Companions Of Xanth
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In the house:

Take the post-it note from the computer screen and pick up the envelope. Open the envelope and read the letter. Go into the next room and turn on the lights. Sooner or later the phone will ring. Go to the kitchen and answer it. Talk to Edsel, and take his bet. Get the teabag from the table, and the sandwich and the mustard from the icebox. When the doorbell rings, go open the front door and a delivery boy will drop off a parcel for you. Take and open the parcel. Fill out the game's warranty card, then open the game. Return to the computer room, and put the floppy disk in the computer's diskette drive, and close the drive. Put on the 3-D glasses. Turn on the computer and look at the screen, then at the character on the screen. You can read about the game if you wish, just don't insult Grundy. When the time comes for you to choose a Companion, you must choose Nada Naga - any other Companion will get you killed.

In the Cave:

Talk to Nada. Eventually she will open a door for you. Leave the cave, and after watching the animation, follow the path to the brook. Pick a cherry bomb and a buttercup. Go east, and look in the spring. Then travel southeast.

The Isthmus village quest:

Talk to the headman, get all the information you can, and accept the quest. Pick up the rock, and take the two lamp covers. Use the key the headman gave you to unlock the gate. Open the gate and go down to the pier. Pick up the sailcloth. Look at the rope, then talk to Nada. She's agree to swim under the pier and get the rope for you. She comes back with the rope and an anchor, take them both. Tie the rope to the anchor to make a grappling hook. Go up the gangplank to the censor-ship, and take note of how many censers there are on board. Go back to the brook, and use the grappling hook on the logjam. You'll gain a log for your efforts. Take the log to the headman and tell him you'd like it to be made into a board. After he makes you the board, take the northeast road from the village. Put the board on the boulder, and the rock on the board, to make a catapult. Then ask Nada to activate the catapult. Now follow the road to the pail. Pick up the pail. Follow the path until you get to a building with a large blinking eye on the front. Open the mailbox and take the envelope. Open it and read the letter. Reseal the envelope and replace it in the mailbox and shut the mailbox. Talk to the eye, politely, until it asks you for your purpose there. Mention the villager's plight. Open the screen and the door and enter the fairway. Take the golf tee from the green, and the egg from the cup. Go to the witches booth. Talk to the Fairy Nuff, about Isthmus village the censor-ship. Read the recipe the Fairy Nuff gives you. Return to the screen door and take two eye screams from the right side of the path, and put them both into the pail. Empty the buttercup and put the butter in the pail. Return to the brook and catch a firefly with the empty buttercup, and put it into the pail. Crack the egg into the pail, and collect 3 pints of water of brook water for the mixture as well. Put the
scrap of sailcloth into the pail. Go to the spring, and look at the bush. Talk to Nada, and get her to pick two cough drops from the bush, and put them into the pail. Take the pail to the Fairy Nuff, and he'll pour the solution into the two lamp covers. Take the lamp covers to the censor-ship. Douse each censer with a lamp cover of solution.  Return to the headman, and get all possible information from him.  He'll give you a sword. Go back to the Fairy Nuff and ask him about shortcuts. Take the new path that is now available.

The Void:

Wait until a door appears, then mention it to Nada. Keep talking to her about the door, until she's convinced that it's real. When the door solidifies, open it and enter the Region of Earth.

Region of Earth:

