Shades of Black: Carol Reed Mystery 11

By MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   August 2015


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game.

Before the game starts, see the game settings: display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound frame has a choice of sound device.

The main menu has continue, new game, load, save, options and quit selections.

The options menu has speech, music, effects adjustments and subtitles choice.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

There is a good hint system in the game. The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The main menu is accessed by right mouse click or the ESC key.

The space bar shows all the active spots in the screen.

In Win7, the saved game folder is located at C:\Users\computer name\Saved Games\Shades of Black folder.


During winter, Carol wrote a book about an old case and is now looking for a publisher. Carol eagerly wants a case because her hall and computer room are being renovated and has need to get out of the house.

A new case.

Carol's home:   

Look around at the disarray in her living room. Go forward and the turn left.

Enter the office and see the room that is being renovated. Turn around and go to the other door.

Bedroom:    Enter the bedroom. Take the cell phone from the side table right of bed. Click on it to read a reminder to contact Stina. A new location is added to map.

Exit through the door right of the closet.

Mail:    See the front door and mailbox slot. Take the envelope from the mail slot. Open the letter.

Read the rejection letter sent by Albert Edison, Publisher at Magnentus Books.

Turn left from door and check the WC. Exit.

Refrigerator:    Turn around to go to the kitchen. Look around. See a juicer by the sink.

Open the fridge and see a peeler at bottom right. Take the peeler.

Go to the front door and exit.

Stina's fruit stand:

Map:    See the map. The new location - Stina's fruit stand is blinking. Go there.

Stina:    Talk to Stina. Click on the dialogue. See the book cover of Carol's The Blue Madonna made by Stina.

Message:    After talking to Stina, get a text message from Albert Edison of Magnentus Books. Click to read the text message.

Albert Edison wants to hire Carol and asks for a meet at Ribling Road 2 - new location.

Albert Edison's office:

Jump to Edison's office. Talk to Albert Edison. He wants Carol to find a "real" author - a gifted one - Gerald Black.

Read the blurb for the reprint of the Twisted River Murders. Gerard Black's wife Dora was murdered in 2009. Gerard is believed to be working on a new book about his investigations into the murder of his wife.

An unidentified woman was murdered at Twisted River Park. Pages of Black's book was stuffed in her mouth and her left arm was cut off. Black disappeared after that.

Get Gerard Black's address and keys to his house - new location.

Get information about Gerald Black.

Gerard Black's house:

Jump to Gerard Black's house. You are inside the house. Check the right and left doors (closet and WC).

Living room:    Go to the room at right.

Book case:    Turn right to the book case. Examine the note right of the plastic shopping bag at lower shelf.

Read the poem signed M. The poem mentions a pattern at the murder site. An ultraviolet light on a birdhouse at the murder site and a blood red phone are needed to see the pattern.

Display case:    Turn around and examine the plaid teddy bear.

Slide the left cabinet door below the teddy bear. Read the newspaper clipping. It mentions that the murdered woman at Twisted River Park was found at same spot as one of the victims in Black's book.

Read the letter from the murderer with "high morals". M wants Gerard to stop him. The first clue is where the latest body was found.

TV stand:    Check the drawer below the TV. It has 4 numbers that are needed to be pressed to open it.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen.

Examine the tack board. Look close at Gerard's PR blurb.

Red cell phone:    Turn left to the counter. Look close at the opened large plastic pack-envelope.

Click the envelope again to see a red cell phone. It has 6 icons. We now located one of the items needed for the pattern.

Drawer:    Open the drawer below the envelope. Examine the empty plastic bottle. It has an X mark.

Note:    Turn around and look close at the laptop on the table.

Read the note from Rick about the text Gerard wrote for one of his odd jobs at the nature park.

Find pattern at murder site.

Gazebo - Murder site:

Location of murder site:    Go to Albert Edison's office. The body with one arm gone was found in a gazebo at Twisted River Park - new location.

Gazebo:    Jump to Gazebo on the map. Follow the path and look around. Go 5 clicks forward; turn left to the gazebo.

Look around. Take the fishing line from the railing.

Information stand:    Go back to the path. Go left and see information stands at side of the path.

Turn right and examine the information stand at right. There's a note under white dirt. It mentions a device.

Cave rest area:    3 clicks from information stand, turn right and look around the cave rest area.

Take and examine the credit card case at right bench. See Gerard Black's cards. Click at bottom card to expose a note with numbers - 3648.

Birdhouse:    Continue to the left. Look close at birdhouse attached to the tree at left 2 clicks away from cave rest area.

