COGNITION: An Erica Reed Thriller

By Reverb Publishing & Phoenix Online Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo


Gameplay:    This is a third person game that can be played using either the keyboard or mouse.

When the game is opened; graphics (screen resolution, graphics quality or windowed) and input (keyboard or mouse changes) selections are shown. A check for updates is seen in the next screen.

The main menu has new case, load case, settings and quit.

Settings are for gameplay, audio and display.

The gameplay selections have hints, subtitles, tutorials and language (English and German) options.

Audio selections have adjustments for master, music, SFX and voices volume.

Display adjustment is for anti-aliasing.

Left click skips the cutscenes. Double click makes the character run.

During gameplay; see a computer icon for main menu, cell phone and question mark to show all active spots in the game screen at top left of the screen.

The saved games can be relabeled.

The cell phone has the weather report, contacts, web search, calendar, notes, text message, music and TSL episodes. Messages in the cell phone have in game hints.


Cursor action:    Click on an item or character. See 3 choices appear:    eye to look, hand to take or suitcase to use the inventory.

Change characters:    If needed, different characters can play lead in the game. During those times, see 2 character icons beside the power button-sphere.

To use the inventory:     Select the inventory square at top right of the screen. Select an item from the icons on the column and then select the action you want at left column. The actions available are examine (eye), take (hand) and combine (+).

Thanks, Emily.

Review of Erica's current powers:

The powers are activated by clicking the sphere at lower left corner. See the aura on the game screen. Click the item with aura and then the power icon inside the sphere to start that activity.

1. Postcognition happens when Erica touches an object to see events associated with its past. Postcognition auras are blue.

2. Projection lets Erica see a past event manifest before her eyes, but she must select three related objects first. Projection auras are green.

3. Regression lets Erica view people's memories, but must physically touch the person. Regression auras are rose-colored.

4. Synergy lets Erica connect highlighted inventory items together while cognition sphere is active to discover what past event links the items.


Episode 1: The Hangman

November 2012; revised February 2013

Get to Erica's brother.

Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent and partner John McCoy are rushing to get to the cemetery. Erica's brother Scott is held by the Cain killer.

Cemetery gate:   

Erica gets a message from her father and is told to text him if she needs help.

A tutorial is seen.

The gate is already padlocked. Look at the padlock.

Click on square at top right. Select the gun and then the hand. See the gun icon inside the square.

The inventory has gun, Erica's badge and cellphone.

Click on the padlock and then the suitcase (inventory).

Center the crosshair on the padlock and fire.

Open the padlock. Erica enters the cemetery.

Cemetery courtyard:

Footprints:    See footprints and a dry fountain with a statue. Erica's intuition kicks in and sees a past occurence.

Click on the footprint to open Erica's cognition powers. It's seen as a sphere at bottom left.

Click on sphere and then the footprints to use Erica's intuition on the footprints. See aura on the footprints.

Click the eye of the cognition sphere. Erica sees the killer go behind the mausoleum right of the sphinx statue.

Look at the statue and see that it is holding a shovel.

Toolbox:    Go behind the mausoleum and find a toolbox. Open the toolbox and take the wire cutter and hammer.

Soil:    Use Erica's gift on the footprints. See the killer dig at left side. Check the soil.

Shovel:    Go back to the statue at the courtyard. Look close at statue.

Use the hammer on the shovel to get the shovel. See a vision of Erica's brother.

Talk to John to get him to follow her. Exit to the back of the mausoleum.

Give the shovel to John so that he digs.

Take the item from the loose disk. Get a stone wheel.


Entrance to mausoleum:    Go to the entrance of the mausoleum.

See the words written in blood: Only Reed Blood.

There is a camera on the left. They are being watched.

Stone wheel:    Use the disk-wheel on the circular inset of the door. Try to turn it and it will not go.

Look down on the floor and see a footprint inset. It is a pressure pad. Stand on the pressure pad.

Turn the disk-wheel and see spikes come out of the wall.

So that is what the words mean. Continue to turn the disk and Erica's legs and bent knees are stabbed.

The door opens. John is shot on the shoulder. Hear Scott yell for Erica.

Scott:    Enter the room at right.

See Scott lying on the table tied to an electrical system and a blade trap is pointed over him. He asks Erica to help him.

Examine the stone murals, candelabra and curtains. The candelabra and curtains that are ritual trimmings are fire hazards.

Learn that the Cain killer targets siblings; like Scott and Erica.

Check the trap over Scott and then the cable on the floor.

Control panel:    Examine the control panel at right wall.

Erica calls Terrence and asks help. After seeing the control panel picture, Terrence says to cut the wires in reverse order the wires are placed on the panel.

Use Erica's power on the black knobs that holds the colored wires. See the order the wires were connected. Deduce the order by the number of wires already connected. You have to do this for each wire.

Clip the wires attached to the knobs at right (numbered from top to bottom wires on the left): blue (6), black (1), yellow (3), red (5), orange (2) and green (4).

-If you do the sequence wrong Scott dies on the table. You can continue or replay the control panel.

Cain killer:    Whether the control panel is disarmed or not - the killer attacks Erica.

Be fast. Click on the killer's head and do action punch. Then use the curtain behind Erica. Click to use the candelabra.

The Cain killer is wrapped in curtain and is burned. He runs away burning.

Erica drags Scott to the entrance of the mausoleum. Scott dies.

New Case.

3 years later:

Erica closes the Cain killer case on her computer. Davies has ordered it be closed.

John arrives to inform her that there is a new case.

Crime scene:

Officer Jonathan Duffer:    Talk to the policeman guarding the entrance.

Show Erica's badge to the policeman.

Duffer is a new graduate from the academy and is very polite. Learn that the hanged man was found by a bum and there are no witnesses.

Go through the police tape to go right by clicking on the ground at right.

Check and enter-use the door to the warehouse.

Cognitive investigation:

Meet Director Davies.

Look around and use the cognition sphere on the active spots.

Victim's body - Hanged man:    The cognition vision shows that the man was dropped on top of a dragged table.

Table:    The cognition vision shows a circular artifact on the table. Erica's visions are getting out of hand.

Blood on wall:    The cognition vision shows the circular artifact from the table kicked off and rolled under the shelf at right.

Graffiti:    Erica says she will check it tomorrow when the others are gone.

Go to and check under the shelf. Get the antique artifact.

Investigation information:

Terence Bowlby:    Talk to the man checking for fingerprint at back right.

Learn that no fingerprint is found in the crime scene.

The victim can't be identified because the fingers were skinned.

The killer had problem hanging the victim.

Erica shows him the artifact found under the shelf.

Dr. Gallagher:    Talk to the coroner examining the body.

The victim is a white male in his early 40's that died of strangulation.

There are no signs of struggle but the victim looks like he was drugged first.

He suffered before he died. It took 30 - 40 minutes before he died.

Say hello to Gareth the photographer.

Director Madison Davies:    Report to Director Davies.

The victim died of suffocation.

The John Doe can't be identified. Victim fingerprints have been skinned.

The leads on the killer show that the killer was smaller than the victim. The killer struggled with the hanging of the victim.

If a wrong answer is given, future events will be slightly different.

Erica recalls the confrontation with Director Davies when Davies closed the Cain killer case.

Erica gets another vision of picking up a gun and shooting herself between the eyes.

John tells Erica to see Rose who runs an antique shop. The shop is open all night; closed in the morning.

See someone looking from across the street where the crime scene is located.

Antique shop:

Enter the antique shop. Talk to Rose. Be nice to Rose; if not different sequence will happen later.

Learn that the antique artifact is a part of Le Pendu. Le Pendu is a toy with roots from the French Revolution.

The artifact is old but has been modified to add to the original.

Erica tells Rose about her vision problems. Rose recalls John McCoy. He loves her coffee and sits by that table close to the crystal ball.

Rose asks Erica to come back tomorrow. Erica leaves and rests for the night.

FBI Boston HQ:

Drive to Downtown; then to HQ.

Reception area:    Look around the reception area: Wall of Fame and Trophy case.

Talk to Gwen. Gwen offers help for any evidence Erica needs.

Erica's desk:    Work at Erica's desk.

Sully talks to Erica about an antique piece that is similar to the one Erica found.

-Choose to go out with Sully or not.

Computer:    Use the computer and read Davies e-mail to Erica.

The knowledge of Terence having the antique depends on answering Davies' question at the crime scene correctly or not. If correct; the antique is mentioned in the e-mail. If not, you have to enter Davies' office and learn it from her computer later.

Erica wants to get into Davies' office.

Read other e-mails from Sully, Terence and Erica's dad.

Brian Reed writes that today is Scott's 3 year anniversary. Dad reminds Erica to get some flowers. Logout.

Open the drawer and take some coins.

Check Davies' office and see that it is locked.

John:    Go to the right end of the room and go to John. Talk to John. He wants doughnuts.

Exit the building by going to the elevator. Use the panel and select parking garage.


Drive to the morgue.

Terence:    Talk to Terence about the identifying the killer and John Doe.

Terence gives a lockpick now that Erica checked Davies' office.

-After learning from Davies about the antique, Terence will show Davies' antique part to Erica if she can find a way to get Gallagher give Terence some storage space or you can force him to give it to you.

Gallagher:    Use the elevator to go to the morgue.

Talk to Dr. Gallagher. The victim was drugged but the victim died of heart attack and stroke 45 minutes to an hour after the strangulation.

Talk about Terence storage. Gallagher will reconsider only after a direct order.

Examine the body:    Check the face and then use the cell phone to take a face picture.

Take a picture of the trident tattoo on his right arm.

Examine the neck, right and left hands.

Examine the protuberance under a recent wound.

Exit and talk to Gallagher about the protuberance. Get a piece of the antique from the stomach.

Take the Le Pendu piece from the cart beside Gallagher. Note that the tape recorder is the old style one.

In inventory, combine the 2 Le Pendu pieces.

Check the desk and use the cell phone on the telephone to get the direct line to Mary Gallagher - x9154.

Exit the building.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery:

Go to Boston overview. Then drive to cemetery. Erica forgot flowers.

Go to the bouquet of flowers on the grave at foreground. Take a flower.

Place the flower on Scott's grave at left. Erica talks to Scott.

Cordelia:    Cordelia is the sister of Max the grave that Erica took the flower from.

Talk to Cordelia sitting on the bench at left. Max died 6 years ago.

Cordelia picks up Rose's card that Erica dropped. She recognizes Rose and recommends her.

Erica's new gift - projection.

Antique shop:

Go to Rose at Antique Shop. Talk to Rose.

Erica is a Psion. Erica's gift is evolving to see the future.

Rose teaches Erica to see memories from items. Rose wants Erica to bring an item of John that is over 3 years ago.

Depending on the dialogue earlier with Rose, take the box of donuts from the table.

FBI Boston HQ:

Drive to Downtown; then to HQ.

Davies' office:    Use the lockpicks on Davies' office door.

Enter and look around. Check the certificate, whiteboard and painting. Check the mug on the desk.

Open the drawer and see a shredded paper - Another one will be hanged tonight.

Examine the note from niece: Aunt Maddy, with love Sammie.

Check the shredder and see that the top is off.

Computer:    Use the computer.

Password:    Click on the name down arrow to automatically get "Davies".

Click on the down drop menu arrow at right of the password. Select "Aunt Maddy".

Click "submit".

Other mails:    Look close at the picture at right with He repented, will you? Davies wrote Clarence to track the IP of the mail.

