Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

    Legend Entertainment Company
    Walkthrough by Rosemary and Gordon

This is a fun game with a great sense of humour. In order to keep it as short as possible this walkthrough mainly notes the important actions, so don't, whatever you do, follow it too slavishly. Please, try everything, click on everything, or you'll miss some really hilarious moments.

You start off at Callahan's. It seems that Callahan's is an OK place, and you are an OK guy with a liking for doing good deeds. That's what this game is about, doing good deeds, and to that end you just search around to find out who needs help. In all there are 6 mini quests.

But first up the quiz because you'll need money. Chat long and hard with Callahan if you are at a loss ... you'll get lots of suggestions. If all else fails, the answers are Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, Aerosmith, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Righteous Brothers, Partridge Family, The Doors.

Now find Josie and offer to help. Follow her outside

Josie ... Aim to find Kiscolon and save the rain forest
Busy Street looking for office of Faxon-Casteroga. Note you have the brochure. Look around, buy a pretzel if you like, it makes no difference. Note Souvenir Shop and poster advertising Fake IDs ... might be useful. The Office you want is across the road, beyond the parking inspector, so go in. Look around. Note applicant, Human Resources Office, closed air vent and dallying employees. Take bamboo from plant box.

Talk to secretary, Miss Hassleblad, and ask to see Mr. Kiscolon. You can't get into his office, but maybe you can lure him out ... talk to Miss Hassleblad again for a clue. Tell her you're expected, then follow conversation path till you ask 'does he ever come out?' (experiment, you'll find it!)

Now for your plan ... open the air vent with the bamboo so that the noise of the coffee break carries through the building. Kiscolon appears to quieten things down. Talk to him, quick. Not much help, but he hands his secretary some tickets to Brazil ... just what you want to go to the scene of the crime and solve the problem. The tickets are on the notice board ... they'd be very useful if you can get rid of Miss Hassleblad.

You can access the corner of the office now so look around. Read the note on the coffee machine for clue. Yes, take the coffee pot, empty it in the pot plant then replace it. Turn on the burner and wait. When the secretary leaves take tickets. You also get a pushpin.

Right, you're ready to fly, but no passports. Remember the fake IDs outside, but you'll need some photos. So take an application form and pencil from the top of filing cabinet and fill out the form. Deliver it to the Human Resources Office in return for some snaps. That's it ... outside and purchase passports from shopkeeper. Talk to limo driver, tell him you're staying at the Leigsen Hotel and you're away.

Plane -- Listen to Guzman's welcome then look around and take the pipe wrench and naval jelly. You can't get into the crates ... yet! Before long you'll be 'sprung' and Guzman will inform you he's going to circle till the authorities arrive. You must escape, but you can't open the door. Press the call button and get Guzman to open it. Unfortunately the parachute in the knapsack is useless, you can't escape. Press button again and get Guzman to close door ... note how he swings on the handle.

Take careful look at handle and remove screws (the naval jelly is useful here). Get Guzman to open and then close the door again. Whoops ... luckily Josie can pilot the plane. But Guzman's hanging on, so pry his fingers off the door. Doesn't work? Try the naval jelly to loosen his grip. Fortunately he's got a parachute.

When plane lands open the glove box and take blue box (medicine kit) and look at your new goodies. Exit plane and examine shack. You can't get anywhere without that map, so how to get rid of Alaniz? Put morphine on pushpin then load it into bamboo pole. Aim blowgun at Alaniz then get map and nutcracker. Look at map and head for jungle (to right of shack). Take sugar cane from thicket and reel in parachute pack to left of monkey. Take walkie talkie.

Continue on to temple and climb steps. Move vines to reveal pedestal. Approach pedestal and have some fun with pebble puzzle, it's easy. This opens the entrance and you gain two gold stones.

Inside temple put stones in eye sockets of elaborate carving to open altar room of Qwytachocaholic. Take cauldron. Exit and note tree blocking your path to grove. Hmm, you need something to move it.

Back to shack. Tune walkie talkie to C5 to call jeep. When it appears get tyre iron and jack. Remember the crates, back into plane to open them with tyre iron. The one near the knapsack has a useful cable. Return to temple and put jack under tree and operate it with tyre iron. Take branches from tree and enter grove.

