Cold Case Summer: Carol Reed Mystery 9

By MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   March 2013


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game.

Before the game starts, see the game settings: display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound frame has a choice of sound device.

The main menu has continue, new game, load, save, options and quit selections.

The options menu has speech, music, effects and subtitles adjustments.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

There is a very good hint system in the game. The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay.

The main menu is accessed by the ESC key.

The space bar shows all the active spots in the screen.


Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot in the back on February 28, 1986. The case is still unsolved.

A tutorial screen is seen. You can do the tutorial or skip it.

Carol Reed reminisces while beautiful sights in Sweden are seen.

New case:

Look around in the bedroom. Check Len the clown doll on the bed. Exit through the door with ribbons.

Look around in the living room.

Tablet:    Check the tablet on the dining room table. Press the button.

Read a message from Stina. Carol left her cell phone at the store. A new location in the map occurs.

Office:    Enter the room at right and look close at computer. Take the mini flashlight left of the monitor.

WC:    Exit the room and the living room. Check the bathroom and see that the bathroom is gutted.

Look left from the gutted plumbing. Pick up the pencil from floor.

Kitchen:    Exit the bathroom and go left 2xs to the kitchen. Look around in the kitchen.

Take the scissors form the kitchen dining table.

Stina's store:    Exit the apartment and see the map. Jump to Stina's store.

Talk to Stina. Stina wants asparagus peas from the allotment (new site in the map). Take the cell phone.

Allotment:    Jump to the allotment in the map.

Go forward once and then turn left. Go forward 2xs and turn left. Pick some asparagus peas.

Exit the garden and the turn left to the shed.

Shed:    Go forward to the blue shed. Move the stone on the stand and take the keys to the allotment.

Turn right and use the keys on the padlock of the shed. Look around the room. Open the drawer at right.

Phone call:    Exit the shed and the cell phone rings. Press the green phone button to answer the phone.

Talk to mysterious man that wants to meet her at the Graffiti Heap (new location).

Mr. X-Harri Mickelsen:

Exit the allotment and jump to Graffiti Heap.

Graffiti Heap:    Go forward, right, forward twice, left and forward to graffiti wall.

Turn left and see 2 trash bins. Go left of the trash bins to the red building.

Go close to the red building and talk to X. He doesn't want to show himself. X says that he can give Carol the case that will make her famous.

Carol refuses the case. Exit the area.

Carol's apartment:    Automatically be in the basement of her apartment.

Enter the door ahead. Go forward and look right. Take the expensive soap in blue bottle. Enter the shower to clean up.

Automatically be in the bedroom. Go to bed.

Cell phone: Be awakened by the cell phone ringing. Look left and answer the phone.

It is Samuel Rinkman of the Norrköping Police. He asks about Harri Mickelsen. He was found strangled at the Flat Iron River close to the Wire Lookout (new location).

Exit the bedroom and go to the living room.

Tablet:    Use the tablet on the table. Learn about Harri Mickelsen. Click on the text and Carol will say she knows someone in the prostitution business (new location).

Click on the links Olof Palme and Christer Pettersson. Learn that Christer was sentenced for killing Palme. Exit the apartment.

Investigate Harri Mickelsen:

Wire Lookout:    Climb the Wire Lookout and look around.

Exit the Lookout and go behind the lookout.

Go left to and down to the landing. Take the wire brush from the steps at right. Exit the area.

Graffiti Heap:    Jump to Graffiti Heap. Go to the red building where Carol talked to mysterious X - Harri.

Go to the area that Harri hid. Pick up the note Harri dropped on the ground. Check it in inventory and see that it is in Morse code.

Amber:    Jump to Amber's apartment. Talk to Amber. She doesn't know where Harri lives but tells that he worked at the Pamplestone Pumping Station (new location).

Pamplestone:    Enter the building and look around.

Go forward and check the small table left of the door. See that it is full of tools. There is a hammer here. Remember that it is here.