Read the mail about Antique. Davies wrote to Terence about Erica's antique piece.

Terence's storage problem:    Click on Mary Gallagher's name under the contacts at right.

Automatically Erica writes a direct order to give Terence storage space.

Logout and exit the office.

John:    Look at and then try to take the lighter on John's desk. Talk to John about Rose and the lighter or distract him by giving him the box of donuts and then take the lighter.

Exit the building.

Antique shop:

Projection:    Go to Rose at Antique Shop. Give John's lighter to Rose.

Rose teaches Erica the power of projection.

Click on the sphere at left. See items with memories in the room - green aura.

Select 3 items associated with John. Click on the crystal ball at left where John likes to sit and then click on the table that has the doughnuts. Lastly click on the lighter on the counter. Each of these items changes to white instead of green colored.

Then click on the projector icon in the sphere.

Erica goes to John's projection. Exit the store.

Rose recalls her talk with John 3 years ago about his demons and Erica.

Crime scene:   

Drive to crime scene.

Graffiti:    Use the cognition gift to check the room.

Click on sphere and then check the graffiti. Click on white smoke. See the killer leave a message and sprayed green paint over it. Erica wants to see what is written.

Check the spray can on the floor and then examine the green paint can to get GK4893.


Drive to the morgue. Talk to Terence. He was given storage space by Gallagher.

Erica asks for the antique piece that was sent by Davies.

Terence gives a gadget that is used for reading graffiti. Choose the color of light similar to what you want to project to and see what is behind. It can also transfer the picture to computer.

In inventory combine the new piece of Le Pendu with the assembled part to get partly assembled antique.

Old Case - Sarah Goodman.

Crime scene:   

Drive to crime scene.

Graffiti:    Take (hand icon) the gadget. Enter the spray paint number color - GK4893.

Use the gadget on the graffiti. See the words behind the paint: If your eyes could see what mine can't.

Projection:    Click the sphere. Select 3 items directly related to the victim: table, blood and noose. Then click on the sphere at left.

Examine the projected body. Click on mouth, face and then eyes. If I could only see what you saw. The message! What is he looking at?

Go to the smeared wall at right and see a niche.

Click on niche and Erica opens a small compartment on the wall. Take the photo inside.

Erica e-mails the picture inside the niche to her computer.

Turn the photo and see Not all hangings are suicide victims. Search closer. Exit the room.

FBI Boston HQ:

Drive to Downtown; then to HQ.

Davies' office:    Enter the office.

Use the cognition sphere. Check the paper shredder at right side of the desk.

Another one will be hanged tonight. When will you see the signs? I've left something for you at the post office on Milk Street. Maybe it'll open your eyes. Ask for Joey to help you.

Exit the office and building.

Post Office:

Drive to Post office. Look at and talk to postal worker at right. His name tag says Joseph.

Show him the FBI badge. He gives Davies' package. Learn that there is no sender info. It was postmarked from another post office.

Package content: Use the hand icon on the package in inventory to get scraps of paper and key. (Thanks, Richard.)

Use the hand icon to see 4 pieces of colored paper.

Use each paper to turn it to the back side.

Note only (no puzzle) that the words can be arranged to form a sentence: She's my next victim - 6 1 7 4.

FBI Boston HQ:

Woman in picture:    Drive to Downtown; then to HQ.

Use the computer. Select Evidence from left side. See the photo from the niche.

Use the magnifying lens on her extended hand to show a bracelet with the name Sarah.

Click on Cases Databases. Use the Search by Category at bottom of right frame.

On the drop down menu; select Suicide for Type of Case, Hanging for Type of Felony/Cause and Sarah for Crossreference. Click on search button.

Sarah Goodman:    Read the case of Sarah Goodman File #000342980. The investigators are Benjamin Trowler, Jared Sullivan and Madison Davies. The FBI closed the case as suicide.

Click on the Print Evidence form request at top right of the page.

Click on People Search. Select Sarah Goodman on drop down menu. Read the info about Sarah.

Click on People Search. Select Robert Goodman on drop down menu. Read the info about Robert. No known address.

Go to the printer at table bottom of screen. Take the evidence form.

Evidence:    Talk to Gwen at Evidence counter at left about the Sarah Goodman case evidence.

Give her the evidence form. Gwen gives a microcassette. There are several but she found only one.

Ask Gwen about a tape player.

John:    If you went out with Sully earlier, you can get the information from Sully directly. If not, John will tell the information and how to get to Robert's location.

- Go to John and talk to him. Inform him of what has been happening.

Sully:    Go to Sully's desk. Talk to Sully since he and Davies followed through the case.

Learn what they found at the crime scene and what happened to Robert Goodman.

Sully gives the street where Robert a homeless man now stays. Exit the building.

Robert's Alley:

Drive to Boston Overview and then Robert's Alley.

Talk to the bum. The bum turns out to be Robert.

- Show him the FBI badge. To convince him to help, show Robert the picture of Sarah or just force him to to the station.

FBI Boston HQ:

Back at the FBI office, Erica leaves Robert at the Interrogation room.

John:    Go to John to update him.

Save game here for choice on who accompanies Erica in interrogation: John or Sully. (Thanks, John)

Interrogation room:    Click on the door of the interrogation room to enter.

Examine Robert to get close. Talk to Robert but he is hungry.

Vending machine:    Exit the interrogation room and then exit the room John is in.

Go to Station. Take the egg sandwich bag from Erica's desk.

Use the coins from Erica's drawer on the vending machine.

The chips package is stuck. Hit the vending machine to get the chips.

Go back to interrogation room.

Go close to Robert and then give him sandwich (he wants something lighter) and then the chips.

-If you forced Robert to come here, he will take the egg sandwich too.

-If Sully is with you, Robert will want to talk to him. Ask for Sully's help.

-If John is with you, Robert now wants something sweet.

Antique shop:    Exit the 2 rooms and the building.

Drive to Rose's shop. Take the doughnut box from the table.

Go back to Interrogation room at FBI HQ and give the doughnuts to Robert.

New evidence:    Show the victim's photo to Robert. He recalls knowing the victim but can't remember the name and where.

Use the cognition sphere and Erica wants to touch Robert but he recoils.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery:

Exit the building. Go to Boston overview. Then drive to cemetery.

Check the grave left of Scott's - it is Sarah Goodman's.

Look close and move the leaves. Take Sarah's necklace. Erica gets the vision of Sarah being murdered.

See that Cordelia is sitting on the bench. Erica does not want to bother her.

FBI Boston HQ:

Recall memories:    Go back to the FBI office and Robert at interrogation room.

Show Sarah's necklace to Robert. It was an anniversary gift.

Use the cognitive gift on Robert.  Robert tries to remember. The last time with Sarah was at a train station; when Robert was leaving for a business trip.

Erica is now holding Robert's hand. Robert has fragments of memories but they are fuzzy.

Erica says to ask Rose's help.

Erica's new gift - Regression:

Antique shop:

Go to Rose at Antique Shop. Talk to Rose.

Ask her about problems with Robert. Rose will teach Erica regression.

Erica wants to recall Scottie's last moment.

Regression:    Click on sphere at left. See purple auras around a person. That means they are ready for regression.

Touch the person and then click on sphere (head icon).

Erica can't remember what Scottie's facial expression and the color of his jacket.

Click on Scott's face and change his expression to smiling. Then change his jacket with green colored collar.

Click on head icon on the sphere.

Erica recalls the last moment at the mausoleum. Cordelia was there at the time of Scott's death.

Erica grieves.


Tape recorder:    Drive to the morgue. Remember the tape recorder on the cart by Gallagher.

Go to the morgue; go close to body and to the cart. Try to take the tape recorder. Gallagher refuses to let Erica use the tape recorder.

Exit and talk to Terence. If you helped Terence get the  storage space, he will help with Gallagher problem.

Automatically be at the morgue. As soon as Terence starts talking with Gallagher, use the cart to get close up.

Take the tape recorder. Exit.

Use the microcassette with tape recorder and then listen to the tape recorder in inventory.

- If you forced Terence earlier to get the antique piece, distract Gallagher yourself by calling the morgue phone. While Gallagher is answering the phone, take the tape recorder from the cart.

Robert's interrogation:     Hear Sully question Robert.

Last time Robert saw Sarah was October 12 2008, Wednesday, their anniversary.  Learn about the inside jokes written on the note.

FBI Boston HQ:

Regression:    Go back at the FBI office and Robert at interrogation room.

Go to Robert. Do regression on Robert. Click the sphere. Click his hand with purple aura and then click the regression icon in the sphere.

Dress color:    Click on memory 1: Select a color of dress.

Ask Robert about Sarah's dress color.

Click on memory 2: See Sarah's picture on cell phone.

Ask Robert about cellphone. Robert took a picture of Sarah and then sent it to his sister.

Click on memory 3: See the text message from Karina. Sarah is wearing a dress in Karina's favorite color.

Ask Robert about Karina. Learn that Karina's favorite color is blue.

Go back to memory 1 and change Sarah's dress to blue color. Exit regression.

Date and time:    Use the microcassette in tape recorder on Robert and he remembers the time 9:30 PM.

Use the cellphone and then select calendar. See that the Wednesday before October 12 is the 8th.

Do regression again. Click on memory 2: Change the date to October 08, 2008 and the time to 9:30 PM.

Talk to Robert again. He still can't remember their anniversary date.

Station name and Thai restaurant:    Click on memory 4: See Robert and Sarah at the train station.

Click on the napkin both are holding and the station sign behind them.

Ask Robert about napkin. It is a note. He cannot remember the note.

Ask about the station. Robert remembers that they went to a Thai restaurant by Boylston street and then went to the nearest station from there.

Exit regression. Use the cellphone. Do a web search. Select Restaurant.  Click on lens search icon.

Then click on Thai for type and Boylston for street. Click on lens search icon. See a map with the train stations and Thai restaurants. Click out of map and see the list of restaurants.

Regress Robert again. At memory 4, talk to Robert about restaurant name and see a list of the restaurants. Ask Robert by clicking on the names of the restaurant. It is Curry Palace.

Change the station name to Copley; the closest train station shown by the map. Robert still can't remember the station.

(One other way is to: Exit regression and the room. Talk to John. John says that Curry Palace has the best curry in town.)

Note:    Click on memory 5: See partially readable note. Ask Robert about note message.

Exit and talk to John. Erica thinks reenacting the events then will recall the note contents.


-If you have John with you; go to Davies' office at the station. Take the coffee mug on her desk.

Go back to Robert. Place the coffee mug on the table.

Now we have 3 items needed for a projection. Click on sphere. Click on tape recorder, then Davies' coffee mug and then Robert green projection. Click the projector icon in sphere.

-If you have Sully with you; use projection on tape player, Robert and Sully.

See the case note on the table. Read that Davies closed the case as suicide because it is not a big case and will use up resources.

Click - read the note. Read that the note written by Robert for Sarah came from a song - The Taking by the Scarlet Furies. Exit.

Get Robert to remember the note:    Open the cellphone in inventory. Select music. Check the music tone at bottom: The Taking by the Scarlet Furies. Click set ringtone.

Use the cellphone on Robert and Erica will fake that her phone is ringing. The music jogs Robert's memory about the song and the note.

Get Robert to remember that day:    Do a regression on Robert. Click on all memories and click on the regression icon.

He will recall the sequence of events and the name of John Doe. John Doe is Antony Longmore, the only friend of Sarah.

Release Robert. Exit the room. John will take Robert back to his place while Erica does a check on Antony Longmore.

