Official walkthrough

Front Door- Wait until the wizard goes back inside the castle and open the newly unlocked door!


Red Hallway- collect the red star. 
Balcony- Collect the Yellow Star and talk to the Cat Thing.
Blue Parlor- Get the Tuna Can in the desk. Click the Mirror and talk to Valentino. He says he could help you...
Bat Hallway- (room with 3 doors). Take the Note from the door. Try pass the arch and a scary Bat will come out! There's nothing you can do to him here.
Blue Parlor- Click on Mirror. Valentino will help you out and give you a Bat. 
Bat Hallway- Confront the Bat. Select the Bat from your inventory and let him have it!


Raven Room- Open the Desk Door and get the Plant Food. Talk to the Raven. He's a character!
Greenman Room- Take the Pump Tank. Use the Plant Food on the Plant Monster and take the Scales Key.
Bat Hallway- Use the Scales Key on one of the doors and enter it.
Fish Room- Activate the switch on the wall. This will open the last door in the Bat Hallway. Go back and enter that room.
Bridge Room- Take the 5 Cent Coin. 
Vending Machine- Use your coin and collect the Plastic Bucket and Shovel.
Fish Room- Use the Plastic Shovel and Bucket on the Sand. Collect the Gold Coin.
Bridge Room- Give the Gold Coin to the Troll. Collect the Grass Key.


Grand Hall- Use the Grass Key on one of the doors. Open the Stables and enter.
Stables- Open both stable doors and talk to the friendly animals. Collect the Rope, Pump Cap and 10 Cent Coin. Open the Barn Doors and go to the Bull Room.
Stable Bull- Talk to the Bull.
Vending Machine- Use the 10 Cent Coin and collect the Hammer.
Red Hallway- Use the Hammer on the Cracked Brick and get the Ninja Star.
Bridge Room- Use the Ninja Star on that spider. If it doesn't work you gotta figure it out yourself. I'm not helping you with this one. Get the Tree Key.


Blue Parlor- Use the Tree Key on the door. Go to Castle Wall.
Castle Wall- Enter the Treehouse.
Treehouse- You have to distract the Wizard. When he is done talking click on the window. After you both look at the Princess, he will be distracted. This will be your chance to take the items on the floor. Click the window once for each item. Collect Pump Nozzle and Eye Piece.
Stables- Combine the Pump Tank, Pump Cap and Pump Nozzle to create the Liquid Hand Pumper. Use it on the bucket of water to fill it up.
Greenman Room- Shoot water at the Greenman. He will open the door into the Garden.
Garden- Click the trees in front and collect the Pink Fruit. Just for the hell of it, try to enter the next room. A little Gnome will come out. Punch him with your fist and proceed to Garden Bridge.
Garden Bridge- Click anywhere and have a chat with the Big Gnome. All you can do is back out here. You will have to deal with him later.
Greenman Room- When you return, the Plant will ask you to bring him outside. Collect the plant and the Stone that was behind him.
Garden- Put the plant on the ground and let him live his life.
Bridge Room- Use the Pink Fruit on the Hippo. Get the Moon Key.


Grand Hall- Use the Moon Key on one of the doors. Enter Broken Floor Room.
Broken Floor Room- Get the Shield. Enter Muse room on the left.
3 Statues Room- Get the Yarn. Enter Microscope room.
Microscope Room- Get the Red Orb and the Y-Stick.
Purple Knight Room- Take the Feather. Use the Shield on yourself. You can not enter the Wizard's Bedroom.
Wizards's Bedroom- Take the 20 Cent Coin. 
Vending Machine- Use the Coin and get the Crackers.
Bridge Room- Give the Crackers to the Bird and get the Sun Key.


Grand Hall- Use the Sun Key on one of those doors. Enter Egypt Poor Room.
Egypt Pool Room- Use your Water Pump on the Fire Pots. Enter Egypt Trap Room.
Egypt Trap Room- Carefully take the hook.
Broken Floor Room- Use the Hook on the little hole in the floor. Use your Rope on that hook. Go down the hole.
Gold Statue- Take the Blindfold off the Statue.
Fish Fountain Room- Take the Telescope and Green Star.
Microscope Room- Use the Telescope on the Telescope stand. Wiz has left the Treehouse! That means you can go back there and take the Ladder!
Castle Wall- Take the Ladder and place it on the wall.
Spooky Stairs- Take Cork.
Princess Door- Talk to Princess.
Fish Fountain- Use the Cork on the Fountain. Enter gate.
Ocean Cave. Quickly take the Rosetta Slab and go back.
Egypt Pool Room. Use Slab on self. You can now read the ancient Hyrogliphics. Once you learn the underwater breathing spell, return to the Ocean Area.
Ocean Outside House- Talk to the Turtle. Go into the House.
Ocean Olive's House- Talk to Olive, open the Clam and take the Rubber Band.
Bridge Room- Combine the Y-Stick, Rubber Band and Stone to make the Slingshot. Use it on the Cyclops. Take the Deck Key. Go to the Ocean world and get on Ship Deck.


