Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual

(The Testament of Sin)

by City Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2008


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The DVD disk is needed to be in the drive to play.

The main menu has new game, load game, graphics options, sound options, movies, credits and exit.

The graphics option has selections for shadows, special effects, background animations and subtitles.

The sound options has adjustments for music, effects and dialogue volumes.

The in game menu is located at top of the screen. It has selection for main menu, save game, load game, options (volume) and notes. The notes feature has dialogues, journal and documents.

The inventory-pocket is at bottom of the screen. The items collected can be seen in large item panel by right clicking an inventory. Items in inventory can be combined. The name of items or action in inventory is seen at top of screen.

The question mark at bottom right shows all active or important items in the screen.

Double click makes Sylvie run.

Paris, November 3, 2008

On a cliff side, Knights Hospitaller are carrying a chest with scorpion depicted on its sides. An accidental tilt of the chest releases a mist that killed all but one of the Knights. The remaining knight managed to push the rod that got dislodge and the mist returned to the box.

Sylvie Leroux gets a call from her uncle Oliver. He wants Sylvie to come to Malta and see the new discovery he found at the ruins in Goto.

Apartment:    Look around and take things necessary for the trip.

Desk:    Take the airline ticket. Open the drawer and take credit card, ID picture and ID card.

Fireplace:    Look at the picture of the family: uncle, parents and grandmother. Close the fireplace vent.

Take the luggage and exit the room. Sylvie will turn off the desk lamp.

La Valletta in Malta, November 4, 2008

Uncle Oliver's home:    Arrive in Uncle Oliver's home. He is not here.

Study:    Look around for signs of Uncle Oliver.

Check the desk drawer and take Uncle's photograph, flashlight, ballpoint cartridge and bottle with dried glue.

Go to the small coffee table left of door. Take Maltese coins from the jewelry case. Check the pipe.

Look at the crack on the paneling fragment left of door. There's a hiding place there.

Open the paneling fragment.

Click the crack with a lock of the panel. The compartment is blocked.

Exit the study and be at the hallway.

Check the recess on left wall where the compartment is located on the other side.

See a vase that has mismatched pattern.

Turn the parts of the vase to form a matching pattern starting from the cross on top to the base.

Hear a click.

Go back to the study and look close at the panel again.

Optional - Use the ballpoint cartridge on the crack. The cartridge bent.

Use the scooter key on the crack. The scooter key also got bent.

Take the old volume and read it. Learn about the history of the Knights Hospitaller in Malta. The rest of the book is in unknown writing. A vision happened and Sylvie says that it was what she saw in her dream.

Take uncle's letter. Right click and then click to read the message to James Anderson and to Sylvie. Learn that James is the linguist that is translating a tablet and that they took the ruins from Uncle Oliver.

Bedroom:    Exit and go upstairs.

Look close at the side table and take the sleeping pills.

Look close at the picture on the table (escritoire) at the foot of the bed.

Check the screen and see his morning gown still here.

Front door:   Go down and check the empty mail box on the right side of the front door.

Exit through the left side.

Street:    Talk to the man standing on the road twice.

Inspector Granc believes that Uncle stole the objects from the ruin and is also looking for him.

Take the wire by the manhole.

Plaza:    Go to bottom screen.

Talk to the elderly man sitting on the bench by the statue of a Knight.

Corner workshop:    Talk to the man at the Corner workshop. Stefano Kawlata wants a message sent to his brother at the docks. He will repair the scooter key for Sylvie.

Go to the right and through the alley between the buildings. The sign on the building says Marina.

Courtyard:    Pass through the courtyard to get to the marina.

Marina:    Go through the archway to the marina.

Talk to Tore Kawlata, the brother and retired fisherman. Give him the message.

Talk to the parrot. The parrot wants fish to learn more about James Anderson and where he lives.

Get fish:    See a fish floating on the water.

Go back to the courtyard. Take the newspaper on the ground and the leaky ladle (net) by the trash can at left wall.

Go back to the plaza and then to the bench by the statue. Pick up the cane under the bench. Use the cane or the leaky ladle to get the watering can in the flower bed. Return the cane under the bench.

Go to the corner workshop. Pick up the pliers from the table. Use the pliers on the wire and get several cut wires. Return the pliers back on the table.