The serial killer.

John Doe identified:

Automatically be at the station.

Erica gets a text message about good memories. The sender O asks about Amy Lewis.

Longmore search:    Go to Erica's computer.

Select Person Search. Select Antony Longmore from drop down menu.

See Longmore's fingerprint at right.

Select the light gadget in inventory.

Click on download below the fingerprint. Download to inventory (light gadget).

Amy Lewis search:    Select Person Search. Select Amy Lewis from drop down menu.

Select Cases database. Select Amy Lewis from drop down menu of case name search. It is another hanging.

John:    Go to John at his desk and talk to him.

Answer John:

They are looking for a serial killer.

His previous victims passed as suicides. This was an obvious murder.

Sully:    Talk to Sully at his desk.

Longmore's apartment:   

Drive to Longmore's apartment. The landlord said that Longmore was moving out. Look around.

Rug:    Check the rug and then move it to see a compartment. Try to open the compartment and Sully will take over.

Computer:    Use the computer. It needs a fingerprint bypass.

Use the light gadget with the downloaded fingerprints on the fingerprint reader on the desk.

Read the letter written to Erica. It mentions that Davies was not so perceptive.

The killer killed Longmore and implied that Longmore is a serial killer.

Click on the monitor to get the next page.

Read about Samuel Sewall. He is the only Salem Witch Trial judge that repented.

It then asks for a memory card. Let's look for one.

Safe:    Check the safe in the closet. A combination is needed.

Let's try the clue sent to Davies via the post office package - the pieces of paper. Enter the clue deduced from those scraps of paper - 6174. Turn the handle.

Case files: Take 4 Manila envelopes.

Read Tennessee victims folder. 3 women were killed there.

Read Longmore's folder. He worked in NY and Memphis in public transportation.

Read New York victims folder. There are 3 women profiled in that folder.

Read Boston victim folder. See the 3 victims in Boston - Elizabeth Bower, Sarah Goodman and Amy Lewis.

Read each victim's notes.

Check the victims:     Erica asks Sully to check the names. Sully calls the station.

Learn that all these women were suicides except for Emilie Karlsson. She was reported as a murder. Nadia was not reported missing or dead.

Select the correct dialogues to answer Sully:

Sully, Antony Longmore was a killer.

Those women from the safe are his victims.

He kills in groups of three.

He was moving out soon.

He killed three victims in every state except New York.

Because of Emelie Karlsson.

He met them through public transportation.

Le Pendu:    Sully finally opened the compartment. It has ropes, tools and a Le Pendu piece.

In inventory combine all of the pieces to get a complete Le Pendu.

It has letters written on it - Who repented?

Turn the toy to the other side and see a keyhole.

Use the key on the keyhole. Now the letters can be turned.

Start at letter above the words - Who repented. Click on the left arrow to form the name of the judge at the Salem witch trial - SEWALL.

The noose comes down and pulls the hanged man. A compartment reveals a memory card.

Memory card:    Go to the computer and use the memory card on the reader at right.

See a map and locations marked by yellow dots. A trident (similar to the tattoo of Longmore) with circles at each point is at right.

Turn the trident using the arrows so that the 3 top circles are over 3 yellow dots that show the address of the victims: 730 Joy St, 1170 Melrose Place and 514 Chestnut St.

If correctly placed, the yellow turns to red.

Old South Meeting House:

The bottom circle points to the Old South Meeting house.

The 4 pieces of paper formed the picture of Davies. She is the next victim.

Erica and Sully arrive at the building. Erica will enter the building while Sully checks the tower. John is coming.

Erica enters and immediately shot upon. Her gun is at other side of the aisle.

Killer:    The killer is at the pulpit at end of the aisle.

Look at the strange device at left. See the outlet and debris at right of aisle.

Turn on the strange device and the killer shoots at it.

Go right:    Turn the virtual presenter-strange device on again and immediately click on the gun at other side of the aisle.

Take the power cord and Erica automatically plugs it on the outlet.

Take debris from the pile at right.

Go left:    Use the debris on the virtual presenter and immediately roll back to the left.

Spotlight killer:    Use the lamp switch.

Take the gun in inventory. Continually shoot at the killer at the pulpit.

Automatically, Erica shoots at the cord holding the chandelier above the pulpit.

If the lamp is turned off, use it again and start shooting at the killer.

Do this 3 times and see the chandelier fall.

Find out what happened to Erica, the killer and Davies.

Episode 2:  The Wise Monkey

January 2013

Watch a synopsis of the previous episode.

Review Erica's powers at beginning of the walkthrough.

See a jar of ears and a jar of eyes. A hand picks up a scalpel. Sully arrives and sees the crime scene.

FBI Boston HQ:

Inventory has Erica's badge-ID, gun, tape recorder, lockpick and cellphone.

6 hours earlier:    Erica and Sully talks. Learn that a new director has arrived - McAdams.

Sully calls his new case The Wise Monkey. The killer is a "her" because a recovered partial fingerprint was from a missing girl and the latest victim was her teacher. Note that Sully's left ear has an earclip.

The new office assistant Tess pours 2 cups of coffee for Erica and Sully. Decide if you want a coffee or not. Sully takes his cup.

John comes out of the Director's office and tells Erica she's next.

McAdams:    Erica enters the office and talks to the new director.

Erica updates McAdams on how and what she learned about Davies' connection in the case.

If you drank coffee, Erica starts getting dizzy.

Answer McAdams anyway you want or select:

- Judge Samuel Sewell.

- I know I shouldn't have...

- The picture and the Fax...

- I thought you'd say that.

- I'm trying.


If you did not drink coffee:    They hear a sound from outside the office.

Sully is gone. Erica sees the coffee cup, blood and Sully's ear with the earring.

If you drank the coffee:    Erica goes out and sees the blond assistant take Sully. The killer cuts Sully's ears off. Erica collapses.

McAdams wakes Erica.

Evidence:    Look close at the bloodstain. Pick up the silver guitar charm and check the ear.

Click on the sphere at bottom left and then click on the blue aura to use Erica's cognitive powers. Click on eye to activate the memory within. They went down the fire exit stairs.

Parking lot:    Go right pass John's desk and enter the fire exit.

If you did not drink coffee:    See a sedan coming. Shoot at the car by placing the crosshair on the car and click.

Erica notes that her tires are slashed. She calls McAdams to report.

Erica experiences the old vision of being shot between the eyes.

Car:    Open the car trunk. Hear a knocking sound coming from adjacent car. Take the tire iron.

Go to the yellow car at right and check the trunk.

Use the tire iron in inventory on the trunk. See Tess tied in the trunk.

Interrogation room:    Talk to Tess Stamper completely. The killer does not have a southern accent; has blonde hair and a coat.

Do a regression on Tess. Click on sphere at bottom left; click on the purple aura on Tess and then the head icon at bottom left.

Out of the 4 past memories, select the one with Tess and the person by her car. See that the killer placed something in her pocket.

Talk to Tess about pocket. Get a theatre masks charm. Tess says that Cordelia came earlier to talk to Erica. Tess left Cordelia's phone number with Gwen.

Reception desk:    One hour later; Erica notes that the personnel were all called in.

Talk to Gwen at the reception desk. The 4 charms from Sully's Wise Monkey case are missing and Gwen thinks the killer took it.

Ask for Cordelia's number.

John:     Talk to John at his desk at far right.

Director's office:    Enter and talk to Samuel McAdams. McAdams gives Sully's case to Erica and access to his computer.

Sully's desk:    Look close at Sully's desk (top left closest to Erica's now). Check the family photo and everything on his desk.

Check the Wise Monkey File.

Read ALL the cases:

Lavery, Colleen:    Third victim and killed at World Players' Theatre. Eyes and tongue removed. G-clef charm found. She was a sophomore at Berklee College of Music.

Jensen, Luke:    First victim and his eyes removed. Silver violin shaped charm was found. She was a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music.

Stewart, Nick:    Alias DJ AB Horrence. Ears were removed. Bell shaped charm found.

Anne, Heather:    Recent victim and music tutor. Eyes, ears and tongue removed. Piano charm found.

Partial fingerprint on piano charm confirmed as that of Kelsey Gardner. Kelsey was reported missing and suspected runaway.

Take the wise monkey file.

Computer:    Use the computer. Read the e-mails.

Check the Case Database. Click on the drop down menu of the "Search by case name" frame. You can read about the old cases if you want (Cain, Sarah Goodman and Amy Lewis).

Read the Wise Monkey case. Learn about Kelsey Gardner, a former student of Heather Anne and at Berklee College. Why Sully?

Print the evidence form of the Wise Monkey case.

Check the People Search. Select Kelsey Gardner on dropdown menu. Kelsey didn't report at the coffee shop where she worked after May 30th.


Printer:    Go left of station to the printer. Take the evidence form printed.

Evidence desk:    Go to Gwen and give her the evidence form. Get the bell charm (second victim).

Erica says she has done everything here - time to hit the streets.

Go to the elevator and exit.

Berklee College of Music:

See the map. Drive to Berklee College.

Talk to Dean Chapman completely.

Kelsey lost her scholarship and had financial problems. She was majoring in singing and was in Dean Chapman's class. Chapman says he didn't know Kelsey really well.

Luke Jensen tutored Kelsey in Composition class. Her grades started getting lowered later (from B to D).

Colleen Lavery was a singer. The scholarship that Kelsey had was later given to Colleen.

Dean Chapman will give Erica the address of Kelsey's old roommate.

Check the items in his office. Beatles!

Check the Berklee stationary at bottom left of the room. Try to get a stationary. Lie to get one now or later if you select "truth".

Exit and see roommate Melissa's apartment in the map.

Antique Shop:

Click on Boston overview in the map. Drive to Antique Shop.

Talk to Rose Duvalier.

 In inventory combine Cordelia's phone number with the cellphone. Click the + icon and then click on both cellphone and phone number.

Erica calls the number and gets a recording that the number is wrong or not in service.

Talk to Rose again and get a new dialogue. Select "help". Rose says she can help if there is another item that is present at exact time the item that is being worked on was done - Synergy.

FBI building:    Exit; go downtown and drive back to the FBI HQ.

Tess' desk:    Look close at Tess' desk right of Gwen - reception desk. Take the fuzzy pink pen.

Antique Shop:    Go back to the Antique Shop. Give the pink pen to Rose.

Learn power of Synergy:    Click on the sphere at bottom left.

Open inventory and click-select the items that can be combined or synergized. Combine pink pen and Cordelia's phone number.

Click on the combine icon - synergy at bottom left. Erica learns that more items combined in synergy might make the memory clearer.

Cordelia's phone number:    Use the cellphone at top left and select Cordelia's phone number.

Cordelia will meet Erica at the cemetery where her brother is.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery:

Go to the cemetery. Talk to Cordelia sitting on the bench. Learn that she remembered Erica the night her brother was killed because a man has been following her. The man is scarred (fire-caused?) but Cordelia remembered his eyes. The man was there at the cemetery also that night.

Erica promise to send a car to the Enthon Towers by the river where Cordelia lives.


Go back to the FBI station.

McAdams:    Go to the director's office and talk to McAdams about the patrol car. He refuses.

Get a car to Cordelia's place:    Talk to Gwen at the reception-evidence desk.

Ask about the guitar shaped charm left with Sully's ear and learn that it is a new one.

Ask about interagency request form and Gwen gives one. Gwen has a lot of papers to be signed by McAdams.