Turn left and see a locked door.

Furnace room:    Go forward to the next room. Go right at back of room and check the large furnace at right. The left door of the furnace can't be moved.

Go right and forward to the other side of the room.

Look left to the coal on the floor. Pick up the copper wire wrapped around a piece of wood. Use the scissors from Carol's home to cut a piece of copper wire.

Workroom:    Enter the room at right. Look close at worktable at left.

Pick up the pictures. Turn it around to read the note from Rita. The building in the picture has ceiling paintings. Exit the building.

Stina's store:     Give Stina the asparagus peas. Stina says the buildings might be one of the Aurora monuments (new location).

An Aurora monument:    Jump to the new location. Go forward, right and enter the structure.

Exit to the other side and read the poster stand at right. Learn about the Aurora Temple with ceiling painting (new location).

The Aurora Temple:    Enter the temple. Look up at the cherubs depicted in the ceiling.

Pick up the lens beside the basin at center. Turn it to get a phone number.

Use the cell phone to call that number. Click on the number to call Rita.

Talk to Rita. Learn where Harri lives (new location). Exit the area.

Check Harri's apartment:

Enter the apartment:    Jump to Harri's apartment. Enter the building.

Read the name plate and then try the door knob. It is locked.

Exit the building. Turn right and go forward. Right again to be at the back of the building.

Go forward and turn right to the first fence gate.

Go through the gate and go forward to the back door. Check the door and see that it is also locked.

Go down and turn right to the hedge. Check the window at right. Enter through window.

Office:    Look around the office. Turn left and see games.

Turn left and check the keyboard. See and examine a cardboard cutout of an exterior picture. The address is cut off.

Look left and see an interesting folder with a gold logo.

Look close and check right of the monitor. Take the note and see that it is Morse code legend. Exit the room.

Hallway:    Check the magazines on the table and learn about The Pamplestone Pumping Station.

Turn around from the table and check the locked closet door. The WC is left of the office.

Front door:    Turn right towards the kitchen. Exit through the door at left and then go back in. Now you can enter the apartment through this door.

Kitchen:     Turn left and forward to kitchen. Look around. Check the black piggy bank on top of the hatch.

Bedroom:    Exit the kitchen and go left to the living room. Enter the bedroom at left. Look around.

See a poster of mushrooms on the door at left. Exit the room.

Living room:    Turn right 2xs. Check the hatch left of the bedroom door. It is locked.

Check the magazine table left of the sofa. Click on the to do list that Harri wrote. It mentions Sigge, manuscript to Amber and Carol.

Go to the hatch beside the dining table. Open the drawer and read the proposed chapters of Harri's book. It mentions Sigge and Crille.

Get a text message from Jonas. It shows a picture of a car Jonas bought.

Exit the apartment through the back door. Now you can enter the apartment through this door.

Olof Palme's murder:

Autobiography:    Jump to Amber's apartment. Talk to Amber. Learn about Harri's autobiography.

Amber shows the first 2 pages of the book. It mentions The Dead City where they first met Crille.

Turn the page and see the picture of Sveavagen/Tunnelgatan intersection where Palme was killed.

Click on the address where the assassination occurred (new location). Take the picture. Learn about Sigge the former casino owner and drug dealer. Sigge has a hostel in Stockholm.

Get a ride:    Click on the murder scene in the map. Carol says to call Jonas. Use the cell phone and call Jonas.

Pyramid Elm Park:    Jump to the park. Talk to a uniformed Jonas. Get the key to Jonas' old car.

Steiner parking lot:    Go to the black car at left. Use the car key on the door lock.

Use the car key on the ignition. It did not completely turn over and stalls. Take the car key.

Engine:    Exit the car and check the hood. Open the hood to see the engine. Pull out the sparkplug wire.

Go to the back of the car and raise the rear door. Take the spark plug wrench.

Open the hood again and use the wrench on the white sparkplug. Click it to see that the sparkplug is dirty.

