by Aidem Media

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2011


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

The Main Menu has continue, new game, load, options, credits and exit.

Options menu has:

- music volume, sfx/speech volume and sound off.

- show subtitles, show hints and always run.

- resolution choices.

At bottom right of the game screen see red, blue and yellow light bulbs.

The red light bulb-question mark icon shows hints (if turned on) and the active spots on the screen.

The blue light bulb-gears icon shows the in-game menu and the tasks to do.

The yellow light bulb has the jump to map.

Inventory is accessed by clicking on the valve at top left of the screen. Toggle or click it again to hide the inventory bar.

There are 5 saved game slots and one quick save. The saves can be overwritten.


Mole Moles and Rex, the brave dog are ice fishing. Moles sees a glow underwater. He loses the magnet attached to his fishing pole. Rex recommends attaching a hook on the fishing line.

Moles sends Rex to fetch a hook from his basement and cautions to not wake up Molly.

Obtain a fish hook:

At Mole's basement, click on the hook hanging on the ceiling. It is too high for Rex to reach.

Push the washing machine at left close to Moles' statue.

See and take Moles' portrait. Use it on the washing machine.

Take the cheese behind the curtain at right. Use it on the washing machine.

Take the hook from the ceiling. Rex climbs up and pulls the hook. A crash is heard.

Build a lift and get down the hole:

Moles decides to look for Rex and sees the hole on the floor. He wants to build a lift to go down and rescue Rex.

Build a lift:    Pick up the bowl at bottom left and a roll of rope-noodles from bottom shelf at left wall.

Go right and look at the bike on the track. Check the rope and the roller behind the bike.

Use the roll of rope on the roller behind the bike. Click the short rope behind the roller to tie the 2 ropes together.

Take the 2 chains hanging at right wall. Combine the 2 chains in inventory. Use the long chain on the bike.

Take the cage. Now you can attach the cage on the rope above the hole.

Power the bike:    Check the sign - hungry hamster.

Pick up grains on the floor in front of the center shelf. In inventory combine the bowl and grains to get a bowl of grain.

Click the bowl of grain on the sign to place it on the floor. Take Diesel the hamster.

Place Diesel the hamster in front of the bike. Place the bowl of grain on the broken bottle in front of the hamster.

Enter the cage hanging over the hole.

Find out what happened to Rex:

Moles arrives at the underground city of Poco Pane.

Look around at the dump. Pick up the hook on the ground at left side of the screen.

Check the tracks on the ground.

Go right and talk to the mole in blue overalls. He's getting wet because of the water coming out of the pipes.

Stop the leak from the pipes:

Click to turn off the water on all 5 valves that are red in color. The water pipes are not pouring anymore.

Alfredo says that Rex was taken by guards, the revolutionaries to the prison.

Learn about the city of Poco Pane, the sweet potato center of the Republic of Molo Digos.

Get a map of the city. Use the map to jump to other locations. The yellow bulb is now seen at bottom right.

Talk to prison guards:

Use the map and jump to the prison.

Talk to the guards standing in front of the Innsmoleuth Prison.

Learn about the mayor.

Go to the right and click on the wall to hear Rex inside the prison.

Arrange an audience with the mayor:

Jump to Mayor's Place.

Talk to the guard standing by the building. Learn that you need a form to talk to the mayor.

You can get the form from window 5. Ask where window 5 is located.

Window #5:    Talk to the female mole at the hut at right.

She says that Audience form is to be submitted at window #3. To learn where window 3 is located; go to window 1 at the market.

Talk to the Revolutionary seller at left. He marks the location of the market on the map.

Find window number three:

Jump to market. Look around.

Pick up 5 coins from the ground.

Talk to Bianca selling beetroots; Sergio selling cheese and the sweet potato seller at right.

Window #2:    Exit right of the cheese stall and around to the hut at left.

Click on window to talk to the clerk. This is window #2.

She said that you can find out where window #3 is located by submitting a CaO form to window #1.

You can get a CaO ((Conspiracies and Others) form from window #5 at the Mayor's place and submit it to window #1.

To learn where window #1 is located give her a beetroot annex.

Get beetroot:    Pick up the onion from behind Moles.

