CURSE   the Eye of Isis ………………………………   Walkthrough                       


Museum of Great Britain…”PLAYING AS DARIEN”     


The game begins outside the Museum with the police talking to Darien.  Darien disobeys the police and enters the museum, into the main lobby. He then proceeds to explore this area.  He finds an oil lamp sitting on a small table. There is a staff door which has a padlock on it. The large double doors are presently locked (these doors lead to the Atrium of the Museum.).           

.Darien now enters the small door which reads Lavatory. Go down the hallway where you will come to the Women’s and Men’s restrooms. The women's restroom is locked. Enter the men’s and pick up the menthol (this is used to cure you if exposed to the cursed fog.)   Continue down the hall thru door that reads Staff only.  Follow the hallway and head down two flights of stairs...

 Darien meets Abdul for the first time (Cut scene). He proceeds to explain what is happening at the Museum.  Also, he tells you “he can hold items for you when you have too many to carry”.  Take the papers from Abdul, and then pick up items off the desk.   Exit the door past the small furnace. 

You will see a (cut scene) of someone running out the door.  Follow the guy outside where it is raining. Another (cut scene) shows Darien leaning over a dead police man (be sure to check him for items and pick up his Truncheon. Then, go into your inventory and arm yourself with this weapon.            

 Make sure you check all dead bodies you come across, even if you did not kill them, and any other thugs, zombies, or mummies you kill.         

 Continue down the hallway until you come to a small courtyard.  (Cut scene)  Shows another dead person which gets surrounded by yellow fog and comes alive.  Kill him… (Cut scene) shows yellow fog leaving dead guy and going back down hall and entering the first dead guy you passed.         

Here is an important piece of information; “always wait until the fog is totally gone from the dead guy before you check for items.”  If you go near them too soon you get exposed to the curse fog and start coughing and may get poisoned.    

On the second dead guy, you will find a padlock key. Take it, and then go back to room with Abdul.  (You can save your game whenever you are near Abdul).           

Continue back towards the main lobby. You can check the men’s restroom again.   You will see a shadow of yellow fog, but no problem this time.   There is a dead thug on the floor.  Exit this room and continue toward lobby.       

You come across one zombie museum worker munching on another.  Kill them both.  Go unlock the door with the padlock.  As you enter the room you hear strange noises.  (Cut scene) shows zombie museum worker at a desk...After scene, kill him and take the Atrium Key.  Pick up items on the desk.  

 After unlocking the Atrium door, you walk thru small area, and then go thru second set of doors.  As you enter this room there is a (Cut scene) showing you in a large open room with double stairways and a raised platform, where Le Chat is standing.  Le Chat, the “cat burglar”, sees you and shoots an arrow with a note attached towards you.            

Head up the stairs to explore.  You see yellow fog has several doors blocked.  So go look for open doors.    

 Head up on the platform, and pick up arrows.  Go thru unlocked doors (northwest doors on your map) which lead toward the Natural History Exhibit.  Enter and check the dead guy.  Pick up rifle and bullets.  Go thru doors. Doors on left are locked which lead to the Atrium. Go upstairs and follow hall toward the Natural History Exhibit.  (Cut scene)   Kill the thug and take the Torture Room Key.             

The doors are locked to the Natural History Exhibit and there is a large crate sitting near the doors. Also, there is a dead museum worker on the ground.  No other doors will open yet upstairs. Now go to the Torture room.

 Head back to the Atrium, go downstairs, and head toward left open doorway.        

 (Cut scene)  Abdul comes to you and asks if you found the key? Save game if needed.  Use the key and enter the Torture room.  Kill the zombie museum worker near the chair.   (Cut scene) showing zombie museum worker in Guillotine asking for your help to release him.  Pull the lever and it chops his head off and then the yellow fog brings him back to life. Kill him and watch the fog drift up and down towards a big iron chamber (Iron maiden.)  As you walk toward the iron chamber, it triggers it to open.  Kill him and take the rusty crank and head to the back of the room.         

There is a dead guy lying on a large table with a Pendulum over head.  There are double doors behind the table which are locked.  You can see a small flashing light near the middle of the table to indicate you can use something in this spot.  Go over near the flashing light but try to stay near the dead guys’ knees or feet.  Use the rusty crank, but watch out! The Pendulum swings down and crashed thru the locked doors.  If you are anywhere near the Pendulum, you get damaged.  After it has stopped moving, go thru the now open doorway.   

Go to your right and check the dead thug on the floor. Go thru the door. There are 3 thugs waiting in a lobby, near the Library.  I think there was a short (cut scene) or voices talking.  Kill all 3.  (Both sets of double doors are locked right now, but remember this area.  You will come back here later with the key to the West wing doors.) 

Go thru the small door which leads into the Library.  Kill a zombie before entering or right after entering.   Head into the Library and to the left is a small table with a key on it. Pick up Victoria’s Desk Key.  Check out the Library and find her desk.             

Her desk is near the back where a small door stands.  Use key and take Victoria’s handwritten notes.           

Check the clock out and it spills out a piece of paper with part of combination on it.         

(Cut scene) shows Abdul coming to you.  He tells you to check the Library out for more clues.  Head upstairs to the upper Library, watch out for two zombies.  Walk along the bookcases looking for a flashing light on one of the books.  Push it, and a secret doorway opens up. Continue on around thru the rest of the upper Library.  Go thru door and down the stairs in the back of the library.        

You see a safe under the stairs (at this point you can’t open it) and there are papers on the floor. Pick up the Journal pages.           

Across from safe is a bookcase with the West Wing Key on it.  Take it and go thru door which leads back into the Library.  Go back to the door you initially came thru and head to the West wing doors.  (Remember where the 3 thugs were standing, for later in the game.) 

Kill the zombie and head to your right. Go thru small door which leads to a stairway.  Go up and kill zombie and police man.  Then walk across and head down stairs to the Hall of Remembrance.           

 Kill another zombie, and then go down more stairs.  Go to your left and see dead thug.  You see yellow fog in the area to the left, so head right.  Kill the zombie cop.         

All doors are locked, so continue down the hall to the elevator and go up.  You exit and there are several large crates near you. Hang a right and proceed down the hall.           

 (Cut scene) shows 2 mummies come to life.  Kill them and pick up Amulet.  For your information; “The amulet will heal any injury or poisoning, the smelling salts will heal any injury and the menthol cures poisoning only.”           