Use the wire brush taken from the landing step by the Wire Lookout on the dirty sparkplug.

Pull back and the sparkplug and wire are automatically placed back.

Enter the car and use the key on the ignition. The car starts.

Olof Palme Murder Scene:       Go forward and turn right.

See a bouquet of flowers on the ground. Look at the flowers and take the floral wire holding the yellow flower straight.

Go forward and read the plaque right before the entrance of the Brunkeberg Tunnel. Turn around. Check the statue by left stairs.

Climb the stairs. Read the plaque that described what the perpetrator did after shooting Palme. He went to David Bagares St which has been renamed Olof Palme St. Continue up the steps to the street.

Go back down the stairs and go right to the next street. Turn right before exit and see the Best Hostel City. Exit the area.

Investigate Crille:

Jump back to Harri's apartment. Enter through the front door.

Turn around and read the mail stuck on the mail slot. It states that Harri has a storage locker A14 at the Norrköping Central Station (new location).

Locked closet door:    Turn left while facing the main door and go forward to the WC. Turn right 2xs to the locked door.

Use the copper wire from the Pumping Station on the keyhole. Then use the wire taken from the flower on the keyhole.

Look around. Check the coat and get a note about a key in the combustion furnace of the second boiler (the large furnace at the station).

Look at the box at top shelf. It has Crille's name and numbers. Exit the apartment.

Pamplestone:    Enter the building and forward to the table with tools left of the entrance to the furnace room. Take the hammer.

Go to the furnace room and go right to the large furnace.

Look close at left door. Check the door and then use the hammer on the stuck door. The door opens. Take the Pamplestone key. Close door.

Return the hammer to the tool table at next room.

Use the key on the locked door under the stairs at left.

Note:    Take a note from the rolls at right wall. See that there are erased writing at the bottom.

Use the pencil taken from Carol's gutted bathroom on the bottom part of the paper.

Click the exposed writing - it says: Put flowers on Crille's grave on April 13. Exit the building.

Crille's box in Harri's apartment:    Go back to Harri's apartment and the closet.

Take and look at Crille's box on top shelf inside the closet.

Since Harri noted April 13 on the note; press 1304. The box opens.

Read-click on the newspaper clipping and learn that Christer Pettersson is Crille.

Read the note inside the envelope. Learn that Crille passed away and left the black piggy bank, key and a hex key to Harri.

Read the draft of Harri's manuscript about meeting Crille. Learn that Sigge's father is the manager of Dead City. They met Crille at Dead City. The kids believe there is a treasure left at Dead City. Crille became strange after his brain injury. Harri noted that Dead City holds a secret behind Palme's murder.

Read-click the next note and learn that after his release; Crille sleeps at Aviation Administration (new location). Roy fixed him up there. Crille talks about Kim and her mother.

Take the hex key and Crille key. Exit the apartment.

Crille's place to sleep:

Jump to the Aviation Administration. Check the door and see that it is locked.

Go left and follow the directional arrows. Turn left at park after the steps and lamp post.

Follow the directional arrows again. After climbing the stone steps, turn right and read the poster on a red stand.

Learn about the Air Force bunker and the main entrance at south side of the mountain.

Go back down to the right until the paved path. Go forward until the "exit"; then turn left to see the bunker's main entrance.

Bunker:    Go to the gate and use the Crille key on the padlock.

Enter the bunker and use the miniflashlight taken from Carol's office on the dark room.

Turn left and turn the wheel to open the door.

Map:    Enter the first room at left. Turn left and move the #2 brick. Take the bunker map.

You can follow your location in the map. Exit room.

Crille's mattress:    Turn left on main hallway and forward until the rusty door at the end.

Enter the room at right. See candles on the floor.

Move #3 brick beside the syringe on the floor and take timeworn note from bunker. It has 2 rows of hexagons.

Lift the right corner of the mattress and see a child's drawing given to Christer. Turn the drawing and see Kim's new address (new location).

