By &wanadoo

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    March, 2002

Game Play: The game is mouse driven. The main menu (new game, load, save and quit) is accessible by pressing ESC. There are 8 save game slots and can be written over. Moving the cursor over the game scene will show active spots and will alert the gamer to areas that needs an action then or later in the game play. Right click of the mouse will bring up the inventory. Items in the inventory can be combined. Click on first item, the link chain on the left of the frame will flash and then click on the second item to be combined making a new item. At the bottom right of the inventory frame has the "notebook" that shows the past events and also gives hints what to do next, the "wallet" that contains documents or pictures picked up and the "map" that allows you to jump to a location in the area around Loch Ness. The locations will be accessible in the map when discussed or previously accessed in the game play. Pressing the space bar skips cut scenes. The game is linear and needs certain actions to move forward or end the day. Game loads only with CD1.

Private Investigator Allan Parker Cameron reminisces after finishing the case at Loch Ness in Scotland.

Day 1: Monday, December 17

Devil's Ridge Manor

Sitting Room - After being greeted by the majordomo, he brings you to the sitting room. Move forward and meet Lady Mac Farley. She gets distraught because Lord Mac Farley was kidnapped. She is taken away to rest after fainting and you notice that she dropped something on the couch (not accessible now). The majordomo says that your things are now in your room. Go to the guestroom prepared for you. 

Exit the sitting room through the door you entered from. Turn right and climb the stairs to the second floor. Turn left and enter the second door on the left. 

Guestroom - Move forward and read the note on the desk to the right the window. A Bruce Mac Grab offers more money for your services and the Cameron crystal. Turn left and move forward close to the bed. Pick up the bag (which is the inventory) on the bed and items (flask, knife, rope ladder, camera, copper oxide powder, ink and blank paper) can now be seen in the inventory. 

Time to search the manor. 

Exit the room and go back to the sitting room downstairs.

Sitting Room - Look at the desk on the left and read the newspaper about the theft of the Kelia and amber disks from the Edinburgh museum. Note also a book about Electricity and Magnetism. Look around the room and see a chess game that was unfinished. Note the liquor and glasses on the table close to the fireplace. Go to the couch, look close, move the cushion and look close at the necklace. Open the necklace and the get the small key and pills. In the wallet in inventory, read the telegram that Lord Mac Farley sent to you. 

Exit the sitting room using the door to the left of the couch. Turn slightly to the left and move forward to the right hallway with the white hutch. Go forward, turn right and enter the kitchen through the white door.

Kitchen - Upon entering, turn right, forward, turn right and open the small cabinet on the wall. Pick up the passkey. Turn around and go to the fireplace seen on the left of the screen. Look close on the sink beside the fireplace and pick up the rag. Turn around and go back close to the door you entered in. Right across the small cabinet where you got the passkey, note a dumbwaiter. Go forward and look close at the drawer of the dark brown worktable on the left. Get the matches and candle from the drawer - this action triggers Lady Mac Farley's bell to ring. Go back to the dumbwaiter and pull the handle on the right to bring Lady Mac Farley's tea to the second floor. Turn right and climb the stairs.

Laundry Room - Upon reaching the second floor, turn right and enter the laundry room. Go forward to the dumbwaiter and pick up Lady Mac Farley's cup of tea (triggers entry to Lady Mac Farley's room). Note a ladder at the corner of the room (not accessible) going to the attic. Exit the room. 

Turn right, forward to the main area and enter the door close to the stairs to the left of the screen.

Lady Mac Farley's room - Upon entering, turn right and go forward. Right click to open inventory, get pills (link chain flashes) and then click on cup of tea - to get cup of tea + pills. Give cup of tea + pills to Lady Mac Farley. Watch as she rambles about - 3 crystals and the banshee waiting for them. The banshee could help and she can be found walking at the park close to the Celtic cross.  Look at her chest of jewels if you are really the man to help. Turn left and open the drawer of the dresser close to the door. Pick up the chloroform. Go to the other side of the bed and open the drawer of the marble/mirror table by the door. Get the picture of the banshee with her arms spread forming a cross like position with 2 orchids on the left and a carafe on the right. Turn around and climb the stairs to the bathing area. Open the jewelry box found on the table using the small key from inventory. Pick up the attic key. Exit the room.