Trade the onion for a beetroot at Bianca's.

Give the beetroot to window #2. Learn that window #1 is near the prison.

Submit the CaO form at window number 1:

Jump to Mayor's place. Go to window #5 and ask for a CaO form.

Window #1:    Jump to prison. Go left and around the tree.

Click on window to talk to the clerk. Give her the CaO form.

Learn that window #3 is close to where the 3 mushrooms are located.

Obtain four annexes to the audience form and submit them at window number three:

Window #3:    Jump to dump. Talk to the clerk at window #3.

She gives an audience form and Moles submitted it.

Learn that aside from the audience form, 4 annexes are needed: vaccination certificate, revolutionary card, 3 screws and piece of cheese.

Get vaccinated:

Jump to prison. Talk to the guard about vaccination.

Go behind the screen at left. See the guard vaccinate Moles and give a vaccination certificate.

Acquire three screws and submit them as an annex at window number three:

Jump to Mayor's place. Go to left screen. See men working.

Screwd:    Talk to the working man hammering. Learn that the machine is a Screwd, a mobile digging machine.

Click on the lamp on the hillside. Learn that it is a Screwd light signaler. The machine will come to that location.

Click on the X red cross. Learn that it points to where Screwd should dig.

Click on the sign. Learn that it is for safety regulations; the Screwd won't work without it.

Pick up the screwdriver from the ground.


Go right and see a screw on the valve on the ground. Use the screwdriver to get the screw.

Jump to market. See a screw right of the poster close to Bianca. Use the screwdriver to get the screw.

Jump to prison. See a screw on the dragon statue's eye right of the guard. Use the screwdriver to get the screw.

Jump to dump. Give the vaccination card and 3 screws to window#3.

Obtain a revolutionist's card and submit them as an annex at window number three:

Jump to Mayor's place. Talk to Fernando, the revolutionary seller.

Learn that he threw his revolutionary card in the sewage well at the market.

Obtain some cheese and submit them as an annex at window number three:

Talk to Sergio the cheese seller. He will sell cheese for 60 dogeiros.

Earn 60 dogeiros to buy some cheese:

Get the posters for Fernando:

Jump to Mayor's place. Talk to Fernando, the revolutionary seller.

He wants posters since he run out of posters to sell. He will pay 5 dogeiros for each poster.

Jump to dump and take the poster right of Alfredo in blue overalls.

Jump to market and take the poster left of the beetroots.

Jump to prison and take the poster on prison wall.

Jump to Mayor's place. Give the 3 posters to Fernando to get 15 dogeiros. You now have 20.

Deliver the load of sweet potatoes from the farm to Ramon:

Jump to market and talk to Ramon the sweet potato seller at right.

Ramon does not get sweet potatoes from Santiago the farmer anymore. He will pay 30 dogeiros for 10 sweet potatoes taken from the farm. The entrance to the farm is near the dump.

Jump to the dump. Enter the mine entrance at right (in front of window 3) where the safety sign for the Screwd is located.

Talk to Santiago taking a siesta. Take only 10 mature sweet potatoes.

Pick up the whip left of Santiago and the poster right of Santiago.

Take the sack on the ground.

Sweet potato maze:    The numbers seen on the map are the connecting entrances in the maze.

Enter the sweet potato cave at right. Check all the sweet potatoes hanging on the ceiling and take 10 mature ones.

Exit the farm.

Jump to market and give the sweet potatoes to Ramon. Get 30 dogeiros. You now have 50 dogeiros.

Obtain a revolutionist's card and submit them as an annex at window number three (continued):

While at the market, check the manhole on the ground.

In inventory combine the whip and the hook to get a fishing rod with hook.

Use the fishing rod on the manhole. Get Fernando Gomes' revolutionary card.

Jump to Fernando at Mayor's Place. Give him the poster from the farm and get another 5 dogeiros. You now have 55 dogeiros. Fernando says he has enough posters.

Jump to dump. Give the revolutionary card to window #3.

Earn some dogeiros by sorting rubbish at the dump:

At the dump, go left and talk to Alfredo about work. He wants Moles to sort trash. You can earn up to 20 dogeiros.