Offer to help and get a stack of papers to be signed.

In inventory combine the interagency request form and the stack of papers to get stack of paper with form.

Go back to Director's office and give the stack of paper with form to McAdams.

McAdams signs the top one. Exit.

Go back to Gwen and give her the signed interagency request form.

Erica asks Gwen to Fax the interagency form to BPD. Erica calls Cordelia about the police car.

Melissa's apartment:

Go to Melissa Carubia's apartment now that the Boston Police is sent to Cordelia's place.

Look around at the apartment. Check the Jaunty Abyss poster right of the kitchen and learn that it is about DJ Ab Horrence (the alias of one of the victims).

Talk to Melissa. She is a senior at Berklee. Learn more about Kelsey's financial problems and the DJ that taught Kelsey her how to spin.

Kelsey worked at the Dean's office.

Kelsey's boyfriend paid off the money owed to Melissa. Joey worked at the post office.

There was a silver charm that was sent to her this morning but she can't remember where it is.

Try to do a regression on Melissa. Talk to Melissa and then click on the sphere at bottom left and the aura of her hand. Erica tries to hold her hand but Melissa say not while she is trying to contact the spirits.

Check the coffee table and see tarot cards.

Antique shop:    Go to antique shop. Get a Ouija board from Rose's counter.

Melissa's apartment:    Go back to Melissa. Give the Ouija board to Melissa.

Then do a regression on Melissa after she sings to the spirit.

Click on all 4 events. Take note of the clock on the desk.

See that when she did the yoga it was 7:35; she drank water at 7:54; ate apple at 8:03 and got mail at 8:15. Exit.

Talk to Melissa and then click the order of the earlier to latest events: yoga, water, apple and mail.

Melissa remembers that she placed the charm in the red jewelry box on the dresser.

Erica goes to the jewelry box. Take the piano charm that was originally left at Heather Anne's body (last victim).

Take the post office key that Kelsey left with Melissa.

Erica warned Melissa about Kelsey and told to go stay with friends.

Berklee College:

Go to Berklee College and talk to Dean Chapman. Click on dialogue - Kelsey worked here. Erica will say that he will deny this but the files should be at the cabinet.

Click on the filing cabinet left of window and Erica will confront the Dean. Ask about a possible affair. Exit.

Kelsey's apartment:

Click on Boston overview in the map. Drive to Kelsey's apartment.

Look around. Check the posters above the expensive stereo. The 3 posters are that of DJ Ab Horrence, Into the Woods that feature Kelsey and An Evening of Opera that features Kelsey and Colleen.

Read the note left by Kelsey's parents on top of a fancy electronic keyboard at bottom left.

Check the package on the table. It is addressed to Sully. Open it and see a puzzle box.

Puzzle box:    Try to open the puzzle box.

Do a synergy action on the box. Click the sphere at bottom left.

Open inventory and select-click the 4 charms that have been collected: bell, piano, guitar and theatre masks.

Click on the synergy icon inside the sphere.

See Kelsey and Joey. Kelsey is upset and opens the 3 monkey puzzle box. She places an SD card inside an envelope.

Another memory:    See another memory. Do another synergy action. After using the 4 charms; the 3 parts memory is still fuzzy. More charms are needed.

Open the box:    Click the puzzle box now. Erica automatically opens it since the trick was shown by the memory.

Erica sees a vision of Sully and one of his eyes are removed. The box contains Sully's eye, G-clef charm (third victim) and Kelsey's demo CD.

Erica calls her dad for support.

CD:    Use Kelsey's demo CD on the stereo. Listen to Kelsey singing.

Check the TV, chair, bed and Erica notes that the furniture are second hand.

Check the mail on the small table left of the bathroom. Take Kelsey's empty envelope.

Check the vent above the small table. It is missing a screw. We need something to open it.

Post Office:

Go to downtown and post office.

Go to the clerk and talk to him. Ask about Joey Goethals.

Show the clerk Erica's FBI ID card to get Joey's address.

PO Box:    Go left to the PO Boxes.

Use Kelsey's PO Box key on the PO Boxes.

Find out which box is Kelsey's:    Do a synergy action on the boxes.

Click on the sphere at bottom left. Open inventory and click on Kelsey's PO box key and the envelope taken from her apartment.

See a vision of the PO Box - #303.

Use Kelsey's PO Box key on the PO Boxes again.

Erica opens the PO Box. Look at envelope that has been here for a while and is addressed to Kelsey.

Take the envelope and screwdriver inside.

Letter:    In inventory, open-hand the envelope twice. Read the threatening letter. Learn that Kelsey is asked to stop and is threatened if she continues. Part of the letter has been ripped off.

Joey's place:

Drive to Joey's place. Check the door on top of the stairs. See that the door doesn't have a handle.

Check the locked fuse panel and the wires that connect it to the door. Leave.

Kelsey's apartment:

Click on Boston overview in the map. Drive to Kelsey's apartment.

After noting that the vent is missing a screw, use the screwdriver on the vent.

Take the envelope inside the vent. Open the envelope in inventory to get a memory card.

Memory card:    Combine the memory card and the cell phone.

See the financial records of Dean Chapman. Chapman has been getting money from Susie Kay Lending Institution that gives out student loans. Erica is not sure if this is real.

Verify the letters:    If you do have a Berklee stationary, go to Berklee College and get one by using the truth response.

In inventory combine the threatening letter and Berklee stationary. They match.

Use synergy action on threatening letter and PO box envelope. See Dean Chapman place the threatening letter in the envelope.

Berklee College:

Accuse Dean Chapman. As proof; show the memory card to Chapman.

Show the threatening letter to the dean to show that it is not falsified.

Talk to Chapman about truth.

Chapman got a package this morning. He gives a violin charm (first victim) to Erica.

Crime scene:

Charms synergy:    Go to any location.

Do synergy action on all 6 charms. Click on sphere at bottom left. Open inventory and click on all 6 charms.

Click on synergy icon and see three different crime scenes: Dumpster, gate and street sign. This is the alley that Longmore was killed.

Note which charms go with different scenes.

Crime scene:    Drive to the crime scene.

Place the correct charm on the appropriate crime scene.

- Use the G-clef and violin charms with the street sign - Erithan Ave. Exit.

- Go right and look close at dumpster located left of door. Use the guitar and theatre masks charms with the dumpster. Exit.

- Go right and look close at gate. Use the bell and piano charms with the gate. Exit.

Do projection action on the 3 crime scenes with green aura. Click on the sphere at bottom left. See green aura on crime scenes.

Click on all 3 green aura and they will turn gray. Click on the projection icon at center of sphere.

Click on the projected body right of dumpster.

See Kelsey and Joey and what happened to her charm bracelets. I will make you perfect.

John:    Exit or click on the car. Automatically Erica calls John and reports to him.

Go to either the post office or Joey Goethal's home.

Wise Monkey lair:

Drive to wise monkey lair.

Climb to and click on door. Get an e-mail from Oracle. Oracle writes that Sully didn't understand.

Use the lockpick on the fuse panel at left. Click on screen (voice activated lock) and then press button. Select any dialogue. Erica's voice doesn't work.


Drive to the morgue. Use the elevator to go down to the morgue.

See that there is a tape beside Davies' head on the table. Gallagher tells Erica to leave the autopsy room.

Get the tape:    Erica is now at front desk.

Use the fire alarm by the door.

Hide by clicking on counter - Terrence's desk. Erica hides.

See Gallagher leave the building.

Go down to the morgue via elevator.

Look close at Davies on the table. Take the blank tape by her head.

Examine Davies. Look at Davies' wrist. It is the same tattoo on the hangman.

Use the cellphone in inventory on Davies' wrist. Learn about the meaning of the tattoo - psi.

Exit the morgue and meet McAdams and Gallagher.

Kelsey's apartment:

If you haven't used Kelsey's demo CD on the stereo do so now.

In inventory combine the blank tape and tape recorder.

Use the tape recorder on the stereo and tape Kelsey's voice.

Wise Monkey lair:

Drive to wise monkey lair.

Look close at the fuse cabinet and use tape recorder with Kelsey's voice on the screen-voice-activated lock. Door opens.

Look around. Check the sketches by the door.

Jars:    Check and examine the shelves to see the 4 jars.

Check the tray below the jars. Open the tray to see the organs-trophy wall.

Check Kelsey sketches at right corner. See that Kelsey's sketch have mouth, ears or eyes erased.

Check the music sheets at bottom of screen.

The panel on the interior door at right turns green.

SAVE HERE! There will be no saving possible when the test starts.

Interior door:    Check and then use the panel on interior door.

See a closeup of the panel. Click on ENTER. See Sully strapped on wall panel with lethal injection primed to be used if he moves.

The panel shows a quiz. (We need more info). Exit the close up.

Turn left to the shelves (didn't leave the test area).

Identify the organs:    Click on cognition sphere and see aura on the jars and organs. Do this on individual organs and they will be identified and taken.

Eyes = Colleen, Heather, Joey and Luke; Tongue = Colleen, Heather and Joey; Ears = Heather, DJ Ab Horrence, Joey Goethals.


Do this procedure to perform the synergy action:

Open inventory. Click on sphere at bottom left. Click on associated items in inventory. Click on synergy icon at bottom left. Check for unique items in the memory. Exit.

- sphere, Colleen's eyes, G clef charm, Colleen's tongue, synergy icon, exit. See that Colleen is on the HMS Pinafore.

- sphere, Heather's eyes, piano charm, Heather's tongue, synergy icon, exit. See that the music sheet beside Heather is La Boheme.

- sphere, Joey's eyes, Joey's tongue, Joey's ears, synergy icon, exit. Joey is supposed to be the Wise Monkey killer.

- sphere, Luke's eyes, violin charm, synergy icon, exit.

- sphere, DJ's ears, bell charm, synergy icon, exit. See DJ's cigarette falls off.

Quiz 1-4:   

If a mistake happens in the quiz, Sully is injected and it knocks him out.

If 2 mistakes in the test happens; Sully is again injected and is paralyzed.

To give him oxygen so he can breathe, answer another question. The first victim of the Wise Monkey is Kelsey.

If 3 mistakes are done, Jared is injected for the third time and is killed. Game ends. You can quit or retry. A mourning Erica is KIA.

Question 1:    Match the person with the charms.

A3 - Colleen and G clef charm.

B5 - Luke and violin charm.

C6 - Nick and bell charm.

D2 - Heather and piano charm.

E1 - Jared/Sully and guitar charm.

F4 - Tess and theatre masks charm.

Question 2:    Last song of Heather Anne is La Boheme shown by music sheet.

Question 3:    Nick-DJ is smoking a cigarette in alley.

Question 4:    Colleen's final performance is HMS Pinafore.

Quiz 5 - Configuration:    To answer this quiz, 4 clues are given. Each clue consists of the organs in inventory.

You have to place the organs in respective jars. Do cognition. Then Erica will say what configuration is in that jar.

Turn left to jars.

For each jar - Click on sphere; click on jar; place correct organs in jar based on the clue given for that jar-number by quiz 5 and then click on cognition icon. Click jar again to get the configuration of that jar.

Jar 1:    Tutor - Luke's eyes, spinner - DJ's ears and rival - Colleen's tongue. Configuration is angel.

Take all 3 organs again to be placed in inventory.

Jar 2:    Young woman - Colleen's eyes, DJ's ears and old woman - Heather's tongue. Configuration is lover.

Jar 3:    Teacher - Heather's eyes, teacher - Heather's ears and lady sailor - Colleen's tongue. Configuration is starlet.