Go southeast and talk to the Demoness Metria. Talk to her as long as you want, just don't drink the water and fall under her charms. Eventually she will allowed the door of the barrow you can see from the desert to be opened. Go to the barrow, open the door, and enter it. When everything goes dark, simply wait until you can see again. Talk to Nada. Whatever you do, do not drink from the Love Spring. Eventually Metria will reveal herself, disguised as Nada. She tells you that she's hidden Nada, but if you ask where she is, Metria will give you a homing device that helps you find her. Turn it on. Enter the barrow, and search it thoroughly. The MAP function is especially useful here. In the top northeast corner of the barrow, you'll find a stone pestle. Pick it up. When you find the mirror, look in it to see how Kim is doing. When you find the room with the switch in it, flip the switch. This will cause another switch to appear. Keep flipping the switches until no more appear. Then, flip all the switches down. A glowing button will appear. Press it and a downward-leading staircase will be revealed. Open the door and descend into the dungeon. Enter the dungeons and talk to Nada. Agree not to look at her, and say nothing that implies that you looked at her. Talk to the manacles and ask them to let Nada go. Go back up the stairs and resume searching the barrow. If you come across a plaque on a wall, leave it for now. There's nothing you can do with it at the moment. When you find the metal pad, get on it to transport to a different area of the barrow. When you find the mortar, pick it up. When you find the door ajar, take it to get a jar. Take the transporter pad back into the first area, then go back down to the dungeon. Open the jar and fill it with agony moss. Close the jar and return to the new area. Put the agony moss on the ironwood tree that replaced the door. Enter the Region of Fire.

Region of Fire:

Talk to Nada and tell her to put her hair into a bun. When she does, a hot dog bun will be added to your inventory. Continue exploring the region. When the dog and the fireman rise up out of the lava, open the mustard and squirt it onto the hot dog bun to scare the dog away. Talk to the fireman, and find out how Mack escaped the Region of Fire. Go to the wall of fire and pick up the charcoal. Go back into the Region of Earth, to the wall in the barrow with the plaque on it. Flatten the packing paper you've been carrying, and put it on the plaque. Rub the paper with the charcoal so the you can read the engraving on the plaque. Take the paper with you if you want. Now that you know how to escape, return to the Region of Fire and talk to the Fireman. He'll give you some firewater. Pour some of it into the mortar. Put the buttercup into the mortar. Use the mortar and pestle to grind the mixture into dough. Put the dough in the opening in the rock beside the lava pit. Wait until the dough is golden brown, then take back the mortar. After getting the firecracker, talk to the fireman. Tell him to recede. When the giant hand appears, ask it where it came from and show it the firecracker. You can simply throw the firecracker at the wall of fire, but for an extra two points, light it first. After the firecracker explodes, go north and use the grappling hook to climb out through the opening in the ceiling.

Region of Water:

Go to the bridge and talk to the troll. Offer to do something for him for free and he'll tell you to go find his key. Cross the bridge and turn off the hydrant. Take the hose, the turn the hydrant back on. Go into the troll's house under the bridge, and go into the room with the well. Press the blue button on the wall marked 'open upper', this will keep the well from overflowing. Put the hose into the well and the sink, then turn on the faucet. The siphoned water will fill up the well, and you can get at the key at the bottom of it. Get the key and give it to the troll. He will force you to solve some puzzles. You only have to solve one of the types, but for full points you have to solve all three. The matchsticks puzzle is usually the easiest. After you've satisfied the troll, he give you a crowbar and send you on your way. Leave his house and take the shortcut. Enter Com-Pewter's cave. Play the word game. The answers to its questions are in the Com-pendium of Xanth, the red tome you've been carting around. Put the correct letter tile for each question on the platform in the cylinder. In round two, you'll get a question where the answer is 'T', but there won't be any 'T' tile in the tray. Put either the teabag or the golf tee into the platform instead. Comp-Pewter will force you to resign. Talk to Grundy, he will get you back in the game. Put the virus you caught from Grundy into the cylinder to put Com-Pewter out of commission. After it is disabled, go northeast and enter the Region of Air.

Region of Air:

Enter the shack, and listen to Ma Anathe's story. Take the sock from the wall then leave the room. Go southeast and talk to the ogress. Tell her that you'll try to help her regain her ugliness. Go northeast. Put the wind sock
on the vent so the ogre boy can get his ball back. He'll offer to do a job for you. Go to the front of Ma Anathe's shack, and talk to the ogre boy. He'll lift the wheel for you so you can fix the cart. He will leave, then move the cart to find a sail. Pick it up, then go northeast to the mountain road. Get the windbag and enter the cave. Put the sail on the sailboat and untie the mooring line. Open the windbag and enter the boat. When you meet the armoured man, he will ask you the Ten Riddles of the Mountain. The answer to each riddle is a pun, usually having to do with wind or air. If you get one wrong, you still continue until all answers but the correct one have been eliminated. Enter the mountain and climb the stairs. Keep climbing, eventually you will reach a "Mountain Closed" sign. Take it. Go back the way you came, return to Ma Anathe's shack and give her the sign. She give you what's left of the 'ugly' potion in return for the sign. Give the potion to the ogress and she'll tell you how to get to the Gap Chasm. Take the new path.

