The Cameron Files™: Pharaoh’s Curse

from DreamCatcherEurope FAQs (with permission)

Level 1

Cross the hotel garden to the reception desk. Here, you will be welcomed by the concierge.

Go upstairs; take the hall on the left to your room (#17).

In the room, in the nightstand drawer, you’ll find a message from Moïra, with the museum entrance key, a brochure showing the hotel and the museum. Put your luggage on the bed, then take your lock-picking keyring and flashlight from your luggage.

Go back downstairs. The concierge isn’t there, so take this opportunity to read the hotel register and notice Moïra’s room number (#18).

Exit the hotel via the front main door and approach the taxi. Take the taxi to the museum to join Moïra.
However, the museum seems to be empty!

Turn slightly right and go forward once. Turn slightly left and go straight down the hallway, second from the end. Turn left and go forward once. Turn right and enter the door to Moira’s office.

Look around the room. On the side is a purse. Click on it to open it and you will see that it is Moira’s. Look at the files on the desk - the KV65 tomb files. Pick up the card about Isfet.

In the alphabetic drawer’s on the wall to the right of the desk, (looks like a library index card cabinet), click to open the ‘M’ drawer and click on the “M” index card to see the card about Maât. Take it. There are other cards of interest however you can only read them and not take them into your inventory.

Take your lockpicking keyring to open the door of the curator’s office. Have a look into the desk drawer to see a strange assortment of items inside. Across the room, on top of a cabinet, is a chest with an ankh symbol. The key to open this chest is in a glassed display case in the museum corridor. Use your lockpick to open it.

Return to the curator’s office and open the chest: there is a key inside. Take the key, leave the office and go upstairs. There is a locked room you can open with the key.

It seems to be a ceremonial room. When you leave this room, you will hear footsteps.

Go back to the curator’s office: a cut-scene takes place where the curator traps you into a dark warehouse.

Take out your flashlight from inventory and look around. There is a switch on the wall to the left of the door, but upon closer examination, you find that it is broken. Search the warehouse: you will find a small piece of cable near a chest towards the rear of the room. Take it. Return to the switch. Repair the switch: let there be light!

Have a look at the various chests in the warehouse. Some of them belong to Pinkerbottom’s expedition.

Approach the door to leave, but as you do so, you will hear voices approaching. Quickly, hide behind the Sekhmet statue on the left. A cut-scene plays here where someone comes into the warehouse.

Return to the hotel. Turn around and look under the taxi, and pick-up a piece of paper that the Germans dropped under the cab.

As the concierge is still not back at the desk, take Moïra’s key (#18), go upstairs, this time turning to the right, and go into her room. Where can she be? In the nightstand, you will find a message from the curator. Cross the room and look in the large cupboard. Take Moïra’s diary on the top shelf. It is locked… Of course! The key in Moïra’s purse must be for this diary! When exiting the room, you encounter De La Destrière. He believes Moïra is back from the museum.

Return to the museum and to Moira’s office. Take the key from her purse and read her diary. You now have the history of the excavations.

Return to the hotel (Tip: you can use the brochure you found in your room to go back and forth – click on it to ravel between the museum and the hotel). Read the newspaper on the table near the clock in the lobby. Still no concierge… where can he be? Let’s try the hotel bar! Take the corridor to the right of the entrance, enter the bar… the two Germans are here!

The one at the bar seems very unfriendly however the one in the chair is willing to have a conversation. A cut-scene takes place.

Go back to your room, maybe Moïra has returned and has left a message… Mmmm. It seems your room was gone through… and the door has been left open…Upon entering your room, you hear voices arguing. Take the chair, put it below the aeration grid: you over hear a conversation between the two Germans.

Return to the museum. Moïra must be somewhere! Go to the curator’s office. Look in the desk drawer again – this time there is only a notebook. Take the pencil on top of the desk in the pencil holder to reveal the last message: Moïra’s in danger! But where is this temple referred to in the note?

Go upstairs to the ceremonial room.

