to get open flare.

Look close at the shredder on the floor right of the table that has Sylvie's bag.

Use the cheap plastic mask on the shredder. Open the shredder and take the pieces of cut up mask.

In inventory combine the pieces of cut up mask and the open flare.

Combine the flare with plastic elements with the empty champagne bottle to get bottle with flare.

Go to Saint-Germain:    Exit through the door at right.

In inventory combine the broken oar with stick. Then combine them with the police tape to get fixed oar.

Enter the gondola. Place the bottle with flare on the oar holder on the side of the gondola.

Use the matches with bottle with flare.

See Sylvie escape.

Open the gate of Palazzo Celeste:

Look close at the portcullis. See 4 handles; one for each number on the meter.

Using the year seen in the chronometer; enter from left to right 1872.

Pull left handle once, then the next one 8 times, then the next 7 times and the right one twice.

Pull the chain and see that it is blocked.

Use the fixed oar to remove the stone on top blocking the chain.

Palazzo Celeste:

Garden:    Check the lawn left of pond. Pick up protective gloves.

Check the pond. Pick up the bowl and the watering can left of the pond.

Use the watering can on the pond to get full watering can.

Count Saint-Germain:    Go left to the apse.

Talk to Saint-Germain. Learn more about Briggs and Mary Celeste. The Count has amnesia and can't remember some things after the plane crash.

Analyze the plank:

Go to the table at right of the apse.

Expose letters:    See a plank with cracked paint. Use the spatula-trowel on the cracked paint at center of the plank-broadside. See some letters.

Look on the shelf under the worktable. Take lye, polyvinyl acetate and scrubbing brush.

Protect the exposed letters:    Look at the plank again.

In inventory combine the brush and polyvinyl acetate.

Use the brush with PVA on the exposed letter.

Remove the paint:    In inventory combine the gloves with the scrubbing brush.

Use the lye on the bowl.

Use the scrubbing brush with gloves with lye in bowl.

Use the scrubbing brush dipped in lye on broadside.

Use full watering can with treated broadside.

Use the spatula-trowel on the protected letters. The letters form Mary Celeste.

Saint-Germain and Mary Celeste:

Talk to Count Saint-Germain about the broadside. Learn that the broadside was bought in Cairo.

Learn that the chest was kept here at the Palazzo and Briggs took the chest. They surmised that Briggs might have been in hiding.

Saint-Germain wants to hire Sylvie as expert in Mary Celeste. The jug is also in Cairo.

The decoration on the floor of the Palazzo:

Go under the window at left of the screen. Pick up 4 stone pieces.

Look at the ringed floor decoration. See that there are 3 rings around the central circle and 4 squares at each corner of the decoration.

Look close at the central circle. A fragment is missing. Place one of the stone pieces on the hole.

Now, arrange the rings to form a design - a tree. Pulling out resets the puzzle.

Let us count the inner circle as ring one and the outermost movable ring as ring four.

Ring 1 and ring 3 moves or affect each other.

Ring 2 and ring 4 moves or affect each other.

1. Click-hold-turn ring 3 to align with the innermost ring 1. Release when they are aligned. Hear a sound.

2. Click-hold-turn ring 4 to align with ring 2. Release when they are aligned. Hear a sound.

3. Click-hold-turn ring 3 (and 1) to align with rings 4 (and 2).

It's a lush tree. Count Saint-Germain remembers the tree.


This arrangement raises the 4 corner squares. Open each of the 4 corner squares.

See seeds in each one. Take the dry seeds from the topmost corner similar to the one taken from the niche at the Scuola.

Talk to Count Saint-Germain. Someone is here. Sylvie tells about the seeds and the map.

Count Saint-Germain rushes Sylvie to run to save herself. Sylvie is to meet the collector in Cairo.



Talk to Ali.

Room:    Enter the room on the landing.

Move the screen and see the wash basin. Look at the mirror above the wash basin.

Remove the mirror from wall. Place the map copy and the copy of the jug spout in the hiding place.

Place the mirror back on the hiding place. Exit the room and the inn.


