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Walkthrough by MaGtRo     August, 2002

Game play:    At the Welcome screen, the game menu, visit the site, consult documentation, options and the leave the game are found. Under the Options menu, you can change the speed of the Omni 3D based on the power of your computer and enable-disable music, subtitles and automatic save. The game is point and click manipulation. During game play, the bottom bar shows from left to right: the spiral icon goes back to main menu, the eye icon is for close up and inventory slots. On the bottom right is the report icon, a rolled parchment that shows the progress of the inquiry in the game and is useful to check often. The compass icon shows 2 maps of the Forbidden City. The right map shows your position in the City and a rectangle. The left map shows the enhanced view within the rectangle on the right map and the different names of each of the palaces. If the cursor changes into a pointing finger, you can go that place immediately. You can also walk from one place to another by following the map and enjoy the scenery. By pressing the spiral icon - escape will return to welcome screen from game mode and out of documentary mode. To open the inventory, press the space bar or right click the mouse. To get out of the inventory bar, double press the space bar. To give or show an inventory to a game character, click the inventory on that character's body. To get out of a puzzle or close up of a document, click at the bottom of the screen with the pointed finger icon or in 2 puzzles, press the ESC key.

1775: Anjing reads the Imperial Mandate 1, his new appointment and hear the words of Master Wei wishing him well on his new appointment as Superintendent of the Imperial House as well as warning him of jealousy. A servant arrives to inform Anjing about the murder of Wang, a chief Eunuch at the Hall of Supreme Harmony. The servant says that the victim states that he was murdered by a demon with red-eyes. Anjing is called to the presence of the Emperor Qianlong, 4th Emperor of the Manchurian Qing dynasty. An is commanded to find out who murdered the Chief Eunuch Wang by sunset.

1. Room of Spiritual Nourishment access for Chief Eunuch's Office

2. Office of the Internal Petitions

3. Upper Study of the Imperial Princes

4. Imperial Gardens

5. Imperial House

6. Gate of Celestial Purity

7. Room of Powerful Fertility or Halls of Great Fertility

8. Palace of Profound Purity accessed by way of Imperial Gardens

Investigate Wang's Movement

Chief Eunuch's office by the Gates to Room of Spiritual Nourishment, the Emperor's private residence:       Turn around and talk to the 2 guards. Turn left, forward and enter the first door. Talk to Chief Eunuch Ma, who has taken over Wang's duties. The eunuchs are controlled by Head Eunuchs, who in turn are supervised by the Superintendents. Turn around and talk to Eunuch Chou, who works directly with Wang. Wang asked for an audience to see the August Elder yesterday. Dowager Empress Douairiere is at the Imperial Gardens at the moment and has agreed to meet with Anjing. The Gardens is open to members of the royal family only. You have to go to the Office of the Interior Petitions to get permission to enter the garden.

Access the map. At the right map, move the rectangle to the middle right by clicking at the center. On the left map, there are 2 active spots (hand icons), the Office of the Internal Petitions and Upper Study of the Imperial Princes. Click to go there.          Office of Internal Petitions:        Enter and go to the center the room. Talk to the man behind the right desk - Director Li. After getting His Majesty's permission, he gives you Imperial Mandate 2 to enter the Imperial Gardens.                Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:      Access the map and click on Upper Study of the Imperial Princes or walk outside and go to the opposite end of the compound to access the Upper Study. Enter and talk to Master Wei, Anjing's mentor. You can come back and ask him for help throughout the investigation. Imperial Prince Yong Song, 16th Prince is with Master Wei.

Imperial Gardens:        Access the map, move the rectangle to the top middle of the frame on the green area of the Imperial Gardens. Click using the pointed finger icon at right area of the garden by a domed roof. Talk the Eunuch by the gate and then give the Imperial Mandate 2. Enter the gate to the gardens. Go forward to the group of people once. Speak to Dowager Empress, Mother of the Emperor. She gives you a posthumous letter from Wang and Wang's key. The sealed envelope was given to the Dowager Empress by Wang and not to be open while he was alive. Move the letter to the eye icon and the red circle will change to yellow. Click and the letter can be read. I bear a heavy secret which must now be revealed. Your majesty will understand, I hope, that I cannot write everything down for everyone to read. The Bodhisattva of Compassion will guide you. The Five in front, Red after Blue will reveal the secret. Talk to Empress Dowager again. Wang was a former Eunuch of the Empress Dowager before joining the Emperor's service. Time to report through channels.