Go left and click on the machine.

See the bins for the different trash:    paper, glass, metal. After winning the first set and you need-want to play another set for fun or money; more bins are added: compost-leaves and plastic.

Place the cursor at center of screen. Click-hold-move to align the correct bin on the appropriate conveyor belt to catch the items.

Press the green button to start a new set. The red button is to stop the puzzle.

Go to Alfredo to see how much money you get for the trash sorting work. Earn enough to get 60 dogeiros.

Obtain some cheese and submit them as an annex at window number three (continued):

Go back to the market and buy cheese from Sergio.

Jump to dump and see that window #3 wagon is not here.

Go left and talk to Alfredo.

Go right and check the tracks - it leads to the farm. Enter the cave at right.

Check the map of the maze above.

Go through entryways: 2, 4, 10, 11 and then 12.

Talk to the clerk. Give her the cheese annex.

She gives the approved audience form back.

Take a picture of the mayor during the gathering:

Jump to Mayor's Place.

Talk to Fernando. He wants a photo of the mayor. He gives a camera.

Give the form to the guard.

Talk to the mayor. Give the cheese to the mayor.

Use the camera on the mayor.

Check the poster on the left. It is the statue of the Great Revolution.

Exit the office.


Give the camera back to Fernando:

Give the camera back to Fernando. He will help Moles to free Rex.

Moles has to go to the Resistance HQ. It's a hut with 2 squares and circles. Knock on the green door - 1 2 3. Then go down the stairs.

Fernando leaves.

Find and get into the Resistance headquarters:

Jump to the dump. Go to Alfredo's hut. See the 2 squares-circles on the green door. Moles knocks on door.

Enter and check the elevator.

Check the commode and the flush chain.

Click-hold-pull down the bottom end of the flush chain. The secret passage opens.

Enter through all the rooms by turning on the light switches close to the entryways first.

Meet the members of the resistance:

See and talk to Alfredo and Fernando. Learn about the revolution and the king.

Talk to them again to check the picture using the magnifier.

Go to the desk and click on the magnifier.

Find the suspicious area of the photos:

Click on the picture at left and it will be placed under the magnifier.

Click-hold-move the magnifier knob until a red bull's-eye is seen.

Click on the bull's-eye to make a check mark at right.

Find 6 suspicious items:

- Mayor's eyes

- Scar where the ears should be

- Cheese on his hand

- Tail

- Foot

- Cheese crumbs on the floor

Talk to the revolutionaries. The Mayor has much of rat.

The old photos were thrown down the chute. The chute is a hole on the ground where they throw things not needed.

To open the chute; set the crocodile in the pudding.

Learn also that all residents have mandatory vaccination with special chips. They get itches when they go out of city and an alarm goes off.

The photos are in a red heart shaped can.

Moles was vaccinated; so Rex has to be the one to go. Strength on the prison wall can free Rex.

Use the elevator to exit.

Free Rex from prison:

Remember the digging machine Screwd. That might be the strength needed.

Red spray:    Go to the market. Talk to Bianca and about the new sign. Ask about the red spray she used. She threw it in the rubbish.

Go to the dump. Go left and take the red spray from the rubbish pile.

Lamp:    Jump to Mayor's Place. Go left and see that the Screwd machine is not here.

Use the screwdriver on the lamp on the wall that is used to get the Screwd to come to a location.

Sign:    Jump to the prison. Go right. Take the shovel on the ground beside the sleeping worker.

Jump to dump. Use the shovel to dig out the safety regulation sign in front of the cave going to the farm. Screwd won't work without it.

Locate Rex:    Jump to prison. Pick up the stone on the ground at right.

Watch and see Alfredo and Fernando taken to prison.

Back at the prison, use the stone on all the windows until Rex and the revolutionaries are located.

Fernando and Alfredo are at top right window. Rex is at bottom middle window.

Free Rex:    Use the red spray on Rex' window. Use the lamp signaller on red X. Place the sign on ground.

Moles instructs Rex on what to do.

Open the chute:

Go to dump and enter Alfredo's hut. Go down to the middle level.

Go to the left middle room with the monitor.