At well, turn and take cacao pods to get dirty beans which need cleaning. Tie cable to cauldron and lower it in well to get water. You must now make some chocolate as per directions in the brochure, so read it. Guzman reappears and takes your map and walkie talkie.

Return to altar, put beans in cauldron to clean them. Empty water and put cauldron on tripod. Put branches in firepit then light fire with matches. Take bellows, they need repairing. Try using the gauze from the medicine kit. Use bellows on fire to get roasted beans. Use nutcracker on beans to get nibs. Now, how to crush them? Step outside altar room and face elaborate carving. Put nibs on marble slabs below door. Remove gold stones from eyes ... door will close and crush nibs. Open again to get ground nibs in cauldron. Add sugar cane, put cauldron on tripod to make chocolate then put it in medicine kit to get chocolate bar. Leave temple and talk to Kiscolon. Give him chocolate ... you've saved the cacao trees. Back to ...

Callahan's and talk to Callahan about Pyotr and offer to go see him.

Pyotr ... Aim to get him to return to Callahan's
Outside and find your truck. At Pyotr's talk to removal guy to learn Pyotr and his possessions are headed for Transylvania, you'll want to follow. Try to open steamer trunk, the removal guy won't let you. How to distract him? Phone his removal company and get them to do the job for you. You need their number so push ramp on truck to read bumper sticker. Also get license of removal van (top rear). There's a phone in the house so open window, it takes 3 tries. Still can't reach it? Get the antenna from your truck to help you out. Ring truck company and complain about driver. When he leaves to answer call open trunk and get inside for your trip to Transylvania.

At Castle Florescu talk to Chives the butler. Look around, take magic book and read it for hint re headless trick. Take headless box in front of painting and grab spirit slate. Open chest near door and take silver coins. You're ready to go to town to find Pyotr.

In town look around and talk to everyone, especially the woman in Starbucharest and the bouncer outside Casimir's to learn you need a curse to enter. Ask him about curse to learn about Gypsy. Take trap to Gypsy and ask about curses. The werewolf curse is important and she gives clue about wolfbane and pentagram. Back to town and visit Wereworth's to buy pentagram tattoo. You have no money so take your cue from the beggars, but you need a sign. Go to Starbucharest and get chalk from blackboard. Whilst you're there grab the wolfbane from the counter. Back out to beggars and write 'help, I have no head' on the slate. Sit near barrel, wear headless box and open it to collect some money. Now buy tattoo and 'wear' it. Back to Gypsy to get your curse.

Now you can enter Casimir's. Inside talk to Pyotr till he tells you he misses Sasha and you hear about their favourite tune. You can't move him till you solve this little problem. Return to Starbucharest and talk to woman at table. She's Sasha, but she won't budge either. So, Casimir's again and examine juke box near fire and try to play it for a useful clue ... Pyotr begs you not to play B17. (The butler at Castle Florescu has another hint for you to get Pyotr moving ... annoy him). Return to Casimir's and play B17, but the juke box doesn't work, so take it, and fix it. The Frankenstein solution works here, remember the lightning outside? Load it into dumb waiter behind bar for recharging on roof. Return jukebox to fireplace. Play Pyotr's song (B17). He now leaves with you.

Sasha again and talk to her. Pyotr misbehaves. Leave and talk to him about Sasha to learn about curse on her. The Gypsy is now in town so quiz her about curse. You need a description of the curse mark, an impression, maybe? Into Wereworth's and buy wax lips. You need to soften them so return to Starbucharest and buy hot Java Coffee. Dip lips in hot drink and wear them to kiss Sasha and get curse imprint. She leaves. Return to Gypsy with lips to learn you need tanna leaves, mako root and tears from cursee to break the curse.

Casimir's -- talk to him about Mako Root, he points you to the Fugato. Talk to them, they will give you the root if you can answer contest riddles for them. Stuck here? Well visit Wereworth's there's a few good clues about the place if you look carefully. If all else fails ... Answers: Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Junior, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Charles Laughton, Elsa Lancaster, Peter Cushing, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price and Fay Wray.

