Carol Reed Mystery 2: Hope Springs Eternal

by MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2008


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. The main menu shows New Game, Load Game and Exit. There is an option to change the resolution to 800x600.

The gameplay information is in the Read Me file installed in the game folder.

Right click brings up the gameplay menu. The inventory bar is at top of the screen. Click-hold to take an item and drop it on the active place in the screen.

There is a bypass for most of the puzzles. Move the cursor to the bottom right of screen and click the bypass icon.


Carol is writing a letter to Lovisa. Read the unfinished letter. She does not have much detective business.

Bedroom:    Go to the bedroom. Open the closet by the window. Take the scissors.

Front door:    Go to the front door and look at the pull toy - jumping jack.

Click on his feet to pull and it falls to the floor. Take jumping jack. Click him back on where it was hang before. Carol says she needs something to hang it on.

Kitchen:    Go left to the kitchen. Look around the kitchen.

Check the Telematic beside the phone at right. It's dead, the batteries are discharged and the battery charger is broken.

Look at the dining table. Take and read the newspaper. Carol placed an ad - Carol Cracks Cases.

Open the pantry door at end of the island right of the table. Take the hammer (with a nail included).

Front door:    Use the hammer and nail on the small hole at left door. Use jumping jack on the nail.

Turn and the phone rings. Answer the phone in the kitchen. Katarina needs Carol's help.


Go through the door and talk to Katarina. Her friend Anna Bergion, a history teacher has not been at school for the last 3 days. She is worried. Anna's address is given.


Enter through the small driveway. Turn left, forward and then left to see the door to the apartments.

Anna's door:    Go up the stairs and then right. Check the nameplate, ring the bell and check the door handle. It is locked.

Caretaker:    Exit the building and talk to the caretaker. He is proud of his work and is conscientious about tidiness.

Get caretaker's keys:    Try to take the keys hanging from the wheel barrow. Of course not...

Turn around and take the bottle on the ground right of the apartment door.

Go to the covered driveway close to the exit outside the apartments.

In inventory, combine the newspaper and empty bottle.

Use the hammer on the bottle wrapped in newspaper to break it.

Look down on driveway. Use the newspaper with broken bottle on the floor of the driveway.

Go back to the caretaker and tell him about the broken bottle.

Turn to the side and then look back. Take the large key ring from the wheel barrow.

Door:    Go back to Anna's door. Use the key ring on the lock.

Hallway:    Turn left and see a chest ahead. Open the chest and see a postcard that says "Welcome to my cottage!" Definitely!

Look behind the rolled poster of Marc Chagall and see a picture of Anna. Take the picture of Anna. Close chest.

Open the door at right. Move the curtain and see a view of the bedroom. Take the key on the door lock. Pull back the curtain and close the door.

WC:    Turn around and open the WC door. Take the pencil on the floor. There's a pair of rubber gloves under the sink.

Exit and the bathroom locks itself.

Kitchen-dining area:    Go back to the main door and enter the kitchen. Look around. Check the easel-painting. Anna is also a painter.

Check the rooster on the dining table and see a cigarette pack hidden inside.

Open the closet left of the entryway going out and right of the Dec 04 painting. Use the key taken from the door by the chest on keyhole. Take the pencil sharpener. Check the rolled up painting done Sept 04.

Bedroom-living area:    Turn around and go to the bedroom-living area.

Look left. Check the side table right of the bed. Look close at the CallBoomer answering machine. Check the bed.

Go to the right and see a display cabinet. The 2 drawers are locked.

Go to the desk on other side of the doorway.

Trash can:    Check the trash can on the floor beside the desk and under the May 03 painting.

Read the letter to Axel concerning 'innocent of this crime' and the note about - Animal burials... usually on Tuesdays. Click on lid of trash can to close it.

Look at the typewriter and see a recipe.

Blank pad:    Click the pad left of the typewriter and see something written here.

Use the pencil and Carol says it is not sharp enough. Use the pencil sharpener on the pencil.

Use the sharpened pencil on the paper. Read "Look at my painting from October, that I gave you a copy of, and you'll know exactly what it looks like".