 The yellow fog is blocking one hall so proceed to the left.  Go up the stairs and you see a (Cut scene) of 2 more mummies killing a police man.  Kill them.            (Cut scene) shows Abdul coming and the fog disappearing.  Talk to the policeman. Take the Pistol.  Now go to the area where the fog was and talk to Abdul. Save game.

Go thru the door behind Abdul.  This puts you what I call the URN and Glass room.  Check your position on the map frequently.  It’s easy to get lost.  (Cut scene) showing 2 zombies pounding on a door.  Go thru Staff door and kill the 2 mummies.  Check dead thug.  Go thru door and there are 3 more mummies to kill. One is already on fire and will explode.  Go over to the door and talk to the old man.  (Cut scene) Mr.Kemble has lost his glasses and he isn’t leaving that room until he gets them. He tells you to fight them with fire; to use the flamethrower to kill the mummies.  He also tells you the flamethrower is in the Heat and Combustion Exhibit room.          

(If you need bullets; go toward the back of the room near some shelves and a door.   Go thru this door which leads to a restroom, check dead thug on the way for items.             

Go back to the URN and Glass room and go thru the large opening. It has huge URNS on each side of doorway. Enter thru the door marked Staff Only.  Kill the zombie or mummy.  Check the dead thug.  Another (Cut scene) where Abdul tells you “you are in great danger.”  There is a paraffin refill tank in this room for the flamethrower.  For your info- Always check Abdul for items if you are getting low.  He usually has health items.            

 Now you’re going to get the old guys glasses.  Exit the room with Abdul and go out Staff room door. Just as you exit that door, take a right and head up the stairs.  Go thru the doors and your now in the Osiris Exhibit room.  As you walk toward the back of the room, you hear a noise and see yellow fog. The old guys’ glasses are sitting on top of a table across from the spiked doors.  Take them back to the old man.    

After giving him his glasses, he gives you some advice and slides the Heat and Combustion Exhibit room Key to you. He also needs a ledger book that has the combination to his safe.  This is in the Staffroom on the main floor.(which is in the Heat and Combustion room)       

Go back to the URN and Glass room and exit thru the doors you initially came in. This puts you back in the hall with large crates. Head toward the elevators and go down.       

 As you exit the elevator a zombie runs past you, ignore him for now.        

 Use key and enter Heat and Combustion room.  There are several dead guys on the floor, just walk past them to ward the back of the room.  You also see a record player with yellow fog in it. Head to the back there is a (Cut scene) with a museum worker .He screams out as you scared him.   Look around the room for a lever to switch the light on.  When you turn the lights on, there will be a (Cut scene) showing electricity flowing between two rods.   Also,  several thugs are there and shoot the museum worker.  Kill them. On the dead museum worker near the electricity, you find the Staff Room Key.  Time yourself and run past the electricity.  

 Pick up the Flamethrower.  (For your info- To use the flamethrower, hold right mouse button down to get weapon aimed then hold down left mouse button to shoot flames out. It will just spark if you only tap the left mouse button. As you are holding sown the buttons, move the mouse side to side in a sweeping motion to kill the bad guys.)  

 Now go to the Staff door and use the key.  Get Staff Ledger Book from the desk and also the empty fuel canister off the shelf.  Exit the Staff Room and kill zombies. Check all dead for any items, and then proceed back to Mr. Kemble.           

 (Hang a left, go up the elevator and then take a right, go straight down hall and enter door) You are now back in the Urn and Glass Room.          

As you go to give the old guy the book, there is a (Cut scene) showing yellow fog in the room with Mr. Kemble. He makes it Ok. Give him the book. He then asks you to move the shelf which hides the safe. Push it out of the way.  (Cut scene) with him opening safe and the key in it.  He tells you the Isis Statue Exhibit room is just beyond the Osiris Room.  He also warns you to watch out for the zombies and that he will go and unlock some other doors for you. 

Take the Egyptian Room Key from the safe (hear music) and the empty fuel canister, and then head back into the URN and Glass room.   

Go to the Osiris Room.  A (Cut scene) will show a museum worker greet you and tell you he is there to help open some doors for you. He walks over to the spiked doors and gets killed. There is yellow fog above the door and it brings 2 mummies back to life.  Kill them, pick up amulet. Now go over to the left of the spiked doors where you see a short column (pillar). Stand facing toward the spiked doors and push the column until it will not move any more. This blocks the weight that controls the closing of the spiked doors.  As you do this, the yellow fog disappears from above the museum worker and now you can unlock the door with the Egyptian Room Key. 

Enter the room, hang a left.  There are 2 dead thugs on the floor. Go thru doorway and head to your right. (I used the shotgun to kill the mummy from a distance.) Continue on around, this is leading you to the Isis Statue Exhibit Room.  Kill more mummies and pick up amulets. 

You come to a doorway with a policeman standing in front of it. (Cut scene) He tells you “you can’t enter this area, go away”.  Then, 2 mummies burst thru the door and kill him. Kill them. You get the New Collection Key from the dead policeman.  Go thru the busted doorway to another set of doors and use the New Collection Key.    

This puts you in a room where you see fog to the right.   Go over to the right near the fog, walk near the fog and it triggers 3 mummies to come after you.  Kill them and take the amulets. This also makes the fog disappear so you can exit thru a small door. As you go thru door, you see stairs leading up and a dead thug on the floor.  Get items and go up.     

 Go thru doors and this puts you in the Eye of Isis room.  Pick up the papers on the floor.   (Cut scene)  Abdul comes to you and tells you “Find Ms. Sutton, she was last seen near the Natural History Exhibit and she is in great danger” He also gives you a decorative wooden handle. Get any extra ammo and health items you can from Abdul then SAVE GAME!!! HINT Boss Bears coming up.

 Exit the room thru the other doorway and walk down the hall, go down the stairs, enter door.  You need to head back to the Main Atrium and be upstairs. Go thru the northwest doors (look on map) which lead to the Natural History exhibit walk down the hallway, then go up some stairs.       

You will come around a corner then a (Cut scene.)  2 thugs get killed near a crate and there is a dead museum worker on the floor in front of the crate. Check them for items and proceed thru the doors.  There are 2 dead guys on the floor a paraffin refill tank.   After you get thru the door, you hear a locking sound. For your info…. Make sure you have a good weapon armed. The shotgun is good, but it only has 2 shots then you need to reload.  The Pistol is better to use because it holds more bullets and takes less time to reload. But it’s your choice.                


Boss: Bears … You walk into the Natural History Exhibit room.  Take a right and enter another room that has 2 large glass cases.  One of the cases is holding a huge Grizzly Bear and the other case is empty.        

