Carol Reed Mystery 5: The Colour of Murder

by MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2008


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. Before the game starts, see a display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound has a choice of sound device.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

There is a very good hint system made by one of the most helpful person in the adventure community.

The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay.


Carol says that she will take time off after her 4th summer here.

Home:   Look around Carol's apartment.

Living room:    Check the album on the coffee table. See photos associated with Carol's previous cases.

Kitchen:    Exit the living room and go to the kitchen. Read the letter on the table. Jonas is getting his cottage ready for Carol's visit.

Exit the apartment.

Stina in the Store:    Wow! She has her own shop now. Chat a bit with Stina.




See a note on the bench from Willy. Turn around and open the blue storage cabinet. Take gum boots.

Enter the shed and see a paint can.

Willy:    Exit the shed and go through the ivied archway to the next allotment.

Knock on the door. Talk to Willy.

Willy asks for Carol's help. His son Adrian has been missing for several days. He shows an envelope address to Harald Lund, the man murdered last week. He gives the key to Adrian's apartment and his address.


Adrian's apartment:   

Kitchen:    Look around the kitchen.

Go to the dining area and look close at the drawer under the microwave.

Read about Harald's murder at Three Princes' Alley June 9th. The height of the murderer is noted.

The other paper is a threatening letter to Adrian about returning what is not yours.

Check the balcony.

Bathroom:    Exit the kitchen and enter the door on the left.

See Adrian Vinkelmans pictured membership card to Maximum Painkillers.

Closet:    The closet by the exit door is full of games and a black notebook is on the top shelf. It is too high to reach.

Living room:    Very nice place. Turn left and look at the Zodel Moral Mission pay slip for May.

The door to the balcony needs a removable handle.

The Zodel Moral Mission:   

Turn right and read the green introduction paper to the mission. Learn that the Mission is now led by Perik Zodel, the grandson of Evald Zodel, the founder.

Talk to the representative and learn that Adrian has not been to work as a cleaner for 2 weeks now.


Three Princes' Alley:   

Look around where the murder took place. Go forward until the end and look down on the ground at right.

Take the red candle.

Theatre Workshop:   

Talk to the receptionist.

Main floor:    Look around.

Go to the bottom of the stairs at left. The machine shop with the red doors is closed.

Look at the incoming basket at bottom of stairs. See that Stefan sent a mail to Harald. The delivery has now been made to the usual place. S.

Top floor offices:    Climb the stairs. Check the set models at the balcony aisle.

Go back and enter the doorway to the offices and break room.

Check the break room. Turn left from the break room and go forward. There is an office than can be entered.

Work area:    Go through the doorway at end of the room.

Look left and see orange drawers. Check the contents of the drawers. Take a close look at the self taken photo.

At the other aisle, there is a desk with heads of mannequins.

Turn left; go out the door to a spiral staircase and down to a big room.

Turn left to the spiral staircase and take the memorandum and phone list paper. Stefan's phone number is obtained.

Harald's desk:    Go forward to the right desk under the windows and left of the Mona Lisa.

Look close and take a clockwork mechanics paper (strange instruction).

Pick up the yellow box of tea. Take the extra key inside the box.

Hallway:    Go through the door across the room.

Key cabinet:    Turn left and see a framed cabinet with symbols above the sink.

Look close and click on the symbols to open the cabinet.

We saw this before - check the self taken photo and see the symbols on the cabinet behind Mikael.

Remember, that the photo is a mirror image. Enter (left to right) \ X |.

Pull the handle at right. Take the key from Theatre Workshop.

Look around the hallway. Enter the room right of the sink and see that it is dark inside.

Maintenance room:    Go forward just before the steps going out.

Turn right and see a door in this dark area. Check and see that it is locked.

Use the key taken from the cabinet on the locked door.

Enter and turn right. See the breaker panel. Flip the right switch. Exit the room.

Paint preparation room:    Go back to the dark room right of the sink and key cabinet at the hallway.

