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Walkthrough by MaGtRo      January, 2003

Gameplay: The Main Menu can be accessed by the leftmost top icon. It will show Load, Save, Sound and Quit menus. There are only 5 slots to save games.  The middle top 3 rings icon accesses the map and the game progress. The right book icon shows a frame of the manuscripts or books taken during gameplay. The books can be read by clicking the book icon on the left of the book frame. The left scroll bar shows the items picked up in the game. The list of people who worked on the game is shown on the right bar shows. Pressing the left mouse key skips the introductions but the game might crash or freeze if done prior to the end of the ARTECH logo. The game is linear and the gamer is steered into the next puzzle. Clues are all over seen on manuscripts, plaques and notes. Except one, the puzzles in the game do not restart when you move out and play again. The moves done before are kept on the puzzles. To restart, one must go back to a saved game prior to puzzle solving. The game always starts with CD1.

The Celts have a myth that speaks about Otherworld gods that landed on an island off the west coast of Ireland during the Bronze Age. They found that mankind was still uncivilized. They left behind The Ascension Amulet that is a source of magic, The Book of Ascension that chronicles their beliefs and The Ascension Harp that sings when touched by those discerning enough to make contact with them. Seafaring monks settled in the island but were driven off by Vikings. In summer of 1889, the Children of Kerry settled there bringing with them poets and painters. The otherworld myth remains unsolved.

South and Middle of the Island

In the map, we are at the south tip of the island. You see a wonderful view of the sky, mountains and ancient ruins. The gamers' position changes every time the game starts here.

Tower:    Go to the tower and climb the ladder to the top. Read the plaque on the wall in front of the table - Holy man ascend your tower, gather every precious tome, for the moon is full and flaming Viking godless ride the foam. Look close at the table. On the table is a small locked chest, a plate puzzle and a book. Take and read black book 1 from the table. Take note of the correlation of the days of the week with different planets and the layout of the Chaldean Order that shows the position and the translation of the icons of the different planets and the sun.

Chaldean Order Puzzle:    Look close at the plate puzzle on the table. The object of the puzzle is to connect the planets using the colored lines at the bottom of the plate in the order of the days of the week. The puzzle is explained at the bottom of the weekday page of black book 1.

Days of the Week:
















Start with Sun (Sunday) at left bottom. Click on a stick to pick it up, click on sun at lower left and then click on Moon (Monday) at upper right. Pick another stick, click on Moon and then connect to Mars (Tuesday) at left of circle. Pick another stick, click on Mars and then click on Mercury (Wednesday) at right. Pick up another stick, click on Mercury and then click on Jupiter (Thursday) at top left. Pick up another stick, click on Jupiter and then click on Venus at bottom right. Pick up stick, click on Venus and then click on Saturn (Saturday) at top of the circle. Pick up last stick and click on Saturn and then Sun again at bottom left to complete the connections.  If correctly done a postcard of the mansion with a key appears. Click on Bernadette's diary key to place it in inventory.

We have to find a key for the locked chest. Click on the telescope on the left and see a hanging bridge and a gazebo on the cliff edge. Go back out to the meadow.

Gazebo:    Go forward and turn right to the hanging bridge seen on the telescope. Check the 3 ring icon on top bar and note where you are on the map. There is a tile puzzle on the gate at the end of the hanging bridge.

Gazebo Gate Tile Puzzle:    Click on the squares to rotate them. Start at the 4 corners; arrange them to be corners and to see where the rest of the colored lines go. Then do the other 4 outer squares and then do the middle.

Gate opens. Go to the gazebo. Look at plaque - The mother night that ushers in the dark half of the year, Begins with such a bright light, so sonorous, so clear. Look close at wind chime.

Wind Chime Puzzle:    Note that 4 chimes have zodiac signs. Look at Black book 1 and see that they are Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini. There are four 21s on the top bar. 21 is a rotation of the moon. The object of the puzzle is to arrange the chimes based on when the 4 Zodiac signs appear through the year and starting on the left based on the clue on the plaque - ushers in the dark half of the year. Gemini is the Zodiac sign on May 22- June 22. Libra is the Zodiac sign on Sep. 24 to Oct. 23, Sagittarius is the Zodiac sign Nov. 23 to Dec. 22 and Aries is the Zodiac sign on Mar 21 to April 20. (Note: the dates differ on different reference sources). The other chimes are spread out from the longest chime, Sagittarius.

