Harvester Games


Walkthrough by Chrissie September 2013



Game interface: The game is played entirely with the four arrow buttons, ENTER & ESC on the keyboard. The spacebar can also be used to skip through dialogue quickly.

On-screen instructions appear when starting to play the game & details can also be found in the manual.   



Watch the opening scenes & listen to Susan Ashworth as she writes a suicide note after taking a bunch of pills.  


Chapter 1


See Susan in a barley field. As her, keep walking to the right until you come to an isolated building. Interact with the door & try to open -it’s locked!

Continue walking to the right past the abandoned cars & bus until you come to an ambulance. Interact with it to examine & open the door - it’s locked & blocks the tunnel.

Walk back to the left until you hear a noise & automatically turn around. Walk towards the ambulance again.......

Interact with the body & look closer to see a close-up of the head. Interact with the person & choose to open mouth to get a key.


Go left again.......then continue to the isolated building & see a deer run off as you approach it. Highlight the key in inventory & use on the door to automatically enter. 

Examine, pull, then look through the planks to see a switch.

Examine the machine on the left to read the quote & then try to switch it on.

Nothing happens so exit the building & go left.


Continue left until you see the deer again & follow it until you come to a hanging body.

Approach it then interact to examine it to see a key around the neck. Try to search the body but it’s too high.

Examine & try to untie the rope on the tree behind.  

Go towards the door & try to open it - it seems to be bolted from the other side.


Walk back to the right until you come across a squawking crow & follow it changing direction as it does until you come across the deer again....... Interact with it to pull out the knife.

Go the door on the right & unbolt it to emerge behind the hanging body.

Use the knife on the rope. Go forward to interact with the body & look closer. Interact with the person to take the gate key then leave.

Keep walking to the right until you reach a gate & use the gate key on it.


Continue going right until you meet an old woman that greets you.

It doesn’t matter what answers you give but each evokes a different response. 


In the woman’s home go to the right & see the painting hanging at an angle. Interact with it if you want. Go further right to look at & then talk to the strange lady. Ask her about all subjects to learn her title & what she would like you to do.


Follow the woman to the next room & talk to her some more. During the course of the dialogue ask about the 5 people she wants you to confront & learn of the special gift she gives to you.


Follow her when she wants to show you something until you come to a cross. Approach the crowbar on the left & pull it out.


Talk to the ‘woman’ again & after more dialogue automatically be back in her house.  Here, during the conversation ask her about the Sacrifice of Soul & Sacrifice of Blood. After all subjects have been exhausted blow out any candle & see a vision of a suicide.

Go left to exit the house & emerge behind where the hanging body was.......


Continue towards the right & enter the isolated building again.

Use the crowbar on the planks to reveal a hole. Examine it & then reach inside.......

Go to the right to exit the building to see the door close. Go back to the machine & see a close-up of blood dripping onto it - this seems to activate it.  

Go back to the right to find the door is now open so exit the building.

Continue walking to the right until you enter the white light.


Chapter 2


Watch the scene with Susan in consultation with a doctor. Learn about his appreciation of fine art & how he views his patients in comparison.  You find out that Susan was a nurse & aware of the assessment process, so agrees to answer all of his questions - she wants to go home. 


Cedar Lake Hospital: Susan is lying in a hospital bed with a nurse present as she awakes. When a doctor appears you can either answer or ignore his questions. Before he leaves followed by the nurse, he reassures Susan about her arm.

The nurse returns & introduces herself as Liz. Listen to her chat.


After she leaves Susan has a hallucination then wakes up to see Liz sitting on the edge of her bed. When she mentions ‘bad dream’ be truthful & tell her you had a really bad one, & that you were burnt alive when she asks you what it was about. This prompts her to relate a story it reminds her of! NB This info may be useful later on.


Pursue other dialogue choices to learn that Susan’s ‘daughter’ called an ambulance after finding her & that Susan is in a Suicide Watch Unit where the nurses are trigger-happy with the sedatives.

Ask Liz all questions to find out more about Dr X & more about herself. Take note of the occupations of the girls she lives with & when her boyfriend broke up with her.   


See Susan in the consultation room again with Dr X. Interact with him & tell him you’re ready to talk. Choose any answers about your childhood to see accompanying visuals.


Susan is back in her room.  


Getting out: Examine Susan’s wristband in inventory to see her name, date of birth & hospital number.                           