Exit the room and turn right. See a green locked door with #27 at top right corner. Check the bar at top of the door and see that it is stuck.

Other hallway:    Go back to the main hallway and turn right at the other hallway.

Go forward and enter the first room at right. Check the opening on the right corner of wall.

Move the cover on the hatch at left corner of floor. Take the iron rod inside. Exit room.

Blue wall cabinet:    Continue down this hallway. Enter the room second from last at right side of this hallway. See a locked blue cabinet.

Other exit:    Enter the hallway at right. Go forward until the end of this hallway. Turn left and go forward. See the other exit on the backside of the mountain.

Go back to the main exit to leave the bunker and the area.

Investigate Sigge:

Kim's apartment:    Talk to Kim. Learn that Crille babysat Kim. Kim is Sigvard-Sigge's granddaughter. Learn Sigge's address (new location).

Sigge's apartment:    Turn left 2xs and enter Cedergren's open door. Look around the living-bedroom area.

Check everything active on the floor in front of the bed. There is a nicotine pills box, book of swear words and empty pill packet.

Read Harri's note to Sigge. Check the paper with yellow, blue, green and purple stars.

Check the electronic cigarette bag on the window shelf.

Dresser:    Turn left and check the MP3 player on top of the dresser. Check the child's drawing on the open drawer.

Locked drawer with stars:    See that the top drawer is locked. It has 5 stars.

Click on each star and see another star becomes colored. Note the location of each colored star.

The clue on the paper on the floor shows (left to right): yellow, blue, green and purple stars.

Press the location noted of those stars (left to right): 2 5 3 1.

Read the letter to Sigge from his dying father. It mentions a revolver box.

Read the newspaper clipping about The Dead City (new location). A ghost town that was built to be a leper colony. Exit the building.

Dead City:

Pro Populo:    Jump to Dead City. Enter the second building on the right of the road.

Go forward to the great room. Take the solvent on the ground at right.

Exit and then go right to the exit. See the map of Dead City.

Male Quarters:    Go forward to the chapel and then exit back to the Dead City Map.

Hospital:    Carol doesn't look around because there might be snakes here.

Female Quarters:    Jump to the female quarters.

Go forward and enter building 9 at left end of the road.

Go to the end of the hallway and look out the window.

See the manager's residence (new location). Remember that Sigge's father was the manager here.

Exit the building and then exit to the map.

Manager's residence:    Enter the building and turn left. Go up the ramp. Go up the stairs on the second floor and then exit to the rooftop.

Look around. See tiles of different color on the floor.

Go down 2 floors and exit the area. Go to the large map.

Sigge:    Jump to Sigge's apartment. Talk to Sigge. Learn that Harri visited him about what was hidden at the Leper Colony. Sigge gives maps and scribbling.

Learn about Crille's life and Harri's summer house. Take the photo of the summer house. Read what is written in the back.

Harri's summer house:

Harri's apartment:    Jump to Harri's apartment and then enter.

Go right to the office-computer room. Look close at the table under the window.

Look at the cutout. Combine the photo of the summer house and the cutout to get the address of the summer house (new location). Exit the area.

Enter the summer house:    Jump to summerhouse. Look close at the numerical keypad lock.

Decipher the note that Harri dropped with the Morse code legend taken from the office. It is 2 8 8 6. The door opens.

Posters:    Turn left and see 2 posters on the wall. The one on the right is a 1951 poster about coal mining jubilee.

Kitchen:    Turn around from poster and go forward to the kitchen.

See a wood stove. There is a sack of paper and firewood left of the stove. Get some firewood and paper from the sack. Try to place the firewood and paper in the stove.

Turn right and look close at bread box by the stove. Open the bread box and take key.

Suitcase:    Turn around and look close at the suitcase by the refrigerator. Open the suitcase and check the camera. Click on on-off switch. It is missing a memory card.

Armoire:    Go to the armoire right of the posters. See that it is locked.

Use the key from the bread box on the right door. The key from bread box doesn't work.