Fix the leaky ladle:  Look close (right click) at the watering can in inventory.

Click on the rose or holed plate of the watering can to take it off.

Combine the rose and cut wires. Combine the rose with wires with the leaky ladle to get repaired ladle.

Go back to the marina. Use the repaired ladle on the floating fish.

Give the mackerel to the parrot. The address of James Anderson is Pjazza Skola 5-R.

Wrap the fish with the old newspaper. He is a good ventriloquist or a very bright parrot.

Go back to the courtyard and back to the plaza. Automatically return the fixed ladle back where Sylvie got it.


James Anderson:    Check the entry phone of the tenement building at the corner close to the alley. Buzz 5-R. He's not here.

Corner Workshop:    Talk to Stefano and get the scooter key.

Street:    Go to the street in front of Uncle's house and use the scooter. Insert the key on the scooter and click to start it.

Island of Gozo  November 4, 2008

Parking lot:   

Make a press ID:    Pick up the press ID on the ground. Take a cactus leaf from bottom right.

Right click the bottle with dried glue. Click on the cap to open it.

Combine the cactus leaf and the open glue bottle to get bottle with glue.

Use the bottle with glue on Press ID. Use Press ID with glue and Sylvie's ID picture to get faked ID.

Camping:    Go left of parking lot and talk to Henri Simon, the archeologist that took over Uncle Oliver. He finally allows her to ask the police.

Ruins:    Go left of the trailer. Go to the spring at right. Use the watering can on spring to get watering can with water.

Temple:    Go to the temple.

Policewoman:    Go to the entrance to the underground and see the Maltese cross above the entrance.

Talk to the policewoman twice and learn more about the theft.

She will allow Sylvie entry if she gets her a cup of coffee and Sylvie will be allowed to check inside for as long as she drinks it.

Camping:    Go back up and to the camping area. See that Henri has gone to sleep. Go to the cases and take the petrol can.

Trailer:    Go to the trailer. Click the door to the trailer.

Use the bent cartridge on the lock of the door. If the cartridge is not bent yet, use the cartridge on the grid of the step to the door.

Take the spatula and brush on top of the boxes by the door.

Use the flashlight on the hook of the shelf above the desk. Now there's light.

Click to look close at desk. Take the metal detector left of the desk.

Open the drawer and take the photo of 4 sculptures and the photo of the tablet. Look at them in inventory.

Take the coffee thermos behind the laptop.

Press the on button of the laptop. Press the printer icon on the laptop screen. Turn off the laptop.

Pull back and take the printout.

Exit, automatically take the flashlight and exit.

Temple:    Go to the temple.

In inventory, right click the coffee thermos and remove the cap.

Combine the sleeping pills and the opened coffee thermos to get sleeping mixture.

Policewoman:    Give the sleeping mixture to the policewoman.

Enter the underground and see that it is too dark. Go to the generator.

Generator:    See that the policewoman is having a nap.

Look close at generator. Open the radiator at left. Use the filled watering can on the opened radiator.

Open the fuel tank at the center. Use the gas can on the open tank.

Press the on switch at right.

Underground:    Go to the underground.

Heart of Chamber:    Go to the heart of the chamber and see the scorpion depicted over lines and possible stars at the background.

Check the 4 pedestals with the planetary symbols seen in the picture taken from the laptop. Look at the square holes on the top part of the pedestal.

Portal:    Look close at the portal on the back wall. See another vision of the Hospitaller possibly sealing a box.

Check the frame right of the portal. Exit the chamber and see a shadow of a man on the portal.

Temple:    Go to the fresh site at bottom right of the temple floor.

Fresh site:    Look close at the fresh site and see broken pillars on the ground.

Use the metal detector on the soil at the foreground. Use the spatula on the buzzed soil. Use brush to clear the soil and get a XVI century signet ring of a Hospitaller.

Check the view. Nice! Exit the temple and go to the parking lot.

Use the key on the scooter and go back to La Valletta.

La Valletta  November 5, 2008

James Anderson:    Exit the house and go to the right.

Press the 5-R button on the entry phone. Enter the tenement house and be in Anderson's apartment.

Talk to James. Learn about the artifact that the Hospitaller might have in possession.

Go back home and open the secret panel in the study. Take the old volume and get the same vision.