Enter and see that there's light now.

Read the letter right of the sink from Iris. See a door with a number lock left of the exit door.

Exit and left toward the main front room. Exit the building.

Iris' apartment:   

Look close at the panel on the left of the keypad. See that Iris Lindwall is in apt. 2. Press A and then 2.

Talk to Iris and learn where Harald lives.


Use the phone in the kitchen.

After seeing Stefan's number in the memorandum and reading the in house mail; dial Stefan at 18 77 95.

Learn about the special delivery kept in the mountain storage unit.

Harald's apartment:    Take the left diagonal path (cursor at bottom of the screen) to the building.

Enter, left and check the first door at right. Use the spare key taken from Harald's desk on the lock to enter Harald's apartment.

Turn around and take the letter that drop from the mail box. Harald has a boat at Calibri Marina.

Main room:    Enter the room left of exit door. Look around.

Check the book shelf and see that there's a key inside a round green container. It is locked but there's a slot on the top.

Go to the shelves by the window. See a box with colored squares.

Open the cabinet below it and take a test tube.

Turn left and read the letter of the landlady. Harald is fixing a clock at the attic.

Kitchen:    Check the kitchen across the hallway.

There is a bowl on top of the refrigerator that is too high to reach.

Calibri Marina:   

Climb up the boat. Go diagonal left to be at the side of the boat.

See a zipped cover. Use the zipper and see that it is stuck. Use the red candle from the alley on the zipper.

Use the zipper and enter the boat.

Look on the floor below the steering wheel. Open the cover off the floor and take the paper. Read the letter and get a litmus paper.

Enter the front cabin. Take the boat hook from the left bench.

Go to the back cabin and take the fish hook from the right bench.


Harald's apartment:   

Apartment:    Go to the round green container on the book shelf in the living room.

Fish out the key out using the fish hook on the slot at top of the container to get key from Harald's apartment.

Leave the apartment and before the Exit cursor, turn right. Go up the stairs.

Attic:    Use the key from Harald's apartment on the lock.

Erased numbered storage room:    Turn left, forward and right to a door with a wooden latch.

Enter and go to the very back. Open the red with green top round tin can.

Read the letter of Iris to her 'favorite waterer'. She gave him a key.

Read the article about Kurt Haijby and Gustav V's scandalous love affair.

Exit and go right.

#30 storage room:    Go forward twice and turn right. Enter the room and right again.

Open the storage room and take the stepladder. Exit the room.

Go right and forward 3 times. See a clock mechanism door that is locked.

Open part of attic:    Continue down the hallway. Go right and then left.

Take the fuse beside the antennae which Carol refuses to take.

Apartment:    Go back down to the apartment. Go to the kitchen.

Go to the right and then turn around. Face the fridge. Use the ladder on the fridge.

Climb up the ladder and pick up the bowl.

Read the 2 strange messages to Harald about a place in Milestone and the subsequent clarification.

See a note from Harald's apartment that shows the design of the colored squares box seen in the living area. It has symbols that should be mixed and 202 & 101.

Take the stepladder.

Stina in the Store:    Talk to Stina and learn about the milestone and the petroglyphs in Vrinia.

The Milestone:    Check the milestone and see a year or something.

The Petroglyphs:   

Go forward until the information stand. Read and learn about the petroglyphs.

There are 6 information stands here. Turn left and forward while looking right and left. See some petroglyphs on the rock walls and floors.

See 2 walkways on the right. Enter the first one and see the petroglyph for water. It is entered in the note.

Enter the next right walkway and read the information.

Go to the farther right walkway and see the glyphs for red and green.

Now we know the first line of the note from Harald's apartment: red water and green water to be mixed and tested with litmus. We need to know about 202 and 101 and find the colored water.

Check the other information stands above this one and one on the left side of the main path. Then exit the area.

Stina in the Store:    Talk to Stina and learn about the red water at Industrial Park. She wants Carol to find her earring.

