Carol Reed Mystery 1: Remedy

by MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2008


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. The main menu shows New Game, Load Game and Exit. There is an option to change the resolution to 800x600.

The gameplay information is the seen on the first screen of a new game.

Right click brings up the gameplay menu. The inventory bar is on top of the screen. Click-hold to take an item and drop it on the active place in the screen.



Living room:    See the coffee table. Read the postcard from Lovisa. Learn that Carol is staying in Lovisa's apartment in Norrköping, Sweden. Turn left, forward and check the dining area.

Bedroom:    Turn right and forward to the bedroom. Look around. Open the suitcase and look at the contents. Check the book - Sense and Sensibility.

Hallway:    Exit through the white door right of the cabinet and then turn left.

Kitchen:    Look around the kitchen and see that the phone is still not online. Take the pocket knife from the island.

Check Conrad's note: 1958 on the fridge door

WC:    Exit the kitchen and while facing the wall phone, turn right and enter the WC. Look around.

Take the ring from the sink. Exit through the toilet.

Front door:    Turn left from the hanging coat. Check the pull toy.

Look down and see a package for Carol. Learn from Katarina Vogel that Conrad passed away.

Use the pocket knife to open Conrad's letter. Conrad asked for help in the new case he is investigating.

Exit through the front door and see a 'jump to' map.

Katarina Vogel:

Go up the stairs and ring the doorbell left of the blue door.

Go forward to the living room and look around. See incenses on a small table by the window.

Check the bookcase and then sit down on the blue chair at right.

Talk to Katarina. Learn that Conrad called her from the Tower Remains and that he was taking pictures there. The key to Conrad's apartment is with the executor.

The Tower Remains:

See the tower ahead. Turn right and see a blue car by the boarded up house. Go forward to the car.

It's Conrad's Volvo. The back door and the driver's door are locked.

Go back to the back of the car. While not in close up, turn right and see something shining in a box on a tree. Take the steel wire.

Look around the area and then go to the map.

Conrad's apartment:

Door:    Enter the code taken from the fridge on the keypad: 1958. Click on the door handle and climb upstairs.

Face the Vogel Investigation (Conrad Vogel) door.

Enter Conrad's place:    Look close at the mail slot.

In inventory combine the ring and the steel wire. In close up, click to open the mail slot and it flips forward.

Click-hold and use the ring with wire on the top open part of the mail slot. Pull back and use the door handle.

Living room:    Look around. See a safe on the wall above the couch. Look close at the safe with 4 colors.

Turn right and look at the dresser right of the bed. Look close at the telephone. Above the telephone is a small cabinet with car keys. Open the cabinet and take the car keys.

Go to the desk at left area of the room. Look close at the book case beside the desk and see Pride and Prejudice. Carol makes a comment about the book.

Pull out the paper inside the book and read Conrad's message. Learn about what happened at Tower Remains.

Check the pictures and take the key to the attic. Conrad wants his plants watered.

Kitchen:    Take the empty bottle left of the stove. Use the bottle on the sink at left to get a filled bottle.

Look close at the window sill and read the note: Meet M at St. John's graveyard on Tuesday 2AM.

Exit the apartment.

Attic:    Use the elevator at end of the hallway. Press 5. Exit through the wire door and climb the stairs to the black door.

Use the key from the letter on the keyhole and enter.

From 17, turn right and forward to 7. Turn left from 7 and enter the double doors with no padlock.

Go forward to the plants on the window. Use the filled bottle on the seedling containers and potted plants right and left of the seedlings. Pull back from the window.

Right of the window is a cardboard box. Check what's inside. Take a photo of Conrad at his allotment.

Turn around and look inside the basket. Take the lighter.

Turn left and forward until outside of the room. Turn left, forward and left. Exit and go forward to the elevator.

Exit the building.

The Tower Remains:   

Conrad's car:    Turn right and go forward to the blue Volvo.

Use the car keys on the driver side's door lock. Take a red gem on the floor of the passenger's side.

Use the car keys on the rear door lock. Look close at the white tin and click the hole to see a missing red gem. Use the red gem taken from the car floor on the hole.

Tin can gem puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to get the green circles cleared off and get a blue circle.

Press the red gems and find out which gem turns off which green circle.

From left to right numbered 1-6: press 4, 2, 5 and 3. Press the blue circle and take the small key.

Conrad's observation place:    Go back to the road and face the tower. Go forward on the road 3 times and turn right.

Go forward once and then right. Go forward to the back to the tower. Go close to the lattice wall and look close at the bushes. See Conrad's cigarette butts.

