by Realmforge Game Development Studio

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   February 2009


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, options, quit and credits.

The general options are subtitles and show possible combinations. The graphics options are choices for monitor resolution, texture resolution and gamma. The master, music, voice, effects and ambient sound volume selections are found under the sounds options.

ESC key exits the game and accesses the gameplay menu. The gameplay menu has continue, load game, save game, options, quit and credits.

During gameplay, right click of mouse is used to get a closer look at an item; left click is the action mode. To leave a close-up, click on door icon at top right of screen.

Dialogue and action can be skipped by left mouse click. Double clicking makes the character run or double click on edge of the screen to make a fast transition to next screen.

To save a game, click on the 'save game' text under the picture frame. The saved game can be named or deleted. An auto save is done every 5 minutes of gaming and is a default. It is best to delete some of the not needed auto saves regularly if you save games manually.

Space bar shows all the active spots in the game screen. The P key pauses the game. The I key shows-hides the inventory bar.

Exhaust all dialogue since a lot of the progress in the game is based on dialogue triggers.

Mean and nasty King of Faeryanis named Ceville sits on his throne deciding the case of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. Click on any selection. Another item to decide on is government decision about mine manager.

2 guards arrive and state that the Rebels are attacking the castle. The guards have joined the rebels.

Vertically challenged Ceville needs to get to the cellar and the hidden magic portal.

Act 0: Fugitive

Escape the throne room.

Ceville has his multi-function scepter. Look around and check Brunhilda's portrait, window, large statue and rope behind the throne.

Rope:    Click on rope behind the throne and see that the 2 metal globes hold the rope.

Go to bottom screen by guard and try to take the axe on the wall. Too high.

Use scepter with axe. Use axe with rope behind the throne. Take rope.

Statue:    Use axe with rope to get boarding axe. Use boarding axe with large Ceville statue behind the throne.

The guards stop Ceville from throwing the rope. The big guard is hungry.

Talk to the guards. The first choice will move the game forward. The other dialogues are funny though.

The guards leave. Use boarding axe with large Ceville statue behind the throne again.

Watch Ceville.

Get to kitchen.

Dining room:    That's a neat trick!

Ceville picks up the bell. The chef arrives and gives Ceville his snack. Eat the ratburger.

Ring the bell and another ratburger is given. Take the mug of beer.

Click on the floor (get up text) beside his chair to go down.

Use the door and see the 2 guards are outside. He needs a disguise to get to the cellars.

Grandfather clock:    Check the grandfather clock and see that it is locked.

Take the key hanging on the fireplace mantel. It drops on the fire.

Use the mug of beer with the fire and automatically get the key.

Use the key with grandfather clock. Take-break the pendulum of the clock. Hide in the clock.

Use the bell. Watch the chef bring another burger to the table. While the chef is in the dining room, Ceville sneaks to the kitchen.

If the burger on the table is not eaten, the chef goes back to the kitchen immediately.

Get rid of chef and find a disguise.

Kitchen:    Look around. If the chef comes back and kicks the king out of his domain; start over - eat snack, hide in the grandfather clock and ring the bell.

Once inside the kitchen, take note of the dark spot on the floor. The chef stands there a lot.

Take the cold-pressed oil on the table at left. Use cold pressed oil with the dark spot on the floor.

Open the door to the cold storage. The Kings says it's a nice place to lock somebody.

The chef comes back. Watch.

Take the chef's hat from floor. Use-click the chef hat in inventory. Now Ceville is disguised from a vertically challenged King to a tall thin chef.

Guards:    Go to dining room and use the door to the passage.

Watch as Ceville the chef walks pass the guards.

Open the secret door.

Torture room:    The guards locked Ceville in the torture room. Look around.

Go to right screen and see another torture machine - the jukebox.

Click on the strange silhouette behind the juke box - it is the secret door. Open the secret door to passage. Hmm...

Go left and open the iron maiden. See that the slot inside is missing a lever.

Use the scepter with lever less mechanism. It's rusty.

Use the cold pressed oil with the rusted mechanism. Use the scepter again with the oiled mechanism. See the secret passage open.

Meet Basilius. He will replace Gwendolyn. An evil laughter duel happens.

Ambrosius' story:    Ambrosius, the heroic paladin appears. He tells the story of how he came to be down there.

As Ambrosius:

Speech:   In the dialogue selection to the townspeople. Select the first dialogue where he jumps up on the well rim and the last dialogue where he hits himself on the chest. Well done, Ambrosius!

Stone heads:     Ambrosius has the sword of demon slaying. Look around the cellar after he falls down the well.

Check the scribbling on wall at right - CEFE.

Check the 4 stone heads on back wall. The second to the right produces no sound. Right click the silent stone head and see that it doesn't have a tongue like the other 3.

Use the sword of demon slaying on the stalactite hanging at left. Use the stalactite with the second from right stone head.

Use all 4 stone heads and see the note that arises from them has the tone of each head: from left to right the tones are CDEF.

Based on the wall scribbling, click on left to right (CEFE) stone heads: 1 3 4 3. And that is how Ambrosius got here.

After the story, a staring duel between the 2 occurs. Ouch!


Act 1: Fellowship of the King


Prison:    See that Ambrosius guards the prison cell of Ceville. A young girl enjoys the fine day.

Talk to the young girl. Her name is Lilly. Ceville tells Lilly about Basilius and she believes in Ceville.