Industrial Park:   

From arriving here, go forward 8 times to one entrance to the walkway. (There is another entrance if you go forward 10 times, right, forward 2 times and then right).

Earring:    Turn right pass the barrier. Go forward 4 times until the yellow truck-trencher. Turn left before the back part of the yellow truck-trencher and forward to the arched walkway.

Look down (6 F) at the second grilled floor and see Stina's earring. We need to find a way to get it yet.

Red water:    Turn around and forward until the yellow truck.

Go to the front scoop part of the yellow truck-trencher and place the stepladder propped on the wall. Climb up. Automatically take the stepladder.

Turn right and go through the lower barrier. Turn left and down the ramp.

At the bottom of the ramp, turn left. Look close at the flowing red water. Use the test tube to get a sample of red water.

Climb back up the ramp and turn right. Prop the stepladder on the blue cabinet.

Go down, turn right, forward and left to the exit.

Zodel Moral Mission:

Look at the table at right. Take scissors.

Talk to the Mission representative about Harald's strange messages. He said that he wrote it. Learn about a letter that Harald has.


Adrian's apartment:

Open the cabinet left of the exit door. Prop the stepladder on the shelves full of games.

Take the book on top shelf. Read the lease agreement for a trailer. Take the stepladder.

Trailer Park:   

The door is locked. Look close at the window at left. Click to open the window.

Look inside. Use the boat hook on the door handle. Enter the trailer.

Turn right and open the top right cabinet. Take the screwdriver. Open the top left cabinet and take the removable handle.

Turn left and use the removable handle on the handle hole of the closet. See gum boots. Click on it to find out it is muddy and still wet.

Turn left to the table. Read the notebook. He writes: The Brook, right pipe (left one is too muddy).

Read another note that shows a graph about the Mission, money and letter; all pointing to Harald Lund - changed name. That is very interesting.

Turn left and flip up the counter top. Read article about Kurt Kaijby. He worked at a limestone quarry when he returned to Sweden, got married and had a son. He committed suicide in 1965. Both Adrian and Harald have information about Kaijby.

Read the other note that mentions a Paintball Hall at the Old Fiskeby station.

Turn around and see a crude drawing of a man.

Adrian's apartment:

Balcony:    Use the removable handle on the hole of the door's handle.

Turn right and see a trash bag. Check what is inside. Read Lizzy's letter about a turquoise machine with Adrian's old scores.

Paintball Hall:

Go forward until the building. Enter the first door.

Turn left and see a big turquoise machine with a crude drawing similar to that seen in Adrian's apartment. Click the circular metal at the center - it needs some oiling.

Go to the next room. Turn left and take the headlights left of the tires.

Go forward and see a paint can with dried paint behind a standing board close to the right door. Look close and take the blood paint capsule on the floor.

The Allotment:    Talk to Willy and learn about Lavender Brook.

Lavender Brook:

Go forward 3 times, right, forward 6 times, right, forward 3 times, right and forward 3 times.

Use gum boots on the water. Enter the right pipe. Enter, use the headlights and forward until the end.

Turn left and see a briefcase chained to the shelf.

Exit the pipe, forward and turn around. Climb between the 2 pipes, left and exit.


National Tax Board:

Well, hello! Talk to the janitor. To let Carol in the building, he wants 7 wild flowers of different colors: red, white, yellow, pink, blue and purple. He already has a green flower.

Blue flower:    Jump to The Milestone and take blue flowers from the base of the milestone.

White flowers:    Go to the Docks. Go forward twice, cross the road and see the bunker in the side of the hill as mentioned by Stefan.

See that the gate is locked. Turn right and take 2 white flowers. Carol says white is a versatile color.

Pink flowers:    Jump to Lavender Brook. Go forward 3 times, right, forward 2 times and then turn left. Take some wild pink roses.

Purple flowers:    Jump to paintball hall. Take purple flowers just before the building.

Red flowers:    Jump to allotment. Enter the shed. Use the screwdriver on the paint can. Place the blood red capsule on the paint. Use the scissors to cut the capsule and get red paint. Use the extra white flower on the red paint to get red flowers.

