A beautiful palace of light and stone built in memory of a time when kings called Paris home. Where am I?

Events surrounding this great prison became symbolic of the French Revolution? Where am I?

I believed that unity was more important than gold. My son inherited a kingdom because I achieved my goals. Who am I?

I delivered justice across the realm. I journeyed to the Holy Land and there I fell. Who am I?

I was a devoted servant of a warrior and a king. I brought the light of heaven to earth so that choirs might sing. Who am I?

I was a hero, an aristocrat, and a friend to the king. I warned of the coming change. Who am I?

I was a king of the people of Gaul. I surrendered to the ruler of the greatest nation of all. Who am I?

I was a philosopher and monk in the Middle Ages. I expressed my love in hand-written pages. Who am I?

I was the first Christian queen that France had ever seen. Who am I?

I was the head of the ruling class. I stood at the crossroads of the future and the past. Who am I?

I was the ruler of the greatest nation on earth. In my time Paris was an island and fishing came first. Who am I?

In ancient times grapes and figs could be found here. Water was always near. Where am I?

My life was a tale of beauty and elegance. My death was symbolic for the people of France. Who am I?

My reign marked the noontide of France. My hallmark was extravagance. Who am I?

The basilica at St. Denis was the finest manifestation of this divine innovation. What is it?

The gothic style is based on logic and symbolism, but there was a principle behind the mysticism. What is it?

The greatest palace the world had ever seen, a mythical statement and the home of the king. Where am I?

The ultimate form of a sacred norm, to this end the Sainte Chapelle was born. What is it?

They gathered here from afar, from the west and the east, speaking the language of scholars and priests. Where am I?

They journeyed here from across the land to this the center of thought for the free-thinking man. Where am I?

This is a mystical poem of glass and light and the personal statement of a king. Where am I?

This is a quiet area favored by musicians and poets. Where am I?

This is the only physical remains of a monastery built by the wife of a king. Where am I?

This is the present day site of a middle age tradition. Where am I?

This was a medieval building on the banks of the Seine and a stop on the road to the guillotine. Where am I?

This was a monastery and the home of every king. Where am I?

This was a union of logic and light, a miraculous innovation that reached unknown heights? What is it?

This was the center of sport and entertainment in Paris of old. Where am I?

This was the first full flowering of a new form of art. Where am I?

This was the inspiration for one of the finest Gothic creations. What is it?























Abbot Suger




























Basilique St. Denis
































Chateau d’Or



































































Early Gothic

















Gothic Style

















High Gothic

















Holy Relics


















Holy Trinity


































Latin Quarter

















Les Arenes de Lutece

















Louis XVI


































Marie Antoinette

















Marquis de LaFayette

















Notre Dame de Paris

















Paris Flea Market

















Pere Lachaise Cemetery

















Saint Louis

















Saint Chapelle


































The Sun King

















Tour de Clovis