             As you walk around the room there is a (Cut scene) showing a door behind this empty glass case?  In the back room, there is another glass case with another huge Grizzly Bear.  Go over to the empty glass case and start pushing until it won’t go any further.       

As you start to push the case you see yellow fog going into the 1st Grizzly Bear.  Once you have pushed the glass case as far as it will go this trigger another (Cut scene.)  The Grizzly comes to life and starts charging toward you            

The minute you take control of Darien step to the side and get away from the bear. Try to constantly strafe (walk sideways around him) and keep weapon targeted on him.  Watch four dots and stop for a second and let them join to one solid dot, and then shoot away... You can shoot him while moving, but the 4 dots will not join to form one single dot until you let off the arrow key. The minute you kill him, the yellow fog leaves him and enters the other bear. Continue the same.                                       For you information; If you get low on ammo, there are some bullets on the floor where the case was sitting in the middle of the floor.  Also, you can run over to the door by the empty glass case, and use the decorative wooden handle.  Go into the hall and get more bullets and a health item…Sorry, NO EXIT…     

After killing both bears, (Cut scene) with Abdul coming into the room and congratulating you… Save game, unless you want to do that over again.  He tells you Victoria is nearby and waiting for you.       

 Go over to the other glass case where the second bear was and push the case all the way until it stops.  Use wooden handle again and enter hallway. Continue along hallway until you run into Victoria.  She talks to you about getting the papers and items out of the safe in the Library and warns you about how you’re very susceptible to the Curse and she asks for a weapon. Victoria also gives you a Decorative Clock piece.   For your info- Make sure all ammo, weapons, and health items are evenly distributed. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.           

Take it and head thru the metal gate to a stairwell leading down. You see yellow fog at the bottom of the stairs, but it is a small amount and you can go by it. Darien may cough a little but he does not get poisoned.  Pick up the amulet.     

To the right of the door on the wall, there is a button to push which opens the secret doorway leading back into the Library.   You need to get to the lower level of the Library. There are several thugs to fight and kill.   

Go to the Grandfather clock and use the Decorative clock piece. This causes another small piece of paper to fall out. Pick up the paper with 2nd part of Combination to safe.  Combine both pieces of paper and use on the safe.             

The safe is in the room just beyond the clock now at the foot of the stairs. You may need to try several positions in front of the safe before the use button lights up. The safe opens up.  (Cut scene) Yellow fog spills out of the safe and engulfs Darien. He screams out and then another scene showing Victoria. Abdul tells her to hurry and find Darien before it is too late.                      

“Playing as Victoria”……  Head thru the gate and down the stairs, just as Darien did. Go to Darien. Victoria checks on Darien and I think Abdul comes in also.  He tells her he will watch over him, but she needs to find the cure. Or she passes him in the hall (Can’t remember)           

Get the medical notes and Artifact Pot and the Disease and Medical Exhibition Room Key from the safe.  Head back upstairs, go thru the secret doorway you entered earlier. Now go down the hall that was blocked with fog earlier (North gate.)  You will come thru a door in a hallway. There is a zombie or mummy and the room is filling with yellow fog.  Kill the zombie.  The fog has the right hallway blocked, so head to your left, then take a right.  Another zombie policeman comes after you. Kill him. You can walk along the wall around the fog.            

You come to a room with Grotesque mummified statues standing.  Pick up the Bucket of Water. There is also a paraffin refill tank in this room. Go use Disease and Medical key on the door opposite the room (to the right) enter this area and look for items.  Go to the back of the room and you will find the Pestle and Mortar Bowl on a shelf and some other items.  There will be a (Cut scene) with Darien screaming and seeing a mummy coming for him.  He lashes out at Victoria.  Abdul comes in and asks if she is Ok and does she have everything to cure Darien? 

Combine Pestle and Mortar bowl with the Artifact Pot which has dirt in it, and then combine this with the water.  Use the mixture on Darien to cure him.  (Cut scene) shows Darien sitting up and rubbing his head.  Abdul tells Victoria about Le Chat having the Eye of Isis Statue and where he was last seen.  He also tells her he will stay with Darien until he feels better.  Save game if you like. Check inventory to even it out also.        

You will need to head to the Atrium so you can find Le Chat. As Victoria comes up the stairs in the main stairway area toward the Atrium, (Cut scene) shows Le Chat running up the west stairs (look on map.)  It shows him going thru a doorway. Follow him. Another (Cut scene) with Le Chat running past a thug.  Kill the thug.    

You are back in the hallway that had been full of fog earlier. (This is where you found the bucket of water.)  As you walk down the hallway toward this area, Le Chat shoots an arrow at you, and then enters the Disease and Medical Exhibition Room.  Continue following him. There is a thug waiting just around the corner to the left.  Kill him, and then go into the Disease and Med room. Go toward the back and enter the double doors that were locked earlier.  This puts you out in the hall by some crates.  (The URN and Glass room and elevator are on this same floor)  Go around the crate and a (Cut scene) shows a zombie or mummy coming after Le Chat.  He gets away, and then you have to kill the mummy.         

Continue down the hall and another (Cut scene) will show Le Chat run ahead and thru doors leading to the Atrium.  Follow him into the Atrium and you will see (Cut scene) Le Chat giving up the Eye of Isis statue and his crossbow to a thug. .The yellow fog comes in and flows into a large Dinosaur bone display which causes it to fall.  The thug gets killed and drops the Isis statue.   The big Thug knocks out Victoria and it shows the little old museum worker watching.  He goes to wake up Darien and tells him what has happened.  He also gives Darien the Crossbow and Arrows from Le Chat.     

“Playing as Darien”….May save game if needed.  Check Abdul for any needed supplies, and then exit the library thru the southeast corner (look on map.)             

Head into the Atrium and walk across the upper platform, where the dinosaur bones fell.  Pick up the Eye of Isis statue.  (Cut scene) showing zombies killing old museum guy (Mr. Kemble.)   Three or four zombies come for you and the yellow fog is getting close.  Kill them.  Also check the old guy and pick up the Elevator lever handle (This will restore the power to the maintenance elevator.) and smelling salts and some menthol.            

Now head upstairs and go thru the center doors that lead into the main stairways. Hang a right and go down the stairs heading east on the map.  Go thru small door at the bottom of stairs and a thug or two are waiting.  Kill them.          

 Go to your left into a large room and see a winged women statue with lights.  Kill the thugs. Head over to end of the room and there is the Maintenance elevator.  On the left wall there is a power box that needs the lever to turn it on. Use it.  As soon as power comes on the elevator doors open and a mummy comes to get you. Kill him. Take elevator down.     