Ocean Ship Deck- Use the Deck key on the door and go in.
Ocean Deck Inside- Look at the Photo on the nightstand. When you back out, you'll have taken the Photo. Take the Blue Star.
Stable Bull- Show the Photo to the Bull and take the Key while he's distracted. 
Stables- Chose to save either the Unicorn or the Harpy. Either one of them will give you the code. Let your heart decide.
Microscope Room- Use the Note and the Eyepiece on the Microscope. Enter the Code you received (402) and you'll get the solution to the Star Puzzle.
You now have all the stars. Use them in this order-
Dragon Stairs- Open the gate in the Grand Hall to enter this room. Use the Yellow Star on the Blue Star Hole.
Greenman Room- Use the Red Star on the Green Star Hole.
Egypt Pool Room- Use the Blue Star on the Yellow Star Hole.
Spooky Stairs- Use the Green Star on the Red Star Hole.
Blue Parlor- Open the Star Box and take the Can Opener.
Balcony- Combine the Can Opener with the Tuna Can. Give it to that Cat. Take Pipe.
Blue Parlor- Give Pipe to Wooden Warrior. Take Flute.
Bridge Room- Use Flute and open door. After the Door Keeper leaves go through door.
Griffin Room- Hop on that Griffin. You ain't got no choice. You will now fly to Valentino's Cottage.


Estate Entrance- Talk to Valentino. Try to go through Arbor. Talk to Dirty Gnome.
Gazebo- Take Bug Spray.
Estate Entrance- Give Bug Spray to Dirty Gnome. Go through Arbor.
Cottage Garden- Talk to Insects.
Estate Entrance- Take key from Gnome. Use it on Cottage Door. Go in.
Cottage Living Room- Talk to Valentino. Take Blue Stone. Go upstairs.
Cottage Bedroom- Take Dog Food.
Cottage Living Room- Combine Can Opener with Dog Food and put in Red Bowl. Go upstairs.
Cottage Bedroom- Open drawers and take Honey and Bath Key.
Cottage Garden- Give Honey to Flies. Talk to Valentino and take Seeds. Go the left entrance.
Cat Fountain- Click fountain and talk to Floppy. Use pump on water to fill it.
Cottage Living Room- Use pump on Blue Bowl. Use Bath Key on door. Go in.
Cottage Bath Room- Take Blue Stone, Fish Bowl and Towel. Use Seeds on Toilet. 
Cat Fountain- Use both Blue Stones on Cat. Go back to the Bathroom.
Cottage Bathroom- Take Blue Flower. 
Cottage Garden- Use Blue Flower on the big white thing with the plants. Talk to Gnome.
Estate Entrance. Take Shovel.
Gazebo Outside- Use Shovel on Mound. Take Ball.
Estate Entrance. Use the Ball anywhere. Dog will come running out. Take ball again. Use the ball in an adjacent room to lure the dog. Do this until you bring the dog to the Cat Fountain.
Cat Fountain- Once you've lured the dog and chased away the cats, use the Fish Bowl on Floppy. He will give you the Small Key.
Cottage Bedroom- Use Small Key on Chest. Take the Outfit and use it on yourself.
Cottage Gazebo. Make sure the Dog is outside the Gazebo. You have to lure him there with the ball. When you Valentino wants to make a toast, throw the ball outside. While Valentino is distracted, take both Glasses. When they are both in your inventory, take them out and put them on opposite sides. This will with you drinking the Wine. The next thing you know you'll be in the Forest with the Secret Potion.


Woods Entrance- Talk to Wiz, talk to Thief.
Two Trees- Talk to Bugs. Move to the Right.
Gentle River- Talk to Praying Mantis. Take the Knife. 
Dark Woods- Use Knife on Branch. Take Branch and go up.
Bear Room- Take Flypaper.
Two Trees- Use Flypaper on the Fly. Take Honey.
Bear Room- Give Honey to Bear.
Two Trees- Talk to Fly. Take Earring. Click rocks on the ground and take Line and Worm.
Raft- Combine Stick, Line, Hook and Worm to make Fishing Pole. Use it in the River when you see the Sea Monster. Monster will take your fish and leave you alone. Go to the Mountains.


Uphill- Go into Cave on right and take the Poem. Continue upwards.
Snowman cave- Follow the path on the left and take the Snowball from the Stump.
Hilltop- Use the Snowball on the ground.
Snowman cave- Take the WizBuck and go inside the cave for a little rest. Continue to Castle.