Go to the right & interact with the gloves rack to take a lot of gloves. Exit the room & walk to the right. Examine & try to open the door to learn that it’s a toilet & someone’s inside.


Walk back to the left & read Susan’s drug chart left of side room 2 to see that she’s on an excessive amount of medication which she comments can cause hallucinations & paranoia.

Interact with the flowers further to the left to find out that Susan hates them.

Go further left & read the drug chart for side room 1 to learn the patient’s details & that she is a voluntary private patient with a history of drug abuse. Check out her room if you want.


Continue to the left & talk to the nurse - choose any subject but talk to her again if needed to ask if Liz is here?

Read the discharge letter lying on the counter then try to take it.......


Carry on walking to the left & try to walk past the security guards who tell you that a discharge letter is needed to leave & some form of identification.


Get identification: Go back towards the toilet to see the patient from side room 2 emerging looking confused. Try to talk to her & it becomes obvious that she is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You need to give her the name of her mother before she will talk any further.


Enter the toilet.

Examine & search the bin in the corner to get a medication pot. Read the note to see that messages are often written on the mirror.

Examine the mirror & take the shard of glass.

Interact with the sink & run hot water tap. Wait & see some letters appear on the mirror which don’t make sense.

Press the bell. When the nurse arrives tell her you’re feeling a bit woozy. You can either take drugs or refuse - it doesn’t matter....... You start to hallucinate & see a full name on the mirrors.

Exit the bathroom & continue to walk left until you come to a red pumping narcotic heart. Use the shard of glass on it then the medication pot to get drug.

Go back to your room & lie down on the bed.


After you’ve woken up, exit the room.  Talk to the patient & enter Sheila as her mother’s name. Talk to her about all subjects & ask her to exchange wrist bands. She wants something in return so give her the drug & collect Annie’s band.


Get the discharge note: Go back into the toilet. Go to the right & open the lid of the toilet, use gloves from inventory then flush it. Press the bell right of the sink to call the nurse again. While she is unblocking the toilet walk to the nurses’ station & take the discharge note.

Walk to the left past the security guards who clear you.


Continue left towards the exit to meet Dr X.......


Consultation: In the consultation the next morning, answer as you like.

The doctor then asks what happened last night.

As Susan starts to relate the story she visualises the scene:


As Susan, go right then left to follow Liz & go to the corridor.

Go to the left, then turn around at Liz’s prompting & follow her to the right.

Go to the corridor & then right to the lift.

Interact with the button to call the lift & then again to enter to arrive on the roof.

Go to the left, automatically talk to Liz then enter either dialogue choice.

Listen to Liz & then answer the questions she asks you with ‘Yeah, she smoked a cigarette & burned in bed’, ‘Stripper’ & ‘On Valentine’s day’.

See what happens. NB Getting any of the answers wrong doesn’t make any difference but answering them correctly will give an option later.


Consultation (cont): Listen to Dr X.......


Truth & lies: Find yourself in what looks like a theatre. Go to the left, pull the cord then go to the right & listen to the crow.

Walk further to the right to see two doors guarded by grotesque dolls. Behind one of the doors lies a reward & to find out which you are allowed to ask only one of the dolls one question. The catch is that one of the Guardians always tells the truth & the other one always lies but you don’t know which is which!

Ask either of the dolls (it doesn’t matter) ‘Which door would the other doll point me to?’ They will highlight one of the doors but the ‘correct’ door will always be the other one.

If the doll you ask is telling the truth it knows the other doll will lie & point you to the wrong door.

If the doll is lying it will lie about which door the doll telling the truth will point you to.


Open & enter the door not highlighted (in my game it was the left door)...... Try to take your ‘reward’. Go to the door on the right to appear in a familiar room. Blow out one of the candles.......

Go directly to this room if you pick the wrong door.


See Susan. Go to the right & interact with the body bag & open.......walk slightly to the right & repeat.......


 ‘Art’: Find yourself in a padded cell. Read Susan’s suicide note, then examine the corpse & body bags. Take the iron bar from the body on the right.

Open the door & exit to hear screams in the distance. Pick up the chair to get a chair leg.


Open the door on the immediate right to enter a storage room with light fluctuating between on & off. While the room’s lit take the saw blade from the shelf just inside the room. Go to the right & take the soap. Interact with the sink & run either the cold or hot water tap. Use the soap on it to get wet soap.


