Culpa Innata

by Momentum AS


Walkthrough by Oldmariner Nov 2007

with assistance from MaGtRo


 The Game


This is a third person point and click adventure game. It is not ALT-tab Friendly nor will the use of the Windows Key bring you back to the desktop. You have to close the game to check progress with any walk through or guide. Thanks are due to MaGtRo for the guide written in July of 2006.  It was of considerable help my first time through the game. Also, thanks are due to sinotek of Gameboomers for a few hints during my initial foraging through the game.


Game Tools

PA - Your Personal Assistant is accessed with a right click another right click closes it. The PA is home for menu items: load game: save game: game options etc. It is also where you find your contact list to phone characters, inventory, navigation map and diary. The middle scroll mouse button can also be used to scroll through the PA though I never did use that feature.


Inventory - shows the items picked up. While in inventory, select the item and it will be placed on the right frame. Click the gear icon to use that item or click the +I icon to look closer on some items.


Navigation map - Once the PA is updated, it shows the map of Adrianopolis. All active locations will be seen and when clicked can automatically go to that location. Some locations are accessed only during the night and some only during the day. 


The Diary - The diary holds Phoenix's thoughts. Items written in red are to suggest things you still need to resolve. When resolved the notes’ auto change into black writing.


Contacts - This is a list of characters known to Phoenix. By clicking on a name in the list their info appears in a box on the right side of the screen. You can call them by clicking on what looks like a cell tower on the top of the info frame.


Game Controls - Here is the in game menu where you find Save Game, Load Game and audio-video options.


Saves - There are 48 game save slots which are generous but I used 46 during one game play, however, you have the ability to overwrite saves. The saves are titled by the date and time and ordered by number a picture identifies the location on screen when load save is accessed.


Character Contact - The politically correct to the extreme society will allow our heroine to interview citizens only once a day. They are questioned at a minimum of two visits, while some take up to four or five. This is dependant on any previous actions and dialogues chosen. Once locations are opened within the map game play becomes highly nonlinear and can be resolved through different paths. But caution must be used because many characters, locations and events depend upon triggers to provide access to another source of investigation.


Office PC - This is on Phoenix's desk and will be used frequently with inventory items to analyze objects and clues picked up along the way.


Movement - Double left mouse click makes Phoenix run. A right click will bypass conversations. A good feature if you have to replay a section due to some mistake, you can skip past long conversations. Be warned changing camera angles can confuse your sense of direction at times. Though it can be frustrating at times there are no action scenes such as Broken Sword 3. You can take your time through the game without time pressure.


The game is divided into days because this is a nonlinear game days are not measured by completing specific task. You may recall Gabriel Knight, Sins of the Fathers where days ended when a specific task was met. You could not move to the next day if you missed just one of the triggers. Culpa Innata has no such restriction. Some days you will get many things done, other days very little. It does not matter what direction you choose for the day. Its nonlinear design can allow you to miss things entirely and still complete the game, that's nice but it can also be a problem, some people like to be held to a schedule. I never did figure out the timing in regard to how long a day last.  I've had Phoenix go home at 4pm on some days and on others she was still at the office at 8pm. Go figure, then she goes out at night sometimes for work and sometimes for play. Unlike other game heroines after a hard day at work she insists upon changing her clothes before going out.


The opening cut scene details a doomsday scenario and then transitions to an immigrant graduation. But don't worry we don't face doomsday just yet. You certainly do not have to follow the step by step direction of this walkthrough to complete the game. In fact you can deviate from it quite a bit. There are numerous avenues to take to complete the game. You just need to be mindful of the triggers. For instance you cannot complete the Anti - Chaos Letter Puzzle (the entrance to the underground) before you complete the five kiosk puzzles. You also can't go to certain places or get certain things until you learn about them through other actions (triggers). The nonlinear aspect may offer freedom praised by many but it comes at a price. With wide latitude you could likely miss something and go backtracking a long way to figure where that trigger was. 



(This is only one way through the game. There are many others. Feel free to deviate.) The photos are screenshots and used sparingly but ones that appear essential to give a clue in regard as to what your finished puzzle should look like.


Day 1


Global Peace and Security Network (GPSN)


Phoenix’s' Office:     Start in your office which is on the Third floor of the GPSN building left of the Exit sign. Look around the room. Check the computer, pink makeup kit, cabinet and Human Development Index (HDI) certificate on the wall. I will say almost everyone has one of these HDI certificates on the wall of their office or home. It reports their social standing and you can click to read. Several times in conversation someone will report the HDI standing of an individual. Beyond that it is meaningless to game play so I will not point out the certificates that you will come across. They are there. Look at them if you wish to. You need to find your PA and the keys to the cabinet. If you have not already examined it, check out your computer. Chief Morssen's office is located across from Phoenix' office. During the game, Chief Morssen will call Phoenix to a meeting or Phoenix will automatically report her findings.


Getting the PA

Exit the office, go left of the door to the elevators. Go down to the second floor. Locate Julius and Personal Assistant (PA).  Use the elevator left of the third floor Exit sign. Go to the second floor. From the elevators, go to the bottom screen and then right screen. Go forward and see Julius sweeping the floor in the corridor. Talk to Julius. You will see the PA on the floor behind Phoenix blinking. (The PA is difficult to see once out of the closeup remember it is behind Phoenix.) Talk to Julius. He will speak about dead bodies. Just small talk here no triggers. Pick up the blinking PA from the floor behind Phoenix (bottom screen).  The curser turns to a hand icon. The cabinet key is still not found. A right mouse click brings up the PA. Right click to verify you have the PA, right click again to go back to your screen. Go back down to your office.


The cabinet puzzle  

Take the pink makeup kit and social security card from the desk. Look close at the cabinet behind the desk. See a close up of the lock. While in the closeup mode open the makeup kit in your inventory then use the “I” icon and take out a hairpin. Listen for the sharp click sound after each move. Click the hairpin on the key hole, you will see it inserted. Click twice on top of the hole.  You will see the pin move in the direction of each click. Click once on the bottom, once on the left and once on top again. When the drawer opens, take the security pass. You can't get anything else, back out of close up. Right click to look at your PA, and you will see the navigation map is disabled and needs to be updated. Leave the office.


Floor 1: 

History of the Union:  Exit the office and go to the elevators, left of the EXIT sign. Take the elevator to floor 1. Go right of screen and look at the two wall panels describing the conditions that led to the present day. Go right and look close at the third wall panel to see what this Utopia has done to date.


Auditorium:  Enter the door at the right under the stained glass. Go down to front row and take the ID card of Talay Talayman the only item in the room you can pick up. Look around check out everything. At the podium you can read Chief Morssen’s speech. After you have looked around you can exit the auditorium.



Go to left screen, pass the elevators and go down the hall to see an exit sign. Use the security pass on the exit door. See a cut scene of a man sneaking along the grounds. The cutscene will include Phoenix chasing him but OUCH! He passed through the graveyard gate, while you landed on your bottom. Look at the plaque on the right. It is the Pater Noster. Look at the plaque to the left of the gate. Click it while in close up.


Graveyard gate Puzzle   

Look at the gate and see that it has a lock. The four buttons pull back different bars at the center of the lock. The object of the puzzle is to press the buttons to remove all the bars at the center. Here is a solution, count the buttons from top to bottom one through four. In this order press 4 - 4 - 3. It opens to reveal a CD, take it. While in closeup view of the lock, Phoenix will say there is a shape but the carving is too fine. Still, in closeup view, open the makeup kit in inventory. Take the Desiree hand lotion and apply it on the plaque. Take a cotton ball from makeup kit and apply it on the lotion on the plaque. A camera icon appears. Click the camera icon to scan the image into your inventory. To the left of the gate see a digital disk on the ground. Again the camera icon will appear, click to take a picture of the butterfly image on the disc. It scans the image into your inventory. Take this disk as well. We can check all the items collected so far later on Phoenix' computer.  It is time to visit the apartment of the murder victim, on the way you will get the navigation map updated.