Talk to stranger standing by the cafe down the alley. Have a very interesting conversation.

Learn about the antiquarian.


Exit the alley and be at the marketplace.

Climb the well square and talk to the antiquarian selling wares right of the Antiques sign.

He is the friend of Sylvie's uncle. If you clean his scarf, he will ask about the collector.

Remove blood from the scarf:

Look at the scarf in inventory. Blood and ink clotted the silk scarf.

Go back to the alley. Look at junk beside (right side) the inn door. Take the string on the ground.

Enter the inn and then Sylvie's room. Look close at wash basin.

Take basin and clothespins under the wash basin. Use basin on faucet to get basin with water.

Take soap. Combine soap with basin with water to get basin with suds.

Combine basin with suds with clotted silk scarf.

Look close at coat rack right of mirror. Use string with hooks of the coat rack.

In inventory combine clothespins and wet silk scarf. Hang the wet silk scarf on string.


Go to the antiquarian at the marketplace and talk to him about the scarf. There's embroidery on the scarf done by a passenger of Mary Celeste - Marthe de Saint-Germain on board of Mary Celeste 1872.

The servant of the collector might be waiting for Sylvie at the cafe.

Cafe:    Enter the cafe in the alley.

Talk to cafe owner. Go through the curtains to box room.

Talk to Fatima, the servant of the collector.

Play the game similar to Black Jack or 21; except this has a maximum of 50.

You have 5 dice. You can play all 5 or less depending on strategy.

Click to select the die-dice you want in play. Then select roll or pass.

The clicked-selected dice are lighter than the ones that are not selected.

The higher count without going over 50 is the winner.

Win one game with Fatima and then talk to her.

Exit the room and talk with the cafe owner. He needs to be paid for the coffee.

Sylvie does not have money. Go back through the curtains.

Fatima is gone. Exit and talk to Cafe owner again.

Sylvie will clean the room in payment. Take the broom at right of screen.

Enter the box room. Use broom on floor-trash.

Take 2 candy wrappers and automatically a gold coin with tree emblem.

See a vision of a baldheaded man with an eye patch.

Look close at corner table. Take cookies.

Take the kanaka with sweet grounds and the kanaka with grounds.

Combine the candy wrappers with the kanaka with sweet grounds and the kanaka with grounds.

Pull back and automatically put back the kanakas.

Exit and talk to cafe owner again. Exit the cafe.

Remove ink from the scarf:

Go back to room at the inn. Take dry scarf from the string. Sylvie says to remove the ink; she needs milk and citric acid.

Get milk:

Talk to Ali about milk. Ali recommends camel's milk.

Go to market place and talk to the camel trader in the stall left of the camel.

His wife is the one that milks the camel. He lends the pot to hold the camel's milk.

Use the pot on the camel. Sylvie says to distract the camel with water on the trough; then she'll milk it.

Water on trough:

Go to well square at right. Look close at the gazebo like water well pump.

See pipes and valves and gauges.

The aim of the puzzle is to get water flowing from bottom left valve to top right valve-gauge.

If the flow of water is wrong, you will know from the camel trader and the antiquarian.

The valve is on position if it is aligned with the pipe and off position, if it is perpendicular to pipe.

Go to the camel. Use the pot on camel and get pot full of milk.

Get lemon:    Look close at lemon on the tree left of the camel trader. It's too high.

Talk to the camel trader. He loans his whip.

Look close at lemon on tree. Use the whip. Still too high.

Talk to camel trader again. He advises to use the camel.

Use the sweet grounds on the camel. Sylvie lures the camel close to the lemon tree.

Climb on camel. Use whip on lemon.

Clean the scarf:

Go back to the inn. Go to kitchenette behind the reception desk.

Take the knife and the glass from the sink.

Use the knife on lemon. Use lemon on glass to get glass with juice.

Take small jug from stove. Fill small jug with milk from pot. Heat the small jug with milk on the lit stove to get hot milk.

Go back to the room. Take swabs from the purple bag on the table right of entryway.

Take shaving brush from wash basin.