Investigate Wang's Testament

Office of Internal Petitions:        Access the map again to go to the Office of Internal Petitions to report what you have found. Click the posthumous letter on the body of Director Li and he will make a copy of it for the Emperor. His Majesty wants you to proceed with the investigation of the letter.        Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Ask help from Master Wei by clicking the posthumous letter on his body. The Dowager Empress gave Wang a statue of Bodhisattva of Compassion. He advises that you check the Bodhisattva of Compassion.        Imperial House:    Access the map and place the rectangle to where Chief Eunuch's office is. Click on Imperial House just below Room of Spiritual Nourishment and the Imperial Kitchen. Enter, turn right and go to the office across from yours. Click the letter on the body of Superintendent Da of the Imperial House in blue robe. He said not to trust Eunuchs. Superintendent Da has served much longer as superintendent and is responsible for the stewardship and management of the Forbidden City.

Chief Eunuch's office: Access the map back to the Room of Spiritual Nourishment and go to Wang's former office. Talk to Chief Eunuch Ma twice until he states that Wang keeps his things in his furniture. Turn to the right and look close at the cabinet on top of the table. Open the cabinet and then the drawers to get hammer, chisel and screwdriver. The bottom drawer is locked. Use Wang's key on bottom drawer. Take the statue.

            Statue puzzle - To open remember what Wang said the five in front, red after blue. Working on the five jewels at the center of the statue's base, click on 2 blue jewels and then click on the 3 red ones. Take the 2 letters. To read click on the words. First Confession of Wang - Demon acting ruthlessly within the Palace has given him those qualities and forced him to be his accomplice. His next 3 confessions will unmask him and justice will be done. Clue for the Second Confession - The solution is the center.

Show the First Confession to Ma - Wang's qualities involves classics, poetry, sculpting, painting, calligraphy and making of mechanical toys. An thinks that Wang is a Forger. Show Ma the Clue for second confession - he recognizes Wei and the game of Go. Wang made a number of them. Exit the room and be met by Councilor Yu. He wants to know the progress and your thoughts about the murder investigation.

Investigate the First Confession and Clue for Second Confession

 Office of Internal Petitions:        Show the 2 letters - first confession and clue to 2nd confession to the Director Li so that he can inform His majesty.         Imperial House:        Show the 2 letters to Superintendent Da. Strange, he did not recognize Master Wei and the game of Go.

Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Talk to Master Wei and then show him the 2 letters from Wang's cabinet. The game of Go in this room came from the Palace of Spiritual Nourishment where Wang worked. Turn left, go forward and look close at the game of Go on the table. The puzzle involves making the script on the clue for the second confession on the board. Click the buttons to make the script and they will light up.


Take the 2 letters. Second Confession of Wang -Wang made forgeries of the Ancients, the demon replaced the original with his forgeries and the originals were placed inside gifts for a concubine. 6th Day of the 11th month of the year 39. Clue for the Third Confession - The next hiding place. Pass a wet brush over the jacket. The solution is identical.

Investigate the Second Confession and Clue for Third Confession

Office of Internal Petitions:        Show the second confession to Director Li.  His Majesty wants you to verify the words of Wang.        Chief Eunuch's Office:        Talk to Ma and then show the 2 letters. All the incoming and outgoing entries are kept in the ledgers in Imperial House. Uhmm, he doesn't recognize the second drawing.        Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Show the 2 letters to Master Wei. He states that ledgers exists that note the activities in the palace. As for the second clue, first find the original works and the drawing looks like buttons on a gilded door. Master Wei allows you the use of his brush.       