Take Colleen's tongue and Heather's ears.

Jar 4:    Composer - Luke's eyes, opera singer - Heather's ears and rival - Colleen's tongue. Configuration is darling.

Turn right to panel. Go through the clues again and then press enter.

Answer angel, lover, starlet and darling. Press enter.

Quiz 6:    The spare organ is from Joey Goethals.

Erica enters the room and goes to Sully.

At Enthon Towers, see what happens to Joey.

Episode 3: The Oracle

May 2013

Watch a synopsis of previous episodes.

Erica is watching Sully at the hospital. Erica's father; Brian arrives. John calls and informs Erica not to worry if he is not in contact for a day. John is going to the Enthon Towers. Brian recalls that there was a brother-sister murder case at the Enthon Towers. Erica leaves to go to Enthon Towers. Brian recalls that the siblings in that case were Max and Cordelia Smith.

Review Erica's powers at beginning of the walkthrough.

Outside the Enthon Towers:

Erica arrives at Enthon Towers.

Talk to Officer Duffer. Learn that evidence were removed immediately by order of McAdams.

Door:    Try to open the entrance door and see that it is locked. McAdams comes out and talks to Erica. A dapper man comes out and talks to McAdams. The dapper man goes back to the tower after doing something to the black panel on the column.

Continue to talk to McAdams. There is to be no more investigation in this Tower. The case is now given to the local police.

Check the black control panel.

Officer Duffy:    Do a regression on Officer Duffer. Click on all the memories especially the one with the sideview mirror.

Duffer remembers that a piece of metal fell from above.

Crime scene:    Go to the destroyed police car. Check the police cruiser, broken glass, blood on ground and street.

Cognition:    Use cognition power on the police cruiser. See Joey fall off the tower and a key chain fell off too. Use the hand icon on the cruiser to get the keyfob. It has that psi symbol.

Bushes:    Look at the bushes at right to see if the metal thing is there. Take the black flower at upper left of the inset screen.

Check the bench and the police van. The van is locked.

Police van:    Talk to Duffer. Duffer gives the van key.

Go to the police van and use the van key to open the door.

Take the knife, road cone and police tape. You can play with the lightbar later.

Synergy:    Do a synergy on the knife and black flower in inventory. See that the knife was used to cut the flower from the garden balcony. That was where Joey fell from.

Make a distraction:    If you get near the door McAdams will yell to tell Erica to leave.

Use the road cone and police tape on the cruiser.

Now to get attention, go back to the van and use the lightbar switch. McAdams comes out; then the dapper man.

Erica leaves the crime scene. Use the keyfob on the black panel on the column.

Balcony of the Tower:

Lobby:    Erica recalls her nightmare again.

Check the sculpture, painting, camera and bush.

Use the elevator. Meet the Dapper man. He says his job is to make that living here is frictionless. He also knows Erica's name.

Balcony foyer:    Erica mentions that something was installed in her phone.

Check the cell phone. Select Dossier and read Terence's message. Erica can even check old scoring records in sportscasts. Exit the cell phone.

Look around at the foyer and then exit to the balcony.

Balcony:    Look at the view. Look close at the table and see John's lighter.

Do a postcognition on the lighter. See John and he's following a lead. He mentions the name Jeff Therrrien

Take the lighter.

Check the flower, pot and then the blood underneath the box.

Move-use the flower box to expose the blood.

Do a postcognition on the blood. See someone with a gun pointed at him. Use the gun.

The next scene shows Davies interrogating Cordelia. Cordelia admits that she killed her brother.

See the Hat killer holding Joey but the killer is talking to Erica. The killer mentions that there is a connection with Erica and how well she can investigate better than her co-workers. The killer says that Erica might be able to save John yet but not Joey.

Cut Joey twice. The hat killer is revealed. Cordelia says: Erica, please don't disappoint me.

See the Game intro.

Rose:    Use the cell phone. Call Rose by opening the contacts list and clicking on Rose's name.

Rose says that Cordelia is also a Psion. John is in danger. Cordelia can see the future while Erica can see the past.

Table:    Check the table and see the ear that was the last evidence from the wise monkey case.

Take the penthouse keyfob. Exit the balcony.


Use the elevator and select 33 penthouse. Look around at the different furniture.

Learn whose penthouse this is:    Go left to the kitchen and the dapper man arrives.

Talk to Skorobeus to learn that he is the Smith's family lawyer and that this is Cordelia's penthouse. He leaves a note given by Cordelia for Erica on the table.

Read the note written by John for Cordelia. It mentions that John investigated Cordelia's brother's situation.

Do a postcognition on the note. Watch as Erica sees a vision of Cordelia visiting the FBI office.

John vision:   

Learn the tutorial. Erica can leave the vision by clicking on the smaller right circle attached to the powers (orange for Cordelia instead of blue for Erica) at bottom left of screen.

You are now Cordelia. Talk to John. John gives Rose's card to Cordelia. There is a notebook at top left that Cordelia writes down her thoughts.

Call Rose:    Open inventory and use the + combine icon. Combine the cell phone and Rose's card.

Cordelia moves away and calls Rose Duvalier. Rose teaches Cordelia to control her powers the same way she did with Erica.

Rose says that some things she sees are fixed but some can be changed.

John:    Back in front of John.

Look at the stack of folders on the table. It has Maxwell Smith, Cordelia's brother on it. It also has the ID case#.

Click on the case number and Cordelia and Erica make a comment about it.

Exit Cordelia's view. To exit, click on the small orange circle right of the power orange ball.

Max' office:

Go to the door at upper right (left of the TV). Look at everything in this room.

Envelope:    Check the envelope on the desk.

Do a postcognition on the envelope. See a discussion between Cordelia and Max.

Keith vision:

Max:    As Cordelia, look around. Talk to Max. Learn that Max is upset because Keith, another brother refuses to sign the paper that will release his claim on the Enthon Towers. Keith designed the Enthon Towers. See Max opens a safe on the wall. Max gives the unsigned documents to Cordelia. Max is worried that he is becoming like his father.

Powers:    Exit the office. Cordelia's powers are evolving.

Do a postcognition on the black flower and see the killer cutting the black flower.

Go to the left and up the spiral staircase. Look around at the objects on the way.

Keith:    See Keith, the other brother at the Art room. Look around at the different art objects and the model of planets.

Talk to Keith about his design problem. Keith is proud of the Tower design. Talk to Max completely.

Orrery:    Learn what Keith's current project is. He is working on the orrery. His problem is to know which right wrench to use on the right planet adjust and to know the right direction to turn the wrench to.

Keith places the 3 wrenches on the table. Leave the discussion and the vision.

Erica:    As Erica, leave the office and go left. Go up the stairs to the art room.

Do a postcognition on the orrery. See Keith and learn that the small wrench is not the right tool and that the green planet should be worked on. To use the wrench, it must be jiggled while turning.

Cordelia and orrery:    Return to Keith vision by clicking on the small blue circle at bottom right and select Keith.

As Cordelia, she knows what Erica learned. Talk to Keith about fixing the planets.

Use the medium wrench. Work on the green planet.  Jiggle the wrench and turn it clockwise.

Documents:    Now that Keith can move on to the next project, give the unsigned documents to Keith. Keith signs the documents after asking who is the other cosigner (Jeff Therrien) on the document is. That is the same name mentioned by John in the balcony vision.

Go downstairs. Cordelia walks to the kitchen and sees a vision of Max dying. Cordelia faints.

John vision:   

As Erica, check the small blue circle and see that Keith vision is now done and grayed out.

Go back to John vision and see if there is anything to learn there. Click on John circle.

John at FBI office:    Talk to John about Max being killed. John is worried about the football game. Talk about the vision.

John gives Rose's card. Ask about team losing to learn about the Patriots-Redskins game and his money riding on it.

Say Goodbye to exit the discussion. Click the small orange ball to exit the vision.

As Erica:    Use the cell phone. Do a web search; click on football and then the magnifying lens to do a search.

Select Patriots from the AFC East and Redskins on NFC East. Search. Get the info Oct 15; Patriots 22 and Redskins 20.

As Cordelia:    Go back to John vision. Talk to John about the Patriots winning.

John raised his bet on the game. John opens a case file on Max. He gives Cordelia the case number to check the progress of the investigation.

Cordelia leaves. Hear that the Patriots is winning the game because of a Redskin fumble.

John vision is finished and grayed out.

Cordelia's room:

Go downstairs and go to the left of the spiral staircase. Enter Cordelia's bedroom. Look around at all items.

Bed:     Open the right and then left drawer under her bed. Erica takes the folder 1 and reads it. It is a folder about Madison Davies (episode 1).

Read the Samuel McAdams file behind Davies'. Learn that Cordelia is after McAdams also.

Check the drawer of the desk and see that it cannot be opened.

Closet:    Open the closet left of the bed. Check the books.

Read the journal-folder 2. The journal has notes about the hangman and wise monkey.

Do a postcognition on the jewelry.

Cordelia's fainting vision:

See that Cordelia is lying on her bed after she fainted in the kitchen. Keith and Max worry about Cordelia. Max talks to an unconscious Cordelia.

Cordelia calms Keith and sends him away. Cordelia warns Max about her vision of Max being killed. Cordelia tells Max how to open her drawer. There's a push a catch underneath the drawer. Cordelia gives the signed documents. Max is evasive about Jeff Therrien.

See Max getting their mom's necklace from drawer. Cordelia and Erica meet face to face in the vision. Cordelia talks to Erica.

Cordelia's vision is finished.

Cordelia's drawer:

As Erica, open the drawer of the desk. Read Cordelia's notes on the Hangman's case and the psi symbol. Learn about her thoughts about Jared-Sully and baiting Erica.

Take note of the order in which they suffered and the connection to the combination of the safe.

Read John McCoy and Jared Sullivan's files. Sully's file shows the reason why he was targeted.

Max' vision:

Projection:    Read the Dossier and see the notes on Max' case #0651192C. Evidence was found on glass table, trash can and chipped vase.

Go to the kitchen and do a projection on the 3 items mentioned on Max' case file. See green aura on several items.

Click on left chipped vase on dining room table; trash can in kitchen and the glass table in living room. Click on projection icon at bottom left.

See McAdams and Davies shapes appear in the living room.

Postcognition:    Do a postcognition on the McAdams and Davies forms. Watch as the 2 FBI investigators ask about Max. Learn Davies mention John McCoy to Cordelia after she asks for help about her vision of Max.

Max arrives and whispers to Cordelia to take the papers in the dining room table.

Go to the dining room table at left and try to take the papers. Davies stops Cordelia from picking it up.

Distract McAdams:    See that McAdams go to the kitchen.

Do a postcognition on the papers on the kitchen island. McAdams says something about seeing something placed on the papers.

Go to the bedroom and take mom's necklace from the jewelry rack.

Go upstairs to Keith. Talk to Keith. Look at workdesk and take the pen. It's a handheld tracker that beeps when combined-track non-ferrous metal.

In inventory combine the pen with the necklace. Place the necklace on Keith's workdesk.

Exit the art room.

Place the pen-tracker on kitchen island. Watch as McAdams finds the pen and goes upstairs to Keith.

Distract Davies:    Do a postcognition on Max' papers on the dining room table. Hear that Davies wants to take Max after getting the papers on the dining room table.

Cordelia wants to change the events.

Look-click on Max to learn that Davies wants financial records.