Look close at table with lamp by the window.

Place the dry scarf on the close up of the table.

Use swab with glass with juice. Use swab dipped in juice on ink spot.

Use the shaving brush with small jug with hot milk. Use the shaving brush dipped in hot milk on lightened ink spot.

See the Tree of Life.

Copy the missing parts from scarf unto map copy:

Sylvie says she can use a pencil and a bottled genie.

Go to Ali and ask for a pencil. Go back to room.

Genie:    Take the map from behind the mirror and also the mirror.

Look close at window. Prop the mirror on the lamp (mirror + table).

Use the scarf on the window. Use the copy of the map on the scarf.

Use pencil on the copy of the map. Sylvie traces the missing part of the map.

Take the completed map.

Place the completed map in the hiding place. Place the mirror back on the wall.

Return things:

Antiquarian:    Go back to antiquarian. Sylvie returns the scarf.

A baldheaded man with an eye patch has been looking for Sylvie.

The antiquarian will sell it to Wundermann - not Saint-Germain.

Fatima:    Go back to Inn and then room. Talk to Fatima.

Learn about what happened to Fatima's husband, the vase and Gibraltar. An ancestor of the man that saw Brigg's death lives in Gibraltar. He has the other map. The clue left by Fatima's husband is to 'start at cemetery'.

Ali calls Sylvie.

Camel trader:    Go to marketplace at left. Talk to camel trader.

Return the pot with milk. He will ask for the whip later.

The camel trader asks for Sylvie's name. If you give the real name, he will give Sylvie's lost papers.

If you give false name, talk to antiquarian and he will arrange to get the papers.

Go back to the inn. See the bald headed man with eye patch.

Ali:    Talk to Ali and he will give Sylvie her papers obtained by the antiquarian.

Sylvie sleeps. She is awakened by Count Saint-Germain. Fatima is dead. They have to leave and go to Gibraltar on his yacht.

Count Saint-Germain's Yacht

Count Germain recalls with increasing headache knowing people of the past - 200 years ago. Sylvie feels that the Count is deceiving her and she is in a cage. The Count wants tea.

Make tea:   

Go right to the kitchen-galley. Open the drawer left of the oven. Take the can opener.

Open the bottom cabinet left of the microwave. Take canned meat.

Open the bottom cabinet right of the microwave. Take sleeping pills.

Take cup and thermos with tea from counter right of the microwave.

In inventory use the thermos with tea with cup. Add sleeping pills with cup of tea.

Go back to left and open the Count's cabin door. Place tea with sleeping pills on cupboard.


Open the hawser cabinet on left wall (left of cabin door). Take hawser-rope, screwdriver and glue.

Look at the dirty antique jug on the coffee table. Sylvie thinks the Count killed Fatima.

Bridge:    Go to the bridge right of the galley.

Look close at control panel and click on the course. Only the Count can adjust it.

Check the radio at right side. Click on red button and Sylvie reports to the police that Count Saint Germain is a murderer.

Use the screwdriver on the screws of the radio. Take the wires. Use the screwdriver on the radio again to close it.

Search for the gun:

Sylvie wants to find the gun.

Open Saint Germain's cabin door and Sylvie checks if he's awake.

Sylvie wants to change the course:

Go back to the bridge and click on the control panel for a close up.

Then click on the line-route of the yacht.

Go back and open the Count's cabin door.

The Count leaves to correct the course.

Search the cabin:

Open the drawer of the right side table. Read the paper with the Count's diagnosis - anxiety neurosis, nosophobia. See Count's medicine.

Check the painting above the bed. There's a safe behind the painting.

Check the desk at left. Take the tools (brush, spatula and magnifying glass) on top of the briefcase.

Check the books. Open the right drawer. Take the gun.

Exit the cabin and go to the bridge.

Sylvie confronts the Count.

Fix the jug:

Go to the antique jug on the coffee table. Look close at jug.

Use the spatula on jug to get cleaned antique jug.

Use brush on antique jug. Use glue on antique jug.

Use varnished copy of jug spout on antique jug to get reconstructed jug.