Imperial House:       Talk and then show the 2 letters to Superintendent Da. He still does not trust the Eunuchs. He does not know much. Turn around and go to your office across the hall. Look close at the ledgers on the left of your table. Look close at the 4 ledgers and take the List of Imperial Gifts - Imperial of Gifts of Palace of Spiritual Nourishment to the Palace of Profound Purity offered to First Concubine on the 6th day of 11th month, year 39. Go back to Superintendent Da and show him the List of Imperial Gifts. He gives the direction to the Palace of Profound Purity.

Find the Original Works

Office of Internal Petitions:        Show Director Li the List of Imperial Gifts. Director Li hands you a new Imperial Mandate 3 to get in the home of the First Concubine.

Palace of Profound Purity:        Access the map and see that the Palace of Profound Purity is to the right of the entrance to the Imperial Gardens. Click on the domed building inside the Imperial Gardens. Find yourself in front of the gates to the Gardens, turn right and enter the gate. Go forward and talk to the eunuch standing by the gate to the Palace. Show him the Imperial Mandate 3. Hear him get the ladies to return to their quarters. Enter the gate and go around to the building behind the partitioned wall in front of the gate.

Talk to Chief Eunuch Lu. Show him the List of Imperial Gifts so that he will know the date the gifts were given and identify them. Listen to the discussion of the first concubine, the chief eunuch and the lady in waiting. 3 gifts are brought out. Look at the middle, right and then left gifts. The left box is shallower than seen from the outside. Use the screwdriver on the box. Take the 3 original works of the Ancients. Listen to the Eunuch inform the first concubine about the discovery of Works from the Imperial Collection.

Office of Internal Petitions:        Show the originals to Director Li. The originals must be shown to Master Wei.        Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Talk to Master Wei and the brush and water are now accessible. Click on the table, see the originals and equipments. From the clue - The next hiding place. Pass a wet brush over the jacket. Take a brush on the right container, click it on the purple water dish (hear a sound) and then click the brush on the originals. When the right original is wet brushed, the words Celestial Purity is seen. An leaves the original to Master Wei for appraisal.

Find the Third Confession

Gate of Celestial Purity:        Access the map, move the rectangle to the center just below the Imperial Garden and click on the promenade in front of the Gate of Celestial Purity. Go forward to the red door. Look close at the buttons of the left gilded door with the eye icon. Move the pointer on all the gold buttons and see an active spot on the bottom row, fifth going from right to left. Use the chisel on that button and then use the hammer on the chisel. See 3 silver cylinder. Click on each cylinders and words are seen. Remember what Wang said - The solution is identical. The only set of words that is common to all 3 cylinder is Affix his seal. Turn the cylinders to Affix his seal.


Take the 2 documents. Third Confession - the demon tricked Wang to forge Imperial Seals. He got the wax imprints from his assistant and not know who supplied them. The Clue to the fourth confession is a drawing of a door and a grate on a hillside. Anjing meets Great Councilor Yu and again the progress of the investigation is inquired upon. Upon learning of the August Seal forgery as well as 3 others, Councilor Yu immediately goes to His Majesty to tell him of his fears.

Investigate the Third Confession and Clue for Fourth Confession

Office of Internal Petitions:        Show the third confession and clue to fourth confession to Director Li.  His Majesty wants you to question Chief Eunuch Ma so that he will confess his involvement. Director Li thinks the drawings are the Imperial Gardens.        Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Show the 2 documents to Master Wei. The rest of the Imperial Seals are kept in the High Hall of Great Fertility. Wang's assistant, Ma must know everything and must be questioned immediately because he might kill himself to escape punishment. Master Wei also thinks the drawing refers to the Gardens.        Imperial House:        Show the 2 documents to Superintendent Da. His ignorance of all the clues makes him very suspicious.