Pull back and turn right. See the place of the picture. Click on the lens cursor and Carol comments that Conrad must be standing right here. Go forward twice, look down and click to see that there are no traces here. Go to the map.

St. John's Graveyard:   

Gardener:    Enter the walls of the church.

Turn left and see the gardener. Talk to the gardener. Show him the picture of Conrad. Talk to him several times to learn about Madeleine Grip who owns Vivatech and divorced from Conrad Grip who goes to church here.

Church:    Enter the church. Look around the church. See a book of Swedish hymn at the first pew at right.

Go to the altar area. Play the organ for fun. Climb the pulpit and take the church key.

Sacristy and office:    Go to the red door at right side while facing the exit. Use the church key to open the red door.

Turn right and enter the office. Check the binder on the table. Read the illustrious list of some church members.

Click on the Gustav Grip's name on the second page and learn an address.

Pull back and look left. Look above the closets and see the collection bags.

Exit the room. Look around the back rooms.

Go through the other door with round knobs. Turn left before the exit door and climb to the choir.

Choir:    Turn around, left, forward and look down on the chandelier. See and click on a cleaning solution left on the chandelier. Hmmm...

Go down and exit the church. Go to the map.

Gustav Grip:

Apartment:    Go upstairs and press the doorbell right of the door.

Enter and turn right. Talk to Gustav completely. Learn about his consultancy at Vivatech.

Ask to go use the bathroom. Turn around and enter the door across the hall. Look in the mirror and see something written there. Turn on the left red hot water tap. Steam comes up. Read the mirror and see hymn 635.

Exit the bathroom and turn right to exit the apartment.

Basement:    Before exiting the front door. Turn around and enter the blue door at right of stairs.

Be at the cellar. Turn around and try to exit. The door closes and is stuck.

Turn around and go down the steps.

Storage room:    At the hallway, turn right and enter the storage room with no lock at right. It's dark in here. Use the lighter. Take the oil can from the floor.

Click on the lighter to turn it off and back up to exit.

Laundry room:    Turn around on the hallway. Go forward 2 clicks and enter the laundry room (Mangelbod) at right.

Check the folding gadget poster on the wall right of the window. Click the words of the cartoons at the bottom. :)

Turn to the table left of the window and take the rag.

Exit the laundry room.

Bicycle room:    Go left and forward once. Turn right and enter to see bicycles.

Turn right and take the ladder.

Go forward to the window. Look close at wall and prop the ladder on the wall below the window.

Climb up and open the latch at right of window.

Back of building:    Go forward to the clothesline and bicycle rack.

Try to reach the pants hanging on the clothesline - too high.

Turn the handle of the clothesline. It's stuck. Use the oil can on the handle of the clothesline. Turn the handle.

Check the pants and take a keycard.

Turn around and exit to the map on the driveway right of the entry to the building.

St. John's Graveyard:

Enter the church and go to the very first pew on the right.

Look close at the Swedish hymn book. Turn the page to hymn 635. See that the hymn is on page 1205.


Look close at the door lock. Go to the panel left of door. Swipe the keycard on the left of the panel. Click on door and be at the lobby.

Ahead is a number keypad. Use the number of the page of the hymn - 1205.

Enter the office area.

Go forward to the end of the hallway and see that Gustav's red and glass office is at left.

There's a printer at end of hallway. Turn to the hallway at right.

Office:    Enter the room at left end of this hallway. Look close at desk and see a note by Gustav to have his plants watered.

Look around for the key then. Look left and close at the mouse in front of the monitor. Take the key.

Turn left and read the magazine. The cover is Madeleine and she talks about a new drug Myalvi.

Gustav's office:    Go back to Gustav's office with red and glass walls at end of this hall. Use the key on the door lock.

Look around. Check the red folder under the window. Read the newspaper clipping and learn about the controversy concerning the drug Myalvi. Read the letter from the lawyer concerning the invalid prenuptial agreement. Click the calling card that has M: Rydgatan 3.

Turn to the left of the ergonomic chair and open the filing cabinet. Take the pestle from the mortar right of the Canadian whiskey.

Click on the monitor and see that something is to be printed but run out of paper.

Exit the room and go left to the printer at end of hallway. Open the bottom of the printer. Take paper from the green tray and place the paper on the printer tray.

Go back to Gustav's office. Look close at monitor and click 'continue'.

Go back to the printer and read the paper on top of printer. It seems that Gustav still loves his wife. He mentions a gift under the video machine by the Cactus display downtown.

Office:    Go to the right hallway and back to the office where you got the key. Look close at the mouse and return the key.