Get the prison key.

As Lilly:    Change to Lilly by clicking on her icon. Lilly has a slingshot. Talk to Ambrosius.

Distract Ambrosius:    Turn the weapon rack left of the paladin and it makes a mirror for vain Ambrosius.

Click on the prison key hanging right of the cell door. Climb on crates under the prison window. This is now possible because the paladin is distracted by the beauty of his hair that he constantly brushes.

As Ceville:    Change to Ceville. Look around the prison. Take the half-eaten fish.

Go to the right and talk to the prisoner. Use the crank left of the prisoner if you want.

Pick up stone by bucket. Use the small stone and empty beer mug on window. Now Lilly has those items.

Get lice:

As Lilly:    Change to Lilly.

El Chollo, traveling salesman:    Go to right screen and talk to El Chollo completely. Ask about the hair tonic. Try to take the cheese.

Talk to El Chollo again about the hair tonic and fraud. Eventually, El Chollo gives Dr.  C's hair tonic that he used to get rid of his dog's fleas.

Go back to prison window and climb the crates. Use the hair tonic with prison window to give it to Ceville.

As Ceville:    Use crank left of the prisoner. Now that the prisoner is upside down, use the hair tonic with his hair. Ceville now has lice in inventory. Ugh!

Use lice:

As Lilly:    Go left to the prison well.

Click the well and get copper coin with a hole. Use empty mug with well to get full mug.

Go back and turn the weapon rack back by wall. Climbing the crates is now not possible since Ambrosius is not distracted anymore.

Talk to Ambrosius completely until a dialogue about his adventure pops up. Ask him about his adventures.

He says he is thirsty. Give him the full mug of water. Talk to him again about his adventures.

As Ceville:    Use the lice with the brush behind Ambrosius.

As Lilly:    Turn the weapon rack so that the paladin can see himself again. Watch what happens.

In inventory, combine the small stone and slingshot to get loaded slingshot.

Now that the paladin is gone, use the loaded slingshot with the prison key. Use prison key with prison door.

Find a way to go through town gate.

Town gate:    Ceville and Lilly see the 2 guards at the gate. Lilly finds out that they will allow the queen or council members through if they have papers. Ceville needs a disguise.

Go back to the gate. Lilly goes ahead by herself. Take the glue on the ground by the climbing vine. Take the wanted poster of Ceville.

Fairy house road:    Go back to Ceville. Go forward to the road at right.

Continue forward and see a cat playing with a ball of wool. Try to take the ball of wool. Ouch!

Give the cat the half eaten fish. Take the ball of wool.

Read the large sign at right and see that the house is for the Villains Anonymous.

Villains Anonymous:    Walk the path towards the house.

Take ripe tomato from the vegetable garden. Take parsley from left corner of the raised tomato bed.

Open the door and enter the house. Look at all the villains. They all look familiar!

Look at autograph picture on the table right of the entrance. The fairy says to get one.

Talk to the arch villains: Zombie Pirate, Horny the Demon and Black Knight. LOL! Guess which games!

Talk to the good fairy completely. Learn that she's the fairy ambassador here at Faeryanis, which makes her a councilor. Being an ambassador, she has diplomatic immunity. She also keeps her papers here and it does not have a picture. She believes that a lady should be afraid of rodents.

Click on the fairy desk in front of the good fairy. Ah, that must be were she keeps the documents.

Exit the house. Take the road left of the fairy house to go to the theatre plaza.

Get a rodent.

Theatre:    Look around. The Roxy theatre is closed.

Go to back door of theatre. See that the backdoor is also locked and the key is still in the lock. There's a fortune teller machine. Check the poster of H. Lo.

Go back to the theatre plaza. Check Ceville's statue and the viewing telescope.

Council Chamber:    Go to the Council Chamber left of the fountain.

Pick up the clothespin on the ground in front of the blackboard right of the steps to the Council Chamber. Click on the blackboard to learn the latest news.

Talk to the Head of the Council. He has a terrible cold. Try to take the crowbar on the floor right of the Councilor.

Go back to fairy house and then proceed to city gate.

El Chollo:    Look at the dirty laundry hanging above the stage. Learn that he runs the Dr. C laundry service.

Get cheese:    In inventory combine the copper coin with a hole and the ball of wool to get miser trap.

Go close to El Chollo. Use the miser trap with El Chollo. Watch what Lilly does to lure El Chollo away from the stage.

Try to take the evil smelling cheese from the stage. Use the clothespin and Ceville automatically places it on his nose. Take the evil smelling cheese.

Prison:    Go inside the prison and forward to Otto the mouse.

Use the evil smelling cheese with Otto. He hides. Use the cheese with mouse hole. Then catch Otto.

Get the fairy's papers.    

Fairy house:    Go back inside the fairy house.

In inventory, use glue with wanted poster to get sticky wanted poster. Use the fairy's autographed picture with the sticky wanted poster to get forged wanted poster.

Use the forged wanted poster with any of the villains. They were going to take the fairy but she shows her ambassadorial papers.

Immediately use Otto the mouse with the fairy. Take the fairy ambassadorial papers that the fairy dropped.

Ceville eggs on the villains to take the fairy now that she lost her ambassadorial immunity.

Collect the necessary items to prove that Ceville is fairy ambassador.

Town gate:    Automatically approach the guards at Town gate.

