Solution By Phil Darke


The game starts with the Demons Xanth and Earth agreeing on a wager to lure two Mundanes into the Magical land of Xanth to compete for a prize. The Mundanes (humans) are Dug and Kim.

You play the part of Dug and the opening scene shows you in your home sitting in front of your computer. In front of you are an envelope and a post-it note Take both and read them. The envelope contains a letter and a bracelet from your girl friend Pia. The post-it contains phone numbers. Go NW to the hallway, operate the light switch and go E to the kitchen Open the fridge and take the mustard and the sandwich close the fridge and take the teabag from the table. The phone rings, answer it and talk to your friend Ed. Agree to the bet and hang up. Go W to the hallway and wait for the doorbell to ring. Open the door and take the package. Go back to your computer and open the package and the game box. Switch on the computer and open the CD ROM drive, insert the disk and close the drive.

A small man appears on the screen, this is Grundy Gollem Look at him then talk to him. You can ask him questions about the game. When you have finished questioning Grundy tell him that you are ready to choose your companion. A screen appears showing four characters. Choose Nadia, third from the left. You are now transported to a cave with four doors. Wait and Nadia will open the second door. Go N out of the cave. Wear the 3D glasses. Here you meet Kim and her companion she tells you that you are shaped like a computer screen and will stay that way until you believe in Xanth. Kim goes her own way. Go NW to the stream then W and SW to the village. Talk to the headman, who tells you about the Censer ship and Fairie Nuff. He gives you a key. Pick up the rock and the lamp covers. Unlock the gate and go N to the wooden pier. You see a rope but are unable to pick it up. Talk to Nada and she will get it for you together with an anchor. Take the sail cloth from the pier. Now return to the stream. Look at the log jam and pry it with the anchor, you now have the log. Return to the village and talk to the headman. He will make a flat board for you from the log. Go E and put the board on the boulder and put the rock on the board. Ask Nada to hit the board with her tail. The rock flies off and lands in the bucket. NE, pick up the pail. NE until you come to a door with an eye in it. Talk to the eye and tell it that you want to see the Fairie Nuff. Keep talking and you will eventually be allowed to pass. Open the screen and the door and go N. Take the T go N and take the egg. Go NE and talk to Fairie Nuff ask for a solution to douse the Censers and you will be given a recipe. Go back to the door and take two eye screams, put them in the pail along with the egg. Return to the stream. Pick a buttercup and empty it. Put the butter in the pail. Now catch a fire fly in the buttercup and put the fire fly in the pail. Fill the pail from the stream three times. Now go E to the spring look at the bush by the spring, it is a cough drop bush. You will hear the bush cough and a cough drop will drop into the spring. Ask Nada to get a cough drop and she will catch it next time the bush coughs. Do this twice and add the cough drops to the pail. Now return to the Fairie Nuff and add the sail cloth to the pail. Talk to Fairie Nuff, he will divide the solution into two parts and put each into the lamp covers. Return to the ship and douse the censers with the solution. You have now proved that you believe in Xanth and now no longer appear as a screen. Talk to the headman and ask about the short cut. He will give you a sword. Now return to Fairie Nuff. Ask about the short cut and he will open a path to the NW. Take this path.




You are now in the void , a barren desert region whichever direction you take you will be returned to your start point. Wait and a door will momentarily appear. Talk to Nada and tell her about the door. Wait until the door appears again and talk to Nada again. Keep doing this until you are certain about the door, it will then become permanent and you can open it and go through to the region of Earth.




To the N is a barrow but you are unable to open the door. Go S and SW. You will see a pool with the Demoness Metria beside it. She will try to persuade you to drink from the pool. Keep talking to Metria but whatever you do not drink. Eventually Metria will lose her temper and will unlock the door to the Barrow. Return to the Barrow and open the door. You are now at the entrance to a large maze. Start to explore the maze. After several locations everything goes black although the torches are still lit. Nada disappears. Wait several times and after a short time the lights come back on and Nada re-appears but it isn't Nada at all but Metria disguised as Nada she will try to persuade you to drink from the pool. Whatever she says do not drink after a time she will admit that she has kidnapped Nada and when you ask her where Nada is she will give you a finder device. Return to the maze and continue to explore. This is best done in map mode. Explore the whole maze until you have visited every location and found a stone pestle, a room with a plaque on the wall and a room with a mirror on the wall and a room with a metal switch on the wall and a room with a pad on the floor. In the room with the mirror look into the mirror and you will see Kim with her companion. In the room with the pad on the floor, stand on the pad and you will be transported to another part of the maze. Explore this part of the maze until you find a stone mortar and a room with a door which stands ajar, this door really is a jar and if you take it you get the jar and the door disappears leaving behind an entrance which is blocked by an ironwood tree. Now return the way you came and go back to the room with the switch on the wall. The switch is in the down position, flip it to the up position and another switch appears which is also in the down position, flipping this switch reveals yet another, carry on in this way until no more switches appear. There will now be two groups of eight switches visible. Now start to flip each switch to the down position, as you do so each one turns into a flat panel. When all switches have been flipped down they will all disappear and a glowing panel appears on the wall. Press this and a doorway appears in the wall. Beyond this is a set of stairs leading down to the dungeon. Here you will find Nada manacled to the wall and in her natural Naga state, she is very embarrassed at this and insists that you must not look at her. So avoid looking at her while you attempt to undo the manacles. Look at the manacles and try to undo them while you are attempting to do so you hear a voice telling you to look near Nada’s arm. Talk to the manacles and they will release her. On the wall by the stairs some agony moss is growing. Open the jar and put the moss in the jar and close the jar. Now return to the ironwood tree. Put the agony moss on the tree and it will dissolve leaving the N exit open.