 As it reaches the lower floor, yellow fog starts entering the elevator.  (This blocks this elevator from further use.)  You are now in some kind of supply room.   Kill another zombie or mummy. Walk into the next room and another zombie comes for you. Kill him.    Mummy comes out of a box, kill him and take the amulet. Go thru the unlocked door and check dead guy for items.  Get menthol from zombies.  Proceed to check all the rooms.        

 Abdul is in the room across form the large crate with shovel and pick leaning against it. You will find Abdul lying on the floor knocked out. (Cut scene)  He apologizes for being knocked out and that the thugs have taken Ms. Victoria Sutton.  He tells you they are heading for the train station and you can take a short cut thru the sewers to get there in time.   Save game if you want.  

Push the desk out of the way and open the trap door. Make sure you push the desk all the way, until you see a flashing light on the trap door handle and hear the music.  (Cut scene) showing Abdul going down first, follow him.  He tells you to hurry and use the sewers below to get to the train station.        

You are in a supply room with leaking pipes. Take the door that is just right of Abdul, this leads down into the sewer. (Look on the map)   A mummy is waiting near. Kill him.  I used the flamethrower or truncheon while heading thru the sewers to same ammo for the train station Boss (large stone statue).           

Go down the hall until you come to 1st crossing hallway. Take a left, and go into the room on your left.  There is a dead guy on the floor with a flamethrower.  Pick up any other supplies. (You may want to give Abdul your flamethrower so Victoria can use it if she wants)  There is a paraffin refill tank in this room also. Pick up menthol and the empty fuel canister from the table.  Fill any empty canisters.   As you exit the room, kill the mummy.  Another mummy is waiting down the hall Look on your map and head to the very center at the top. Both side doors are locked.  Check on the wall near by for a switch that will open the gate, go down ladder leading to the sewer water tunnels.  

Sewers” “Playing Darien …After climbing down the ladder, head to Darien’s left. Right side is blocked.   He will hear Victoria call his name. As you head into the tunnels, yellow fog comes near. Kill the mummies; pick up amulets, the fog disappears. (I used the crossbow with the regular arrows to kill the mummies, but use what you want)

          Continue along tunnel. There will be a gate which is blocked with rubble on Darien’s right, and then just past this on his left is a dead-end stairway. Keep walking thru water. You will hear noises when ceiling starts dropping dirt, then debris. Follow tunnel until dead-end. Go up the ladder. As you reach top of ladder, music plays and you are in a small square area with a large vent above you, and crates on the floor.         

         Look for a lever on the wall near the buckets, pull it and this opens the metal gate on the wall.   As soon as it opens and you start to enter, a zombie comes after you, and rats.  Kill him and check for items (The flamethrower works great on the rats and the zombies and mummies). 

         Head down thru the opening. As soon as you get to the bottom, 3 mummies come for you.  Kill them and get amulets. Head down the tunnel to the left, right is blocked.  Pass another dead-end stairway on Darien’s right.   You come to a stairway a short distance later on your left.  It has an extension ladder but it is unreachable.  You will need to go on down the tunnel to a stairway on your right.  Go up into it and there is a lever to pull.  After pulling it, you see a (Cut scene) which shows the ladder dropping.          

 Debris from the ceiling starts falling again.  Go back to the area with the extension ladder and go up.  You are now in the Metropolitan Water Company service tunnels.  Straight ahead are metal gates, to your left are crates.  As you come into this area, 2 mummies attack, Kill them and get items. Go into the gaited room and get some bullets.    

Head down the hall, using the flamethrower on the rats. Go to your right into the room.  Kill the thug.  Take the Silver Key.  There is a paraffin refill tank in this room also.  Re-kill the thug after the yellow fog brings him back to life.  Get other items from room, smelling salts and the Pistol.  (If inventory is too full now, just wait and give Abdul your gun, then pick this one up)  Be sure to refill any empty fuel canisters.            

 As you leave the room, Abdul is waiting down the hallway.  He tells you that you have to hurry because Ms. Victoria Sutton is in great danger.  Now is a good time to give him any weapons or ammo you do not want to carry. You can also go back and pick up the pistol if you were too full before.  Save game if needed.     

 Head down the hallway towards the exit to the Pedestrian tunnel. This is on Abduls left.  Use the silver key on the door.  This puts you in the Pedestrian tunnel which leads to the Train station (but both ends are locked with metal gates now)   Go thru the other doors, back into the water works tunnels.          

Check all areas for items. Go into the room at the bottom of the map. There is a dead guy on the floor. Just inside the room there is a pump machine that reads” You need something to turn it with.   Head out the opening and go down the stairs, then turn left and left again.  Take a right near the dead guy covered with rats and follow the hallway. (You are heading up the hallway on the map towards the well room.)  Check the dead guy on the floor, take the Spanner

Go back to the room where the pump machine is and use the spanner on it. This will show (Cut scene) as water drains the well pool.)  Go back to the Well room and go down the ladder.  This puts you back in the sewer water tunnels.  Proceed thru Straight ahead is blocked with metal gate and rushing water.  Go up the ladder to Darien’s left.  Search the dead guy. Go up stairs and cross the bridge then down other side. Kill the mummy and take amulet.  Walk on around rubble and you hear a train.  Go up walkway, and then back into the water.  Rats are on the walkway on both sides.  Walk towards the end and you will see a metal platform on the left (doors are locked) and a large water wheel with spikes.  Walk past the water wheel and then turn left. Go up the ladder to a small platform.  Turn lever on wall.  (Cut scene) will show metal gate opening, and Victoria yelling for you. Go down the ladder. Kill 2 big ugly thugs.  Get Explosive Arrows and smelling salts.    

Go up on the metal platform and enter thru open gate. This puts you in a tunnel heading for the Pedestrian tunnel.  Go thru the door and a (cut scene) showing a policeman leaning over a dead guy.  He warns you that it isn’t safe in this area.  Check the dead guy and get items, take Gate Key.  Abdul is waiting for you by the gate. Use the gate key and (Cut scene) with Abdul telling you there is no time to waste, you must hurry.  Get any ammo and health items you can hold.

There is a Big Boss Stone statue coming up soon. SAVE GAME!!!!  Go around Abdul and toward end of hall. Check any dead guys for ammo and health items.  Head up the stairs leading to the Train Station.      

Train Station” “Playing as Darien” As you head up the stairs you hear gun shots and police whistles. Several thugs are near the stairs. Kill them.