Place the 4 Zodiac signs in order under the 21 on the top bar in correct sequence, starting with Gemini (start the dark half of the year). L-R: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and then Aries. Then arrange the other chimes to make a V shape with Sagittarius as the point. Check the arrangement based on the sounds of the chimes from high to low to high.

When correctly done, the drawer opens. Take the harp string and the progress layout appears. See that a circle is lit beside the Ascension harp icon.

Turn left and look through telescope. See a gazebo dome with a key. Cross the hanging bridge, go forward to the ruined round chapel with stained glass windows. Enter the ruined chapel.

Ruined Chapel:    Check the map to see location in the island. The floor has depictions of the constellations. Go forward, turn left and forward to the 3 kneelers. Click on the top corners of the curtains and the curtains will open to reveal 3 stained glass. Click on the shining eye of the swan-cygnet at the top of the right stained glass. This will light up a red jewel at the center of the progress layout. Back out and follow the ray produced by the swan's eye to the right and down on the floor. Click on the floor's ruled tile it lights on and it reveals a book. Take brown book 2 and a blue circle will light up in the Book of Ascension progress square. The brown book 2 reads ...for it is a mystery to us why these noble denizens are transgressed. These threshold guardians have great wisdom to share from their days confined in this earthly realm and ominous tidings from beyond it. Seek out these phantoms. Listen to their tales. What is it that you fear?

Look close at table by door. There's a missal and a hymnal. Take the 3 organ rolls - Sun Tears, Shadow Dancing and Ode to Cygnus. Exit the church.

Cemetery:    Check the map to see location in the island. Turn right and forward 2xs to the gate of the cemetery. Note the solution for the gate puzzle on the hanging bridge on the left statue. Enter, turn right and look close at tombstone - Richard Francis Cahill 1871-1900. Turn left, forward, left and look at another tombstone - Franklin Morris 1873-1900. Turn right, forward to Celtic cross, turn right and look at tombstone - Bernadette O'Donnell 1880-1900 And in the oblivion, East was Fire and by Evening was light. By day by night. Turn left and go to Celtic cross. Note an active spot on top of the cross. Turn around and look at tombstone - Herman Otto, Seaman U -309, 1918-1949. Exit the cemetery and turn right to go to the gazebo seen on the telescope at the gazebo at the hanging bridge.

Gazebo by cemetery:    Check the map to see location in the island. Take the Arbor key from the roof.

Tower:    Go back to the tower. Use the arbor key on the locked chest on the table and take brown book 1. Another blue circle will light in the Book of Ascension progress square. Read brown book 1 - ...and the unworthy petitioner will have little hope of attending the three whispers we leave on the pale wind. Neither mettle nor brawn nor logic will avail him. What is required is simple; a contrite heart, an open mind and a transcendent soul. Only then will the beacon of enlightenment shine. Only then will we know that the mortal plane has been rent asunder. Go back to the gazebo by the cemetery.

Gazebo by cemetery:    Enter and see that there are 2 exits on both sides of the telescope. Take-click on middle eyepiece from the box on the table and it will automatically be placed on the telescope. It will focus on the tombstone of Bernadette O'Donnell 1880-1900 And in the oblivion, East was Fire and by Evening was light. By day by night. Turn left and exit the gazebo left of telescope.

Mansion:    Go forward until the gates of the mansion. Read the plaque on left of the gate - From East, South, West and North: Of Air, Fire, Water and Earth; At Dawn, Noon, Evening and Night; Be Law, Love, Life and Light. Turn to the gate puzzle.

Mansion gate puzzle:     The object of the puzzle is to arrange the center part of the puzzle to match the words on Bernadette's tombstone. East on top, Evening on the right, Light at bottom and Fire on the left to make the Celtic cross.

Enter and go forward pass the main door to the mansion. Look over the wall to see a park like garden. Go back and enter the mansion. To the left is a phonograph. Click on it and hear an inaudible voice talk about Bernadette. Climb to the upper level and enter the Music room.

    Music Room:    Turn right and see a music box on the table.

Music Box Puzzle:      This is a random puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to get the same music played by the left and the right crank. Click on left panel to open the box and look close at the positions of each notes set in sliding bars labeling them from L - R as 1-9. Click on right crank and then the left crank to hear which of the notes are not the same. Then move the sliding bar to change the position of the notes to make it similar to the sound made by turning the right crank. Place the arrow on right side of bar to move the note to the right and place the arrow cursor on the left to move the note down to the left. The cursor here is picky - be sure that you have the tip of the arrow on the correct bar you want to move before clicking. Good luck! When correctly done, the right panel opens. Take the piano key.

