CaseBook Episode 1: Kidnapped

by Clocktower Games

Evidence list by MaGtRo   November 2008



GamePlay:    The game manipulation is presented in the game or click F1 for help.

Use the I key to see where the relevant items are located that should have pictures taken.

Look close or focus on items by using the scroll wheel of the mouse.


Nanny Clara enters the bedroom and finds that Harry and Greta Bichermann have been kidnapped. The ransom note asks for 3 million dollars.

Burton and you, his partner arrive at the house. Burton has a thicker sole on his left shoe.



Match footprints.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Muddy footprint on floor in front of #2 tag - phosporic acid.

Compare with shoes of Sylvia Bicherman, Larson Bicherman and Clara Mitworth.

Track the kidnappers.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Ransom note by #1 tag on floor - clean of prints; black light shows left-handed writer of 'junky...'.

Smashed birdcage - nylon fabric.


Bed sheet on Harry's bed - nylon fiber.

Bed sheet on Greta's bed #4 - nylon fiber.

- Link the 2 fibers from the bed sheets.

Joystick on floor under the monitor - unknown.

Rocking horse - Larson's prints.

Window pane - Clara's prints. Talks with Clara.

Stain on floor beside Harry's bed - whiskey. Talks with parents.

After talk with parents: Sylvia's hate mail - writing at the same time.

- Link hate mail and ransom mail.

Find evidence from family.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Armrest of brown chair at foot of Greta's bed - Clara's hair.

Top of brown chair at foot of Greta's bed - Sylvia.

The metal head railing of Greta's bed - Sylvia.

Cat basket at foot of Greta's bed.

Left side of Greta's desk - unknown.

- Link bedhead and chair to Sylvia.

Find exemplars of the children.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Cup on side table beside Greta's bed - print, cocoa, DNA.

Pillow on Greta's bed - DNA.

Drawing on wall above the monitor - prints.

Pillow on Harry's bed - DNA.

Jacket hanging on door - DNA.

- Link jacket + Harry's hair.

Greta is back: Talks about pipe.

Greta's rope marks - rope fibers.

- Link Greta's rope + fibers from both 2 bed sheets.

Greta's clothes - phosphoric acid, active carbon, sugar.

Greta's blood - benzodiazepine.

- Link Greta's blood + hair + cup + picture.

- Link muddy footprints + Greta's clothes

Search for Harry's location:

Tower 3 + Heavy Industry + South = Sugar factory.


Prove the children have been here.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Blanket under the stairs at corner of room -Harry's hair.

- Link blanket + Jacket + Harry's hair.

2 ropes on the red blanket.

- Link rope + Greta's rope + fibers.

Tape on the blanket - duct tape.

Fluid-stain on red blanket - Harry's DNA.

White powder at corner of room left of the door in front of Dolly - sugar.

- Link sugar + Greta's clothes.

Soda bottle in front of stairs - benzodiazepine.

Noodle cup on wheelbarrow at center of room - benzodiazepine.

- Link soda + noodle + Greta's blood + hair + DNA

Vent - Greta's prints.

Prove the kidnapper was at the refinery.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Oily footprint in front of drum by door.

Liquid on oil in front of door - oil + Phosphoric acid.

- Link oily footprint + muddy footprint + fluid in oil.

Hair on oil in front of door.

- Link fibers on oil + cat basket.

Burger bag on worktable - prints and receipt.

Potato chips bag on floor below Burger bag - print.

Pipe on wall right of vent - print.

- Link pipe and candy wrapper.

Candy wrapper - blood - print and DNA.

Tweezers on worktable right of Burger bag - Splinter (above tweezers) - blood DNA.

- Link splinter + smashed bird cage.

Locate the kidnappers current whereabouts.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Burger bag on worktable - receipt.


Prove that Lionel is the kidnapper.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Black jacket cuff on chair - phosphoric acid

- Link to fabric snag + Greta's clothes + fluid.

Sneakers on floor under the table left of counter.

- Link to muddy footprint + oily footprint.

Duct tape roll right of bed on table.

- Link to refinery tape

Rope at foot of bed.

- Link to

Blood stain on floor below TV - DNA.

Note on top of file cabinet.

- Link to ransom note + hate mail

Notepad by phone.

- - Link to ransom note + hate mail

Door knob - prints.

Hair on chair seat close to TV - Blonde hair.

Shoes under the bed.

Establish that Harry was here.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Tape on white rug below bed.

- Link to tape at refinery.

Hair on pillow on bed.

- Link hair + jacket + blanket + hair.

Cup on stove - DNA and benzodiazepine.

- Link cup + soda + Greta's blood + noodle.

Find out how Lionel was killed.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Champagne bottle on floor by kitchen counter - pollen + prussic acid.

Spill on carpet in front of champagne bottle - prussic acid.

- Link champagne and spill.

Champagne cork with syringe needle - prussic acid

Smashed glass beside champagne bottle.

Pill behind champagne bottle - benzodiazepine.

- Link pill + soda + Greta's blood + noodle.

Deduce the size of the kidnapper's group.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

2 wine glasses on table - very clean for print and pollen and prussic acid.

- Link the 2 wine glasses.

Ashtray - clean.

Playing card and dice - clean.

Photograph above the bed - Sylvia.

Footprint on mat by door - iron oxide and carbolic acid.

Locked closet by refrigerator - to be forced open later

Locked closet door:   

Tabloid magazines.

Brown coat with Slade Forestry logo.

Interrogate Lionel.

Psychological or strong approach works the same away.

Bomb shelter:

Find the person, find the killer.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Shears with blood on the tip  - Sylvia's DNA.

Boots on shelf by door.

Blood spots on floor below shears - Sylvia's DNA.

Gloves on floor by back wall - prussic acid and Sylvia's DNA.

Wig on chair at back wall - Unidentified DNA.

Hair inside wig - Sylvia's DNA.

- Link shears + gloves + blood spots + hair in wig.

Look for trace evidence connecting the killer to Lionel's junkyard.

Find, take picture and examine at the van:

Rat poison on shelf at back - prussic acid.

- Link rat poison + champagne + spill + cork.

Syringe beside rat poison - prussic acid with oxidizes silk possibly from gloves.

- Link syringe + syringe in cork.

- Link syringe and gloves.

Glasses on shelf below rat poison - pollen.

- Link glasses + 2 wine glasses at junkyard.

Fabric snag on blade at shelf left of rat poison - wool from dress or scarf.

Champagne at back wall - pollen.

- Link champagne + champagne at junkyard.

Orchid in front of champagne - pollen.

- Link orchid + champagne + wine glasses.

Boots beside chair - iron oxide and carbolic acid.

- Boots beside chair + mat at junkyard.


Links at junkyard:

smashed glasses + wine glass at bomb shelter.

blonde hair on chair + wig.


Find tape fragments.

Use the I key to find 5 tape fragments.

Tape on table with dried plants close to door.

Tape on floor beside metal pot and in front of table with dried plants.

Tape on the shelf left of the item with a red cloth-snag.

Tape on the shelf below the item with a red cloth-snag.

Tape on the floor below the item with a red cloth-snag.

Link each picture of each area to all other pictures lighted. Hear words stated about them.

The game will not go to the next step until all have been linked to all the other evidences - even if they already have the link icon.

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