(Cut scene) It shows a Train waiting at the station, and multiple thugs and dead people on ground.  It is very important to check everyone for items. Some of the thugs are carrying Explosive arrows.  Walk all around checking area out. You will come to a boxcar and a thug will jump out at you. Kill him, then go thru the boxcar and exit on the other side of the train. Kill more thugs.             

Head up the stairway, which will trigger another thug to run by. Kill him and go back up stairs and cross the walkway. Kill more thugs.  As you head under the bridge a (Cut scene) shows the Big Bad Thug holding Victoria on the train, he shoots his Mortar gun toward you, and then the train takes off.  Yellow fog goes into a large crate and it explodes.  There is a Huge Stone Warrior statue coming to life.     

Boss: Stone Warrior Statue...As the statue comes to life he swings his sword and slams it onto the ground, which caused the ground to give way. Darien and the Stone statue are in a sunken circle area. No way out.  He swings his sword at you, hits the ground with it which causes a shock wave. This wave can damage you also.  Keep away from him, but keep circling him.

          Target the glowing areas and shoot.  As you damage one site, the target will change to new site that glows.  Use whatever you can.  As before, try to let the 4 dots come to one dot before you fire. Causes more direct damage.        

          After killing him, (Cut scene) with Abdul and police coming to congratulate you and apologize for not helping you.  He tells you to follow him and now you are aboard the ship.  Save game… 

Cargo Ship “Playing as Darien” … (Cut scene) showing bad thugs aboard ship.  Check Abduls inventory and take anything you need, or if you have a lot give him some to hold for Victoria later.  Also, look at map to see where you are on the top deck.   

As you walk around the top deck of ship, fog comes and goes.  Kill all thugs you can find and get items. (Look at map frequently; it is very easy to get lost on the ship.)  Walk along the right, heading to the front of the ship, toward the bridge.    

You come to the Bridge door-, which is locked. A note pops up reading, “the ships coal bunker lies beyond this door.”  Remember that for later.  Stairwell A door is locked. Also Stairwell B is locked.     

 Head toward the front of the ship, go into little space behind stairwell A.  This triggers a (Cut scene) showing Thugs talking with Bupo (he is the short, fat guy in the white suit) and Ms. Victoria Sutton). They are standing up on the raised deck near a crane.  Bupo tells the thug to take her down below.            

As you walk around the other side near Stairwell B, (look on map) another (Cut scene) shows the thug taking Victoria thru doorway into stairwell.  Enter the stairwell and proceed down to Deck 1. Kill any thugs.   As you get to the door another (Cut scene) showing Thug telling another thug to remove her weapons and take her to a holding area.     

 Head down the hall toward the dining room; 3-4 thugs attack. Kill them. Once in the dining room, enter the small door near the table.  Kill the thug and find Victoria.  (Cut scene) with Victoria telling you the crew are being held captive also and to follow her.         

 Follow Victoria into kitchen supply room. Go up to her and click mouse to talk with her. She tells you there is probably a way out that is hidden.  Push the large crate out of the way and open the trap door.           

 Darien goes down the ladder; now they are on Deck 2.   (Cut scene) showing Darien getting knocked out.  Victoria climbs down and finds the Red Jewel.  Abdul shows up and tells her to watch the stone carefully.  It will glow when danger is near. He tells her he has seen her weapons near by in a room. Also shows yellow fog coming on ship. Check your inventory and even out supplies as needed. Save is needed.     

Cargo Ship “Playing as Victoria”....Victoria exits the room (look on map) and proceeds to check out Deck 2. As she walks down hall, yellow fog starts blocking certain areas.  Kill the zombies and the fog will disappear.         

Start checking all the rooms that are unlocked.  (Check map freq) Victoria can find her weapons in a storage supply room. (Look on map; she is in the hall on the left, top side of the map, near Stairwell A, Go to the room on the right lower side of map just left of Stairwell B ( which is padlocked at this time)  to find weapons.  Also pick up bucket of water in another room.             

See (Cut scene) showing dead guy in the stairwell. (A). Have flamethrower to use and go to stairwell A. Scare the rats away and get Cargo Bay Key from the dead guy.  Now search for Cargo Bay door to use key on.            

For your info- (just past stairwell A is the Cargo Bay door that will eventually explode allowing you to enter later in the game, to fight the Ram.)  Continue checking all areas. As you enter onto the carpeted area in center of map, zombies attack. Kill them all and take the Stairwell B Padlock Key.         

 Now, head for the stairwell at bottom right of map. Use key and go to Deck 1 and start checking all open rooms, and look for Cargo Bay door to use key on.  Top right of map by the Stairwell A is the Cargo door. Kill thug and use key.  (You are only able to walk on cat walk area)  (Cut scene) shows zombie killing thug, then a thug comes for you. Kill him and pick up Coal Bunker Key.

 As you leave the Cargo Bay area, into hall, you see the door to Stairwell A on this deck open. You can enter this stairwell and as you start to walk up it triggers a (Cut scene) Abdul tells you that Darien has had a relapse from the curse and we need to find him.  (Upstairs door is locked now to Top of ship, down stairs is blocked.        

 Go back out to Deck 1 and finish checking this floor out. As you walk to the center carpeted area, you see several dead bodies.  Pick up Shotgun and Shells.   As you walk forward your jewel starts glowing then a (Cut scene) shows you getting encircled by yellow fog and 4 zombies come for you. Kill them.  After killing every thug and zombie on that floor, go to the bottom right on map-enter Stairwell B.   

Now, head to the top of the ship. Take a right and head for the Bridge door (the door that said Coal Bunker lies beyond this door.)  Use the Coal Bunker Key to enter this door.  Door straight ahead leads to the bridge and is locked. Proceed to the coal bunker.  Several thugs are near. Kill them.   

 As you go down hallway, you come to a crew person that tells you “if they continue to push the engine like this it will blow”.  Go down stairs.  

As you head down you see Darien cursed and yelling, then he takes off.  There are 4-5 zombies to kill. Abdul shows up.  Save if needed.

Head up the stairs and walk across the walkway and down the stairs. Follow signs to Furnace room.  Then you see a (Cut scene) showing the walkway above the furnace and a wheel to turn that lowers a bridge walkway.         

Head for the other part of the walkway, where the steam is.  Go past steam and pick up Spanner from dead guy.  This will trigger thugs to attack. Kill them.  Go over to the wheel and use spanner. Bridge will lower. The stairs are damaged, so you have to go down the trap door to get to the furnace room.             