Station Omega 10

Follow the path to the left, cross the bridge and then click the signs on either side of the path.  Enter the Metro area. Look around and check the different active places. Go down the front stairs on either side of the balcony to get to Platform A. Look at the posters on the wall. Note that one has a rainbow butterfly. Go to extreme left of the rail tracks under the left stairs. It is an entry to the tunnels. Go back up to the top level. Go beyond the green Station Omega 10 sign and then to Platform B. Click energy field and learn that you need to renew the metro pass. Turn back and go to the side hall. Look close as this can be hard to find. It is the short hall facing the stairs down to the platform. This is where you see the brown Metro Pass machine. Click the machine and buy metro credit. You must enter your social security number. It is in inventory. It is 293-72-4925-2. One hundred credits are added to your account. Go forward, right, forward and through the energy field of Platform B. Go down the stairs to see Phoenix ride the metro.


PA and Map Puzzle

How do I get off this stupid train? Right click the mouse to access the PA but the PA has to be reset. Click OK on the first two frames that pop up. The screen appears like a video card crash, it is supposed to look like that. The last reminder showed unidentified binary data. Click to 'Save' the unidentified binary data to get data dump from PA crash. The Navigation Map has expired. Exit the PA and look close at the white map on the wall inside the metro car. See the Adrianopolis Metro Map. Take a picture of the map to update the navigation map. Phoenix will say that the map is now updated. From this point on you will use the map for navigation. You cannot use the train again. Right click to show the PA. Click the navigation map tab and see Vassily Bogdanov's house in Delta Quadrant. Click Bogdanov's home.


Bogdanov's house

Go right of elevator and click room 3105. The home security program does not let Phoenix in. Select Access Case # response.  Look around at the different items in the apartment. Go to bottom screen and take a close look at the items on the coffee table on the left. See an old-fashioned business card. Bogdanov is the owner of The Thing Store at The Pyramid. The PA adds the Thing Store to the map. Look close at the magnetic card on the bar take the card.  Enter the room on the left. Look at the Mata Hari picture above the bed. Click on it a second time once you are in close up mode. There's a colored lock safe. The solution is to replicate the colors of the Russian Flag in exact order. A clue for this appears later in Bogdanov's office in The Thing Store but why wait.  By Clicking on the squares of the cube it causes the squares to change color.  Change the colors of the top row to white and the middle row to blue. Then change the bottom row to red. Inside is a sculpture, pick it up.  Later in the game you will find a use for it. Go back to the office


Phoenix's Office:     You will notice there are at least four red notes in the diary let's take care of a few of those before they get out of control. It is getting later in the day so we will do a few of these pc related chores before going to the Thing Shop. Turn on your computer and select Audio Visual Viewing. Use the graveyard CD on the frame and see a device. Click the arrow and the cd data was erased. Now select Data Processing then Text Processing.  Use the data dump from PA crash on the text processing frame. Select Analyze and see the result, unrecognized text. Now try Data Processing and Image Processing. Use the data dump from PA crash on the image processing frame. See part of a picture and word. This is where you encounter what I found to be the most tedious puzzle up to this point of the game. See the picture below. This is what the solved puzzle will look like.




The colored pieces are placed where they are supposed to be, try not to move them. Click & drag a piece and connect it to another to construct the picture you see above including the name.  Note the name is in three sections as well. Think of it as a jig saw puzzle where you connect one piece to another. The gray pieces will change to color and a sound will be heard if you put it in the correct place in the Y. Also note there is one very tiny piece that is very difficult to see where it goes. It attaches to the bottom of the piece that is placed at the top left side of the left fork of the Y. When completed, a blinking image appears.  Exit the computer.


Travel becomes easier as we no longer have to go to the metro. Open your PA to select the map and click on the Pyramid. The map should expand to show areas of the Pyramid you can visit, select the Thing Store. Remember the GPSN rule about limitations for interviewing people. You can ask anything in the conversation tree but to get the information you need you have to be selective, otherwise you may have to wait until the next day for a second interview to get the trigger to advance the game. For instance your interview at the Thing Store the first time there is with Alicia Cordoba. From her you need the names of other sales girls, Monica and Piper. You will also need to learn about the Peace Officer impersonator, Harry Callahan and construct a picture of him. At the Thing store you will visit Bogdanov's office and a kiosk across the street from the store.


Thing Store  Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk #1

Click Pyramid and then select the Thing Store in the map. Exit the Thing store and go across the street. Look close at the Anti Chaos poster and the kiosk beside it. The poster has #505 on it. Look at the kiosk and enter the number 505. See the fourth line change to Truth is never linear. As you examine the kiosk they appear on your map. Now go into the Thing Store.


Alicia Cordoba:  First visit: 

Talk to the female sales clerk in blue-gray uniform, Alicia Cordoba. Learn about Harry Callahan, a Peace Officer impersonator. When Phoenix asks Alicia to describe Harry, a picture will appear on your screen. You can call this the   Suspect modeling Puzzle   Click a feature of the face and then click 'compare'. Alicia will say if is not or is a match. Once the face matches you can select another feature of the face. For best results it is best to stay with one feature until Alicia says it is a match. The features you can alter are hair, eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Alicia's answers will progress through these changes. She will say, “from slightly like him” “moderately like him” “more like him” “very much like him.”  When all features are correctly done, she will say “that is exactly him.”  When Alicia says "That is exactly like him,” click the Reconstruct Button to see a picture of the impersonator. The picture is added to your inventory. Continue to ask Alicia about Bogdanov's death and learn about the other sales clerk, Piper and Monica. Ask her anything pertaining to Bogdanov. You are allowed only one visit per day in interrogating witnesses.


Bogdanov's office   First Visit: 

Go down the steps and walk to right screen. Check the Thing Store elevator. Use the swipe card taken from the bar at the apartment.  Look around the room. Bogdanov's HDI score is 70. Look close at the one-sided Rubik’s cube at a side table. Solve the puzzle by making all squares yellow similar to the center one. I did this by using random clicking to change the squares.  It did not take very long. Phoenix will look at the completed Rubik's cube again and note that there's a familiar pattern to the cube. The top row contains all white squares, a middle row contains all blue squares and the bottom row contains all red squares. This is a duplicate of the Russian Flag. (Note this was the clue that would tell you how to solve the Mata Hari Safe puzzle back at the apartment.)


Look at the old book on the table - an album of photographs. Click the arrow at bottom of the screen to flip through the album. Note the picture of the older couple with a baby and the building with 657.   Computer. Look close at the computer and see that it needs a password. Enter the number seen on the building picture in the old photo album 657. Read the new e-mail. A meeting was set up with Douglas Anderson. A new destination is added to your map. Now we go visit the lawyer please note his location is now on your navigation map.


Douglas Anderson's Law Office First Visit:   

Anderson Law Office is triggered by the completion of the computer puzzle in Bogdanov's office. Select Anderson’s Law Offices on the Navigation Map. Walk down the hallway and click to read the Directory of the Building Occupants. Douglas Anderson is on the 7th floor. Go right to the elevators you are automatically taken to the 7th floor.  Exit the elevator and go to left screen. Go down the hallway and enter the first door right of the wall with the eye. Talk to the door security program. Enter the office and choose to discuss in a formal manner when the option appears.   Anderson talks about  Larissa Lukin, Bogdanov's sexual partner, Ms. Capello his therapist and Roger Arnett his image maker. These are triggers to add new destinations to the map.


After talking with Anderson I intended to take Phoenix home as it was late in the day, however, she received an automatic call on her PA requesting that she interview an Immigrant  and she was swept to the office. These incidents are sometimes triggered by specific events but sometimes they are random. Don’t be alarmed if they occur at points different in your game play.


GPSN Offices:    Immigrant Interviews 

Talk to Ingrid, head of the Immigration Academy in blue standing on the left. Click the different panels on the table to see what they are. The one on the right is the neuro-impulse locator which shows if the person is being truthful. The one on the left is the security coefficient indicator, it detects lies and reduces points. If the score goes below 70, the applicant fails.


Interview Raj Patel:    Talk to the Raj and watch the graph and the bar of the computer system. Ask about his past and plans. Scrutinize his past. If you ask him about his participation in the riots and about his acts during the riots. Raj Patel fails. If the questions asked focuses on his action after the riots, Patel will pass. It is best that he fails.


In the two times I played the second interview reported by others did not occur. If after the first interview you find yourself standing in the hall don't worry, go home. This is a good place to end day one. It has been a long day. Click on your navigation map and you will see there is no location box for Phoenix's home if you have not been there yet. Simply click on another location   Phoenix will say something like "It's late I'm tired I think I'll go home." You will be transported there and the location will be placed on your map.