Go to Max' office. Use the phone on the desk. In close up, click-use the phone at left.

Cordelia talks to Skorobeus.

Ask Skorobeus to bring files; Max' old financial records (ask first about Jeff Therrien and Skorobeus sounds vague about it).

Then tell him to give the financial records to Max.

Go to living room and see Skorobeus bring the papers to Max. Davies takes the papers.

Go to dining room and take Max' papers-signed documents.

Enter the bedroom and try to read the signed documents. Place the papers in Cordelia's closet.

Max:    Exit the room. An agitated Keith and Cordelia confront Max. Learn that there is something Max is working on with Skorobeus.


Open the cell phone and read the different dossiers.

Learn that Maxwell Smith died October 2005. He was identified only by dental records because the body was severely burned.

Learn that Keith Smith's whereabouts are unknown.

Read John's investigation. Learn that Cordelia confessed to killing Max. John does not believe it. The room where Max' body was found is burned and the body is mostly bones. There was a bullet mark on the rib as well as striations and impact marks. Learn about an argument between Max and Skorobeus. Skorobeus had something in his hand when he left the penthouse.

Look around:

McAdams:    Use the elevator and talk to McAdams.

Show John's lighter to McAdams. The situation is delicate.

Lobby painting:    Check the lobby painting and see that it is an orange classical painting. It is signed in red paint.

Garden Balcony:    Use the elevator to go to the garden balcony.

At the foyer, talk to Skorobeus. Learn that Skorobeus struck Max one night with Cordelia's necklace when they were burning old documents.

Balcony painting:    Study the painting. See that the red painting is signed in white paint.

Cordelia's room:    Use the elevator to go to the penthouse.

Go to Cordelia's room. Take the necklace from the jewelry stand.

Bedroom painting:    Look close at the purple painting signed by Sean Patience in orange above the bed.

Dining room painting:    Exit and look close at the winter scene painting that has a red Japanese stamp as signature of the painter.

Art room:    Go upstairs to the art room and look at the blue painting of twin girls with heart problems signed in black.

Max' office:    Go to Max' office. Examine the green painting with white signature behind the desk.

Open the safe:

In Max' office, click the middle panel of the painting to expose the safe.

Review Cordelia's journal in inventory. In the last page, note that it is written: Remember to set the combination - the order in which they suffered.

Look close at the safe to see that the keypad is colored.

Victims:    The order the victims suffered is hangman, Davies, Sully and wise monkey.

Review the folder associated with these victims.

Hangman:    Open Antony Longmore's folder and see the signature in white. The red painting at the Balcony foyer is signed white.

Madison Davies:    Study Davies file and see that it has the red stamp of the white painting in the dining room.

Jared Sullivan:    In Sully's folder, the signature in red of the orange painting is seen.

Wise Monkey:    The signature in white of the painter of the green painting in Max' office is taped.

Combination:    The possible combinations are: (based on color of painting) red, white, orange and green or (based on color of signatures) white, red, red and white.

Press the red, white, orange and green buttons or 3278 if you number the keypad. The safe opens.

Take and read the laminated burned document. It has Jeff Therrien on the document and was signed by Skorobeus. The rest cannot be read.

Erica says that she will send a picture to Terence so that it can be read.

Synergy:    Since Skorobeus mentioned that he struck Max with Cordelia's necklace; do a synergy on the necklace and burned document.

See Max confront Skorobeus about the documents he got from the basement. Learn that Skorobeus had Max get Keith (and Cordelia) to sign documents that gives all the assets to Jeff Therrien. A birth certificate was held by Max. Max threatens Skorobeus  by going to the authorities. Skorobeus hits Max with the necklace and burns the documents.

Find out the code to the secret room:

As Cordelia:

Secret room:    Cordelia learns about what happened between Max and Skorobeus from Erica's vision.

Talk to Keith. Learn about the secret room in Max' office that access the elevator to the basement. Max changed the code to the elevator to prevent Keith from accessing the basement.

Keith shows the rocket ship for the orrery that he fitted with a camera.

Go upstairs to the art room and take the orrery. Go back down and go to Max' office.

Place the orrery on Max' desk. Place the rocket ship with camera on the orrery.

Use the phone and automatically call Skorobeus. Keith enjoys the joint adventure.

Take the camera from the orrery.

Play video:    Use the phone.

In closeup, open the USB cover at top right of the phone. Use the rocket cam on the USB port.

Click on the blue console button at bottom of the screen.

Keith explains that the console is unlocked with Max or Keith's voice. Keith talks; press the button again.

Press the video play arrow to see Skorobeus on the keypad. The video was too fast but Keith thinks he can get the code from the sound.

Max enters and tells the 2 siblings to go.

Keith believes that Cordelia is siding with Max. Keith leaves in anger.

Place the rocketcam on the orrery upstairs in the art room. Cordelia asks Erica for help.

Max is depressed and apologizes to the picture of his father.

As Erica:

Terence sends new message to Erica. Open the cell phone, select Dossier.

Read Burned document. Learn that it was Skorobeus that reported Max to the FBI. That report was misfiled on purpose and the lead investigator was McAdams.

Terence also sent a Max Interview. Exit the phone. Use the Max Interview chip to hear Max' rant.

Orrery:    Click on orrery and see that the camera is gone.

Do a postcognition  on the orrery. See John take the camera from the orrery just recently. John says he will show it to bossman-McAdams.

McAdams:    Go down to the lobby. Now that the Erica knows about McAdams is involved in the burned document and John's reporting about the camera; talk to McAdams.

Erica purposely riles McAdams to the point that he attacks-holds Erica.

Do a regression on McAdams. Click on the screen that shows the rocketcam in his pocket.

Click on McAdams or his pocket to take the rocketcam.

Video:    Go back upstairs to Max' office.

Since the video is not clear; send the video to Terence. In inventory, combine the rocketcam with the cell phone.

Terence immediately sends a response. Open your cell phone and select Dossier.

Read the Video Footage message.

Code:    Combine the rocketcam and cell phone again in inventory. This fixes the bad video.

Use the phone on Max' desk.

In closeup; press the console button. Use the Max interview in inventory on the console button while the red light is flashing.

Open the USB cover at top right. Attach the fixed rocketcam on the USB post.

Press the arrow to play the video. The audio was analyzed to get the code - 26739.

Click on "back". Enter the code on the screen - 26739.

Erica enters the opened secret door.

Secret basement:

As Cordelia:     Check the nearest door and see that it is locked.

Enter the left door and...

As Erica:    ...change to Erica.

Click on message on dark wall by the door.

Use John's lighter on wall. Read the message: Jeff Therrien killed them both to make Erica comment on it. Exit by moving cursor out of the screen and...

As Cordelia:     ...change to Cordelia.

Hear a groan - it's Max. Exit by moving cursor out of the screen.

Enter the hole in the wall and...

As Erica:    ...change to Erica.

Hear John yell. It is coming from near the elevator. Exit the closeup by moving cursor out of the screen.

Exit through door at right.

Go through the door by elevator and...


As Cordelia:     ...change to Cordelia.

See Max tied up and attached to electric shock machine. Cordelia is tied up to hold a gun pointed at Max. A hammer swings close to Cordelia.

In front of Cordelia, there is a screen that shows clues at right. In front of Max is a keypad.

Keypad:    Do postcognition on the keypad in front of Max.

See a hand press 3 numbers. Remember that the keypad is facing Max. The numbers pressed are 256.

Talk to Max and tell him to press 256.

The camera moves after that action and the screen shows numbers - #2 and #1.

Since we did #2 already; do postcognition on #1.

See a hand press 3 numbers. The numbers pressed are 156.

Talk to Max and tell him to press 156.

The camera moves after that action and the screen shows numbers - #1 and #4.

Since we did #1 already; do postcognition on #4.

See a hand press 3 numbers. The numbers pressed are 456. There's a pattern here.

Talk to Max and tell him to press 456.

The camera didn't change-move much to show any new number. But there was a #3 on top of Max.

Since there is a pattern here, tell Max to press 356.

Can:    The camera moves and the screen shows a can. Check-click on screen to remark about the obstruction over the message.

Check the can above Max that is beside the #3.Talk to Max. He says to shoot at can.

Use the can to get a target. Move the target to center on the can blocking the view of what is written behind it. Fire the gun. Cordelia missed the can.

Fire the gun again to remove the can.

Max is electro-shocked again.

Read the message on the screen at right: Only his life will set you free.

Max talks to Cordelia to explain what is happening. Do not rest until he's put behind bars. Only one can leave this place alive.

Connecting the dots:

Confession:    Erica sees John inside the room. John confesses that he could have stopped Scott's death (episode 1).

Talk to John. Learn how the FBI covered up Max death and the release of Cordelia from jail.

See Cordelia being chased by a man and is crying for help.

Learn also the change that happened to Cordelia after her release. Cordelia also warned John about Scott being killed.

See a wounded man - Keith Smith crawl out from a dark area. John takes him to the hospital.

Wills:    Read the papers on the table. Erica sees some papers that show titles for Jeff Therrien.

There are 2 wills. One will showed that the Smith parents left the money to be divided to the 3 children. The other one signed by Skorobeus showed that all was left to Keith.

Do a postcognition on the 2 wills. Learn that Skorobeus forged the will he signed.

See a birth certificate that showed that Jeff Therrien is Skorobeus and Jane Smith's son.

Take the note from the Oracle with a key attached. Exit.

Dark area:    Check dark area behind the book cases - where Keith crawled out from.

Use John's lighter on dark area. Look around. Check the antiques, tools and chain. Keith made the equipment Cordelia used.

Examine Le Pendu at left side of worktable. Use the key from note to open Le Pendu.

Who is the Cain killer? Turn the wheel to enter the alphabet that will spell the Cain killer. Use the left arrow to turn Le Pendu.

Enter Keith.

As Cordelia:    Use the gun.

Erica sees Keith walk away. Erica enters the burned torture room. Erica picks up the gun left by Cordelia. A man walks in. Erica fires. John!


Episode 4: The Cain Killer

September 2013

Review Erica's powers at beginning of the walkthrough.

A recap of what happened in previous episodes is seen.

Cordelia talks to Erica.

Reminder:    The cell phone at top left of screen has hints for the game. Press messages and get in contact with Rose.

As Erica.

The night Scott died (3 years ago).

Outside Warehouse:

John and Erica are waiting in a police car outside a warehouse. Talk to John.

McAdams:    McAdams calls Erica. Erica is going undercover to find out information about Cain.

Stelios sold things to Cain. Jetta is the FBI's informant.

When given a choice of 3 questions from 5 dialogues to ask, select the ones that refer directly to the operation process:

What's Jetta's code to pass me information? Jetta will blink once for yes and twice for no.

Where will I get information about Cain? A book at front desk.

What's my cover? Erica is to check a Russian shipment expected by a Jack Stryker.

Trust meter:    McAdams asks that Erica keep Jetta safe. See a trust meter tutorial.

The response to a trust question decides how a character will treat you.

See a character picture at bottom right. The filled light color in that picture depends on how much trust is shown as a result of the selected response.

Trust McAdams or not (your choice): I'll do my best (trust) or I can't make promises (less trust). I trusted.

Inside Warehouse:

Erica walks inside the warehouse and stops in front of a counter. Jetta is on the left background and Stelios is by the counter.

Stelios:    Stelios questions Erica. If Erica gives a wrong answer or waits too long to respond after being warned; Stelios shoots Erica.