Front Door- Talk to Wiz and enter Castle.
Griffin Balcony. Get Sleep Staff.
3 Moai Room. Use the Sleep Staff and take the Wedge. Go to the next room and talk to Johnny Squid if you wanna.
Spooky Stairs- Use the Small Wedge on the Knob and take the Scissors.
3 Statue Room- Give the Scissors to the Middle Statue. Take the Antacid Tablets.
Egypt Pool Room- Use the Antacid on the Acid Pool. Go down.
Medusa Room- Take the Red Cape. If you try to do anything else Medusa will kill you!
Bull Room- Use the Shield on the Bull and then use the Red Cape. After you beat him, go to the Animal you freed in the Barn and get the Princess Key as a reward.


Ocean Deck Inside- When the Shark is out, set Floppy free. The Shark will eat him and leave. You can now get the Skull Key.
Red Hallway- Use the Skull Key on the Skull Door. Go in.
Wizard Office- Talk to Wiz.
Princess Door- Use the Princess Key and go inside.
Princess Room- Talk to Princess. Take the Stamp Collection and Book.
Wizard Office. Give Stamp Collection to Wizard. Leave.
Princess Door. Click on Door and Wiz will appear and go in door. When he returns you'll learn the Princess has left. 


Wizard Office- Take the Record and the 50 Cent Coin.
Vending Machine- Use the Coin and get the Sunglasses.
Raven Room- Use the Record on the Victrola. When the Bird leaves take the Shrink Ray.
Wizard's bedroom- Use the Shrink Ray on the Frog and take the Mead.


Garden Bridge- Give the Mead to the Gnome and enter the Lion House.
Lion House- Take the Alchemy Key.
Two Doors Room- Use the Alchemy Key on the locked door. Go in.
Alchemy Room- Take the Sandbags.
Egypt Trap Room- Use the Blindfold on the Statue. Use a Sandbag on the Middle Trap Door. Door will be open now. Use Sandbag on far away Floor Switch. Pit will fill with water.
Click on near Floor Switch. Rocks will descent into the pit. Click on Switch to open door.
Egypt Mummy Room- Open Sarcophagus. Talk to Wiz. Open it again and take 2nd Red Orb.
Fish Room- Use both Red Orbs on the Fish. Take Marble Hamburger.
Lion house- Give the Marble Hamburger to the Lion. Take the Lab Key. When you leave the Garden, you will see the Princess and the Wizard. After a brief conversation the Wizard will ask you to meet him in the Laboratory. Do that later.


Deck Inside- Give the Book to the Turtle and take the Flowers.
Olives House Inside- Give the Flowers to Olive. Take her Pink Pearl. Give it to the Turtle and go back to Olive's house. Talk to the Turtle outside Olive's house and go inside. Talk to Olive.
Squid Room- Talk to Johnny and go back to Olive's house. When you do there'll be a big scene and Johnny won't be blocking you anymore. You can now go to the Island.
Island- Use your Shovel on the "X" and take the Lead Lump. Take the Big Wedge.


Spooky Hallway- Use the Lab Key on the far door and go inside.
Wiz Lab- Take the Vial from inside the Machine.
Medusa Room- Use the Sunglasses on yourself before Medusa appears. She will leave.
Squaw Room- Use the Feather on the Statue and take the scroll.
Blue Parlor- Use the Scroll on the Statue. Use the Vial on the Statue and take the Warriors tears. 
Alchemy Room- The Poem gives you the solution. Use the Lead in the first machine, take the Black Rocks and use them on the second machine. Take the Black Slime and use it on the third. Take the Pink Lump and use it on the first machine. Take the Pink Rocks and use it on the 2nd machine. Take the Pink Slime and use it on the Third. Now take the Vial of Tears and use it on the 3rd machine while it's running. Take the Blue Lump and use it in the Gold Oven. Take the Gold Lump.


Dragon Entrance- Use the Big Wedge on the Wheel and go inside.
Dragon- Use the Gold Lump on the Dragon and take the Emerald.
Wiz Lab- Put the Emerald in the Machine and once the puzzle starts follow these steps. 1. Click the Left Lever. 2. Click the Right Lever. 3. Click the Princess. While the Wizard is distracted swipe the Emerald. You will ruin his plans.


Wiz Office- Keep clicking the Wizard until he decides to kill you all. 
Grand Hall- The Tower is open now. Go in.
Tower Pirate- After you talk to the Pirate go to the Island and talk to the Parrot. When you return... You'll see what happens. You can go up the stairs now.
Tower Death- Talk to Death and go to the Blue Parlor.
Blue Parlor. Valentino is waiting for you. After you talk to him in the Mirror the Indian Chief will give you the Medallion of Courage. 
Tower Death- Make sure you've used the Medallion on yourself. Death will leave you alone now. Take the Knitting Needles.


Broken Floor Room- Combine the Knitting Needles with the Red Yarn and make the Magic Carpet. Use the Carpet on the floor and go to the Far door.
Dinosaur Room- Click the Dinosaur and take the Bone.
Cerberus Room- Use the Bone on the Dog and take the Rose. Click the switch.
Squaw Room- Give the Rose to the Statue. Take the Dragon's Tears.
Tower Top- Figure the rest on your own. I've helped you out enough!