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Copyright May 2002

The Crystal Key
Location Oriented Experts Walkthrough
Written by John T Burt, Copyright 2002



    Crystal Key is played like Myst and Journeyman Project. Explore all over by clicking from hot spot to hot spot and panning around looking for things to solve the puzzles, as well as the puzzles themselves. Unlike Myst, you can die if you do things out of sequence or forget something. The game is not as long or logical as Myst and often the logic of where to go next is not clear. Figuring out where to go next is The Major Puzzle in the game. Although I like using walkthroughs, I recommend playing this game without a full walkthrough. Played without a walkthrough, there will be a lot of blundering around but the length of play will be much greater. Either way, the game is enjoyable and it was certainly worth the $15 it cost me.



    Figuring out where to go next is the major puzzle in this game. This help file does not tell you everyplace to go next. This file is a non-specific list of things to find based on locations, one location at a time. The locations are not entirely in play sequence, but walkthrough can't help but give away some of the sequence. It should be minimal and not spoil the fun too much.



    GAME PURPOSE: The purpose of the game was not clear to me and might help you. The purpose is to Kill Ozgar.
    WHERE TO GO: In general, you have to complete exploring one world before starting on the next no matter where the game takes you. So if you are transported away from a world before you have looked at everything, go back.
    BRIGHTNESS: Turn the brightness up. On my Macintosh G3 laptop, it was damn dark! Sometimes I had no idea where I was going and what I was doing.
    RECORDS: Write down any obvious numbers, colors, lengths, symbols and other patterns. They are often world coordinates or combinations.
    ZOOM: On the Macintosh, you can ZOOM IN on something with the Shift Key and ZOOM OUT with the Control Key. It's pretty handy.
    SAVED GAMES: On the Mac you can save more than 10 games by making a copy of the GMSV.TAB file in the THE CRYSTAL KEY/CONTENT folder before writing over old saved games. Use numbers in the saved game names to help keep track of where you are. All total I saved less than 35 times.



    You need to record the coordinates for the Gatehouse world.

    You need to find 2 switches, 4 books, 1 scroll, a light to read the scroll, a bookshelf, and a spiral staircase.

    If the door to the lower level is not open, you did not do part of the upper level properly. You need to open the wall safe and get the crystal key.

    You need to find the combination to the wall safe and use the crystal key in the control pad by the round portal.


COURTYARD BLACK COLUMNS: These just mark a passage.

COURTYARD BLACK CLIFFS: These just mark a passage.

COURTYARD BLACK CAVE: Eventually there will be a lighted tunnel in this cave.

COURTYARD METAL BUILDING: You eventually need to make and pick up a gold disk.

DESERT CAVE: Be sure to pick up the jumper cable before riding the vehicle.

DESERT POWER STATION: You need to find an electronic tool, find a black metal bar, and turn on the power.

DESERT CAVE: When you return here, you should end up on Ozgar's mother ship - alive.

BLACK CAVE TUNNEL: The tunnel inside is not visible initially.

BLACK CAVE MECHANICAL ROOM UPPER: You need to figure out how to get to the lower room.

BLACK CAVE MECHANICAL ROOM LOWER: You need to turn the generator on (buzzing means it did not work) and then ride the underwater vehicle. If you don't end up with some rocks, you didn't do it right.

VOLCANO POOLS: One pool is different and you need to make the "water" go away so you can go down.

VOLCANO DOOR: You'll need to use the imager's electricity supply to get the door open. You will also need to pick up the imager eventually.

VOLCANO CAVE PORTAL ROOM: You need to find a fin for the Crystal Key (getting it will require "rope" climbing) and use the portal of course.


JUNGLE: After three moves there is a junction. One route leads to an Arkonian ship and the other to an Ozgar shi

pARKONIAN SHIP: You need to release the clamps on the shuttle, pick up a screwdriver inside and fly off.

OZGAR SHIP DOOR: The entrance pad is the little circle to the left. The correct pattern is supposed to have been visible at the start of the Mother ship but I didn't find it even though I tried three times. There are 15 combinations to try.

OZGAR SHIP STORAGE ROOM: You should have recorded the combination to open the door on a previous similar ship. Figure out how to read the message and make note of the symbols on the screen.

    SUNKEN CITY (you're actually still on the Jungle World I think)

GREEN DOME: You need to unlock the desk and pick up the CD (you'll get a portable portal too). Hint: look at the paintings.

LANDING PLATFORM: You need to focus the mirrors on a hot spot so you can enter the tower. Tip: move the control to the right first so you can see the circle of reflected light.

DARK TOWER: Be sure to pick up a shiny oval object inside. One button in the elevator works.

TRAIN STATIONS. Just keep going until you reach the Portal Station.

PORTAL STATION: You need to find a Crystal Key fin. Tip: when using the radio, wait on each setting long enough to see if anything happens before trying the next setting. Warning: the new portal location is the sun, used for disposing of garbage.


CELL: You will have to use the tool on a triangular metal panel a couple of times to get the door open. Hint: there is a switch on top of the tool.

PASSAGEWAYS: Find a ladder, take a couple of peaks at Ozgar, note the keypad by his door, and then find the hanger bay.

HANGER BAY: The elevator that will get you into the smaller ship is hard to see, but it is there.

SHIP: Before flying off, note the keypad code for the storage room door, and the coordinates for the Mother ship. You'll have to decipher the number pad to figure it all out.

OZGAR'S KEYPAD: You need to use the holographic imager (look down to find the place to plug it in), the portable portal, and the "Abandon Ship" code.

END GAME! The alarms should go off and Ozgar should die!

The Crystal Key
Location Oriented Experts Walkthrough
Written by John T Burt, Copyright 2002

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