Call of Cthulhu: Shadow Of The Comet


Solution By Phil Darke


Shadow Of The Comet by Infogrames is quite an old game and by the standards of today's point and click adventures a bit dated and rather slow, but once I got started I found it very atmospheric and I enjoyed playing it.


You, John Parker arrive in Illsmouth in 1910 to photograph the passing of Halley’s Comet and also to investigate what happened to professor Boleskine who also had been on the mission the last time the comet passed in 1834.




You are escorted to your lodgings, the home of Dr. Cobble where you also meet the mayor, Mr Arlington. In your room pick up and read the diary and telegram. Examine the contents of the trunk. It is a good idea at this stage to explore the village without actually doing anything but just find your way around. Later on in the game you will need to know where various people live and I found it useful to make a rough sketch of the map and note on it the names of the various characters and the location of their houses. Although there is a map (M key) provided in the game it only gives the principal locations i.e. Post Office General Store, Town Hall etc and although houses are shown it doesn't tell you who lives there. Next you need to find some photographic plates. Go to the general store and talk to Gloria Tilton en route. Mr Myer in the store will tell you that the plates he has are rather old and you should test them to make sure they are still OK. Next you want to find out who Boleskine's guide was in 1834. So head for the town hall and enter. Look at the base of the statue and read the document. Talk to Tobias Jugg. The famous author is Shakespeare and you simply love to read. Keep talking until Jugg leaves then look in the cupboard at the back and take the magnifying glass. Next go to the fishery and talk to Hambleton, but he is not very helpful although you will learn of a Calvary in the forest. Go into the forest, you will not be able to find the Calvary yet but find three sticks and a vine. Go to Juggs house and look at the gun in the corridor and use the magnifying glass on it. Return to your lodgings via the main square. Here you will see a crowd of gypsies who are being harassed by Sgt. Baggs. Stick up for them and when he leaves talk to them. When you get back to your room look in the dresser for some cotton wool and in the drawer for some alcohol. Use the alcohol on the cotton wool and use it on Boleskins drawing which is in the trunk. By combining the clues you found on the gun and on the drawing you will learn that the Calvary is north of the Beast constellation and East of the Stalker constellation at this point a group of 4 by two stars form a small square mark a cross here. Now you need to go and find a guide to take you there so head for the Tavern. Go into the Tavern and talk to the Inn keeper and to Nathan Tyler but do not accept his suggestion Leave the Inn and you will see some thugs attacking Webster. Pick up the bat near the wall of the inn and go to his aid. After you have seen off the thugs take Webster to the drug store. After the pharmacist has seen to Webster talk to him and he will agree to meet you in front of the town hall this evening. Return to your room and collect your camera, tripod, plates, lens and map. Now head for the town hall. If, when you get there Webster says he can not help you, then you have marked the cross in the wrong place on the map. If all is well he will take you into the forest, but gets scared and runs off after pointing you in the right direction, taking your tripod with him. Cross the bridge to the north and use the three sticks and the vine to construct a makeshift tripod. Use the camera and plates and take your pictures. Go East form here and watch the cat. Look at the bush which it disappeared into, go through and watch the ceremony which takes place at the stone circle. Pick up the parchment and get out. You pass out and awaken in your room.