Exit the storage area & go to the left to see a ‘painting’.......Examine the ‘Mona Lisa’ & then open & enter through the door to the left of it to enter a work-shop. Take the bolt from the shelf & examine the work bench. Exit the area, continue left & examine ‘Venus’.  Look at the hand to get a close-up then use the wet soap on the painting to get a nut.


Go further left & examine ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ then go beyond that to open the locker & take the wrench. Continue left to the room where you can hear screams coming from to see a disturbing scene. You can try to attack the perpetrator when he’s finished talking but you will need a weapon.


Go way back to the right, past the padded cell, until you come to ‘Lady in Ermine’.  Examine it & take the doll’s head. Continue walking right & read the danger sign. At the end of the corridor see an impaled ‘body’. Interact with it to take it down & get a second iron bar. Examine & try to open the door left of the body to find out that it’s the exit & it’s locked.


Take the key right of the door (if there’s one there.) Use it on the door & Susan wonders if it was left for her by Liz. NB Liz doesn’t leave the key unless you answered all of her question correctly on the roof. Choose to stay or leave.


Make weapons: If you choose to stay or you have no choice, go back to the work-shop. Use the work bench to make a spear with both the iron bars, bolt, nut & wrench and/or a mace with the chair leg, saw blade & doll’s head. Exit the workshop & go left again to the disturbing scene. Use either the mace or the spear on the perpetrator - pick any dialogue choice! Approach the girl & untie her. When she asks who you are, answer as you like!


Chapter 3


RIVER SCENE: “Standing by the river I I need a heart is heavy will drag me down for sure.”


Take a shower: Back in Susan’s flat, go to the bathroom open the door, enter & turn on the light switch. Interact with the bath to take a shower - *the light goes out.


A red gauge appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen which goes up when Susan gets stressed. If it goes too far she will have a breakdown. Things that stress her are marked with *.


Money for the electric meter: Exit the bathroom & keep walking to the left to open Susan’s bedroom door.  Go to the left & open the closet door to get a volley ball. Continue to the left past the bag to see some *old poems, including one called ‘River’, that Susan had written. Go to the right & interact with the bag to get coins & cigarettes. NB If you interact with the bag first, the bills will stress Susan & she won’t see the poems.

Exit the bedroom & go right towards the flat door to *see a shadow. Continue right to exit the flat & use the coins on the electric meter.


A blue gauge now appears next to the red one which fills up as Susan relaxes.


Go back to enter the bathroom, switch on the light & take a shower.


RIVER SCENE: “Standing by the river I smile...will I miss it all?’ll be glad to leave it behind...and never come back.”


Eat: Go towards the kitchen & take the hat right of the doorway.  Enter the kitchen & switch on the light. Go the fridge, open it & take the cheeseburger. Examine the microwave to find out its power (800 watts) & then the burger in inventory to read the cooking instructions. Use the burger on the microwave & set the appropriate time (60seconds) to get cooked burger. *If you set the wrong time! Highlight the cooked burger in inventory & eat it!


Have coffee & a cigarette: Leave the kitchen, go left to the balcony door & enter. Go left & take the mug then return to the kitchen. Fill up the kettle, switch on & make coffee. Open the cupboard left of the fridge. Take the box of matches & tinned cat food then use the ‘Coffee friend drink whitener’.  *If you use the milk in the fridge!

Highlight the coffee in inventory to drink it & then the cigarettes to try & smoke


Get rid of the bird: Go to the balcony & see the annoying *crow. Exit the balcony & walk to the left to the spare bedroom. Enter it to see a *toy. Take the shirt & go back to the balcony.  Use the shirt, volley ball & hat on the laundry rack & then go towards the bird to scare it away. Now smoke a cigarette. Automatically exit the balcony.


RIVER SCENE: “Standing by the river I close my jump and I’m jumped after me...he will never be my friend.”


Summon the cats: Back in the flat, go to the right & play the piano.......

Go to the balcony & use the tinned cat food on the bowls.


Exit the balcony & automatically sit down to talk to Teacup until you hear knocking at the door.

Go to the door & open to confront an *angry neighbour. Whatever you say he threatens to call in Pest control.  

See Susan’s anguish as she suffers a breakdown.


RIVER SCENE: “Standing by the river I’m thinking...will I jump again? the closed doors...I have fallen in love with the razor.”


Chapter 4 


Watch the opening scene with the Pest control van.