Upon exiting Lady Mac Farley's room, turn left, forward and use the passkey to enter the next door on the left.

Lord Mac Farley's room - Upon entering the room, turn left and approach the bookcase. Open the bookcase and pick up the memorandum. Read the memorandum on how to use the telegraph device found in the wallet in inventory. Turn right and go to the desk close to the window. Open the drawer of the desk and note the appointment with Mac Grab at the distillery. Move the cursor to the left and click to look close on the top of the table. See fingerprints. Use copper oxide powder on fingerprints, then ink and then the blank paper to get an impression of the fingerprints. Exit the room.

Upon exiting the room, turn left, forward, turn left and climb up the stairs to the attic. Walk to the very end of the set of corridors to a locked door. Use the attic key to open the door. Enter.

Attic storage room - Uh Oh! Somebody locked Cameron in! Go forward to the candleholder stand. Turn left and place candle on candleholder. Use matches on candles. Turn a little to the left to get active cursor and go forward 2x. Turn right and get the crowbar from an open box. Turn to the left and go forward to the cabinet with a candle on top. Open it and pick up the map. Look at the folded paper at bottom right in inventory and study the map. The places are still inaccessible. Turn right, forward, right, forward and right. Look close at box on table. Look at the picture album. Hey, your father is here also - Sean Cameron - so that where you got your looks from. Get the picture of Lord Mac Farley and note his cane. Turn right and climb steps to the round room. Turn back and go down the steps (triggers the cut scene). Use crowbar on boards blocking the window. Look close on window - WOW!!! - use camera on the monster to have this photograph for posterity. Go back down the steps and forward to the locked door by the right wall. Use crowbar on locked door. Enter, forward to trap door and open it. Eeek! I don't think my heart can take this! First a monster, now a banshee. The banshee is beckoning to you. Cameron's advice seems the best to follow. Exit and go down to the sitting room at the first floor. Use either the kitchen stairs or the main stairs.

Sitting Room - Go to the liquor glass table by the fireplace. Look close at table, use flask of bourbon on glass. Pick up the blue Cameron's crystal from the glass. Exit the room using the door by the main staircase.

Meet the Banshee

Now fortified by that bourbon, it is time to prepare to meet the banshee. She beckoned to us, didn't she. Open the door across the sitting room and enter. We need the things that are in the picture given by Lady Ursula.

Ballroom - Upon entering the room, move forward to the liquor cabinet at the far corner of the room. Open it and get the Mead carafe (looks like the picture). Turn right and go to the display cabinet at the other end of the room. Use the knife on cabinet, open the box found inside. Get the Auld Alliance Treaty dated October in the year 1295. Exit the room and now to look for the flowers - where else but the greenhouse. 

Looking at the map in inventory we see where the greenhouse is situated. Exit the manor through the main door, which is now accessible. Go down the steps, right, forward, right and forward 5x to the greenhouse on the left side of the screen.

Greenhouse - Enter, forward and turn left. Use knife on Phalaenopsis orchid flowers. Now all the items needed are here - time to meet the banshee. Exit the greenhouse and go back to the front of the manor.

Park - Checking the map, the Celtic cross is right across the manor and by the water's edge. From the steps of the manor go forward 4x to cross. Place the flowers and the mead at the foot of the cross. The Banshee appears and greets the last of the Camerons from Inverness. She explains the legend of the crystal of Sirdach and more information can be found in the book of Kelia. The crystal was stolen by a woman and divided into 3. They were given to the Mac Farleys, the Mac Grabs and the Camerons for safekeeping. The combined crystal has great power and a man in this century wants to reunite the crystals for a sinister plan. The banshee gives a warning - to beware of women and whisky.

Day 2: Tuesday, December 18th

Search for clues on the disappearance of Lord Mac Farley

Devils Ridge Manor:

Exit the guest room. Go forward to the hallway by Lord Mac Farley's room, forward again and hear voices. Look for the source of that voice. Turn left and down the stairs. Enter the room on the left of the stairs.

Library - The gramophone is stuck making an unpleasant noise and the voices we are trying to follow cannot be heard. Go forward 3x, left and turn the gramophone off. Now listen for the voices. Go to the spiral staircase at the other end of the room. Climb up and look close at the ceiling close to the wall. Open the trapdoor.