Paintings:    Check all the paintings on the wall done by Anna. Note the date it was painted and also a symbol beside the date.

The October 04 painting is on the wall above the couch by the window. Take the October painting of a stone wall on a hillside.

Exit the apartment and Carol says to leave the door unlocked for now.

Exit the building and place the caretaker's keys back on the wheelbarrow. Exit to the map.

The Kiosk:

Talk to Stina and learn about where the pet cemetery at west side of town.

West Side:   

Go forward, walk the bridge and look left when a gate is seen. See a handbag on the ledge.

Turn right from the closed gate. Forward and left beside the building.

Go forward to the small park. Go left, forward and right to the waterfall.

Climb the steps and look left at first landing. Take the tape roll from the bench.

Turn around and climb up the steps to the back of the orange building.

Go forward until the end. Turn left and forward until the end.

Turn left before the exit. Go forward to the Pet cemetery.

Pet Cemetery:   

Talk to the same gardener from St. John's Graveyard in the first mystery case. Go back to the main street and exit.


Go inside and talk to Katarina. Try to drink the stinging nettles tea.

Learn about Axel von Fersen who lived 200 years ago. He lived at Lofstad castle out of town.

Lofstad Castle:

Look around the castle grounds:

Stables:    Go forward pass the stone wall until the end and look left at the stables. It has AFHCD 1783 sign. That must be the year it was built.

Back of castle:    Turn around and see the path to the castle and another path to the right. Take the right path to the back of the castle.

Go forward until a split in the path. Take the left path. Go forward until the back of the main castle building. Turn right, forward and see the view of the grounds. Take the winding path going down.

String Concert:    Read the red flyer on the ground for a String Concert by the Ray Ivey Quartet :) at the castle park. The concert started in 2001 here. A recent event only. Turn right and go down to the bottom.

Monument:    See a white bridge over a pond that goes to a monument ahead. Go there and click on the plaque. Carol says 20th of June 1810.

Turn around and go forward. Take the left path, forward and then right (not the exit). At the fork in the road, take the left path.

Summer house:    Go forward and see a small path on the left. Go left and see the summer house. Look at the roof and see the Swedish flag on the top. The lake is on the right.

Turn around and go back to the main path. Go left and forward back to the stables.

Castle courtyard:    Turn around from the stables and go forward this time to the courtyard.

Main building:    Look up on the main building ahead. It has AFHCDG 1753 on the top. It was built 30 years earlier than the stables.

Tour guide:    Talk completely to the woman sitting on the bench at right. She said that you can win an entrance ticket by taking the quiz on the opposite building. Turn it on using the button inside the metal door to the right of it.

Castle quiz:    Turn right 3 times and see a machine at the end of the building by a gate.

Go forward and see the gate, wall machine and a metal plate at bottom right.

Turn machine on:    Look close at metal plate. See 5 buttons.

There is a bypass for this puzzle. Move the cursor to the bottom right of screen and click the bypass icon.

The object of the puzzle is to get all the buttons lit up.

Press one button and find the next button that will stay lit.

Press those 2 buttons again and find the third button that stays lit.

Continue on until all the buttons stays lit.

From left to right: click on 2 5 1 4 3.

Quiz:    Pull back and look close at machine. Press the start button now that the machine is turned on.

Look close at monitor and answer the 5 questions based on your tour around the castle grounds.

Look above for a review of the tour.

Which six letters can be see above the main entrance to the castle?

When was the stable at Lofstad built?

Open air concerts are held in the Lofstad Park every summer. Since which century?

A monument to honor Axel von Fersen was erected in the Loftstad Park the year after his death. When did he die?

What sits on top of the Lofstad summer house?

Slider:    See a slider puzzle to reconstruct the picture of the summer house.

The puzzle is random as I saw on replays. There is also a bypass for this. Move cursor at bottom right and click when the cursor shows bypass. Take the ticket.

Go back to the tour guide. She's meditating. Talk to her and take the gem she says is a protection from ghosts.

Main building:    Enter the main building.