Continue on the path and exit.

Gerard Black's house:

TV stand:    Go back to Gerard's house and living room.

Look close and press the number from Gerard's card case on the drawer of the TV stand - 3648.

Read the letter from Max Esther about Eco Lodge Village at Venum Forest - new location. Exit.

Track Gerard and locate items to get pattern.

Eco Lodges:

Go to the Eco Lodges. Look around. Check the eco lodges and other buildings on both sides of the path. Don't forget to close doors.

Firewood shack:    Enter the red building at right and see stored firewood inside. Also beer bottles.

See a file on the shelf that can be picked up but not taken. We might need it later.

Last eco lodge:    Enter the eco lodge left and behind the firewood shack.

Pick up a postcard from the floor at right. Turn it to learn about the Loaner's Lodge at Rimbaud forest - new location. Exit the area.

The Loaner's Lodge:

Loaner's Lodge:    Look around the area. Look close at the lodge after passing the machinery at left of path.

Use the peeler from Carol's fridge to unscrew the door lock.

Open the zipped bag. Take the portable ultraviolet lamp.

Continue on at the path. Check the pile of carrots and potatoes at left; as well as ?seeds.

Red open hut:    Across the path from the carrots is an open hut. Go there.

Look close at the ground left of hut. See pink toilet paper and wet wipes. Take a wet wipe. Exit the area.

Gazebo - Murder site:

Go to Gazebo now that the ultraviolet lamp and wet wipes are taken.

Dirty information stand:    Go forward to the information stand with the note cover by white dirt pass the Gazebo.

Use the wet wipe from Rimbaud forest on the dirt on the glass.

Read the clue:    Lastly, tap the apple twice to login on the red device.

Birdhouse:    Go to the birdhouse pass the cave rest area.

Use the ultraviolet lamp on the wood and see a hand print (like the icon on red phone). Exit area.

Follow directions obtained:

Go back to Gerard's house. Look close at the red phone in the plastic package on the kitchen counter.

Follow the clues: click on hand icon once and click on apple icon twice.

Looks like Gerard accessed this phone already.

Click again to read M's message. M knows that Gerard is hiding from him and that he traced Gerard to the eco lodge.

Locate and check Gerard's next hiding place.

Mail:    Look at Gerard's mailbox slot on the exit door.

Read the invoice from Tree House Central for 5 nights stay at Woodpecker Tree House.

The Woodpecker Hotel:    Use the cell phone and call Tree House Central - new location.

Go to the Woodpecker Hotel. Go forward and look up at the tree house. Look close at the rope hanging below the tree house. How do you get up there?

Jonas:    Walk away from the tree house and get a text message from Jonas. He is at Reidler's second hand bookshop - new location.

Go there - Jonas. Talk to Jonas. He has been pruning at the Darwin Forest. Learn how to get up a tree house. You sit on a websling attached to a rope and pull yourself up.

Achmud:    Get a call from Tree House Central. Carol can look at the tree house.

The Woodpecker Hotel:   

Go back to the treehouse. Click on the web sling and lift up to the tree house.

White box:    Go around the corner of the balcony. Open the white box on the floor.

Read about the Sun Cannon in Adeleine - new location.

A new clue is written on the back. There's a message in a hollow stump beside the Sun Cannon.

Room:    Enter through door at left. Look around.

Turn left and check the window and shelf. There's an empty long matches box on the shelf.

Take the paint brush in the glass on the window shelf.

Turn right and look out the large picture window above the bed. The nest is empty.

Overhead shelf:    Turn right of bed. Look close at shelf close to ceiling. There's a can of gas cartridge.

Take and read the wrinkled paper on top shelf - just apply the contents of the bottle I sent you.

Look inside the wicker basket. Take the binoculars.

Read Gerard's diary with a flower icon on cover. He hid here after the eco lodge but he was found again. Someone shot an arrow.

Sleep:    Carol decided to stay the night here. Sleep on the bed. Hear a strange sound.

Turn left outside and see an arrow with a message - stop trying or end up dying.

Carol went back home. Go to bedroom and sleep.

Go back to tree house hotel the next day.

Tree lamp:    Look close at the tree lamp beside the chair at balcony. It has 5 colored "teardrop branches".

Bathroom:    Open the red door right of the overhead shelf. See a portable toilet.

Exit the tree house by opening the trap door on floor at end of balcony.

Follow clue sent to Gerard at tree house.

Sun Cannon:

Stump:    Go to Sun Cannon. Go forward until the tower. The tower has a lock.