The cut scene shows Moira Mac Farley and Mac Grab talking about the crystal. Mac Grab wants access to Mac Farley's office to look for the crystal. Go down the steps, turn to the left and go forward to far end of the room passing the fireplace. Look close at the niche with a candle in it. Note the dragon engraving on the oval frame. Exit the library.

Turn left, forward to the end of the hallway, left and open the door on the right to get to the foyer.

Foyer - Go forward 1x, turn around to the right and look close at the briefcase sitting on a bench between the lighted statue and suit of armor. Open the briefcase and pick up the raven signet ring and letter. Mac Grab comes down the stairs and wants to meet you tonight at the distillery. The distillery can be reached via the river. Read the letter that is in the wallet in inventory. Alban Arthuan?? Let us follow Cameron's advice to go to the distillery now. Before you do, face the main exit door, turn around and make note of the Mac Farley coat of arms hanging on top of the door between the 2 suits of armor. Exit the manor.

Boat Ramp - To get to the boat, you can either use the map or walk there. To use the map, click on stone bridge in the map, and find yourself facing a stone bridge. Turn around and move forward 1x on the path. Turn left and go forward to the inlet. Turn left and forward to the landing. To walk to the boat ramp from the manor stairs, go forward, left, forward, left, forward 2x, right and forward 2x to get to the landing. Turn left and pick up the oars. Turn around and place oars on the boat.


Outside the distillery - Upon arriving at the distillery, Cameron sees the watchman carrying a gun enter the building. Knock on the door to see if you can get in. Turn left, forward, right, look in the window and see the guard in the office. Turn around, forward to the barrels, (Cameron talks) turn right and look close between the 2 center barrels. Pick up the pliers. Turn left, forward, right and see the waterwheel. Go forward, right, forward to the chained door. Use pliers on chains and then enter.

Storage room - You might want to save game here. There are 2 ways to get to the door on the right. One is by turning right, forward, step on a bottle making a noise thus alerting the guard and he shoots you - game over or upon entering the room, go forward, turn right, forward and open the door.

Main distillery room - Move forward, turn right, forward, right and enter the office. In inventory, combine chloroform and rag to make rag + chloroform. Use rag + chloroform on guard. Look close at bag hanging on the back of the sleeping guard's chair. Open the bag and pick up the Grand Book of Kelia. Read the book found in the wallet and turn the page using the arrows on top of the screen. Note the illustrations that show the power of the crystal and the second to the last page that shows letters with corresponding lined icons. Turn right and pick up the cane. It is Lord Mac Farley's cane with the dragon on the handle. He has been here then. Turn the dragon handle and pick up the chest key. Back up from the handle scene and then pick Mac Farley's cane up from the floor again. Exit the office and go back out to the waterwheel area.

Waterwheel area - Cross the ramp to the other side to look close at the waterwheel. Use Mac Farley's cane on the round stone closest to you of the waterwheel setup. That stops the water flowing! Go back inside to the storage room.

Storage room to cellar - Go forward, turn left and open the cellar door. Climb down. Turn around and go forward to the electric chair by the right wall. Look close at the small chest on the floor beside it. Open the small chest and pick up 2 amber disks and 2 mirror disks. Click the electric chair away from the door behind it. Use the raven signet ring on the door. Click on the door.

Underground - Move forward 3x and reach an area with 3 exits in front of you. The left exit has a blue raven on top, the middle exit has a Celtic cross on top and the right exit has the Mac Farley coat of arms on top. Take the right exit. Move forward, pass the grill gate and look around. The dark brown chest by the door has diving shoes and helmet. The dark brown cabinet has the diving suit. Exit the underground using the wood door and find yourself facing the greenhouse outside the manor. Go inside the manor via walking or the map. 

In search of Mac Farley's crystal

Devil's Ridge Manor:

Go to the library. Starting from the manor's main door, go forward, open door, turn left, forward, right, forward, left, forward, right and open the door.

Library - Go to the niche at the far left corner of the library. Look close at the dragon engraved on the oval - looks familiar. Use Mac Farley's cane with the dragon-etched handle on the niche's dragon engraving. Voila! You found Lord Mac Farley's office. Enter the office.