Cellar:    As soon as you enter turn right and see an open door to a dark cellar. There's a lamp on the wall.

Go forward and see a portrait of a servant with animals.

Main hallway:    Turn left and forward. Read the framed posters about Nisse's ghost and the servant that saved the castle from being burned. Click on the posters. Nisse's resting place is marked by an X at the cellar.

Go through the rooms. Read posters, click on items and look around. Enjoy.

Writing table:    At the back part of the building and 2 rooms before the exit to the hallway, see a writing table under the window. See the lid has 3 numerical dials as lock. Not enough information to solve this.

Kitchen:    At the end of this hallway and before the green room turn right back to the main hallway. See a locked door.

Main hallway:     Read the poster about Axel von Fersen. He had a romance with Marie Antoinette. He also has a secret meeting place close to the castle. His lucky number is 211.

Read the poster about the castle built between 1630 and 1644 by Peder Baner.

Writing table:    Go back to the writing desk.

Enter Axel's favorite number on the numerical dial: 211. Click on the square metal at left of the dial.

The compartment opens. Take the gold key.

Kitchen:    Go back to the locked door at end of the main hallway. Use the key on the lock.

Look around the kitchen. Take the matches from the dining table.

Upstairs:    Go back out to the main hallway. Climb the stairs left of the exit hallway. Look around and then go down.

Cellar:    Go towards the exit door. Before you exit, turn left and see again the dark room of the cellar entrance.

Use the match on the lamp on the wall. Go forward until the cellar.

Turn right from the window and take the map. Click on the part of the map at bottom right about the meeting place. Now, Carol knows where it is.

Turn around and see Nisse's resting place marked by the X on the wall. Exit the cellar and the building.

Side entrance:    Go left, forward and left. Enter the side entrance. Look around and note the picture above the fireplace of the killing of Axel von Fersen in 1899. Exit the building and go to the stables.

Meeting place:    Now that the map showed where the meeting place is located, it can be accessed.

From the stables, turn left and go forward until the 'exit' sign is seen. Turn right and forward until the rock wall seen in the painting of Anna.

Go close to the wall and turn right. See a bag in the tall grass. Pick up and open the bag.

Read Anna's letter to Axel. It mentions Axel being here and meeting him at the cottage in Finspong.

Turn right, forward until the path and right to exit.


Enter Anna's apartment again. Hear a sound of something falling.

Look for what made the sound. Go to the bedroom-living area. See a pot fell from the window sill.

Purse puzzle:    Look close at the broken pot and see a purse.

The purse has 6 buttons with lines on them. The object of the puzzle is to have all the buttons undepressed.

Numbering them left to right, top-bottom: Click on 5 4 6 3 6 3.

Open the purse and take the key.

You can look out the window if you like.

Display cabinet:    Go to the corner cabinet that has drawers that we can't open before.

Use the key on the keyhole of the right drawer. Read and click on the paper to note that the letter from Axel was written on Anna's typewriter.

Use the key on the left drawer.

Drawer puzzle:    See 4 symbols. They look like the symbols on Anna's paintings we noted before.

Look around at the paintings and the symbols after the date.

Go back to the couch by the window and place back the painting of the stone wall: October 04 O - omicron.

Go to the painting by the typewriter desk. See May 03 and the yen (Japanese currency) sign.

Go to the kitchen and check the painting by the microwave. It has May 03 and yen.

The painting by the dining table is Dec 04 and beta b.

Open the cabinet to the right and check the rolled painting. It is Sept 04 and F.

Go back to the drawer and press the buttons depending on the sequence of the date the paintings were done.

Yen, beta, phi and omicron or from left to right: 3 2 1 4. The drawer opens.

Look at the ring. Read the inheritance of a cottage in Finspong. Ah - from sister and signed by the executor :)

Mail:    Go to the front door and look at the mail on the floor.

The blue letter is from The Swedish Prison and Probation Service. It is a pay slip. Was Anna teaching there?

Go to the map.


Talk to Katarina. Learn that Anna was teaching at the Prison but did not mention the cottage.

Prison:    Carol does not know what to do here.