Use wires to hold the spout to jug. Take jug.


The police take the Count for questioning.

Go to the cemetery:

Time to follow Fatima's clues and go to the cemetery.

Go to and look at the cannon monument at center of square. Take the metal ring on the ground.

Go to street left of the square. Go forward until the cemetery.

Search the cemetery:

See a woman exit the cemetery.

Look close at the bench in front of the chapel. Open the toolbox under the bench. Take the wire brush.

Take the alley at top left of the cemetery. Use the wire brush on tombstones to check the names.

Go to the grave with a candle under the palm tree at bottom of screen.

Use wire brush on tombstone-stele. Take the candle. Use the candle to read the inscription on the stele.

See that it is Captain Brigg's grave. He died 1 February 1902

Click again and find out that Captain Briggs was born 24 April 1835.

Exit the cemetery.

Check on the Count:

Go back to the square. Go forward to the building at other side the square.

Enter the police station and the police section.

Talk to Count Saint-Germain.

Talk to the policeman about the Count. He wants Sylvie to get his medicine.

Ask about Brigg's graves. The custom officer (standing man) says he knows about the woman tending Brigg's grave.

Get the Count's medicine:

Exit the police station and go back to the yacht.

Check the bedside table drawer in the Count's cabin. The medicine is not there.

Go to the bridge and take the medicine on the counter in front of the radio at right.

Take care of the intruder:

Exit the bridge and Sylvie says there is an intruder on board.

Go to the living room area.

Take the count's cane leaning on the partition of the living room and galley.

Save game here.

Make a knot:    In inventory, look close at rope-hawser.

The red arrows are the paths to tie the rope.

The blue arrows are the paths to untie or go one step back on the rope.

Click on bottom right red arrow.

Click on middle red arrow that is beside the blue arrow.

Click on red pointing down arrow.

See that a knot is formed.

Trap intruder:

Open the Count's cabin door. See the bald headed man with the eye patch. He throws a gold coin on the desk.

Look close at cabin door. Sylvie says the handle is different.

Use the Count's cane on the door handle.

Use the knot on the rope on the door handle.

The intruder is trapped. Go back to the police station.

Police Station:

Tell the police officer about the intruder. The woman that walks in the night has a dog in her yard.

Give the medicine to Saint-Germain. The Count has a vision of the Tree of Life. He has been to Bimini.

Get the parcel:

Go to Customs section - the counter at right.

Unlatch the window. See the parcel at far end of the desk.

Look close at desk with computer and then the parcel. Try to get the parcel. Sylvie says it is too far.

Look close at the desk in front of you. Then take the fishing rod.

Look close again on the desk with computer. Use the fishing rod on the parcel.

Read the address on the parcel. It is addressed to Sarah Rivera

There is a note that states to deliver before 10 AM through the wicket from Nelson Street.

Close the window. Exit the police station.

See the bald man with eye patch being taken away.

Find Sarah's place:

Go to the street left of the square (monument); the same street that goes to cemetery.

Go to the wicket at right (across the car).

Try the gate and see that the gate-wicket is locked.

Look close at the stone on the ground right of the gate-wicket.

Move the stone and take the wicket key.

Use wicket key on locked gate-wicket.

Enter and go forward through the passage.

See a dog guarding the annex.

Take care of the dog:

Exit the passage and be at the street. Go back in front of the police station.

See a gate on the left. Inside is a hangar and the dog is guarding it too.

Save game here.

In inventory open the canned meat using the can opener.

Look close at gate and dog. Give the opened canned meat to the dog.

Immediately, pull back from close up and pull back to be at street.

Double click to be on the street.

Double click on street left of square.

Double click on wicket at right.

Enter the gate. Double click on gate at end of passage.

Open the gate. This closes the annex.

Use the metal ring on the gate to hold the 2 gates together and keep the dog on the other side.

If not successful, go back and get another canned meat from the yacht.


Knock on the door and talk to Sarah. Learn about the connection of her family and Briggs-Mary Celeste.