Lord Mac Farley's office: Turn a little bit to the left and go to the glass-enclosed bookcase. Use the chest key to open the bookcase's bottom right cabinet. The door swings open. Note the Latin words meaning - the Scottish treaty and the year of the Lord. Now, where did we see that before? Open the wallet in inventory and read the Auld Alliance Treaty. Change the numbers on the safe to that of the year of the alliance - MCCXCV. Pick up the armchair directions paper that shows a glove and a diagram of a chair. Climb the stairs. Note the Mac Farley coat of arms. On the way, see a chair that is similar to the drawing that was obtained from the safe. Move forward 2x from the chair and turn right to the window. It is not accessible. Continue to climb up and enter the tower laboratory.

Tower laboratory - Go forward, turn right and pick up the metal glove and window handle from the worktable. Turn left and note the equipment at the end of the worktable. Now that we have the glove let us check that chair that we passed by on the way here. Exit the laboratory. 

Chair - Look close at the chair. Save Game. Follow the armchair directions in the wallet. Push in top left metal button, push in right metal button, lift right armrest, lift left armrest, pull down right metal rod and then pull down left metal rod. Using the metal glove from inventory, pick up the pink/red Mac Farley's crystal. Move away from the chair. There are a lot of electric chairs around here! That maid locked you in!! Timed Puzzle - turn left, forward 2x, turn right to window and then use window handle on window. 

Arrrgh! The maid cut the rope! Fergus Mohr fished you out of the moat. Moira speaks of her father's worry about the crystal of Sirdach falling into the wrong hands. Lord Mac Farley sent some documents to Scotland Yard and it needs only the Book of Kelia to compare it to. She says for you to telegraph Scotland Yard all the documents you have so that they can send back the document sent by Lord Mac Farley.


Contacting Scotland Yard

Day 3: Wednesday, December 19th

Lord Mac Farley's office - A new item is added to the inventory, Moira's code (Sirdach Chapelle). From the guest room, go to the library on the first floor. Open Lord Mac Farley's office by using the cane on the niche's engraving. Go to the desk at the center of the room and look in the drawer. Pick up the Indian dagger and observatory key. Turn around and look at Lord Mac Farley's portrait on the wall.

Climb the steps to go to Lord Mac Farley's laboratory. Upon entering the laboratory, see the metal door on the left with the Mac Farley coat of arms. Use the observatory key to open the door.

Tower Observatory - Climb steps and look close at the telegraph machine in front of you.

Telegraph machine - Look in the wallet for the memorandum you obtained in Lord Mac Farley's room and follow the directions. 1. Press the lever on the top right of the machine to turn the power on. 2. Enter the number 75436 by flipping the switch of the specific numbers on the panel to contact Inspector Pukkabrain of Scotland Yard. The green light comes on. 3. Enter Lord Mac Farley's ID number 65 on the machine. The red light turns on. Pull back from machine and look close at right gray metal deck of the contraption on the right of the machine. 4. Place the documents from inventory - Moira's code, fingerprints and photograph on the right deck. Each item will be scanned and the next item can be placed on deck. Pull back from right deck. 5. There are already blank papers on the machine. 6. A ring is heard. Look close on the left bronze deck of the contraption. Pick up Scotland Yards answer and read it in the wallet.

Pull out of the machine and turn to the right of the tower observatory. Look close on the cabinet to the right. Open the cabinet and pick up the files and the raven statuette. Study the file in the wallet. So, Lord Mac Farley, Mac Grab and the majordomo, Avit Kumar Shastra did crystal experiments to make holograms. Note the positions of discs, statuette and pink crystal on the machine.

Hologram experiment - Go down to the laboratory and look close at the machine at the left end of the worktable that is similar to the diagram in the file. Click the amber discs, mirror discs, raven statuette and Mac Farley's crystal on the hologram machine. Watch the production of a raven hologram. If you seize the Celtic triskel, only the raven will know how to open the path. Pick up the Mac Farley's crystal and the raven statuette. A ring is heard. Go back to the tower observatory.

Pick up 2 Scotland Yard's answer (drawing and letter from Chief Inspector Pukkabrain) and Mac Farley's message from the left deck of the contraption. So the fingerprints are Mac Grab's and the "monster" is possibly a submarine. The game's afoot!! Based on Mac Farleys message, we have to get the Celtic triskel and the key to the chapel.

In search of the Celtic triskel

Lord Mac Farley's office - Go down to Lord Mac Farley's office and look behind his picture situated on the wall directly behind his desk. Use Indian dagger on box. Pick up chapel key and poem. The poem states - I am the stones of power but also the messenger of the gods. I will half open the passage to the one who in the proper order will know how to write my name. Use the map to go to the chapel or walk over there.