Yellow flowers:    Jump to Industrial Park. Go forward 8 times. Turn right pass the barrier. Go forward 4 times until the yellow truck-trencher. Turn left before the back end of the yellow truck-trencher and forward to the arched walkway. Go to the end, turn and climb the steps. Walk until the next set of steps. Look left before the next set of steps and take yellow flowers.

National Tax Board:

Pleat, pleat, pleat? Talk to the janitor.

Copier:    Turn around and see a copier. Look close and it states to need paper to continue copying.

Enter the doorway and go forward to the back of the room.

Take the card of Stephen (Mikael) Lundgren. Turn the card over and see Ivan, Xerxes Viktor.

Take a screw hook left of the card.

Turn around and go back to the doorway. Take the paper on the wall left of the doorway. Read Lotta's letter to Johanna about archives instructions for newbies. We need that.

Go to the copier. Place the paper - message from archives on the bottom right tray.

Look close at the copier. It needs 4 digit code to use it. Ah - use the first letter of the 3 names on the back of Lundgren's card as Roman Numerals: I(van), X(erxes) and V(iktor) make 1105. Enter 1105.

Take the copied Archives list. Note that Section Fa is for name changes.

Go to the Fa shelves and see that they are by dates. Carol says that Harold birth date is needed.

Industrial Park:

Museum of Works:    Go forward to just before the next 'exit' cursor (or bridge) and turn left. See the Museum of Works.

Enter the museum. Look around at the display and information.

Go forward 5 times from the entrance and be inside corner room that shows Book Binding. Turn right to the window and take the pliers.

Turn around and step on the hallway. Turn right on the hallway and enter the Blacksmith display.

Vise:    On the bench is a vise. Look close at the vise. Review the strange instruction taken from Harald's desk at the Theatre.

Follow the instructions. Turn the handle of the vise to close the vise.

Insert the screw hook between jaws of the vise.

Use the pliers to twist the screw hook and get a bent screw hook.

Turn around and go to the hallway. Turn left and go forward to the Book binding room ahead. Turn right and return the pliers on the board by the window.

Go to the hallway. Go forward to the room across the hallway; forward and right to the exit.

Exit the museum. Turn left and exit the area.

Harald's apartment:   

Bedroom:    Enter and check the door on the right. It's locked. Use the bent screw hook on the lock.

Look around the room. Check the trash can and read about where the meeting information can be found - revealed by rain on the wall at the limestone cliff edge.

Check the DVD rental flier and see that Harald's birth date is 23/06/1953.

Open the closet at left. Check a paper from his coat that has 2 set of numbers: 8591 and 1173.

Attic:    Climb the steps to the attic. Turn right and forward 4 times.

Turn right to the clock mechanism door. Use the bent screw hook on the lock.

Enter and turn right. Climb the ladder and see that it's dark up there.

Go down the ladder again. Turn right, forward and right to the fuse box.

Use the fuse taken earlier at the end of the attic on the empty slot at middle left.

Climb up the ladder again. Turn left and forward to the clock mechanism. It is missing something to turn the gears.

Pull back and forward to the right side of the mechanism stand.

Turn right and take the oil can from the ledge of the roof.

Turn around and see a ladder to climb up to the back of the clock face.

Exit the building.

National Tax Board:

Go to section Fa at right side of the aisle. Go forward the aisle and look at #23 at left.

Take the folder. Use the scissor to cut the string around the folder. Take the string.

Study Harald's folder and find out that he is the son of Kurt Haijby of the Royal scandal fame.

Industrial Park:

From arriving here, go forward 8 times to one entrance to the walkway.

Earring:    Turn right pass the barrier. Go forward 4 times until the yellow truck-trencher. Turn left before reaching the back part of the yellow truck-trencher and forward to the arched walkway. Look down at the grill and see the earring.

In inventory, combine the string from the archive folder with the fishing hook from the boat to get string with fishing hook.