Phoenix's home

Look around the apartment. Check the delivery tube. Go close to the window and click the round projector on the floor by the sofa. Watch the news and learn about the death of Dr. Melvyn Spencer, a Professor of the Adrianopolis University. He was using an unauthorized electronic device. Go to the bedroom and check the bath room. Go to bed. If she is going out open the closet and select an outfit for Phoenix. This is the end of day one


Day 2

You are automatically transported to your office. This is where in my plays Phoenix received a call from her friend Alessandra Pescara. They agree to meet at Café Rose at 8 P.M.. If you got home too early in the day, the call could come in when you click to go to bed. When you go home, change clothes and click the map to meet with Sandra automatically. You can gossip with her or ask to go home. These meetings happen several times and they are simply small talk you can cut them short if you wish to do so.


Start day two  by checking your diary. If you are following this walkthrough there should be four red printed items. (1)  A reference questioning the butterfly images. You have three images and need four to solve this puzzle so this must wait a bit. (2) The Anti Chaos Kiosk questions, this too will wait a bit. (3) The imposter question, who is he? If you try to research it by going through the census info on your PA, Phoenix will say "I don't need to do this yet". For me I had to wait until the boss scolded her out for not doing it. Then the census search was triggered but it had no info. You suspect he may belong to the military but you cannot access that screen. So this too waits for later. (4) That leaves the people triggered by the meeting with the lawyer. So we will start with meeting Larissa Lufkin. The first meeting only sets you up for a second and you get little out of it.


Larissa Lukin's house

Use the map to go to Larissa Lukin's House. Talk to the security program at room 2108. Go down the room and talk to Larissa sitting by the window. In your first home visit select the  “Approach her nicely” option. After small talk, concentrate on asking about Bogdanov.


Thing Shop Second visit

Talk to Alicia.  She is at the left side of the store. Talk about Bogdanov and about his business venture. Learn about art consultancy and the club that Bogdanov frequents. Talk again about Bogdanov's business. At your last visit with Alicia, Monica will be at the other side of the store. Look behind Alicia at the end of room to see three "things" on the wall.  The display is triggered by having opened Bogdanov's safe in his bedroom.  Go to the very back display wall at a left side of the store where Alicia is standing. See three items on display. Click twice on the middle one that looks like the item taken from Bogdanov's safe. You are at distance from it so the likeness may not be apparent. The second click generates a response from Phoenix saying it looks like the statue in the bedroom safe.  Click the unknown sculpture from Bogdanov's safe on the center display. A secret drawer opens. Take Bogdanov's e-diary. Chief Morssen will have the e-diary analyzed when you inform her of it in an interview later.


 Monica. First visit:   

Go across the floor and up to the right side of the store. Talk to Monica Lacour about Bogdanov. You do not get much. More visits will be needed. Go to Sophia Capello's office.


Sophia Capello's office  First visit

This location is triggered by Anderson. Use the map to go to Capello's office.  Go down the hallway and click to note that the security program on her door is malfunctioning. Click the door and Phoenix says “there seems to be no power”'    Time for another puzzle.


Fix the security program

Go back toward the elevator. See two metal panels on the wall before the office doors.   Click the top electrical control panel and click again to open it. Make all the tubes on top right section A all red by clicking the third tube which is green at the moment. Exit the panel.  Click the bottom fuse panel and see that one fuse is off. Click it to make a complete fuse connection. Exit the panel. Click the top electrical control panel again and turn back to green the tube you just changed. Exit the panel. Once you close, the closeup screen Phoenix will say," Yes, got it! "  Go back to Capello's office and talk to a security door program. Talk to Dr. Capello. Approach her in a formal manner. Learn about the affair with a teacher, Katina Stavropoulos at the Child Development Center.  Time to go home


Phoenix's home

Check the delivery tubes find nothing arrived and click on the television to see a brief scene. Click on your closet near the bed, change clothes. Click on your map in the PA and be off to meet Sandy and gossip. You can do the whole gossip thing or cut it short. I do not believe there is anything here that is essential to the game. But hey it is some fun conversation. Go home go to bed end day two and wake up in your office.


Day 3

Your day three diary still had the prior four red notes and added a fifth. Questions surround the Lukin interview causing a need to talk to the woman. It is her info that leads you to the fourth butterfly image you need to resolve that puzzle so we will start with her. Remember you must phone her first. Do that through contacts in your PA. Select Larissa Lukin. Click the antenna at top right of the frame. Ask for an appointment.  No luck with that, we will have to try again later. Let’s go to the Child Development Center


Child Development Center

This location is triggered by Dr. Capello. Read the CDC essay paper on the end of the bulletin board. Talk to the  young girl  working on the computer.  Look around the playroom on the right. Look close at the rabbit candy machine left side of the room. Press the red nose and take a candy. Give the candy to the girl. She does not want it. She likes kiwi flavored candy. Go back to the Rabbit candy machine and press the hand to view the candy selections. You can choose cherry, peach, raspberry, orange and strawberry. No kiwi. Press the nose again and take another candy.


Make Kiwi candy Puzzle

Look around the playroom and see edible play dough at a far side of the room. Look close and see different colors of play dough. Take (click drag) a bit of blue and place on empty square. Take a bit of yellow and add to the blue to make green play dough.  Add a bit of white to make a kiwi colored play dough. Take the candy from inventory and use it on the kiwi colored play dough to get kiwi candy. Give kiwi candy to the brat. She finally paged Kati. Talk to Kati and ask about Bogdanov is there something wrong between them. That is all you get during this visit.


These interruptions are random before you leave the CDC your PA rings. It is Sandy requesting to meet you at 8:00 p.m. you agree. Use the PA, click contact list and select Larissa Lukin. Click the antenna at top right of a frame. Ask for an appointment to meet at Café Rose. Meet Larissa automatically and makes small talk with her at the café. Agree to meet her tomorrow. After the small talk, ask about Bogdanov. Again you get very little and need to meet again tomorrow, this time at her home. Let’s go interview Monica again at the Thing Store. Before leaving, another random call. This time it is your boyfriend wanting to meet you for dinner. Is this beginning to sound like Kate Walker? You agree and now off for more interviews.


Thing Store Monica 2nd Visit

You are done with Alicia, but more with Monica the second visit does not give you anymore triggers but suggest our victim may have been playing for favors? Talk to Monica at the right side of the store about Bogdanov and her job description. Close working relationship is the only topic you must broach in this brief conversation. If you click on the map, it will automatically take you home. Again check the tubes, the TV and change your clothes and click on the map. Meet with Sandy and then your boyfriend. After the cut scene find yourself at the office for day four.


Day 4

Douglas Anderson's Law Office Second Visit:   

Start with Lawyer Anderson. Talk to Anderson about other things and business venture. Learn about Pierre DeVille, an artist. Anderson’s interview is now done. This will add Mr. DeVille's address to your map. Next go see Ms. Lukin again at her home. There is no need to call her.


Second Home Visit: Ms. Lukin    

Talk to her about everything or if her relation with Bogdanov is steady. Learn that Bogdanov's memories of Russia are about his grandparents who took care of him. You need the grandparents info it will generate the fourth butterfly photo you need to complete that puzzle which has been sitting in your inventory. Before you can contend with that you are automatically brought to the boss's office to submit a report.


 Automatically report to Chief Morssen.

Once in a while, Phoenix will report her findings to Chief Morssen. Report pertinent information. Chief Morssen will approve or not a request for warrants. Evidence will be given to her also. She will also call you for updates on evidence or reports.  You can request warrants at the appropriate time. At this meeting do not request any warrants. If you have been following this walkthrough report about Anderson, the impersonator, Bogdanov's grandparents and e-diary, which Moressen will have analyzed. The next is an auto response as Phoenix reports about the ghost student at the cemetery


Roger Arnett Salon First visit    

This location is triggered by Anderson. Use the map to go to Arnett's Salon.   Talk to Gladys, Arnett's Assistant. After learning about WIMA, make an appointment. Look to the desk on the right and take an epilaser flyer. Look at the flyer in inventory. Take note of the homemade wax recipe. Time to go home as a click on your map will tell you.


Day 5

Child Development Center.

Tell the receptionist you need to talk to Kati right away. Ask Kati if it was her choice to cool off the relationship and discuss Mr. B's irrational behaviors. Go to the Thing Store


Bogdanov's Office  Second visit:

This visit is triggered when Larissa Lukin mentions Bogdanov's grandparents. Use the elevator to go to Bogdanov's office. Look at the photo album. Take the photo of the grandparents with the baby. Click the picture to turn the photo over. Use the camera on back of the photo to get Cyrillic handwritten text and 3865959. Take the elevator to the store  Third visit  Talk to Monica about other business ventures and relationship with others. Learn about Piper Again it is the end of the day. You have another visit with Sandra, exhaust as may topics as you can. Go home go to bed. Make sure you save here before going to bed. See issues I had with day six.