Chapel - Use the chapel key on door of the chapel but it breaks. The banshee appears to give you clues - In search of the cursed triskel; there are 2 paths - one of the flesh and earth (key) that is already destroyed and the other of knowledge and sky. The key is found in the book of Kelia. Cameron wants a rope. Go to the boat ramp via map (stone bridge) or walk.

Boat ramp - Open the chest that previously had the oars on top using the pliers. Pick up the rope and grapnel. Go back to the chapel.

Chapel - From the chapel door, turn right, forward, left and forward. Look up at the corner of the chapel. Combine the rope and grapnel in inventory to get rope + grapnel. Use rope + grapnel on active spot of corner of the chapel close to the roof. After the climb up, look close on the round metal drawing. It has the Celtic triskel at the center and familiar lined icons. 

Celtic triskel puzzle - Based on the poem and the banshee's hint, the solution is apparent. Copy the lined icons of the round metal. Open the book of Kelia to the second to the last page. Translate the lined icons to make - RCDSAIH. Press the lined icons on the roof of the chapel to spell - SIRDACH. Numbering the lined icons from left to right as 1-7, press 4, 6, 1, 3, 5, 2 and 7.

Inside the chapel - Enter the opening using the rope + grapnel. There are 3 stones with face carved on it around the central part of the chapel. Look around at the side chapels. In one you will see an inscription on the wall - Risen from ancient times, king, queen and knight will cross glances and discover the path of the inexpressible power. Go back to the center of the chapel and click each of the carved stones so that they face the center (cross glances). Steps to go below the chapel appear. Go down to the crypt.

Crypt - Go forward and pick up the Celtic triskel off the pedestal. Locked in again!! The door has the raven marking on it. Based on the raven door and the hologram raven inscription, place the raven statuette on the pedestal of the Celtic triskel. Go out through the now open raven door. Now, you are in familiar ground. Go to the manor via the map or walk over.

Manor - Cameron talked to Shastra, the majordomo. The collaboration between Mac Farley and Mac Grab has been going on for 5 yrs. and involves electricity. Last year, there was a disagreement between the two concerning the usage of the experiment and the collaboration ended. The people of Loch Ness thought the monster has returned and further opinion will wait for Lord Mac Farley's return.

Day 4: Thursday, December 20

In search of the monster's hiding place

Sitting Room - Exit the guest room and hear a strange sound. Go to the sitting room. Go to the window close to the billiard table and look close. The monster is back. Go to the greenhouse.

Greenhouse - In front of the door to the greenhouse, turn left and look close at the wheelbarrow. Pick up the hose on the wheelbarrow. Cameron brings the wheelbarrow and hose to the Manor underground. 

Manor underground - Place the diving suit found in the cabinet, the diving shoes and diving helmet found in the chest close to the grilled door in the wheelbarrow. Go to the air pump wheel/box contraption found at the opposite wall across the cabinet. Click on the air pump and realize it is too heavy and need Fergus Mohr's help to carry it.

Go inside the greenhouse and ask Fergus Mohr to help you. Cameron informs Mohr that he wants to explore underwater and needs his help to pump air to the diving suit.

Underwater maze -

Maze start (marker -bicycle. Look up and see the way back to shore). Forward. Forward and left of the boat.
Forward and see 2 rock formation and turn to right. Forward and turn slightly to the left. Forward and turn right (marker - 2 plants).
Forward and turn left (marker - big rock on extreme right). Forward and turn left (marker - cliff in front, box and bottles behind). Forward and little to left (marker - boat part behind).
Forward (marker - skeleton and broken bottle on ground). Look down and pick up the broken bottle. Forward and turn left with cursor over the broken boat.
Go forward. Save Game here!!
Forward and turn right.  Forward and see moss-covered door.

Use broken bottle on moss-covered door. Note the Ravens on the door. Turn around and move forward. Realize that the air has been cut off! Return to shore immediately. Timed puzzle.

Start of return to shore.  Forward.  Forward and turn left.
Forward and turn right (broken boat at right). Forward (skeleton and bottle behind)  Forward and slight right (boat part).
Forward and slight right over bottle /box. Forward and right of Big rock. Forward and left.
Forward and right Forward and left. Forward and turn extreme right (boat wreck).
Climb up to shore.
Forward Forward, turn right.