Learn the history of Jasper, her grandfather. How Jasper found Captain Briggs and took care of him. Briggs told him about his adventure. He gave the chronometer and showed the map to Jasper. Briggs advised to build an airship to get to the island. Jasper took a map from the chest.

Sarah's map has the coordinates. Together they can reach the island.


Exit the passage and go to the gate close to the police station.

Enter and go to Sarah. See the airship. Talk to Sarah.

She'll sell the airship and coordinates to the Count for 1 million.

Go to the police station and talk to the Count. He wants to buy the ship for 1 million.

Safe Combination:    If you haven't yet, check the painting above the bed in Count's cabin.

See the safe there. Then you can ask the Count for the safe combination.

It is the month and year of Brigg's birthday - backwards.

Go to the pier right of the monument, yacht and then to Count's cabin.

Take the gold coin from the desk.

Click on the painting above the bed and see the safe.

Enter month and year of Brigg's birthday April 1835 - backwards: 538140. Press #.

Take the money and blank check. Close the safe.

Go back to the hangar. See the Count talking to Sarah.

Talk to the Sarah. Learn that there is no electricity and the need to make hydrogen.

Get electricity to the hangar:

Sarah says there's a not actually legal way to get electricity.

Take the cable on top of the crate left of the hangar door.

Use the cable on the electric cabinet left of the main gate at right. See the cable laid out.

Click on the electric cabinet right of the hangar door.

Collect items:

Enter the hangar. Go to the containers left of screen and in front of the airship door.

Take the chains and the chain link from the floor.

Go under the platform. Take the oil container.

Open the yellow cabinet left side under the platform. Take the empty oiler and gear.

Close the cabinet.

Open the roof of the building:

Climb the platform. Look close at the green mechanism on the wall at right.

Place the gear from the yellow cabinet on the rod at center.

Place chain on the gears. See that it is broken.

Use the chain link on broken chain.

In inventory combine the empty oiler and the oil container. Use the full oiler on the mechanism-gears.

Turn the crank and see the roof opens.

Make hydrogen or load the gas generator for electrolysis:

Go to the end of the platform and see blue and silver tanks labeled gas generator.

Take the shovel propped on right wall. Shovel salt into the bin of the gas generator.

Press the switch left of the open bin. Nothing is happening.

Pull back and check the pump left of the gas generator. See that a valve is missing on the pipeline.

Get the valve:

Go outside and talk to Sarah about the valve. She also explains the workings of the airship.

The valve is in the parcel at the custom office. She gives money to get the parcel.

Go to the police station. Go to the custom office at the right office.

Talk to the custom officer (and also the police officer) about the thug and the parcel.

Get the parcel. Look at parcel in inventory. Click the parcel to get the valve.

Go back to the hangar and the pump at end of platform.

Look close at pump. Use valve on valve space.

Look close again at gas generator.

Press the switch. The airship is now filled with gas.

Go outside and talk to Sarah.

Mark the hazards:

Look close at console. Place the completed map over the backlit panel.

Turn the red switch at right side of the panel.

See the coordinate grid over the map.

Click the hazards on the map: tornado at bottom left, storm and anomaly at top, airship at bottom right and the X.

Chart the course:

Pull back from map and look close at control panel.

Now chart the best course from the airship arrow at bottom right to the island with a palm tree at left.

Since the fuel is limited, only 4 clicks or turns are allowed in the course.

Evade the noted hazards (tornado, ? and storm).

Click on an arrow. The cursor will change to a turn arrow. Click to turn the arrow to where you want it to point.

Turn the starting circled arrow of the airship at bottom right to go NW.

Turn the third from end arrow to go NW.

Turn the arrow left of the top tornado to point NW.

Turn the second arrow from the end to point SE. Perfect the air route is ready.

Pull the lever on the left side of the chart. Up up and away.

The remaining 2 masked baddies talk. Delta (baldheaded with an eye patch) is missing. They deduce that the Count will go to the island with the girl.

Bimini Island

Exit the airship:

Open the cabinet right of the map panel.

Take the rope ladder, shovel, brush and spatula. Close door.