Day 6

Sophia Capello's office Second visit:

Talk to Dr. Capello about Bogdanov and later his free time. Learn about some irrational behavior, Stardust, a chic club and Mata Hari. A new destination is added to map. You may have to make one more visit to Dr. Capello's office if you were unable to exhaust all of the questions around Mr. B. Now go back to the office.


Phoenix's office

Examine the pictured.  The boss suggested she investigate. There is an auto generated PA hacking incident after you meet with Piper for the first time. Before that happens, use the computer to search for the imposter. Go to your PC and enter Search then Census Database.  Use the picture of the impersonator on the Census Database frame. Click the search button. No record found is reported back to you. When you try Military Census, it is discovered  you  are not authorized to access the military data. End your day here.


Day 7

Child Development Center.

I was also surprised to discover we could still go to the CDC. Again like Dr. Capello a few loose end questions needed to be asked centered on Katie's attempt to get joint counseling for her and Mr. B. If you missed that go back to clean it up. Ask about Katie's career choice and any Mr. B left over questions. This should be your last visit to the CDC.


Thing Store, Piper First Visit


Go to the back area of the left side of the store and talk to Piper. Approach her harshly. It is too bad, but you could not drag her out in handcuffs. Oh well before you get too far you are interrupted by the message your PA has been hacked and are transported to the office. The first contact with Piper appears to be the trigger that generates the PA hacking message as it occurred each time I reached this point in the game. I had taken different routes to this contact in each playing.


PA Hacker Puzzle

Get an urgent message on PA. Hackers got into the system and paid particular attention to Phoenix' folders. Check your PA and see a hacker data file. Use the computer. Select Data Processing and then Image Processing on the second screen. Remain on the computer and right click to pull up your PA. The last item in your inventory should be the hacker data file. Highlight this file and click on the gear icon  Click the hacker data file on the frame and the return message you receive will be "File corrupted.”


Hexadecimal Editor,  This editor appears automatically after the "File Corrupted" report. See several red Question marks that are needed to be decoded. The hacker replaced letters and numbers with question marks. You need to replace the question mark with the correct number or letter. The screen shot below shows the correct sequence of numbers and letters.





To solve this puzzle you need to start with a group of four that has one red question mark. Each click will advance the number or letter by one space such as a to b to c or I to 2 to 3 etc. When you select the correct digit, the entire group of 4 will turn blue. Continue on until all the groups of four with a single red question mark are decoded.  With groups of four that have 2 question marks the process is more difficult. Because the group will not turn blue until all four digits are correct. So you have no way to determine where to set the first question mark. But there is help, look at the above picture. Change the question marks to the corresponding number or letter you see in the same location in the picture. It will not change to blue until the second question mark in that group of 4 is changed. Once the second question mark in the group is changed then that group of 4 will turn blue. Once all the red marks are changed to blue, the image will change to a picture similar to the one you obtained in a previous puzzle. You now have the 4th image.


PA Hacker Puzzle Part 2

 Stay in the PC. Now go to the 3D Processing screen and click on Reconstruct Multiple Images. Take the CD recovered image (cd with an image on it )  from inventory and use it on top wall of the frame ( think ceilings). Place the recovered image  taken from a left wall of graveyard gate, ( the one generated with the hand cream and cotton ball,)  on the bottom frame, ( think floors ) and the butterfly reconstructed from the data dump (Iustitia) on the left frame. Place the new image, you just made from the hacker data cube  on the right frame. Click reconstruct and see a 3D butterfly image. This will replace the four images in your inventory.


This is where my day 7 ended.


Day 8

Station Omega 10:   

It is time to get another picture. Take the stairs and go down to the lower level. Look at the Butterfly ad poster on the wall. When you click on the picture, the camera icon appears.  Take a picture to get the Butterfly image. This was triggered by the above puzzle. If you had seen that Butterfly billboard prior to solving the puzzle you could not take a picture of it.


Phoenix's office

You go to Phoenix's office and turn on the pc. Open 3D Processing and select the Reconstruct from Single Image icon. Take the butterfly ad image from inventory and use it on the frame. Click Extrude. Get 3D Butterfly ad. Now we need to compare the photos. Open 3D Processing and select the Object Compare box.  Place the 3D butterfly ad on a frame and the 3D butterfly image on the other. Click compare. See a map of the metro system and an X that marks a spot. Exit the computer.  Phoenix states, "a visit to the metro after hours would be best." 


*Note* You will not see anything at this point in your inventory or navigation map. Thanks to sinotek of Gameboomers for the info on this. What happens is  when you  go to Omega 10, go down the stairs (Not with the lasers) and go to the left area and click on the gate twice (Only works at night) and it'll let you in. After your first visit, it'll be added to your map.  Big thumbs up to Sinotek for this.


Ancient Library 

While we are in the building go to the elevator and down to the second floor look for Julius. This is triggered after getting the Cyrillic text from the back of the grandparent's photo. Talk to Julius and learn about his being a student and the General's army. Go to screen right and see a door at the end of the hallway. Enter the library. Look around. Go to the middle wall across the door. Take the red book from the book shelf. Take a picture of the dictionary to get Cyrillic Translation Table. Exit the room and go back to the elevators. Go to the 3rd floor and enter the office.


Phoenix's Office after getting translation table.

Use the computer and select Decryption.  Place the Cyrillic handwritten text on the right frame and the translation table on the left frame. Translate each letter by clicking the appropriate English letter on the left and click the Cyrillic letter on the right. After translation is completed, get Bogdanov's name list in inventory. This can be tedious as sometimes the letters do not become hot when your curser highlights them. I found if you click the back button then return to the screen it magically works again. To make it easier here is a list of how the names should read. Phoenix will comment if you got them right in the end. Also note when you change the letter in one name all like letters in other names change as well. So you will not have to change every letter. Be careful as some of the Cyrillic letters appear close to the English which may make it easy to miss one. If you miss one, it will likely be a headache to discover which wrong one holds up solving this puzzle.


After exiting the computer, automatically report to Chief Morssen. Report about the Cyrillic handwritten text, number, and Bogdanov's name list. ( Was solving this puzzle a trigger to generate the report? )


Pierre DeVille's House First Visit

This location is triggered by Anderson.    After getting past the home security program, look around inside DeVille's home. Look at the firearm collection on the wall. Go down the screen and talk to arrogant DeVille about Bogdanov.


Thing Store Piper 2nd visit

Talk to Piper but you learn nothing you had not known before. While at the Pyramid it is a good time to do something I have not done as yet. Since the map will not let you go see Ms Lukin and it keeps reporting the Roger Arnett Salon will call you when there is an opening. We may as well look around the Pyramid. View the various posters and Kiosk. Don't forget to visit the gym, though you can't do anything there. It is just a click and Phoenix does an in and out, saying "I needed that and now feel refreshed," or something similar. Thought it best to check it out just in case there was a hidden trigger, but I doubt there was. At least nothing immediate revealed itself. This ended day 8


Day 9

Thing Store Piper 3rd visit

Talk to Piper about Bogdanov's visit to Russia and his last visit to Russia. Learn about Bogdanov's visitor. But before you can follow up on this you get a call for another interview. It appears the interviews are randomly generated because just as I completed the interview we had a power failure and of course no save was made. When I reloaded and played this scene again the interview was called but it was with a different immigrant.


GPSN Offices:    Immigrant Interviews 

Interview Al Hayari, akira. You can lead questions to either accept or reject the applicant. Lead questions to learn more about her shopping and career and then her work plans. She is rejected. Lead questions about her family and her need to be away, she is accepted. It is questionable if accepting or rejecting this applicant effects game play. As I said when having to replay this section I got different immigrants each time.


Pierre DeVille's House Second Visit

Ask about business with Bogdanov you learn very little except DeVille's view is that he and Bogdanov were equal partners.


Automatically report to Chief Morssen.