Jetta:    Jetta can give hints when you look at her but too much help from Jetta will cause Stelios' trust meter to go down and might eventually kill Jetta.

To get hints from Jetta, select Look around and then look at Jetta. Jetta will give her signal with her eyes. She can look right or down (center) and blink for yes (once) or no (2xs).

Questions and responses:

Your business? I'm here about the gun shipment.

I thought you were blonde.  Look around. Check Jetta and she blinks twice for no. He's bluffing. Stick to your story.

Shipment number? Look around. Check Jetta and she looks to the right. Check the crates at right. Select 100-344.

Jay sent you? McAdams prompts Erica that Stryker goes by Jay. Jay sent me.

Do you mind if I call him. Sure call him. Stelios puts the gun down. If you choose the other dialogue, a later dialogue is omitted and will result in death of a character.

Name. Ariel.

What do you want? I'm here to check the inventory on the shipment.

What drawer? Check Jetta and she looks down. Neither, it's the center drawer.

Check the book:    Erica can't read the book.

Use the postcognition power on the book. Click on blue sphere at bottom left; then click on the blue aura at right pages.

See a memory of Cain-Keith sending a package.

Wire detected:    Stelios sees the wire Erica is wearing.

Focus on Stelios. If you chose an answer that didn't cause Stelios to put the gun down earlier; this response will not be seen. Any other answer will cause a death.

Erica sweeps the gun from the counter and tells Jetta to run. John shoots Stelios. Stelios remembers Erica's name and has a memory of Keith-Cain telling him about tonight's victim: Erica and Scott Reed. Erica and John runs to the car to look for Scott. Erica finds the bloody words on the wall - Come to Mount Auburn tonight alone. Erica's dad is unconscious. (The rest of the story is in Episode 1.)

As Cordelia.

Morning after Scott's death.

Lake House:

Enter the house:    Cordelia arrives at the Lake House to stop Keith.

Check Keith's car. Cordelia comments that he must be in pretty bad shape now (he was burned at the cemetery).

Use the ? icon at top left to see all active spots. The front door is locked.

Pick up the broom.

Check the windows. Open the window on the side of the house - extreme left.

Inside the house:    Look around. See Keith in the bathroom tending his wounds.

Check the cabinet and basement. Keith spends a lot of time at the basement.

Hoodie:    See Keith's hoodie on the floor in front of bathroom door. There's keys on one of the pockets.

Try to pick up the hoodie. Cordelia walks to the hoodie and steps on a creaky floorboard. If you step on that creaky floor again, Keith shoots you.

Use the broom on the hoodie. In inventory, use the hand icon to check the hoodie and get the house keys.

Exit through window and use house key on front door.

What to do with Keith:

Car:    Enter the house through front door at bottom right. Pick up the car keys from the coffee table.

Exit the house and go to Keith's car. Use the car keys on the car. Cordelia opens the trunk.

Check the paper and the newspaper. Take Keith's gun under the newspaper.

Powder:    Check the powder at top left. Use the precognition power (orange) on the powder.

See a secret compartment behind the powder. Open the secret compartment and take (3) bags of drugs Keith use on his victims.

Precognition:    Go back inside the house.

Use the precognition power (orange) on Keith in the bathroom. See what to do in Cordelia's vision. Cordelia ties a wire in front of the bathroom.

Pick up the wire from the worktable on right wall.

Use the wire on the TV desk right of the bathroom.

Exit the house through front door at bottom right. Enter through the left window.

Use the wire on the cabinet by window.

Keith:    Use the gun on bathroom-Keith.

Answer Keith with understanding to gain his trust. If you get angry at him, he will eventually kill you.


Cordelia talks to Erica at the cemetery. She wants Erica to understand what she is or what she had done and will do.

Cordelia tells Erica to ask Rose about Bao Thanh.

Antique Shop:

Erica wakes up from recollecting the past.

Rose and Bao Thanh:    Erica asks Rose about Bao Thanh.

Rose was a volunteer in Vietnam. One day while sitting at the plaza; she saw a mad wretched man. The man started scaring the children playing at the plaza. He screamed - Fires in the sky. The soldiers took him away to prison. Later, a bomb exploded in the plaza. Bao Thanh was tortured and interrogated as a spy. Rose started to counsel Bao Thanh. He told her that he can feel things. Eventually, Bao Thanh was executed. Rose understood what he went through.

Regression:    Click on the power button at bottom left; then click on Rose. Then click on regression button.

Talk to Rose and Erica asks permission to access her memory so she can understand what Cordelia wants her to know.

You have to see which memory are not clear or unanswered and then find the correct answer or memory.

Click-select all active things in the screen.

Left 1 memory:    Click on Temple at top left.

Click on Rose to find out what temple it is. Cao Dai temple. Goodbye.

Left 2 memory:    Click on Rose reading picture. Press space bar to see which spots are active.

Click on kids playing, tree and then on Rose. Click on the left picture of an antique and then the book at right. The book title can be cycled.

Find out what book Rose is reading. Exit and ask Rose about book.  She doesn't remember. Exit.

Left 3 memory:    Click on Villagers. Press space bar to see which spots are active.

Click on Bao-Thanh and then on the children to ask what village it is.

Exit and ask Rose about Bao-Thanh and village.  She doesn't want to remember what Bao-Thanh said. The village is Trang Bang. Goodbye.

Left 4 memory:    Select Taken away. Press space bar to see which spots are active.

Click on Bao-Thanh and the soldiers and then flag. Exit and ask Rose about the blank flag. She doesn't remember the flag. 

Web search:    Use the cell phone at top left. Select web search; then Religious Imagery. Click the lens at right to do the search.

Select Trang Bang for city and Cao Dai for religion. Click the lens at right to do the search. See the flag. Exit the cell phone.

Select the picture again. Cycle the flag to put the correct flag on the picture. Exit.

Left 5 memory:    Click on Explosion. Press space bar to see which spots are active.

Select soccer ball, dead girl and burnt figurine.

Select-click on Bloody Rose. Click the name tag to see that Rose's name tag changes.

Exit and ask Rose about different name. She said to check the drawer for clues. Goodbye. Exit the regression.

Counter drawer:    Go to the counter and open the drawer.

Check the books in the drawer. Open the Alchemy of Happiness to see a piece of picture of Rose in Vietnam. Take the torn photo.

Do synergy on the torn photo in inventory. See a fuzzy picture of a young Rose.

Use the torn photo on Rose. Talk to Rose again to go back to Regression.

Left 2 memory again:    Go back to Rose reading and select the correct book - Alchemy of Happiness. Exit.

Right 4 memory:    Select Gift at right side. Press space bar to see which spots are active.

Select hand and then antique hand. He gave her something. Exit.

Ask Rose what was given. Rose said to check the shelf. Goodbye. Exit regression.

Name:    Check the shelf for a close up. Pick up the ripped photo by the triangle relic seen on a previous left #2 picture.

Do a synergy power on the 2 torn photos in inventory. Click on synergy icon again. See a smiling Rose with a name tag - Bailey. Exit.

Shelf:    Look close at shelf and note items that were seen in other pictures.

Do projection power on the items on the shelf. Select: triangle relic, deflated soccer ball and burnt figurine. Then click on projection icon.

See an image where the ripped photo was before.

Click on Rose again to go back to her regression.

Left 5 memory:    Click on Explosion. Change Rose's name tag to Bailey.

Right 4 memory:    Select Gift at right side. Change the antique in hand-gift to the one seen on the shelf - wings raised V shaped.

Right 5 memory:     Select Death Row. Press space bar to see which spots are active.

Click on Bao-Thanh and soldiers. They are going to execute him. Rose suffered.

Check the empty bubble - Rose response.

Exit and ask Rose about the phrase.

Fill the bubble. Select what Rose said by cycling the responses - You can see the future.

Right 6 memory:     Click on the fuzzy memory.

If all memories are correctly selected - click on the cognition sphere to see a recap of Rose's memories.

Bao-Thanh tells Rose that he knows what Rose can do. That she does good. You are an Angel amongst people like us.

Cordelia's clue:

Rose:    Erica deduced that Rose can see, read or hear other people's thoughts.

Talk to Rose about Cordelia and John. Rose explains the connection between Cordelia and Erica. Do you blame her?

Cordelia's memory:    Ask about Cordelia's thoughts. When Cordelia had sessions with Rose, she thinks of a place that would calm her down.

Do a regression on Rose to see the place she is seeing.

Rose sees a Lake House. Check all the characters in Rose's memory. The man at the house is Skorobeus.

Rose advices Erica to use her best judgment on what to do with Cordelia.

FBI station:

McAdams:    McAdams suspends-pulls Erica out of active duty because of what happened with John.

Skorobeus:    The camera in the interrogation room is turned off.

Erica enters the Interrogation room and confronts Skorobeus. Skorobeus does not trust Erica.

Continue to question Skorobeus. Exit.

Do regression on Skorobeus. Skorobeus refuses to be touched.

Interrogate Skorobeus again. This time, a new dialogue is added.

There are 2 possible ways to get information from Skorobeus:

- Push against the wall. Then do regression power on Skorobeus.

- Apply force. Do this 3 times and Skorobeus is knocked out. Then do regression power on Skorobeus. (Thanks, Emily.)

Learn that after attacking Max, Skorobeus hid when he heard Keith enter the office. Keith reads the papers that Skorobeus tried to burn - his birth certificate. See Keith drag a stunned Max.

If pushed against wall; Skorobeus gives the address of the lake house. If knocked unconscious; see a vision of Cordelia calling Skorobeus about Keith and giving him the address of the lake house.

McAdams:    McAdams comes in with another agent. McAdams loses trust in seeing Erica. If Skorobeus is knocked out, an additional trust is lost with McAdams.

Push Holmberg, then run.

Lake House:

Erica confronts Cordelia. Cordelia weakened Erica by hurting the people close to her so that she will kill Keith.

Towel:    Cordelia wants Erica to work with her. Cordelia wants McAdams.

Cordelia hands Erica a towel she found at the basement.

Do cognition power on the towel. Keith has another victim.

Search the house:

Characters can now be interchanged using the icons beside the power circle at bottom left.

Fireplace and mantel:    Check the pictures on the mantel and the fireplace.

Bathroom:    Search the bathroom. Open the medicine cabinet. Check the items.

Take the empty cup, razor blade and magnifying glass.


Enter the basement. See the structures Keith used to practice on.

Cordelia rationalizes to Erica that she did good by killing her victims.

If you choose I understand, Cordelia's trust is increased. If That wasn't your job is selected; Cordelia's trust is lessened.

Examine the 3 traps:  Scott's, Janelle's and George siblings.

Open the sarcophagus:

Sarcophagus:     Examine the sarcophagus' levers.

Move the sliders several times until Cordelia says that she is getting something and urges Erica to talk.

Slider 1:   Change to Cordelia. Look close at the sliders. Use the precognition power on Slider 1. See Erica say Any ideas?

Change to Erica: Move slider 1 until Erica says what Cordelia saw in her vision - Any ideas?

Slider 1 is at position 2 when the dialogue is stated.

Slider 2:    As Cordelia, do a precognition on slider 2 to get a vision of ...this is frustrating. As Erica, move the lever until Erica says ...this is frustrating.

Slider 2 is at 4th position when the dialogue is stated.

Slider 3:    As Cordelia, do a precognition on slider 2 to get a vision of ...give up. As Erica, move the lever until Erica says ...give up.

Slider 3 is at 4th position when the dialogue is stated.