Go forward to the hatch. Click to open the hatch.

Anchor the airship:

Take the anchor at top left.

Use the anchor on metal bar at right.

Use the rope ladder on hooks at bottom part of the hatch.

Go down to the ground.

Ground by rope ladder:

Talk to the Count about this place. Learn about the native taking care of this place.

Stone inscription:    Check the stone by the torch.

Crows:    Try to go to the bridge. The crows block the way.

Go to the thicket at upper right of the screen.

See a raised bridge at top right to the other side of the chasm.

Look close at the shrubs at left. Take brushwood.

Look close at herbs on the roots clinging to cliff wall. Take thyme from bottom right and the dry branch at top left.

Go back to the crows. Look close at the birds-bridge.

Use the dry branch on the birds. The birds fly off.

Base of the Tree of Life:

Cross the bridge. Sylvie takes note of the large vessel that looks like Fatima's vessel.

Learn that the spring under the tree dried up and that the elixir of life has to be prepared.

Stone inscription:    Check the stone left of the elevator. It has inscriptions too.

Elevator:    The elevator is not activated.

Vessel:    Look close at the vessel similar to Fatima's jug.

Place Fatima's jug on the stump left of the big vessel.


Fork of the village:

Cross the bridge to be at fork of the village

Junk:    Look close at junk by left hut.

Take the fruit basket, torch and rope.

Stone inscription:

Go to lit area - stone at middle edge of the chasm.

Use the shovel from the air ship on the landslide.

Then use the spatula on the unearthed stone.

Use the brush to see stone inscriptions.

Village Edge:

Go right and see 2 huts. See a prison between the 2 huts.

Check the crater wall at right.

Take moss from the wall. This act exposed fruit drawings on the wall.


Go left until the village proper.

Activate the elevator:

Panel:    Look close at the panel at bottom left.

See a windmill with a lever and 2 bases in front of it.

Sylvie says to know which way the wind blows.

Find direction of the blowing wind:

Bridge:    Go to left side of the screen.

Pull the lever to lower the bridge we saw earlier from the other side.

Take the wind sleeve from the ground.

Ladder to windmill:    Go back to the right.

Climb the ladder to the top-platform of the windmill.

Use the wind sleeve on the pole at left. See that the wind comes from the left.

See a lever at right side of the central pole. The lever can be moved to left side to turn on the elevator or to right side to get water system going.

Go down the ladder.

Get the windmill turning:

Go back to the panel at bottom left.

The lever at left has 3 settings: top, middle and bottom. It is movable only when the bases are locked at end of their rotation. It raises and lowers the windmill.

The left side base turns the windmill clockwise.

The right side base turns the windmill counterclockwise.

Turn the windmill to face left:

Use the left base twice.

Move the lever to lowest setting and use the right base until the windmill (8xs) stops moving.

Use the left base once.

Move the lever at top setting and turn the right base until windmill completely stops (2xs).

Move the lever at middle setting and turn the right base (2xs).

Move the lever at top setting and turn the right base until it faces SW.

Move the lever at middle setting and turn the right base until it faces a bit to the front and the windmill starts turning.

Activate the elevator:

Go back to the ladder and up the windmill.

Pull the lever to the left to activate the elevator now that there is power from the windmill. (Right side is for the water supplying machine).

Collect fruits:

Go back to the base of the Tree of Life. Enter the elevator. Up we go!

Middle level:   

Go to the left and collect fruits from the branches: 2 overripe purple fruits, 4 ripe brown fruits and 1 unripe green fruit.

Look at branches at right side of the platform. Take 6 ripe brown fruits.

Go to extreme right side of platform and see an overripe fruit. It's too far.

Top level:

Climb the ladder to be at top level.

Look at bough at right side of the platform. Use rope on bough.

Go down the ladder to be at middle level. Go to the over ripe fruit that is too far.

See the rope dropped from the bough above. Click on rope to go the Tarzan way and get the overripe purple fruit.

Go back up to top level. Go to left side of platform.