Turn around, forward and left. Go down the steps once. Turn left and see a hollow tree stump.

Look inside the stump to get a wallet. The key to the tower is in a mooring bollard at the jetty.

Look at the sun cannon trading card. Read the back to learn about the sun cannon.

Jetty:    Continue down the steps and left to another set of steps. Go forward once and right to the jetty.

Take the key inside the right bollard.

Tower:    Go back to the tower and use the key on the lock. Look around the tower.

Open and close the window. Look at the postcard on the shelf.

Paper:    Turn right to see work area with sealed black windows.

Take the light green paper tucked under the top shelf.

Read the poem on how to get the letters of the murderer's name. The clues are in Darwin Forest.

Box with letter puzzle:    Open the black-red box at bottom shelf.

See a tablet. Click on red button at right to see letters. We need to find the letters to press on this puzzle.

Exit the area.

Find the letters to form M's name.

Wildlife Trail in Darwin Forest:

Jonas:    Remember Jonas said he worked tree trimming at Darwin Forest. Go to Jonas. Learn about Wildfire Trail - new location.

Wildlife Trail:    Go to Wildlife trail. Turn right and read the info on the stand written by Gerard Black. The trail is marked with yellow line and each station has yellow rock.

Review the poem from the sun cannon.

Grab the first one very near the ugly, loathsome, filthy deer.

Go forward and then right at the crossroad.

Look close at the #5 information stand. It has info about the deer.

Go to the wood deer on the field behind the stand.

Turn left while facing the deer. Look close at pipe hidden by tall grass. See an M.

The second letter is discovered on a dirty manhole cover.

Go back to the trail path. Go forward once. Turn left and see a covered manhole.

An O is on the cement cover.

After that we should explore the back of the disgusting boar.

Continue on the path. Go forward twice. Read the info about the wild boar.

Go close to the wood boar at the back of the stand. Go behind the boar and then turn around.

See the letter R.

The next one that we have in stock is printed on a yellow rock.

Go back to the path. Go forward once and turn right. Look close at the yellow rock beside the Bark Beetle info stand.

See a letter T.

And lastly, look across your shoulder by the beast near the boulder.

Continue on the path and see a large boulder ahead. Across the boulder is the info stand of the moose.

Go close to the wood moose at the forest. Turn right. Take the paper tucked on the tree trunk of the tree at right.

Get a letter Y.

Continue on the path until the exit.

Investigate the Dora's murder scene.

Clues at Dora's murder site:

Letter puzzle in Sun Cannon:    Go back to Sun Cannon. Enter the tower.

Look close at the box at lower shelf. Turn the tablet on by pressing the red button.

Click on the letters of the murderer's name - MORTY.

5 Error puzzles:    Find the difference between the pictures shown. Click the errors on the right picture.


See a green flame icon and blue circle with note: Been to your wife's murder scene lately?

Edison:    Go back to Edison and talk to him about Black's wife Dora. Learn that Dora was killed by the Bowl Pits - new location.

Bowl Pits:    Go forward to the rock hill.

See the metal flame at top of rock hill. There are 2 green circles and 3 red ones.

Turn left and look close at the metal ring. There are several red circles with 3 blue ones.


Sun cannon tablet puzzle:    Go back to the Sun Cannon tower. Look close at the tablet puzzle.

Click on the flame icon 2 times and click on the circle icon 3 times.

Clue:    The next clue states that a map was sent to Gerard. An object is needed to go forward. The object is placed near where the murdered woman's arm was hidden.

Learn Gerard's involvement.

Find Gerard's childhood home.

Mistress Allegra:    Get a text message from Edison. A woman called Edison looking for Gerard.

Use the cell phone in inventory and call the woman. Listen to a recording of Mistress Allegra Dungeon. Get a new location.

Go to Mistress Allegra. Ring the doorbell. Well...

Learn about her weird customer. She was handcuffed and left to die at Gerard Black's childhood house. The customer left behind something. She will give Carol that something but wants her handcuffs back.

Edison:    Go back to Edison and talk to him about Gerard's childhood home.

The house with a chimney is SW of an observation tower close to Fiskeby station - new location.

We already have taken the binoculars from the tree house wicker basket.

Observation tower:    Go forward to the water and then turn left. Climb up to the very top of the tower. Carol doesn't know where SW is.

Exit the tower. Get a text message from Edison about Black's office (new location) and trash at basement.

Gerard Black's office:    Look around the office.

Open the small table-filing cabinet and take the compass. Read the letter from Johannes B about Black's dumping his military tag in the loo when Black left his childhood home.