Gap Chasm:

Keep following the path, talking to the deerfly, the copperhead, and the yak. When you try to descend into the Gap Chasm, Nada will refuse. Kim and her party will arrive. Talk to them, and agree to switch Companions. When you reach the chasm floor, talk to Fracto the cloud. Keep insulting him until he gets angry enough to create a snowstorm, putting an end to the threat of the Gap dragon. Che Centaur will pick you up and drop you and your party off at the gate's to Magician Humfrey's castle.

Humfrey's Castle:

After talking to Jenny, Sammy will paw at a spot on the gate wall. Above that spot there is a loose brick. Press it to reveal a switch. Flip the switch to open the gate, and enter the castle grounds. Draw the drawbridge on the path, you'll need to do this three times to fully draw the drawbridge. Cross the drawbridge and knock on the door. Someone will open the little door in the larger one, and talk to you giving you enigmatic advice on how to enter the castle. Cross the drawbridge again and go northwest. Talk to Jenny, and ask her to see if she can see into the moat monster's daydream. Wait until she's finished, then open the jar that you used for the agony moss, and catch the cricket with it. The monster will fall asleep, and you can cross the moat on the opposite side of the drawbridge, walking across the back of the sleeping monster. Pick up the loc pik scale, and use the crowbar on the sewer grate to open it. Climb down into the sewer and go to the switches. Flip the first, second, and fourth switches to activate the elevator. After talking to Humfrey and discovering more about your quest, look into the hypnogourd sitting on the table.

In the Hypnogourd:

Go up to the mansion, then to the cellar doors. Unlock the doors with the lok pic. Open the doors and go down into the cellar. It is pitch black in there, so you'll have to scan back and forth to find the items. Take the skeleton key from the skeleton and the twine. Unlock the door at the top of the stairs with the key. Open the door and go to the first floor. Try to go upstairs, then when you get dumped, lasso the lever with the twine and climb it up to the second floor. Push the button marked 'trap door'. When you land in the living room, get the bottle of pills, then pull the third book to open a secret passage back to the stairs. Use the 'Pain-B-Gone' pills on the window pane to remove it, then get the cane. Climb the twine back upstairs, and use the cane on the hook in the trap door in the ceiling. When the ladder comes down, climb it to get to the attic. You can't dissuade Kim or distract Nada, and Jenny or Sammy aren't allowed to help you, so...throw the sword at the prize to knock it out the window.

Back home:

The game is over. You didn't exactly win, but you didn't lose, either. What are you going to do now? Wait for a phone call from Kim, of course...

This solution gives you 983 out 1000 points, giving you the second highest rating - True Believer. There may be more points awarded for solving all three puzzles in the troll's house, but I only solved the matchsticks and the
pentominoes puzzles.

Solutions for Com-Pewter's word game:

Round One:

'S' for asparagus spears,
'D' for blind dates,
'P' for papershell pecans,
'E' for bum steer,
'A' for lamia.

Round Two:

'O' for chocolate moose,
'B' for cobra vine,
'F' for golden fleas,
'E' for panties,

Use the teabag or the golf tee for tangles.

Answers to the Ten Riddles of the Mountain:

1. An error
2. An Airdale
3. An Airbag
4. A Window
5. Air Conditioning
6. An Errand
7. A Windbag
8. An Airplane
9. A Windmill
10. A Breeze

Easter Eggs:

Look at the painting on the wall in the foyer of your house. Each time you look at it, it will suggest a different composer. At some point it will suggest E.T. from Steven Spielberg's classic movie "E.T."

At the spring outside of Isthmus village, there is a cough drop bush. Shake it and get a message that refers you to "Spell Casting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance," which was released by Legend Entertainment in 1991.

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