A dialogue ensues that leads to needing proof that Ceville is the Fairy ambassador.

The requirements needed are:  Ambassador papers, magic wand, wings and fairy dress.

Fairy house:    Go back to fairy house.

Take the colored pencil from chair of the Black Knight and forged wanted poster from the floor.

Right click the desk in front of the fairy's chair. Lilly takes the letters addressed to arch villains.

Exit the house.

Get a fairy dress.

Take the road left of the fairy house.

Enter theatre:    Go to the back door of the theatre. Remember that the key is in the lock of the back door.

Use the forged wanted poster with the back door of the theatre. Use the colored pencil with the back door of the theatre and get the theatre back door key.

Enter the theatre.

Dressing room:    Look around and check the snack machine. Ceville placed it there to get money.

Check the levers (right and left) right of the auditorium door. The left lever opens a trap door on stage and the right lever moves the backdrop on stage.

Check the ladder above the costume on the left. It's too high for Lilly.

Dirty the dress:    Enter the auditorium door left of the dressing table. Look around.

Talk to the actress on stage. H.Lo is rehearsing her part as the fairy in the play about the Fall of Ceville the Malign. She's wearing a fair dress, eh.

Use the ripe tomato with the actress. She leaves and to have the fairy dress cleaned.

Get money:    Take the stage hook from the stage.

The actress comes back. Talk to the crying actress. Use the nice (Lilly's) dialogues on her.

The actress will show her dancing if there is music.

Take the handkerchief from the stage floor.

Go right and click on the gramophone. Talk to the gramophone. It wants gold coins.

Ah remember a possible source of money. Ceville's one armed bandit in the dressing room.

Exit the theatre and go to the Council Chamber across the fountain.

Talk to the councilor again. Give him the handkerchief for his cold.

Try to take the crowbar again. Lilly will borrow it and pick up the crowbar.

Go back to dressing room. Use the crowbar with snack machine and get large pile of coins.

Get laundry ticket:    Go to the auditorium and forward to the gramophone. Use large pile of coins with gramophone. Easy come, easy go.

H. Lo dances away.

Enter the dressing room. Use the stage hook with the ladder and then climb-use the ladder.

Spotlight:    Use the spotlight. See a three part split screen.

If you already checked the right and left levers in the dressing room, see the levers at top right of the screen.

The spotlight control is on top left of screen. Remember that the control is based on Lilly's point of view. The top arrow is her left, the right arrow is her top, the bottom arrow is her right and the left arrow is close to her.

See that H. Lo moves where the spotlight is located. Click on the arrows to move the spotlight over the trap door on stage.

Once H. Lo is over the spotlighted trapdoor, get Ceville to pull the left lever to open the trap door. H. Lo falls down the trap door. See something flies off from H. Lo.

Go down to the stage. Take the laundry ticket from the stage floor.

Exit the theatre and go to the city gate.

El Chollo:    Give the laundry ticket to El Chollo. Get fairy clothes and free detergent tablets.

Get wings.

Fairy House:    Go to the fairy house.

Use the stage hook with the large crate on top of the cabinet. Take silicon wings.

If you haven't yet, check the desk in front of the pink chair of the good fairy and get the letters.

Get wand.

Go to prison area.

Get rid of the reformed villains:    Listen to the former villains talk about doing good deeds and may become paladins.

Try to talk to the imprisoned good fairy. The reformed villains prevent Lilly from talking to the fairy.

Give the letters of other villains taken from the fairy's desk to the reformed villains. The reformed villains miss their former life: plundering and pillaging. The villains leave to go back to their former way of life.

Good fairy:    Talk to the good fairy. Use parsley with good fairy. She eats the parsley and lies down to sleep.

Right click the sleeping fairy (move the cursor to the corner of the prison wall). See that she sleeps with her wand.

Use the stage hook with the sleeping fairy. Lilly says that will only push-pull the wand.

Use the stage hook with glue to get sticky stage hook. Use sticky stage hook with sleeping fairy to get the magic wand.

Ceville the fairy.

Town gate:    Talk to the guards and Ceville changes to a er... ah... a mustachioed fairy with pumpkin accessories.

Just before being allowed to go through the gates, the bell rings. The Head of the Council caught the mustachioed Fairy Ambassador just in time for the Council meeting.


Act 2: The Emperor strikes Back.


Council Chambers:    The meeting is to vote for Gwendolyn to be the Queen of Faeryanis.

The ambassadors are taking their time to get here. Lilly advises to collect the ambassadors.

Talk to the Head of the council completely.

The ambassador of the Heroes can be found at the Hero Academy on Newbie Island. The Elven ambassador can be found at Woodstock Forest. The monster ambassador can be found in an eerily dangerous place. The ambassador of the Spirits and Genies is on vacation.

Talk to the Dwarven ambassador and Druids ambassador.

Look around. Check the suit of armors on the pedestals.

Exit the Council chamber:    Check the huge boulder on the left side of the room and the sign on the boulder's stand - Sisyphus' large boulder.

Go to the entrance hallway right of the room. Check the display on the hallway: frog prince, other ring, pile of mattress and invisible clothes. The last is Ceville's scepter.

Try to leave the council chambers. The door is stuck.

Go back to the main room and the huge boulder left of the room.

Use the stage hook on the huge boulder. Watch what happens. The council chamber door is now open.

Search for Ambassador of Heroes.