Turn right to climb up and then turn left. See that Fergus Mohr has been knocked unconscious. Go forward and hear Moira scream. Go to the manor and Lord Mac Farley's office.

Lord Mac Farley's office - The office has been ransacked! Look around. Lady Ursula says that Mac Grab has taken Moira to the distillery. There is a pistol upstairs in her dressing table.

Find Moira

Lady Mac Farley's room - Go to Lady Ursula's room and get the revolver from the mirrored dressing table by the left side of the bed. Use the map to go to the Distillery.

Distillery - Go to the waterwheel area. On the way to the door, pick up the bag of sawdust by the right side wall beside a wheelbarrow and gray barrel. Go through the door to the storage area and to the other door to the main distillery area. The maid locks the door behind. Go out the main door. Ouch! The maid hit Cameron unconscious. Wake up in the cellar.

Cellar - Check the inventory and realize that the 2 crystals and the triskel are gone. Turn left and forward to the opposite wall. Pick up the leather strap. Turn right, forward, left and look up to the barred window. Use the leather strap on the bars - this attaches one end of the leather strap to the bar. Turn around, go forward and use leather strap on winch, thus attaching the other end of the leather strap. Click on motor to pull the bars off the window. Exit through the window.

Outside distillery - Save game here. Look down and pick up your bag. The maid comes out of the distillery and is about to shoot you. Get revolver from inventory and shoot the bag hanging over the maid. Go to the maid and look close. Pick up Mac Grab's blue notebook. The banshee appears and says that tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, the day of the Alban Arthuan.

Day 5: Friday, December 21st

Guest Room - Read Mac Grab's notebook and note the access code to the Triskel room is 532 and the access code to the underground dock is 421. Also note the other members of the cult and that today is Alban Arthuan, winter solstice and Capricorn is the sign. Go to the manor underground via walking or use the map to the greenhouse and walk across to the manor.

Raven icon underground - Enter and go to the underground with the raven drawing at the top of the entrance. At the end, note the stone with the triskel symbol. Turn to the left and look close at the wheel. Note the light streaming from above to a cardinal point, in this case S - south. The sign closest to you is N and Alban Arthuan. Since today is the day of Alban Arthuan move the outer wheel so that N is lighted from above. Since today is the winter solstice and the zodiac sign is Capricorn, move the Capricorn sign to the right side of N (Alban Arthuan) by turning the inner wheel. A grinding sound is heard. Turn back to the triskel stone and now we can enter the opening when the stone moved.

Mac Grab's hideout - Climb up and look around. Turn to the left passage and look at window to one of the inner rooms and see Lord Mac Farley tied to an electric chair and cables. Go forward and go left and up the stairs to see the door to the triskel room. Go down, out of the right exit and turn right and go forward 2x. Look in the next room's window and see a chemical laboratory. Go forward and turn right and see the hatch to go down to the submarine. Save Game here - timed puzzle coming.  

Go out to the right exit and look at the window. See Mac Grab and hooded conspirators. He talks about the power of Sirdach. By midnight his diabolical plan for London is to happen. He presses a button and the generator sends electricity to the triskel and it is turned on. Timed! When the meeting ends, immediately move to the right and hide from the departing conspirators. If they catch you - Game ends. 

There are 3 exits: 1. Stairs going down to raven underground where we came from. 2. The stairs going up to the Triskel room, access code 532. 3. Hatch cover/stairs down to submarine, access code 421. The inner area has 3 rooms: where Mac Farley is, Mac Grab's office and the chemical laboratory. At the very center is a column that has buttons to access the 3 rooms.

Stop Mac Grab

Mac Grab's office - When they leave, you have the freedom to roam the place. Enter the inner chambers and go in Mac Grab's room - the only door open. Look close at the apparatus on the wall. Click on it to switch the power on, this allows the door openers to be used. Turn around and pick up the Triskel chest from the desk. Open the drawer and get the platinum key and the metallic pliers. Exit the room. 

Go to the center pillar and click on the 2 upper buttons to open the other rooms. Go to the left open door of the laboratory.

Laboratory - Turn right and look close at the book on the bookshelf. There are 2 formulas.