Use the key from the bread box on the center mirrored door. Check Harri's shirt to get a key.

Use the bread box key on the left door of the armoire. Take the memory card from the shelf.

Turn around and examine the bookcase on left wall. Take the screwdriver left of the boom box.

Camera:    Go around to the suitcase and open it.

Open the cover at right end of camera. Insert the memory card with the camera. Close the cover.

Flip the switch to the on position. Use the wheel at right to see pictures.

See a pictures of 3b and building 5 at Dead City.  See jewels on sofa. The jewel picture shows an opened safe where the coal mining poster was hung.

Safe:    Look close at the 1951 coal mining poster. Click to remove it and expose the safe with numerical keypad on the wall.

Click on 1951. The safe opens.

Examine the bracelet and envelope. Read the blank sheet of paper with Next drop off written on it. Place the poster back on the wall.

Upstairs:    Climb the spiral staircase. Take the female quarters map with colored buildings from the wooden chair beside the cushioned armchair. Exit the summer house.

Air Force bunker:

Jump to the bunker. Enter the bunker by clicking on the padlock.

Blue cabinet:    Go down the hallway and turn left to the next hallway just before the first door.

Go down this hallway and enter the second room at right before the end of hallway.

Look close at the blue cabinet on wall.

In inventory, combine the screwdriver from Harri's summer house and the iron bar from the first room in this hallway.

Use the screwdriver with iron bar on the lock of the blue cabinet.

Take the paper inserted on the legend at right door. See a set of lines-symbols.

Inner door:    Go back to the mail hallway. Turn left and go to the second door (27 green).

Click on the bar at top right of the door. Carol says it is totally stuck.

In inventory combine the steel brush from Wire Lookout with the solvent taken from the Dead City.

Use the steel brush with solvent on the rusty bar at top of door. Now the bar can be turned.

Open the door:    Turn the bar to the position of the symbols-lines seen on the paper taken from the blue cabinet.

The upright lines on the symbols are separation lines. Press the red button below the bar to enter the moved position.


Turn the bar to point to the left W position; press the red button to enter that position.

Turn the bar to point NE position; press the red button to enter that position.

Turn the bar to point SW position; press the red button to enter that position.

Turn the bar to point E position; press the red button to enter that position. Door opens.

Inner bunker:    Go down the steps. Pick up the wooden stick floating in the water.

Go back up the steps and turn around. Go to the left of the steps. Continue to the left.

Climb the metal ladder at right. See an open green door. Look inside and see a silver metal box.

Use the wooden stick to bring it closer.

Open the silver box:    See that the box has 2 Allen screws one on top of the other.

Review the timeworn paper found by Crille's mattress.

Use the Allen screwdriver-hex key on the screws: bottom, top, top, bottom, top.

There is a reset at top left. The box is opened.

See pills. Check the rubber banded narcotic pills and see it labeled for Roy. Turn it over to study the pills.

Exit the bunker:    Go back down. Exit the bunker through main door.

Eek! Ouch! Check the main gate and see that it is jammed.

Go back to the other hallway by the blue cabinet. Enter the last room at right.

Go forward 2xs through the open green door at the end of hallway and then left to the exit.

Use the key on the lock. Exit.

Carol's apartment:

Go home. Click on door and realize that Carol's key is gone.

Shake the door and meet the tattooed Bigge. The door of her own apartment is closed on Carol's face.

Knock on door. Talk to the one fixing the bathroom. He thinks he heard someone here while he's working.

He took the toilet  bowl off but set up something for Carol in the living room.

WC:    Check the WC. Take the chisel from the alcove at right wall.

Living room:    Go to living room and see the temporary toilet bowl left of the office door. LOL.

Office:    Open the office door. See the clown doll hanging by the door. Turn Len the clown doll and take Carol's keys.

Read the attached note. The baddie threatened Amber. Take doll. Place the doll back on the bed in the bedroom.

Exit the apartment and go to Amber.