Piano:    Go to the piano and click the piano key on the piano. Click on the postcard of the park-garden seen outside and take the harp string. The progress display now shows 2 lights beside the Ascension Harp. Enter the door on the left.

    Bedroom:    Go to the table and look at the crystals on top of a manuscript with astrological signs.

Pyramid Puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to stack the crystal to form a pyramid. Click on rotation arrows to turn the crystals. Click on the biggest one first and it will automatically go to the pattern on the paper. Click the top left crystal by corner of paper and then rotate it once. Click on the other two and it will form a pyramid. See a clue scene of the Celtic cross we saw at the cemetery.

    The atelier has no discernible puzzle or clues. Go back down the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, turn towards the door to the back of the house.

    Foyer:    Go forward and look at both side alcoves before the central first floor door. To the left is a planetary display. Go the right alcove and see a prism puzzle.

 Prism puzzle:    The object of this puzzle is to arrange the 4 prisms so that the light from upper left passes through all the prisms and end to light the hole on the mound. The prisms can exchange positions when picked up and clicked on another prism. They can also be rotated using the directional arrows seen when the cursor is placed just to one side of the prism. Move the middle prism to bottom left. Rotate it to get light reflecting on both the top and bottom left prisms. Rotate the right large prism once. Click the bar to make it horizontal. Then rotate the middle prism to point to the mound. When correctly done, click at center of mound to take an addition to the Ascension amulet.

Enter through the white doors to the drawing room. The kitchen on the right has no discernible clues or puzzle. Turn left and enter the door at far left of the room.

    Greenhouse:    At far end is a mixing contraption. Look close at the 2 drawings at both side of the mixer. At right is an Alchemy linked to Astrology graphic. At left is the object of the mixer puzzle 'Harmonize fluids'. At the center are 3 flasks with liquids that are mixed.

Mixer puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is as the Herb graphic states - Harmonize the liquid - get the swirl of the liquids in the 3 flasks to mix at the same rate and at same direction. Above the flasks are tubes that contain liquids that can either speed up or slow down the swirl of the liquids in the flask. Use the arrows on top to cycle the different tubes. The tubes are labeled a, b, g, d, c. The 3 circles are the buttons to push to add the liquid from the tube directly above the flask to the flask at the same position below.

Save game and then find out what tubes affect what flask. Left flask is speeded up by g and b but slowed down by a. Middle flask is speeded up by a and b but slowed down by c. The right flask is speeded up by b and g but slowed down by a. The speed of the flask that I tried to match for all 3 flask is one speed above the slowest swirl - the initial speed of the left flask. The rotation that I matched to all 3 flasks is clockwise rotation.

Leave left flask alone and use it for comparison. Middle flask - turn the arrow to have the c tube above the middle flask and click once on the middle button at top bar. Right flask - Place the a tube above the right flask and click the right button at top bar 3xs. They should all be same speed and rotation. Take Golden Key. Exit the room and turn right to the library.

    Library:    Read the notes on the desk by clicking and backing up on the notes several times. Intimate dreams, Secret Desires, Put into words each day. Personal feelings, Private thoughts, Put into words each day. I share my heart with no one. It is safely locked away. My musings give me comfort, More than I can say. It must mean the diary. Turn towards the window, turn left and see a card puzzle at table. Click on the picture above the table and see a safe. Look at cards.

Safe - Cards Puzzle:    (Thank you, MG!) The object of the puzzle is to turn the 3 cards so that all of them have the same face card. Then make note of the number of the first card on the left. Notice that the second card will equal 3 times the first number +3. The third card will also be 3x the second number + 3. The safe combination number will be 3x the third number (right card) plus 3. Enter the calculated number on the wall safe by clicking the buttons, then click on wheel and then click on handle at left. The safe will open to reveal a box.

Box Slider Puzzle:    This is an easy slider puzzle. Have fun!

    Once completed take scroll #3 - To unearth an elixir, A cloudless tincture that will transmute metals to gold is an ancient ambition. Substance or superstition? Fancy or can it verily unfold? Read Bernadette's diary. Starting on June 1, 1899, the story of the discovery of 7 texts pertaining to the Otherworld myth by Bernadette and her betrothed Dominic unfolds. Franklin made a pipe organ hooked up to the windmill, Mavis worked on Alchemy and Eoin did photography. It continued to show Dominic's change, the separation of the amulet into 3 parts and loss of a gear from the windmill. The diary ends in Franklin's murder, Dominic's suicide and Bernadette's attempt to solve the Alignment Circle.