Manufacturing black powder

Manufacturing dynamite

- Pour 50 gms. of saltpeter into mortar.

- Add 75 of charcoal.

-  Mix together well.

- Add 35 gms. of sulfur.

- Mix this together very carefully.

- In a beaker, pour 120 mls. Nitric acid.

- Add 80 mls. Sulfuric acid.

- Pour in 5 mls. of glycerine.

- Pour the total mixture into a beaker containing distilled water.

- Remove the nitroglycerine that has been deposited at the bottom of the beaker.

- Mix with sawdust.

Go to the cabinet across the room. Open it and get glycerol (5 ml), sulfuric acid (20 ml) and nitric acid (30 ml). You will also get a pipette somehow. Go towards the door and turn around and note the beaker at the end of the table. Exit room and go to Lord Mac Farley.

Release Lord Mac Farley - Look close at power source attached to the cables on Lord Mac Farley. Save game here! Flip the center switch (head cables), then the right switch (hand cables) and then left switch (foot cables). If you make a mistake - poor Lord Mac Farley and Game ends. Pick up the bottle of water from the right side of the table and give it to Lord Mac Farley. He is revived and you inform him of Mac Grab's plan. He will go to the Tower observatory to get the laser ready. You have to prepare dynamite to be placed in the submarine, save Moira and retrieve the triskel. Timed Puzzle - Save Game here! You can either save Moira (timed puzzle will end) and come back up to prepare dynamite or do dynamite preparation and then save Moira (there is ample time for both of these puzzles).

Dynamite/nitroglycerine preparation - Immediately exit and go to the beaker in the laboratory across this room. Mix the dynamite following the directions: 1. Click nitric acid 4x (4 x 30 = 120) on the beaker. 2. Click sulfuric acid 4x on beaker. 3. Click glycerol once on beaker. 4. Pour beaker mixture to the distilled water in wide mouth beaker on the left. 5. Place pipette on water mixture. 6. Place sawdust on green bottle on the right. 7. Pickup pipette containing the precipitated nitroglycerine and click it on sawdust in the green bottle on the right. Pick up the nitroglycerine kept stable (not jarred) by the sawdust. If wrong procedure is done BOOM!- Game ends.

Saving Moira - Exit laboratory; turn right to the exit and then turn left. If you are coming out from releasing Mac Farley, go across to the exit behind the central column. Enter the exit to the submarine and enter code 421 on the access panel. Open hatch. Turn left and enter the dock area. Turn left and forward to small bucket on the floor. Pick up the starry key. Turn right, go forward and see Moira inside a cage hanging over the water. Notice that the hoist cable that is attached to the cage is connected to a lever panel on the right wall. Go to the black panel by the right wall. The active cursor is at the bottom of the panel. Place starry key on left of the panel and then click below the lever to pull down the lever to raise Moira's cage. Time puzzle ends. If you click above the lever the cage is submerged in water and there goes Moira - Game ends.

Go to Moira and look close on chain of cage. Use pliers to cut the chain. Send Moira to her father. 

If you have the nitroglycerine now, go to the submarine, turn left on the submarine, forward and place nitroglycerine on ?ballast/torpedo on the left side of the submarine.

Now the triskel - Go back up to the rooms above. Go to the exit to the triskel room. Climb up and enter the code 532 on panel on the right wall by the door. Click is heard. Go forward and left to the triskel chamber door. Use platinum key to open the door. Open the door, place triskel chest in chamber, use metallic pliers to pick up triskel, place triskel in chest and then pick up the triskel chest. 

Now, go back to the underground exit you used to get up here - the one with the triskel stone in the raven chamber. You can use the map to go to the manor now. Go to Lord Mac Farley's office (use cane on dragon in niche) and climb up to the Tower observatory.

Tower observatory - After the talk with Moira, look close at action/right window. You see the submarine rise from its underwater hiding place, Mac Grab on the wheel and the hologram of the monster envelope the submarine. Timed puzzle - center the target on monster and click/shoot. The submarine sinks and the legend of the monster is at rest again. Moira expresses her gratitude. One more stop to see the "person" by the Celtic cross in the park.

Park - Walk to the Celtic cross or use map. Place the triskel chest with the flower and mead at the base of the cross. The banshee appears and she says that she never doubted you. The triskel and the lady will go back in legend. She will return when summoned by circumstances. She disappears and it is THE END!!

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