Go back to James' apartment and give him the old volume. Learn about Sylvie's theory of the existence of cities mentioned in the bible.

Corner Workshop:    Go to and talk to Mr. Kawlata at the corner. Learn about the rumors about Uncle and the Hospitaller.

Island of Gozo  November 5, 2008

Ruins:    Ride the scooter and go back to Gozo. Go to ruins and talk to the female tourist.

Henri Simon:    Go to the temple and talk to Henri. Hear his explanations.

Sylvie gets a call from James and she voiced aloud the address of the gallery - Galatesaray 23 in Istanbul run by Faina Flatow.

Istanbul November 6, 2008

Talk to the rickshaw owner. His rickshaw has a broken chain.

Gallery:    Go right and see the gallery window.

Go right again and go through the entrance to the gallery.

Talk to Faina Flatow. Watch as Sylvie gives her some inane story and shows her the Hospitaller ring.

Exit the gallery.

Street:    Talk to the trader.

Cabriolet:    Go up the street and look at the car

Look at the poster on the wall beside the car. Looks familiar, eh.

Look inside the car and see a cat. Hmm.

Go back to the left of the gallery and in front of the rickshaw. Enter the courtyard. See a guard there.

Pick up the poker on the road. Look at the bin in the latticed plaza. Use the poker to get the rubber ball.

Go back out and to the car at the side street.

Place the ball in front of the front wheel.

Place the fish on the center console beside the unfriendly cat. There it goes.

Move the gear stick of the car from park to drive by pushing it forward.

Use the poker to break the ball. Sylvie runs to the courtyard.

Hear a crash.

Courtyard:    The 2 guards talk to each other and the one at the courtyard leaves to take care of the car.

Plaza with bins:    Enter the plaza with bins. Sylvie says to build steps to get to the roof of the outhouse.

There is a trash bin at right and a crate at left that are movable. They can be pushed or pulled.

Sylvie can only walk one square at a time.

Move the trash bin at right to be in front of the big garbage bin at top right.

Move the crate to be in front of the round trash bin.

Climb up.

Storage room of the gallery:    Sylvie climbs up and enters the window of the backroom of the gallery.

Look around. Check behind the wardrobe and take the bicycle chain and bicycle pump from the coat hook on the wall.

Check the desk. Take the scarf, powder case and the business card from the purse. Look at back of business card and see that there's an inscription in Hebrew.

Go left to the gallery back. It's dark back there.

Light:    Combine the scarf and the powder case.

Hang the scarf with powder case on the middle empty hook on the wall.

Click once on the powder case to turn the powder case to face the sunlight at left.

See light bounces on it to the dark area in the back of the gallery.

Go to the back of the gallery and flip the switch of the light panel.

Crates:    Check the large crate on the left.

Use the poker on the large crate lid. See the Gozo stone tablet.

Open the small crate on the right with the poker. See and take the 4 stone cubes.

Sylvie is hit from behind. Faina Flatow and her guards interrogate her. The crates are missing. Who stole them?

Sylvie is thrown out of the gallery.

James calls her and wants her to talk to him about the cubes.

Go out to the street. Talk to the rickshaw driver. Sylvie gives him the bicycle chain and pump.

La Valletta  November 7, 2008

Uncle Oliver's house:    The study was searched. Check the bedroom and see that it was not touched.

Go outside and talk to Inspector Granc.

James:    Go to the tenement around the corner and buzz 5-R.

Enter and talk to James. Leave the apartment.

Sylvie wants to visit the parrot and its owner. Go towards the marina and see a shadow of a man following her.

Sylvie runs back. Enter James' building again. Talk to James. He was being followed also.

He will go to a monastery and work there on the tablet and old volume.

Scooter:    Go back to the front of Uncle's house and ride the scooter to go to Gozo.

Island of Gozo  November 7, 2008

Trailer:    Go left to the trailer.

Hear the phone call of Henri. He is the one that hit Sylvie and took the crates.

Take the key from top of the suitcase.

Parking lot:    Go right to the parking lot.

Van:    Look inside the back of the van and see the crates. Use the key on the backdoor lock.

Enter and open the blue toolbox. Take the hammer and chisel.

Use the hammer on all the nails and then chisel on the cover of the smaller crate at right at side of the van.

Take the 4 stone cubes.