There has been a ceremony here! A feather? What was said on the Maât’s card? Take the glass bottle, fill the cup. Put the feather and crush it with the stone sceptre. Put it in the blue ceramic jar. Look around the room – you will find two statuettes from the corridors in the niches, and the items that were in the curator’s drawer are in a chest. Is all this related with Moïra’s disappearance - where is she?

Return to the curator’s office. In the chest on the cabinet, put both statuettes in the recesses of the open box. A drawer opens. Build a scale using the items in this newly opened drawer. Put the blue jar from your inventory onto the scale. Another drawer opens. Take the key from this newly opened drawer. This is the key to the warehouse.

Down the hall to the left of the service entrance is the warehouse door. Go down the stairs. The key opens the warehouse. Look around inside.

There is a locker and a chain around the coffin…

Go outside the warehouse doors to a shelf of tools. Take the pliers and use them to break the metallic chest at your feet. Take the crowbar inside.

Return to the warehouse, break the chain on the coffin with the tool… a dead body!

Turn around and open Pinkerbottom’s chest. Take the note inside the chest… this is highly suspect!

Return to the Hotel… and to level 2…

Level 2

Recap to this point…

Cameron is trying to find Moïra. The Curator seems to be responsible of her disappearance, and he is going to Luxor. Two German archeologists are seeking Moïra and a mysterious statue found by Pinkerbottom’s expedition. A murder has occurred in Cairo Museum. De La Destriere, probably a friend of Moïra, invites Cameron to go to Luxor where Pinkerbottom waits for them.

You begin the level on the top deck of the boat. He has an appointment with De La Destrière in the boat’s bar.

Go to your state room first, by going down two levels, and finding room #15. Use the key in your inventory to open the door. Your suitcase is in the room, but you cannot do anything with it.

In the cabin, go into the small wash room in your room. To the right of the sink the cursor will change into the magnifying glass – click to get a close up of the pipes. Orange smoke is billowing from the joint of the pipes where it meets the floor.

Leave your room. Knock on a few doors but Cameron will realize that he doesn’t know whose door is whose.

To the right of the stairs are louvered doors to the linen cupboard. Use the lock picking keys to pick the lock. Look inside to find a map of the boat on one wall and a list of who is in which room on the other wall. On the cabinet is a small drawer cabinet. Take the stethoscope.

Time to go to the bar. The bar is on the middle deck of the boat. When Cameron enters, the bartender is washing the bar. On a small table are some Turkish Delight candies that Cameron can eat. On the same table is a tourist brochure where Cameron can find a map of the area surrounding the boat.

Speak to the bartender. During the cut-scene, you will meet Olga, a countess. .

Return to the cabin hallway. Knock on De La Destriere’s cabin (#18) – no answer.

Knock on the Curator’s cabin (#20): again, no answer.

Just outside the curator’s door, on the floor, is a trap door. To the right of the curator’s door is a small wall cupboard. Click on it to open it and take out the ‘key’ inside. Use it to open the trap door. Turn around and take the ladder from the wall and use it on the trapdoor. Go down the ladder.

The hull area is separated in three spaces by two metallic gates. The first gate is not closed, the second is. There is a chest with German writing, closed with a big lock. The key to this lock is inside Von Bos’ cabin.

The second gate is closed by a lock. Use the flashlight to see what’s inside!

Leave the hull. The ladder stays inside. Return to the middle deck, where the bar area is.

As you get to this deck, a cut-scene plays where De La Destriere is threatened by something. Could it be... the MUMMY?

Return to the cabin hallway and approach the trap door. The lock has been broken, so you cannot get to the hull this way anymore.

Knock on De La Destriere’s room again – you hear strange mumblings inside. Perhaps there is a window you could look into the room from to see what it going on inside.

Go up to the next deck, then take the side stairs down to peer into the window of De La Destriere’s room.

Return to the bar. Look at the table to taste another turkish delight. The bartender is sleeping behind the bar. There are two items behind him. Take them - one is a cabin pass, the second is the key of the main hull door.