Turn left and take the magnet from the white board on the wall.

Turn around and try to open the drawer on the cabinet at opposite wall. It is locked.

Exit the office, go left and go through the door. Go down to the basement.

Basement trash:   

Once down, turn left and take papers from the trash bag.

Torn papers:    Put together the pieces of paper to form a picture.

Left click-hold to move the pieces and right click-tap to rotate them.

Some pieces need to be rotated several times before getting in correct position to be joined.

Other items:    Go forward and turn left. Take the pull rod propped on the back wall. Exit the building.

Observation tower:    Go forward to the water and then turn left. Climb up to the very top of the tower.

Automatically see the compass from Gerard's office.

Turn left to face SW. Use the binoculars taken from tree house at center of screen. Once the active icon is seen - click - new location.

Pull back and leave the area.

Explore Gerard's childhood home:

Go forward twice and then turn left. Enter the ruins of a house.

Left room, main floor:    Enter the room at left.

See a framed area by doorway.  A picture must have been displayed.

Examine the stove at left. Open the grate.

Left room back of house, main floor:     Go to the next room via the doorway left of stove.

Examine the pot on floor left of doorway to front of house. See a key glued to the pot.

Hallway behind the stairs:    Exit to hallway. Through the window, see a red barn at back of house.

Right room back of house, main floor:    Go to next room. Look around.

Right room front of house, main floor:    Examine the stove. Take a long match from stove. 

Stairs:    Exit to front hallway and climb the stairs to second floor.


Left room, back of house, top floor:    Enter the room at left.

Turn left and look close at wall. Take the clamps hanging from wall socket.

Take the handcuff by pipe on floor.

Hallway top floor:    Exit to hallway at back of house.

Right room back of house, top floor:    Go to next room. Look around.

See broken tiles on floor by doorway. Take metal bar left of hallway doorway.

Right room front of house, top floor:    Turn to window.

Look close and read the blue notebook on floor. Read Morty's note about Black hiding in the Sala Silver Mine hotel suite - new location.

Left room front of house, top floor:    See duct tape on shelf.

A carved wood design is on the floor by wall.

Go to hallway, go left and down the stairs.

Explore the red barn:

Exit the house, go left twice and forward to red barn.

First door right:    Look at shelves of cabinet. Take tool from bottom shelf.

Take the knife from top left drawer. The top right drawer is locked.

Second from right door:    The door is jammed.

Use the metal bar taken from the second floor room of the house on the jammed door. Take the ski pole.

Second door from left:    See a box that needs 4 more numbers at the bottom to unlock.

First door at left:    Open the door of the outhouse-loo. Open the lid and see a metal object down there. Close lid.

In inventory combine the clamps taken from second floor of house and the magnet from Gerard's office.

Look down the hole. Use the clamps with magnet on the metal object down there.

Gerard's dogtag:    Get Gerard's dog tag as mentioned in the letter in Gerard's office. It is rusty. The numbers is similar to the box next door.

Glued key:    Go back to the house. Go to the left room back of house, first floor.

Use the tool from the barn on the glued key in the pot. Get key. Go back to the barn.

First door right:    Use the key on the right drawer. Take the steel wool.

In inventory, combine the steel wool and rusty dog tag to see the 3 sets of numbers - 235 65 7986. It's Gerard's dog tag.

Second door from left:    Look close at box.

Enter the last 4 numbers of the dog tag on the 4 circles at bottom - 7986. Press the button at bottom of lid.

Read the calling card of Durmer Black. Read the back of the card. Durmer wrote to Gerard that the code to the safe is 5449.

There is a nice glass ornament in the box. Exit the area.

Explore the Sala Silver Mine Suite:

Go to Sala Silver Mine. Talk to the receptionist. Read the brochure.

Elevator:    Go inside the red building. Push the handles of the double doors to be inside the elevator.

Press the #1 button to the 155m floor.

Toilet:    Go forward twice and see blocked passage ahead. Right of it continues the passage to the mine.

Turn left and see a white structure. It is locked.

Door to suite:    Continue to the diagonal right passage. Go forward once.

Turn right to the wood door to suite by the metal fence.

Dark tunnel:    Ahead is a dark tunnel. We need light.

Turn around and forward once. Take the torch propped on wall.

Suite:    Turn left and go through the wood door to the suite.

See dining tables. Turn around and see the exit door and a locked door that needs a keycard. The table has a crystal and the intercom.

Lamps:    Go forward and turn to the left. Check the miner lamp and take the keycard.