Thugs are waiting at the bottom for you. Kill them.  (Cut scene) shows thug blocking your exit out of this area. More thugs attack. You have to find the lever to open the mechanism for the doors to the furnace room. As you click yes, a (Cut scene) shows yellow fog coming in and you have to kill all the dead guys all over again.Approx 10 guys.     

You have to go up ladder, thru trap door, go into power room and pull lever. Now go back down May be more dead guys to kill.  Go thru the metal doors, up some stairs and kill the thug. 

(Cut scene) shows engine over heating. As you go down the stairs near the engine a (Cut scene) will show the engine blow, you fall down and a worker asks if you’re OK.  He tells you to take this 2 headed coin to the Captain, so he will listen to you, and to tell him what is happening on the ship.  After you take the coin, another (Cut scene) shows him give you a broken pipe and how to fix it in the maintenance room. He needs the pipe fixed first.        

Go up the stairs in the engine room, Abdul shows up and tells you Darien is worse and he must not get the statue. Save game if needed. After coming up the stairs, head to your right and go down, and thru door.  This puts you in the hallway leading to a ladder. Go up. 3 zombies and yellow fog are waiting. Kill them and fog disappears. Continue up the stairs, and enter door. 

Now, you are in the maintenance room. (There is a paraffin refill tank here also) you can’t use the pipe fixer until you activate the lever. Click yes and a small elevator open up and there is a note form the crew man.  Read note, then go over to the machine and fix the pipe. For your info- You have to be standing in just the right spot to use the machine. Keep trying. Now send the pipe down the elevator by turning wheel on the wall, and wait.   (Cut scene) shows the engine starting back up. He sends you up the Bridge Key.            

You start hearing a banging noise. Walk near the door by the paraffin refill tank and a thug busts in. Kill him.           

Go down the hall and down the stairs, enter door. This puts you in a hall, exit thru door and now you are on Deck 2 next to the captains’ room. Bupo is in there now.        

Head for the bridge on the top deck. After unlocking bridge door, a thug is waiting. Kill, Kill. Go upstairs, another thug. Go to the captain and give him the 2 headed coin. (Cut scene)  He tells you he needs his Sextant to navigate; which is in the captains’ quarters. (Deck 2)  Go back to Stairwell B and go down to Deck 2. Hang a right and walk all the way to opposite end.             

  (Cut scene) Abdul tells you the Sextant is in the next room. Exit this room and go near the windows of the captains’ room, look in. It triggers a (Cut scene) showing Bupo and big thug talking, then Bupo leaves the room.        

For your info_ if you go to the door first and try to enter, a note pops up” telling you it isn’t safe with Bupo still in the room.” Go into the room and take the Sextant, Artifact Pot, and Note on table, and any other items. Then exit.         

(Cut scene) shows Victoria walking into hall and Darien is cursed with yellow fog. Zombies attack. Kill him but fog remains, and Darien is gone. As you walk toward the fog another zombie comes for you. Kill him and fog goes away. Head back into Stairwell B (at the bottom of map on the right) go up; there are 3 thugs in the stairwell. Kill, then go to the bridge and give the Captain the sextant.      

(Cut scene) with Captain telling you good luck. Le Chat is listening near by. Follow out the side of bridge and pick up note from Le Chat. Shot gun shells are under the stairs, and other items are near.  

 After leaving the bridge door, you hear Abdul telling you to use your jewel to find Darien, so you can cure him.  SAVE GAME!!! (Boss RAM coming up)  Start checking top deck.           

 (Cut scene) shows Le Chat and Darien. Darien is asking where the Isis statue is.  Crossbow and note is on the deck with yellow fog all around. (Near the back by life boats.)  As you get near that area, a (Cut scene) shows Darien and zombies in yellow fog. Kill zombies and pick up crossbow and note.  Make a sweep over top dead looking for Darien and killing zombies.

Go to Deck 1 and make sure all zombies are dead... Now go to Deck 2 via Stairwell B. Check it out.           

As you head toward the Cargo Bay doors, (top; right on map) the doors burst open.  Enter and get any ammo off the dead guys.  Up the stairs is the anchor release, but don’t mess with it yet. After picking up all items, go down the ladder (Cut scene) shows yellow fog coming in and going into dead ram on rack and coming alive.       

Boss: RAM   ...Once Victoria has control, try to keep moving, targeting, and staying far enough back to avoid his stomp, or his charge.  As the Ram stomps, it causes damage if you are to o close.  

Try to drop the Ram, when he drops to the ground, run over to the control panel for the overhead hook crane. (This is tricky, so keep trying) Click it once and the hook is moving, click it again and the direction of the movement changes, when it looks like it is over him, click it again and it lowers the hook.  Goal: to hook the Ram and pulls him up in the air.      

Once he is dead, (Cut scene) shows Abdul and Darien. He tells you to hurry and cure Darien.         

Take Pestle and Mortar bowl from Abdul, (if he is caring it). Combine artifact pot with bowl, and then combine this with water. Then go to Darien and click use. Once Darien is cured, Abdul tells you to go tell the Captain we should be near Egypt and to find the statue.          

There is a large grate on the floor. Stand on it and there is a (Cut scene) showing Victoria looking down into the anchor chain room and sees the Isis statue surrounded by yellow fog. For you info- Make sure you have divided the ammo and weapons for Darien and Victoria. You can give them to Abdul to hold also.   

 Now go up the ladder and up the stairs to the anchor mechanism. Check dead guy and pick up Spanner. Go over to Anchor and use it. (Cut scene) shows anchor dropping, and yellow fog bringing dead guys to life. Kill them all. Now go back down the ladder where Abdul is.          

 Even if you look into the grate again, yellow fog is still there, but it will soon disappear. You will see a trap door, go down and walk around until you pick up Eye of Isis statue, then exit.            

 As you leave the Cargo Bay area, 3 zombies attack, and then 2 more. Kill. Go to bridge and talk to the captain. When you talk to the Captain, he tells you to take the lever. (Really nothing to pick up). He also tells you he will take care of Bupo himself. After you finish talking to him, music starts to play warning you of danger. Kill 4 thugs downstairs. Kill them and head out toward the Life boats. As you go near them, (Cut scene) shows Darien, Abdul and Victoria in a lifeboat rowing toward Egypt.

Pyramid of Osiris, Egypt “Playing as Darien”. (Cut scene) shows Abdul, Darien and Victoria walking toward the pyramid, and then they are inside at the base of some stairs.  Victoria heads up the stairs by herself.         

As you take control of Darien, check your supplies and take what you need from Abdul, if needed. You will want guns and the flamethrower for sure. Head up the stairs and you see Victoria looking at some writings on a wall/door.        