Theatre plaza:     Exit the council chamber.

See the Good Fairy on the pillory. The pillory has a padlock at left.

Theatre:     Enter the theatre through the front door.

Showstar:    Talk to the Black Knight sitting right on the juror box. Learn what happened to the pirate and lisping demon. See that there are grapes in front of him.

Talk to the Heroine completely. Talk to her about trying to get to the election. Learn that Basilius got her the place in the juror box. She has a contract and can't leave because of the penalty clause.

Talk to the actress completely. Learn about ending the show. She decides how long the show would run and when it will start. She needs another juror.  She also needs 2 candidates-models and a moderator. Ask about the moderator and Lilly will volunteer Ceville. Lilly asks to be one of the models.

Exit the theatre.

Ambrosius as juror:    Go to the paladin at bottom left of the screen.

Talk to him twice. The second time, Lilly tells him about being a juror of the new show Showstar. The excited Ambrosius enters the theatre.

Faeryanis map:

Move the cursor to bottom left and above the picture of Lilly and Ceville, a link to the Faeryanis Map is seen.

The Stone Mountain to the right is the land of the dwarves.

The Cemetery is at bottom right.

Faeryanis proper (castle) is at bottom left and the cut trees at top left is the land of the elves.

Search for Ambassador of the Elves.

Land of the Dwarves:    Click on the mountain with dwarf heads at right on the map.

Stone Mountain:   

Look around. See the gold price display at right. Go right and talk to the troll guarding the gold price display. See the 2 goblins working the display.

There's a huge air cushion right of the steps. Check the Stone Mountain carved faces and the company sign left of the steps. Take the spade leaning on the tree left of the steps.

Enter the dwarven mine.

Reception desk:    Look around the reception area. See the sharpener and coffeepot at left of the desk.

Take blue tickets for the logging demonstration at right end of the desk. Do this 3 times until Ceville takes all of the tickets.

Enter the elevator and the receptionist stops them.

Take the help wanted sign from the sleeping goblin. Exit the mines and go to the Faeryanis Map.

Elven Forest:

On the map, click on the mountain at left.

Talk to the elf chained to the tree. She is the elven ambassador, the Top Elf.

Learn that she is protesting the cutting down of the forest by the dwarves. Check the posters.

Look around and see the trees with faces. Check the branch above the Elven ambassador and see a nest. Check the happy coach.

Go left and talk to the dwarf. See a patched electrical cable of the logging (Tree Whacker 3000) mechanism right of the relaxation chamber.

Stop the logging.

Lilly:   Use the tickets with the dwarf. He will show how the logging mechanism works.

 Select the first dialogue to have Lilly see the demonstration at control panel of the machine. Lilly climbs up the ladder.

Use Otto on the patched electrical cable. The machine stops and the dwarf goes down.

Immediately, right click the nest at top of the branch above the elf ambassador. See a rag on the nest.

Use the detergent tablet with slingshot to get loaded slingshot. Use loaded slingshot on the nest. The rag falls on the ground.

If time runs out, use the ticket on the dwarf again and start over. Take old rag.

Ceville:   Once more, use the tickets with the dwarf. He will show how the logging mechanism works.

Select the second dialogue to have Ceville be shown the mechanism. Ceville climbs up the ladder.

Use Otto on the patched electrical cable. The machine stops and the dwarf goes down.

Use the rag on the exhaust pipe behind Ceville. If this is Lilly, she will refuse to damage the machine.

Lilly or Ceville:    Again use the tickets on the dwarf. Select either the first or the second dialogue.

Watch what happens. The dwarf uses his hammer on the panel. The machine is broken.

Take old rag from the exhaust pipe. Climb down. Take the hammer he left on the ground.

Talk to the elf ambassador until she says she threw the key of the lock to the shrubbery.

Check the shrubbery right of the Elven ambassador. Lilly mentions that right tool is needed to detect the key.

Go to the Faeryanis map at bottom right.

Search for Ambassador of the Monsters.

Cemetery:    Select the cemetery with crosses at bottom right of the map.

Look around at the headstone, gargoyles and bones.

Take the chalk on steps of the mausoleum. See an outline of a body and stake on the steps.

Talk to lisping demon. He got the job as boss monster and is looking for a nice place to build a dungeon.

He won't go to the election until he finds a place for his dungeon.

Search for Ambassador of the Spirits and Genies.

Faeryanis Town:    Use the map and select the castle at bottom left.

El Chollo:    Talk to the traveling merchant back of the fountain. Look at all the poster ads for different vacation destination.

Learn that the spirits-genie ambassador went to Holiday Oasis in the Endless Deserts of Doom.

Talk to El Chollo again and try to go to Holiday Oasis. It costs 500 gold coins.

Take the green paint from platform.

Find the last Showstar contestant.

Good Fairy:     Go to the Council Chamber steps.

Talk to the Good Fairy on the pillory. The good fairy agrees to take part in the Showstar contest at the theatre.

Use the hammer with the padlock.

Get the Heroes Ambassador to go to election:

Theatre:    Talk to the good fairy leaning by the column that has cracks.

Talk to the 3 judges and learn that Ambrosius is partial to divas like H. Lo.

Talk to the actress completely until she sees that the 3 judges and 3 models are here. Then select 'ShowStar is starting. Places, everyone' dialogue.

