A MYSTical adventure game from Shine Studio

Walkthrough by WITCHEN =O)

Note 1: This is a complete walkthrough with most puzzle solutions.  It is not a FAQ.  Proceed with that forewarning.  This walkthrough is a GAMEBOOMERS exclusive and any form of duplication is prohibited without permission of the author.

Note 2:  Take your time playing Comer.  Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the underlying story of the game and the beautiful music.  Use the walkthrough only if you are absolutely stuck!


Walk to the telephone. Pick up the receiver and write down the number on the underside (21283778).  If you dial the number, you will hear a backward recording.  Don't worry if you can't hear it.  Its not essential to game play.

Do a 180 turn and walk to the MYST ART sign displayed at the opposite end of the gantry.  Move the letters to create two new words, MY START.

Still facing the sign, go forward one step till you are standing directly under the sign. Turn left once and find the down arrow for the elevator.

Leave the elevator at the first stop, ground level.  Enjoy the music and the scenery throughout the game!  Turn left to see what appears to be a house.  Turn right.  Go forward and follow the red brick path to the house.  Enter.

Click left twice and go to the telephone on the desk in the window corner. Lift the receiver and write down the number on the underside (19640210).  (You can dial the gantry telephone number from this telephone and vice versa, but this action is not essential to the game.  You may or may not get a message advising you that you are the 28th Comer.)

Turn left 3 times and walk over to the conversation area.  Then walk over to what looks like a covered satellite dish near the window.  Click on it.  The first reading is a simple clock.  The second reading is a circular calendar.  The third reading?  You will learn more about it later.  This is not a puzzle.  So, don't waste much time with it.

Turn left and go to sit in the chair up on the platform underneath  the chimney structure.  Look up.  Click on the gray ceiling and take in a preview of things to come.

Exit the platform and go to your left to walk down the long pool corridor.  Stand on the circular design at the end on the gray flooring.  Click the down arrow.

Go down the corridor lined with multicolored globes.  Walk to the door and click on the switch to the left of the door.  Turn the door knob.   Enter the White Room.  Go to the picture of the house over the keyboard on the right side of the room.  Note the season depicted in the picture. Play the keyboard below the picture. Then go to the white world globe on the stand behind you. What does it display? Change its position and leave it that way.  Go back to the picture and note the change of season.  Play the keyboard again.

Turn right and look at the Volcano Island through the window.   Before leaving the room, look at the four seasons murals on the wall above the stairway.

Go up the stairs and out the door. What happened here?  Go to the end of the corridor, stand under the circle and click the upper right angle arrow.  Up you go.  Wow, its winter!

Walk back toward the front entry of the house down the pool corridor. Look at the murals on the walls lining the corridor, starting at the first one on the left, MY START.
What story do you think the murals are telling?

Go back to the front entry and continue on outside the Autumn House.  Walk along the red brick path and stand in the elevator.  Click on the down arrow.

Wait for the scene to develop when you get to sea level.  Then, click on the thin white line that differentiates the sky from the sea.


At the end of the walkway leading to the tower, notice the little turret on a post to your left.  Click on the turret and watch what happens at the tower. Climb the tower.  Look around and try to get down to the walkway on the opposite side.  No ladder.  How can you rotate the tower to turn the ladder around to that side?  Look back down the walkway where you came up to the tower.  Click on the little turret again. The tower will turn and place the ladder on the other side.  Go down the ladder and along the walkway to the Brown Hills seashore.

Continue on up the hill and observe the round sculpture.  Look familiar?  A replica of the third reading on the satellite dish sculpture in the Autumn House.  Go up the ladder and check out the barrel and pots on the deck.  Go into the house.  Stand directly in front of the movie projector device resting on a tripod.  Click angle right and then down to see a floor plunger switch.  Trigger it.  You will see the light at the base of the plunger change to green or blue/green.

Come up and go forward.  Turn 180 to see the side of the projector. Click on it.  Your cursor changes to become a little fish creature.  Click the fish cursor on the projector button.  Watch the movie.  Einstein, the 27th Comer.

Leave this house and go up the hill to the right to the next house.  You will see the sign "Comer21."  Go up into the house and view the pictures on the amoire door panels.  Then go right to the desk.  Look down left and pull out the drawers top to bottom. Look at the contents of the drawers. Write them down.  Now look at the contents of the three drawers on the right side of the desk.  Write them down.

Go to the panels on the amoire and enter what you have seen in the same position as you found them in the drawers.  Left side: hand, design from back of gondola, man. Right side: writing hand, trees, monster.  The door of the amoire will open to reveal a portrait of a lady.  Click on it to reveal Leonardo De Vinci's Mona Lisa, Comer21.  Look at the light on the cross-shaped post at the back of the house.  It should have changed from yellow to blue, blue/green.

