The Curse of Monkey Island Walkthrough
by Christine Caine

Walkthrough Part 1 The Demise of the Zombie Pirate Le Chuck On Le Chuck's Ship

Escape the Sinking Ship

Part 2 The Curse Gets Worse On Plunder Island

The Swamp

In Puerto Pollo

The Theater

The Barbary Coast

      Now that the barber chair is free, talk to the barber and introduce yourself. The barber's name is Haggis McMutton. Ask him for a haircut and you'll take a seat in his chair. When he looks at his book, use the HANDLE on the barber chair once to lift the chair slightly.  The next time Haggis looks away, Pick up the PAPERWEIGHT on the book. Guybrush will knock it away with his toe, sending Haggis off to look for another paperweight.  Now's your chance! Use the HANDLE to raise the chair several times until you reach the ceiling, then grab the SCISSORS!  

      Getting the Jawbreaker from Cuthroat Bill
      That Jawbreaker is gonna come in super handy later! To get it, push Bill. He'll begin choking on it, so do the Guybrush Threepwood maneuver on him and push him again. The JAWBREAKER will fall to the floor.

      Getting Edward "Snugglecakes" VanHelgen to Join the Crew
      Edward wants a captain who can sufficiently insult him and then best him in duel.  Use your GLOVE and give him a good slap, just like in the movies.  Edward will take you to the battlefield.

              When he shows you the three open pistol cases, don't select any of them.  If you do, he will ALWAYS beat you in the pistol duel. Instead, look at the middle gun box and then specifically at the BOX LID. Close the BOX LID and choose the BANJO CASE behind the pistol cases. You're about to try Dueling Banjos. It's recommended that you get a piece of paper and pencil for this one.  

      When Edward plucks several strings in succession, he's going to pause momentarily and pluck one individual note. You'll need to remember which note he plucked, because you'll have to repeat everything he does. The easiest way is this:

      there are five strings. Think of the top string as 1, the next as 2, and so on down tofive. Whenever he plucks a single note, write it down.  Also, it's helpful to write them one on top of the next so you don't lose your place when playing the notes back.  It's random which strings you get, but you'll always get three rounds.

      For example, here's one of my Banjo Duels:

      R 1 R 2 R3
      1 3 5
      5 1 3
      5 2 5
      2 2 1
        4 1

      Even though you've proved you can rock with the rest of the pirates, Edward is just a bit too good for his own good. While he brings the house down, walk to the GUN PILE, pick up a PISTOL, and in the good name of sportsmanship, fire at Eddie VanHelgen's Banjo.  That will win his respect. (And it's just then that you realize he may be the father of a long line of infamous guitarists. Hmmmm...)

      Getting Cuthroat Bill to Join the Crew
      You will need a piece of treasure in order to lure Bill onto the crew.  That piece of treasure is a GOLD TOOTH, which is found in the Chicken Restaurant next to the lemonade stand. See below.

      1) Getting a Reservation Slip to Longbeard's Chicken
      Now that you've got the scissors, go to the lemonade stand and use the SCISSORS on the MYSTERIOUS FLOWERS to the right of the vats.  (If you've examined the FLOWERS, use the SCISSORS on the IPECAC FLOWERS.)  Then, use the SCISSORS on the UNDERGROWTH.

      Hmmm...what's the Snake Sign for? What possible harm could a snake....

      2) Getting Out of the Snake
      See the huge lump to your left? First, pick up the FABERGE EGG. Then pick up the VACUUM CLEANER ATTACHMENTS.  Finally, pick up LOTS-O-STUFF.

      Check your inventory. You'll find all sorts of interesting items, but the one you'll need to use is the PANCAKE SYRUP. Use the IPECAC FLOWER with the PANCAKE SYRUP to make IPECAC SYRUP. Then use the IPECAC SYRUP with the SNAKE HEAD.  Once expelled, you can use the RESEVATION SLIP for Longbeard's Chicken that you just got out of the Snake's tummy. But first...

      3) Getting Out of the Quicksand
      Pick up the THORN from the THORNY PLANT in front of you. To your right, pick up a REED. Now go into your inventory and combine the THORN with the REED to create a PEA SHOOTER. Then, combine the PAPERWEIGHT with the HELIUM BALLOON.  Blow on the balloon to send it floating to the vine to the left. Finally, use the PEA SHOOTER on the balloon and grab the LIFE SAVING VINE.

      4) Getting the Gold Tooth 
      Even though you end up in Danjer Cove, walk back to the right and return to Puerto Pollo.  You can finally get into Longbeard's Chicken (to the right of the lemonade stand) with your RESERVATION SLIP.

      First, get s BISCUIT from the biscuit barrel to the right. Go into your inventory and eat the biscuit. Ewwww...gross! Now you've got MAGGOTS.

      Go to the closed walk-up window in the left, to the left of the table with the skeleton. Pick up the PIE PAN and the BISCUIT CUTTER. Now, talk to and push the QUIET PATRON. After going through the gratuitous Grim Fandango promo, remove the SERRATED BREAD KNIFE from the skeleton's back.

        Getting the Club Membership Card 
        If you've talked to the Cabana Boy on the beach, you know you can't get into the club without a membership card. And if you've talked to Longbeard about it, he'll tell you he lost his membership card while cooking. That GROSS CHICKEN on the table is probably to blame. Use the MAGGOTS on the GROSS CHICKEN to find the MEMBERSHIP CARD.

      Longbeard mentioned wanting something crunchy to chew on, so give him the JAWBREAKER you got from Cuthroat Bill. That will loosen his Gold Tooth. Now he carves something chewy, so give him a piece of GUM. Longbeard will blow bubbles, making his loose Gold Tooth an obvious sillohuette in each bubble. When he blows a bubble, use the PIN on it to pop it and send the Gold Tooth to the floor. Pick up the GOLD TOOTH and go into you inventory.

      Longbeard won't let you leave with his gold tooth, so you'll have to sneak it out. In you inventory, chew the GUM. A gum wad appears in your inventory. Use the tooth with the CHEWED GUM.  Inhale the HELIUM BALLOON, then chew the CHEWED GUM and GOLD TOOTH. This will send a helium-filled gum bubble floating out the open window above the door, gold tooth safely hidden inside.

      When you get outside, search the MUDPUDDLE to the left of Longbeard's door with the PIE PAN. Finally, bring the GOLD TOOTH to Cuthroat Bill.

      Getting Haggis McMutton to Join the Crew
      Haggis wants you to defeat him in a test of strength - the Caber Toss.  If you've never seen this before, it's  basically tossing heavy tree trunks end over end. The chances of Guybrush being able to lift even one end is slim. Time to cheat!

      Go to the duelling field (in Puerto Pollo, go through the arch to the right of the Theater). Go to the right and use your BISCUIT CUTTER on the RUBBER TREE. This will give you a rubber plug which you'll use in the boat in Danjer Cove.

      Go the Grassy Knoll. Use the SERRATED BREAD KNIFE with the SAW HORSE. The Keg o Rum will roll into the tree and break leaving a rather convenient flammable trail in its wake. Whip out that BURNING EMBER and light the TRAIL OF RUM. This send that Rubber Tree onto the Pile of Cabers you'll be using in your caber toss with Haggis. Now all you've got to do is ask Haggis to compete with you and you've got your whole crew.  

The Beach

Danjer Cove

The Theater

Singing Silliness


Insult Sword Fighting

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The Shipwreck

The Hotel 

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Strange Lights (aka: the Village) 

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The Lighthouse 

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Skull Island 

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