Alfredo said that to open the chute: set the crocodile in the pudding.

Click on monitor. Set the crocodile's eyes to green by using the left and the right levers.

Change the purple to yellow - the color of lemon pudding using the middle lever. Done at last!

Prepare a way to the chute for Rex:

Rex is free. See the guards check the wall.

Rex is at the dump. Guards are patrolling the area. Rex sneaks to the left and jumps into the open chute.


Get the red can with the photos:

Rex arrives at the bottom of the chute. Talk to the guard. She says to talk to the princess.

While here, pick up the washing machine at left, ski, toilet seat, another ski, chair back, tub and drum.

Check the balloons at left. Go right to exit.

Obtain a puff ball heart and give it to the princess:

Talk to the princess. Pass the cleansing ritual. You have to pick up the heart of the puff ball.

The puff ball is the green plant with 3 openings left of the throne.

Click on puff ball and Rex places his arm inside. The princess says that the heart is protruding from the other side.

Pick up the coconut from the left by the door. Pick up another coconut at right beside the metal door.

Use the 2 coconuts to plug 2 holes of the puff ball.

Now - click on the puff ball and take the heart of the puffball.

Give the green heart to Princess Licorice.

Talk to the princess about the red box. Pingiel is the guard by the tree. Manuel might know about the box. He takes care of the old ones stomach.

Build a Trojan elephant:

Enter the opened cave at right. Talk to Chef Manuel. He remembers the red can. It was given to the old one to appease him. They are now inside the old one. Rex thinks about making an armor plated object to protect him from the snake's teeth.

Talk Rooster Artificer at left. Talk to him about protection from the snake's teeth.

Pick up the drum left of the door beside the purple plant.

Go outside and pick up the drum close to the door with green light.

Go back inside and go to where Manuel is located.

Pick up the broom, bowl, drum, another bowl and pipe beside Manuel.

Talk to Rooster Artificer again. He gives a plan of a Trojan elephant.

Construct the Trojan elephant:    Go right to the floor marked X.

Follow the plan. Place the 4 drums on the floor.

Place the washer on top of the drums.

Place the tub on the washer.

Use the toilet seat and chair back as ears.

Use the 2 bowls as eyes.

Use the 2 skis as tusks.

Use the pipe as trunk and the broom as tail.

Rex climbs in the elephant and the snake swallows the construct.

Get the red can with the photos (continued):

Obstacle 1:    See that Rex is blown to the entrance of the esophagus by strong green gas.

There are nodes on the wall. Some of the nodes can be used as a handhold to not be blown back.

From left to right, hold on to nodes: 1, 4, 8 and 11. Time it when the gas is not blowing to enter the next area at right.

Obstacle 2:    See that tentacles block the exit at far end.

Pick up all 9 weird shaped protrusions from the walls.

Place 6 of the weird shaped protrusions on the appropriate tentacles.

The tentacles are covered. Enter the next chamber.

Obstacle 3:    See acid burning drips fall from the top.

At the end is a big hole that prevents access to the entrance at left.

Press the round things on the wall and see that it closes the hole at different sizes.

Press the correct order of the round things to close the hole in sequence.

From left to right: press 1, 3, 2 and 4. Time the run so that Rex is not hurt.

Obstacle 4:    Pick up the feather from the floor.

Use the feather on the 4 instrument hanging from ceiling.

The aim is to make the 4 instrument synchronize.

Note when one instrument starts and play.

From left to right, hit the instruments with the feather: 4, 3, 1 and 2.

Click on the top purple bulb and then go right.

Pick up the red heart shaped box.

Escape from the Lost Land:

Manuel talks to Rex about his predecessors and the rooster.

Exit and talk to the princess. Show the box to the princess. Her mother the king might still be alive. She is his only son.

Take the pink crook right of the throne.

Go left until the tree by the trash pile.

Use the crook on the left balloon. Away Rex goes.


Repair the detective's workstation:

The mayor decided to declare himself as king.

Moles enters the resistance building. See a guard at right room.

Fix the items:    Use the elevator. At the basement, see that things are destroyed.

Click on the ceiling fixture of the room at right. Note that the light bulb is gone and the magnifier is broken.