(Cut scene)  It shows the wall/door spin and now Victoria is on the other side and can’t get out. A mummy is on the platform now. Kill him, but the door will not open.  Now go check area out. The hall leads to the left and right, (I picked the right hallway) Follow the hall; you come to a paraffin refill tank, and a shovel leaning against the wall.      

There is an opening on the left which leads down and another opening straight ahead. Go forward and kill zombie that comes out of the box. As you continue into the room, A (Cut scene) shows a statue sitting on a pedestal. Walk to the pedestal. Look about the room for Column to push toward opening, to block the door. (If you just pick up the statue, the door closed behind you and blocks your exit.)          

Take the Pyramid Statue, and exit this area. Kill zombie. (Don’t bother going down the stairs yet; you need a different statue to work the door.)  Head for the other hall.

As you walk past the doorway where Victoria was lost, go near the door and you hear her talking. (Cut scene) She tells you she is OK and you have to find a different way to her. She also says “I can take care of myself.”           

Abdul gives you Expedition Journal notes from your father. For your info- When you come to certain puzzles, his notes will help you solve the puzzle.  After going to the other hall, you come to a door.       

Just to the right of the door is an alcove with a lever on the wall. Pull it. The door opens and mummy comes after you. Kill it, then get amulet. Arm yourself with the flamethrower, and go thru doorway. To the left of the next door you come to, is an opening on the wall for the Pyramid statue. Use it. Go thru doorway and downstairs.          

You will come to a room with several movable columns. Look at Expedition notes and move pillars to the correct places.   If you moved them into the correct spot the (Cut scene) will show a door opening and another statue on a pedestal.  

Take the Scarab Beetle statue. (Cut scene) showing scarab beetles scurrying down the stairs to get you.  Use the flamethrower to scare them off.  Head up the stairs and fight the mummy, get amulet.  (May need to go refill any fuel canisters and give Abdul any extra items you don’t need. You want to have some empty spots to pick up more statues.)        

 Now you need to go back to the right hall and take the stairs down. Now use the Scarab beetle statue on the opening in the wall.  For your info-(If you notice on the door it has a picture of which statue you need to use in the middle picture) (Cut scene) showing LeChat in this room with several mummies coming to life.  He runs off and you have to kill them. Continue on thru hall. (Cut scene) shows door closing. There are no openings on the wall for any statues. The picture on the door shoes 2 hands. Push the door and it opens.  Another puzzle to solve. Look at Expedition notes again. Go to the far left end, and use the Scarab Beetle statue.  (You may have to adjust your position in front of it before the use button lights up).   

 Now continue along hall. You walk past several stone warrior statues.  As you get down the stairs, (Cut scene) shows someone killing a zombie. When you walk into the room, (Cut scene) shows big bad thug killing more zombies with the Mortar gun. Then, as he enters another room, something cuts his head off and it rolls out near you, then the door closes.    

Search area, also back room there are 3 dead thugs. Take the Pistol and bullets.  There is a blocked stairwell near by, pick up Mortar shells.  Also, pick up Djed statue.  (This opens the door, where the thug got his head cut off.)  Go back to that room. Abdul comes to you. Save game as needed and get any items you may need. Look for opening on the wall to use the Djed statue. Enter room.      

Boss: Green Stone Warrior Statues with Swords There are 2 stone warrior statues with swords to fight. (You can tell which ones by their green color.)   Avoid swords and start shooting away Keep away and circle around while fighting. They are good at blocking a lot of bullets.

 As you kill them, they turn to stone again. Pick up. Mortar gun.  If your inventory is full, let Abdul carry some of the weapons you don’t need.  Head for the opening in the back of the room and toward area with double stairway (look on map), then go over to small ledge and use the Pyramid statue to open a door.            

You will hear pounding noise, then Abdul comes in. Pick up all ammo, because you’re gonna need it soon to fight the Scorpion. Get any extra ammo or weapons or health items from Abdul. Arm yourself with weapon. Which ever you like.   SAVE GAME!!!!! Go thru other small door (look on map) and head down stairs to hall. (Cut scene) shows Big Scorpion in a sand filled room.   

Boss: Giant Female Scorpion……When control returns to Darien, Run and start targeting her tail. I felt it worked better to shoot after she strikes to sting you. Several of the dead guys have ammo including Explosive Arrows. Remember, let up off the arrow key to get 4 dots to for 1, then fire away.          

After killing her and you get ready to leave, there is a (Cut scene) showing the Scorpion coming back to life. Darien screams, and passes out.         

(Cut scene shows Abdul coming to talk with Victoria. He asks her “Did you hear that?” He reminds her to use her jewel to find Darien. Victoria has control. 

“Playing as Victoria”... Check your inventory, take any thing you need from Abdul. At least a gun and the flamethrower is a must.  Save game if you want.   

As you continue down the hall, your jewel starts flashing. Kill the mummies. Head down the stairs. You come to a room and cross over the boards on the floor.  There is also a paraffin refill tank in this room. Fill any empty canisters. Door shows 2 pictures of flames. Use the flamethrower to light the torches on each side.  Door opens. Go downstairs.      

You will pass several Stone Warrior statues with swords, continue forward to a room. There are a few dead thugs on floor and 2 statues turn green, and come to fight.  Kill them as before.  

Several alcoves have levers on the wall you have to pull the correct lever to open the door. If you pull the wrong one, it shoots out flames. The correct one – opposite of door on left of map. (Look at the map) Pull it and the door opens…Enter the doorway.          

(Cut scene) showing large room with double stairway leading down to ground with a stone doorway, also another set of stairs are broken leading  to rubble on lower ground. There are dead guys on the lower level. You can’t get down the broken stairs, so find the ladder and go down.  It will show another (Cut scene) Showing another doorway, then Darien calling for you.  Abdul enters the room.           

 In the upper part of the room there are 2 large bowls on pedestals; steam is coming out of the walls blowing downward.  You need to push each bowl; timing yourself (so you don’t get damaged by the steam) once you have pushed the bowl to the end it will light up with fire. Do this on each side of the room.  

 (Cut scene) showing several doors opening. The large door downstairs between the stairways holds another statue. Go down and pick up the Scorpion statue.  Go back upstairs and head thru other smaller door that opened up.  Save game with Abdul.  Pick up ammo on dead guys.     

 Head down the hallway and use the Scorpion statue on the doorway with the scorpion plaque on it. (Cut scene) shows Victoria going into the Scorpion den.  Darien and Abdul are in the alcove. For your info- if you need any weapons, ammo or health items, you can also get it from Darien.  Kill the scorpion.  Abdul tells you to hurry and get the items to heal Darien.  Get the Pyramid statue from Darien, SAVE game.           