    Park - Garden:    Go out to the park using the veranda door. Go forward to the small building and read the plaque - By this month's zodiac and sign, align the planets all in a line. Enter the building and see the Zodiac Puzzle.

Zodiac Alignment Puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is based on the plaque clue. Arrange the planets based on the gamers' (that's you) month one is playing this game (I'm playing this in January). Use the chart below, to select the Zodiac sign for that period (Capricorn). Look in black Book 1 to see the icon for your zodiac sign.














21 March-20 April

21 April-21 May

22 May-22 June

23 June-23 July

24 July-23 August

24 August-23 September

24 September-23 October

24 October-22 November

23 November-22 December

23 December-19 January

20 January-19 February

20 February-20 March

 1. Using the bottom arrows on both sides of the middle panel, enter the present zodiac sign (ex. Capricorn).

2.  Using the upper arrows of the middle panel, enter the months that zodiac sign falls on using the first letter of the months (ex. D, J).

3. Now align by clicking on the horizontal icons on the top or at the bottom panels,  the circles that show the planet icons from Mercury at left to Neptune at right to the present month's Roman numeral (ex. January is Roman numeral I) shown on the left vertical frame.

4. Pull the lever on the right and if correctly done, see the planets at the center of the park outside move and align.

    Go outside and click on the zodiac sign (Sagittarius) the large metal planets aligned to. Take the Zodiac key. Turn to the right and go forward to the corner wall of the park.

    Door with Face:    See a door with a face and keyholes. Use the just taken Zodiac key on the keyhole that corresponds to the current Zodiac sign used in the last puzzle (ex. Capricorn). The face opens to reveal brown book 3. The progress frame shows another lighted blue circle at the Ascension Book square. Note also the present location in the map. Read brown book 3 - The amulet will emulate the transcendental experience of the ascetic. It will give the recipient a brief glimpse of not just what was, but what could be. But the Amulet is a powerful gift that is to be employed judiciously. To the petitioner who is deemed undeserving, the amulet will be a hollow trinket indeed. Use the golden key on the keyhole on the left. The door swings open.

Stone Passage:    Enter and walk to the stone passage. At the end, see a structure reminiscent of Stonehenge. Turn right at passage's end. If all the needed tasks have been done, a purple light will shine at the end of the passage.

West Side of the Island

Go through the purple light. (CD2) Look at the map and find yourself at west end of the island.

Lighthouse:    Turn right and see a locked door. Click on door several times and hear something drop. Look down, take key and it will automatically open the door. Enter, turn right and look close at table. Look at the map and see that there are German notations. The Germans must have been here during wartime. Note the lighthouse, observation point, amulet, crystal growth area and the excavation or cave site. A path on the water to the amulet area is seen - submarine route? Exit the lighthouse.

Tower:   From the lighthouse go forward to the next tower. Go up to the top level and look through the left eyepiece of the telescope. Click on the other eyepiece to rotate them to a higher magnification. They are focused on the tower we started the game on. It has a cygnet weather vane. The highest magnification shows the cygnet has a shining eye. Go back down to the second level and see a rifle. Look close, take ammo clips. Look through the scope and see the Cygnet weather vane of a tower. Back out and insert the ammo clip on rifle by clicking the ammo right before the trigger area. Look through the scope again and place tip of pointer on the crossbar that holds the cygnet. Click to shoot until the cygnet falls to the ground.

Exit tower, turn left and go forward. Cross the hanging bridge, note a ruined building on the right and cross another hanging bridge.

Gazebo:    Read the plaque - When the pale dusk falters and day has all but died, the thin black veil is drawn back and we cross to the other side. Look close at wind chime.

Wind chime puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to arrange the chimes in the order of dusk to the dawn. Click on a chime and then click on the place you want to move it to. When completed successfully, the wind chimes and a slot opens. Take Sacred Key and harp string #3. Now, 3 are lit at Ascension harp box. Go back to the ruined building before the second hanging bridge.

Observation point:    Enter door, look close at desk, click on black notebook by decoder machine and get another scroll #3 (?glitch). Click to read a rolled paper - recall to kiel. unconditional surrender May 9-1945 Admiral Donitz...british intelligence suspect listening post near by. supply-repair depot...

    Elevator:    Turn right and look close at wall panel. Gezeiten means tides, wasskasten means water box and aufzug is elevator. Flip up the lower handle and then flip down the upper handle to fill up the water box. Then flip down the lower handle to raise the elevator. Go to the elevator door on the right.