The Cottage:   

Go to the back of the red cottage. The front door is not accessible. The back door is locked.

Turn right, forward and right to the backyard. Look around at the backyard.

Go back to Anna's place to see if we can find a way to get in.


Ah - talk to the caretaker. Be at Anna's apartment.

Go to the CallBoomer answering machine by the bed - 1 call missed.

Press 'play' and hear the nice southern voice of the cleaning lady say that the key is under the doormat. Aha!

The Cottage:   

Go to the back to the red cottage. Look under the doormat and take the cottage key. Use the key on the keyhole.

Kitchen:    Go left and check the kitchen.

Living room:    Go right and read Anna's letter to Axel. She's in Spain. Take the mobile phone.

Go forward to the window at front of the house by the covered chair - hear footsteps climbing down.

Attic:    Turn left, forward, left and up the ladder. Go forward to the window, look down and around. Hmm...

Go down and check the backyard - no one.

Go back to the house and check the attic. Turn around from the window and go forward to the other room.

Look around. Check the bed. See a newspaper.

Check the pillow and see a watch on the side table. Look at the back of the watch and see that it was given to Axel Weber from the Animal Cemetery Committee. Click on watch. Look at the key and see that it is like what Carol has.

Go back down to the map.

Pet Cemetery:   

Talk to the caretaker. Find out that Axel Weber was a prisoner but escaped a couple of days ago. Learn about his connection to Anna and about the typewriter. He was convicted of murder.

Exit the pet cemetery. At the road, turn back to the pet cemetery and see a hoe propped on a tree. Take the hoe.

West side:

At the road from the pet cemetery, turn right to go to the park. Using the map does not allow the taking of the hoe.

Go forward to the end and then right at back of the building.

Go forward until the steps. Go down 2 sets of steps. Go left, forward and then right to the fenced water area.

Go forward until you see the bag on the ledge at other side of the fence and left of the locked gate.

Use the hoe on the bag. Take the City library computer card inside the bag.

Walk back (not jump to on the map) to the pet cemetery. Prop the hoe on the tree close to entrance of pet cemetery and right of Linus, Pecka and Dennis' resting place.

The Library:

Enter the library. Insert the library card on the slot at right side of the table. Click on the mouse.

Read about Axel Weber. He's the sales manager of Lydec Insurances and charged with the murder of Lotta Andersson. She was poisoned with Digoxin. Per Vegander the company's lawyer is representing him.

Urban Nystrom believes in his innocence as written by a wonderful reporter. We best talk to Urban.

Take the library card and exit.


Talk to Stina about the phone book. Turn the page and then click the magnifier on the second column of Nystroms.

The address of Urban Nystrom is obtained.

Urban Nystrom:

Talk to the woman. Knock again and find out that Urban died in a car accident.

Office:    Look around. Go close to the red stool at end of the room.

Turn around and look at the cabinet left of door. See a green box of Geo. Lewison & Co. Click and Carol says she can't reach it.

Turn around and take the red stool (ugly chair) now. Place the ugly chair in front of the cabinet.

Climb on the ugly chair and take the green box.

Open the green box:    See 9 squares (3x3), each of which shows a part of the picture.

The object of the puzzle is to show all the pieces of the picture.

From left to right, top to bottom numbered 1-9: Click on 3 2 6 5 1 9 8.

Read the result of Urban's investigations. He wants to check Nisse's junkyard that might have made key making equipments. Learn about the Draghat Society. Whew, what weird practices!

The magazine has very interesting articles written by great reporters.


Talk to Stina about Nisse's junkyard.


Owner, mechanic and developer:    Look around. Go forward and enter the building at right. Turn right and talk to the mechanic. He needs batteries for his MP3 player so in the meantime he listens to the radio that is on the floor.

Stuck door:    Exit the building; turn right, forward and then right again to the left side of this building. Go forward.

Before entering the red building, turn right and see-click on an unlocked but stuck door.

Turn right, go forward and turn right outside the fenced part of the junkyard. Turn right and go forward. See a van at right. Look close and take the crowbar.