Return to the cabin hallway and enter the Curator’s room using the barman pass key. Open the cupboard doors and take the Maat statue. In the nightstand drawer is the Believer’s book. Take it. Exit the room.

Go to De La Destriere’s room, and enter it using the barman pass key. Pick the soap in the washroom. DLD is lying on the bed in a restless state of unconsciousness.

In the suitcase, you will find a strange design. It is the same design as De La Destriere’s ring. Use the soap to take the ring from DLD’s finger, then open a secret part of the suitcase. Inside the secret compartment take the: the papers, the glasses/mask and a file. Exit this room.

Return to the deck above and enter Von Bos’ room using the barman pass key. On the little mirror on the shelf you will notice fingerprints. Get a close-up of the Rum bottle. To the left of the rum bottle is a small wooden mantle. Click on it to activate a secret door which reveals a wall safe. Take the stethoscope and listen to the safe tumbler, first right, then left, then right again, then left again, switching directions every time you here a loud click.

Inside the safe is a small locked chest with Amenophet’s Scarab with the cartouche and a design of Isfet. You will also find Von Bos’ mission orders and a pistol.

In a box on the table across the room is an encrypting machine. Click on it to receive an encrypted message. Take it.

Across the room in the wall cupboard is a key hanging on a hanger with some pants. Take it. This is the key for the locked chest in the hull. Exit the room.

Return to the deck where the bar is, and go down the side stairs to the hull doors. using the key you took from behind the sleeping bartender. Go inside and open Von Bos’ case with the key you took from his cupboard. Inside is dynamite.

Break the second gate lock with the file you found in DLD’s cabin.

Inside, you will find Amenophet’s coffin with the statuette and incense. Exit the hull.

Return to the curator’s cabin. On the headboard is a note of a telegram that the curator wanted to send to Luxor.

You hear a strange voice. Click on the door and the Mummy enters! Try to shoot the mummy with Von Bos’ pistol, but this is useless against this spirit creature. Use the Maat statue to make the mummy flee.

On to level 3...

Level 3

The “Wonder of Nile” is moored by a small island in the middle of the Nile. There are a few people on board.
From this Island, it is possible to go to the shore leading to Kings Valley with a small boat.
The shore: here is a small Excavations Office.
Trails lead to various locations in King’s Valley

After the introductory movie you find yourself in your room. Walk around your room and you will receive a message under the door. It is a message from the curator.

Go to the curator’s room and walk around the bed. Pick-up the pistol you dropped in your struggle with the Mummy.

Go up to the deck the bar is on. Walk to the edge of the boat to see the island. You will hear an explosion.

Go to the hull to see if the explosives are still there. No, they are gone. The coffin is gone as well. Pick up the rope in the corner of the room where the coffin was, and a steel bar under the stairs.

Leave the boat to the island. Take the path to the left until you see the stone marker. Note where this is. You will need to revisit this later in the level.

Still on the island, go to the right to the small boat. As you approach the small boat, look up to the cliffs. You will see some flashes on a cliff. What could be causing that?

Take the small boat the far shore, by clicking forward when you are standing in the boat. Once on the shore, take the path to the right until you are at a building. It is a warehouse. Enter the warehouse and once you step further inside, someone will lock the doors behind you.

Inside, walk around the rows of items and pick-up the hammer (on the shelf as you enter), small steel bar (hidden behind the barrels), the mirror shard (in the bucket by the window), and the two picks (in a chest on one of the shelves).

Try to leave via the door on the other side of the room. It’s locked as well.

To get out, first peek through the small hole near the door of the room and you will see a cut-scene. Next, use the mirror shard on the hole to see other parts of the room. Next, place the brochure “Wonder of Nile” under the door, and click on it to push it through the door slightly. Next, use the small steel bar to push the key out of the keyhole, so that it drops onto the brochure. Pull the brochure back and you will have the key! Open the door.