Exit the building by going down the main hallway and clicking on the exit sign.


Look for the video machine close to the cactus display. Go forward and around the first circular path with a plant at the center.

Go forward to the next circular path with a fountain at the center.

Go forward to the next circular path with a flower garden at the center.

Go forward to the next circular path with a statue at the center.

Go to right side of the path and see a green closed booth right of a cactus display. Open the display by pressing the button at right and watch the video of the sights in Norrköping.

Pull back and look under the green booth. Take the yellow rose and a hairpin.

To exit to the map, go back to the first circular path.

Rygatan 3:   

See that this is the home of Marianne Stridh. Press the doorbell. Talk to Marianne about Madeleine.

Go forward to the bedroom. Look around. Check the note at top of the dresser: Berga Smultronstigen 20 (Conrad's allotment).

Check the drawers of the dresser. The second from bottom has pictures and a cut up lettered note: We know all about your "research" methods.

Exit the bedroom and forward to the last room. Exit to the left of the living room.

Conrad's Allotment:

Go towards the shed. Use the key on a keychain taken from inside the tin can at back of Conrad's car.

Enter the shed and see a poster on the wall - Exposé 2002: Yellow rose at top left, purple tulips at top right, pink roses at bottom right and red roses at bottom left.

Exit and place the padlock back on the door latch.

Conrad's Apartment:

Climb to Conrad's apartment and enter.

Safe:    Look close at the safe above the couch. Using the clue seen on the poster at the allotment, change the colors to: top left - yellow, top right - purple, bottom right - pink and bottom left - red.

Click on knob. Read the Lab report on the "I know' note - it has traces of Phaephyta. Conrad wrote 'must ask Bob'.

Read Marianne's address and learn that she is a sea captain for Glocal Shipping. Read the 'I know' note at the back of the safe.

Try to exit the apartment. The phone rings. Answer the phone on top of the dresser right of the safe.

Katarina Vogel:

Enter through the door and find Katarina in a garden. Talk to Katarina. Learn about Bob that works at Nanotech.

Exit through the archway.

Bob's Laboratory:

Enter the building. Talk to Bob. Learn that Phaephyta are algae common at the docks.

Collect items needed later on:

To save time let's collect items that are needed later on.

Gustav Grip:    Open the blue door right of stairs. Look down beside the open door and place the pestle from Gustav's office as doorstop.

Go down and enter the bicycle room around the corner. Take the ladder left by the window.

Exit the basement and the main door. Automatically get the pestle (doorstop).

St John's Graveyard:    Enter the church and then the red door to the office.

Enter the office. Turn left, look up and click on the collection bags. Prop the ladder on the closet.   

Climb the ladder and take a collection bag. Go down and take the ladder. Exit the office.

Turn right and go through the double doors. Turn left and climb the stairs to the choir.

Go to the middle aisle between the pews. Look close at the chandelier. Use the collection bag on the cleaning fluid.

Ooops - it fell on the floor. Go down to the church. Take the cleaning liquid from the floor. Exit the church.

The Docks:   

Go forward until the brown brick Shipping building. Go forward on the left side of the Shipping building.

Go forward 6 times. See a dirty plaque on a door f the middle corrugated building.

Dirty plaque:    Use the cleaning liquid on the plate. It's clogged. Use the hairpin taken from the yellow rose on the clogged cleaning fluid.

Use the cleaning fluid on the rag taken from Gustav's laundry room to get prepared rag. Use prepared rag on the plate.

See that it is Glocal Shipping. That is the place Marianne works for as stated by the card in Conrad's safe.

Go around the corner of the building and get whacked.

Wake up tied up on a chair. Talk to Marianne. Look left and Marianne leaves.

Escape:    Look down and click on the rope. It's really tight. Use the pocket knife on the ropes.

Go forward, left and left to the back of the airplane.

Talk to Madeleine handcuffed on the chair.

Go forward pass Madeleine. Turn right to cabinet. Open cabinet and get the wire cutter.

Go back to Madeleine. Use the wire cutter on the handcuff.

Talk to the released Madeleine Found out why she was kidnapped.

Go left twice and forward to the door.

Musical door lock:    Turn right and see another door with speaker and colored buttons.

Talk to Madeleine at right. She will hum the sounds she hears when Marianne leaves.

Press the buttons to reproduce her humming. You can ask her to repeat the tones.

Press black (bottom right), purple (bottom left), yellow and green.

Exit and see the sunset.


Open the envelope from Katarina with the pocket knife. Find out the reason for Conrad's death.

Take the pen and use it on the pad. Read Carol's letter to Lovisa.

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