Slider 4:    As Cordelia, do a precognition on slider 2 to get a vision of ...don't have all night. As Erica, move the lever until Erica says ...don't have all night.

Slider 4 is at 3rd position when the dialogue is stated.

Trophies:    The sarcophagus opens. See the trophies collected by Keith from his victims. Erica's graduation ring and Scottie's bracelet are here.

Take all the trophies and look at each souvenir in inventory: Your blood will save him figurine, golden tooth, nail clippings, gold wedding ring, Erica's graduation ring, black hair, golden bracelet with inscription SC, Scottie's bracelet strip, You bleed he breathes figurine and gold watch.

Wheel table:

Past, present and future:    Check the wheel table. See a map with routes-lines, buttons on the periphery and the years 2018, 2011 and 1998.

As Erica, do a postcognition power on the wheel map. See that the lines on the map are different in 1998.

As Cordelia, do a precognition power on the wheel map. See that the lines on the map are different in 2018.

Compare the 3 maps of the past, present and future. Note that 4 buttons have connected lines on all 3 maps - buttons 1, 3, 7 and 8.

As Erica, press buttons 1, 3, 7 and 8. See figurines rise from the center of the wheel. Take 10 figurines.

Arrange the figurines:

There are 12 figurines collected from the wheel table and sarcophagus.

Wheel table:     See that the wheel is separated into 5 parts by etched lines.

4 of the areas-quadrants have shapes on them. The single button at top right has a lone button and no shapes.

The shapes in each of the 4 areas are: circle, square and L-shape. There are 12 of those geometric shapes. Hmm...

As Cordelia:    Do a precognition power on all 4 quadrants. Take note of the figurines that are seen in the visions.

As Erica:    Place the figurines seen by Cordelia on the 4 quadrants.

Quadrant 1 - top: Place the Bars and Moon trap figurine on the circular slot.

Quadrant 2 - right: Place the Spiked stripe trap figurine on the circular slot.

Quadrant 3 - bottom: Place the Erica's wheel trap figurine on the circular slot.

Quadrant 4 - left: Place the Glass shard trap figurine on the circular slot.

As Erica:    Open inventory and do synergy power on 2 items from the victims picked up at the basement. Find the matching items and then click on the synergy icon to see a memory. Note the important features seen on those memories.

Do synergy power on 2 trophies and then click on synergy icon to see memories.

- black hair strands + fingernails. Memory shows: Blood buys him time bloody writing; gate with spikes on top, spikes inside a coffin and face of chamber.

- golden tooth + wedding band. Memory shows: You bleed He breathes bloody writing; spikes outside a coffin and opening a coffin.

- graduation ring + Scott's bracelet strip. Memory shows Only Reed blood bloody writing; wheel trap and Scott's body.

- gold watch + golden bracelet. Memory shows Your blood will save him bloody writing, circular metal with broken glass inside and twins on torture slabs.

Place the figurines on wheel table:    Based on the clues from Cordelia's precognition and Erica's synergy powers; place the correct figurines on the slots.

Quadrant 1 - top: Bars and Moon trap figurine, Blood buys him time figurine and iron maiden figurine.

Quadrant 2 - right: Spiked stripe trap figurine, You bleed He breathes figurine and coffin trap figurine.

Quadrant 3 - bottom: Erica's wheel trap figurine, Only Reed blood figurine and Scott's trap figurine.

Quadrant 4 - left: Glass shard trap figurine, Your blood will save him figurine and George siblings trap figurine.

Cordelia figurine:    The center area of the wheel rises to show a Cordelia figurine. There are 3 more slots for 3 figurines.

Do a postcognition power on the Cordelia figurine.

In the vision, Keith tells Erica that there is a Max figurine and Cordelia knows where it is.

Use power again on Cordelia figurine. This time the figurine has green aura for projection.

Find Max figurine:

As Erica:  Go upstairs. Check the pictures on the mantel and the fireplace.

Do postcognition and check the vision from the bathroom.

As Cordelia:   Check the pictures on the mantel and the fireplace. The picture shows Daddy with Senator Aaron Light.

Cordelia says that the fireplace is Max' favorite place.

As Erica:  Use the empty cup from medicine cabinet on the sink in the bathroom to get cup with water.

Use cup with water on fireplace. Erica picks up Max figurine.

Erica says there's writing on the figure but too small to read. Use the magnifying lens on Max figurine and get the clue.

Find third figurine:

As Cordelia:   Cordelia's inventory has Max figurine.

Look close at mantel again and the picture of Daddy with Senator Aaron Light.

Use Max figurine on Daddy's picture with Senator Light. Erica and Cordelia talk about doing good and realize that the picture is a clue.

As Erica:  Use the razor blade on the bulge at back of the picture. Get an Erica figurine.

Find out Keith's next victim:

Go down to the basement.

Place Erica and Max figurines on the wheel table slots.

Now that there are 3 items on the wheel; do a projection and click on all 3 figurines.

See Keith's next victim: Scott and Erica's dad - Brian Reed.

Police:    Police sirens are heard. Erica lets Cordelia go. Cordelia says she they will save Erica's dad - he's one of the good guys.

Cordelia wants Erica to bring McAdams to Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Cordelia gives caltrops to Erica.

Erica is taken by police and McAdams.

Get McAdams to cemetery:

See McAdams's trust icon at bottom right.

Gain control of car:    Talk to McAdams about carsick and Cordelia.

Check the windows. The window is closed.

Talk to McAdams about the window.

Use the caltrop on the window. McAdams notices that Erica is moving back there. She wants noise.

Talk to McAdams about the radio. McAdams turns on the radio.

Use the caltrops on the window. As soon as control is obtained, click on McAdams. Erica chokes McAdams.

Save game here.

McAdams's trust:    McAdams is in cuffs. Erica tries to explain about Cain and her father. McAdams refuses to listen.

Select your choice of dialogue. I didn't want to go down like this will increase in trust. If It didn't need to go down like this is selected there will be decrease in trust.

McAdams says that he has protected and backed her up.

About the past; select You're right to increase trust. Select You're wrong to lower trust level.

About making it personal; if Jetta was protected at start of game, McAdams's trust increases. If Jetta dies, trust lowers.

Erica explains about Cain and Erica's dad. About feelings; select trust him to raise trust. Don't trust him to lower trust.

Erica updates McAdams about Cain-Keith. Erica warns McAdams that Cordelia wants him dead.


Save game here.

Gate:    Cordelia meets McAdams and Erica at the gate to the cemetery.

Tomb:    Before entering the tomb, Cordelia wants Erica to trust her. Cordelia wants them to be caught by Keith.

Erica being close to Cordelia sees a vision of the future. Cordelia has the gun on the other side of a locked door. Cordelia walks away.

Trust:    If McAdams's trust is lower than 50%, a dialogue option to give the gun to McAdams or Cordelia is seen.

If you give the gun to Cordelia, her trust in Erica increases. If you give the gun to McAdams, Cordelia's trust lowers.

 If McAdams' trust is higher than 50%, this dialogue will not appear. (Thanks, Emily).

Inside the tomb:    See a tortured Brian on a slab.

Keith orders Cordelia to tie Erica to the wall. Cordelia signals (by lowering her eyes towards Erica's feet) Erica while tying her legs.

Cordelia says that McAdams is her problem. Keith hits McAdams unconscious.

Keith taunts Cordelia about their relationship and her conscience. She could not kill him. He explains why Cordelia suppressed her conscience and warns what will happen if ever it is freed.

Keith warns Erica about the spike aimed at her and what will happen to her father.

Escape from the wall:

Save game here.

Wall:    When control of the cursor is obtained; click on Brian-dad.

Tell Brian - Dad, do it now! This distracts Keith to face Brian.

Immediately, click on Keith. Erica wraps Brian with her legs.

If McAdams has the gun, he fires at Keith. Keith escapes.

McAdams:   Cordelia pulls out the gun or gets McAdams' gun from floor and points it at McAdams.

Erica talks to Cordelia. Select No, Cordelia to increase her trust. Select Yes, he did to lower Cordelia's trust.

Select He could have, and he didn't do his job but he's a good agent to increase her trust. Select He could have, but it wasn't his case to lower Cordelia's trust.

Select Listen to your conscience to increase her trust. Select Let's find and kill Keith to lower Cordelia's trust.

If Cordelia's trust is gained; Cordelia will not shoot McAdams; if the trust level is below 50%; McAdams will be shot.

Tomb Trap:

Cordelia uses the remote to release Erica.

Erica chases Keith after leaving McAdams (if he's alive) to take care of Brian.

John's spirit talks to Erica. Erica finds the secret panel when her powers sees the opening of the secret door.

Keith hits Erica.

Trap:    Erica is caught and tied on a trap inside the crematory.

Cordelia is outside the enclosed room. The door is locked and she doesn't know the code to open the door.

See Erica tied up on a bed that is chained to a crane above.

The bed is over 3 vertical slabs with spaces in between.

To the left are spikes that raises and lowers.

To the left of the spikes is a control panel that has a code that will open the door.

Console:    Cordelia has control of the console that manipulates the bed Erica is tied on.

The console close up used by Cordelia is seen at top left of the screen.

There are 3 switches on the left. The left switch does not work. The middle and right switches can raise or lower the middle and right vertical slabs that the bed is on.

The up-down lever-chain lock in the middle controls the bed Erica is on. It works only if the bed is on its side.

The left-right/side to side lever at right moves the bed Erica is on to left or right position.

Get Erica to the code panel:

The aim is to get Erica to the panel left of the spikes. Erica has to do postcognition on the panel and to do that she has to touch the panel.

Turn Erica on her side:    Use side to side lever to move Erica on the space between the middle and right vertical slabs (see picture). Click on space between lever and right end.

Flip the middle switch to top position to raise the middle slab. This should turn Erica on her side facing right and her hands facing left-spikes-panel.

Use the up-down lever-chain lock now that she is on her side to the up position. This tightens the chain holding the bed and it will keep Erica on her side.

Move Erica to the panel:    Lower the middle slab by flipping the middle button down. Erica is still on her side.

Move the side to side lever to the left to move Erica to the left. Move her close to the spike (space between the first and middle slabs) and then when the spikes are in up position; move her close as possible to the panel. Erica will scream at Cordelia when she's in position.

Do postcognition on the panel to try to get the code. Erica can't reach the panel.

Use side to side lever to move Erica to the right to prevent her from being spiked.

Erica says that she has loosened her hands and to try again.

Move Erica again to the panel at left when the spikes are raised. Time it well.

Do postcognition on the panel again to get the code.

Move Erica to the right to clear her from the spike. This time she should be able to get the code. Erica shouts the code (753) to Cordelia.


Cordelia opens the door. Erica frees herself and runs to the door. Keith hits Cordelia and faces Erica. Keith fights with Erica.

Fight:    The aim is to hit parts of Keith's body continuously and in a specific order to prevent him hitting Erica.

If the order is not correct, Keith will block the punch. Then he will be able to stab Erica. Immediately block his fist or Erica will die.

If the block is successful, continue with the correct sequence of hits (no need to start over).

Hit-click on Keith's: face, head, fist, toes, knee and then finish him.

The Cain Killers:

Erica holds a gun on Keith. Cordelia says that Erica is not like her. Keith hits the switch that closes the door. Cordelia pushes Erica outside. The door is locked. Cordelia tells Erica that You will be an an Angel amongst people like us.

Two shots are heard.


Brian and Erica visit Scottie's grave.

Erica talks to John. Erica is holding John's lighter.

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