Leave Comer21's house and, standing at the base of the ladder, go up right to the house near the top of the hill.  Check out the "Dragon Wash" cauldron on the deck.  Go inside and look around.  Climb the ladder all the way to the top to see some Egyptian artwork.  Come back down and return to the water cauldron on the deck.  Click up left and up right to see two parts of a dial controlling the musical tone of the water fountain.  You must set the dials properly. The solution is: two sections lit on the left, four sections lit on the right. Set the dials and come back out to the button on the front of the cauldron.  Click on it.  You will see the yellow lite change to blue, blue/green.

Leave the Dragon Wash house and continue up the hill to the right.  Sinbad, the 15th Comer, lived here.  Go into the house and forward to the desk.  Check out the lantern, the letter from Sinbad,  and the book, "One Thousand and Two Nights."  Turn around 180 from the book and see numbers on a center support pole of the house; 0,1,2.  Click on 1002 (for one thousand two nights).  You will see that the pole is really a periscope.  Click on the center opening.  The light will change to blue, blue/green.  Another puzzle solved.

Leave Comer15's house and go left, further up the hill, to the house on stilts at the top.  Enter the Chime House.  Go up until you find a set of chimes, 24 of them.  Turn left to listen to the music.  You must duplicate six tones from the music you hear.   Number the chimes left to right starting with the larger gold ones on the bottom....1-12.  The upper lighter colored chimes, left to right, 13-24.  Click on 5, 17, 13, 5, 13, 10.  You will see a movie of a little bamboo temple on the floor.  It opens up and the light will change to green.  Puzzle solved.

Leave The Chime House and go three times forward along the ridge.  Click left and go to the top of the ridge. You will see a rope bridge extending off into the misty distance.  Go across the bridge.  You will find yourself on one of three platforms.  Try to get to the big Air Ship off to your left.  No dice.  Must not have accomplished enough to access it yet. Look down on the platform at your feet.  Interesting symbols.  Click on each one of the symbols, left to right,  to get a hint concerning the Seven Keys you are required to find in the game.  If you have been successful in solving the puzzles in the five Brown Hills houses, you already have five of these essential keys. The next two are much more difficult to obtain.

Click up, then right.  Go to the platform and click on the circular green pool in the center of the platform.  You will see a preview of the Green Pavilion Valley, your next destination.


Go forward once, then left, to the pavilion where you can see a giant, golden bell.  You can click forward left of the bell and you will walk all the way around it.  Click left during this process to see a close up of the pictures on the bell.  Or, you can walk to the left of the bell and, standing under the bar you see over your head, use the hand icon on the end of the bar to "ring" the bell and see all the pictures at one time.  It would be wise to make a concise drawing of the pictures on the bell.

From your position under the bar, leave the Bell Pavilion.  Turn left and go forward to the Big Chair Pavilion.  Sit in the chair and face the Big Bell pavilion.  Click on the up arrow for a ride to the top of the pavilion.  Click up again.  Does that ring assembly look familiar?

Go back to your starting point for this level, and enter the square buildings complex.  Turn left at the entry and see the peaceful dove.  Now, turn right and disarm the war dove with the bow and arrow.  Click on the arrow until the whole assembly turns to the left and assumes a vertical position.  Click on the feathered tail of the arrow until it changes to a twig with leaves and looks exactly like its neighbor across the way.  When you have it in the right position, go over to the other dove, with the blue outline and click on the blue button in the center.  The door to the underground chamber of the complex will open.

Come out from the dove, and go to the stairway.  Enter the underground chamber.  Go to the base of each picture on the wall.  Take a hard look at the picture.  Where exactly would you be standing to see this view.  Remember it.  (Note: If you click on the picture itself, you will be transported back outside to that view.  You may or may not want to do this.)  Click on the small knob at the center of the lower section of the frame.  Take the card.  Go around the model table to the end of the room farthest away from the entry stairs.  Click on the big button on the frame of the table, for a close up of the model pavilion village.  Insert the card in the slot of the appropriate model's small gold receptacle.  The receptacle is placed at the precise point where you would be standing to see this view. This may take you a little while to accomplish, but it is not particularly difficult.

When you have all 5 cards in the right slots, notice that the red light chances to green in the model structure at the lower left of the table.  Puzzle solved.

Now, go up the steps on either side of the room at the back of the table.  Go into the back garden of the complex to the structure at the far left.  View the altar-like arrangment and De Vinci's "The Last Supper."  Then, cross the garden to the structure on the far right.  Face the lighted area at the far end of the structure and click down to see a book.  Pick up the book and read it.  Look up at the light switch on the wall.  Another familiar shape?  Click on it to pull down the lever.  The light will change to green, as it did in the model.  Puzzle solved.

Go out of the square building complex and follow the path to the Big Tree pavilion.  There is nothing to be done here but to enjoy looking at it.  Continue on through the tree pavilion along the grey stone path.  Turn right in the middle and go to the center of the wooden water pipeline.  Look at the well head and the brass and copper winch devise.  Lower the bucket into the well with the winch handle.