Enter the room to see that it is the Excavation Office. Cross the room to the table to see the map on the wall of the nearest excavations. Turn to the left and go forward once. Look to the right, high-up on the shelf and read the entries of the excavations. As you leave the room by the door to go outside, there is a newspaper clipping you can look at on the table to the left.

Once outside, take the trail to the left, up the cliffs. Note that one trail leads to another stone marker – you will need to revisit this later in the level!

First you encounter a fork in the trail: the left goes to a dead-end, the right to a cliff with steel stairs. Further on there is a portion of the cliff without stairs, but you see other stair rungs higher up. Turn 180°, attach the rope the last stairs below, then turn again, use the hammer and the first pit, attach the rope to it, climb, attach the rope to the upper stair and then you can access the area where somebody was standing.

Look through the telescope to see the boat. You will see a cut-scene where Moira and the curator and the Mummy are in trouble. The Mummy turns to look you in the eye of the telescope!

Walk further along and you will discover a pulley system to go down another cliff - but some parts are missing. Return the way you came up here, and you will suddenly sees the Mummy! Quickly turn to the right fork (towards the dead end) and you will avoid being the Mummy’s next victim.

Return to the Excavation Office. As you enter the room, you hear lots of noise inside the warehouse. Enter the warehouse to see Von Bos in a crazy state of mind. After he has left, you will find a small key at the bottom of the entrance door. This is the key of the scarab’s box.

Return to the boat via the little boat and go to the curator’s cabin. Enter the room and you find that the
curator is passed out. Pick-up the scarab medallion in his hand, the key he wears on his collar, and the key to the left of the plant on his nightstand.

Open the suitcase with one key and the secret compartment with the other key. Take the statue of the Tchoumchetki Ka.

In the curator’s bathroom there is a stand where you must put the scarab medallion, and then take it back into inventory.

Return to the island. Turn left and go to the first stone marker. Place the scarab medallion on the lower scarab indent, to receive a colored scarab. Take both into your inventory.

Go to the small boat and move forward once towards the barrels. Carefully and slowly scan the barrels with the cursor until it turns into a magnifying glass. You will find a steel wheel hidden behind the barrels.

Once on the shore, turn left and follow the path to the second stone marker. Again, place the scarab medallion on the lower scarab indent, to receive a second colored scarab. Take both into inventory. You should now have the scarab medallion and two colored scarabs.

Return to the area on the cliff with the telescope. Use the big steel bar from the hull and the wheel from the boat to fashion a pulley. Take a ride and end up at the top part of Pinkerbottom’s excavation area. Go forward twice. Check the ground around there as you will have dropped the scarab medallion.

As it’s very hot, open the chest in the front of the tent where Pinkerbottom is sleeping and take a long drink of the water from the flask. If you don’t – you will dehydrate in the heat and it will be a Game Over.

Also in the chest, take the lamp oil, the lighter and take another sip of water. Go inside the tent and pick-up the map on the desk.

Look for the ladder, in the excavation pit, and take it into inventory, as you will need it to climb over the rock pile if you need to leave the area.

Walk around the outside of the excavation pit until you arrive at the third stone marker. Again, place the scarab medallion on the lower scarab indent, to receive a colored scarab. Take both into your inventory.

At this point, you must have the pistol, the scarab medallion and the three colored scarabs to continue. If you do not, use the ladder to climb over the rock pile and retrace your steps to collect these items.

Go to the pit and to the locked gates. Use the pistol on the lock to break it open. Enter the gate and go down into the tomb. Turn to the right and pick-up the lamp. First use the oil with the lamp, then use the lighter on the lamp to light the lamp. Proceed into the tomb until you are in the room with the hieroglyphics.

Approach the wall to the right of the door with the symbols on it. Find Maat’s cartouche, which is the one on the upper row, which is wearing a ‘feather-like’ headdress. Place the scarab medallion first, then the blue scarab, then the red scarab and finally the green scarab, one on top of the other, to unlock the door.
On to Level 4...
Level 4

At the end of level 3, Cameron has opened the door in Tchoumchekti’s tomb. Now he will face the final steps to stop the horrible resurrection of all the vizir’s power! To complete this level, you will need information you collected in previous levels, and again, you will face some timed challenges.