Susan’s flat: Hear knocking & walk to the right to exit the bedroom. Continue to the flat door & open to meet Mitzi. It doesn’t matter what dialogue choices you make you invite Mitzi in. Inside the flat talk about all subjects then lead Mitzi to show her the spare bedroom. Ask all questions to find out more about Mitzi & her motive for wanting to move in.


Automatically exit to the living room & Susan sees a ‘ghost’. Go through the dialogue choices to learn more about Mitzi.


Pest controllers house 1: See Susan in a disturbing scene with the pest control man....... It doesn’t matter what response you give........

A woman enters the room........listen to the couple’s dialogue until the man leaves to put the gas mask in the back of his van.

The jealous woman now attacks Susan.


As Teacup: Go the right to nudge the cage. Go to the left then right another couple of times until the cage falls. Walk to the left until you see Susan. Interact with the hole above the shelf to jump in. Keep walking to the right.......


Meanwhile back where Susan is the man re- enters the room........listening to him reveals that he’s leaving a gun.......then mentions before he leaves that it’s out of reach.  


As Teacup: Go left to emerge from a vent.  Go left to the top of the gun cupboard & then left again to be on a shelf. Interact with the key & swallow it.

The pest controller enters the room.......

Go to the right to be back on top of the gun cupboard. When the man leans forward go right again to exit through the vent.

Keep going left to emerge from the hole to be on the shelf above Susan.  Go to the left, highlight the key in inventory & spit out....... Susan unlocks her handcuffs.


In the darkness, go to the right & interact with the gun when you find it. Take it but you drop it. Go slightly to the right then interact with & search the floor to find the gun. There doesn’t seem to be any other option so highlight the gun in inventory & shoot yourself.


Susan’s flat: As Susan, find yourself back in the spare bedroom to see that Mitzi’s put up posters.

Choose any answer when Mitzi suggests having wine. She produces a bottle but needs a corkscrew & wine glasses.

Exit the room & go right. Interact with the cabinet & take the wine glasses. Go to the kitchen, open the cupboard & take the corkscrew.

Go back to the spare bedroom & give the corkscrew & wine glasses to Mitzi.


Out on the balcony ask Mitzi about all subjects to learn about The Eye of Adam, a fatal chemical combination & more about her illness. Ask questions about her boyfriend Jack until she visualises a scene.......walk to the left.......


Back on the balcony continue to ask Mitzi questions to learn more about the person she’s trying to find & why. Ask her about the chemical products & promise you won’t kill yourself for her to name one of them.......


Pest controllers house 2: Walk to the right to exit the room & take the cat grabber right of the stairs. Interact with the door on the right & sneak in. Go further right to the partition to look at the gun locker & pest control man who’s asleep. Look at the window & note that it’s broken with a cold draft coming through.


Go to the left to exit the room & climb the stairs.

Go left to the kitchen door & enter. Walk to the right & take the knife.  Continue right into the dining room.  Notice the painting is hanging at the same angle as the one in the old woman’s house.  Interact with it & take to get the painting in inventory. Go further right to reach a store room & automatically get bleach.......


Susan’s flat: Back on the balcony hear cats wailing. Susan automatically exits the flat to investigate. Interact with the stairs to go to the ground floor then go left to exit the building.


Go to the left past the van & then go back to the right to meet the pest controller.......


Pest controllers house 3: Back in the store room go to the right & take the cloth.

Enter through the door left of the shelves & walk to the right. Look closer at the 2nd bath tub along. Use the cat grabber on the bath tub to get the key. Examine in inventory to see that it looks like a car key.

Go further to the right & peek in the shed.......

Interact with ‘Susan’ to look around the room then leave.


Go left to the hall. Use the cloth on the lamp by the clock & also on the lamp right of the staircase to get a light bulb X 2 in inventory.


Go to the right to enter a dark room & use one of the light bulbs on the lamp. Go further right & use the other light bulb on the lamp there. Examine the phone to see the number then use the phone to call Susan’s flat - she can’t remember her number.

Go back to the left, examine the books then check phone book to find Susan’s number.

Go back to the right, use the phone again & call Susan’s flat. Talk to Mitzi to find out the other chemical & take note that you will need a gas mask & there needs to be no ventilation. Try calling the police if you want!!!

Exit the library & walk left until you reach the main door – interact with it to enter & exit the house!


Use the blunt knife on the loose bricks to the right of the main door to get a brick.

Go to the left of the main door & use the painting on the small window.