Turn around and go back to the middle of the path and turn right to the Wheel and Valve Pavilion.  Stand in front of the big wheel.  Make sure that all the valves are closed.  If they will no longer turn clockwise, they are closed.  Open the big wheel valve, under the little ones, by turning it counter clockwise.  Now, open the second small valve from the left by turning it counter clockwise.  Go back to the well head and raise the bucket to the top again.  Go to the Big Chair pavilion and sit in the chair.  Raise yourself to the top and look up at the ring assembly.  Pull the chain.  If the orange colored light at the top of the assembly turns green/bluish green you have solved the wheel and valve puzzle.

Return to the place in front of the square buildings complex where you started this level.  Turn around and click on the brown circle on the ground.  This will transport you back to the sky platforms.   Make sure you have all seven keys:

1. The Projector Puzzle - Einstein
2. The Drawer and Amoire Puzzle - De Vinci
3. The Dragon Wash Puzzle
4. The Chimes Puzzle
5. The Periscope Puzzle - Sinbad
6. The Well, Wheel and Valve Puzzle (including the chair ride to pull the chain)
7. The Model Table Puzzle (including the back garden visit to pull the switch)


If you have all the keys, you may enter the Air Ship.  Push both left and right levers to fly to the Volcano Island.

You land on the beach facing a pyramid house.  Turn left twice and follow the gray rock path through the trees next to the beach.  You will find yourself in an area with many pillars.  There is one right in front of you that apparently is blocking your way.
The task here is to match the color of the five buttons with the exact tone of the stone they are resting in.  Click on the button continuously until the tone of the button matches the one behind it, exactly.  When you get all five right, the pillar descends and you can enter the pillar garden.  Turn left toward the shore, go forward, then right, then right again, to see a pyramid shaped sculpture with the carving of a winged angel. You can't do anything more here right now.

Leave the pillar garden and return along the grey stone path to where you came in on the Air Ship. Look down left and get into the stick boat.  Travel straight across the lake to the Pyramid House.  As you enter you will see a round stone button off to your right in the doorframe.  Click on the button.  Four pillars will rise in the center of the room.  Walk to stand in the middle of the four pillars.  Look down to see symbols engraved in the stone floor.  Turn around and face the open doorway where you came in. Look at the pillar in front of you, see the buttons and the big button on top?  This is a puzzle involving binary coding; zeros and ones.  In this puzzle, zero stands for open spaces/light/goodness and the number one stands for solid bars/evil/darkness.

Still looking at the open doorway where you came into the room, you can see that all the bars on each side are retracted, or open; all zeros; all lights.  Turn on all eight blue lights on that pillar in front of you: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.  Turn to your left to the next pillar and (zeros meaning lights) input 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0.  Turn to your left to the next pillar and input 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1.  Turn to your left to the last pillar and input 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0.  Now, turn left to the first pillar and press the big button at the top of the pillar. If you have entered the correct light coding to all four pillars you will descend to the Underlake Palace Dome.

In the Underlake Palace Dome, walk to the large circular black door panel.  Do those symbols look familiar?  You can't get in.  Turn around 180 and go to the opposite gold gated door.  You can't get in there either.   Go to the center of the bridge and click the down arrow to descend to the ground level of the dome.  Go through the Golden Pyramid door and enter the movie Projector Room.  Walk to the right and press the button on the projector that resembles the sun.  Watch the movie.  Well, its number 27 again, Einstein.  After the movie, go back and press the two lower buttons.  No response.  What are these buttons for?

For now, leave the Projector Room and go straight across the floor of the dome to the Blue Tunnel Room.  Stand behind the navigational wheel and turn it three times, exactly.  It only turns one direction.   Leave the Blue Tunnel Room and return to the center of the dome floor where you see a small round pedestal.  Stand on the pedestal and click the up arrow.  When you are on the center of the upper bridge, click the up arrow again to ascend to the binary pillar room.  Leave the pyramid house and return across the lake and down the stone path,  to the Pillar Garden.  Go back to that small pyramid sculpture in the garden, where you saw the angel.  Click on the symbol on the sculpture until it appears as an open door way (arch).

Go back to the Underlake Golden Dome through the pyramid house.  You will see that the doors on both sides of the center bridge are now open.  Go to the end where you can see the angel picture.  Stand in the center of the three angel pictures. Take the artist's palette from the right angel and click it on the center angel.  She now has black wings.  Click on the left angel.  Take the lighted lamp and carry it all the way across the bridge and click it on the center opening of the rocket assembly you find in the opposite room. Watch it light up.  Go back and put the lantern in the hands of the angel on the left.

Go down to the floor of the dome and reenter the Projection Room.  Push the sun button again.  You will see all the "light beings" fly away into the sky.  That's it!


There are no credits or any further action in the game.  If you return to the lake shore, you will find that your boat has sunk and you are unable to leave the center island or get back to the Air Ship.  You are stranded here as Comer#28.  What does your future hold?

September 10, 1999

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