You begin this level in the Four Pillars Room. Each pillar is dedicated to an Egyptian god/goddess: Re, Osiris, Horus and Isis. On the wall in front of each pillar is a stone door. On each stone door is a similar imprint: the ankh symbol. Directly opposite to the entrance door is a fifth stone door also bearing the same imprint, but on this door, there is actually a key in the imprint. Take the key.

This key is the Isis ankh. This ankh key allows you to open one of the four pillar stone doors, which in turn releases a key to another door, and so on until all four doors are opened. You must open the doors in a special sequence, for if you do not, you will be trapped in the room you open out of sequence and you will trigger a Game Over.

The clue to the sequence can be found in the Believer’s Book you have in your inventory from the curator’s room. The first door to open is the Isis door – this is the door to the right as you entered the room. Inside is a statue bearing Horus’ ankh.

The next door to open is the Horus door, which is the door to the left as you entered the room. Inside is Osiris’ ankh.

The next door is Osiris’ door, which is the door beside Isis’ door. Inside is Ra’s ankh.

The last door to open is Ra’s door, which is the door beside Horus’ door. Inside is Maat’s ankh.

Maat’s ankh opens the fifth door, the door directly opposite the main entrance, and the door you took the original ankh key from. The fifth door opens Tchoumchekti’s burial chamber.

Before you enter the burial chamber, return to each door (which are now closed) and remove all the ankh keys from the doors. You will have 6 in total.

Inside the burial chamber you will see a sarcophagus. On the sarcophagus is written Tchoumchekti’s cartouche. The letters, however, are in the wrong order! You must press it in the right order to slide the sarcophagus sideways and discover the stairs hidden under the sarcophagus. The solution is in the Believer’s Book.

Once opened, you see that the bottom of the stair disappear in the mist. If you go straight in the mist, you will get lost and trigger a Game Over. Take the special glasses/mask you took from the suitcase of De la Destrière, as they contain a compass. Use the paper found on Level 1 in the curator’s office combined with the indications of the Believer’s Book to find the distances and directions to reach the heart of the temple in the mist.

To get to the heart of the Maat Temple:
120 - 6 clicks
130 - 3
220 - 5
270 - 2

To find your way back if you get lost:
90 - 2
40 - 5
310 - 5
300 – 6

If you have followed the path and the directions correctly, you will enter the heart of the temple. You see an interesting cut-scene. Move forward into the pit area and follow around until you arrive at the small platform sticking out into the middle of the pit. On the platform is the imprint of an ankh.

You must place the Isis ankh to reveal the stairs to the next platform. Then place the Horus, Osiris and Re (same order as the 4 pillars room) ankhs. If you place the wrong life cross, you will trigger a game over.

The ankh keys are as follows:

Isis: one wearing a ‘crown’ headdress
Horus: bird
Osiris: one holding a staff and wearing a ‘double’ tall headdress
Ra : one wearing a ‘round’ headdress

On the fourth platform, you will be able to see what the commotion is at the bottom of the pit. The Mummy, Amenophet, is performing a ceremony to retrieve his ancient power by Isfet!

On the third platform, shoot Amenophet’s Ka statuette with your pistol to stop the ceremony. Quickly then, place Ra’s ankh on the platform to reveal the last stairs and go down the stairs.

Quickly, in inventory, combine the key and the chest to unlock the scarab chest and use the scarab on the Mummy to control him. (A clue on how to do this is on La Destriere’s paper), or he will kill you. When you have completed this correctly, the Mummy will be paralyzed, but still filled with the power of Isfet.

Quickly use the statuette of Tchoumchekti’s Ka to destroy him.

Now that the world is safe again, you must wake-up Moïra. Use the Scarab Medallion on her and watch the end game sequence.

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