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You play as Jake Stonebender, the local pub singer. You have 6 mini quest in this crazy, funny, and mindbending game in order to complete the grand quest. You can do the mini quest in order you like. So, before wasting anymore times, here is the walkthrough. DON'T READ THIS if you want to have lots of fun with this game, 'cuz I only explain the main thing. You can try several things like look at everything, talk to everyone, and try different action for having fun. Are you ready for a looooong journey now ????



a. What are the answers of the riddles ?

  1. Cross + be + steel + ??? + and + young = CROSBY STILL NASH AND YOUNG
  2. Fleet + wood + mac = FLEETWOOD MAC
  3. Soup + oar + tramp = SUPERTRAMP
  4. Arrows + myth = AEROSMITH
  5. Grate + full + dead = GRATEFULL DEAD
  6. Row + lynx + tones = ROLLING STONES
  7. Led + zip + line = LED ZEPELIN
  8. Right + chess + broth + ??? = RIGHTEOUS BROTHER
  9. Part + rich + female + E = PARTRIDGE FAMILY
  10. Roll + stones = ROLLING STONES ( again !!!!! )
b. What should I do next ?


You search for Pyotr and help him to solve his problem. His heart is badly hurt and you've to find his ex-lover Sasha before Pyotr makes a suicide.

a. Where can I find Pyotr ?

b. There's nobody home. What now ? c. Where is Pyotr ? d. How can I get cursed ? e. What are the ingredients to get cursed ? f. Where can I find wolfbane plant ? g. Where can I get the silver coin ? h. Help I forgot to bring my American Express, my money is not worthy at all !! i. Where can I get my tattoo ? j. Pyotr won't go out with me. What should I do ? k. How can I get Sasha's curse mark ? l. Where can I get the mako root ? m. Where can I get tarna tea ? n. How can I get the tears from someone that couldn't cry no more ??? o. How can I serve the anticursulant to Sasha ? p. How can I help Pyotr to defeat Siv ? Back to TOP


With Josie, you have to fight Mr. Kiscolon to defend the rare chocolate tree in Brazilian forest from its destruction.

a. What now ?

b. How can I meet Mr. Kiscolon ? c. How can I get the plane ticket ? d. Where can I get the passport ? e. How can I go to Brazilia ? f. How can I defeat Guzman, the pilot ? g. Where can I get the map of the forest ? h. Where can I find that cacao trees ? i. How can I move that fallen tree ? j. Where can I make the chocolate ? k. How can I wash the cacao beans ? l. Where can I find the sweetener for the chocolate ? m. How can I make the chocolate ? n. What should I do to convince Mr. Kiscolon ? Back to TOP


Help mankind to destroy the satellite that beam out the signal of anti testosteron to the earth. Imagine a man without testosteron hormone !!!!

a. Seems no task for me now. What should I do ?

b. Where is Squish's spaceship ? c. How can I operate the ship ? d. Help, I can't get across the gas corridor !!! There's a leak in my suit. e. How can I fool that maintenance robot ? f. How can I navigate through this anti gravity environment ? g. How can I turn off the satellite ? h. How long should I wait Noah ? i. How can I help Noah ? j. How can I fleet from Mutha ship ? Back to TOP


Help Al Phee to find the antidote of the psychic pills. Fight againts Dr. Cyrus Duplicidus in the year of 2020.

a. How can I drive the timesled machine on the roof ?

b. Who is this Dr. Duplicidus ? How can I reach him ? c. How can I get the kidney from the fridge ? d. Where can I get the tattoo ? e. Where can I get my harrasment paper signed ? f. How can I make the pony tail ? g. Where can I find the sponsor for me ? h. Where can I find the sunglasses ? i. How can I take the kidney without make the thug getting suspicious ? j. How can I open that bio-chamber ? k. Where's the antidote ? Back to TOP


Help your friend to find his dog, Ralph von Wau-wau who has been kidnapped by some military soldier. They want to make an experiment with him. Hmmm.... let's rock 'n' roll with the government.

a. How can I get pass the electric fence ?

b. How can I enter the facilities ? c. Where is Ralph ? d. How can I distract the guard in the Ralph's cell ? e. How can I get out from this interrogation room ? f. Where's the other dog ? g. How can I get out from this place ? Back to TOP


In this final quest, you're trying to save the destruction of the universe. You'll meet the board in the God's meeting room and give a good reason to cancel the termination.

a. Where's Parabolus, the biker, now ?

b. What should I do in court ? c. How can I defeat Gingranich ? Back to TOP

Copyright @ 1997, CRASH
Thanx goes to Sherrie and Werner Puntz for submitting the hints for me.

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