Use the hammer on all the nails of the large crate at center of the van. Then use the chisel on the crate lid.

See the tablet. Try to exit the van but Simon arrives.

He drove the van up a ramp and inside a plane. The plane takes off.

Somewhere   November 8, 2008

Courtyard:    Use the chisel to exit the van. Look around.

Archway:    Go to the archway at left corner on the back hallway.

Sylvie eavesdrops on Simon and a cardinal. The cardinal believes that the Mossad will still continue the struggle even if they have the stone and tablet. The cardinal wants the 'thing' to be in their underground hiding place also.

Entry Gate:    Go back to the courtyard and check the entry gate at right.

See that the gate is made up of solid metal panels and locked.

Open the gate:    Look close at the fallen column by the fountain. It will make a battering ram.

Go to the window with planks left of the van. Use the hammer on the nails to get a plank. Take the broom.

Go to the potted plant (lawn with soil) at left and take soil.

Go back to the fountain and attach hose to faucet. Turn the valve-faucet. The water stops flowing because of algae.

Look close at broken column. Place the plank on column. Place soil above the end of the hose-water.

Use broom to sweep the mud that is made evenly.

Use the plank and watch a panel of the gate get broken.

Street:    Exit to the street.

Go left and talk to the taxi diver and find out where Sylvie is - the Vatican!

Take a bough from the shrub on the wall.

Go back to the right and check the corner cafe area. Sylvie sees the man that has been following her.

Take the moist napkin on the table.

Go back to the entry gate and inside the courtyard.

Dusty chamber:    Go to the archway where Simon and the Cardinal were talking.

Enter the chamber. Look around. Check the fireplace and the mantel-ledge of the fireplace.

Clean the mantel-ledge and fireplace:    This part is very dark. You might need to raise the brightness of your computer and/or untick the shadows options at main menu.

Look close at the mantel of the fireplace and see 9 tiles-buttons with designs on them.

In inventory combine bough with moist napkin to get napkins on a bough.

Take the thread hanging from the protective cover of the furniture at foreground left. Use the thread on napkins on a bough.

Use the napkins tied with a thread to a bough on the middle dirtiest tile button.

Look down inside the fireplace. Take the small shovel.

Use broom on the soot of the fireplace and see 6 of the tiles similar to the ones on the mantel of the fireplace.

Use the small shovel (broom can also be used) and press the buttons in the order shown by the tiles inside the fireplace below.

From left to right, press the tiles in positions: 7 4 9 6 2 5.

Immediately, click the small shovel on the opening to the secret passage to stop it from closing.

Secret passage:    Enter the passage and see 2 moving parts of the hallway.

Take stones from the pile at left.

Stand close to the moving block of stone. Position a stone on the crack at the middle front of the moving block. Check the label on top; stone+crack. When the block rises to the top, click the stone on the crack.

After doing the first block, do the same thing to the second moving block. Check the position of the crack, wait for the block to rise to top and drop the stone. Sylvie is slow, so adjust the timing.

Storage room:    Continue up the stairs to the Storage room.

Pick up the cap on the floor at bottom right. Take the scotch tape from the box left of the door.

Take packing paper and nun's apparel from the closet. Take the feather duster from the wall.

Enter the screen and come out wearing the nun's habit. Exit the room.

Hallway:    See a security officer standing at end of hallway.

Package:    Check the trolley with Vatican posts. Sylvie states that the stones be better mailed using the Vatican posts.

In inventory use the 4 stones with the packing paper.

Right click the paper with the 4 stones and click to wrap them.

Use scotch tape to get sealed package. It still needs an address.

Talk to the security officer at end of the hall.

Study:    Enter the study and see a wonderful room.

Talk to the Cardinal. Have a deep conversation with the Cardinal.

After the conversation, the phone rings. Hear that Uncle is not taken by the Vatican and Inspector Granc is part of the Mossad.

The Cardinal wants to be alone.

Garden:    Exit in front of the security officer.

Take the garden shears at bottom right of the garden.

Go to the Garden by the wall at left.

Go to the recess and get a phone call from James. They will meet at Gozo tomorrow.

Find a way out of here:

Look at recess and see a blooming bush and creeper blocking the way to the wall top.

Use the garden shears on the blooming bush and the creeper. Have a flower bouquet in inventory.