Gypsy again and look at ledger to get Sasha's address. Take trap to Sasha's. Talk to her, she's allergic to werewolves. Search house, take hairbrush from bathroom and note locked desk drawer. Is there a way to be rid of Sasha and get into that drawer? Casimir's again and use brush on werewolf. Back to Sasha's, she will sneeze and leave. Sit on her couch to find key then unlock desk drawer. Take vial of tears. Re-lock drawer then leave.

That leaves the tanna leaf, you can buy tanna leaf tea at Wereworth's. Open tea box and then open teabag to get leaves. Give Gypsy the three items she needs to get anticursulant which must be taken with a warm drink.

Back to Sasha's and chat. How to give Sasha the anticursulant when she doesn't want just any ol' drink? Well, drink anticursulant and offer Sasha your blood. During ensuing fight get steak bone from floor and give it to Sasha. Job well done. Leave and Pyotr will return with you to ...

Callahan's ... talk to Squish and offer to help him with his problem. He'll tell you about the satellite sending anti-testosterone pulses towards Earth and hands over his keys to his shuttle, sort of. Noah will accompany you.

Squish ... Aim to get rid of that satellite
Outside with keys and use them to call shuttle. Step on platform for a ride up to the craft.

Look around and pick up sushi tray from trash to get palm leaf. Open cabinet to get gloves, and locker to get EVA suit and helmet. Search suit to get putty tube and contact lenses. Grab the tree airfreshner from above control panel.

Now for the controls. As Squish said, they're idiot proof, so you can just fiddle around till you take off and navigate to the satellite, but if your patience fails, here's the way.

There's a panel of six buttons to the left of the display and one of five buttons above the display, these are the important ones. On the group of six press the first button, it's the only red one, to take off. This will light up the second button which is for landing. Next, go to the group of five buttons and press the red 'u' until the satellite image appears in the display. This will light up the third button on the other panel that looks like an up arrow. Press this one umpteen times to increase speed until the asterisk button next to the 'u' turns red. Press this one for your trip to the satellite.

Now on the first panel, press the fourth button to unlock the hatch, turn around and open it. Exit and try to walk forward, there's a decontamination barrier that gives you grief. You need to 'cover up' so wear EVA suit, gloves and helmet. Try again. Still can't cross, your suit has four arms so another pair of gloves is essential. Back to shuttle and find the 'somethingorother' which is a replicator. Pop in the gloves and get a second pair and wear them. Now you can cross in comfort. Remove all and place them on conveyor belt, press button below light to send them back to Noah. He will return them to you.

Open hatch and enter. Turn around and push off from the left bumper to float to next hatch (the one with three circles-- it's the only one unlocked at this time). A robot appears and you must convince it that you are Squish-like. So apply putty on yourself, wear EVA suit, two pairs of gloves, airfreshner, and palm leaf , put on lenses last. Press key ring or talk to robot to find out you're not Squish-ish enough. Talk to Noah and tell him to stand behind and operate the spare arms. Press key ring again. The robot will let you pass and move off to carry out an urgent repair.

Enter control room. The panel to your right allows you to unlock the other doors, so examine it and locate the room you are in. It should have a red outline and a gap on the circumference denoting an open door, click on it to shut the door and it will then show a single, thin blue line. To unlock the other doors all the other displays should look the same. Just to the left of this display are three buttons. Press the bottom red button (with a circle) so the other rooms are outlined in red. Now click on each of these in turn to unlock the doors. If you investigate the other rooms now you will learn that one has a forcefield and the other has some storage compartments which you can't reach because the robot is repairing the ladder. Back to the control room and look at satellite controls (middle panel). Press top button to stop satellite spinning (turns off gravity so you have no need of the ladder) and bottom button to turn off forcefield.

You can now enter the circuitry room, but Noah needs to be anchored so he can work. You need some special equipment. Move on to store room and now you can float to the compartments. Open them to get boots, gun and tool. Back to circuitry room and Noah will take the boots. Give him the tool and he will get to work disabling the anti-testosterone emitter. He may be some time ...

For fun, if you push off from the lower button outside the door you can visit other rooms that take you into scenes from previous Legend Games.