Investigate Roy:

Amber:    Talk to Amber. Learn about Roy, the kid that hangs out with Crille and Sigge. Roy works at Aviation Administration.

Aviation Administration:    Jump to Aviation Administration.

Talk to Mikael at the reception desk about Roy Stenson. Roy works at the old paper archives.

Roy:    Talk to Roy. He gets amphetamines as payment from Crille. Learn that Crille got his drugs from Sigge.

Sigge:    Jump to Sigge's apartment. Talk to Sigge. Sigge parted from Crille because he stole from Sigge and Crille was never sober.

Roy is staying at Sigge's hostel (the one Amber mentioned).

Harri asked about Substrata, a painting in Sigge's childhood home.

Roy's passcard:    Jump to Aviation Administration.

Roy is not in his office. Turn right and check the scale on the shelf.

Take the passcard from the letter tray right of the scale. Look at back of passcard and see the address of the hostel Roy is staying in (new location).

Roy is in room 26 and the code after 7 pm is 3997. Leave the area.

Roy's hostel room:    Jump to Sigge's hostel.

Look close at the numerical keypad right of door. Enter 3997. The door is opened.

Enter and go down the hallway. Look around if you want.

Climb the stairs located midway left of hallway.

Go forward and use the passcard on the lock of room 26 at right. Pull the handle.

Enter and look around. Check the pills on the side table.

Open the drawer and see the printed copy of e-mail sent by Roy to K about drop off point. Click on picture.

Roy says that he'll be sending the destinations in concealed writing. Just heat the paper. Roy used that process with Harri.

The pullover draped on the chair looks familiar. Hmm. So it's Roy. Leave the area.

Drop off point:

Harri's apartment:    Go to the living room and turn left to the locked hatch-desk.

Use the key from Harri's shirt (summer house) on the keyhole of the desk.

Take the lighter beside the cigarettes.

Read Harri's note about the revolver box. Harri paid Crille to steal the revolver box from Sigge. Crille kept the revolver. That gun was the murder weapon that was used on Palme. Crille dumped it in the water between Finland and Sweden.

Harri's summer house:    Place firewood and paper in the wood stove in the kitchen.

Use the lighter from Harri's desk to light the paper. Use the blank paper taken from the safe on the fire.

Read-click on the text exposed by the heat. It showed the longitude and latitude of Nimis (new location).

Aviation Administration:    Click on Nimis in the map but Carol wants to return the card to Roy first.

Jump to Aviation Administration. Go forward and turn right to the shelves room.

Look close at the cellphone on top of the table. Read the text message about the delivery for a new time and place.

Hear a toilet flushing. Roy appears. Talk to Roy.

Nimis:    Go forward and enter the structure made from tree branches. Turn left immediately and pick up the mallet from the ground.

Marine flag:    Go forward until the beach. Go pass the tree branch structure close to the water and then turn right. See a marine flag at right.

Read the note hidden on right edge of the flag. Click on: Estonia-Sweden by helicopter 160 mph: 36 minutes. Click on: Deliver in the Old Town tomorrow before noon. Old Town is where Sigge had his casino.

View:    Go back to the structure close to the water and climb until the top. Look around the view.

Get a text message from Amber about receiving a letter from Harri. Leave the area.

Harri's letter:

Amber's Apartment:    Talk to Amber. Read Harri's letter. It mentions the map taken from the loft in Harri's summer house and something of importance hidden at the Dead City.

Harri mentions how to open the right side door of the armoire (lift the door slightly to the right while turning the key). The stolen revolver box is in that closet.

Learn about Sigge's old casino (new location). It is now an antique store but is still used for drug dealing.

Harri's summer house:    Use the key from bread box on the right door of the armoire-cabinet. Carol mentions how to open this door.

Read the to do list in the notebook at top shelf. It mentions the map and female quarters; substrata, revolver box and code to A14 locker.