Dr. Cobble gives you a serious talking to and a prescription so follow his advice and go directly to the Pharmacy. While the pharmacist is making up the prescription you can develop your photos. Take the developing ingredients from the shelves in the drug store (you should have eight bottles). Now go into the dark room and switch on the red lamp. Put the plates in the trays , use metol and hydroquinone to develop them and then use sodium thiosulphate and potash metabisulfite to fix them. Now look at the results. You collapse and are saved by Mathews. Now go to the general store and pick up the key which was left on the counter and while you are there buy some more plates and a brooch and a locket. Now go to Jugg's house and use the key to open the door. In the hallway pick up the statue of a baby. Now go into the next room and take the statue of an old man from the cupboard and in the next corridor take the statue of a young man from the glass case. Enter the room and look at the left hand side of the rug about half way up. You will find a small key. Remove the following books from the bookcases; Youth, The Invisible Man, and The Old Man And The Sea. Replace them with the statues of the baby, young man and old man respectively. A secret entrance now opens you go through and find Jugg dying show him the parchment. Listen carefully to his dying words. Use the key to open the Necromicon and read it but don't try to take it with you. Take the message from the table and leave. Sgt. Baggs is convinced that you are responsible for Juggs murder so you must avoid him by going home through the village square and past the pharmacy, any other way and you get caught. Once home read the message, it mentions a hundred messages and three colours, this refers to the post office, so go there next. After talking to Miss Guildchrist you can go upstairs to talk to Mr. Underwood. He will give you a great deal of information. Next you need to consult a bible to read the Apocalypse according to St. John. Outside the post office you should encounter the straight laced Miss Picott. Talk to her and tell her that you are sorry if your behaviour upsets her. Give her the locket and she will now lend you her bible. Next go to the town hall and talk to the clerk. Tell him that the Mayor has given you permission to take some photos from his office window, but tell him that you are the reporter not the photographer. You can now enter up to the mayor's office. The safe combination is the page number of the Apocalypse Of St.John, 345. Open the safe and get the cigar case and open it. Inside is a deposit slip. Read the diary it talks about a place where earth, air and sea come together, this is the lighthouse. Go to the post office and use the deposit slip to get a package. This contains a dress. Go to fishery and pick up the rope ladder. Go to the well and get changed into the dress. Now go to the lighthouse and just answer Grmmph to the guards. Go to the light house and take off the dress once you are on the platform. Use the ladder and climb up. Take the candle and use the magnifying glass to light it. Examine the sun dial and take the wings. Use the wax from the candle on the wings and then Use them. When you land talk to the gypsies and after you have finished head back to the pharmacy in the village. Here you will encounter Bishop. Talk to him and he will give you a key. Go to the cemetery and unlock the gate go in and walk to the house . Look at the cart and take the rope from it. Go S and then E look at the cross, you will find an iron bar. Go N to outside a crypt. use the iron bar to open the door and enter. Use the rope to lower yourself down into a maze. Go East and pick up a skull. Go West twice avoiding the bat. Go North and stay close to the walls to avoid the spikes, go North and get the second skull. Go back the way you came and go North from the entrance. Place the two skulls on top of the columns. Go North, avoiding the hidden trap door. Then West and South. Avoid the spiders and stand on the slab at the end of the room. Go North and West and stand on each slab once. Go North and East. Swap the two statues and go North twice. Go East and walk on the slab at the end avoiding the rats. Exit this room and go East three times, taking care to avoid the hole in the floor. Now go South three times avoiding the trapdoor, spiders and bat. Go East into the room with the rats, stand on the slab and leave the way you came in. Go North twice and East. Go South twice, stay as near as possible to the hole without falling in, Go West stand on the slab, East, North three times, stand on each slab once. Go North, West, North Look at the alcoves then walk three times around the altar. Now go East and North. Talk to Jonas and grab the four statues and get out of there, hotly pursued by Jonas. You won’t have time to stop and read the instructions so try to memorise the following directions, or get someone to read them out to you as you go:-S - W - S - E - S - S - W - N - W - N - N - W - W - S - S - W - S - E - E - S - S. Grab the rope and get out of there. Mrs Webster lends you a hand out. She takes you to her house and tells you all she knows. By the time she finishes you will have figured out the cult members are Tyler, Arlington, Coldstone and Hambleton. Look at the picture on the wall. You must now deal with these four. First Tyler. Go to his house and when he appears use the 1st statue and say the magic words LAE YOG THU SOT a pentagram appears. Use the statue on it and watch him die. Now go to Arlington's barn and repeat with statue 2 using the words, RLA GHA HAS TEP. Now go to Coldstone's house and use statue 3 with the words NGH HLU KHU WIG. The Hambletons are not quite so easy to deal with. First go to the general store and get the rotten fish from the trash can. Use it to catch the cat. Go past the fishery and turn towards the Bishop's house. release the cat and the dog will start barking. Go back up to the fishery and down by Miss Picott's house. You will see the two Hambleton boys heading off leaving Jonas alone. Go into his house and take the lamp and the compass rose from the drawer. Use the compass rose on the wheel. A secret entrance opens allowing you to go up to the first floor. Put the lamp on the mantelpiece. Don't step on the mat. Go up to the second floor and look in the cupboard and the drawer. Take the handle and use it on the telescope. Move the middle lever and take the ball and use it on the picture. Take the book on magic rites. On the top floor use the 4th statue and say THO NYA CHT TUR. The Hambletons now appear and when they have captured you, use the statue. Now get out as fast as possible.