As the moderator, Ceville doesn't know what to say. The prompter helps Ceville on what to say.

Stop the ShowStar run:

Sabotage Good Fairy:   

The show starts. The models are called and pose on stage.

See that all the contestants stand on the X mark on the floor.

When the Good fairy is called, use green paint with the column she is leaning on.

The first run has all 3 judges voting for H. Lo.

Sabotage H. Lo:    Use the chalk with the trapdoor to place an X mark.

Talk to the actress again and select the 'ShowStar is starting. Places, everyone' dialogue.

When H. Lo stands on the newly drawn X on the trap door, click the lever seen at top left of the screen and Ceville opens the trap door. H. Lo falls down the trapdoor.

Do this to the now green paint splattered good fairy but she flies above the hole.

If one of these sabotage acts is not done, start another model run through the stage until the other 2 contestants lose and Lilly is the winner.

H. Lo gets upset and cancels the show.

The Heroes ambassador is convinced to go to the election and vote for Gwendolyn.

Take grapes from judges table. Exit the theater.

 Get the Monster Ambassador to go to election.

Find a dungeon for the Monster Ambassador:

Land of Dwarves:   Use the map to go to Stone Mountain. Enter the Dwarven Mine.

Reception desk:    If you haven't taken the help wanted sign from the sleeping goblin yet, do so now.

See the receptionist reading a magazine with Lilly's picture on the cover.

Enter the elevator and the receptionist stops them. After recognizing Lilly, she allows her to go anywhere but her grandfather stays down here.

Ambassador's office:   Look round the office. See a speaking apparatus on the table, beer tap by window at right, dwarf founder's share on stand at corner at other end of the table and unusual Bulldozo 2000 leaning at back wall.

Talk to the Ambassador. Use the help wanted sign on ambassador. Lilly is hired to sell real estate.

Talk to the ambassador again and learn the different real estate that the dwarfs are trying to dump: castle on Shakin Mountain, shark infested island off coast of Faeryanis, old dank mine on Newbie Island and house on Death Gorge.

Select the old mine in Newbie Island, it is dark and has lot of space.  Lilly is given the project mine book.

Exit the office, mine and the mountain.

Cemetery:    Use the map to go to cemetery.

Talk to the lisping monster demon boss about what he wants for a dungeon.

Use the project mine book with demon-monster boss. It is just what he wanted. He will not go until the contract is stamped by the dwarves.

Get the project mine stamped:

Land of Dwarves:    Use the map to go to Stone Mountain. Enter the Dwarven Mine.

Use the elevator to go to ambassador's office. Talk to the dwarven ambassador and Lilly tells him about the sale.

The project book needs to be stamped by the secretary-receptionist. Lilly is also given the privilege of using the speaking machine.

They promoted Lilly to acquire property for the dwarves like a sunny island. She is given unlimited travel voucher.  They also want her to find a new trainee. She is given a job description of the new trainee.

Exit the elevator and use the project book with the secretary-receptionist about the project. Lilly places the project book in the inbox. Hmm... 5-6 months.

Stamp the project mine papers:   

Go back up to the office. Use the speaking apparatus and ask for coffee.

The receptionist gets coffee and brings it to the office.

While she's up at the office, take the project in progress book from the in box desk (press spacebar to find it). Use the project in progress book with stamp on the shelf behind the desk to get approved project.

Take the sharpener beside the stamp. Right click the sharpener in inventory and learn that it is full of termites.

If time runs out, ask for coffee again.

Exit the office, mine and go to the map.

Cemetery:    Use the map to go to cemetery. Use the approved project on demon.

Ceville convinces demon to not vote for Basilius. The demon departs.

Graves:    Look around the cemetery graves. Use spade with graves and see if there is anything useful that can be taken. Or just use spade on grave of Jack Hummingbird, the pirate.

Jack's grave is between the wood headstones of Jack the gravedigger at right and Adania at left. Jack Hummingbird is the third left of the mausoleum and has an arrow like structure above the headstone stand.

Take compass.

Get the Elven Ambassador to go to election.

Find right tool to search for key:

Faeryanis town:       Use the map to go back to Faeryanis town (picture of castle).

El Chollo:    Go to the traveling merchant. If you haven't talked to him about where the genie ambassador went on vacation, do so now.

Ask to go on trip to the Oasis. Lilly will say that they have unlimited voucher. Just say - We want to go west!

Oasis:    Talk to the zombie pirate. Learn that he is looking for treasure that Jack Hummingbird buried here. He is using a metal detector.

Use Jack Hummingbird's compass with zombie pirate. Take the metal detector the pirate dropped.

Go to the sand dune behind the zombie pirate's chair. There's something buried in the sand.

Use the spade with sand dune. Take sawfish.

Find the key:

Elven forest:    Use the map to go back to Elven forest at top left of map.

Use the metal detector on the shrubbery right of the Elven ambassador. Lilly found 2 nails that are added with the hammer.

Talk to the Elven ambassador and learn that a magpie flew off with the key.

Climb the ladder of the logging machine.

Use the loaded slingshot on the nest above the elf. Lilly says the nest is firmly attached to the branch to shoot it down.

Use loaded slingshot with sharpener (with termites) to get termite slingshot. Use termite slingshot with branch or nest. See the nest fall on the ground.

Climb down and search bird nest to get the elf key. Use key with Elven ambassador.

The Elven ambassador goes to the election.