See 2 unripe green fruit. They are too far. Try to use the dry branch on the fruits. Sylvie says the fruits will be bruised.

Go down to middle level. Go to the left side of platform.

Look close on the floor. Place the fruit basket on the floor. Place the moss inside the basket.

Go back up to the left side of the top platform. Use the dry branch on the 2 unripe green fruits.

Go down to middle level and retrieve the fruits. You should have: 10 ripe fruits, 3 overripe fruits and 3 unripe fruits.

Go down the elevator and talk to the Count.


Look close at vessel and click a fruit on any hole at top of the vessel. Sylvie is not sure.

Talk to the Count about the vessel. He says to talk to the native in the village.


Go to the fork of the village via the bridge at right.

Talk to the native. Sylvie talks about the coin to the native.

He sings a song. Mrs. Sarah Briggs taught him. He is still waiting for her.

Give the 4 coins to the native. Talk to him again about the fruits.

The proportion of the unripe fruits on ones side is the same as the proportion of the overripe fruits on the other side.

He gives the coins back less one - there are only 3 left.

Fruits proportion:   

Review the clues for the fruits by going to the village edge at right.

Look close at the pictures of the fruits painted on the rock wall. There is one overripe fruit between 2 ripe fruits. The rock at left shows green unripe fruits, while the rock on the right side shows ripe fruits.

Go back to the vessel at the base of the Tree.

Look at top part of the vessel.

In any holes on the left side, place 3 unripe fruits and 2 ripe fruits.

In any holes on the right side, place 3 ripe fruits and 2 overripe fruits.

On the top holes, place the overripe fruit at center hole and ripe fruits on either side - just like the picture on the wall.

Place the thyme herb on the platter at center.

Alpha and Beta, the 2 baddies arrive. They greet the Count as Omega.

Alpha is Alan Richardson, the first mate of Mary Celeste.

Learn about Wundermann - the Count and the Brotherhood.


Talk to the Count about brotherhood, Atlantis, potion and Mary Celeste.

Talk to Milton the native. Milton learns that Sarah is dead.

Give coins to Milton. After being given the coins, he frees Sylvie and the Count. It is the end.

Talk to the Count. He says to get the gun from the airship.


Go left to the fork and left to the village.

Go left to the bridge. If you have not lowered the bridge yet, do so now using the lever.

Climb the rope ladder to the airship. Take the gun from under the pillow of the left bunk.

Sylvie gives the gun to the Count.

Go towards the baddies. Sylvie eavesdrops on Alpha and Beta.

Listen to the argument. The Count wants Sylvie to make the potion using the clues given by Beta.

Make potion:

Look close at vessel and Sylvie remembers what the Counts stated.

If you haven't yet, place Fatima's vessel on the stump left of the big vessel.

Steam circulation:

Water is needed:

Go back to the village. Climb the ladder to the top of the windmill.

Pull the lever to the right side (2xs). The water is flowing.

Make fire:

Go back to the vessel. Look close at vessel.

Place the brushwood at bottom of the vessel.

Go to the landing area. Look close at torch left of the bridge.

Use torch on the lit torch.

Go back to the vessel and use lit torch on brushwood.

They started talking again...

Adjust the steam released:

Look close at the buttons at bottom of the vessel.

Press buttons that are not on either left, right, bottom or top position to the button previously pressed.

Start at bottom to slowly release the steam from bottom up.

Do this until all the buttons are pressed.

One solution:

Set proportions using the revolving rings:

Stone inscriptions:

Beta states to look at the stone tablets with inscriptions.

Review the stone by the landing, the stone left of the elevator and the stone on the landslide at the fork in the village.

Look close at the middle part of the vessel.

Turn the top ring to the glyph that is found in the tablet at the landing area and not replicated in any other stone tablets.

Turn the middle ring to the glyph that is found in the tablet by the elevator and not replicated in any other stone tablets.

Turn the bottom ring to the glyph that is found in the tablet at the landslide at the fork in the village and not replicated in any other stone tablets.

Potion enough for 2 people only is prepared. There are 4 of them. Watch what happens.

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