Go forward and take the mini flashlight below the last lamp on the left. Click to open it and take the batteries.

Trash can:    Check the trash can right of the mirror.

See the note about the keycard left on the lamp-torch which we already took.

Read the leaflet about the mine. Learn about the drawings left by miners in the mine's chapel.

Bedroom:    Turn around from mirror and see the bedroom.

Recorder:   Look at the chairs by the bed. Check the left chair in the bedroom.

Look close at the recorder. Click on it and Carol says it needs battery.

Use the battery from mini flashlight on recorder.

Click on recorder and it turns to the side. See-click the reset hole. It needs a pointy object to reset.

In inventory combine the long match from the childhood home's stove and the knife to get needle pointed match.

Use the needle pointed match on the reset hole of the recorder.

Gerard:    Click to turn on the recorder. He feels watched all the time. Morty sent him a map which he shoved in the toilet. He also hid something in the crystal chandelier.

Candle:    Turn around from chair and look close at the middle candle. Take metal object. The tip looks like a screwdriver.

Bed:    Look close at the table behind the bed. Take the green screwdriver handle under the table cover.

Dining table:    Go to the dining table. Yum.

Chandelier:    Look close at the chandelier. Take and open the camera case.

Camera:    Examine the camera. Click to turn on - no pictures.

Click on the side twice to learn that it does not have a memory card.

Maintenance room:    Go to the other end of the room and check the locked door at right.

Use the keycard taken from the miner lamp-torch on the lock. Take the butane safety lighter at right.

Look for the chapel:

A chapel is mentioned in the brochure.

Exits:    Exit the suite through door at left. You will be facing the tunnel to go deeper in the mine. It is inaccessible.

Turn left to see the tunnel to go back to the elevator.

Dark mine tunnel:   Turn around from exit tunnel or right after exiting the suite to see a dark tunnel.

In inventory combine the torch and the safety lighter to get lit torch.

Go forward in dark tunnel. Use lit torch on dark tunnel. Walk the wood boards.

Turn left before the benches. See 2 doors. One is locked and the other has a control panel.

Deeper in mine:    Turn back to the benches. Go diagonal right to be in a wide area with chains.

Go forward (right) to see the real silver mine tunnels.

Turn left to a table at the end of the path. Take the chapel key from the case.

Turn left from table and forward back to the locked chapel door.

Turn right when you see a wire mesh at top right wall.

Explore the chapel:

Open chapel door:    The chapel door ahead is locked. The closet door on the left opens to a control panel.

Examine the control panel. See the open door switch on the top part of panel. It needs a key.

Use the key taken from the case at the end of the deeper mine tunnel on circle at top of panel.

Exit the panel closet. If you haven't yet, take the big key from the wooden door of the control panel room.

Chapel:    Enter the now opened chapel door. Look around. See a door beside the exit door that leads to another tunnel.

Go forward the chapel. Turn right midway and see a rusty bucket surrounded by votive candles. This must be where the miners place the memory pictures of departed loved ones.

Take the camera adapter-memory card from the bucket. Exit the chapel.

Examine the camera memory card:

Go right and forward twice to be back to the wooden suite door.

Enter the suite at left. Go to the chandelier above the dining table.

Take camera from the chandelier. Click to open the side of the camera.

Use the memory card at side of camera.

See pictures of furniture and father Durmer and son Gerard Black. The furniture are on display at the Norrkoping Furniture Museum - new location.

Explore the toilet:

Exit the suite. Turn left and go forward twice. Turn right to the locked toilet.

Use the key that was taken from the control panel door on the lock.

Remember that Gerard placed the map sent by Morty down the toilet.

Examine the toilet. See the map. Carol says no way.

Use the ski pole on map. It needs sharpened. Now, where did we see a file? Ah. Close lid.

Exit the mine through elevator. Press the top 0M button. Exit the area.

Eco Lodges:    Travel to Eco Lodges. Go forward until the red building at back of area. Enter.

Take file from shelf. Use ski pole with file to get prepared ski pole.

Return the file to the shelf and leave the area.

Map:    Go back to the Silver Mine. Go down the elevator and enter the toilet.

Use the prepared ski pole on map to get a very old map.

Go back up the elevator and leave the area.

Edison:    Get a text message from Albert Edison. The missing arm of the murdered woman was found close to Rhododendron Valley - new location.

Norrkoping Furniture Museum:

Go to the museum. Enter the building ahead. Look around and check the pictures.

Reception counter:    Check the reception counter by the doorway. Take the keycard from counter.

Go to next room. Go through doorway in the next room by the computer. Look at the display of baby outfits.