Make handholds:    See 5 holes on the wall.

Go back to the main garden and see 8 stone elements on the low wall at back of the garden.

From left to right:    Take the stone element positioned at 1 2 4 7.

Go back to the holes on the wall at the garden by the wall.

Place 1 at bottom, 4 and 7 at next and 2 at third hole.

Go back and pick up the rest of the stones: 3 5 6 8.

From bottom up place 6 8 5 3.

Climb to the top.

Top of garden:    Look down over the wall and see a taxi down there. Sylvie can use a long rope.

Study:    Go back inside and to the Cardinal's study.

See that the cardinal is gone. Look at the desk.

Package:     Take the pen and use it on the package. Now it is addressed package. Return the pen.

Paper:    See a pad that has trace of what was written on it.

Take the sheet of paper from the pad.

In inventory, right click the feather duster and get a feather.

Combine the feather with the soot blackened broom to get feather with soot.

Use feather with soot on the sheet of paper and see 1565.

Portrait of Cardinal:    Move the ladder to the right side close to the fireplace.

To climb up the ladder, click on the portrait seen from ladder.

Use feather duster on the frame completely. Take the key that fell off the frame.

Safe:    Use the key on the small lock at left part of the frame.

Look close at the safe dial. Click on the number and it will automatically move to the top.

Click the number taken from the pad: 1565. Click to open.

Check the signet ring in close up. It is the twin of the ring taken at the fresh site. Place the ring back inside the safe.

Read the papers. Learn about the 'thing', conjunction of the planets and the annihilation of the city. A vision is seen. It is added in documents.

Exit the room. Place the addressed package in the Vatican post trolley.

Take the candle from the small table. In inventory combine the candle and the cap to get cap with wax. Return the candle on the table or the security officer will chastise you.

Go back to the study and open the safe again.

Take the signet ring and combine it with the cap with wax to get imprint in wax. Return the ring in the safe.

Curtain cord:    Now that you have done everything in the study, go outside and check the hallway. The security man is gone.

Go back in the study after verifying that he's gone.

Click on the curtain seen from the ladder to move the ladder near the curtain.

Use the garden shears on the 2 cords right of the curtain to get 2 ropes-curtain cords.

Top of garden:    Go back to the garden and to garden by the wall.

Leave the Vatican walls:    Climb to the top of the wall.

Combine the 2 ropes. Combine the bound ropes with the hammer.

Use the bound ropes and hammer on the embrasure of the wall.

Taxi driver:    Go down to the street

Go down and talk to the taxi driver. Give him the flower bouquet for his girlfriend's birthday.

La Valletta  November 9, 2008

Uncle Oliver's house:    Go down to the mail box at the front door. Take the addressed package, correspondence and check.

Read the correspondence and learn James' research. Open the package to get the 4 stones. See a (check) bill for delivery of the scooter.

Plaza:    Exit the house.

Corner Workshop:    Talk to Mr. Kawlata to make a copy of the ring. In exchange he asks to get a message to his brother at the marina.

Elderly man:    Talk to the elderly man sitting by the statue.

Marina:    Go to the marina and talk to Tore. Give him the message about his brother. Talk to the parrot.

Corner Workshop:    Go back and talk to Mr. Kawlata. He gives the ring.

Island of Gozo  November 9, 2008

Ride the motorcycle to go to Gozo.

Parking lot:    Check the other car.

Temple:    Go to the temple and see that there's a telescope pointed at the sky beside the shoreline.

Underground:    Enter the chamber. James can not be found.

Saturn   Jupiter   Venus   Mercury


Stone pedestals:    Go to the heart of the chamber. Look at the 4 stone pedestals. Review the Vatican documents.

The sequence of the planets in conjunction is: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

Start with the pedestal at bottom left while facing the portal: bottom left - Saturn, then do bottom right - Jupiter, then top right - Venus and last top left - Mercury. Sylvie will make a remark if it is correct.

Place the cube on top of the pedestal. Arrange the planetary symbols on the rings of the pedestal to be in the sequence shown by the Vatican document.

The portal opens.

Watch as the men representing different interests appear: Mossad represented by Inspector Granc holding a gun on Uncle, Vatican represented by a collared James and the Hospitaller represented by Simon.

Sylvie uses the 2 rings on the chest. Uncle was shot.

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