Talk to Dr. Cobble and tell him that what you are doing is in the public interest. Read the message and go to the post office to talk to Mr. Underhouse. Sgt. Baggs is still after your blood tell him you will talk to him at Underhouse's place. When you get there, tell Baggs nothing and Underhouse will provide you with an alibi. You now need to find Natawanga in the forest, but first go to the fishery. Talk to Bishop outside the fishery. Then pick up the stick and use it on the door of the fishery. Use the pin from the brooch to pick the lock and enter. Curtis is dead. Look at the hearth to find a bow and at the floorboards near the window to find an arrow. Now go to the forest to the stump near where you found the vines earlier. Put the feather on the stump and you are transformed into a dove and will fly off to Natawanga. He will help you but first you have to answer some questions, the Indian tribe is called Mic Mac, the one who howls in the night is Yog Sothoth, 1834 was the year the comet last passed, the sign is a star and finally the creature from the sea is Dagon. Take the pot of magic paint and leave. Go to the well and go down. Throw the magic paint into the water, the waves are now magically calmed. Go East and take the can of acid and the empty can and go east. Fill the can of with naptha taking care not to drown. Pick up the flints and go south. Here you find Narackamous. Pour the naptha into the groove on the floor and use the flints. Narackamous is encircled by flames. Now shoot him with the bow and arrow. Take the aquamarine, turquoise and the butterfly and leave re-filling your can with naptha on the way. Now go to the harbour and talk to Bishop. Tell him that you were hoping to run into him and ask him if he has ever visited the island. Tell him not to believe in ridiculous superstition. finally say that you are afraid that they are stronger than you. He will now lend you his boat. Row to the island and pick up the emerald and the ruby from the statue. Now look at the sliding block puzzle in the doorway and re-arrange the blocks to show a face. Slide the 3rd column down twice. Slide the 4th line left. Slide the 2nd column down and slide the 3rd line 2 places to the left. Now enter and go to the statue. Put the ruby in the statue's right eye and whilst holding the aquamarine stand in the platform with the pentagram. Now run from the cave where you meet Boleskine's ghost and he will give you a magic ring. Enter the cave and refill the lamp with Naptha. Your vision is restricted to a small circle of light. Go left avoiding the pink monsters and into the second room with the blue monsters head for the middle of the screen at the top. Use the can of acid on the broken slab and get the diamond. Now put the turquoise into the ring which Natangwe gave you and the emerald into the ring from Boleskine. Now use both rings and get out. Return to the first room, at the top left of the screen a secret passage has opened up. You are now back at the stone circle. Use the tripod and camera use the butterfly with the camera and then use the magnifying glass and lamp. Take the photos and watch the comet streak through the sky. Pick up the piece of comet and place the four stones as follows; flint top left; aquamarine bottom left; diamond top right and comet fragment bottom right. That’s it you have saved the world, or at least for another 76 years.



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