Get the Genie Ambassador to the election.

Oasis:    Use the map to go back to oasis at bottom left of map.

Go at far right of the bar and see a tanning bed with 3 mirrors.

Go to the chair with genie lamp. Rub the genie lamp.

Use old rag with unusual lamp. Talk to the Genie ambassador completely. He doesn't want to end his vacation that was given by Basilius.

The genie will give only one wish for rubbing his lamp and only after winning a duel.

Challenge him to a duel.

Learn the rules of the duel:    He gives Ceville 3 blank beginner cards. No rules are given.

After that duel, learn that this duel is similar to the stick, stone and paper game except with the use of the elements fire, water and ice.

Get working cards:    Go the strange panel left of the bar. Look close and see the 3 elements in a circle. Beside the fire symbol is a flaming monkey, water with a waving monkey and ice with a freezing monkey.

Use the green paint on the elemental symbols. Use the 3 blank cards on the painted elements to get printed deck of cards.

Stop the cheating:    Go back to the genie lamp. Rub unusual lamp. Challenge him to a duel.

Select a card. Take note of the bar ape behind Ceville making the gesture of the monkey related to the element card that Ceville is holding.

Select the other 2 cards and of course Ceville loses.

Go back to colored panel, look close and try to use a monkey icon. The bar ape gets angry.

Talk to bar ape. Order any drink and get a cocktail glass. Stop dialogue.

Click on the bar menu on the sign-blackboard. There's a new drink Coconut Dream made from fresh coconut. Hmm...

Talk to the bar ape again and order Coconut Dream. The bar ape leaves the bar and climbs up the coconut tree to get fresh coconut.

Immediately go the strange panel of elements left of the bar.

Use the top right flaming monkey with bottom waving monkey. Use bottom flaming monkey with top left freezing monkey.

If the bar ape returns before that is done, order another Coconut Dream and finish shuffling the monkey pictures on the strange panel.'

Rub unusual lamp again and challenge him to duel again. This time the bar ape gives the shuffled monkey cheats.

Ceville wins. Lilly wishes that the Genie Ambassador go to the election and vote for Gwendolyn.

The genie disappears.

Vote time:

Faeryanis town:   Use the map to go back to Faeryanis town (picture of castle).

Enter the Council Chamber. Talk to the Head of the Council and ask to start voting.

The vote resulted with the abstention of the Druid Ambassador and the vote for Basilius by the Dwarf Ambassador.

Thus the election is invalidated. A break in the election is called.

Talk to the Dwarf. Talk to the Druid and was told to go to secret Druid circle for a duel.

Win the Druid's vote.

Druid's Stone Circle:    Use the map to go to Druidland (picture of stone circle).

Look around. Check the stone circle, white cloth, board on rock right of the cloth, sign of bridge to geyser and the Druidic shrine at left of the stone circle.

Talk to the elder Druid about the duel.

Ceville sees the artifact inside the Druidic shrine - soccer balls.

The duel is soccer game. The Druid removes the white cloth to reveal the goal wall. Talk to the Druid completely.

Let the duel begin:

The soccer ball is on top of the mark holder. The Druid kicks the soccer ball to the board on the rock and it bounces into the hole on the goal wall.

Ceville kicks the soccer ball and it bounces low on the ground. It did not have the strength to even touch the goal wall. A slow motion replay of Ceville's kick is seen.

A dirty Championship shield is given to Ceville as consolation prize.

Fix the game:

Look at geyser sign and it says that Old Bettsie erupts at 12 noon.

In inventory combine detergent tablet with slingshot to get loaded slingshot. Use loaded slingshot with Old Bettsie the geyser.

Use mark on ground. Ceville moves the mark - soccer ball holder closer to the goal wall.

In inventory combine detergent tablet with slingshot to get loaded slingshot. Use loaded slingshot with geyser.

Use hammer and nails with board on the rock that the Druid bounced the soccer ball on.

In inventory combine detergent tablet with slingshot to get loaded slingshot. Use loaded slingshot with geyser.

Use the sawfish on the goal wall and a lower hole is made.

Talk to the Druid about another duel. The Druid's ball hits the nail on the board and looses air.

Watch the winning kick and the slow motion replay.

Convince the Dwarf that Basilius is not good for the dwarves economy.

Land of Dwarves:    Use the map to go to Stone Mountain.

Sabotage the gold price display board:

Go right and talk to the security troll. He wants a new job and his own bridge.

Use job description with security troll. The troll leaves to sell Ceville's castle.

Use the sawfish on the gold price lift. Watch what happens.

Office:     Enter the mine. Go to the window right of the beer tap at right of the room.

Click on the sabotage gold price display outside. The dwarves do not want to be bothered to look out the window.

Talk to the ambassador and all he wants is coffee.

Exit the office, mine and go to the map.

Get the dwarves to look out the window:

Oasis:    Use the map to go back to oasis at bottom left of map.

Try to take the Tabasco sauce on the table beside the zombie pirate.

He mentions that the bar is out of his beloved Kiwi Royale. Talk to him again and he says the bar is out of raisins and kiwi.

Make a Kiwi Royale:

Use cocktail glass with green paint.

Use grapes with focal point of the tanning bed right of the area. The grapes dry up. Take raisins.

Use the raisins with cocktail glass with green paint to get fake Kiwi Royale.

Give fake Kiwi Royale to zombie pirate. Take Tabasco Sauce.