Chief Eunuch's Office:        Ma is not in the office. Talk to eunuch Chou. He left after the last time you where here. Go out and talk to one of the 2 guards guarding the Gates to Room of Spiritual Nourishment. Ma just left. Turn right, forward 2xs, left, forward, right and go through the door. Turn around and talk to one of the guards. Ma went to the Hall of Celestial Purity. Turn right, forward once, right and talk to the guard. Enter through the gate. Turn around again and talk to the right guard. Ma went to the Tiger Cave, a passage that allows the eunuch to go from one palace to another. Now to find Tiger Cave - turn around and go down to the middle of the courtyard. Turn left and look at the house with 2 gold vases in front. Click on the active spot on one of the vases. See Anjing find a dead Ma. 2 servants examine Ma's body and find the stamps of the Imperial Seals.

Investigate the Imperial Seals Forgery

Office of Internal Petitions:        Find yourself automatically in front of Director Li. Show the stamps of the Imperial Seals to Director Li. His Majesty orders you to go to the Halls of Great Fertility to investigate and is given Imperial Mandate 4 to gain access to the seals.        Imperial House:       Show the stamps of the Imperial Seals to Superintendent Da. Again, he is non-committal.

Halls of Great Fertility:        In the map, the Hall of Great Fertility is called Room of Powerful Fertility and is found behind the Palace of Celestial Purity at the center of the map. Use the map and click on the promenade in front of the Gate of Celestial Purity (last puzzle area). Turn left, forward 2xs, turn right, forward through the gate and be at a side passage. Go forward 4x, turn right and talk to the guard. Show him Imperial Mandate 4 and then enter through the gate. Go forward up the stairs of the small palace in front of you. Turn right, forward, left, forward and left to the door to the Hall of Great Fertility. Enter and see 2 men. Talk to Chief Eunuch Wen on the right. Give the stamps of the Imperial Seals to the left eunuch in gray.

                    Imperial Seal Puzzle - The 3 seals given by the eunuch are above the document of stamps of the Imperial Seals taken from Ma. The right red square is the ink. Click once on the stamp and see the stamp etched on it. Compare the seal on top to the imprint below. Click several times (3 x on each) on all of them to get wax found on the Seals. Place the wax in inventory as proof. Remove the inventory bar from the screen - right click. Now that the wax is gone, we can make imprints of the seals by: click once to see the imprint, click again to carry the seal, press seal on ink, press the inked seal on the corresponding blank square and return the seal. Gold seal match the right imprint, the white seal match the left and the black seal match the middle imprint. The Stamps of the Imperial Seals 2 is now in inventory. Show the wax found on the Seals to Chief Eunuch Wen.

Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Show the stamps of the Imperial Seals 2 to Master Wen. He states that the seals are rarely used and the forger must have had the original to make a copy of them and access to the Halls of Great Fertility.        Office of Internal Petitions:        We changed officials now. Show either the wax found on the seals or the stamps of the Imperial Seals 2 to the new official. Director Li left and Yang, The Office First Assessor took his place in his brief absence. His Majesty gives his permission for the arrest of Chief Eunuch Wen. The wax disappears from inventory.        Halls of Great Fertility:        The Halls of Great Fertility can now be accessed directly from the map. Enter the building and talk to the grey robed eunuch. Wen left and possibly went back to his lodging at the East Wing of the Court on your left at the bottom of the stairs.

Wen's room:         Turn around and exit the building. Turn left, forward, left, forward, right and down the stairs. Turn around and go forward to the right Lodgings of the Eunuchs. Click twice on the chest in Wen's room. The chest is moved to show a panel on the floor. Use chisel on the panel on the floor. See lots of coins but can not be taken. Too bad! Click on the chest and it covers the coin hoard back. Turn around and click on door. A wounded Wen staggers in and dies in your arms. He said Li, the director of the Office of Internal Petitions. Oh my! 2 servants did not find anything on Chief Eunuch Wen.

Investigate the Clue for Fourth Confession

Imperial Gardens:        Go out of the room, forward through the gates, turn around and talk to one of the guards. He said that Director Li is at the Imperial Gardens. Turn right, forward and talk to the eunuch standing by the gates to the Imperial Gardens. He said that Li is in the Gardens. Enter the gates and go forward to the grotto of the Imperial Gardens (just like the clue). Watch a servant enters, screams and comes out saying that there is a body in the cave. Watch An find Director Li dead. After a search of the body, the servants gives List of Director Li - Wang, Ma and Wen are crossed off and Jin Cao still unmarked. Who is Jin Cao, another accomplice?