Tunnel:     Turn left, click on matches to light one and then click on lamp to light the lamp. Take hatchet and see a match in inventory. Take lit lamp. Turn right and go forward to the end. See the submarine and supplies on the dock. Turn left, forward, left and see a locked barrel. Use the hatchet on lock 3xs. Use hatchet again on the bottom left of barrel to drain the water. Click inside the barrel and a chest will be seen. The chest opens to reveal the Amulet. Take amulet. The upper icon on the progress bar lights up now.

Cavern:    Turn right, forward, left into another tunnel and forward to a cave. The cavern looks like it has been used as place of worship. There are Celtic crosses and candles. Look close at candle table on the left and click the match on the one active candle. Take candle. Go to ornate grilled gate and use Sacred Key on the circle at the center of the gate.

Go forward 2xs, turn right, forward into a small cave and look close at open crate. To move the compass, click-hold or just double click on compass and then move the mouse. Note that the compass is attracted to something on the east. Place the compass on the upper edge of the small box and then click on its right side.

The Evening Light organ roll and gear will be taken. Go out of small cave, turn right, forward and left to a water filled cave.

Water filled cave:    Go forward until the end and click on crystal. Take brown book #4. Read brown book 4 - ...where we systemize the swirling anarchic forces around us that we do not comprehend and seemingly cannot control. In this quest, the symbolism of numbers cannot be stressed enough. In the chaotic maelstrom trust that there is a symmetry, there are patterns, there is order. Exit this cave.

Turn left, go forward 4xs and look at 2 grilled windows on the right out to a purple waterfall. Turn left, forward to exit the tunnel. Turn left and see another stone passage. Enter the passage and go to the end. Enter another purple light.

East Side of the Island

Look in the map and see that we are now at the east end of the island. Go out, turn left and then turn right to see 3 carved standing stones. Turn right and forward out to the meadow. Go forward until you pass through between 2 standing statues. Turn left and see a mirror on a stand.

Mirror:     Click on the mirror and you will see it from one side facing a tower and another mirror in the horizon. Click on mirror to move it to a position that is facing the tower and the mirror is in a vertical position. The cursor here is touchy - click on the mirror to hold it, move cursor to right of screen to turn the mirror and then move cursor down to get the mirror in vertical position. You will know you got it right when the mirror at the tower will reflect or light up. Back out and see that the mirror reflects the tower mirror.

Turn right 2xs and see another mirror at distance. Forward to that mirror and see it reflect to another mirror ahead. Forward to the mirror and see it reflect to a dolmen with 5 hanging necklaces with runes on them. Only 3 have light reflecting on it. Take the 3 lit runes. Turn around and go back to the mirror we adjusted. Turn right and the forward until the tower.

Observatory Tower:    Click on entryway to enter tower.

    Study:    Go to second level and turn around. Look close at table. Read the note at center of table. - Azimuth 293, Altitude 30, The Harp, The Eagle, Eye of the swan - garnet. Click on the book at right of table and read black book 2. It correlates with the note. Look at the kaleidoscope swans, flowers and eagles. See a dead flower and 6 vials of experimental results on left side of table. To read the labels of the vials, click on the neck of the bottle and to take vials, click on body of vials. Pick up the Flower petal vial, second from left and then click it on dead rose. The powder is sprinkled on the dead rose and it becomes fresh. The vial goes in inventory. Climb up the ladder to the top of the tower.

    Observatory:    Look close at telescope.

Setting the telescope:

        Azimuth - Look close at middle round knob at center of the bar holding the telescope. Click the round knob on the right using the left mouse button to turn the dial forward and use the right mouse button to decrease the setting. Set 293 at the center of the dial. Back out.

        Altitude - Look close at white square on left bar holding the telescope. Click the number to 30. Back out.

        Look at the eyepiece of the secondary telescope at the side of the telescope and click on the eye of the swan - another red stone lights up at the middle square of the progress frame. Back out.

        Turn right to the lever by the wall. It will not work. Go back down the stairs and pull the lever that is on the right of the top of the stairs - this unlocks the shutters. Go back to the lever and the dial. Set the dial to 270 and then pull the lever. Right click to decrease the setting. Turn around and look at the main eyepiece of the telescope. See an eagle fly off a tower roof down to a nest. Back out.

        Go outside through the shutter opening. Look around to see a marvelous view of the island's east coast. Turn left and climb the wooden steps on the dome of the observatory. Take the harp weather vane. The harp icon lights up on the progress frame. Go back down the ladder to the first level.