Get called in for another meeting with the boss before you can leave DeVille's apartment. In this meeting the conversation tree allowed Phoenix to report that Piper discussed frequent Russian visitors and they appeared to be black market types. Also reported that Bogdanov and DeVille were equal partners. I did not request any warrants. Meeting ended and once in the hallway summoned to another immigrant interview. Again selected a series of questions that ended up rejecting the applicant. It is tough getting into Utopia.


According to my game clock it is time to do some night work. Go home, change your clothes and head out to the night club.


Stardust Club First visit:   This location is triggered by Dr. Capello. This location can only be visited at night. Talk to Fabian, the bartender about Bogdanov and about Fabian's past. Learn about history of city and Phoenix's background. Exit the club through the door. Go back up the steps for a brief talk to the bouncer guarding the door of Stardust Club  All I got was a short conversation without being able to ask questions. You find out he is a security person but no details.

Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk #2

Go down the steps and to the right road. See an Anti chaos poster with a kiosk beside it. The poster has the date June 11. Look close at the kiosk and enter 611 on the keypad. See third line change to Turbulence and Stability coexist. Time to go home and to bed


Nightmare #1 Cut Scene

First nightmare of Phoenix’s young days alone is triggered by talk with Fabian at the Stardust Club.

This is the only nightmare scene I came across supposedly there are others. I did not see the one that reportedly was triggered by seeing the professor’s body.


Day 10

Pierre DeVille's House Third Visit    


Ask about other his partnership with Bogdanov. After Pierre answers, the question of relationships is automatically asked by Phoenix. Save the question about firearms for last as Pierre becomes defensive and asks you to leave. Instead ask about his role in the relationship. Following Pierre's answer Phoenix auto asks about the firearms.


Before you leave the apartment, your boss calls they found nothing useful about the seven digit number Phoenix provided. Chief Morssen  gives Phoenix authorization to access Military Database since the military numbers are seven digits and the numbers on the decrypted Cyrillic text is also seven numbers. She suggests that you do the search. Before using the computer go visit Piper based on the info provided by Pierre.


Thing Store Piper Fourth visit   

Talk to Piper especially about Bogdanov's other ventures. Learn about boxes brought by his friends to his office and 'renting the contents'. Learn store sales have been flat and Piper question’s Bogdanov's financials and that he knows anything about art. This generates a meeting with the Chief.


Chief Dagmar Morssen's office

Reports about Piper's statements this adds Thing Store HQ to your map. Report about DeVille's firearm collection. Phoenix reports possible illegal trade-renting Report information received from Fabian of the Stardust Club.


Use the computer.

Phoenix's Office after Military database authorization:  Open census search click  Military Database. Open inventory, use the gear icon on the  7 digit number. Click that on the frame and do a search. Get a Military Captain, Juan Antonio Perez.  Military Corps is added to the navigational map.


Stardust Club  Second visit:   

Talk to Fabian. Be sure to give 25 dollars for the drink Fabian asks for 10 if I recall correctly. It is called a bribe. Any less and Fabian will clam up and no info is gathered. Learn about Bogdanov's devotee friends. Go home end day.


Day 11

Phoenix does not want to go to DeVille's house, but he scares her. You cannot go to Lukin's house she says she does not need to yet. That leaves the Military.


Military Corps First Visit

This location is triggered by the Military database search. Go down the screen and talk to the guard at the desk. You will be auto escorted to the personnel office.  Save Here before asking any questions! Talk to Ashling Monaghan. If you ask the wrong question she will resist and not refer to Officer Thorrsen. You need this trigger to continue. Ask Ashling How long have you known Perez. Following the answer Phoenix will auto asks about her relationship. Ask about Perez's interest in art. Ask about Thing Store. Through this track you will learn about Perez' death in a plane crash in Russia. Then ask more info about Perez to be referred to Officer Thorrsen.


Find Officer Thorrsen:  First visit:   

Exit the personnel office and end at an intersection. Look close at the fire extinguisher by B1070 door and see Thorrsen's name on it. Look at the fire chart above the extinguisher and see her room number. Go to top screen corridor and be at Thorrsen's office. Talk to Officer Thorrsen. You will be interrupted by an urgent request to go to the office.


Chief Dagmar Morssen's office

Learn that Bogdanov brought 1.3 M when he emigrated and that Larissa Lukin was Bogdanov's nuptial partner in Russia. He was killed with a 9 mm handgun. Phoenix is asked to check the financial records and learn that Spencer, the dead Professor was in Bogdanov's list. You will be asked to investigate Spencer but not to step on anyone's toes. You will be asked to speak with Lukin again and be transported to her home automatically.


Lukin Third Home visit

Talk to Larissa.   After learning about the relationship with Bogdanov, talk to Larissa harshly and learn about the Gambino crime family. Report the findings to Chief Morssen. Phoenix was asked to talk to DeVille about the matter. Request a warrant and it will be denied. When clicking on the map, it will tell you it is time to go home. Go home, change and go to the club.


Stardust Club  Third visit

Fabian the bartender is not around. Go up the stage and look at the wood relief on the back wall of the stage. Look closer and see the crack. Wood pieces fall off the wall. See broken pieces on the floor. Look closer on the pieces and see the puzzle.


Wood Pieces Puzzle

Click & drag the pieces to combine them. If the piece is in place, you will hear a click and the pieces cannot be separated anymore. The pieces cannot be turned they go together without having to change the angle in which you see them. Slide them together. When you have the pieces placed correctly, look close at them on the floor and Phoenix says not to pick it up or it will scatter. Click the hole on the wall and Phoenix says to 'fix it fast'.


Making Glue

Go to the bar and click the right gate to enter the bar area. Phoenix can enter only if she says to "fix the wall of the stage fast."

Prepare Glue - Look at the epilaser flyer taken from Arnett's Salon in your inventory. Check the wax preparation procedure. Click and drag  1 cup on water and then click the measured cup of water on the bowl. Click & drag the ½ measuring  cup on the water and click measured ½ cup of water on the bowl. Click & drag ½ cup on the sugar and then drag the measured  ½ cup of sugar on the bowl. Click & drag 1 tablespoon on the lemon and then drag it to the bowl. Repeat to get 2 tablespoons of lemon in the bowl. Take the bowl and click it on the microwave.  If correctly done, Phoenix will say 'I'm a mad scientist' and the sticky gel will be in inventory.


Fix the wood relief wall

Go back to the stage and  in inventory use the gear on the bowl of sticky gel. Click that on the hole on the wall. Open inventory again, get the bowl and Click it  on the combined pieces on the floor. Take the glued pieces from inventory and click it on the wall.


Fabian comes back to the bar. Ask about Bogdanov's friends at the club. Learn about Mikhailov who is sitting in the room. Ask about the lady sitting with him she is Mata Hari. See them leave when Phoenix notices them. You can do no more here, go home to end your day.


Day 12

Phoenix's office   Phoenix' Computer: Bogdanov's financial report

Bogdanov's financials - Access the PA and check the inventory for Bogdanov's financials. Check the other two pages using the arrow at bottom left. Bogdanov's bank list is in inventory. Phoenix will take note of Lena Vanderbilt.  Information Analysis - Use the computer and do an information analysis. Place Bogdanov's bank list and name list on the two frames. Click Analyze. The two names that are not common to two lists are Melvyn Spencer and Gillian Jones.  Lena Vanderbilt and Gillian Jones are added to the map.


Pierre DeVille's house   Fourth visit

Talk to the home security program and learn that DeVille is not in. Get a call from Sandra requesting you meet at the café tonight.


Melvyn Spencer's house  

Go to the end of the hall and then right to the open door. Enter the bedroom with the round bed. Check the book on the floor beside the box. It is a book about Sir Thomas More. Look around and exit back to the living area. Look around and check the laptop on top of a box left of the window.  The laptop needs a password. Click the password area and a keyboard appears. Type in SirThomasMore. Click OK. Check the www. Close the frame by clicking the x at top right. Check the garbage at bottom right. See Flyer and Draft files. Click and drag them to the Documents folder. Close the garbage using the x at top right. Open the Documents and read the flyer and drafts files. From the Flyer learn that Spencer taught at the Adrianopolis University. The drafts shows Spencer will talk about Discrepancies in History According to the Media. The Adrianopolis University is placed in the map triggered by the flyer in Spencer's laptop.


Adrianopolis University First visit: 

Talk to Janka Gabor and learn the rumor about Spencer's death as told by Ivania


Café Rose:   

Gossip with Sandra. After discussing DeVille, the Carpe Diem, Zap (dress store) and Gary's (shoe store) will be available in the map.