Durmer Black:    Go to back room and see the furniture seen in Black's camera. Read the Black Exhibition poster.

There's an exhibition of Durmer Black's chairs. Learn that he was imprisoned for stealing the Cadeaux diamond which was never recovered.

The other poster states that Durmer's safe is also at the museum. Remember Durmer's note to his son. We know the code.

The exhibition is open from 3 PM to 7 PM.

Walk out of the museum. The clock chimes 3 PM. The exhibition is open now.

Exit the museum.

Black Exhibition:    Turn left after exiting the museum. Go forward and enter the building across the path.

Look around the tools in the room at left.

Go to the the room right of doorway. See the picture of Durmer and Gerald Black also seen in Gearad's camera. See the carved wood similar to the one at the childhood house.

Go to the room at left.

Black's safe:    Turn right to see a locked door. Use the keycard from the museum receptionist counter on the lock.

Enter the code from the back of Durmer Black's card on the safe - 5449.

Examine the block of wood. Read the note in the safe. Under the wallpaper behind the Chagall painting in the guest room on the ground floor.

Exit the exhibition building. Go to the museum building across the path.

Return the keycard on the receptionist counter.

Return the handcuffs:

Go back to Mistress Allegra. Ring the doorbell. She gives the charging cable that Morty used to tie her up. She kept the rope.

Investigate Morty.

Find the object Morty mentioned:

Rhododendron Valley:    After finding out Morty's name; the clue states a map which we now have and an object left by the murdered woman's arm.

Go to Rhododendron Valley. Look around. Beautiful - really beautiful.

Murdered victim's arm location:    Go forward 4 times until the police tapes at left.

Examine the site. Go forward to the railing. Turn right and look close at base of tree.

Take the rolled paper. Open and read Morty's clue to the location of his home.

Map:    Take the cutout fragment from the old map.

In inventory combine the old map from toilet and the map fragment.

Find the matching set of houses on the map. Click the fragment on top of that matched location to get Morty's house location - new location.

Carol says that we're ahead of Black now in the chase of Morty.

Get in Morty's house:

Jump to Morty's house. Meet the caretaker of the estate. Learn about the secretive fellow that rents the other house. The man is seen in the attic of the house he rents.

The caretaker wants to find his things before he can go home and open the rental house for Carol.

He lost: e-cigarette, reading glasses and ring.

Workroom:    Turn left and look behind the shovel to get e-cigarette. Put the shovel back in place.

Go to the lumber at back of room. Turn left to workbench. Take the ring over the hole right of the measuring tape.

Take the reading glasses behind the blue bucket on the floor. Exit the room.

Explore Morty's rented house:

Give the items to the caretaker. He unlocks the door to the house. Enter and look around.

Door to attic:    Turn left after entering the house. See a locked door.

Living room:    Turn left and enter the living room.

Suitcase: See a suitcase under the window at left. Move the zipper and it gets stuck.

Table:    Check the vase on the table between windows.

Open the drawer at left side of the table. Take the key.

Yellow cabinet:    Look close and open the yellow cabinet. Close door after checking the cabinets.

Top left cabinet:    Take wallet. Read the yellow paper. Into the toy the inserts go and vital numbers you shall know.

Bottom right cabinet:    See the toy mentioned in the yellow paper clue. We need 4 colored geometric shaped items.

Doors:    The left door is locked.

Hutch between doors:    Open the top shelf of the hutch right of the locked door.

Open the cigarette case with a wallet inside. Examine the wallet to see that the circular lock has 5 colored pie triangles.

Open the bottom of the hutch to see a picture with a 4 numbers lock below it.

TV cabinet:    Go to the cabinet below the TV and nude painting by Anders Zorn. Open the right cabinet to see a mask case.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen.

Clue:    Open the top cabinet left of stove. Examine the orange item behind the funnel. It has a clue that states that the orange piece is by the badger.

Open the cabinet at left. Check the trash bin. Read a crumpled note about bottle labeled X. Remember the empty bottle in Black's kitchen.

Turn to the counter right of doorway to a bedroom. See baking soda in a bowl, water and cotton swab.

Tablet:    See a tablet that is not charged on the kitchen table.

Use the wire cable given by Mistress Allegra on the wall socket and automatically plug the other end to tablet.

Bedroom:    Enter the bedroom. Read the paper on how to create invisible ink on the table under window.

To write use baking soda and water as ink and cotton swab as pen.

To read the writing, use a paintbrush in grapefruit juice and paint the juice on the message.