Go further left & use the key on the van then search the back of it to get a gas mask.

Look in on the driver’s side window to see a phone. Use the brick on the driver’s side window & take the mobile phone.


Go back into the house & enter through the kitchen door .......aagh! If you’re will find yourself back in the left room of the cellar.


Make your way to the dining room & stand by the table. Use the phone & make a call to the house number 01392 etc. When you hear the house phone ringing get under the table.

Automatically emerge once it’s safe & keep going right to enter the shed. Take the pesticide & go back to the cellar. Sneak in through the door & wear the gas mask. Pour the bleach into the bucket followed by the pesticide (or vice versa). When the pest controller collapses go right towards him.......

Return to the shed - there’s no-one there so go right to exit it.......

.......hold down the left arrow on your keyboard.......


Chapter 5


Susan’s flat: You arrive back at the front door to be greeted by Mitzi.

Go to the bathroom & have a bath. Mitzi knocks - you can choose to allow her into the bathroom or not !


After that find yourself in the kitchen eating pancakes, then in Mitzi’s room educating you about social networking. On the balcony during the conversation Mitzi tells you about a song: ‘All Flowers in Time Bend towards the Sun’ by Jeff Buckley. 


See Susan in her bedroom struggling to sleep, then in Mitzi’s room again where Mitzi adds Susan as a friend on her social net-working site.


Go right towards the table & sit on the chair to have coffee with Mitzi who’s troubled. Susan produces a plan of the building.

Go through all of the dialogue options to write notes on the plan.


Mitzi then mentions that she found a pram in her room - Susan gets upset whatever the dialogue choices are.


Hear knocking at the flat door. As Susan go & open it to be presented a bunch of flowers.......

.......back away by going to the left.......


The pier: As Susan go to the left to enter her ‘living room’. Continue to the left & try the door - it’s locked.

Walk back to the right to confront a wall of skulls blocking the way. Walk back to the left to find another wall has appeared then automatically turn to face right. Take a few steps forward & move the rag on the table to get a knife. Use the knife on the mirror to get a small key. Interact with the mirror again & pull the lever. Take the mace left of the mirror.


Use the mace on the left wall then unlock the door beyond it with the small key. Blow out one of the candles & witness an ‘accident’.


Exit the room, go to the right & use the mace on the wall. Continue right to be back in the small lobby area.  Walk right to exit the building & be on a pier. Go further right to see a number on a net & just past that another two numbers formed by the alignment of structures in the foreground & background.



Continue right until you come to an elevator - examine it & try to activate it - it must be activated from somewhere within the building. Read the sign!

Go back to the left & enter the building. Examine the padlock on the right door & enter 3, 8 & 4.


Activate the elevator: Enter the room & go right to see a series of 4 panels – there is a ‘shadow’ of Susan in the 1st (going from left - right) & machinery in the 4th. Look at the machinery & Susan remembers she has seen it before which needed her blood to turn it on. That gives you a clue!

Interact with the main panel on the right to take the lever.


The object is to move ‘shadow’ Susan towards the machinery in the 4th panel.  Do this by operating each panel in turn using the mace & lever alternatively. NB It doesn’t matter which one you use first.


Use then operate the *mace on the 1st panel to move ‘shadow’ Susan to the 2nd.

Use, and then operate the lever on the 2nd panel.

Remove the mace from the 1st panel & use then operate it on the 3rd panel.

Remove the lever from the 2nd panel & use then operate it on the 4th.

Remove the mace from the 3rd panel & use then operate it on the main panel to activate the machinery....... Exit the room.


Minimum passenger handling capacity 2: Enter the through the door on the left. Walk to the right & look at the monster. Position Susan so that her ‘reflection’ is just right of the monster facing it then use the knife to stab it....... NB If nothing happens try positioning Susan so that her ‘reflection’ is slightly nearer or further from the monster.


Exit the room, go back to the elevator & activate it.......


Susan’s bathroom: See Susan & Mitzi in a predicament. Go through all dialogue choices. Hold down the left arrow on the keyboard to pull the pipe.......

Susan starts to open up about her past which intermittently visualises what happened:


Susan’s memory: Go to the left & answer the ringing phone.  It doesn’t matter what dialogue choices you make. Interact with the flowers to smell, admire & read the note then take the lilies.

Keep walking to the left examining the piano & table on the way to learn a few details about Susan’s life.