End of day.


Day 13

Military Corps  Second visit:   

Talk to Thorrsen about the last time she saw Capt. Perez. Her confession mentions that Perez exhibited similar irrational behavior as Bogdanov before he died.



The location is triggered by Sandra. Talk to Theodora and get a call from Sandra.


Gary's Shoes First visit:    

The location is triggered by Sandra. Talk to the store clerk in white shirt, Al. He insults Phoenix. Phoenix exits the store and goes back in and talks to Al again. Go to the store counter by the door and look close at the purple frame at the end of counter. Look close and complete the form: File Complaint, Complaint related to service quality and select the last choice is born loser. Go to   Phoenix's house and pick up the dress at the delivery chute. *Note* Because Phoenix did not get her shoes today she cannot access the dress that arrived. She will have to wait until tomorrow when the shoes arrive to go to Carpe Diem. Instead we will visit Fabian.


Stardust Club  Fourth Visit

Ask Fabian about Mata Hari. End Day


Day 14

Gary shoes Second Visit:     Talk to Habib, store clerk. Phoenix selected a 375-dollar shoe. Time to go and get credits.


Allied Investor

This location is triggered by needing credits to buy shoes. Jump to Allied Investor at the Pyramid. Exit back out of the store.


Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk:  #3 

Exit the store and look at the poster on a left wall. Look close at the Anti Chaos poster and the kiosk beside it. The poster has #802 highlighted at the center. Look at the kiosk and enter the number 802 on the keypad. See second line change to Chaos can be calculated.


Allied Investor:   

Enter the office and go left. Go to the terminal at the foreground. Click the Allied Investor name. Click Extended credit. Place 375 worth of coins from left to the right circle. Yellow coins are 100's, green are 50's and purple are 25's.


Gary shoes Third visit

Buy the shoes from the Habib you talked to earlier.


Ultimate Faithful Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk #4   

Look close at the anti chaos poster and kiosk beside the Ultimate Faithful door. The poster has 026 in different color on it. Enter the number on the kiosk keypad and see that the fifth line has changed to Chaos is peace.


Ultimate Faithful:    Door Puzzle

Look close at the door of the shop.

Above the door lock see two pendulums at top and two small doors at the bottom. Two bars block the door. They need to be moved away from the center.  Open the  small doors. Turn the left knob to point West or turn 2xs to the left (9:00 o’clock)  Turn the right knob to SE or 3 times right to (5:00 o’clock)  Move the left pendulum to the left and move the right pendulum to the right. If you did not set the knobs behind the doors correctly, you cannot move the pendulums at all. If placed correctly, you will see gears move below the knobs. They will move again when you move the pendulums. A blue button is now exposed behind the right pendulum click it. Phoenix comments "Ha! Got it!"       


Smoke Puzzle

The room is full of incense smoke and the drone of the sales pitch is nonstop. We need to remove the smoke. Look around the room. There are totems on each corner by the door. Take the eyes (purple gems)  from the right totem. Take  the eyes (green gems) from the left totem. Take the embroidered cloth from the table beside the green-eyed totem.  Look close at the pipes under the right shelf when facing the back of the room. Turn the middle yellow handle to the right. The top wheel is hot. Use the cloth on the wheel. Turn the top wheel until steam comes out of the right pipe. Turn the bottom left yellow handle to the left. Turn the left wheel until steam comes out of the left pipe. Once steam is let out of the pipes, turns the two yellow handles to original position. Pull the bottom chain to flush the room.


Office Door Puzzle

Go back to the rear of the room and see that the door is locked. There is a head on each side of the door. Look close at the left one a winged bearded man and place the green gems on its eye sockets. Look close at the right one a lion head and place the purple gems on its eye sockets. Click or move the African shield left of the lion head. Pull the handle. Enter the office door.


Ultimate Faithful  First visit:   

Talk to Gillian Jones. Learn she was a customer of Bogdanov's


Adrianopolis University Second visit

Talk to Janka Gabor about the Professor and his research


Carpe Diem

DeVille visit 1:    Go to Pierre DeVille sitting on the left bar. He gets angry and leaves. Phoenix is called to a meeting with the Chief 


Chief Dagmar Morssen's office

Report about Mata Hari and Mikhailov Phoenix reports about DeVille's interview. 


Day 15

Thing Store Headquarters   Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk #5   

Look at the poster on a left wall outside the Things Store HQ. Look close at the Anti Chaos poster and the kiosk beside it. The poster has #s 2 4 6 prominent in the text. Look at a kiosk and enter the number 246 on the keypad. See first line change to Fear not of chaos.


Things Store Headquarters.

Enter the HQ and talk to the receptionist. Then talk to Richard Ackermann. There is no store rental policy.


Chief Dagmar Morssen's office

Report suspect Bog was involved in renting illegal devices. There is no rental policy at the Thing Store. Request no warrants.


Thing Store Headquarters   Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk #5   

Combined Anti Chaos poster and kiosk puzzle

Look close at the kiosk. We now have 5 numbers and 5 changed lines from 5 kiosks.

Enter the numbers taken from 5 kiosks in any order:

1. Enter 246 on the keypad to get line 1 changed to Fear not of Chaos.

2. Enter 802 on the keypad to get line 2 changed to Chaos can be calculated.

3. Enter 611 on the keypad to get line 3 changed to Turbulence and Stability coexist.

4. Enter 505 on the keypad to get line 4 changed to Truth is nonlinear.

5. Enter 026 on the keypad to get line 5 changed to Chaos is peace.

When it is done correctly, new words and numbers appear on the screen. Chaos becomes Peace. 12814. You will see no change in inventory as a result of solving this puzzle. I suspect this is a trigger for the under ground wall puzzle. There is a note added to Phoenix's diary documenting the number 12814.


Military Corps Third visit  

Talk to Thorrsen and ask if someone else asked about her relationship with Perez. Learn about Bryan Ainsworth of WXBG. The station is placed in the map. Time to go home.


Station Omega 10

Jump to Station Omega 10. Use the front stairs, to get down to the lower level  on a platform a (not the one with the energy field). Go to the left end of the ramp and see a closed gate. Click again to enter the Metro tunnels. Walk to the left and check each door. Go pass room 10-1 and see a ramp between the rails. Cross to the other side. Go left  and enter room 9-1. Go to the open locker on the left. Take the proximity key hanging on the door. Take note of the number on the coat hanging in the locker 143954. Look around and exit the room. Cross the rail again to go to the other side. Go to room 10-2 and use the proximity card on the door. Look close at the monitor right of the empty shelves. Use the proximity card on the monitor. It will ask for access number. Enter the number from the coat 143954. Select key access. The terminal updated the proximity card to allow you to unlock the doors. Look around and exit the room.  Enter room 10-3 and take the dirty cloth on top of a crate on the right side of the room. Look around the room and then exit. Go to room 10-1 enter and take Acme Rust Solvent bottle on  a table right side  Go to the rusty metal plate left of exit door and look close. Use the solvent on the plate. Use the cloth to wipe the plate. Read the word RATIO. Exit the room. Cross the rail again to go to the other side. Room 9-2 is closed there are no visible locks. Enter room 9-3 and see a room full of cables, laser lights and stands. Look around the room and see the word CHAOS on the wall. Look close at the center computer.  Look close at the panel facing the CHAOS wall.


Letter puzzle

See letters on the panel. The bottom left red button turns every other letters starting from the left. While the red button on the right, flips every other letters starting from the second left. The word needed is the one that is revealed on the rusty metal plaque in room 10-1. Press the left button until you get (from left to right) the first letter to be R, third letter T and fifth letter O. In some playings, only the bottom half of the O showed.  Press the right button until you form RATIO. Look at the CHAOS wall to see that it turns to PEACE. Exit the room.  See that the door to room 9-2 is now opened. It opened after the completion of the puzzle in room 9-3. Look close on the back wall and see Anti Chaos writings.


Anti - Chaos letter puzzle  

A word of caution about this puzzle I stumbled on this one early in the game but I could not open the wall until after doing the Combined Anti Chaos poster and kiosk puzzle . Simply knowing the number code revealed in that puzzle will not allow you to complete this one. You must solve the kiosk combined puzzle first or the wall won’t open here.