Return to control room and look at room controls. You must open the door to the storeroom where the robot is working ... this seems to be just to move time on! Click the top red button so that only the room you are in is outlined in red. Now click on that room so that all the rooms are outlined in red, then click on the storeroom (with 't' symbol) to open it.

Return to Noah where the robot has spotted him through the open door and is annoying him. You must distract the robot and shooting it doesn't work. Shoot the bulkhead instead so the robot will move to repair it.

You will now be whisked back to the communication panel in the control room where you learn the mothership has been alerted. Try to communicate, but don't know if this is important. Back to shuttle and watch Noah's transformation before he joins you.

Shuttle controls again, press button to lock the hatch (you'll find it), set destination to Callahan's, increase speed until the asterisk button turns red. Try to leave, but you can't break away from the tractor beam. Switch on shields ... still not enough. You need to press up arrow to increase speed to maximum (TTT). Press asterisk having completed your very good deed and back to ...

Callahan's ... Some new people have entered the bar. Talk to Al Phee and agree to help him. Go up to the roof to find his sled then sit on it. Don't know where to go? Return to the bar and ask Callahan for a Mickey Finn to help Al Phee. He lacks the basic ingredient so give him the morphine then ask him again -- you'll get the Mickey Finn and give it to Al Phee. You'll get his beanie. Now search Al to get recipe for hint on the numbers you need ... CIVIC (Roman numerals). Write down each number individually and you get 100151100. Enter these numbers on the sled and leave the last number as 0. This will bring up your destination as Shady Hood. Pull lever and off you go.

Al Phee ... Aim to find Dr. Dupliscidus and get the voyatrazine neutralizer
On arrival talk to Junkie and Ratzass for a bit of background and to learn you'll need to join the Organization. Ratzass wants his kidney back and he'll help you with an all important lift code if you find it. Take the bottles if you like, but you won't need them. Look around and chat with the locals then enter Underworld Centre and talk to receptionist about joining the Organization. You have to become a Certified Thug and she'll tell you the requirements -- a uniform (pony tail, tattoo and sunglasses), a mentor and a completed harassment voucher. She'll hand you a blank voucher so read list on the notice board to learn who to harass, and check out the lifts and the fridge which are inaccessible to you at the moment. You can't do more here, so pick up the rubber band (useful for pony tails) and a mentor card from the desk before you leave.

Outside, check out tattooist, you need some money. Chat to glazier then pinch his glass cutter and marker. For a bit of fun you can cut the base off the bottles, but it isn't necessary. However, when you kindly return the cutter and marker to the glazier for your ill gotten monetary reward he will note that some inept has been playing with his cutter. Grab the tinting when he returns to work.

Chat to Maitre D' (Perry Yais) and harass him. He won't oblige till everyone has left the restaurant, so how to get rid of them? Chat to punk again he'll give you a stink bomb in exchange for an ice-cream, but the ice-cream wagon is locked and the vendor is busy eating. He won't talk to you.

You now have some money, so back to the tattooist and purchase your personal decoration. Afterwards take the discarded needle from the wastecan. Outside, and use the needle to pick lock on the icecream wagon, then open it. This brings the vendor quick smart. Talk to him and you offer him some chocolate in return for an icecream. Give icecream to punk to get stink bomb and throw it at the restaurant You can now harass Maitre D' (with a bit of prompting) and get your harassment voucher signed.

Next, talk to woman in park and ask her if she's in the Organization to get her to sponsor you. Whilst you're here, admire the statue and relieve it of its glasses. Back to the glazier for some more thievery, pinch his utility knife. Cut the tinting to make coloured lenses and stick them to the glasses.

You now have all you need to join the Organization so tie up your hair, wear your glasses and show your mentor card to the Receptionist. She'll check that you have all the other prerequisites before handing over your Thug License. Now you can enter the lounge and get the kidney from the fridge. Oh no, the thug is too smart, he catches you every time. You have one more thing to do, so return to Maitre D' and tell him you're hungry, ask for snake and kidney pie to get kidney. Now you can fool the Thug and swap it for a kidney jar in the fridge. The one you want, by the way, is the one that rattles, so shake it and check. Out to Ratzass and return his kidney. He'll give you the code you need.