Turn to left and look close at the grill. See a box on the other side of the grill. Use the screwdriver all around the edge of the grill. Click the screwdriver on the box.

            Grill box puzzle - At the center of the circle is the Yin Yang symbol. Next circle shows the 4 cardinal points - N, S, E, W. Next circle shows dragon, bird, tiger and tortoise. The outermost circle shows colors - green, dark blue, red, yellow, white, light blue, black and gray. Press ESC if you want to get out of the puzzle. Go to main menu, access the documentation and click on the star icon on right. Refer to The symbols of the Forbidden City and Geomancy. Dragon, the symbol of the Emperor is linked to spring, green and east. Phoenix, symbol of the Empress is linked to summer, red, south and fire. Go back to the grill box puzzle and arrange the symbols, colors and cardinal points based on the documentation. Click East to the right, click the dragon (Emperor) to the east and the color green with the dragon. Then click on the colors (can be clicked back up) in the order, yellow (SW), gray (NE), dark blue (SE) and then light blue (NW). Take the 2 documents. Fourth Confession - Wang wrote the false highly important edict and the Empire's peace is in danger if the Demon's project succeeds. 2 other mechanism made by Wang were taken by the Demon and might be used as hiding places. Fourth Clue shows a picture of a vase with planted bamboos and a clock with 3 dials.

Exit the grotto. Chief Eunuch Lu of the First Concubine asks if you could talk to his mistress. Talk to the woman in white, Lady Fu and then talk again to the Chief Eunuch Lu wearing the red hat. Jin Cao is the Chief Eunuch of Concubine 4. Jin Cao and his Lady was with the group earlier.

Investigate the Fourth Confession and Fourth Clue

Office of Internal Petitions:        Talk to Assessor-Director Yang. His Majesty wants you to find the murderer of Director Li immediately. Jin Cao is the Chief Eunuch of Virtuous Concubine Shouxiu who lives in the Palace of Profound Purity. He as well as Wen comes to the office often.             

Palace of Profound Purity:        Access the Imperial Gardens in the map, turn right and enter the gate. Talk to the Eunuch guard. Enter after he has warned the Ladies to keep to their houses. Turn right and talk the brown robed eunuch at the stairs. The Chief Eunuch Jin is not there. Bao, the lady in waiting of the fourth concubine talked to her mistress. Chief Eunuch Jin was ordered to go to the Imperial House. He should be there now.

Imperial House:       Enter and find Jin Cao dying. He called for Superintendent Da and mentioned the name Hua Bao, flame and Lady.        Office of Internal Petitions:        Yang informs you that His Majesty has given his permission to question Lady Shouxiu and to make Hua Bao talk of what she knows.

Palace of Profound Purity:       Talk to the eunuch guard about Hua Bao, lady in waiting of the fourth concubine. Enter, right and talk to the brown robed eunuch by the steps. Enter to see Hua Bao. Talk to Hua Bao. She gives a blank paper to be given to a Court Official in the event of Jin's death and mentions the sentence she was told to memorize - Heat brings light. Turn to the right and see a candle stand in front of the screen door. Click the blank paper close to the flame of the candle to get rebus clue. See a picture of a tree planter and a large jar with a hole at the base.

            Jin's clue puzzle - Go outside and forward to the opposite house at the other end of the compound. Just before the steps, turn right and look close at the black jar. Push the rectangular panel at the base of the black jar. Click the chisel around 3xs to remove the panel. Take the key found in a jar. Go back in front of the house of the fourth concubine at the other end of the courtyard and the brown robed eunuch.  Look at the tree planter's side panel on the left. Remove the panel and then use the key found in jar on the keyhole.