Go to the back wall and look close at the Anti-Chaos writings. The clues from the kiosks are Chaos becomes Peace and 12814. Click letters and see that certain letters on the wall can be pushed in. The letters are ACEP. Try the letters until Phoenix says these words:  "wonder what the anti-chaos people say about this". Then the correct word can be entered in the puzzle. Watch closely!!!  Push letters P-E-A-C-E in the context of 12814. That is to say start counting letters as you would encounter them when reading the text on the wall. 12814 is represented by the first appearance of P, the second appearance of E, the eighth appearance of A, the first appearance of C and the fourth appearance of E.  To be specific  find the first letter P (sPherical) on the wall. Push it in. Find the second letter E (nEither) on the wall. Push it in. Find the 8th letter A (equAtions) on the wall. Push it in. Find the first letter C (Cones) on the wall. Push it in. Find the fourth letter E (arE) on the wall. Push it in. Look closely as the word <are> appears more than once! You need to get the right one or the game will throw you in. If done correctly you will hear the gears move as the wall opens. See a room at the end of the corridor.

SAVE HERE! just in case.


Underground Installation:   

Go forward to the lit room at an end of corridor. You walk into a cut scene.  You see Rana Shah. The man beside her is the Impersonator.  Phoenix is zapped with a butterfly ray that came out of the Impersonator's hand. The cut scene continues with Phoenix materializing in her house and we see her stagger to bed. The scene ends the next morning with Phoenix in the Chief's office.


Day 16


Chief Dagmar Morssen's Office

Phoenix updates the boss about the underground installation and the presence of the imposter and Rana Shah. She requests warrants for both of these people. You request a Financial Audit for Pierre DeVille.


Ultimate faithful     Second visit:    Talk to Gillian in her office about renting. Get little of value from this.


Adrianopolis University. Third Visit

Talk to Janka Gabor about the Professor.


Lena Vanderbilt's house First Visit

This location is triggered by Bogdanov's bank list. Enter the first door #712 and talk to the home security. This triggers the autopsy report. An autopsy report arrives in your PA. This report will add the Rehabilitation Center to your map. I went straight there thinking I would see Lena. WRONG! Instead we met with the doctor, as seen in the next item.


Rehabilitation Center  First Visit

After getting the autopsy report on Dr. Spencer, the Rehab Center is placed in the map.  Check the Insurance Policy poster on the wall. Talk to the receptionist. Talk to Dr. Gisella Nemeth, the head of the Criminal Task Force. You are interrupted again when you receive a  message that hackers have entered  Phoenix's files in the network again.


Phoenix's Office:    Check the PA and look close at the pirate manifest in inventory using +I at top right. Read the Hacker's manifest

Get a call that Roger will see you now.


Roger Arnett Salon Second visit  

Gladys gives Phoenix a complimentary make over. Talk to Arnett about Bogdanov. He states that he is expecting that Bogdanov's next quarterly will show a rise in earnings. You go home, change your clothes so you can  meet Sandy. Get laughed at about your make over. Don’t do that again. Excuse yourself early to go to track down DeVille.


Carpe Diem   

DeVille visit 2

 Talk to Pierre DeVille about his money from art consultancy. Automatically report to Chief Morssen which results in a request for a financial audit for DeVille which you get. End of Day.


Day 17


Phoenix's Office & Chief's Office

Examine  Financial Audit for Pierre DeVille and report to boss about DeVille's financial report. You will be offered the option to request a warrant for a Search & Seizure warrant for Pierre DeVille.  <See Option Below >


An Option

If you ask  for a Search & Seizure warrant for Pierre DeVille the boss will get it approved for you. After reaching Roger Arnett's studio, you will get a call from the boss interrupting your interview. The warrant was approved and you are to get the gun. Once you do and it is examined, the boss calls you and says you are incompetent and your theory is nonsense. The agency had to pay a six-figure settlement to avoid being sued. OUCH! You can avoid getting reamed out by not asking for the warrant.  In that case your interview is not interrupted. Either choice  does not alter game play beyond the extra puzzle and chewing out you get. If you do not make a warrant request skip the next section and go to Arnett’s house. If you are up for the punishment here is how to proceed after being informed you got the warrant.


Pierre DeVille's House

After getting the Search and Seizure Warrant for Pierre DeVille, go to his house. Look at the firearm collection and realize you need to know which one is 9 mm gun. Go to the bench left of the easel where Pierre sat during interviews. Look close and click things. Pick up the bullet which partly hidden on a fold right side of the cloth.  Go to the firearm collection and use the bullet on each gun to see which gun fits the bullet. It is #15. You will be auto transported to the Chief's office when you back out of the closeup after taking the gun.


Chief Morssen's Office:    Phoenix reports about DeVille's firearm. Chief will send it to the ballistics lab right away.  Shortly you get the flaming call.


Roger Arnett Salon  

Third visit:    Talk to Gladys. Accept or decline a make over. Talk to Arnett you do not learn anything of value.


Rehab center   Second visit:  

Talk to the receptionist and then Dr. Nemeth. Learn about the hemorrhage, device and death of Spencer


Stardust Club  Fifth Visit

Ask Fabian about Mata Hari's strange behavior. Then look around the room for Mikhailov.

Visit 1:    Talk to Mikhailov sitting alone in front of the stage. Ask for his help coldly. Learn that he was Bogdanov's childhood buddy. Watch Mata Hari dance. Continue to talk to Mikhailov.  End Day


Day 18

Rehab center Third Visit

Learn they know little of the device and then visit morgue ( auto)  See the body of Spencer. He died 7:03 A.M. and body discovered at around 11 A.M.. No nightmare generated from this, though it was expected. Perhaps a trigger was missed? Maybe you will get one.


Chief Morssen's Office:    Phoenix reports what she learned from the coroner's report. The Chief agrees that not having access to the device is strange. Leave Chief's office.

Hallway.   Upon leaving the office you are called back in.


Chief Morssen's Office    

The Warrant for the impersonator was approved. The Chief has requested a Special Forces Team to help in the apprehension of the underground people. Then it is cancelled as  Chief Executive Mr. Hamilton arrives and cancels the orders. The underground people are under his personal orders. He asks is this Crystal clear? You think this is strange.



Your PA rings advising Lena Vanderbilt is home. You are transported to her home.


Lena Vanderbilt's house second visit

In front of her door the PA goes off again.   Get a message from Jean Michel. They are on high alert with defense condition 4.  He says they are nearly at war but does not know with whom.   In case you forgot Jean Michel is Phoenix' boyfriend. Talk to Lena Vanderbilt about last time.  She saw Bogdanov. She mentioned a device she was using caused her to go to rehab. Get an urgent call from Sandra to meet her at the Pyramid.  End meeting and be transported to the Pyramid.


Pyramid Sandra

Sandra wanted advice on a new dress.  It is a spring sale after all. Sandra leaves Phoenix standing in the store alone. The game would not allow Phoenix to slap her though the urge was real. Two messages come in from Julio. Julio is a coworker of Phoenix who wants to be the lead investigator. He will message Phoenix now and then to goad her. The first sounded like he was gloating. The second message summons Phoenix to the underground.


Metro Tunnel    

Face the wall where you solved the Chaos puzzle, just click on it to open. There is no need to do the puzzle again. Go forward to the lit room at the corridor’s end.  See that the room is empty. Look at things but no interaction


Land of the Renovators 

Enter the closed door of the elevator behind the desk. Go forward and talk to the young boy, Konrad. He states that this is the Land of the Renovators. You have to go forward as the elevator behind Phoenix does not open. Go through the energy field and it triggered an alarm. Go down the tunnel and see that end of the tunnel is dark. Enter the door on the side wall.


Computer room  Puzzle

The only thing you can interact with is one computer and you must solve this puzzle to continue. Check the Joshua monitor. Do you want to Play chess with Joshua?  You can decline by typing NO on the computer screen using the game's keyboard. But you hit the enter key on your keyboard not the game’s. It makes no sense since every other interaction.  You use the game's keyboard. GLITCH? You don't want to know how long it took me to figure that move out.  I typed No and did not play chess. I don't know what happens if you do play chess. After you typing no in regard to the chess option you see a Main Menu. The selections are: 1. Security Menus 2. Environmental Settings 3. User Administration 4. Network Settings 5. Play Games;   Enter Choices.  Type in the number of the selection and press the enter key on the game keyboard. Select and type 5.  Three Game Selections are seen. Select Tic Tac Toe. When the number of players is asked, type zero and then click the enter key. This will make the computer play against itself and a no win situation results. The computer has a system error.   All other monitors are powered up. Check all the monitors and see the introduction sun scene from the intro at the beginning of the game. Exit the room.