Tablet:    Check the charged tablet on kitchen table to see the message. It looks like we need a memory stick for the next clue.

Look for toy plastic blocks:

Attic:    Go to the locked door right of the living room by the front door.

Use the key taken from the drawer by the window on the lock.

Go left and look around. See a green tube with hand at the middle of the attic.

Go to left side of the window. Take the green hexagonal plastic block.

Read invisible ink:

Stina fruit stand:    Go to Stina and ask for a grapefruit. Stina wants Carol to find her illuminating tweezers lost at the beach - new location.

The Beach:    Go forward, turn right and look at the drainage pipe ahead.

Take the pink illuminating tweezers right of the pipe.

Go back to Stina and get a grapefruit.

Prepare mixture to read invisible ink:    Go home and to the kitchen.

Combine knife with grapefruit to cut the grapefruit.

Click the sliced grapefruit on squeezer left of sink several times.

Use paintbrush taken from tree house on juice.

Combine paintbrush with juice with wrinkled paper taken from tree house shelf. In the attic, find an arm that's green. It might hold an important scheme.

Mail:    Go to the door at home and read the new mail. The bill from Tree house Central included a costly night extraction. LOL.

Follow through clues to find plastic blocks:

Wildlife Trail:    The note in the kitchen cabinet states that the yellow one is by the badger.

Go to the second information stand after the monkey bars.

Go forward to the badger at the woods. Turn left and take the square yellow block. Exit the area.

Morty's House:    Go to the attic and examine the green tube.

Remove the hand and take the colored circle clue from arm.

Go down to the hutch in the living room. Open the top part and take the cigarette case again.

See that the wallet inside has a lock similar to the clue from arm.

Turn the button to get red on top; press silver button above.

Turn the button to get yellow on top; press silver button above.

Turn the button to get green on top; press silver button above.

Take key.

Morty's bedroom:    Use the key taken from cigarette case on locked door left of the hutch.

Closet:    Turn right and open the closet. Unzip the backpack. See a gag box. Take the ratchet handle.

Dresser:    Turn around and check the dresser. Take the candle from top drawer.

Open the small drawer left of mirror. Take the blue triangle block.

Unzip the suitcase:    Go to the suitcase below the left living room window.

The zipper is stuck. Use the candle on zipper. Unzip the suitcase.

Read the note under the Azrael Tears game case. The clue is that the next piece is on the way to the Sun Cannon Tower.

Sun Cannon:    Go to Sun Cannon. Go forward once and then turn right. Take the red circular block.

Follow the toy clue:

Toy:    Go back to Morty's house and the living room.

Open the bottom right yellow cabinet door.

Place all the 4 collected plastic blocks in toy slots.

The numbers shown are: 8 5 9 1.

Hutch painting:    Open the bottom cabinet of the wood hutch right of bedroom door.

Enter the numbers taken from toy by pressing the numbers  8 5 9 1.

Locked flag box:    Examine the box with flags at center and 4 stars at corner.

Press the stars in particular order to get the flags be blue and gold - Swedish flag.

Press bottom right, top left, top right and bottom left.

Take the memory stick.

Read the memory stick:    Go back to the charged tablet at kitchen table.

Open the tablet. Use memory stick on tablet's top right side slot.

The message states that the next clue is in building seen from the window attic. There is a pipe that should not be missed.

Learn Morty's motivation.

Follow the tablet clue:

Window at attic:    Go to the window at the attic.

Click on barn at center of field to look close - new location.

Barn:    Exit the house and go to the barn. Go forward 3 times and go left to the barn.

Enter the barn and look around. Turn left and take a firewood. Read the message.

There's hollow tree at Eastern Promenade that holds a clue that needs to be fished out - new location.

Get fishing items:

Woodpecker Hotel:    Go to the tree house.

Go around the balcony by the white box. Turn around and look close at the tree lamp on the table.

Tree lamp:    Use the clue pieced together from the trash at Gerard's office basement.

Press the green, purple, black and blue tear drop leaves. See a lock with a cross.

In inventory combine the metal object taken from the candle holder at silver mine and the green screwdriver handle by the bed at mine to get unusual screwdriver.

Use the unusual screwdriver on the cross of the lock. Take a key.

Gerard Black's office:    Jump to Gerard's office.

Use the key taken from tree house lamp on the locked drawer by the door. Take the fishing hook.

The Eastern Promenade:    Jump to promenade. Go forward twice. Click on hole of tree.

Go fish:    In inventory combine the fishing hook from Gerard's office with the fishing line taken from gazebo to get hook on fishing line.