You now find yourself in a tunnel go E to the end of the tunnel, you find yourself in front of a pool of lava with a path leading SE. Talk to Nada and she will complain of feeling hot. Suggest that she puts her hair in a bun. When she does a hot dog bun appears in your inventory. Take the path across the lava. A dog appears out of the lava and a man also appears. If you try to talk to the man the dog growls and will not let you. Squirt the mustard onto the bun and the dog disappears. Talk to the man and he will tell you about Mack and how to get through the fire wall ahead. Go NE towards the fire wall and you see a piece of charcoal on the ground take it . Now return to the maze to and go to the stone plaque. Smooth out the brown paper and place it on the plaque. Rub the paper with the charcoal and a recipe appears. Now return to the fireman and talk to him again. He will give you a wineskin. Put the buttercup in the mortar and then pour the wine in. Use the pestle on the mortar and put the dough in the oven. Wait twice, until the dough has turned golden brown. Take it out of the oven and you now have a fire cracker. Go towards the fire wall and light the fire cracker and then toss it into the fire wall. Step back and wait until you hear an explosion. Go forward past the fire wall and tie the rope to the anchor to make a grappling hook toss it up into the opening and climb up.




Go N to the troll bridge the troll will agree to let you pass if you offer to perform a service for him for free. He asks you to find a key. Go down into his home and E to his lab. Look in the well and you see the key. Go back to the bridge and N. Turn off the hydrant and take the hose. Now return to the lab and put the hose in the sink. Press the blue button and turn on the faucet. When the well has filled up turn off the faucet. Swim in the well and get the key. Go back to the living room and give the key to the troll. You now have to complete one of three puzzles before he will allow you to leave. The matchstick puzzle is probably the easiest. When you have done the puzzle the troll will allow you to go and gives you a crowbar. Cross the bridge and go NE. You are now in front of a cave




Enter the cave and accept the challenge. You have to complete the word supplied using the tiles in the depression, the answers can all be found in the compendium. Use the following letters to complete the words:

S- to make SPEARS D- to make DATES P- to make PECAN E- to make STEER A- to make LAMIA O-to make MOUSSE C- to make COBRA F- to make FLEAS E- to make PANTIES. Use either the teabag or the tee for a T to make TANGLES. You have now won the game but Com-Pewter cheats and forces you to resign. Grundy Gollem now appears and gives you a virus put this in the cylinder and leave by the NE exit.




You are standing in front of a shack. Next to the shack is a cart with one wheel off. Enter the shack and talk to Ma Anathe, she needs a sign from the mountain top to restore her beauty.  Take the sock which is hanging on the wall. Leave the shack and go SE and meet the ogress she wants the ugliness potion before she will help you. Go NE to where a boy is standing by a vent which has his ball trapped. Put the sock over the mouth of the vent and he will be able to get his ball. He also offers to help you in return. Go back to the shack and get the boy to help you repair the cart. Push the cart and you will discover a sail. Go NE. Take the windbag and go N. Attach the sail to the boat and open the windbag. Untie the rope and launch the boat. Sail across the lake.

Answer the ten riddles of the mountain, the answers are:- ERROR, AIREDALE, WINDOW, AIR CONDITIONING, ERRAND, WINDBAG, AIRPLANE, AIRBAG, WINDMILL, BREEZE. Now go up the staircase and take the sign from the top. Now return to the shack and give the sign to Ma Anathe. She will give you a potion. Return to the ogress and give her the potion. She will tell you how to get to the gap.




Go SE towards the gap you will meet several creatures who will warn you about the dragon in the gap. When you reach the gap you will meet Kim and her companion Jenny. Nada refuses to enter the chasm and Jenny suggests that you and Kim swap companions. You agree to this and enter the chasm. The dragon approaches you and you see a cloud above him. Talk to the cloud and keep insulting him. He will get annoyed and drop a snow storm which extinguishes the dragon's fire. You will then be transported to the other side of the chasm.




You are standing in front of a locked gate. Look at the wall. To the left of the gate you will find a loose brick. Use the crowbar on the loose brick, this reveals a switch which opens the gate. As the gate opens the drawbridge raises. In the moat is a serpent preventing you from crossing. Nearby is a cricket making a loud noise. Catch the cricket in the jar and the serpent will go to sleep. Cross the moat and use the crowbar to open the grating and pick up the loc-pic. Go down and W. There is a row of switches on the wall. Flip these in the following order 4,1,2. You will now be taken before Humphrey he will tell you about your quest and the sword and will give you a hypnogourd. Look into the gourd.




A Zombie prevents you from entering the house. Go NW and use the loc-pik to unlock the cellar door. Go down and the trap door closes behind you, leaving you in total darkness. Feel around with your cursor until you find a skeleton, in its hand is a key. Take this and unlock the door. Now open the door and hunt around until you find some twine. Now go up and tie the twine to the lever on the banister. Go up to the next landing and press the red button, you fall into another room. Take the pills and the third book from the left on the mantel piece. The fire place rotates and takes you back to the landing. Look at the pills, they are Pain-Be-Gone pills. Use the pills on the window and take the cane. Go back up to the top landing and use the cane on the hook. Go up into the attic where you see Kim and Nada about to take the prize. Throw the sword at the prize.




Go to the kitchen and answer the phone when it rings.



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