Go back to the stuck door. Look close and use the crowbar on the door. Carol says the mechanic might hear.

Exit the junkyard.


Go to the kitchen. Pick up the Telematic with uncharged batteries. Take the 4 uncharged batteries.

Urban Nystrom:

Go forward to the window. Look right at the computer. See and take the battery charger in front of monitor.

Use the 4 batteries on the battery charger. Look left and see the electric power strip on the floor. Use the battery charger with batteries on the first plug of the power strip.

Go to the map and then back to Urban's office again.

Urban's wife shows a letter from Lotta, the victim writing to Per Vegander, the company lawyer concerning an embezzlement in Per's department. A copy was given to Urban by Lotta.

Take the batteries from the battery charger.


Go forward and enter the building at right. Turn right and give the batteries to the mechanic.

Exit and go to the stuck door at the side of this building. Use the crowbar on the door now that the mechanic is listening to his MP3 player.

KeyMaster:    See a KeyMaster used to make keys. Look at the paper at right. It has shapes of different keys.

Take the letter under the KeyMaster that hasn't been posted yet. Check the address - Risselgatan 142A 602 81 Norrkoping.

Read the letter. That sounds like an extortion letter. Take the key.

In inventory, use the lens on the key and study the shape of the indentations. Compare the key to the shapes on the key chart. It looks like A.W. Place-click the key over the A.W in the chart. AW is that Axel?

Risselgatan 142A:

Check the door and find it locked. Turn left, forward and right. Go down the steps to the basement of the building.

Basement:    Enter and turn right immediately. Read Leeana's note to Charles about the door locks and missing or broken fuse.

Fuse box:    Go forward and turn right to see a locked fuse box. Turn left and go forward pass the fuse box. Enter the next door. Pick up the key on the floor beside the toilet.

Go back to the fuse box and use the key from toilet on the padlock. The wire at right is exposed. It needs to be fixed.

Turn back, forward to exit door and enter the door right across the tack board.

Go forward to the lit storage area. Look left and pick up the screwdriver from the floor under the newspaper.

Turn left and forward to the hallway.

Wire:    We need to fix the exposed wire of the fuse box.

Go out and exit to Anna's. Turn left and use the screwdriver on the toilet door. Take the rubber gloves.

Go back to Risselgatan 142A, basement and the fuse box.

Use the rubber gloves on the exposed wires and they will tighten up.

In inventory, combine the scissors from Home and the tape from the bench at West side to get a piece of tape.

Use the piece of tape on the tightened exposed wire.

Fuses:    Study the paper tucked in the frame. From left to right - Socket 3 is front door 1. Socket 6 is the main fuse.

The power should be on the front door socket and the switch set to 'off'.

The main fuse is broken as stated by the note to Charles.

Since socket 6 (#3 fuse) - main fuse is broken; take that off. Take the fuse (#2 fuse) from socket 5 and place it in socket 6. That fixes the main fuse.

Socket 3 for front door 1 is empty. Take the fuse from socket 2 (#1 fuse) and place it in socket 3.

Place the broken fuse (#3 fuse) on socket 5.

Flip the switch for Front Door 1 to the Off position (depressed on right side).

Go back to the door of 142A. Enter and go up the stairs.

Check the mail box of the first door on the left. It is labeled Per Vegander. Uh oh!

Ring the doorbell. Talk to Per Verganter. He doesn't work at Lydec Insurance anymore. He doesn't know Axel.


Click on the door and hear what Carol says about what happened. Per has been arrested.


Anna's mobile phone rings. Listen to Anna. She thinks she's talking to Axel and stated that Axel should be at Viking Terminal. It is the only way to leave the country without a passport. Anna went to Spain and made arrangement and they will meet there.

Viking Terminal:

Turn left, go forward to the building. Turn right and talk to Axel, the man sitting on a suitcase.


Buzz the doorbell. Talk to Anna.


Carol finished her letter to Lovisa.

Hear the mail arrive. Go to the front door and check the mail.

Hahaha. Learn what really happened to Urban Nystrom.

Such a nice postcard.

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