Examine & enter Zoe’s bedroom & put down the lilies on the shelf on the left.

Hear the door slam so exit the room & walk to the right to confront Eric.

Interact with the cabinet to take the wine glasses.

Answer the phone again with any dialogue choices.........

.......continue the argument then watch the harrowing scene.


Susan’s bathroom: After Susan concludes her story the intruder returns.......

Exit the bathroom & walk to the left to see Mitzi....... Go towards the intruder - he gestures towards the piano. Play it.......

Go to the left, push the chair then pull up Mitzi.......


Chapter 6:


Susan & Mitzi appear outside of their flat – after they’ve finished talking find a map & Mitzi in inventory. Highlight Mitzi in inventory either if you want her to pick a lock or need a hint!


Go to the right & interact with the door. Ask Mitzi to pick the lock - it’s too complicated.


Interact with the stairs & go to the ground Floor. Look at & talk to the Dog Lady about all subjects. Examine the cabinet then go to the left. Examine & smell the flowers.......Examine the broken vase & take the piece of glass.


Get rid of the Dog Lady: Go to the 1st floor. Examine the sofa & read the note. Use the piece of glass on the sofa & then reach inside to get valerian extract.

Go right to enter the flat & take the spanner just inside the door. Continue right to the main room & look at the hole in the ceiling to see a cat statue. Go further right to the end room & examine the socket.


Exit the flat & go to the 3rd floor. Go to the right, examine the bicycle then use the spanner on the crank to remove it. Interact with the door to knock but Susan doesn’t want to confront him just yet.


Go to the right towards flat 5 & borrow the rag. Knock on the door.......


Go back to the 1st floor. Highlight the valerian extract in inventory & pour on rag to get valerian-scented rag. Use it on the radiator outside flat 2.......

Go to the ground floor & complain to the Dog Lady that her dog is making a horrible noise.


After she has gone go to the right & take the broom. Go the left & ask Mitzi to unlock the mailbox. Go & wait just left of the stairs when Mitzi prompts you to move away. When Mitzi’s done she hands you a letter to Pauline & a letter to Joe.


Check out the basement: Interact with the cabinet & push to reveal the basement door. Open & enter. Examine the pipes to know that the water can be turned off here. Go left, take the extension cord & then use the bicycle crank to open the coal chute.

Go further to the left & examine the sewing dummy. Susan has an idea related to The Story of the Cat Widow. She needs 3 things: a tin of red paint, a mutilated black dress, which must look damaged so she will also need scissors, & a mask. Try to take the tin of red paint but it needs to be opened first.


Go up to leave the basement & then go to the 1st floor. Walk towards flat 1 - Mitzi automatically goes to check flat 2 when Susan notices the door is open.


In the main room of flat 1 use the broom on the hole to get the cat statue. In inventory shake it & break it to get a key.


Investigate flat 3: In inventory read the letter to Joe then go to the 2nd floor.  Use the key on the door of flat 3 & continue walking to the right until you come to a room with a laptop but the power lead is missing. Mitzi leaves to go & get hers.


When Mitzi doesn’t return examine everything in the room & then try to open the menacing door but the doorknob is missing.


Go left towards the exit & try to leave through the front door to get a door knob. Go back to the ‘666’ door & use the door knob in it to enter a bathroom.

Examine the bathtub & the mannequin. Take the power lead just right of the toilet. Hear a noise & see a grotesque figure in the bathroom when the light dims.


Go to the left to back out of the room to meet Joe. Talk to Joe then keep going to the left to leave but fall through the hole in the floor.......


 ‘Quiet Haven Hotel’: Susan appears in an area with a row of 4 doors each with a word scrawled above.  Arrange them into a sentence & open the corresponding doors in that order i.e. devil came through here.


Enter through the last door to meet Joe. Examine the bookcase to see it contain some horror books written by Stephen King.  Approach Joe Davis & talk to him. The information you glean about Joe (or what he chooses to tell you) depends on your choice of questions.  Continue to talk about all subjects until he tells you that he wants you to talk to his wife.  Examine the wardrobe on the left to establish that there are bloody hand prints on it before entering the room on the left.


Examine the panel on the right & then go & talk to the woman sitting & facing a wall of mirrors....... When you realise the word she has said is misery (also the title of a well-known book by Stephen King) go back to the room on the right. Interact with the bookcase & search to get the book ‘Misery’. In inventory open it to get a screwdriver. Examine the wardrobe on the left again to note that there are 2 right-hand prints, a left & a right again.