Take the 3 seals and see them with the Stamps of the Imperial Seals 2. Use the seals with the red ink and make an imprint on the bottom blank squares. Right blank square with the gold seal, then left for the white seal and middle for the black seal. There are now seals in inventory.

Office of Internal Petitions:        Show the seals to Director Yang. His Majesty congratulates you and tells you to investigate as you see fit.

Palace of Profound Purity:       Enter and talk to the brown robed eunuch by the fourth concubine's house. Enter, turn left and enter the drawing room. Turn right and talk to Lady Shouxiu.

            Chinese zodiac puzzle - Turn around and see the bamboo plants on a vase as shown by the fourth clue. Click on it to see 4 bamboo stalks with astrological signs etched on them. Click on each sign and another one is shown from the back. The object of the puzzle is to show the signs based on the Chinese astrology. Press ESC if you want to get out of the puzzle. Read about Chinese Astrology under documentation. The animals of the Chinese zodiac are rat, bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, cockerel, dog and pig. Go back to the puzzle and show from left to right and top to bottom: serpent, cockerel, tiger, dog, horse, wild boar, hare, ox, monkey, rat, dragon and goat.

Take the document. False Proclamation of Succession - The secret proclamation designates the Imperial Prince Yong Song, 16th Prince as the heir. Anjing confronts Lady Shouxiu. With tears at being found out, she finally admitted that Superintendent Da is the leader of the conspiracy. His reason is for revenge. They plan to assassinate His Majesty tomorrow at the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Automatically, An informs Director Yang about the document and the assassination plot. His Majesty orders you to go to Superintendent Da with a contingent of guards and arrest him. The Lady Shouxiu is to be sent to a convent.

End to the Plot

Imperial House:        Enter, turn right and enter the office of Superintendent Da. Watch him about to check the clock. He turns to fight. Use hammer on him. Da would not tell An any details about the assassination plot. 2 Guards take him away. Look at the blue decoration on the desk - 58th year of the reign of Kangxi, 9th month, 7th day. Turn left and see the clock on Wang's fourth clue. Look close at the clock.

            Clock puzzle - Using the date seen on the desk decoration, turn the clock hands by click-hold-release of the left mouse button. On the big dial on top, move the hour hand to 5 and the minute hand to 8. On the right bottom dial, move the hand to 9 and on the left bottom dial, move the hand to 7.

Take the 2 documents from the opened side panel - Plan of an infernal mechanism and the False Edict of Regency. The False Edict of Regency appoints Superintendent Da as regent to the young Yong Song when he is declared Emperor.

Upper Study of the Imperial Princes:        Anjing talks to Master Wei and apologizes for his inability to discuss the events. Prince Yong Jong is now absent.

Room of Supreme Harmony:        Access the map, move the rectangle to bottom middle of the right map and click on the Room of Supreme Harmony, a large roof at center of left map. Move forward to the throne. Click on the gold throne on top of the middle steps.

            Infernal Machine puzzle - The game shows the steps in the puzzle by showing the active spots.

Remove the seat cover - wood plank - long lower metal bar - short left bar - long top bar - short right bar. Click anywhere to go to the bottom poison setup.


1. Click on bottom gear.    2. Click on top gear.     3. Use screwdriver on the end of both red tubing attached to the 2 poisoned clear tubes or to the metal it is attached to. This will detach the 2 red tubes from the poisoned flask.   4. Use the screwdriver to remove the tubing under the bottom gear. This will detach the whole mechanism that connects the poison to the chair seat.    5. Use screwdriver on right poison tube to remove the metal bar and then click again to remove the poison tube itself. Do the same to the left poison tube - click 2xs to remove the metal bar and then to take the tube.    Click anywhere to exit.

Watch Superintendent Anjing enter the Hall and into the presence of His Majesty.

Superintendent Anjing was rewarded with Imperial gifts and promotions for reasons unknown. Superintendent Da committed suicide in prison, his title stripped posthumously and his property confiscated by the Crown. Lady Shouxiu is a nun in a monastery outside Peking. Prince Yong Jong is not disturbed.

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