Combine the hook on fishing line with pull rod from basement of Gerard's office to get primitive fishing rod.

Use primitive fishing rod on the hole on tree. Get a tool extension.

Look for pipe mentioned by Morty's barn clue:

Barn:    Jump back to barn. Watch out for a pipe mentioned in the clue.

Pipe:   Go forward once and turn left. See a drainage pipe under the road.

Go down there and turn around. Take the piece of wood, turn it and see a lock.

In inventory combine the tool extension from Gerard's office with the ratchet handle from Morty's backpack to get heavy tool.

Use heavy tool on lock. Take crumpled paper. The note from log is a checkerboard with colored letters.

Go up and be back on road. Continue on the road.

Follow the checkerboard clue:

Other pipe:    Go forward towards the barn. Continue on the path right of barn. Turn left to face the side of the barn.

See another pipe. Look close and see a chessboard box.

Press the colored squares based on the clue taken from the log.

Press the squares to spell - Che (red square), ck (purple square), ma (blue square) and te (green square). Checkmate.

The box is opened. Read the clue to find the next location.

Next clue:    Turn right and continue forward. Pass the pipe at left on third click forward.

Go forward until end of path. Turn left and go to the red barn.

Red barn:    Enter the red barn.

Turn left and take the chessboard at back of harvester prongs. Open the chessboard and see the Leaning Water Tower trading card - new location.

Cell phone:    Turn around to the other wall.

Take the cell phone on the yellow beam. It shows a black knight and black king chess pieces with position.

Exit the area.

Leaning Water Tower:

Go to water tower. Go forward twice. Turn right and go through the opening at end of the fence to the water tower.

Turn left while facing the tower to see the large chessboard with pieces.

Look close and see that the black knight and black king are glued on the board.

Using the numbers and letters of the chessboard clue, determine the location of the glued pieces. Black knight is on F4 square and black king is on D5.

Press F4D5 on the cell phone to get the next clue. The message tells Gerard that he Gerard is the murderer.

Follow Durmer's note to Gerard that is in the safe:

The note in the safe states: Under the wallpaper behind the Chagall painting in the guest room on the ground floor.

Go back to childhood house. Enter the house and the room at left, main floor.

Look at the wall left of entryway that shows that a painting must have hanged there.

Remove the wallpaper by clicking from bottom part to midway.

Use knife for rest of wallpaper. Click on the writing. The diamond is in La Paz. La Paz as Morty's poem states is the teddy bear.

Get diamond:    Go to Gerard's house. Go to living room and the teddy bear.

Use the knife on the back of La Paz. Take the diamond.

Meet Gerard. Pow!

Exit the locked closet:

After an hour, Carol wakes up in a dark room.

Use the safety lighter in the dark.

Check the door. Look close at lock. Maybe the key is in the lock.

Turn left while facing the door. Read Dora's letter to Gerard.

Use Dora's letter at bottom space of door.

Turn left and pick up the meat thermometer inside the trash bin at right.

Use the meat thermometer on the keyhole of door.

Pull the paper under the door and take the key.

Use the key on lock. Exit the closet and Gerard's house.

Close the case:

Carol deduced that Gerard is being pushed to suicide. She's not ready to go to the police as of yet.

Edison's office:    Check the door to see that it is locked.

Other office:    Turn right and try the door handle of the next office.

Turn left and open the drawer. Pick up the note to get the key to Albert Edison's office.

Edison's office:     Use the key on Edison's office door. Enter and look around.

Open the cabinet at left to see a box of items similar to those in Morty's house.

Desk:     Look around the desk. See a painting similar to those in Morty's house.

Small wood file cabinet:    Check the locked wood cabinet left of desk.

Find the key to small file cabinet:    Face the desk and see the up-down arrow at right edge of the table. It is used to raise-lower the desk.

Press the up arrow. Take the key taped on the desk stand.

Lower the desk by pressing the down arrow.

File cabinet:    Look close and use the key on the small file cabinet.

Open the top drawer and look around.

Open the middle drawer and examine the black organizer-document folder.

Document folder: Read the note written on blue paper. Aha!

Read the pink paper tucked in at the back. Read Dora's letter to Edison. More Ahas!

Unzip the zipper on left edge. Read the yellow paper. This explains why Carol was hired.

Automatically take the documents folder.

<See the GameBoomers calling card.> Back up and turn around.

Meet the dastardly villain:    Talk to the villain. Use the heavy tool in inventory on this murderer twice. Pow! Pow!

Run out of office and go down the hall to the stairs.

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