Land of Dwarves:    Use the map to go to Stone Mountain.

Go to the office. Use the speaking apparatus and ask for coffee. The secretary brings coffee.

Use Tabasco sauce with coffee machine.

Use the speaking apparatus and ask for coffee. The secretary brings the doctored coffee.

Watch what happens. Lilly is now the CEO of the Dwarf Inc. Co.

Vote time again:

Faeryanis town:   Use the map to go back to Faeryanis town (picture of castle).

Enter the Council Chamber. Talk to the Head of the Council and ask to start voting.

The voting resulted in unanimous vote for Gwendolyn. Let's Party!


Act 3: Get Basilius


Queen Gwendolyn is deciding about the case of 3 pigs versus wolf. Choose any selection.

She decides to close the mines. Basilius enters the throne room.

While talking to the queen, Basilius adds something to the bowl of cherries beside her.

Take cherries. Watch what happens to Queen Gwendolyn and later Ambrosius.

Watch what Lilly does to Ceville to get him into the dining room of the castle.

Thaw the chef.

Dining Room:    Look around the room.

Hamster:    Take note of the little castle on the table by the wall.

Right click the castle and see a sleeping fat hamster inside. Take hamster wheel.

Look at the picture behind the little castle of the fat hamster of cake with cherry on top.

Take the broom left of the door. Check the dining room door and see that it is locked. See the dumbwaiter left of the door.

Kitchen:    Use the kitchen door.

Take round cake pan hanging on the shelf right of door. You can take the other cake pans if you want.

Check the ashes on the firepit right of room.

Open the door to cold storage. See chef encased in ice. Try to push chef on rocks (ice). He's heavy.

As Ambrosius:    Take the Book on Flag Etiquette from the balcony ledge. Enter the throne room. 

Use the sword of demon slaying with wheels from buffet trolley that is in front of the dumb waiter at right to get wheels from buffet trolley.

Use dumbwaiter crank. Use wheels from buffet trolley with dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ceville:    Go to dumbwaiter in dining room. Take wheels from buffet trolley from dumbwaiter.

Go back to chef on ice-rock. Use the wheels from buffet trolley with chef on rock.

Push chef encase in block of ice with properly mounted wheels. See Ceville push the chef to the fireplace in the dining room.

The chef thaws out. Talk to the chef. Chef gets depressed upon seeing his kitchen; no meat, just vegetables.

Catch the fat hamster:

Fix the grandfather clock:

As Ceville:    Check the grandfather clock. See that the face of the clock has the hamster's face, fork-spoon at 12 and a cake on the tip of the hand. It must be the dinner time of the hamster. The clock does not tick tock because there is no pendulum.

Use the hamster wheel with dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ambrosius:    Take the hamster wheel from the dumbwaiter.

Take large ladle from bowl on top of buffet trolley. Use large ladle with dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ceville:     Take large ladle from the dumbwaiter. Use grandfather clock. Use large ladle with grandfather clock. Now there's a pendulum.

Catch the fat hamster:    Use the broom to set the clock. Get a close up of the clock. See a right ahead and left back arrow. Use broom on the arrows to set the clock ahead and then back to 12. The clock chimes.

The fat hamster wakes up, opens the gate of the little castle and exits. It looks around for food.

Immediately, click on the 'go back' at bottom of screen, run to the hamster and take the hamster.

If the time runs out, start over on the clock adjustment (back to 12) and catch the hamster before it goes inside his little castle.

Get delicious recipe.

As Lilly:    Look around outside. Note the taut rope strung across the wall of the castle.

Take loose thread (press space bar) from the broken hammock. Take the garden hose at far side of the garden.

Take the stone path to the left and through the leafy archway to the well area.

Take the pile of acorns on the foreground side of the stone path across the well.

Go upstairs (climb the stone stairs left of the well). Talk to the guards completely.

The large guard wrote down the delicious recipe he found in the kitchen. It is the recipe for chocolate covered cherries - just like the one pictured behind the little castle of the hamster.

He hid it under his helmet. The guards only take the helmet off on special occasion like when the queen goes out to the balcony. They raise a flag to let the guards know.

Get the guards to take off helmet. 

Make a flag:

As Ambrosius:    Right click the Book on Flag Etiquette. Learn that the flag that signifies that the queen greets the household is a black flag with a red circle.

As Lilly:    Go downstairs back to the well area.

Use the garden hose with well-fountain. Hmm. Too stiff. Use the loose thread with garden hose to get rope tied to garden hose. Use rope tied to garden hose with well.

Climb down well. Go to torture chamber. Go to left side of the room. Take white cloth-flag covering the iron maiden.

Go back to well room at right and climb up the garden hose.

Climb the stairs on the left and go forward to end of the balcony where the flagpole is located. Use the white flag on flagpole.

As Ambrosius:    Go to the balcony. Drag royal flagpole to the other side. Take white flag.

Go to throne room. Use dumbwaiter crank. Use the white flag with dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ceville:     Take white flag from dumbwaiter.

Change the white flag:    Go to the kitchen. Use white flag with ashes on the shelf of the firepit area to get black flag.

In inventory use round cake pan with Tabasco sauce to get Tabasco smeared round cake pan.

Use tabasco smeared round cake pan with black flag to get red circle on a black flag.

Use red circle on a black flag on dumbwaiter in the dining room. Use dumbwaiter crank.