Read another excerpt written by Harri. Sigge's father while ill mistook Harri for Sigge and told him about the donated diamonds given by Aurora Rosvall. Sigge's father kept and hid the diamonds at Dead City. The location clues are around Dead City and the reminder is in his revolver box.

Harri's note about what to tell Carol states that Roy is now involved in heroin smuggling. Harri now fears for his safety.

Take the lens filter on top of the revolver box.

Open the revolver box and see substrata and a diagram.

Follow the substrata clues:

Amber:    Go back to Amber. Amber didn't get a code from Harri.

Old Town:    Jump to Old Town. Go forward until the intersection.

Go right on the school crossing sign (Skola) and street sign for Prästgatan.

Sigge's old casino:    Walk down the small path. Midway down the path (3xs forward), turn left and knock on door.

Talk to the proprietor of the antique store that mistook Carol to be in the same business as Amber.

The man gave Carol the message to Roy - a new drop off info and map.

Substrata:    He has a Substrata reproduction for a recently passed away friend (Harri). The man leaves to make himself sexy.

Check the side table beside the bed. Take the key under the tag left of the candlestick.

Turn left and use the antique store key on the door.

Pick up the reproduction of substrata. Leave the store and the area.

Decoding the substrata clues:

Dead City:    Go to Dead City and the female quarters.

Diagram:    Study the diagram of the female quarters taken from Harri's summer house. Walk the path in the female quarters area.

Note that the first building on the left is #1, followed by 3, 3b, 5, 7 and 9.

Comparing the diagram with the building numbers: 1 is orange, 3 is black, 3b, 5, 7 is green and 9 is blue.


Substrata:    Study the painting. It has colors from left to right: black, blue, orange and green.

So the numbers of the substrata colors based on the female quarters numbers are: 3, 9, 1 and 7.

Harri's summer house:    Go back to the house and open the right side of the armoire-cabinet.

Open the revolver box.

Turn the substrata wheel at left to have the correct number at top of the circle. Then press the center button after each number.

Turn to place III-3 on top, press center button, then IX-9, button, I-1, button, VII-7 and button.

A block changes color to black. Click the button at right of camera to get a photo of the diagram of the revolver box.

Decoding the revolver box clue:

Dead City:    Jump back to the Dead City and go to the Manager's (Sigge's father) residence.

Colored tile:    Climb to the roof and turn left. Look at the colored tiles and compare it to the photo of the revolver box.

Locate where the tile that changed to black in the revolver box diagram is.

Use the chisel taken from Carol's bathroom on that tile.

Turn the tile and read the clue left by Sigge's father: t inside 4th stone, 5th row, left wall.

Chapel:    Exit to the map. Jump to male quarters and walk to the chapel at end.

Carol notes that it is terribly sunny here.

Treasure:    Enter and look left. Look close at the boring graffiti.

Look close at the hotspot brick. Use the mallet taken from Nimis on the brick.

Take the dirty bag. Look inside to get the diamonds donated to the Dead City by Aurora Rosvall before she died.

Roy:    Exit the chapel and meet Roy. Roy admits he murdered Harri.

Roy gives Carol the card that Harri carried. Take Harri's mushroom card.

Use the lens filter on Roy. He is blinded. Go right and automatically leave the area.

Carol talks to the police and reports Roy.

Decoding Harri's card:


Harri's apartment:

Morse code:    Using the Morse code paper, decode the card to know that it is 1970.

Mushrooms:    Go to Harri's bedroom. Study the mushroom poster on the closet door.

Learn that the mushrooms in the card from left to right are figures 5, 6, 8 and 9.

Norrköping Central Station:    Finally, go to the train station.

Turn right and see lockers.

Harri's locker:    Look close at the panel at center. Press 1970 from Harri's card on the keypad to open Harri's A14 locker.

Take the green box with number. Press the numbers decoded from the mushrooms: 5689.

Olof Palme's murder:    Read what Harri wrote about the event that fateful night.


Exit the renovated bathroom.

Olof Palme's murder is still open.

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