Use the string with fishing hook on the earring and get Stina's earring.

Stina in the Store:    Talk to Stina to give her the earring.



Theatre Workshop:

Paint preparation room:    Enter the workshop. Turn right, forward to the dark room under the big mural.

Turn left, forward to the hallway just before the large room with Harald's desk.

Enter the door right of the sink. Turn right at the keypad.

One of those numbers from the paper taken from Harald's coat might work here.

Press 8591. The green light lights up. Use the door handle.

Paint mixing room:    Look close at the International Color Chart on the wall.

There it is - see that 101 is yellow and 202 is pink.

Look down and see 2 bins. Check the left bin and take the envelope.

Stefan sent a key for the storage place in the mountain. The delivery will be placed in a room with a green door.

The key is for the door and the box with the delivery. Take key from envelope.

The Docks:   

Front door:    Go forward twice, cross the road and forward to the door at side of mountain.

Look close at the keyhole. Use the key from envelope on the lock. Turn or click the key - it's stuck.

Back up and turn around. Look for another way in.

Back way:    Go right to the sidewalk. Go forward twice and then right. Climb the stairs.

Go forward until graffiti covered metal door. There's an opening at bottom left.

Enter through the opening. Use the headlights.

Go forward 2xs, right, forward 3xs and then turn left. Take the hammer from the ground.

Turn right and forward twice to the green door.

Storage room:    Enter the room and take the metal cutter from the ground.

Turn left and see the box Stefan mentions. We need the key.

Front door:    Turn left and forward to exit the room. Turn right, forward and right to the front door.

Look close at the lock. Use oil can on the keyhole. Use hammer on the oil can. Hear the key drop.

Exit the tunnel. Turn around, forward, left, forward, right, forward 5xs, left, forward and out.

Go down and back towards the front gate. Pick up the key from the sidewalk.

Go back to the green room again using the back way and the steps above: Go forward 2xs, right, forward 5xs and enter the storage room.

Use the key on the box. Raise the lid. Read the letters of Stefan and Harald. Harald mentions the old limestone quarry. The one mentioned in the strange letters. Close the lid and exit through the back way.


Paintball Hall:   

Go forward to the building and enter the first door.

Turn to the turquoise machine. Look close and use the oil can on the circular lock at the center.

Turn the handle at left. Use the boot hook at the opening. Read Lizzy's letter to Adrian.

Adrian wants #127 as his membership number. Close the small door.

Lavender Brook:   

Go forward 3 times, right, forward 6 times, right, forward 3 times, right and forward 3 times.

Use gum boots on the water. Enter the right pipe. Enter, use the headlights and forward until the end.

Turn left and see the briefcase chained to the shelf. Use the metal cutter on the chain.

Take the briefcase. See the keypad.

Enter Adrian's favorite number - 127. The briefcase opens. Oh my! Adrian is a busy boy.

Exit the tunnel, forward and turn around. Climb between the pipes, left and exit.

Trailer Park:

Enter the trailer and meet Adrian. Learn how he stole the money from the safe of the Zodel Mission.

He also took the letter about Harald and Haijby. He gives the bucket.

It's Midsummer's Eve.

Allotment:    Automatically be at the allotment. Talk to Jonas. Have fun with the feast.



Stina in the Store:    Talk to Stina about the quarry.

Limestone Quarry:   

Green water:    Go forward twice, right, forward to the quarry, left and forward to the water.

Look at green water. We found the green water.

Turn around, forward and left. Go forward to the cut walls.

Take the rope on the ground at right side wall. In inventory combine rope and bucket to get bucket with rope.

Go back to the water. Turn around and forward until the end. Go left, forward twice and then right.

Go forward to the water. Use the bucket with rope on green water.

Meeting place information:    Remember the note taken from the trash can in Harald's bedroom where the meeting information can be found - revealed by rain on the wall at the limestone cliff edge.

Go back to the place where the limestones are cut: Turn around, forward and left. Go forward to the cut walls.