Get recipe:   

As Ambrosius:    Take the red circle on a black flag.

Go to the balcony. Use red circle on a black flag with Royal flagpole.

As Lilly:    Go to the guards. Talk to the guards about the flag. Take the secret chocolate cherry recipe that flew off the guard's head.

Go to the flagpole area at right side of the balcony. Take red circle on a black flag.

In inventory, use the secret chocolate cherry recipe with loose thread to make packaged chocolate cherry recipe.

Use packaged chocolate cherry recipe with flagpole. Drag flagpole to other side.

Prepare the secret chocolate cherry recipe:

As Ambrosius:    Take packaged chocolate cherry recipe from taut rope.

Go to throne room. Use packaged chocolate cherry recipe on dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ceville:    Take secret chocolate cherry recipe from dumbwaiter.

Use hamster on dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ambrosius:    Take the hamster from dumbwaiter.

Take the cherries from the armrest of the throne. Use the cherries on dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ceville:    Take the cherries from dumbwaiter.

Use secret chocolate cherry recipe with depressed chef. Use cherry with depressed chef.

Get chocolate cherries. Use the chocolate cherries on dumbwaiter. Use dumbwaiter crank.

Get Ceville to throne room:

As Ambrosius:    Take the chocolate cherries. Use dumbwaiter crank.

As Ceville:    Get in the dumbwaiter.

As Ambrosius:    Use dumbwaiter crank. Uh oh! The crank breaks.

As Ceville:    Automatically be Ceville. Ceville gets off the dumbwaiter.

Find replacement dumbwaiter crank:

As Ambrosius:    Talk to the parrot. See that the parrot repeats what is said. Open the bird cage and it flies outside.

Use hamster wheel on dumbwaiter crank. Use hamster on attached hamster wheel.

As Lilly:    Go back to the lake under the queen's balcony.

See the parrot on tree branch. Use acorns with slingshot to get loaded slingshot.

Use loaded slingshot to startle parrot. See the parrot enter the dining room window and lands on top of the grandfather clock.

As Ceville:    Use broom to set the grandfather clock. Use back arrow to move the hand to 12. Gooonnngggg.

See the parrot fly back to his cage.

Get in dumbwaiter.

As Ambrosius:     Give the chocolate cherries to hamster in wheel. The hamster is fast asleep.

Talk to parrot. Gooonnngggg. That woke the hamster up. 

Use chocolate cherries with hamster in wheel. Ambrosius ate chocolate cherries and starts to shrink.

The hamster seeing the chocolate cherries runs in the wheel and raises the dumbwaiter with Ceville in it.

Get the key to throne room:

As Ceville:    Ceville watches as Ambrosius shrinks. Take mini-Ambrosius.

Go to throne room door. Use mini Ambrosius with hamster flap of throne room door.

Get the throne room key. Use the throne room key with door.

Castle basement:    Ceville uses the lever to open the secret door. Lilly joins the gang.


Act 3+: The Return of the King


Ceville confronts Basilius. Lilly and Ceville are placed in trance by Basilius. Lilly is ordered to clean the laboratory.

Ceville wakes up in a cell with a sleeping Gwendolyn. Basilius plans to transform himself to Gwendolyn using her hair in a brew he is preparing.

Basilius' laboratory:   

Get slingshot:    Ceville is in the cell. Use the left and right arrow to move around the room.

Move left and see a sleeping Gwendolyn in the same cell. Take the small stone on the floor just outside the cell.

Move right and see a table with items like skull and vial. Use small stone with small vial on top of the table.

Move the cursor on the table and click on the 'point out dirt'. Ceville complains about the dirt.

Basilius orders Lilly to clean. Lilly moves closer to the cell. Move the cursor on Lilly and click to borrow slingshot from Lilly. Try to talk to Lilly.

Get hair from another source:    Move the side arrows to look around the room.

Move left and see a miniature swing boat. Click on miniature swing boat and learn from Basilius that it is a gift to Basilius' cat.

Move left and above the swing boat and see 3 demon masks with hairs.

Save game here. In inventory use mini Ambrosius with slingshot. Ambrosius is reluctant.

Select the cat basket (swing boat) as the target. Ambrosius lands on the back end of the cat basket.

Immediately move the cursor and click to 'point out dirt' on the cat basket.

Basilius orders Lilly to clean. Lilly cleans the cat basket with Ambrosius on it and the basket starts to swing.

Ambrosius lands on the devil mask with dreadlocks.

As Ambrosius, use the sword of demon slaying with the screw holding the demon mask.

The cat jumps on the swinging basket.

As Ceville, move the cursor and click to 'point out dirt' on the cat basket.

Basilius orders Lilly to clean. Lilly cleans the cat basket with cat on it and it starts swinging.

The cat lands on the edge of the shelf and the mask with Ambrosius falls off.

The mask with Ambrosius moves in front of the cell. Ceville takes intimidating dreadlock mask and Ambrosius.

Replace Gwendolyn's hair:    Use intimidating dreadlock mask on sleeping Gwendolyn. The dreadlocks are over her hair.

As Lilly, clean bunch of hair on the table.

Basilius gets upset and take fresh (demon) hair from Gwendolyn.

Watch what happens.

As Ceville, combine the slingshot and Ambrosius. The target is the demon Basilius. Yippee ya yay!


To be continued?!

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