Go left and take the lens from the projector in front of the elevator.

Climb upstairs and turn off the light at the green room. Take the light bulb.

Go back down to the basement. Use the light bulb on the fixture at the ceiling.

Use the lens with the magnifier. Use the fixed magnifier on the table.

Examine the photos from the can:

Click on the table to start examining the photos.

Check each photo and note the clues by clicking on the red bulls-eye.

Statue photo:   

- Fishing rod above the mayor.

- Mayor's feet.

- Revolutionary with beret.

- Secret passage.

- Wall right of the open passage.

Parade photo:   

- Last revolutionary at top right of picture.

- Revolutionary in front of the one with zipper is eating cheese.

- Sergio, the cheese merchant at far left of photo.

- The mole Sergio is talking to.

Mayor's office:

- Carpet at right side of photo.

- Mayor's rat tail.

- King carried by the revolutionaries.

- King's crown.

- Poster being hanged on wall.


- Public toilet.

- Carpet.

- Rat paws reaching for carpet.

- Paw of the right revolutionary carrying the carpet.

- Mole taking picture.

- Camera.

Identify and find the mysterious photographer from the picture:

Exit the building using the elevator.

Jump to market. Talk to Sergio the cheese merchant. Learn that it is Xavier, Sergio's cousin.

Obtain and examine the photo taken by Xavier:

The roof is now in the map. Go to roof.

Check the door. It's closed. Go right.

Talk to Xavier. He says to get the photos from the safe. He gives the key.

Click on the bungee rope to learn that it is close to the Mayor's Place.

Click on Xavier again to get clues about the safe:

The middle square should be empty.

The ball is in top left hand corner.

The horse should stand between 2 bears.

All the red ones should be in the right hand column.

The planes should be next to each other.

The doll shouldn't stand above the red bear.

Use the key on the door of Xavier's house. Ah...

The numbers shown above are for the location of the squares, not the tiles in them.

Click on the squares as marked above:

5 8 7 4 5 6 3 2 5

8 7 4 1 2 5 4 7 8 5 6 9

8 5 2 3 6 9 8 5 2 3 6 9 8

7 4 1 2 3 6 5 2 1 4 7 8 5 6 9

8 5 6 3 2 5

Take the photo from the center square.

Examine the photos:

Jump to the dump. Go to the Resistance HQ's basement.

Click on the desk at basement room.

Check the photo and note the clues by clicking on the red bulls-eye.

King into toilet:

- 3 egg shaped glass canister at background.

- Left revolutionary.

- King in carpet.

- Heart shaped hole of outhouse-toilet.

Exit HQ.

Find the public toilet:

Jump to any location or even at the dump.

Read one of the notices posted all over. Learn that the mayor is making himself king. A delegation of rats will be present.

Jump to prison. Click on top right window and talk to Alfredo and Fernando. Moles told the guys about the rats.

Talk to them again about the mayor. The revolutionaries want Moles to expose the mayor and look for the king.

Jump to market. Talk to any of the merchants. Moles asks them about the glass canisters and learned that the public toilet has been demolished. A statue was erected there. The site is marked on the map.

Obtain a magnet:

Jump to tank bottom. Look through the cracked glass wall and see the lost magnet. Look around.

Go right to the right glass canister-dome. See tilled soil on ground and valve with lever on glass wall.

Pull down the lever beside the valve on the end of the right canister-dome. This lets the water flow to the left glass canister-dome.

The magnet is pulled inside the dome because it is attracted to the lawn mower.

Talk to the mole with the lawn mower. He needs a reason to move the mower.

Go left and pick up the sack of grass seeds. It's fast growing; just water them.

Go back to the right glass canister-dome. Use the sack of grass seeds on the ground.

Raise the lever beside the valve. Then, turn the valve. The doors that separate the 3 canisters-domes are raised.

The water is released outside and waters the sown grass seed. Watch the mowing of the grass and the pulling of the magnet.

Take the magnet.

Examine a statue and open the secret door in it:

Check the statue right of the domes. The toilet was supposed to be where the statue is located.

Check the plaque and Moles recognizes the statue.

Open the Mayor's Place secret passage:    Jump to Mayor's Place.