Now go out the small door and head down the doorway. Go into the small room that has a large pedestal with bowl sitting in the center of the room. Also, there are 4 pedestals in the corners with a light flashing on each. You have to place the Pyramid statue on the correct pedestal.  (If you place it on the wrong one, it triggers a mummy to come after you.)  As you first entered the room, the correct pedestal is straight ahead on the left.          

 After you place the Pyramid statue, (Cut scene) shows the center room pedestal lowering and music plays.  Now push the pedestal all the way toward the opening in the wall, until it stops.  This triggers a (Cut scene) you see flames and the Serpent statue, and then it drops into the bowl. Pick it up.       

Now exit this room and go into the large room that has the double stairs and rubble in the lower level.   Climb down the ladder to the lower level. Fight several mummies, get the amulets. Check all the dead guys.  Now go over to the rubble area and walk towards the center and a hidden stairway opens up. Proceed down the stairs and use the Serpent statue in the opening. 

Go thru the hall and the jewel starts flashing. Debris falls from the ceiling. Avoid debris; it causes damage. Continue thru and head down stairs. Enter a large room and then you start hearing a banging noise. Cont on thru room (look on map for other doorway) Next, you come to 2 large doors with spikes. Time yourself and run thru. Once you make it thru the opening, hang a left and fight the zombies.  Kill them and continue thru hall.   

You enter another large room with several empty coffins in it.  (Look at map for other door to exit) Go out and up the stairs, continue along until you come to a hall with flames shooting out both side of the hall. Time yourself and run thru. For you info- you can no longer exit this way. It will be blocked by more flames and yellow fog)       

Once thru the flames you enter an area with 3 columns in the room.  You need to push each column to its own room. Each room has a plaque with symbols that match the column. Look on the Map* Bottom right room has a mummy to kill, and a bucket of water. Kill the mummy and get amulet and take the Bucket of water.

 Make note of each symbol on the wall in each room, and then find the corresponding column. Then push each column to its own room, and place on x spot. As you push each column to its correct spot you will music. For your info- 1st column... is by the room with the mummy, and it goes in the same room. 2nd column…is all the way at the end, it goes into the room opposite the mummy room (look at the map), 3rd column goes into the room at bottom left of the map.         

 (Cut scene) shows door opening in the next room. Dead guy on the floor. Take the Water Symbol statue.  Enter thru the opening, Pick up the Artifact Pot with dirt.  Go over to the large pedestal in the back wall and use the water statue. (Cut scene) shows water flowing into the pools on each side of the pedestal, and another doorway opening. (This is back in the room with the 3 columns) Also there is a light flashing on each side.     

Go over to the water and click mouse. Victoria will say “the water is sparkling with unnatural light.” Use the bucket at this time to get water.  Go back into the column room with the dead guy on the floor.    

 As soon as you exit this room, a new doorway has opened up. Go down the stairs, you are in a hallway. For your info- Now you have all the items to heal Darien… As you walk into this hallway you see a few boards on the ground, cross over them and just on your left is a new stairway shortcut. Go up the stairs and now you are back into the room with the ladder and double stairways.        

Go up the ladder and head back to Scorpion den to heal Darien. Combine the Artifact pot and bowl, then bucket of water. Use on Darien. (Cut scene) Shows Darien sitting up rubbing his head.  As you walk toward Abdul, another (Cut scene) Abdul tells you he will stay with Darien until he is stronger, but, you need to find the Eye of Isis statue quickly.  Check your ammo and health items, save game if needed.         

 Now head back down ladder, thru door and down stairs, into the hall where the boards are on the floor. Hand a left and proceed down hallway.  Go down the steps.  This puts you in a large room with several Stone Warrior statues. Kill 2 green statues, continue along hallway.

There is a long stairwell on the left with rubble at the bottom. It’s a dead end with no items to find. Go on past it and enter a large room with something like Spines on the walls and floor. Walk on into room near ladder and a (Cut scene) shows the ground shaking and Victoria Falls and drops the Isis statue. Le Chat is there and picks up the statue and runs away. Go down the ladder and check the dead guys.      

Go over to the doorway and stand on the platform. It should turn, if you followed the walkthrough. (Cut scene) Shows doorway turning with Victoria on it.  Head down the stairs and you come into another room with spines on the walls. Several guys are dead, check them, and go thru the opening and you see another (Cut scene) Le Chat is sitting on the ground and Bupo is going to shoot him. He sees Victoria and decides to shoot her first. Darien shoots Bupo, and then Victoria or Darien goes over to Le Chat and pulls his mask off. It’s Victoria’s twin sister.  Abdul proceeds to tell the story of what happened. He then tells Darien to take the Isis statue and put it back where it belongs.    

 (Cut scene) shows Bupo’s body sliding up the stairs and into resting place for the Eye of Isis statue. As Darien takes control; take the Eye of Isis statue, get your weapons, ammo, and health items form Abdul and Victoria. SAVE GAME!!!!!!!!           

“Playing as Darien” Go up the stairs and enter the room. As you enter the room, yellow fog starts coming in. Walk up to the shrine straight ahead and try to place the statue on it This triggers more yellow fog and 2 stone warrior statues come to life.            

(Cut scene) shows Abdul telling Victoria, Darien needs the Jewel to put with the Isis statue, before he can return it. Kill the statues, and then walk back toward the main entrance. You hear Victoria hollering for you to catch the jewel. (Cut scene) shows her throw the jewel to Darien and he places it in the statue.  Now Bupo starts changing into the monster.    

Boss: Bupo Monster.... As the Bupo monster changes, Darien drops the Isis statue. He grows into quite a bad looking fellow and you see he has Laser weapons. Kill him with what ever weapon you like. Target and keep moving. Laser causes a lot of damage. Target him and keep shooting. Eventually target dots go to his head. This causes his head to explode and squirt out more explosives. Not dead yet. Keep strafing around him, targeting and shooting. For your info- If you choose to use the Mortar gun, make sure you are out in the center of the room. If you are near a wall, you take a lot of damage.         

Once he is dead, pick up the statue and place it on the shrine. (Cut scene) shows pedestal shaking; Darien gets thrown across the room. Abdul and Victoria and her sister enter and congratulate him. And it’s all over. Shows the Eye of Isis in its resting place. 


Written by: Carol Fay Kirkley   Jan 2004     

Revised 4-8-04

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