Go forward to the far wall at right. Just before the exit cursor, turn right and walk the ledge to the end.

Look at the wall at left. See words etched on the limestone wall. Use the bucket with green water on the etched words.

See the meeting place:    June 9, 23:00 AM at the back of the Hedwig Church. Click on the words and Carol mentions the night of the murder.

Exit the quarry by going left to the edge of the ledge and forward.

Hedwig Church:   

Back of the church:    Go forward close to the front door. Go left and forward to the side of the church.

Go around the side of the church and right to the back.

Look down on the ground just in front of the steps. See Harald's familiar cigarette butts.

Mobile phone:    Take the mobile phone in the grassy area left of the steps.

Look close at the phone. It asks for a code. There is another number in that paper taken from Harald's coat in his bedroom.

Enter 1173. Read the text message from Iris on the night of the murder. Oh my!

Click on Previous to see another message from Iris about her outdoor code has been changed to 3395.

Church:    Enter the church. Nice logo on the inner door. :)

Turn left and look around this wonderful church. Go forward to the front of the church and left to the supply room.

Take the reacher left of the shelving. Exit through the front door.

Three Princes' Alley:    Go forward, then turn around and exit. Before exiting, Carol says that the building across the road is Iris' apartment.

Harald's apartment:   

Apartment:    Go to the colored box on the shelf above the mattress.

Colored squares box:    Let's check the note from Harald's apartment.

Colour of litmus in green and red water mixed - In inventory, combine the red water in test tube taken from Industrial Park and the green water in the bucket taken from the Limestone quarry to get red and green water mixed.

Use the litmus paper on the red and green water mixed in the bucket. See that the litmus turned to blue (basic).

& 202 & 101 - The color chart in the theatre workshop showed that 101 is yellow and 202 is pink.

Look close at the colored square box and press Blue, pink and yellow.

Take the machine handle.

Attic:    Go up to the attic. Turn right from the stairs. Go forward 4 times and enter the clock mechanism room.

Climb the ladder. Look close at the clock workings on the stand.

Use the machine handle on the rod of the large gear. Click on handle twice.

See a panel open at the back of the clock face above on the rafter.

Take the machine handle. Pull back and go forward right of the machine stand.

Turn left and climb the ladder to the back of the clock face.

Use the reacher from the church to get the envelope. Take the key mentioned by Iris in the letter in the other storage room.

Read the letter that caused all these events. Kurt Haijby wrote to Harald, his son that it was not him that is the Royal lover but Evald Zobel the founder of the Zobel Moral Mission. A picture of Kurt and Evald was enclosed in the letter.

Hedwig Church:  Enter the church and automatically return the reacher in the storage room.

Iris' apartment:   

Look close at the keypad at left. Enter the code taken from the mobile phone text message - 3395.

Enter the building. Use the key taken from the envelope with Kurt's letter on the lock.

Look around at the apartment's rooms.

Bedroom:    Enter the second room at left of the hallway. Look close at the drawer of the desk at the corner. Take the key from Iris' apartment.

Backdoor:    Go back to the hallway. Go through the right door at end of hallway. See that it leads to the back stairs. Use the key to get back inside the apartment.

Kitchen:    Look around. Open the drawer right at end of the counter.

See a Good luck paper that showed that Iris is 1.56 meters tall and weight 167 pounds. Aha! Remember the news clipping of the murder seen in Adrian's apartment.

Living room:    Look around.

Look close at the cabinet below the TV. Use the key taken from the drawer in Iris' bedroom.

Ah - so this is where the liquor order is for.

Open the top drawer. Read the paper that blackmails Iris for what she did in the alley.

Click on the paper and Carol recognizes the handwriting.

All the connections and the motives are now in place.

Exit the apartment through the front door. Hear someone coming in. If you delay, Iris will enter. Do a second chance.

Turn around and exit through the brown back door at end of the hallway.

Watch and listen to Carol. Learn what happened to all the characters.

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