Check the statue at left side of the building. Click on upraised hand. The secret passage is revealed.

Enter and be at the Mayor's office.

Examine the picture of the developers on the desk.

Examine the poster at left. Take note of all the items held and the positions of those items.

Exit left of the desk.

Open the statue's secret passage:

Jump back to the tank bottom. Go right to the statue.

Click on an item held by one of the revolutionaries on the statue. The limb moves.

Move the items to the position seen in the poster at Mayor's office.

Move: trowel, fishing rod, guitar, sword, mixer, French bread, hammer and sickle.

The secret passage opens. Try to enter the passage. Moles is scared. Rex has got to be the one to go down there.

Unmask the mayor:

Jump to dump and go left. Talk to Rex about saving the king.

Jump to roof. Use the magnet on the bungee rope.


Find and free the Mole King:

Rex is now inside the statue. Hear the king call for help. That's an order.

See a tank at the center. There are pipes that connect the 5 floors in this place.

There is a rat patrolling the area. Listen to his footsteps. Hide behind the drums spread out the different floors or stand in a dark corner.

If caught, automatically go back to 1st floor.

The king is at top floor.

Collect items:

1st floor:    Enter the middle pipe to exit at right pipe.

See an air tank. Turn the valve attached to main glass tank. That empties the tank of water.

Go back through right pipe. Enter the second left pipe.

2nd floor:     Exit from middle pipe. Enter the left pipe.

4th floor:     Exit from left pipe.

See a gold wheel beside the left pipe.

Take the bandage off the right big tube beside the drum. Water flows from the leak and into the small side tank.

Enter the right pipe.

3rd floor:    Exit from the right pipe.

Pick up the pink inflatable duck on the floor.

See the smaller tank filling with water.

Go to left side and pick up the scissors from the floor.

Enter right pipe.

4th floor:    Enter left pipe.

2nd floor:    Enter middle pipe.

1st floor:    Enter middle pipe.

Fix the duck:    Use the pink inflatable duck on the air tank. It is leaking.

Use the bandage taken from 4th floor on the inflatable duck.

Use the mended duck with the air tank to get inflated duck.

Lower the king:

1st floor:    Enter the left pipe.

2nd floor:     Exit from middle pipe. Enter left pipe.

4th floor:     Exit from left pipe. Enter right pipe.

3rd floor:    Exit out the right pipe. Enter left pipe.

5th floor:   Exit from left pipe.

See the king hanging above the main tank. Talk to the king.

Pick up the handle on the floor by right pipe.

Pull the red handle beside the main tank to open the floor below the king.

Enter through the left pipe.

3rd floor: Exit from left. Enter right pipe.

4th floor:    Exit from right pipe.

Go to left side and turn the gold wheel. This lowers the king to 4th level.

Go to right side of tank. Pull the red handle to open the floor below the king.

Go back to the left and turn the wheel. This lowers the king to 3rd level.

Enter the right pipe.

3rd level:   Exit from right pipe.

Go to right side of tank. Pull the red handle to open the floor below the king.

Enter right pipe.

4th floor:    Exit from right pipe.

Go to left side and turn the gold wheel. This lowers the king to 2nd level.

Enter left pipe.

2nd floor:    Exit from left pipe.

Use the scissors on the king to cut the cage rope.

The king is now in the water below.

Use the fixed inflated duck on king.

Enter left pipe.

4th floor:     Exit from left pipe. Enter right pipe.

3rd floor:    Exit from right pipe. Enter left pipe.

5th floor:   Exit from left pipe. Enter right pipe.

2nd floor:    Exit from right pipe.

Place the handle on the tube from the small water tank to the main water tank.

Turn the handle on the tube. The king is floating.

Enter right pipe.

5th floor:   Exit from right pipe. Enter left pipe.

3rd floor:    Exit from left pipe. Enter right pipe.

4th floor:     Exit from right pipe. Enter left pipe.

2nd floor:    Exit from left pipe.

Talk to the king. Give me your hand.

Watch how Moles unmasked the Mayor and the return of the King.

The Princess floats down to rescue the moles of Poco Pane.

Watch the characters' commentaries.

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