Click on the wood door behind the ladder or go outside through the open entryway and click on the tower to get to the other side of the tower. Go forward 3xs to the walled cliffside that is left of the leafless tree. Turn right and see the eagle's nest. Take the harp string #4.

Stone Mound:    Turn right, forward 7xs, look at the map and see that we are at the north part of the island. Turn right and enter the stone mound structure between 2 Celtic crosses. See numbered stone heads on a circle on the ground. Look at the paper at upper right and see the placement of the stone heads on the circle. Take the cap stone on top left of screen.

Stone Head Puzzle:   Click on the heads to get an overhead view of the arrangement. The object of the puzzle is to diagonally and vertically align the middle and outer ring of stone heads. Just move all the middle ringed heads clockwise until all are aligned to the outer ringed heads. All are numbered by their position on a clock face. Click on the middle head to reset the puzzle and click on bottom corners' 3 rings to move out of the puzzle itself. Move these heads clockwise by clicking on them and then click on the slot you want it to move to: One solution is to move clockwise - 9, 1, 3, 7, 5 and 11.

Click at center of circle. See ashes. Use flower petal vial taken from Observatory Tower on ashes. Take brown book #5 - ...and as a result of this transmutation the elixir that you produce has powers beyond your imagination. It can do nothing though unless you believe. If you don't believe then it is just a harmless solvent. If you believe, it is so much more.  Take 2 more Viking runes under the book.

Back out of the stone mound, turn left and go forward until the gate.

Gate:     Look close at circle on right of gate.

Viking runes - Gate puzzle:    The top right slot takes runes and moves the inner arrow counterclockwise. While the top left slot accepts runes and rotate the outer ring arrow. Pressing the center button will release all runes at bottom slot and resets the puzzle. In inventory, there should be a 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 runes. A vertical bar is one, a horizontal bar is also one and the O and bar across it is 10. This result was obtained in following the clue about symmetrical pattern of numbers (book #4). Place 3, 10 and 8 on either slot and then add 7 and 5 on the other slot. This resulted in 21 in one slot and 12 on the other slot. Symmetry of number 21-12 or 12-21. The gate opens.

Enter, go forward and take brown book #6 from the stone - At dusk and dawn, the bridges to this realm are traversed more freely... secret portals are flung wide open and hidden doorways magically appear. There are special times of the year as well when these remarkable occurrences take place...  Go forward until the purple mist. (CD1)

Back to South Side of Island

Cemetery:   Go forward to the far Celtic cross we saw earlier. Place the cap stone on top of the cross. Take brown book #7 from the base of the cross - ...and so let the sun, the moon indeed all of the stars chart the progress of your journey... Gaze at the night sky... marvel at the mysterious bodies that move throughout this celestial sphere and observe closely... for it is here that the answers to many of your questions are written...

Tower:    Go up to the tower, turn around and pick up the eye of the cygnet from the weather vane that we shot down from the tower roof. Now all the jewels at the center square of the progress frame is lit. Go back to the gazebo and go forward to the windmill.

Windmill:    Look at the plaque on far wall - How can the mortal maker sullied with frailty and sin compete with the harmony of heaven that is written upon the wind. Start the windmill by pulling the lever by the base of the windmill machinery. Place an organ roll on the organ and realize that the organ does not work. Click on the 3 rings at either bottom corners of the frame to move out of close up. Remember what Bernadette wrote in her diary about Franklin missing a gear for his windmill.

Windmill Control Box Puzzle:    Look close at wood box on the windmill contraption. Open the wood box by pulling down the lever on the left. The object of the puzzle is to get all the gears placed in the right order in the box for the windmill to power the pipe organ. If the gears are placed correctly, all the rollers and gears will rotate.

    Organ:    Go to the organ and based on the brown book #6, insert Evening Light organ roll in the slot. Turn the knob to play the music, take the organ roll when done playing and the panel in the back opens. Take the scroll #1 - letter of Franklin to Bernadette - Some evenings I follow you when you take your solitary stroll by the cliffs. I have even been favored enough to hear you sing when you think that no one is watching. As I had imagined, your voice is every bit as angelic and sweet as you are. Please Bernadette, give some small sign that you share these feelings I have for you. Franklin. Take harp string #5.

All the lights are lit on the Ascension Harp frame, Ascension Book and the Ascension Amulet. Go out and go to the Mansion, out to the park, through the door with a face and through the stone passage. The way to the Stonehenge area is now open. Go forward to the center of Stonehenge and click on the altar. Watch.

The search has ended.

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