Go to right screen and down the tunnel. After the Joshua puzzle completion, the lights are now on at the dark tunnel. Enter the next room on the side wall. Talk to Wilma and hear about Phoenix' quest. Follow Wilma's directions to reach the next room.


Grand Shaft

Go to right screen and down the tunnel. Automatically be inside a tower like structure. Enter the tunnel and end up in a wood door to the cafeteria  Enter through the door and see Phoenix again chase Talayman, the student that went through the graveyard gate. Go to right screen and take the circuit board beside a food tray. There is nothing else you can do in this room, nor will you want to. It is dark and while you are in there the room continuously rotates. Go back to the shaft and right to the end of the straight rail track. It ends at a rail car in front of a dark opening. Go back to the Grand Shaft for another puzzle to light that dark passageway.


Fenced Area   Circuit Board Puzzle

Go right to the fenced in area that is in the large circular area called the Grand Shaft. See a control panel on a stand. Use the circuit board on the control panel. See the circuit board that has 5 leads on the left (green, red, blue, red and green) and 3 on the right (red, green and blue). The aim of the puzzle is to have a connecting circuit of a color to the same color on the other end. So the red on the right will connect to the 2 reds on the left. The blue on the right connects to the blue on the left and the same goes for the green. There are connectors at bottom left that can be used to make the circuit. Click hold and drop a connector on the blank space to connect 2 knobs. The circles should be centered on the knobs to fit. Once complete, press the green bar on the right and if done correctly, it will light.

This is how the completed puzzle is supposed to look!     



Enter the tunnel left of the fenced in area. See that the dark opening behind the rail car is not dark anymore. Enter and see the galaxy. Talk to Konrad. Meet Grandmaster Magnus. Listen to and watch a fairly long cut scene between the Grandmaster and Phoenix. Phoenix is transported to an abandoned mine.


Abandoned Mine.

Look straight and click the ancient locomotive it is small and hard to recognize. Go beside it and take the lever. Go forward to the mine entrance and pick up the funnel on the ground right of the chimney. Find the mine entrance nearby but you can't enter because it is dark. Near the tracks you see a round building appearing like a large culvert it was a sleeping barracks. A Russian sign is near it. Go right of the barracks and pick up the wire by the destroyed stone wall. Go back and left by following the wire fence. There is another  similar but smaller barracks near where Phoenix entered this scene. Behind that is a destroyed building with exposed beams. In front of the destroyed building pick up the full gas can. Exit and go right of the building with a collapsed roof. Behind this building see an archaic power generator.


Power generator

Remove the cap of the fuel tank at the center and use the funnel on the hole. Use gas on the funnel. Use the lever on the knob at lower right. Do not crank the lever yet. The red button stops the generator by clicking it the number of times the lever was cranked. Look on the side wall of the generator and see dots and a line.  To your right see a panel a short distance near the fence. Click on the wire panel and go into closeup mode. You need to make three connections and for each you have to take the wire from inventory. It is like you are cutting a piece off and putting it away before you are done.  Place a wire connecting the left and the right bottom leads. Connect the top left to middle right. Next connect the middle left to top right to form an X. If done correctly, Phoenix will say "I think I did it right this time"  Go back to the generator and crank the lever until you hear the generator power up.


Mine Puzzle

Enter the mine now that there is light. Go to the end and see that it blocked by boulders. Turn to the right and see a wall panel. Open the panel. In a sense this is a different take on the old maze puzzle. There are big lights at top right and top left. At bottom right is a button with a green light showing that power comes through it. The aim of the puzzle is to make connection from bottom right to top right and another connection from bottom right to top left. Press the button on the right to see how the power goes through the lines. Treat this as two separate puzzles. You cannot send the power to both top lights at the same time.  First you have to route the power to the top light on either side. Once the first top light is lit that light stays on. Then reroute the line so the power travels to the other top light. Now both lights are on. See the small bulbs in the path.  Each color light sends the flow in a different direction. You change the color by clicking on a particular light. The directions are as follows Blue=down Red=up Green=right Yellow=left. I found the best way to do this is to press the green start button and watch the flow of the power. Change lights one at a time to direct the flow. When both top lights are on take a breath and watch. The boulder walls open and then you can walk Phoenix down the tracks to the elevator. Press the button on right side she will step in and the unsafe elevator will deliver her to her bed.


Day 19

Roger Arnett Salon Fourth visit  

Talk to Arnett after passing through Gladys. No, I do not want another make over! Ask him about Bogdanov's NCO duties. Phoenix hears a different outlook in life.


Lena Vanderbilt's house Third visit:  

Talk to Lena and learn about the Virtual Reality device and Bogdanov's rentals. Get a virtual device sketch in inventory.


Chief Morssen's Office

Phoenix reports about Lena's device, No warrants requested


Business District WXBG

This location is triggered by Officer Thorrsen. Look close at the Provo Tower directory on the wall. WXBG is on the 7th floor. Go to the red carpet on the right of the directory. Take the elevator at the end of hallway.


Bryan Ainsworth's Office:   

Talk to Bryan. Learn that there's a 2D video footage of the crash.  Accept his invitation. He will give it to you at dinner tonight at Café Rose.


Phoenix's house:    Change your clothes and click the map.


Café Rose:    Accept or decline his invitation. If accepted, Phoenix is at Ainsworth's' house, more like a room. Go screen right to the living room. Pick up the audio-visual disc from the coffee table. If Phoenix  declined, the audio-visual disc is at her office desk the next morning.


Day 20

Phoenix's Computer: AV footage

Open your computer and select, Audio Visual Viewing. Place the AV disc on the frame. Click the arrow to view the footage. Ainsworth was right the quality is crappy let’s get some help. Exit the office.


Monitoring Room

Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. At the hallway, go to top of a hallway and see Julius on a side hall. Talk to Julius if you want to. But you gain nothing from it. In the hallway opposite Julius find the Monitoring room. Ask Beverly for help.  She is near the back of the room. She will eventually refer Phoenix to Harold. Click the AV disk on Harold.


Video Processing   Click the arrow and the machine will search, acquire and lose the frames. You get a Processing error. The machine recovers the viable frames but they are separated. Reconstruct the frames manually. The big frame above is used to reconstruct the frames.

Note this is rather difficult  determining which pieces go together. Once you have all the pieces together, you need to know what the picture is supposed to look like to have a chance of placing them properly in the square. Here is what the picture is supposed to look like.




1. Make a focused colored frame. A focused frame is made up of two frames from the bottom bar. Simply put you are to locate two similar frames put them together to make a complete frame.  You have 32 loose frames in the bottom scroll bar with which you need to make 16 complete frames. Think of each as a half of the frame. You place one frame in the large box and search the lower scroll bar to find its other half.  If they match, the screen will state 'Field Match' and if they don't match, the screen will state' Field does not match'.  Separate 2 mismatched frames on the top frame by clicking one off the other and placing it on a blank space on the big frame or it will go back to the bottom bar. 

2. When all frames are matched and in color, arrange the frames to make a scene of the plane crash. The computer will then analyze the picture frame by frame. See a frame of illegal tobacco on the ground spilled from the crash. Click the cigarette frame to continue the scan until completed.        


Chief Morssen's Office

Phoenix reports about the illegal tobacco.


Monitoring Room

Check the PA's inventory and see that Lena's virtual reality device sketch is there. Give Lena's virtual reality device sketch to Harold. The search on the crash site finds pieces of a virtual reality device.


Chief Morssen's Office:       Phoenix reports about Lena's device. She is ordered to interview Mikhailov again.


Stardust Club

Talk to Mikhailov and learn that he is in Russia when Bogdanov died. He is Bogdanov's brother-in-law and Larissa's biological brother.


Chief Morssen's Office:    Phoenix reports about Mikhailov. Boss tells Phoenix to question Larissa tomorrow.


Day 21


Larissa Lukin:    Talk to Larissa.


Chief Morssen's Office:   

Phoenix reports about what Larissa said about Mikhailov and Gambinos. Request and receive a questioning warrant for Mikhailov.


Phoenix's house  

Go home, and receive a message from Chief to get back to the office.


Chief Morssen's Office

The chief reports that Mikhailov has been picked up and awaits questioning. Phoenix is on her own. Watch long cut scene

as Phoenix questions Mikhailov


Way to go Phoenix you aced this one!!!


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