Re-enter the room on the left & use the screwdriver on the panel.


Examine the panel to see 2 switches. Using the clue on the wardrobe pull the right switch twice, then the left switch & then the right.......NB you may have to pull the right switch again!


Joe enters the room - you can either do as he asks, or refuse & take the consequence.


Find Susan back in the same place in flat 3 just a minute after Mitzi left to find she has returned. The scene of ‘reunion’ varies depending on what choice you made previously. Mitzi automatically uses the power cord you found to check out Joe’s laptop. Leave the flat.


In inventory read the letter to Pauline.


A way into Pauline’s flat: Go to the 4th floor & knock on the door of flat 8 - Mitzi does the talking. Mitzi & Susan talk then automatically enter the flat. Before they follow Pauline Mitzi wants Susan to think of something to get Pauline to leave the room.

Go to the left to enter Pauline’s living room.

Pauline proceeds to interview Mitzi - it doesn’t matter what answers she gives. As Mitzi ask all questions & then choose any excuse to wash her hands when Pauline asks her to hold the baby.


As Susan, go to the right to answer the knocking at the door. Choose any answers to get rid of the caller.


Go back into the flat & continue walking left to enter the bedroom. Walk past the baby & take the scissors from the bed. Return to the living room followed shortly after by Pauline & Mitzi. Hear knocking at the door again & as Mitzi try to prevent Pauline from answering it by telling her that she feels really sick all of a sudden.......


As Susan go & answer the door & again choose any dialogue to get rid of the persistent caller!

Go to the right towards flat 7. Switch off the electric meter & cut the cable left of it with the scissors.


Back in the living room of flat 8 Mitzi panics & after the dialogue Pauline leaves to put money in the meter. As Mitzi go to the bedroom, use the laptop & exit the flat.


Out in the hallway see the occupant of flat 7 emerge & offer to go & get a new fuse box & some cable. Rita Tickle turns up again.......


Susan & Mitzi automatically appear outside of their flat.


Investigate Jesse’s flat: Go to flat 7 on the 4th floor, ask Mitzi to pick the lock & they automatically enter the flat. Interact with the Halloween masks & take the hockey mask.


Walk to the right to be in the next room & interact with Jesse’s PC to use it - of course there’s no power! Examine the socket on the right then use the extension cord on it.


Go down to the 1st floor to enter flat 1 then walk to the room on the far right. Plug in the cable dangling outside the window & return to flat 7. Go to the right & Mitzi automatically checks out the computer while Susan watches the door. 


Susan’s idea: Go to the basement. Use the screwdriver on the tin of paint then take the red paint. Take the white dress from the sewing dummy & use it on the coal chute to get a black dress. Hang this back on the sewing dummy then use the scissors on the sewing dummy to cut the dress.


Susan now starts to relate The Legend of Cat Widow to Mitzi during which she reveals & carries out her idea. During the story, as Susan, choose any options to visualise them - some of the more ‘extreme’ ideas Mitzi will contradict. After concluding the ‘story’ you see Susan & Mitzi back in the basement & Bryan is crossed off the list of suspects.  


Susan & Mitzi automatically arrive outside their flat, read the note pinned to the door then enter the flat to get coffee.


Watch the scene panning the basement followed by a disturbing scene of Joe with ‘Ivy’.


Chapter 7


After glimpsing the visions see Mitzi & Susan emerge from their flat at midnight. They automatically arrive at the venue stated in the note.


Walk to the right & examine the fish tank. Notice the door covered in stickers before continuing right to enter the kitchen. After the person has finished speaking interact with them to take the box.


Open the box.......

Decide how to use the content & witness the scene.......


Warning! This section may contain slight spoilers!

As Susan either, continue walking to the right; or exit the kitchen first, follow the deer until you come to a wall of skulls before turning to continue walking to the right.

Meet the Queen of Maggots & after the dialogue either blow out one of the candles or refuse. It really doesn’t matter!  


Go left to either, meet The Eye of Adam; or Mitzi in which case, when the conversation’s finished, go right to enter Adam’s room.

As Susan decide Adam’s fate either by entering a choice; or by talking to Mitzi.


Epilogue: Watch the scenes & listen to the closing words which include lines to reflect the outcome of choices made in the last chapter. NB Choices made earlier in the game do not seem to affect the endings.



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