Underworld again and enter code on keypad to call elevator. In laboratory examine Biochambre for a familiar sales pitch. Talk to Cecil to learn that the good Dr. is in the Biochambre, you need to get him out. Look around, take wipe (didn't find a use for it) and note sliding blackboard and control panel, Cecil is diligently guarding both so to get at them you'll have to deal with him. Use the beanie on Cecil to hypnotise him then slide the blackboard to reveal antidote formula. Now access the control panel and press red, pink, purple, brown. (Worked out by trial and error -- where is the clue, there must have been one?).

The Doctor emerges, talk to him and make a deal -- offer to help him. When you are strapped on the table show him your photo that reminds you of your most painful moments ... for your troubles you get the antidote and are transported back to Callahan's to 'save' Al Phee from his dilemma.

Callahan's ... Talk to Joe (near Noah) agree to help him rescue Ralph. Follow him to carpark. Chat again then drive your truck

Joe ... Aim to rescue Ralph
Talk to Joe again, you get a whistle and he will offer to distract the guard. Take knapsack from back of truck, sneak into guardhouse. Inside examine phone to get number. Examine control panel, you need to rig it, so open knapsack and use pocket knife on screws to remove panel. Rotate the green and red strips then switch them. Now switch the strip in the centre and replace panel and screws. Flip switches and out.

Use wire cutters on fence and enter. At door, try to climb ... you're too exposed. Examine scaffold, take tarp and turn winch. Attach tarp to clamps and turn winch to raise tarp as a curtain. Use suction cups to climb door and open vent with tyre lever. Enter and wear night goggles. To navigate the duct maze blow the whistle at each intersection and follow the dog's bark. You will have to turn off a few fans along the way. When you find the grille to Ralph's stuffy cell, look down. (the clue is stuffy). You must get rid of the interrogators so move forward and turn off all fans. Back to grille and remove it.

Use grappling hook to descend. Take cap/uniform and search it for key. Unlock desk with key and read memo and make note of the passwords. Chat to Ralph, wear uniform and don't forget to admire yourself in the mirror. Jiggle lock on the door with your license then exit. You need to find Tina, the other dog, before you leave so sniff around the doors, especially the small one to the left of the edifice, just above the stairs. Ralph finds his long lost sister. And now to escape. Remember the phone in the guardhouse and the memo re various drills? Well you can get the guard to open the gate for you. When you reach for the phone the dogs will hide in the scaffold near the entrance. Phone guardhouse, you need the password. Enter a few of the words you copied down for clue on phonetic spelling. If in doubt the correct word is gmougn, pronounced moan. Ralph and Tina have escaped, everyone's happy and back to ...

Callahan's ... The Biker Dude will now speak up and introduce himself as Parabolus and you'll get some disquieting news. Offer to help :-) and you'll find yourself in possession of a glass. Take the bottle that's appeared on the bar and pour yourself a drink. You'll collect some helpers for this particular task -- Josie, Noah, Pyotr, Al Phee. Joe and Ralph -- step outside for your last adventure.

Parabolus ... Aim to save Raymond (the Universe as we know it)
Climb steps and 'look' at all the closed doors ... another word game. You must knock on each in a particular order. Use the same strategy as with the previous 'quizzes'. Having problems? Pyotr will come up with the answer, eventually. It's 'my mother says to pick the very best one' or mime, other, says, toothpick, thieve, airy, best, won.

Enter opened door to find Parabolus. Look around till you are summoned. In boardroom wait until you are asked for 'tangible evidence' and hand over the whistle then the chocolate. To no avail, Gingranich will have his way. Watch him carefully. Something's afoot. When you leave the boardroom return immediately and take Gingranich's notepad to see what he's up to. Use pencil to read impression of torn-off bit ... passwords, interesting. Back in Parabolus' room search brief case to learn of Gingranich's dirty work. Listen to your companions' conversation for your final act. Access the computer, log on as Gingranich (Schott) and change password so what you are about to do can't be tampered with. Pick any word from the list. Make transaction to reverse the dirty deed ... sell humour from Flutwig. Log off then on again as Parabolus (Glinda). Change password again and make transaction ... buy humour for Raymond. Return to Boardroom to talk to members to reveal Gingranich's duplicity. That's it. All's over and all's well.

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